UPDATED! An Important Message From Juliar Tutu: Our Dazzling Patreon Page Is Up & We Need Your Help!


Hey, Bunnies! Beloved Grifty has PAID for RBD’s diagnostic assessment and new theme. Now we just need to install that newspaper theme – not to worry, Cuntbunnies artwork will survive – as well as do a massive site overhaul. Juliar Tutu makes a request:

Please head over to our Patreon page and donate what you can. You can use a credit card, a debit card, or Paypal. All donations are ANONYMOUS, which is why we are using Patreon. No one can see your name and personal information, including us, and we are not using a ticker to display donations.


We appreciate anything you can give, and while it would be great if you’d like to join as a foal, jennet, busted burro, or dastardly donkey, larger lump sums would be the most helpful. To give a larger ONE-TIME DONATION, please click on the orange rectangle “BECOME A PATRON” near the top of the right hand side of the page. Scroll down and click CUSTOM PLEDGE and give what you can. Please wait for your credit card or paypal to deduct your pledge before cancelling your subscription!

Please help keep RBD alive! We’ve got some great stories coming up: A long-time RBDer fends off an aggressive donkey, our burro turns into the world’s oldest groupie and jumps in the hot tub, and a loyal reader goes undercover at Burning Man.

Bottom Picture! No wonder she lost that election. Who could overcome the taint (and the old nose) of the burro?

Update: Thanks so much for the donations, bunnies! If you haven’t yet donated, please consider doing so.

We have folks looking under the hood, so there will be no more posts until the site is revamped. We may have to go offline for a day or two. But any inconvenience will be worth it in the long run! GB


  1. So that you know what’s happening behind the scenes and what the plans are:

    1. RBD’s theme is 10 years old and some of the plug-ins (things that allow the blog to work the way it has) are broken and not upgradeable or replaceable. This is why, for example, we have the problem with logins required every time, posts not being recognized when posting them, etc. It’s also why we can’t add new features such as a like button, because new plugins simply won’t work with our old theme. Basically we are driving what in Internet years is equivalent to a 1980’s car.

    2. Our existing theme is not designed or optimized for mobile devices. So even though we can see it on mobile devices, it could be a lot better.

    3. We hired an excellent WP expert for one hour to diagnose what was going on and how we can install a new theme with the least amount of disruption or change, and that would allow us to migrate all our 10 years of data so that it’s still readable, searchable, accessible, etc. He also recommended a terrific theme (Newspaper) that would be easy to install, use, be flexible, and is highly rated. The total cost for this diagnosis and theme was $159. I have paid for both out of pocket but am donating 50% of this cost back to The Cause.

    4. Other things we need have to do with security. We need to get an SSL certificate ($59) and then once we get this, we have to install a plugin (free) that indexes our site and changes all the page URLs to https.

    5. We would love to look into a like button and some other plugins that could make the site a little more fun. We haven’t looked at the cost for these yet but they likely range from free to maybe $20-30 each.

    6. So that’s what’s up, and we know what we need to do: While leaving the original site up, we need to install the new theme and do the migration of the old data offline. We have to test everything to make sure it works. We also have to tweak the design interface so that it looks and works like the old one does, and of course install Cuntbunnies’ wonderful header. Then we will upload it and go. The testing and interface tweaking are the parts that will take some time.

    7. We have gotten an estimate of 7-8 hours to do this work, but if we run into migration issues with the old data, it could go a little more than this. Our desire is to hire a credible WP expert here in the US that we can work with and trust, and who will turn around the work in just a couple of days. (I have interviewed several out of the country WP folks on this and based on what I learned, I don’t recommend working with anyone we can’t communicate with here in the US and who doesn’t have strong local experience.)

    So that’s where we stand. Gilly and I are 100% volunteering our time, I am kicking in $80 of my own money toward this, which is all I can afford right now. If we got just 10-15 donations of this value we could wrap this up very quickly. Gilly wanted to set up an anonymous donation source for obvious reasons. Thanks for your patience and support!

  2. All of these seem to be monthly. I’ve never done Patreon – can I not make a one-time donation? I’m not seeing where I can do that.

    The donkeys are so cute!

    • yes you can! [inset Donkerina’s exaggerated enthusiasm at Tony Robbins dot jpg]

      I use Patreon and you do a “pledge” (as donations are called in Patreon jargon) for X amount of dollars. Once your credit card or Paypal have been deducted, you cancel subsequent pledges.

      • Yes, thanks Toot Toot for noting the one-time pledge. Click on BECOME A PATRON near the top right and scroll down to CUSTOM PLEDGE. Make your donation but PLEASE WAIT until your credit card or Paypal has been deducted and then cancel your subscription. We ran into some problems this morning with a cat lady cancelling immediately and I think that was my fault for not being more thorough.

        • yeah I just “pledged” and it didn’t deduct anything from my Paypal yet. I also support other people and I believe the deductions come at the end of the month so folks might wanna make sure their funds were deducted before cancelling future contributions.

          • OK can now confirm, I got an email stating the money will be deducted on the 1st of the month and only then can I cancel future pledges.

          • On September 2, I will post a notice on RBD reminding donors that they can cancel their subscriptions, so nothing more will be deducted from their accounts.

        • That was my contribution that was made then immediately canceled. I just put it through again. Gilly and GSOB, thank you for your efforts. A monetary contribution is the least we can do for all the amusement this site has provided over many years!

    • I did a one-time payment (which said it wouldn’t hit until September 1) then cancelled as you suggested. But I don’t think it worked. The amount didn’t update to reflect my donation. I’m not familiar with Patreon and in the future (if possible) would rather make donations to the site via paypal.

      • You have to leave the payment up until the “hit” and then cancel after the hit happens.

        I think there’s a PayPal option via the Patreon site but I’m not sure.

        Thanks so much for your donation, whenever it happens, Winchester! If you have any more questions about making the payment, Gilly can probably help with a suggestion.

        • I think I did that. It posted like worked because it deducted from my Paypal. Will you please let me know if it didn’t?
          Sorry for the confusion on my end and making more work for you both.

          • I cannot check to make sure this went through because I don’t know what name you used when pledging, which is the idea, and because we have to wait five days for balance info, this being a new account. Are you sure money was deducted by Patreon? Everything I’ve read indicated that funds would be deducted on the first of the month. I know it’s a hassle to subscribe, but this plan was the best in terms of giving RBDers anonymity.

      • I’ve never used it before either, but when I paid I got a notification that my account would be charged on September 1 and the first of every month thereafter. I think we have to sign up for the monthly charge and cancel on September 2 after the first payment goes through.

        You can pay with PayPal but you still have to sign up for the (temporary in this case) monthly commitment. One wonders why Patreon doesn’t have a one-time gift option. It’s possible they do but I couldn’t find it! 😛

        • You can pay using Paypal, credit card, or debit card. As I indicated above, I will write a September 2nd post on RBD reminding donors that they can unsubscribe.

        • The Patreon page is confusing (on the Patreon end, not on our dear doyennes’), because you get a screen that says both “August Pledge” and “Will be charged September 1.”

          I was not charged yet for my pledge, but did have more recent transactions go through, so mine seemed to work as Patreon told Grifty and Gilly it would.

  3. DIYTT is correct. I know the Patreon concept is designed for monthly support, however we are looking for one time donations, and once we have what we need for this project, we will stop asking. So please do a one time donation as much as you can afford, and then you can cancel the subsequent months afterward. Doing a small monthly donation isn’t going to get us there any time soon, unfortunately. We would like to wrap this up ASAP.

    This was the best vehicle to allow for anonymous donations which is why Gilly chose it. Thanks again.

  4. Just a heartfelt thank you, catpeeps, for the donations made today! We are already a good way toward our goal, and that is so great to know. As soon as Patreon allows the funds to be released to Gilly we can start the fix. I’m sure Gilly will be able to find that out. I’m assuming it will be sometime in early September.

    Much love to you all. If you know other catpeeps who have not visited RBD recently, put out the bat signal!

    • I suspect we’ll get funds on the first of the month, and yes, we’ll immediately begin the big fix at that time.


  5. OT: Jena la Flamme shills for the ages. “I even take my Ronco Magic Wand on vacation, which is ALL THE TIME!”

  6. Thank you guys for all you do. I will be making my contribution as soon as I get some other new expenses sorted. Today or tomorrow at the latest.

  7. Hi Gilly and Grifty , thank you for all the work you do to keep the lights on in the basement and for all the lolz!

    Over the past couple of days I’ve been trying the donate via Patreon but it won’t let me get to the actual donation part. Sorry to bother you with this. It might be because I’m using an old tablet while my new one is in for a fix.

    Anyway, do either of you have any other way I could make a donation? Do you have a direct paypal account I could go to? I won’t get my new/replacement tablet until after the 1st of Sep and really wanted to get the money to you before then. If I wait until after then to try Patreon in my new uodated tablet you won’t get the money for another month.

    Sorry to add another headache for you. Love you both and all of the catladies.

      • Thanks for posting this app, Toot-Toot.

        Unfortunately, Nosferatu-tu, we cannot accept Paypal directly and Patreon is really the only option here. I see no website problems on my laptop so I’m guessing the problem is indeed with your old tablet. Hopefully, this patreon app will work.

        Thanks for trying to go above & beyond here!!

  8. Daddy McCain stopped treatment for his horrible illness, very sad news. He did a lot for this country and is such a badass to the end, Source bless. He did more for others in a month than these woo self serving idiots ever did their whole life.

    • Private Bone Spurs hasn’t even acknowledged Senator McCain stopping treatment. Just shameful. What a petty, vile, old school Fascist. Did I leave anything out?

        • Dems can now all not attend Senate and no quorum for that schmuck nominated for court. Poppy pancakes could have resigned anytime and it would have been an election. Now a #trumpian will be appointed. No hero to Vietnamese. And he loved wars and bombs… or anyone with an eighth of a Brain

          • Oh, please. As if a Dem would have vacated their seat & left it open to voters if they can guarantee a governor-appointed selection of their own party.

          • Me too, Overarchingly Fug! That LOSER saved healthcare for millions of people when I was doing everything I could to take down Barack Obama’s legacy.

            So what if McCain spent five years in a POW camp. SO SAD! Big whip! If I hadn’t been suffering from a severe case of bone spurs, I would have been flying one of those jets, too. But I never would have been caught by the filthy North Vietnamese.

          • Can “Donald Trump” please be a regular commenter in RBD? I would love to hear “his” thoughts on Donk’s fake hippie outfits.

          • Well, Putin, RT and the ultra-right wing blogs agree with you this morning and are pumping out this talking point, without taking into consideration the many other beneficial things he’s done throughout his career.

            The guy wasn’t perfect, but no one is. But he was a statesman, he worked across the aisle, he hit the learn button about a lot of things over the years. And it’s one of those statesman-like opportunities of ours today where we can show a little respect. Just as I was dismayed about all the nasty things said about Ted Kennedy when he died, I’m sorry there are people who feel the need to reduce him down to one thing that fits their narrative. Let’s be bigger than that.

          • Thank you. I never understand the hate for John McCain. Pretty universally, and across party lines, he is regarded as someone who cared about country first, reaching out and compromise. You could – and we do – have a lot LOT worse out there “representing” us to the world. Not giving the guy his due after an entire lifetime of service, whether you agreed with everything he ever did or not, seems petty.

          • “He cared about his country first”

            You mean when he pushed to start multiple wars and supported an aggressively interventionist foreign policy that further screwed up places like Syria and Libya?

            Still, we can wait to really dig into this, let his family grieve first.

          • Oh, Afghani….every time I think you’ve grown.

            You’ve always had some kind of issue with this family. I remember you slamming Pancakes multiple times for not being smart enough to get in to Annapolis because he went through NAPS first.

            And the nerve of you telling me that “we can get in to this later, let his family grieve first” while making sure to get in all of your digs at him. Just like you made sure to do in your first comment where you called him a warmonger while telling the rest of us to let the family grieve. You are SO much more noble that the rest of us!

            In any case, I said that is how he is regarded by a good many members of both parties as well as a large number of members of international governments with whom he worked – he cared about his country first and he always looked for the two parties to find ways to compromise. I’ve seen few condolences released that hasn’t mentioned those two things.

            I’m not a person who trusts any politician, to be honest, but in this case I think I’ll listen to those that knew and worked with the man on policy for the past three and a half decades over, well, you. Don’t you have some caulk to attend to?

          • Oy. There is a TIME video of the family paying respects at his casket. Poor Megan is barely holding it together. Sad. Truly.

      • Very nice. Oh I hope Donk doesn’t post about her “almost father-in-law” dying.

        • I hope she’s not texting Meghan and pancakes over and over again.

          Actually, I bet she doesn’t find out until sometime after burning man

          • There was a point at which she suddenly shut up about Jack McCain. She doesn’t normally shut up about anything, and even when her former BFF Meghan McCain laid down her sick burn on WWHL, that just usually would make her double down. So I have to wonder if someone higher up didn’t find a stronger way to tell her, or hadn’t gone through Petey, to tell her to STFU. I saw some pieces written about Pancakes and his wife this past week, and apparently he knew her before he knew Donkey. The narcissist wanted them to “be part of each other’s lives” always and forever, just like she is pulling now with Rain, but that got shut down fast.

            So I suspect someone intervened at some point and threatened her to shut up or there would be some kind of action taken. That relationship was her chief bragging right for a long time, and then all of a sudden, nothing. One has to wonder.

    • That’s the big question re: Donk and Dadsers, isn’t it? Especially since he was just slumming at HIVE.

      • Somebody just brought the total to $1000! That’s a helluva lot more than Jess Magic’s all-time high of $332/mo. THANK YOU, AFGHANI! AND EVERYONE WHO’S CONTRIBUTED. YOUR MONEY WILL BE WELL SPENT AND HELP TO KEEP THE ARCHIVES INTACT AND THE SITE LOOKING AS GOOD AS NEW!

    • Our account has been removed for “Suspected Fraud,” though, of course, there is no fraud and the page/account is totally legit. I have contacted Patreon. If Julia and/or Daddy Warbucks are behind this, and I suspect that they are, Donkey just bought herself 10 more years of RBD.

      Morrocanwear contacted me with alternative funding sources. I will look into it today.

      • Stupid Donkey.

        What does she think she is doing?

        Hopefully, we just fell afoul of some fraud detection algorithm and all will be straightened out with a couple of emails.

      • Holy crap, are you kidding? I’ll be donating twice as much as I had planned, as soon as you give us the new link. Thank you!

        • or please do it as an update to this post.

          as in the past, i’m not adverse to sending a paypal contribution direct to a moderator address – this could prevent interference by ungulate, woo or familial means.

          i contributed, and patreon says the contribution is active. if credit card is charged, there will be hell to pay.

        • Of course, I will write a new post re: funding. Still waiting to hear from lame Patreon, who have no phone number and no live chat, though they REALLY DO CARE about their customers and will get back to you ASAP. We’ll see.

      • Do you think it flagged fraud because we paid a one time fee and then cancelled after? That’s not to say I doubt the other could happen but isn’t she en route to BM?
        I’m happy to make a paypal payment. I got nuthin’ to hide, Julia knows who I am.
        (No snark on others who want to remain anonymous-it’s understood since the alleged calling people’s bosses at work, now know as Musking).
        Lemme know what works best.

        • I believe Gilly is still waiting to hear back from Patreon. Who knows what is going on. At this point we really don’t know, so speculation is moot, but I would think by law any charges that went through would have to be refunded if they permanently pull down a page.

          This is such bullshit. We were all ready to get started on the work as soon as the funds were released. I hope they made a mistake and can reinstate it.

          • If they pulled down the page, no one will be charged. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this BS, but Pateon is not a customer-friendly site.

      • I want to be clear that my strongest fundraising suggestion was that we get everyone drunk. No counting sips my friends! You owe it to RBD to drink all of the Franzia until Gilly figures this out for us.

        • I may have found a solution to the fundraising problem! So everyone get even drunker. Your dotty aunt commands you!

  9. Lurker but long time (from the beginning!) reader here and happy to donate – will check back for a new post / way to do so. Keep up the good work!!!

    Your appreciative bipolar macbook!

  10. Now we know what the Re-imagine(ary) Company was doing: deep preparation for Camp Septic!

    Re-imagine; The New Story for Humanity, a conversation
    Day:          Tuesday             

    Who:         Julia Allison, Brigitte Huff, Amber Hartnell, Jennifer Russell, Ryan Allis, Alesha Carlander, Andrew Hewitt, Jess Magic, Nick Sullivan, Gil Penchina, Sophia & Christopher Life
Time:        5pm – 6pm

    Place:        Cosmic Heart Temple

    Reimagining Transitions
    From breakups to navigating new relationships. Who we become during times of transition can be a rebirth in even the most challenging circumstances.
    Day:          Wednesday             
Who:         Baya Voce & Julia Allison & Jennifer Russell

    Time:        11am – 12:30pm

    Place:        Mystic Theatre

    • So Mr. MediMeals finally changed his name to Christopher Life?

      My God, are these idiots hosting a panel to push Donkey’s reimagine grift? I cannot imagine being around one of these assholes for five minutes, much less a host of woo nutjobs. Amber Hartnell was the lunatic who dated Smellsberg for a New York minute and kept fantasizing about the two of them bursting into flames.

      • And noodles begging for a ticket couldnt let no vwls go and set up their rented tent on his own now! bwaha

  11. Longtime Lurker here – I will gladly donate if yall figure out a way to get a site back up!
    Or I would send bitcoin if you post an address.

  12. Hi, I was on a work trip and didn’t check RBD for a few days & the patreon is down – I would love to donate if there is still a way to!!

    • As noted above, someone (Peter Baugher?) worked very hard to get that Patreon page shut down, but I may have come up with a solution. Just give me a day or two!

      • I have been waiting to donate until technical issues are resolved, but what happened to the post picturing Donkey at previous Burn in pale pink I-Dream-of-Jeanie-interpreted-by-Yandy finest? Was that released inadvertently and pulled back only for the delectation of prepaid special members? I promise I am on board to pay and am anxiously awaiting posts featuring ridiculous Donkey BM outfits going forward (though can anything ever really top teal Mylar Al Pacino chaps?)
        P.S.: True story: Barbara Eden (not her original name) grew up in San Francisco and my dad sat a few seats over from her at Lincoln High.

        • The post was removed because photos wouldn’t upload properly, and when I attempted to embed them directly from FB, the photos couldn’t be seen on mobile devices.

          The fix is just around the corner, bunny!

        • Goodness gracious. I can see the family sitting at their Elizabeth Drake-chosen breakfast nook table from Wal-Mart being so utterly proud of themselves. “If only Nutty GMB were here to see this!” Petey would say. But Donkey is probably steaming mad she only got mentioned in one line while Britt’s ska band got more ink. “I was inside!”

    • Thank you for this amazing rabbit hole of hell.

    • It’s the best, and the auteurs may have cat lady leanings as not only do they mock DJs throughout, they recently send up one BM veteran/codger “Blue McNally.” Perhaps a coincidence, but I like to think not. Also most especially appreciate the lame home bases and mundane real-life careers they ascribe to the Burner characters they create based on the ridiculous participant photos: Enterprise rent-a-car regional managers from Des Plaines, veterinary assistants from Long Beach, dentists from El Cerrito (hey, wait; maybe there’re romantical prospects at BM for Donkey after all.)

  13. I enjoyed their tumblr page, filled with the riffraff who are destroying America. THANK GOD Melania blew off Julia Allison years ago. I, on the other hand, scored a no-date BJ. That Donkey would even open wide for Stephen Miller. SAD!

        • Even I could muster enough respect to keep the flag at half-staff, well, kinda.

          Is this grammarian? Stalker? Sounds suspiciously like one of these LOSERS who left RBD with their tails between their legs.

    • Funny how the video stops just as his Black daughter is about to approach the coffin.

      Of course, the McCains had nothing to do with editing that video, it was just CBS exhibiting their typical MSM racist behavior.

      Liberal media, my ass!

      • They aren’t, it is just a bug we know about. Sometimes posts don’t look like they “take” and you don’t see them posted right away, but they show up a bit later. We’ve posted about this before, it is an intermittent problem and will be solved after Patreon releases the funds.

  14. They’re back from bm… what do we do about the irony cultural appropriation scamming skeeving and dust in the toot toots????

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