Updated: A Donkey In Bali (On Somebody Else’s Dime)


Is Ryan Allis paying, now that she’s part of his harem?

Tho thprithual!

Meanwhile, T.S. Eliot has never been so abused:

OMG! Christine Kelly likes the new Bottom Picture, also Judy’s new FB cover fauxto. Sisters again?

Update: Presented without comment.


  1. That’s the most underwearingest bathing suit I have ever seen. Cheap lightweight mint green nylon, sure to look great when wet. Thanks, Coobie!

    • PS.: AS IF Donkey Allison ever read any T. S. Eliot, other than his name referenced in a Seventeen article about the Smash Musical, Cats.

    • I saw a woman 20+ years older wearing a black, better quality, better fitting version (size up, you hick) of this and it looked amazing. Donkey’s version gives me the sadz.

  2. Nice crappy photoshopping of her waist in the green swimsuit pic. It could not be more obvious.

    • Can you tell how? She’s always had small waist to hip ratio and I can’t see any difference in the picture. I’m always up for snark but just can’t see it here.

      • Compare with the size of her waist in the waterfall pic. Also read Brayella’s comments. The retouched thigh gap is hilarious. That obvious lump above her knee.

    • Not just the waist! Really zoom in, starting w/ her right shoulder — it’s choppy; then, there’s that no small matter of a holy how fuck! double-decker clavicle — I mean srsly, WTF is going on there? it ate her necklace chain? Last but not least, note her badly fauxto-chopped thigh gap & that … protrusion above her inner right knee — ??


      • Brayella is clearly the expert at spotting these things, but even I can see much of this without even zooming in. Uneven margins, strategic edge shadowing. She has retouching tools that do this. Her thighs have never been slim, her genetics didn’t change. Her waist is small but she’s retouched it to make it smaller. Looks like she’s advertising herself again. Phony forced poses galore. Chad must be distancing himself or is gone completely.

        • Also there’s the fact that she’s made it look like her right knee bends inward to create a thigh gap.

      • JFA…the clavicle! Looks like she had a lipstick tube implanted under her skin! WTF is that? The collar bone just ends on each side with the straps? LOL

  3. I walked by the building that used to house The Pink Palace aka: The Flaccidizer and I couldn’t help but notice how close it was to a high school. Those kids probably had a good laugh or two at one of her stupid outfits as she toddled out after waking up at two in the afternoon. Even with the clown makeup and the old hooker boots, 2008 Julia was still miles better than she is now as a washed up third rate DJ groupie.

    • I get a chuckle out of Donkey, Jaahass, Dead Russian Hooker #2, and assorted woo goddesses sucking up to Ryan Allis and Bear Kittay so that life might forever be a vacation from vacation-itis. Such feminists! Such achievements! Robin and Peter must be SO PROUD.

  4. The top photo is about as sexy and sthpiritual as the “ice bucket” challenge.
    Mint colored underwear not to be confused with a bathing suit.
    Does she really need a loudspeaker? Ever? (A million ear drums burst from a bray on blast)

    Donk does have good boobs, I’ll give her that.

    • The temple picture is tragic too.

      So she walked all the way to the temple, but asked some poor “photographer”/victim to stand back and take her picture from the distance.

      I can imagine her braying directions from afar. “NO NO!!! WAIT!!! MY arms are not perfectly aligned in a fake yoga pose”, “Not now! My stance is not wide enough” etc etc

      Tho thpontaneouth.

  5. I get that her life is just one big posed photo

    but i gotta say, im still jealous that i cant just jaunt off to bali to fake spiritualism

    • Me too. I’ve been having a lowkey shitty week and I am feeling a little jealous that I’m not chilling under a waterfall.

      • She is not chilling.

        She is staging a fauxtoshoot under a waterfall, so that she can attract “clients” for her social media/woo business or, even better, a wallet.

        She never chills or relaxes, which explains why she is always taking vacations to recover from her latest vacation.

    • Just like with Miss A, the desperation will accelerate with age until all she has left is a pink car with a trunk full of coobies and tutus.

    • Speaking of pelts, it appears from the first three pictures that she has cut her hair to just above shoulder lengtb. If so, good move, and maybe her dancing will improve if she’s not constantly tossing her long tresses around.

  6. There’s something perfect about the photo of her holding a megaphone in lingerie standing beside a fake airplane. It sort of sums her up.

    • I will bet she has the exact same teddy in all the colors (bright!) of the rainbow. CWAA.

  7. “Me too,” and get she seemed to find the Fucker Lacks “good raping” comment (about her) HYSTERICAL .

  8. Gentlemen: Copy this to your status update if you have been hit, punched, sat upon, jumped on, groped, or grabbed by Julia Allison; or if she has ever begged you for a kiss or a hug or other unwanted physical contact; or if she has ever violated your privacy or your trust; or if she has ever threatened/coerced/blackmailed you.

    Every guy on Miss Advised: “Me too.”

    • Pretentious much? Could say he totaled *his* car but jobless wonders are always trying to impress.

      • JFA’ing someone also needs to explain to me how wrecking your car suddenly makes you flush with cash to invest in bitcoin. It’ll be good to see the scammers get scammed on this one.

        • Like Ali’s former lovers, Fozzie posted to FB re: a serious drug and alcohol problem, but he sure as fuck hasn’t mentioned that in a long time and clearly isn’t in rehab. Was he sober when “my Mercedes” was totaled? Has he hit rock bottom yet? If not, what will it take?

  9. I don’t understand why J feels the need to manipulate her photos, get work done on her face, etc. In the [admittedly very few] candid, unposed, and now-somewhat-dated photos and videos I’ve seen of her, she’s naturally very attractive, braying laugh aside. But with each artificial tweak to her body/face, with every scam photo, and, mostly, with her need to pose, she makes herself repellent.

    If she was a decent and humble person, I think the natural beauty that she has (had?) might shine though. As it is, she’s a lost cause.

  10. OT: Jena and Sacha, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, are taking off for at least a month – I believe they’re going to Thailand, the sex tourism capital of the world; they’re certainly not going to Switzerland to look after his children. Is Patricia Ellsberg paying for this jaunt? They certainly couldn’t afford it based on their hot chocolate income.

    • Maybe they’re planning to travel on the money she makes renting out the house. She certainly is trying to squeeze every last dime she can get out of that place.

    • did they ever get the roommate?

      Or maybe they cant afford the rent so they will rent it out to get the money to actually pay to live there.

      • They have two roommates. For the subletter’s sake, I hope they’re not as oversexed as Jean Gray & Swiss Mister.

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