We’re Up & Running, Shooting Out Rainbows To The World!

Robin, going woo, and her lazy burro are delighted to welcome the new RBD

Hey, Cat Peeps, just a quick post. We’re ironing out the kinks in the new theme, seeing how this works when live and hopefully updating the “places we like to frequent” and adding the “like” button in a few days.

Donk & Noodles send RBD some Ubud love.

Aw, thanks, Bali goddesses! We wouldn’t exist without your constant scheming and idiocy.

Donk even left us a poem:

In the midst of darkness,
A moon appeared with its brilliance.
Stepping down from the clouds,
It glanced at me.
Like a falcon
That hunts a bird and steals it away,
It captured me
And flew back to infinite space.
As I looked for myself,
I could not find me,
For my body had become all soul
In the tenderness of love.

The nine spheres of heaven
Dissolved in that moon
As the ship of my existence
Drowned in a sea of love.” Poem courtesy of Rumi
Balinese magic courtesy of spirit …
Featuring Nisha and my mom!

Geez, Donk, the nine spheres of heaven? Channeling Blake or too much plant medicine?

Going up, bamboo burro?

Next: The world’s oldest groupie in the hot tub.


  1. Imagine being unable to take a snapshot with your mom without thinking about contorting your body and dipping your head at a certain angle.

    • Imagine being unable to take a photo
      with your daughter because she has transformed into a donkey. So sad.

    • MM, thanks so much! Getting this new site up and running could be its own comic thriller! We’ve still got work to do, including adding the PAID SSL certificate and probably changing the theme layout. We’ve been having problems with one plugin, hence that spam comment, but this too shall pass.

    • I can’t take any credit, this is all Gilly’s magic. I just helped with the diagnosis, new software pick and the right engineer to do the work, but then it was all Gilly who pulled it together. The new site is so fast and the new layout so promising. Here’s to all you hard work, Gilly. Job well done. I know the labor pains were frustrating but the baby is beautiful.

      Great to see all our cat peeps coming back again!

      • I’m loving the new theme, Grifty, and that’s all your doing. We’re still working out a few glitches re: spam and image size, but this is peanuts compared to what we were dealing with on the old server and everything should be A-OK in about a week or so.

        • I am so very happy it is working out so well. It has a lot of built in flexibility that we’ve never had before. I was delighted to help out and I just love the speed.

          If you need me to help with any testing and bug reporting, I can do that, just let me know.

          Again, so many thanks to all you contributing catpeeps and your kind patience during this transition. It can’t be said enough.

    • We just watched an NBC news story about the wonky phenom.

      Thanks again to cat peeps for donating and sticking with us while we accomplished the near impossible!

        • Honestly though…I’m going to spend the morning going exploring. Its sooo fast and looks great and I love the new links and categories. Really lovely work everyone!!

          • There will be a few additions to categories and numbers will be rising on most entries. Also, thumbnail images will be available for most Related Articles/More by Author and Popular Posts.

  2. No complaints here, just kudos!

    But now I have the bragging rights of being the very first commenter on the new site! Woo hoo!

          • Love the new look!

            Thanks for the shout out. I battled with my inner fameball as to whether to tell you this, but I cant claim credit for the recent Fucoid Fairies comment. I can’t remember who said it and could t find it in a quick look at the previous posts comments.

            Thanks Gilly and all those who did the work behind the scenes to get this up and running. Cheetos and Franzia for all ! 🍷🍷🍷

          • Thanks for the memory jog, FLM! I wanted to get rid of that “total retard donkey” footer and a few lines from Donk’s fucoid fairies epopee seemed perfect.

  3. Love the new site. Thanks to the G-unit for all of the hard work!

  4. Thanks, I love it.

    Judy does not look well. (She also doesn’t look good.) If she weren’t a stalking, lawyer-faking, cancer-sneaker-stealing, malicious pile of poo, I might be worried about her.

  5. The rich texture of your own lives just radiates off the redesign. Does JA live rent free in your heads? #Sad

    • Aw, thanks, Rachel. I assume you contributed to the fundraiser. Where else can Judy Albertson’s one lone fan read about her pathetic existence as a indolent hippie? SAD! LOSER! That goes for the both of you.

      • She collects rent, she doesn’t pay it.

        I know that being a landlord is a totally fine way to earn a living, but illegally renting your rented place on Airbnb is actually, well, illegal. Also, thoughtless of your neighbors.

        Renting your place out to your “friends” (lulz, as if!) over and over, is just sad.

        There are all sorts of scammy schemes for making a buck that her ridiculous “tribe” employs. Why not try some of those, instead of going back to renting her place, or rooms in her place, over and over?

        Bali is pretty cheap living. Your average hotel room or shared space rental is not expensive. Why does she think her rental is worth so much more

        I mean, she is a late 90s one time covergirl of a crummy magazine. Who wouldn’t want the bragging rights of her staying, shitting on your sheets and vomiting in your front hall?

        • Exactly.

          Owning a property and renting it out, is a perfectly legitimate business.

          Renting a residential property and subletting it to strangers for profit is just wrong and possibly illegal.

          Instead of buying property, you are basically investing $0 but the risks (damage to the property, legal issues etc) are still the landlord’s, and you get to make a profit.

          Truly donkeyesque!

      • RBNS/RBD would’ve died out long ago if Julia Allison were simply an irritating person with shameless ambition. People got sick of mocking Devorah Rose and Tinsley Mortimer ages ago. Neither Rachel nor Chesca have identified or acknowledged the fact that Julia has been cravenly horrible and backstabby so much along the way that many regular readers and commenters here were either directly affected by her antics or are close to people who were.

        I don’t even think those commenters (myself included) are looking for revenge or schadenfreude, but Julia’s current earth mama sisterhood Bali goddess persona is completely hypocritical when you consider what she’s done to other women. She has, for one, never apologized to any of them as far as I know. Plus she seems to still be pulling off the same kind of shady antics, if those Rain-affiliated tipsters are to be believed.

        • Neither Ramsey nor Bussell acknowledges the changes in The Julia Show since the demise of Mess Despised. How would they account for her affiliation with the woo grifters? Folks who would literally con their mothers out of their retirement savings? Also, the audience for Donkey’s antics has changed a great deal since the Gawker daze. I certainly am not jealous of her sad, desperate existence. Chasing down third-tier DJs who just want to bang young groupies?

          Re: Rain-affiliated tipsters, you wouldn’t believe some of the folks who’ve emailed us!

          Re: Bussell, if she’s living near Portland, the undedy comments are coming from inside the house.

        • And the people who show up to defend her (or themselves) always seem to think they’ll present us with their deep philosophical or psychological wisdom, thus shaming and surprising us into no longer being here. But it has always *ALWAYS* been the case that this members of this community acknowledge traits they share with her and have worked, or are working, hard to overcome. I can’t count how many times someone has said, “I behaved a lot like Julia [in my teens or early twenties] and that’s why I began going to therapy,” or got sober or whatever. We know what she means to us, trust. We all have our reasons for staying tuned into this show; the bigger question is why she keeps broadcasting it.

          • JFAing: How many times — ten? a dozen? — or the years have I thought, “If this were revealed about me I’d not only leave social media, I’d change my name and move to Idaho,” but never more pointedly than after the email to Rain’s family. I swear I would have entered an inpatient psychiatric facility until I got to the bottom of that behavior, because my shame would have drowned me otherwise. But not so for Our Julie, Visionary/Lover/Healer, nope.

          • Instead of therapy, Judy gave a Camp Septic talk on relationships with an MTV has-been, once again desperately trying to establish herself as a formidable presence in Wooville.

          • What I think is sad about losers like Rachel is that they project their self-loathing on others. Because they might be jealous of someone, they assume this is why everyone else is paying attention, which is about as shallow as one can get.

            It’s the abnormal psychology of people like JA, and now, her friends, that has kept me interested. That someone can fake her entire existence for more than a decade and still remain an empty vessel is fascinating to me. It’s like she is one of those little gnomes that people take and photograph around the world. She doesn’t care about or want to learn about any place she goes, she just wants a pretty backdrop to play princess. Endlessly fascinating in her abnormality and in her defiance and conceit that she somehow thinks she has something to teach other people. She’s like a much lower rent Ivanka Trump. The only thing she has ever taught people is why one should never go through life acting like she has.

          • Rhoda are I are fairly certain of Rachel the Undedy’s identity. She’s someone who’s appeared in the basement before and is as exhibitionistic as Donkey. Re:”jealousy,” as you note, our troll doth love to project!

      • She got one comment on that thing (one) I barely skimmed through, and replied to it! What a dum dum

        • Hopefully Ms. Bussel is having more success as an “erotica writing instructor.” #sojealous

    • Like button in advance, I think momsers looks much better than Donkey here.

      And Donkey, update your stupid hairstyle. It’s too severe for middle age. Get some layers and softness around your busted face.

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