Peter Baugher’s Money, Take Me Away!

The new cover fauxto, liked by three folks, one of whom is of course [The New Redacted]:

All that hard work – finishing BOOK, assisting her “many” clients, giving Ryan Allis BJs on demand – deserves a break, heh, Dadsers?

Ah, that was refreshing! Once again, the new, normal, emotionally healthy Judy that she is today:

P.S. Busy, busy, busy, bunnies! Need to look through the Debbie Seltzer info that Rhoda has given me. Is he married? A studio exec? A performer at Owner of a new restaurant? Living as a throuple with “straight” buddies Papa Chevalier and Boy Toy?

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  1. The Nose Knows says:

    I’m really hoping that Debbie Seltzer got married. That would be hilarious!

    • Even better if he married Papa and that young guy in a 3 way marriage.

      I doubt the news about Debbie is that he did anything vile like Julia would do. At the end of the day, Debbie is just a yokel from the central valley who got caught up with Donkey.

      • Veruca Salt Lick says:

        Central Valley Yokel could be a good username.

      • Random Snowflake™ says:

        “The Modesto Strangler” was always one of my favorite nicknames for a JAB cohort.. 😁

        • Veruca Salt Lick says:

          Agreed. I sometimes forget that the Modesto Strangler isn’t an actual serial killer.

        • Helena (Kismet Shamanatrix, CEO of PriestessSensei Inc.) says:

          I liked “Lady Deborah von und zu Seltzer,” which I think Norse Horse coined. But Debbin got all the best names, starting with “Goat Soap.”

          • Donkey's Calcified Pineal Gland says:

            The Easter Island Seltzers always cracked me up.

          • Fell off the rainbow raft says:

            Goat soap will always be my favorite

          • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

            Goat Soap will always be my favorite too, because years ago, sometime during the Modesto Strangler era, a fellow catlady and I were driving somewhere and saw a handmade sign outside someone’s house that advertised goat soap for sale. We started laughing and shrieking “GOAT SOAP! GOAT SOAP!” and thank goodness no one else was in the car.

  2. It’s time for a new name on here, why not?

  3. Stalker is the new hobo bro ho says:

    It’s cool how that rock kind of looks like a mermaid’s tail.

    • melting marionette says:

      was thinking the same thing – it’s a good composition. again, no eye contact though – i guess she thinks she’s being coy, but it would have been better if she had looked up at the camera. less “chipmunk cheek”, and a better defined chin.

      the toe-pointing pose continues. is it just the angle, or does she have large feet?

      • Stalker is the new hobo bro ho says:

        or stumpy toes? Pretty sure she is doing that because she has some fucked up idea about “gracefulness” that toe-pointing fulfills for her. she WAS thisclose to being the world’s GREATEST ballerina after all. muscle memory, darling.

        I think she likes this picture because it makes her look like she got tig ol’ bitties.

  4. Meh or Feh says:

    I hope it’s later revealed that she’s using green-screen technology and she’s actually in her parents’ basement, like Rupert Pupkin.

  5. Brother Love says:

    Was she crying before that bottom pic?

  6. Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

    OT: Being a parent is so difficult and tiring! What’s tiring in your life? Take a FREE Envision workshop and moan & groan along with Nisha. Go on, take the bait, bunnies!

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

      JFAing myself to add, WHY does she keep posting about her pampered spa day? There are only 12 goddamn slots. Surely the woo goddesses want to discuss “inclusion”? Though the initial reason for this costly get together has mysteriously DISAPPEARED from all subsequent posts.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

        Oh, Christ, media ho Noodles made sure to get in some Oprah genuflecting, which was of course liked by Donkey.

      • Donkey's Calcified Pineal Gland says:

        She has a NANNY? And she is still bitching? Hope the nanny doesn’t pick up the slack in the ‘too tired for sex’ department.

    • darling dearest is over this shit says:

      Oh fuck her. She has the time to take baths? She sounds like Jordan, bitching about how much work it is to care for small children while also magically having so much time for spa days and retreats.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

        Fuck her is right. Being a parent never ends and I don’t have the time to run away for an Ali Shanti Spa Day with this grifter and her white besties.

        • Morrocanwear kissed a girl says:

          I haven’t seen a shout out from you to your amazing nanny yet, Gilly. I mean, surely you have one! But parenting with full time help and a spouse is so difficult donchaknow!

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

            Here she is, Morrocanwear! Mary has been nice enough to let me borrow her for spring semester.

            I couldn’t do it without you, Lasagna!


          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            OT, but remember those rare, occasional times Lasagna looked not-frumpy-&-cowed-by-a-thundercunt-donkey, so Donk would manage to dig in w/ a back-hoofed “compliment” of sorts, because ditchpig hag?

            Sooo many sisterectomies, so few learn buttons.

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry says:

            Lasagna’s RBD spill, which was inevitable, was one of this blog’s best moments. Who pays for everything? Why, Peter Baugher, of course.

    • Stalker is the new hobo bro ho says:

      the BAG of TOYS has PREVENTED me from LEANING BACK.

      stfu yawny

      • Morrocanwear kissed a girl says:

        Her life! Poor, poor thing!

        • Stalker is the new hobo bro ho says:

          Well, to be fair, she is the first person to ever have a baby. I’m not sure if you knew that. And having a baby is really hard, especially when you also don’t have a job and have to fill your time going to the spa.

          • Donkey's Calcified Pineal Gland says:

            Not a mention of NoVowels except that she says she’s too tired for sex.

          • Nosferatu-tu says:

            If only she had time to move that bag of toys a few inches to the side. But that would be so tiring and time consuming and it’s so much easier to just post about it instead. #gtfoNishBish

    • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

      Unrelated: Isn’t she pushing 40? She looks damn good.

      (That doesn’t make these posts about motherhood any less obnoxious.)

  7. Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

    Oh lord, I’m so far behind. Is there a New Redacted??

  8. Nosferatu-tu says:

    Very OT and tldr

    Dear Catladies, I need to vent and get advice.

    I haven’t had any contact with my family for at least 7 years. I was in a car accident and have a neck injury and chronic pain. Family weren’t very helpful and didn’t know how to deal with what I was going through, not that they really tried. They pulled some really messed up sh*t that led to me giving them my copy of their house keys back and asking for their copy of mine back. They didn’t make any attempt for months/a year afterward to contact me and that was 2 short sentences. I was broke due to medical expenses and couldn’t afford to put credit on my cell phone to call anyone, but could still receive incoming calls if they’d bothered. My car died and I had no transport; they lived 10-15mins away but they never came over after that. Years later I received a letter telling me to make arrangements to move any possessions of mine still left at their house as they were moving. It was really abrupt and they didn’t provide their new address.

    So, fast forward to now. My parents are elderly and I’ve been wondering how I will feel when they die and if I would even know if they did. I moved states a few years ago and they don’t know where I am, but when they did they never tried. I also included C/O- address when I sent Xmas and b’day cards to my nephew and niece.

    A couple of weeks ago my brother sent me a FB msg that mum is dying and has fast onset dementia and she keeps talking about where I am and if she will ever see me again before she dies. The msge does not make it clear that my parents actually want me to contact them, it’s more of an accusatory email from my brother that I owe my mother and he wants me to contact them. i.e. I don’t think this is my parents actually reaching out.

    I don’t want to see them in person and I don’t think it would end well if I did; there would be bad words exchanged with my siblings at the very least. They refuse to accept that my parents did anything wrong.

    I don’t want to talk to them over the phone or Skype for the same reason. I’ve started seeing a counsellor about this and we have briefly talked about whether I should send a card. I have more appointments with the counsellor to talk about this in depth.

    Frankly I wish I’d never received the message at all. My family abandoned me when I was going through a very difficult time- physically, emotionally and financially. On one hand I think it wouldn’t hurt to send a card and that’s it, another part of me feels it would be a betrayal to myself of how I really feel. I feel like they didn’t make the effort to try to contact me before this happened, and it doesn’t seem that this msge was initiated by them anyway.

    Although I have a Fb profile, most of it’s locked down and I’m not active on it anyway, so they don’t know I’ve seen the msge. I intend on shutting down my FB profile so they can’t contact me again. I don’t want to know when she dies, it’s not like me knowing would change anything.

    I know this sounds heartless, but I feel like they died to me several years ago. When I do think about them I don’t have any positive thoughts, only neutral or negative. I cannot forgive them or forget the things they did and said towards the end. They said I owe them for them raising me, among other things.

    I don’t know if I would feel any regret if I ignore this, but i don’t know if I want to think of myself that way (even though it’s true). The internal struggle is me feeling like I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I made any contact, even a card.

    Sorry for this, it’s soooo long and depressing and off topic. I guess I just needed to vent and put it out there. Have any of you been in a similar situation or no contact with your family? Thanks.

    • Nosferatu-tu says:

      Holy wall of text! Crap, I’m sorry.

    • The Nose Knows says:

      I have no answers or advice, other than to take care of yourself, just sending hugs and good vibes.

      It’s good that you’re going through this in-depth with a counselor, for the reality checks and reassurance that you need to take care of you first and foremost.

      I’m sorry you’re going through this

    • I haven’t talked to my parents for even a second in 10 years. Even before that, I only saw them a few days here and there since leaving for college. I don’t feel even a little guilty because I have my own family and I would never want to bring that stress and unresolved conflict to my spouse or children. The conflict in this case was that my dad was over-the-top physically abusive and a bully as a dad. My mom enabled this, I’m not sure why.

      The therapists I saw back in the day supported the idea of doing whatever was needed to keep the toxicity away. In my case, my parents were at least very honest that they were never going to change — they were proud of it, like take it or leave it. So now 3 of their 4 kids don’t talk to them and they have 6 grandkids they don’t see. I think they knew this was going to happen by the time we were all in high school. The older 3 of us were very ambitious in school, seeing it as a way to get out. My parents babied my youngest brother and he was a commuter student and still lives with my parents in the mansion they bought a few yrs after the older 3 son’s had left for college. Do I regret peace-ing out? No. I wish them the best, I never talk badly about them IRL and all the important people know that deep down I feel bad for them, but can’t change them. Not a lot of 60 year olds want to change.

      Tldr and TMI… I know.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      I hope that peace soon finds you, whatever you decide.

    • Stalker is the new hobo bro ho says:

      I think it’s totally fine not to talk to them. My dad never gave 2 shits about me and we never ‘reconciled’ or whatever and I turned out TOTALLY FINE.

      If they were repentant and you denied them a chance to apologize that would be one thing. But they sound like complete assholes and there’s really nothing good in it for you. You’ve built your life and you’re awesome. They want a piece of that so they can pretend they did it.

      You owe them literally nothing. Go see them if YOU want to see them for YOUR reasons. Otherwise, yeah, deactivate facebook and go on with your fabulous self.

    • Tingolayo says:

      I’m sorry you have to deal with this. I don’t know about family estrangement, but I know about dementia, so that’s where I’m coming from.

      Sending a card– you have to do what’s right for your emotional wellbeing. It wouldn’t be violating some random principles of being true to yourself if you did send a card, because you get to set your own rules. So if sending a card to ensure against possible future regret is what you need to do, do it.

      A card might not even mean anything to a dementia patient. Would she even connect it to you? Clearly she has a memory of you, but dementia is weird. So if you want the card to convey “Tutu is thinking of you and sending best wishes,” it might not. Your siblings might tear it up. They might give it an interpretation that you didn’t intend (“How sweet! Tutu wants to mend fences with the entire family!” or “Look at that bitch Tutu trying to get into mom’s good graces!”) You can’t control that, of course; you can only send the card on its way, if it’s what you need to do for yourself.

      What I’m trying to say is, without knowing her level of cognizance, I don’t think it would be *wrong* not to send a card.

      • Nosferatu-tu says:

        Thanks Tingo, that makes sense, especially about a card still being within my rules. I don’t know what her level of dementia is, but I would assume from the other info it’s quite bad.

        Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and comments. I really appreciate it. Receiving this message has dragged up a lot of emotions and I knew the basement would understand. Hugs and love, Nos.

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