Updated: Ali Shanti Is A Sexual Predator #itwasme


The old raunch has been having a field day with the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Isn’t she SO BRAVE?


Yesterday, I shared my #metoo story and so many of you responded with such love and compassion, thank you.

Today, I share something that feels much harder. And I hope you will not only bring the same love and compassion to me, but to all those who are sexual transgressors and acknowledge their actions and blindness.

It is through this love and compassion that we can all learn, grow and evolve.

It is through this open sharing that we can change things for future generations.

I have crossed sexual boundaries, of both women and men, unconsciously, with lack of awareness and without consent.

I have crossed my own sexual boundaries.

I didn’t understand the impact of my actions. And I wonder how many people felt hurt or confused (or just icky) because of the way I handled my sexuality.

I have grabbed people’s asses without consent, commented on parts of their body, and said sexually suggestive things.

A past boyfriend called it “leaky sexual energy” and I had no idea what he was talking about. I understand now.

I always thought it was welcome. And now, I realize I am not so sure. Because I didn’t ask. I just did it. And maybe it was welcome because I am a woman, but maybe not.

And, how can we women lead the revolution if we continue to allow the masculine parts of ourselves to perpetrate against the feminine both inside and outside of ourselves.

It does feel confusing, even as I write this because I want my sexuality to be welcome.

On top of that, it often did appear to be welcome. And in many cases, I have been celebrated for what seemed to be a comfort with the open display of my sexuality.

I can only imagine how confusing it is for the men.

I’m also aware of the way in which our hiding and shame (and shaming) creates immense pain and conflict that keeps us (and has kept me) from fully doing the work we have been called here to do.

And, in some ways, I can also see that THIS is our work.

Taking full ownership for our actions, asking for forgiveness, and forgiving ourselves, so we may forgive others, seems to be the path forward.

So today, I say #itwasme and ask for your forgiveness and your compassion and your love. Not just for me, but for all those who will come forward and claim the ways in which we behaved with blindness.

If you would like to understand more about the roots of this collective pain, I suggest you read Katie Freiling’s post, in which she writes so clearly about the cause and effect we are all experiencing.

Sexual shame, self-punishment, hiding, rebellion, self-worth, self-hatred, powerlessness, rejection, and ultimately a deep sense of not belonging.

Katie shares that the solutions are “to reframe affection and touch and normalize non-sexual affection again.”

She says “It’s time to reprogram ourselves collectively to remember that we are intrinsically worthy, lovable, and that we Belong.

It’s time to learn about healthy communication and emotional intelligence… how to tune in to what we’re feeling, how to communicate our needs, and listen and empathize with the needs of others.

It’s time to heal… to understand, hear, feel, and empathize with the pain of sexual abuse and trauma (our own pain and the pain of others), without letting guilt stop us.

And it’s time to forgive the predators. Because it’s always hurt people who hurt people.”

I agree. <3

Thanks for the 57,368th confession, Skankatron. Were you one of Julia Allison’s “expert” advisors when she was appearing on “Miss Advised”? Your participation might explain her wildly aggressive, inappropriate behavior towards the men on the show. I’ve found just reading about your sexual kinks has made me feel icky. Here’s hoping you, Julia, Harvey, and Marc Gafni get the help you so desperately need. #pleasurablereprogramming #tocatchawoopredator

For God’s sake, man, don’t go in the door!

Update: She just doesn’t know when to quit, especially when she’s getting attention. Paris truther and general asshat Elijah Ray put the old raunch up to this?

I’ve seen a few of the men in my feed ask the question, what would you like to hear from the men in response to the #metoo’s that are coming out across Facebook.

Here’s my response.

I do not want to hear I’m sorry, though I’m sure many women will.

Personally, I find “I’m sorry” to be empty and devoid of meaning. What are you sorry for? That’s what I want to hear. And most importantly, I want to hear what you learned.

Don’t apologize to me. Tell me you’ve learned something!

I want to hear “I’m responsible, and here’s how.”

Here’s what I did. #itwasme
And here’s why I did it.
I didn’t know.
I didn’t understand.
I didn’t get it.
I was blind and now I see a bit more.

Then, if you want to ask for forgiveness and compassion, please do. But don’t tell me “I’m sorry.”

Artie Egendorf and Booster Blake each posted beautiful examples of this today. Daniel Pinchbeck yesterday. Thank you, men. I welcome links to other examples to be shared here in the comments.

I welcome hearing this from the women too. I want to hear your #itwasme story as well. I shared my example because we cannot overlook the ways our internal masculine has also transgressed the feminine, our own, and others.

There is no blame or shame here. Just deep appreciation for the surfacing of these shadows so we can all learn, grow and evolve.

This is why we are here. To understand and care for each other through all the pain of growth and learning.

Thank you brother Elijah Ray for asking and prompting this inquiry. And to those of you as well who have messaged me privately.


    • She is an utterly repellent attention whore. She’d confess to slitting her ex-husband’s throat if she thought someone would tell her how BRAVE she is for sharing.

  1. Also, FUCK YOU, Ali Shanti with your fake name. It is not time to forgive the predators because you admit you are one and you are ready for forgiveness. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?! GET INTO THERAPY, STOP BEING A NARCISSIST, AND STOP MAKING THIS ALL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!

  2. I think she may be misinterpreting the “metoo” hashtag. It’s for the victims, Shady, not the perpetrators.

    • Thought the same thing about Judy’s metoo yesterday.

      Though I imagine she has been on the receiving end of harassment and inappropriate behavior as well, given her endless thirst to be seen as attractive by even the grossest dudes.

      The whole “the most important thing in life is some dude’s boner” culture is repulsive, and Judy has long been one of its biggest cheerleaders (literally, never forget Gawker fauxtoshoot).

  3. Fuck you and your gender essentialism , Ali! Being molesty is not extra welcome because boobs. You’re just a creep. And having openness about your sexuality is not being masculine. You’re just a fucking creep.

    Also the answer to gross molesters being gross is not to give them hugs or jump straight to forgiveness.


    and creepy.

    and gross.

    • Alexis Neely wants to take full responsibility for being an ass grabber but then she somewhat abdicates that responsibility by passing off the blame on the “masculine side” of herself. Gender essentialism, indeed!

      The woos are doing hosanas on Skankatron’s FB page so expect more such posts, and more idiotic comments such as …

      Chrissie Bettencourt
      This is the best piece I have seen yet on the topic yet and have the greatest respect for you Ali for sharing all parts of you in writing this post. While I have understood the “me too” concept and empathize with many who have shared their stories and their vulnerability, (and my own experiences to boot) I still felt there was a piece missing. It feels as if there is a massive division between the feminine and masculine right now, and while yes chaos is often the harbringer of change, I feel that we need to go beyond one side vs the other if we want to create real change. I think if we really take a hard look we have all been on both sides of the fence in one way or the other. Your post highlighted to me what I felt was the missing piece. The voice of the masculine. And I truly believe the new world we are creating encompasses not only a balance of feminine and masculine, but a healthy synergy of the two. And to do that we need to work together. I sincerely hope that we can take this knowledge and experience and move forward, not in a masculine vs feminine approach, but of one where the two work together from a perspective of possibility. What kind of wonderful future can we create based on what we know and more importantly acknowledge what has been taking place? How can we empower ourselves and help others empower themselves to really shift these actions that were and are ultimately based in fear? How can we as both women and men educate ourselves and others and shift our way of being to one of respect, compassion and empathy? Again, I in no way say any of this to downplay anyone’s experiences, just as a hope that we include both men and women in the creation of a better way of being and nurture empathy for both sides. <3

  4. I hate her one-sentence paragraphs. Does she imagine that white space around each inane statement somehow gives it gravitas? Or is it a malfunction of her keyboard?

    • First in her class at Georgetown Law! And Julia Allison amazingly managed to obtain an undergrad degree from Georgetown, even if the dean’s office had to monitor her on a daily basis. I’d suggest sending your kid to Joketon Community College before getting a useless degree from the campus on the hill.

      • Anybody here watching Real Housewives of Orange County? There’s a lady on this year who can barely speak a coherent sentence who allegedly holds an English degree from UCLA.

        • Hilarious–still trying to figure that one out. I actually did stop watching the show–but not because I don’t love trashy shows. Just working a bit too hard these days to stay caught up. Also, I like Jeopardy.

    • “I can only imagine how confusing it is for the men.”

      I just don’t understand the CONCEPT of CONSENT, it’s so confuuuuuuuuuuuusing, oh gosh oh golly won’t someone think of the DUDES like I do???

      Too bad there’s no way to learn how to have interactions with other humans! It’s all just mysterious, let’s shrug and give up! Bonus points for homeschooling your kids, Ali, because you don’t know JACK SHIT and now, neither will they!

      • Wait, she brags about her law degree but made sure her own children would never get into a good college? Jesus wept, the narcissism.

  5. Victim AND perpetrator. Now that’s a win/win for an exhibitionist, narcissistic hellmouth.

    • May I suggest a working title for Ali’s *book*?
      Inconsistent AND Contradictory: A Professional Victim’s Autobiography

  6. I’m sure forcing Fozzie, at the time her partner, to accompany her to an orgy at BM, where he promptly fled because he didn’t want to participate, was so feminist of her.

    These people are disgusting and hypocritical AF. They preach consent (“May I show you?”) at the same time they coerce and craft an environment where non-consensual behavior and shaming for not participating is very likely to occur due to peer pressure, drugs, etc. And holding up people like Gafni as role models while ignoring his predatory behavior. Putting on sexually provocative teases for all the boys for attention .All of this under the guise of liberated sexuality, and smugly acting like they invented fucking. Donkey has really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this crew, but it’s right in line with her lack of self-awareness and pathological need for acceptance by rich and/or pretty people. She has no idea what kind of lonely pathetic life lies ahead of her with this as a foundation.

    • All very true. Add to that their relentless gender essentialism and abiding obsession with basic upper middle class markers of success and you really have the party started.

    • Really, Grifty! Ali’s masculine side forced her to attend that orgy, and she’s now amazingly managed to put her feminine and masculine selves in alignment, seemingly overnight. For only $1499.99, you too can avoid ass grabbing and move towards gender unity. Ali’s “Predator No Mo” workshop includes five DVDs, a coloring book, and a 30-minute personal phone call with the old raunch. But hurry, this offer won’t be around forever!

  7. I almost started to respect Shanti Shanti for owning up to her action then she pulled the “but is wasn’t me, it was my masculine, and all perpetrators just need to forgive themselves anyway so it’s all okay” and I was over it.

  8. There is a difference between admitting you have done something wrong and begging for forgiveness and attention as Ali did. The post on her Facebook page where she graphically describes being “fucked” by an older boy when she was a young teen is so over-the-top and inappropriate – especially when you have kids. Her lack of boundaries seems quite psychopathic to me… I feel terrible for those kids of hers and hope they somehow have money for therapy in the future… Once again, she manages t to take a current event and make it about herself. I know y’all despise Julia, but at least she doesn’t have children to damage.

  9. When you include: “it often did appear to be welcome.” in your apology, you’re not apologizing.

    What every predator says.

    • “Don’t get me wrong, they clearly wanted it. Liked it. Needed it, even. But I do feel bad so, get ready to forgive me… GO!”

      • “It’s time to forgive John Wayne Gacy. He was hurt when his mommy refused to home school him in modeling and that’s why those kids ended up in the crawl space.”

    • How was I supposed to know not to run over that cat! It was right out there in the road! #NotMyFault

    • She is such a vile parasitic predator. Justifying her abuse while simultaneously trying to soothe her hyperinflated ego.

  10. Ali is, of course, posting more and more about her history as a sexual predator – “I didn’t get it. I was blind but now I see more.” She’s crediting Paris truther Elijah Ray with getting her to confess her transgressions. I’m sure he enjoyed being tagged in that post.

      • I put the new post in the update, along with Swainy Todd’s typically inappropriate response.

        • #lordswork

          OK so that’s even more bullshit, Ali is again excusing the aggressor with her “he didn’t meeeeeeeeeean it” bullshit. BULLSHIT. Take Harvey Weinstein just for an example, one of the women said something about how he LOVED that she was panicked, it made it extra fun for him. FUCK YOU ALI, again, some more. These motherfuckers know EXACTLY what they are doing.

          • Of course they do and Weinstein clearly enjoyed putting young women in vulnerable, frightening situations again and again and again.

    • I was describing these latest Old Raunch shenanigans to Mr. H, and he asked if she really is a predator or will simply say anything for attention. I was reminded of the time a couple years ago she lost a friendship because, according to her code, any female friend had to be proactive with the Hard No or Shantitown believes she is free to sleep with the friend’s partner. In essence, consent is assumed unless otherwise specified, and I do believe that’s the very definition of a sexual predator, yes.

        • I know. I sometimes think she believes her value is in being available for all the sex. There must be a lot of pain behind that. (Her value surely isn’t in her ridiculous business scams.)

          As an elder of the RBD gang, I can tell the Old Raunch that she’s not going to look back on these years as happy ones. And her kids must hate all of this fake transparency, and resent that she traded her need for attention for theirs.

    • I had minor respect for Cory Tanner Glazier until I saw him cavorting in his underwear with a walking STD. I do love that he met with Robin in Chicago, presumably to get her and Petey to invest in Medimeals.

  11. OT: Noodles’ new grift! Get ready to take a four-month journey, culminating in running naked on the beach while thinking that “natives” are stealing your cell phone!

    Only $950 or $87/mo for 12 months!

    Check out Noodles’s “I’d like to thank the academy” speech at the bottom of the new webpage:


    • “The Team” = Noodles + 1
      Nuthin’ wrong with having two people in a company but woos love to mislead to feel self-important.

      • Dear god such horse shit seriously. Noodles poodles is neck deep so surprising no donkey thank you for your blah blah blah empowerment, leadership all the buzz words to naive people with money to burn, poodles you are no leader coached by the Russell’s really. Yikes that just did it for me, what s kiss ass talentless scammer.

      • HA HA HA! I clicked on “The Team” link and discovered one poor sucker, er, Community Care Maven, who is also a “sacred space-holder.” What the fuck does that even mean?

      • she’s got that “team” of “sisters” involved to talk or fluff though, if I glanced at it all correctly, that she has go to pay for though…. what a fraud/scammer

  12. #ITWASMICHAELSMELLSBBERG (Donkey liked The Greasy Garygoyle’s mea culpa.)

    #IWasThatGuy – More times than I care to admit, in my long and tortured path of exploring my own sexuality. And I’m ashamed of it. And I’m terrified of admitting it in public. But many of the women I know are taking up the courage to share in public their experiences of being on the receiving end of “that guy’s” inexcusable behavior (actually, dozens of “that guy’s” for each woman, reading the harrowing accounts that have been crossing my feed.) So guys, it’s time we develop the balls (or ball, in my case, ‘cuz I’ve only got one), step up and admit to and apologize for being that guy, however scary it is to do so, and whatever comes our way for doing it.

    Here’s just one example, of many I could write about.

    Recently, in a non-fiction piece I was working on, I wrote the sentence, “I’ve never pushed past a woman’s clearly-stated ‘No.'” I thought that was true when I wrote the sentence. I really did. But then, I thought, I better make sure that’s really true, before I publish it. I went year-by-year in my mind, and reviewed every hook-up, every attempted hook-up, in my past, and I realized I had to delete that sentence. Because it wasn’t true.

    I was in my late 20s. A woman I knew from a party scene I was involved with had invited me over to her house for dinner. I was attracted to her. I thought it was mutual. I thought, because she had invited me over, I was sure this was going to go somewhere.

    I leaned in for a kiss. She brushed me away and said “No.” We kept eating dinner, drinking, and talking, pleasantly. We danced some salsa. Thirty minutes or so later, I leaned in for a kiss again. She brushed me away and said “No” again. She was laughing. I was laughing. We were flirting. I was *sure* that was flirting on her part (and maybe it was.) We kept dancing.

    So, I figured: this is just part of the game. Women play hard-to-get, right? Women are coy and demure, they hide their desires for fear of being seen as “easy.” Women play push-pull, they put up “token resistance.” She invited me over for dinner. Why else would she have done that, if she wasn’t interested? (It takes way too much for us men to realize that a woman actually isn’t interested. We are so terrified of being rejected, we try as hard as we can to convince ourselves otherwise….) I’m sure over the last half-hour of conversation and dancing and drinking, she saw what a great guy I am. I’m sure she changed her mind…

    I leaned in again. Another “no,” and a gentle brush away. More laughs, more drinks, more dancing. It all seemed like “part of the process” of a night of seduction. Why would she still be dancing with me, laughing and joking, if this wasn’t going somewhere? (BTW, this is far far from an excuse, but I was heavily into PUA at that time, and all PUA teaching was saying that women played hard to get, hid their desires and their “no”. In fact, there was a term for it, which I now see was a disgusting, shameful term, which any guy who was ever involved in PUA will recognize, and I hope will wince at, as I now do. PUAs talked about a woman’s ASD, or “anti-slut-defense”–the resistance she puts up right before a hook-up, supposedly to prove to herself and to you that she’s not a slut. PUA taught all kinds of ways to get past this “ASD,” most of which amount to either playing games and mindfucking her, or to just keep trying more and more seduction moves, and don’t take no for an answer, until she pushes you away hard, that’s the time to stop. Which is why almost all PUA training needs to be ditched, ASAP.)

    I made these passes 4 or 5 times, and she brushed them all away and said “Not tonight.” Eventually, we mutually decided the night was over, and I left.
    I didn’t think anything of it for a few months. My passes hadn’t been particularly aggressive, I thought. I had backed down for a while each time she brushed me away. I thought I was doing the right thing, just by backing down–and then seeing if she was interested a little later. I was just making my interest known, I thought, and probing the waters to see if maybe she had changed her mind.

    A few months later, I realized, none of this rationalizing mattered. Even if *I* thought this was just me engaging in the usual mating dance of the guy making passes and the woman being demure… even if *I* knew that I wouldn’t have pushed harder if she had told me to fuck off and get the fuck out (which I do think is actually the case)… even if *I* thought I wasn’t dangerous, that I wouldn’t actually rape her or anything…
    None of that fucking mattered. What I didn’t think about was how *she* felt about it. She didn’t know me that well. She didn’t actually know I didn’t intend push any harder than those passes. She could have been terrified, and hiding it, and playing nice to mollify me (that is a theme I’ve seen a lot in women’s #MeToo posts.) All of this was occurring in a context (I now see, from all the MeToo posts) where this shit had probably been happening to her since she was a girl.

    Once this all hit me, a few months after the night, apologized, took 100% accountability for what a dick I had been, and how wrong my behavior was. She seemed glad to hear this. She said she had found my behavior seriously annoying, and she said she accepted my apology. She seemed to take it in stride.

    But now I see, from all the posts in the last few days, that her seeming to “take it in stride” could also have been because she just didn’t expect any better of men, that she just accepted this kind of shitty inexcusable behavior from men as part of the background noise of being a woman in a patriarchal society.

    We moved on. I completely forgot about this incident, until I did my own moral inventory recently, in the wake of all the abuse of other men that is coming into light.
    I feel ashamed of this behavior. And there are plenty more skeletons in my closet I feel ashamed about. I did most of my bad behavior during a period after my divorce when I was doing a shit-ton of drugs and I was way out of control, when I was having (seemingly enthusiastic) sex with people when both of us were way too fucked up to be making responsible sexual decisions. Over the years since that period, I’ve gone back, talked to people, listened a lot, gotten clear on where I went wrong, tried as best I can to clean up my own shit and own it, make amends, made a lot of apologies, educated myself. And I’ve massively upleveled my own standards and practices around consent (as much of our culture is engaged in doing now, thankfully.)

    If I’ve ever been “that guy” to you, and you’re willing to share that with me, please contact me. I will listen. I will make amends. I will not be defensive, and I will own my shit with no hedging. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable contacting me directly, please consider contacting me through a mutual friend.

    Guys, I know it’s terrifying to look at ourselves in the mirror. I know it’s terrifying to admit this this stuff to ourselves, and to others, even in private. And I know it’s even more terrifying to admit it publicly.

    But the outpouring of accounts from the courageous women that have been all over our FB feeds over the past few days, are proving to us all that it’s not just a few “bad apples” who are perpetrating and perpetuating these violations, transgressions, and harms. It’s not just “the other guys”. There are way too many harms and violations being described than could be accounted for by just a few “bad guys.”

    It’s all of us men, in one way or another. All of us have skeletons in our closets. I sure as hell do. I hope this post goes some way to encouraging more men to start talking about our past sins, to start taking accountability for all the ways we’ve harmed women, knowingly and unknowingly, directly and indirectly, to listen to the stories of women without defensiveness, to feel our shame fully and be with it rather than trying to hide it from ourselves, to try to forgive ourselves, to apologize to and ask for forgiveness from the women we’ve harmed, to see the part we’ve played in the whole patriarchal system in which these violations and this violence is so prevalent, to commit to doing better–much, much better–starting immediately, and to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    One more thing. It’s so easy for us men to want approval from women for “doing the right thing” now, for “being the good guy” and “manning up” and owning our shit. But I was not the good guy in this story. You were probably not the good guy in some of your own stories from the past.

    I can imagine some women reading these posts from men, and seeing all the kudos and the appreciation, and the “you’re so courageous”s, and being really disgusted. I’m not going to tell people how they should respond to this post, or others like it, but I will say I don’t feel proud of how I behaved–in fact, I feel disgusted–and I don’t think I deserve any credit or kudos in this story.

    Guys, we should be meeting women’s courage by tackling fears of our own, about looking ourselves in the mirror, about talking to men and women about our past transgressions, and about owning up to all the stuff women are calling us out on, publicly. Consider posting your own version of #IWasThatGuy or #ItWasMe. Women have taken extraordinary steps in the past few days, steps that just may change our entire culture (thank you all women who have shared your stories, taking the risk and courage to educate us.) Men, they are waiting to hear from us.

    • That’s actually kind of sweet. I am glad he sees PUA for the POS they are. Good job, Michael, I hope you get your shit together.

      • Disagree, with softness. It’s not sweet, it’s bragging about how much sexay times he’s had. The incident he describes is not even close to the grossest thing he’s done. It also rings hollow that he had that much introspection about the incident at the time, apologized for it, and then forgot it? Nuh-uh. It reads to me like a “See how great I am? Come and have sex with me” post. Seriously.

        • JFA: Shanti’s sounds the same to me. “I’m so sexay, having so much sex, sex, sexing people; I will sex you.”

        • Yeah, Smellsberg has engaged in a lot of inappropriate, sleazy beahvior with several seriously damaged women. We received some disturbing intel a few years back that seemed legit, but I didn’t post anything because the information could have harmed folks other than Smellsberg.

          • Gilly, that’s a super-important point. Women and men need to think about what is helpful for the #metoo’s to hear. Not every rape victim wants to hear from the criminal ever again–apology or otherwise. Not every person who was harrassed will be healed by social media postings by the #Ididit’s.”

            Ellsburg may have something right here: if someone wants to hear from him, they might let him know through a mutual friend.

            Meanwhile, he and other perps, male and female, can confess to someone who can help them change their mindframe and address their bad actions; they can vote for candidates who support victims’ rights and condemn criminal behavior; and they can participate in and donate to causes that educate and help to make changes in our workplaces, campuses, neighborhoods, and homes.

            I can’t stand the appropriation on the parts of this crowd. I do believe that Shanti’s problem is somewhere in this issue, but she’s going to need to dig deeper to address that. What she and others have written is the usual “look at me!” BS.

            In a similar vein, I wonder whether messages such as post-Vegas “we are strong” are what people need to hear. How about some “this mass murder is devastating, and we know you are hurting terribly?” This is a serious question. Other opinions? What do you (any of you) need to hear?

          • I found Smellsbergs message to be really insincere. I mean he says he only remembers this one time, but we watched on video – a year ago? Him and that Magdalene women and it was obvious she was out of her mind on drugs. Please tell me if I’m remembering that incorrectly…

        • At least his writing is readable, whether you agree with the content or not, and he articulates his case competently (though repetitiously.) Not necessarily buying his apologia, but it was so much worthwhile, reading-material-wise, than the other woos’ written attempts (esp. Skankatron’s interminable one-sentence paragraphs) to latch on to the current cri-di-couer.

    • Never forget.

      “My tools are the philosophy of Untangled Love, access to very high quality drugs, and an unparalleled ability to seduce the right kind of woman (the kind who is bored by all the wussy New Age dweebs and wants to feel herself and surrender to the darkness) into being my happy submissive sex slut–along with her sister submissive sluts.”

    • It was a sanitized version of his behavior. And what a lame example.

      Until this tribe rejects Gafni, nothing they say matters.

  13. Re: sexual aggression and violence, Jaahass Johnson is going to heal “Both Sides of the Wound” with a rap. Forgive me if I can’t stop laughing. I particularly enjoyed the African chorus performed by white women.

    • Oh, fuck off, fried lips. Just tracking your eye movement, whether you’re reading an on-screen script or you just can’t take your eyes off yourself, is enough to see what an attn-seeking fraud you are.

      On a positive note though, your background singers all but drown you out, so there’s that.

    • What a pile of shit she is. Fraud, inconsiderate all about her blah, so fake magicless bitch. A script look ? dumbass so with your reading off script, white woman singing African songs, heartless words, depthless jibber jabber of emptiness. Just like noodles poodles in constant desperation to be envied and ro be validated. You like her is shallow, no depth, no heart, and shit face no soul.

    • I am v v excited about the Scoble-dragging and wonder if Judy is going to reframe her interactions with him as #metoo. Or, perhaps sadder, maybe it really was a #metoo and she reframed it as her daring openness to sexuality because her brain is that warped.

      • I hadn’t thought of this jerkoff in eons. Yep, still the same ridiculous, ass kissing VR corporate whore cheerleader – did I leave anything out? He reminds me of this overweight idiot I knew in eighth grade who would try to suck up to all the jocks so that they might throw him some tablescraps.

        • These guys are all fellow Masters of the Universe travelers with I Bankers. They’re arguably more nefarious because they dress it up in utopian bullshit and progressivism, and pretend it’s about something other than making money. At least Wall Streeters won’t do that.

          • My career has been largely spent in software and .com. I’m a former programmer who ended up in management and the ratio of men to women is definitely not anywhere near equal in the spaces. It does seem to be changing. But the amount of sexual BS I saw, in particular, at tech conferences was astounding. I was typically working for the software company running the conference and was spared because I think people feared I could get them banned. It was seriously like people had been released into the wild and I’m happy I don’t have to go to those anymore. My colleagues, both male and female, would make up “working dinner” stories we would tell attendees because none of us wanted anything to do with the ridiculous drinking and sexual antics that went on after hours. Attendees would frequently try and bully us into going, especially if they already had some drinks in them. Many of the women I worked with felt like a lot of the “men” (using that term loosely) had been a bit nerdy during their teen years and finally felt validated because they were successful and had come into their own. Many had made millions. I assumed they felt they could finally “flex their muscles”, so to say. I don’t know if that’s an accurate assumption, but it’s certainly how it felt to me. I was not surprised in the least when I heard rumors about Scoble and I have to agree that having a drinking problem is not an ok excuse. Lots of people get drunk and don’t assault women.

        • Yes. Obviously, this is a reductive view, but looking at those two not-very-physically-attractive (OK, fug) men (Weinstein and Scobes), you can’t help but surmise that they took junior-high romantic rejections to heart, used their brains powered by revenge fantasies (masturbators of the universe) to succeed to a point where they were able to take out their resentment on anyone they fancied and had power over.

      • I reeeeeeeeally don’t think there’s any truth to the rumor that Julia hooked up with him. I’m pretty sure a catlady came up with that as a joke.

  14. Well we finally got a breastfeeding photo from Noodles illustrating her latest shill for soulful leadership or whatevs.

    • That post is quite a hustle, but someone liked it very much:

      Julia Allison
      Thank you for being such a strong, empowered, wise and integrity filled leader. YES.

      Integrity filled?

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