Still Crazy After All These Years


Well hello peeps. Sorry I have disappeared. It is a long story involving career and health ordeals, but I have prevailed, and now I am back at it, and just in time for Donkey’s Balinese insanity.

So. Wow. She’s really gone right off her nut, huh? Those poor yoga people in Bali who are going to have to watch her dance.

Please fill me in on what I might have missed. Has she taken up with some Australian hippie yet? Bali is apparently overrun with them. How is her cauldron of pain doing? Who is paying for Bali? Dad? Oh my.



  1. Hi Jacy! We don’t know much except she claims to be living there now full time. She is returning to CA to be part of some Hive executive training for entrepreneurs thing for which she has no relevant business experience or qualifications. She is also emceeing at the music part of some woo festival in Bali. In other words, same shit show, different day. Pulling a geographic after being dumped by a third-rate bald middle aged DJ. I suspect this will be a short chapter. She won’t get enough attention over there.

    • I don’t get how those other people can stand her! Is it just because they are all as awful as she is? She really seems to have found her tribe, in that sense.

  2. Jacyyyyyy! Lovely to see you. I shake my fist at any career or health issues that had THE NERVE to trouble you.

    Bali Donkey is hilareballz (as she herself would bray) but I wish she would post more deep thoughts from her cauldron.

    • I have a theory that odd years are negative and even years positive. Here’s to a positive 2018 for all!

  3. Commenter Kash Money once predicted her next persona would be Space Muslim. With a move to Bali, she’s closer to the latter part of that. I wonder if she’ll pull a Lindsay Lohan and convert to Islam, find a wallet who fetishizes western women and plans to maintain a harem anyway. I don’t see her doing any better, ever.

    Then all she’d have to do is harangue Justine Musk to get her on one of Elon’s rockets and bam: Space Muslim achieved.

    • She’s too old, not good looking enough nor discreet enough to be flying around the world to have a bunch of rich men take dumps on her chest.

      • This is what IG models are basically selling and I know men who have paid staggeringly little to fly in girls for a weekend or to accompany them on a work trip. These girls all look better than Donkey ever looked in her wildest dreams and are probably a billion times or pleasant to be around. For the record, I have never and would never do this — I love & respect my wife & my son. But if I was a single middle-aged man? No reason to look at a Donkey unless you’re a broke loser who wants Dadster to pay for your rent/travel. Dadster and his wallet are the only assets Julia has these days. And yet she resents her parents. It’s amazing.

  4. The SCAATY’s song got in m head … now I’m hankering for a Jacy-made art-directed put-to-music video starring none other than the barking mad, batshit insane merdonk.

    WB, Jacy! Hope all is mo bettuh for ya!

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