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It’s Monday, RBDers, and I’m busy as hell. However, I wanted readers to know the previous post was removed by yours truly, the first time I’ve done so. A loyal reader was justifiably upset about certain comments made regarding one individual and provided a backstory of which I was unaware. My first response was to become defensive, but I quickly backed down, did a little research, and, because I have a conscience, felt it necessary to torpedo the post. RBD may be a snark blog, but it’s supposed to be fun and flippant, and caustic commentary should be directed towards those who truly deserve it.

Coming up: Intrepid Rhoda has unearthed some interesting intel about Devin Stetler, which we’ll be posting Wednesday or Thursday. Until then, why not ponder how Julia could have been Oprah’s speech writer for the presidential primaries if she’d only stayed in Chicago?


  1. I will refrain from remarking on the pines because = adorably bundled child with sunglasses.

  2. Was it me? Are my comments about the most handsome guy in the world at second glance not being so handsome at any glance too offensive?

    Whatever you do, Gilly, I support you even more than Petey supports his little girl.

    • You are the wind beneath my coobie, Morrocanwear! Re: Swiss Mister, the deadbeat dad was too busy playing bongos with his stoner Euro bros to be able to afford Christmas presents for his children, yet he expected us to buy them. We can comment however we like about this lazy S.O.B.

  3. Bxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx is a totally decent man, who has come back from a nasty bike accident. I don’t understand what BB sees in or why he constantly approves of Le Donk (she is so dumb and fake and scheming– he is authentic and sincere). But you did the good thing!

    • Dude, I redacted the subject’s name because I doubt he or his wife would appreciate a google link to this reblogging site, capeesh?

    • Looking at hismFB photo history, He seems to like taking and posting pictures with pretty young(er) women. His marriage to a pretty younger woman notwithstanding.
      Good for him to have had great care to overcome brain trauma. He seems like a good, smart guy but with a weakness for a pretty face.

      • Donkey hasn’t had a pretty face in about a decade. Around the time she started with the cutrate injections and then stopped all hygiene practices

  4. Could any of you lovelies offer some photoshoot advice? I have to have my picture taken for publicity reasons connected with my desk-erranding, and I’m filled with terror. I am horrible at everything surrounding the entire endeavour, and I always end up with one of two looks on my face: ‘Faulknerian idiot man-child’ or ‘someone just farted’. Seriously, TSA officials have laughed at my passport photos, and you know that means things are really dire.

    Help a catlady out.

    • I’m hideously deformed and can’t bear to look at myself in pictures so I can’t help*. Have you thought about having your hair and makeup done? I’d be putting myself in the hands of professionals.

      *besides recommending that you NOT stand on the Apple Genius Bar; it’s not the look.

      • You’re absolutely right, Stalker; I will definitely enlist some professional help getting ready. I’m sure you’re not hideously deformed, but I also share a reluctance to look at pictures of myself, so any extra confidence boost will help me – thank you!

    • I was told by a friend who used to have her picture taken professionally (real model in NYC & was the muse for a famous designer who died in 2014) that saying the letter “A” gives the face a natural look. I was also told that by another friend who had her picture taken often for professional purposes.

      • Interesting; thank you very much! That is very useful. I always feel like Ricky Bobby being interviewed, except I’m not sure what to do with my *face*.

        It’s times like this that actually make me kind of jealous of Donk – at least it can be said that she has no lack of confidence about having her picture taken. And she could certainly pick a head shot at short notice from a number of pre-existing options (I myself cannot, which is why I find myself in this situation).

        • I thought the same when I had to do PR shots last year, how lucky she’s had so much practice but yet still manages to suck at it.all.the.time. What wouldn’t Julia do should be your guide, I know it was mine. Good luck!

    • Have you thought of contacting Monika de Myer, THE Monika de Myer? Monika de Myer is an esteemed lifestyle & wedding fauxtographer and beloved by many a cat lady, namely those who’ve been fortunate enough to hire Monika de Myer for their softly lit coffee mug website fauxtos when Wendy K. Yalom isn’t available. In other words, I’m suggesting Monika de Myer might be your savior here. winky emoticon

      • If only I was of sufficient status to have a photographer of that calibre! Alas, I am required to report to my institution’s in-house PR people. Perhaps someday.

    • assuming this is a simple head-and-shoulders shot?

      camera in portrait orientation, neutral background. avoid harsh light, shadows or using a direct face-on flash.

      stand at 45 degree angle to the camera, (the camera at an angle, in line with one shoulder), then turn your head to face the lens. make sure the photographer fills the frame “passport style”.

      have the person take a burst of shots, or several in quick succession. you’ll find that you’ll automatically relax after the first one and will get at least one shot that you will like out of a bunch.

      hope this helps.

      • They are supposed to be in situ shots of me in my desk-erranding setting. Like imagine if I was an expert in really big pieces of stone and so they took pictures of me surrounded by huge rocks. Except not that; sorry for being so cryptic. Basically more than just headshots, which is terrifying for me.

        Appreciate the suggestion for how to stand at an angle, seriously. This is most emphatically not my wheelhouse and something I feel extremely uncomfortable about, so I’m grateful for the advice.

    • Try to avoid salt and anything else that makes you bloaty for at least 24 hours before the photo shoot. It may or may not make a difference in the photos, but it will be a big boost to your confidence

  5. I’m wondering what this Debbie Stetler revelation is going to be. Something related to him being a “social/tech entrepreneur”? Something more insidious?

    • I hope he got married!

      Or that it turns out the Stetlers are actually wealthy and socially prominent!

      Preferably both!

    • They’ve finally traced the Modesto Strangler to a crime against yams. Using DNA evidence via a substance (don’t ask) found on a discarded gimp mask outside Lompoc, the sheriff is now moving with softness against the suspects. Stay tuned.

      • Forget those yams – It’s a frame job ! The real Modesto Strangler could only be Debbie’s ex-con brother, who really is scary as hell!

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