Happy Ending: Ali Shanti Turns 74, Gives Mental Dental A “Massage”


The old raunch recently turned 74 and celebrated the big day by sending out an endless message to her listserv. Though Ali’s big reveal could easily have fit into two paragraphs, she stretches it out to 50. Scan the drivel if you will – I’m going to snip some of the mess – but note how Skankatron concludes this “intimate” missive.

My birthday wish for us (and reflections on a life of conflict and pain)

It’s my 44th birthday today. And I wanted to take this moment in time to reflect and share what’s been happening for me with the hopes that it may inspire you to see something in yourself.

Most of my life, I was full of anger, fear, and confusion.

From the outside, you may not have been able to tell that was the case, as I used these deeply fearful internal states to drive me to significant external success.

But internally, something was wrong, and I knew it.

My life was full of conflict. I didn’t really know how to be with the pain of others. Heck, I didn’t know how to be with my own pain.

I couldn’t understand why people did what they did, how they could be so mean, and because I couldn’t be with my own pain and hurt (or theirs), when I felt it, I protected against it by pushing them away, or denying my actions, or building another layer of shield against feeling.

Over the past 7 years, I have been in a process of great awakening.

That process has brought me through facing my greatest fears, surrendering to the parts of me that I wanted to avoid and run from, and discovering a far deeper truth.

The truth I have discovered is that it doesn’t matter how much external success occurs, or how much money we make, or how much we try to chase the demons away by looking good.

What matters is that we discover the places in our selves that are asleep and awaken them to truth, and love.

We must learn to listen to the quiet whispers of our heart, and let her lead.

To do so requires being willing to feel, and be with the parts of life that can seem impossible.

It appears to be easier to live in a bubble of self-protection and separation, except that it’s not.

For years, I asked the question “what is love” and what I’ve discovered is that love is learning to listen to the quietest whisper of my heart, being willing to see what is hard to see, heal what needs to be healed, face the deeply conditioned parts of me that want me to run, and meet it all with curiosity and openness.

I didn’t trust my heart. My mind was most often in conflict with what She called for, because it seemed far safer that way.

My heart is sensitive, sometimes it seems, too sensitive.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, ME, ME, ME. And then Skankatron makes the pitch:

I have some tools I could share that have helped me to align my heart and mind and expanded my ability to “be with” in support of becoming the new humanity that I believe is our collective deepest desire.

Before I share those tools, I want to check in with you and see if you agree. If you do, hit reply and let me know that you see a vision for a new humanity and that you want to align your heart and your mind, and that you are ready to live from a new place.

And if there is interest, then over the weekend, I’ll compile what I have and send it along.

With so much love,

So professional, Alexis Neely! Of course, when you respond, the old raunch tries to get you to enroll in one of her programs or that of a partner-in-slime, hoping she can cash in on a click-through.

Look who responded to Ali’s bday missive on Facebook:

Ew. I assume the old raunch gave Swainy a “massage,” which could only have meant one thing to an oversexed nutcase like Mental Dental, when she went to have lunch with him. Did Elliott and the other members of the Manson family receive a similar happy ending?


        • Didn’t she write that Craig Filek introduced her to hard drugs? And her younger beaus since then have all been addicts of some sort. The old grey mare has clearly made incredible progress during the last seven years.

      • That makes her only four years older than me. No joke, I assumed she was in her 50s. Moisturizer is our friend, Shamti.

        • Here’s the thing, no one is forcing her to take pictures or post pictures. Especially after she looks like she hasn’t slept in a solid week. Why? Why does she willingly choose to post these pictures on a business page? It’s not “organic” it’s moronic.

  1. Swain is SO SCARY looking and reminds me of my TERRIFYINGLY angry ex. 🙁

    ChaRyan ManSwain. … nah he’d probably be flattered by the comparison to old dead swastika face.

  2. I wish she’d re-read just one year’s worth of her “revelation & epiphany about me” posts and understand that she’s full of shite. Because her $$$ audience certainly has (I submit into evidence photos of her poorly attended talks.)

    She is so dizzy walking the same treaded circle year in and year out that I guess she thinks she’s growing vertically. Will she really be the last to know?

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but if I had two teenage children, I would be spending more time trying to help them get ready for the rapid approach of adult life and less time gazing into my own filthy navel.

    • This is what I always come back to: two vulnerable teenagers have this narcissistic mess for a parent. And a new 20- something substance abuser moves in every year. That’s bad enough, but then she posts her personal business all over Facebook.

      • desperate shilling is all these people know – it’s all about reinvention, and rediscovery. if you’re constantly reinventing, what hope is there for a stable base from which to bring up and guide your kids?

        am i wrong in saying that they shun normality and attribute it with boredom, when in fact it’s the very thing they crave?

        • Donk craves what “Baby” Brother has, but refuses to actually commit to working toward it. It’s easier to date itinerant woo DJs, and then “cry every day for months” when *SURPRISE* it doesn’t work out.

          Donk talks a big talk about shunning suburban normality, because she equates it with boredom, but in reality it would mean actually sitting with her own self for an extended period of time. So she pretends to be “bohemian” and distracts herself with sparkly polyester costumes.

          • Related: when she pointed out that Baby Bro had only ever lived in three cities in his life, whereas she, Donkey, had lived in more than x-plus cities/locations/digital nomad cyberspaces–as if getting run out of town on a rail x-plus times is something to brag about. Obviously, the coherent members of the Bogger family just roll their eyes internally and pray for a normal Thanksgiving.

  4. The contrast between the pic of Swainy Todd and the Baughers below is horrifying on near metaphysical levels.

    • One of the worst Shantitown moments. I take pride in this site basically torpedoing her marriage to Fishdick. You’re welcome, Ali.

        • Back when Shantitown first came across our radar, thanks to Julia of course, she was engaged to marry an aggressive, scary dirtbag, Craig Filek, whom we had named “Fishdick.” Ali and Craig had started a website in which they planned on sharing every aspect of their relationship with the world – they even expected suckers would want to subscribe for a monthly fee! Sort of like the old Jakob & Julia site, but with money as they bottom line. Anywoo, RBDers commented on creepy Fishdick’s shortcomings, how they’d never let their kids around someone so frightening. Filek came in here, trying to shut the site down by using various tech tricks. Suddenly, Ali & Craig were no more, and Shantitown was crying off her Rhinestone. We did her one fat fucking favor, but she was back dating another substance-abusing dirtbag just a few weeks later.

          • I’d forgotten about “handfast”! That goofball term was dripping from every woo’s mouth for a New York minute around the same time con artist Goopy Paltrow issued a press release about “consciously uncoupling” from Chris Martin. Their debasement of the English language reminds me of teens in the 1950s, Daddy-O.

          • The best part was when they claimed to be a lolyer using a stock photo of some old white dude.

          • Take a moment to watch Filek’s video on his PurposeMapping website. Is he referring to RBDers as the friends who called him out on his bullshit?

    • God, when we first learned about this, I had no experience with IUDs so I had no frame of reference for the ridiculousness of this scenario. I have an IUD now so I just flashed on the mechanics of how such a thing would be possible. The image of the two of them in a hot tub, she leans back, he pulls out the pair of pliers he just happened to have sitting nearby (because there’s no way (or at least no way I am comfortable imagining (hey I’m Juliaing with all the parantheses!)) he could get two fingers up high enough to grip the strings), sticks it inside her, maneuvers around until he gets purchase on the strings, and then pulls it out…and somehow this was such an erotic, arousing experience for her that she needed to fuck him rightthatverysecond.

      An IUD is shaped like a T, and when the doctor puts it in, it’s with a special doohickey that keeps the IUD in the shape of an I until it’s inside the uterus, at which point the arms expand. So if some toolbag without any medical training (or tools) impulsively tried to pull that thing out, the IUD is going to still be in the “deployed” T-shape. I cannot imagine it would be anything but excruciatingly painful as it crossed the cervix, since it was excruciatingly painful when the thing went IN, in the I shape.

      So basically the whole IUD story has to be complete bullshit. Or Scamti has no feeling left below her navel, which is entirely possible if she has as many untreated STDs as she looks like she’d have.

      And now that I’ve preemptively ruined my appetite, Happy (American) Thanksgiving, catfolk! I wish you the largest volume of boxed wine, the most gluten-free turkey, the least-dust-covered of floor Brussels sprouts, the burniest of baked sweet potatoes, the fullest cup of sacred cacoa, and the stretchiest of comfy pants! And to the catladies in other parts of the world, happy Thursday!

  5. happy thnxgiving cat people. i have come to think of this channel as having various shows, each with its audience, all of the fandom being awesome.

    peace to all.

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