Hold Tight, Bunnies! Camp Septic & The New RBD Are Just Around The Corner!


We’re excited, too! Our beloved Grifty worked with a top-notch WP diagnostic specialist to determine what upgrades we need. RBD has a huge archive dating back nearly 10 years and the site really needs a reboot. We’re choosing a new theme more compatible with mobile devices, but we’ll continue to display some work by the late Cuntbunnies. Stay tuned!

Bottom Picture! The Stinker:

Tingolayo writes:

“Campus police were called to the Cantor Center following reports of a middle-aged woman climbing on sculptures and drawing on paintings with a purple glitter pen. Officers followed a trail of plastic hair extensions and smeared lipstick to find the woman sitting on The Thinker’s lap, kissing him.

As she was being removed from the premises, she shrieked, “Don’t you know who I am??!!! I’m a woman in technology!!! I mount summits for world leaders!” Confirmation of her identity revealed no employment history nor professional affiliation of any type.

The woman was transported to the medical center for psychiatric evaluation. She was charged with trespassing and vandalism.”


  1. “make love to the dust”

    Judy will be batting out of her league there. But she and the dust will always be in each others’ lives as friends.

    • 2018: Makes love to dust
      2019: Self-divorces & marries dust
      2020: Dust dumps her but they jointly announce on social media that they have decided to stay in each other’s lives forever

      • Dust writes a beautiful letter describing Julia as “the wind that moves me” and “the force that drives swiffers, and any kind of cleaners actually, away,” and posts it on his face book.

    • making love to dust sounds even worse than beach sex. why do these people love filth so much

  2. when was her idea of a party ever “drinking to excess and being dunked in the fountain”

    i thought she kept track of sips in a spreadsheet always

    • Yeah, Julia was never much of a drinker, she hit all those NYC media parties in the 2000s sober and sharply keen to make contacts and pushily dragoon anyone who was anyone into her cause. Huge fake fraud to everyone she met then, looking over their shoulder to see if anyone more important was there. I hate these sorts of people. Julia’s a deluded opportunist, but not a drunk, which is a good thing because as much as I love to gawk at her mental illness and psychotic narcissism, I’m actually glad she doesn’t drink much, because I’m not evil, and there are maybe 100 other things. It sounds weird, but I’m glad that Donks doesn’t have a drinking problem. The rest of the drugs with the wooo crowd.. I bet she’s dainty and declines. Good for her, seriously.

      Because .. oh whatever, I’m done explaining. Julia is quite the freak that she is without drugs or alcohol, just cutesy mental illness. She’s just sick in the head.

      • She does seem to have done her fair share of drugs, AKA “plant medicine,” since joining the woos.

      • She looks positively tripping balls in many of the BM pictures.

        I think it was the software engineer (211 years of experience!) and healing chef extraordinaire of Modesto that introduced her to drugs and the whole woo scene.

        It was during the greatest love the world has ever known that she started speaking wooglish and men became “masculine”, her family became her “origin family” and anything became a gift that we are grateful for.

        Oh, and honor. If there is a word that the woos love to overuse, it is “honor”.

      • She may have been a partier in college, which presumably is what she was referring to, but I can confirm that unless she REALLY was hiding alcohol consumption (which would be indicative of a pretty serious problem), she was not much of a drinker at all in her NY media days.

        I don’t know if she’s into drugs with the woos. There are a lot of people in those circles who do a lot of pretty scary drugs, as well as non-scary drugs like pot, yet who don’t consume alcohol at all. It’s en vogue among them to think of yourself as too enlightened for booze.

          • How do you not sober up from that kind of trip and just cringe? But, then to not only allow the photos to be posted but post them yourself? I do not have an understand.

    • Of course she’s going. Rain and Rainbow are again in each other’s lives as … God knows what.

      • Rain, Rainbow, and Rain’s current girlfriend? What could go wrong?

          • Hmm. I thought there was some new intel on Rain coming. Did I miss it? I probably missed it.

          • Oh, lord. RainRainbow 2.0 would be a fucking treat.

            Dumber than a stump
            Don’t take me for a chump
            You woos

            Oh, RainRainbow
            A rage volcano
            Wherever you’re going
            It looks like a dump

            Two grifters
            Off to scam the world
            There’s such a lot of world
            To bore
            You’re after the same kind of woo
            Fauxtoshoots for you
            You’re narcissists, it’s true
            RainRainbow, you’re poo.

    • Not to worry! Grifty informs me that Cuntbunnies’ graphics can be included in the new theme.

    • I don’t mean to speak for Gilly, but I know she is busy today. Rest assured that all Cuntbunnies’ RBD art will be retained! This is a MUST! The fixes are almost all behind-the-scenes stuff. One of the biggest things, besides fixing broken stuff like the logins, is that RBD will work and look much better on mobile devices. The new WP blog theme we’re looking at is totally customizable, so we can definitely use whatever graphics we want. When all is said and done, the goal is to make features that exist here now work better, and perhaps for us to explore a few new things that we’ve all wanted for a while. At this point, we have a specific diagnosis and have found a nice new WP framework. It’s just a matter of getting it budgeted out and done. Bear with us and thank you for your support and patience.

      • Thank you, Grifty, Gilly and everyone involved for your service. It is very much appreciated.

        And Gilly, I hope you’re getting your heals on.

  3. and the point of a stanford fauxtoshoot was?

    judy, you are the antithesis of the phrase “in order to be smarter, surround yourself with smart people”. as stated before, this only works if you push the learn button.

    • adding a ss;sf jfa, as am reading backwards and see rodin discussion was covered in previous post. i’m in beautiful auckland, new zealand and am not minding the jetlag at all.

      • “My mother attended Stanford and became Nixon’s speechwriter. If those sliding doors had gone the other direction, I would have done the same for Obama.”

        • Sliding doors? More like industry and ability. Her career is exactly what can be expected of a lazy layabout. If she didn’t have Dadsers she would be making gofundme pages to support herself.

  4. AS IF a braying maniac needs that bullhorn in Top Fauxto.

    “Judy, come closer and speak louder,” said nobody ever.

  5. Even there she’s got to feel inferior. There are people attending (not her circle of course) that do actually work hard and accomplish things. They are create and talented which is reflected in their unique non-toxic store bought costumes. She wears a costume every.single.day. and seeks attention every.single.day.
    She must feel as significant as the grittiest speck of dirt on the dirtiest person there.

    • This. And essentially reasonable man and all the histrionics surrounding that made-up narrative were to get her hosebeastness back into camp septic. And you wonder how truly dense these woos are until they confirm it by allowing this manipulation to fly. Sick really. Sick. They deserve their hosebeast Judy and all her toxicity.

        • Well, Noodles’ thing is on the rocks. And even though she said that she isn’t Novowels’ “type,” we all know how that doesn’t deter the Donk.

  6. Thanks Grifty!!! I feel like we talked about marriage at this point since I love you…rerouting magazines at the moment.

      • There’s no discernible part / scalp that I can see …

        Did Donk get plugs? More than one wig? A wig wang combo for special occasions? Has no one told her that jet black makes her look exceptionally haggard?

  7. OT: Only noodles would be stupid enough to post a grinning fauxto alongside commentary about battered women. Sheesh.

    • If I was walking around with a shiner I know everyone I know would ask me about it. Perhaps people around her are uncomfortable because she doesn’t act as if she is in a happy and stable relationship.

    • I see that she attended the Silicon Valley School for the Tone-Deaf funded by Elon Musk.

  8. What the hell is she wearing in the top pic? Looks like cheap undies from the discount table at TJ Maxx. I want to scratch just looking at that

    • I would assume it’s a cheap rayon costume from OMG! Yandy that cost her nothing but an occasional shill.


      • oh greg remember when she was crowdsourcing “cruise appropriate attire” and then it turned out it was for this dumb, unpaid “hostess” gig where she hoped to chase a waller? That was a pathetic moment…

        • Was that the cruise where she did the yoga demonstration and once word got out that THE Julia Allison was on board, the bookers made sure she wasn’t invited back as part of the hired help?

          • Summit at Sea! The company that Noah Novowels works for. That was the year Noodles and Ferrett were guests at Necker Island right before they broke up. And Donkey and Jahhss were decorative stowaways on the ship.

          • I’d forgotten re: Noodles but certainly remembered Donkey and Jaahass’s Sapphic fauxtoshoot:

            jess magic

          • YES! Summit at Sea! it’s where the bunk bed fauxto comes from. Hilarious that she’s trying to pass it as somehow “glamorous” when she’s in the quarters reserved for service personnel and not in the rich area reserved for paying attendants. Wasn’t this also the moment when Jaaahs went from being an incidental character in the Donkey show (such as Skype singing lessons) to being her new BFF?

          • Is this the fly back on jet blue story cause they would be “decoratives” with a purpose and it ain’t to sing

      • Those shoes (mischaracterized by Donkey as “espadrilles,” I guess because the platform soles are straw covered), those Blanche Deveraux shoes! She’s been wearing them (the same actual pair, not just the style) since college. My grandmother had a similar pair, and she died in the nineties. Of all Donkey’s bad shoe choices, these are the worst, and that is really saying something.

  9. Please help motherfucking idiot Jena la Flamme fall in love with nail & contact lens care:

    Jena la Flamme
    15 August at 14:46 ·
    I’ve just broken a habit of biting my nails in moments of unconscious anxiety. Getting a manicure 3 weeks in a row seems to have done the trick. That was quite easy once I decided it was time. What now? May manicures a part of my time budget for the week? Become my own home manicurist? There’s nothing like the influence of a professional to bring refreshment to an area of life.

    Where the anxiety going to now? Everything shifts and changes. Now that I’ve left living in NYC, I have more soothing elements in my daily life. I’m near trees and birds and I found this feather today.

    I take a deep breath.
    Join me and take one too.

    I’m welcoming encouragement for falling in love with nail care.

    Jena la Flamme
    15 August at 08:39 ·
    Wise people of FB, what’s your informed opinion on sleeping with contact lenses in? One clever woman I trust said she sleeps with 2 week contacts in for 2 weeks. It’s definitely convenient. Any thoughts on that?

    • Enlightenment through manicures? Of course!

      Re the contact lenses, is she too dumb to know that there are some types of contact lenses that can be worn for weeks at a time and some that have to be removed / disposed daily?

      Shouldn’t she asking that question to a qualified professional instead of crowdsourcing to strangers on facebook? Oh, who am I kidding, she probably thinks “Western” medicine is a scam perpetrated by the illuminati.

    • Aho, Jena! Welcome to California— so many people are being forced to leave, because they can’t afford to live here, even when they work 2 or even 3 jobs and share a crummy apartment with 4 other people. I guess they’re not evolved enough to have rich former in-laws, or are too proud to live off other people when they are young and able-bodied. I am so happy you are living in someone else’s McMansion, sleeping until noon, waking up to a beautiful view of nature, and enjoying a busy day of orgies, drugs, and dance parties.

      I am deeply sorry I cannot help you with your manicure crisis. But I am sending you healing vibes. I worked my paid job Monday-Friday, then volunteered to lead a workshop yesterday (not a goddess ritual, just boring old practical skills), and I’ve been up since 6:30 am today, cooking for an event that my other volunteer group is holding today. So I have neglected my self-care rituals. I realized that people might notice my neglected fingernails as I was serving them free food (I am not a trained shaman, so I am not charging them $60 each and not offering cacao; we are serving simple brews called tea and coffee) so I removed the chipped polish and filed them down to nothing. (Not very goddess-like, but neat and clean.)

      I just wanted to offer you a deep bow for your vulnerable share. Your courage is amazing. I am calling on Source to lead you through this challenging time in your life, my sister!

      • lol

        nice of you. way over her five head tho.
        jena la dumdum please may she be sterile!

    • Handbag the Youngest became interested in nail art last year, when he was eleven, and put a variety of things in his Christmas wish list. By Boxing Day he knew more about fingernails and cuticles and biotin than our creator, Greg, and he could do incredible designs. He figured it all out by sitting in his blanket fort with a lantern watching youtube videos and eating cookies. Oh, what might have been, had we only held space for him and encouraged him to be in deeper relationship as a heARTist!

      • The astrophysicist (LADIES?) would wear eye makeup on his eyebrows and as many necklaces as he could grab if there were a dinner party to be had.

      • My eldest moved to London with a design degree, a cushy desk job to walk into, and free lodging with doting aunts in a hipster borough.

        4 years later and he’s working with a garbage disposal company in a sleepy coastal village, and has “never been happier”. This, from a person who sulked for 3 days when he spilled a garbage bag in our kitchen and his sister’s panty liner fell out.

  10. Electric Barbarella, Judy’s non-lesbian lover, must have done a whole lotta drugs during her modeling daze.

    • Of course, Ali Shanti has taken every plant medicine known to humankind in the last seven years:

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