Something Wonky Donkey Is Going On With Alex Marson’s IG Account


Something oh-so-familiar is happening in Donkville. A few days ago we posted about Alex Marson’s IG account, which found the good doctor following several underwear models. Lo and behold, some changes have been made, first to Dr. Dodi’s cover fauxto:

He is still following 18 people, but no longer nubile, barely clad models and two of those new names are Barack Obama and Julia Allison – is this just a coincidence, given that Donk could have been Obama’s speechwriter? In addition, we’re now being treated to three snaps of Dodi and Donkey, and those snaps, posted four hours ago, have only been liked by one Mulia Mallison.

Is Donk directly responsible for the sudden changes to Dodi’s account? Or did she cajole him into making these changes? “If you really loved me … ” One thing is certain: she NEVER reads here.


    • Is she leading him around by his dick, er, nose? Maybe she was even able to talk the good doctor into sharing passwords?

      Pass the popcorn!

    • SERIOUSLY. I was just going to say if he’s already handed her the keys to at least one of his social media accounts, he is setting himself up for her to pull some familiar shenanigans down the road.

      Just to be clear though, locking down his social media accounts won’t keep her from sabotaging this relationship. It isn’t RBD that is her worst enemy, it is who’s looking back at her from the mirror. Typical narcissist behavior scapegoating instead of taking ownership of her recurring personality defects.

  1. Bottom fauxto…Is that the University Club?
    I guess I am surprised that they could get in there with her dress like that…

  2. Predictable, but still hilarious.

    As for the photos, she certainly looks relaxed and relieved to have a free place to live.

  3. Oh noes, must say it, even if I’m tossed from the basement with the empty franzia boxes and crumpled Cheetos bags. I think he looks good in the top photo. He’s boyishly handsome with kind eyes. And now, I feel sorry for him. It’s the last time he’ll be that happy for a good long time. Poor Latka has no idea how bad it’ll get. IG account control today, self-respect and autonomy tomorrow.

  4. I heard a great term yesterday that seems relevant: “hobo-sexual.” It was used to describe someone who picks his/her/their new partner based on that person’s ability to provide housing. It was used during a conversation about a make acquaintance who always manages to jump into a new relationship the minute his current living situation goes sour.

    • Pathetic at its ultimate best. For the love of Greg, Donk. If you can have your engagement porn, your wedding porn and your favorite kind, billions of fauxtos of yourself, why can’t the masculine get his own immature but not pathological jollies?

      • Do they ever contact you privately after having white knighted her here? Given her nastiness, temper, stalker capabilities, and so on on, I understand them being afraid of publicly admitting we are right. But I’d love to know if any have quietly or through backchannels gave a mea culpa?

    • So within the span of six months, starting in mid 2018, she is still, with determination, carrying a torch and stalking an old boyfriend who dumped her, getting seriously involved (her words) and then not involved with a “reasonable man,” and then declaring she’d fallen in love with Dodi after a whirlwind few weeks.

      Does anyone here believe she actually knows what the fuck she is doing? She’s so freaking desperate to find someone she thinks will complete her, because she still has no idea who she is. It’s already interesting to watch her morphing into what she thinks he wants, just likes he does with every guy she gets involved with. It’s all set dressing once again.

      • If the current performance crashes and burns, and it will, given her history, the fallout will be epic, to use a word that Latka has applied to Donkey.

  5. Aaand phlegm just announced that deadbeat will be AWOL all of 2019 or as normal folks call it “permanently”. I’m sorry. I call bs. That’s not marriage. That’s a green card con, plain and simple. Jesus. Do these grifters really think people are that stupid?

    • Wow. Did we call this or what? She should have at least copped to lying about their California getaway when he was clearly on another continent.

      “I just read an Abraham Hicks quote that “the best thing you can give someone is your happiness.” A timely reminder of an easily forgotten obvious truth.

      This is especially relevant for me at present, as my partner and I will be living apart for 2019, in different continents, and I feel very sad about that. We are both clear that we need to be in different places for the time being, but this clarity does not defeat the sadness and loneliness that weighs on me, at least not yet. It’s an evolution, day by day.

      My mission is to feel, embody and live my happiness, even without his divine presence in my daily life. I love him profoundly and that has not changed. The love is present, just not shared daily rhythms of life, the hand to hold or shoulder to lean on. God, I miss him.

      This is the Koan of my spiritual journey at present.

      This weekend I’m engaging in an amazing Brazilian Zouk dance festival in Reno. I’m surrounded by curious, open-hearted people.

      I am the butterfly and the empty space.
      I possess deep knowing and I know nothing.
      I am the sun in my heart.
      I am the water in my tears.
      I am the blood of my moon.
      I am the wind beneath my wings.
      I am the Earth under my feet.

      If you’re in the Bay Area, think of me when you gather.

      Love your sister in magic, xo Jena”

      • Just wondering, do duped/abandoned spouses of people who were clearly just seeking a green card have any recourse? I know the government is supposed to screen an applicant before the marriage, but can the card be revoked if, like this, it actually was one big sham?

        • I am conducting a study of this by watching episodes of a documentary series (not unlike Miss Advised) called “90 Day Fiancé”. I believe it is on C-SPAN or some other network for deeply intelligent humans. In the case of a K-1 Visa it appears that the spouse (Mohammed) can move away once he receives his papers, and he can then gallivant across the country unless the citizen (Danielle) can acquire an annullment of the marriage. Danielle is also responsible for him financially for 10 years.

          • Is Jena financially responsible for that deadbeat for the next 10 years? If so, gold digger fail!

      • Paging numero one FB commenter Jean Brodie!

        OT On IG someone commented on a donk dropping that they want her writing more cause “we need your voice” lol

      • Abraham Hicks quote, I am deceased.

        For those not familiar, this is a group of “wise entities” who are “channeled” by a lady called Esther Hicks. Her late husband, an Amway salesman, helped her hype these fever dreams into a multikajillion-dollar business.

        It is exactly as punishingly stupid as you might imagine, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Flimme-Flamme buys into it. Barf eternally.

    • (I hope) he chose his children over her. If so, good for him. If not, how many more lives is Peter Pain planning to ruin? (Leaving the typopriate in)

      • It was never about a choice between Jena or his kids. “Irresponsible” is Sacha Nielsen’s middle name and he’s already taken up with a French woo. They’re even hosting a cacao ceremony in a few days.

      • Maybe Jena got PAID, even if just in feathers and garbage can drums, just another scam, like the insurance fraud? hence all the over the top lying for the feds to see on social media. I mean she just flat our lied about a cabin in cali over the holibrays and love making of a sensual kind

        If he just absconded with the cacao and she was not in on it oh my, has she no friends to post or tell her some #unpleasurabletruths?

        • I actually don’t think Jena’s third marriage was a scam, at least on her part. However, any idiot could have foreseen that this would happen, given his ME ME ME approach to life and relationships.

          The Big Question: When Jena gets married for the inevitable fourth time, will mother-in-lust Patricia Ellsberg still be alive to officiate?

          • JFAing myself to add that Jena just posted something so disgusting on her FB page, I refuse even to provide a link to the post.

          • That woman is vile. Was the havoc she wreaked at the period panties company not enough? Disgusting and foul without boundaries, manners or class. And this is what woo think of as a role model?! Explains a lot.

          • I misread this as “when Jena marries her former mother in law Patricia Ellsberg”. Could happen, I guess. Fourth times a charm.

  6. Dodi and Judy’s lack of chemistry is on display in every single pic. Her head is always tilted away from him. I hope his friends read here.

    • That weird thing going on under her bottom lip / above future chinplant…
      Is that the hinge of the gaping maw?

  7. Aaaand the new, scrubbed instagram is back up, following both Barack and Michelle and, of course, Kamala since she’s local and all. And of course the Parkers. And his sister. And so on. Like someone said above, I also suspect she gets her bfs to change their social media to suit her based on her being a “social media expert.” Although any 16 year old with an Instagram and a job would have given him the same advice – “dude, if you’re going to follow instagram “reality” models, at least do it on a burner account so your girlfriend or boss doesn’t see it.” This isn’t rocket ships or T-cellz, ya know?


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