The Woos Confront Their White Privilege, Kinda

Sure, they love to appropriate the culture of others, but the woo goddesses aren’t just thieves, scammers, and idiots. These women are willing to confront their advantage on an uneven playing field!

Taking her cue from Noodles Moodley, PleasureCEO Christina Morassi looked deep into her pussy and did some soul searching:

Phew is right! Women of color thank you, Christina, as we marvel at your edgy image:

Ali Shanti sent out an interminable letter to her listserv when she didn’t receive hosannas for confronting her white privilege:

I am writing today after sitting with confusion and uncertainty about how to be with the chaos and conflict that appears to be ramping up here in the not so seeming United States.

I’ve been sitting with my thoughts, sorting them out, and gaining more understanding of my own truth around some big issues.

Racism, of course, so not okay. It goes without saying, I hope. If not, let me say it clearly.

There is no space in this community for racism, of any kind.

We are one people. Period. If you don’t recognize that, well, you simply aren’t a good fit here at Eyes Wide Open.

And, I’m sadly not surprised by what’s happening in the US right now, that it’s finally coming out into the light. Our country was built on racism.

What is surprising to me is to discover how people I thought of as awake and aware are turning out to use what’s happening to shame themselves, and other well-intentioned people into action.

I don’t mean feeling shame. Feeling shame is 100% a totally normal reaction to recognizing you have been complicit in racist activity in some way, maybe without even knowing it.

I have felt shame over the racism I was raised with. I wrote about it here, last year, in case you are interested.

I processed that shame and then used my platform to awaken people to their own potential hidden racism, passed on through a lineage of ignorance, that we together are healing from and through.

Shame can be a valuable emotion to feel.

However, I hold that shaming is not an effective technique to use to get other people to act, does not contribute to the world we want to see more of, and that we can inspire more action by sharing what we feel directly than by subtly shaming others by reporting on what they are doing or not doing.

I took a stand for that in a FB group I am part of for spiritual
entrepreneurs, thinking it was a safe space to share my anger that this group was advocating for the use of shaming as a way to call white women leaders into action.

And I was nearly kicked out of the group.

Admittedly, I brought my anger with fierceness and reactivity, which I could have tempered before sharing.

But I thought I was in a safe space.

It turns out, I was not.

I was accused of white fragility, perpetuating the problem, and not listening to people of color.

The more I sought to understand, the deeper the misunderstanding became and I was ultimately told that I was profoundly not getting it.


Skankatron goes on to blame the white male leader of her “spiritual entrepreneur” FB group for being “alienating” towards her. Ali’s rationale? He probably experienced racist feelings in the past and is using her as a scapegoat! The old raunch has NO EVIDENCE of such but has NO HESITATION in passing along any blame. Unbelievable.

Not to worry, Ali brings it back to herself, spending the next several paragraphs patting herself on the back. I hate these people.

I’ve invested a lot of time, energy and attention over the past years to look at these deeply hidden “power over” dynamics as they’ve existed in my own home, especially as it relates to the power over I can tend to exhibit with my kids’ dad because I am the breadwinner, and the people who work with me in my companies over the years, because I am the CEO.

Today, my kids’ dad and I are close friends, who love and accept each other, and still mostly live together because I was able to stop trying to dominate him. And, I’m turning my companies into “share the wealth” companies because I want everyone on the team (including our clients) rewarded for the growth, not just me.

And I’ve committed to creating and being part of a world that works for everyone, and there is no room for “power over” dynamics in that world, which means we’ve got to root them out.

Now, it’s time for me to look at where “power over” may be deeply hidden in ways that I cannot see, but in ways that I can influence, beyond my home, beyond my companies.

I am open to seeing. My prayer today, and everyday, “show me the way.” Are you willing to see for yourself as well?

In service to living eyes (and heart) wide open,


So no more remarks about the ex-husband, AKA Estelle Parsons, driving the kids to school when drunk? That’s SO big of you, Ali. Power over and out!

On a lighter note, here’s one woo who never uttered a peep about Charlottesville:

Such privilege! Mom & Dad send Fozzie to BM and pay for an eighth round of ink:

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68 Responses to The Woos Confront Their White Privilege, Kinda

  1. NotAnnieLala says:

    These people are beyond repugnant. And since I know you read here Alexis Neely: FUCK YOU!

    • Morrocanwear Loves You, Rain! says:

      In order for Ali to listen to people of color she needs to meet some.

    • The Real Afghani Dadster Friend says:

      They’re all so pathetic. And to think — Julia manages to be even emptier and sadder than most of this group!

    • Swisss phlegm green unite card caca spirit says:

      and to make things worse she has to comment on burger king’s absurd wasteful crazy tatoo/s and encourage him “good job” –diabolical

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

        As though getting tatted was some sort of accomplishment. She’s spent every relationship enabling her lover’s addictions and slacker behaviors. Why stop after they’ve broken up?

  2. Tingolayo says:

    I just worked 8 days in a row due to scheduling weirdness. Today I’m helping a friend move. (Just us girls! No grifted moving company! No using guys form Craigslist to move boxes for free in exchange for touching our boobs.) Tomorrow I’m one of the volunteers hosting a gathering for our little non-tribal, non-woo, non-transformative, non-profit group. Afterward, I will not go to Costa Rica or the ashram to decompress. I’ll go back to work. I probably won’t have time to sit with my feelings about something horrible that didn’t even happen to me.

    This is what normal people do, people who have jobs and responsibilities and bills to pay and who don’t mind breaking a sweat to help a friend instead of hiring a task rabbit. Fuck you, Alexis Martin. Nobody benefits from your self indulgence but yourself.

    THANK GOD Ali Shamti feels bad about Charlottesville!!! The world is saved!

  3. AnnaPelt Is Happy at 138 says:

    The woos will confront anything… for a buck.

  4. Former Senator Kirk is Not Mentioned in My Bio says:

    Just sitting with a moment to honor the jean Brodie in all of us.

    • Dirty DJs Done Dirt Cheap says:

      Worship Jean’s pleasurable pussy power


    • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

      I honor Jean Brodie and I am grateful for the gift of her comments.

      I am particularly thankful by the fact that Cristina Moreass hasn’t realized she is being trolled.

      Tee hee hee!!

  5. Random Snowflake says:

    I am confused by Issac Miller’s comment to Fozzie.. Can a unemployed pothead slacker really be a corporate shill?

    • Stalker is the New Praise JEAN BRODIE! says:

      If he’s yakking about Burning Man. Issac dissed Fozz and Burning Man with one phrase.

  6. Razzmatazz says:

    Lean In 2: Pussy Power, coming In hardcover from Penguin, Spring ’18.

  7. Frequent Liar Miles says:

    “My companies” — it is to laugh (hahahahahah, you loser, Ali Shitty.) “Companies,” indeed. “Companies,” as if.

    • Dirty DJs Done Dirt Cheap says:

      Taking your parent’s money while pretending to be super$tar bizness lady

      The Judy Shanti skool of THIS IS SUCCESS!

  8. Whatever says:

    Sick bitches noodles poodles, labitch, alithefake, and the donk. Seriously sickos, this isn’t about you, white people stop selling your brand.

  9. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

    “I LOVE the color” translates “Please fuck me again.”

    In another post on her FB page she refers to this couple who are only a few years older than she as the elders of her tribe and she hopes to be an elder like them someday. Truth is: Someday is NOW! She is in her mid-40s. Embrace your “elder state” Shanti or God knows we are going to have to read about that epiphany in some future post.

  10. ShesJustStupid says:

    Did anyone catch this “I resisted fillers I’m so brave!” post from JAASSS? The comments are hilarious, including one ding bat who thanks her for “changing culture.” My god.

    Calling myself out!
    I was trying to add filters to hide my wrinkles before posting this…then decided to write this instead:

    Been learning to love my lines
    Wisdom grooves etched in my skin
    A knowing twinkle in my eyes
    A women proud of where she’s been.
    And lifetimes still ahead to see
    An ever new unfolding me
    So loves before you judge your eyes
    Your “imperfections” paralyzed…
    Remember your face tells a story
    That counts your smiles
    And your frowns
    Every surprise
    Each furrowed brow
    Archived in your forehead now 😉
    And all the tinctures, oils and creams
    Are powerless over these tales it seems.
    So I’m learning how to love and embrace
    The expression lines upon my face,
    And perhaps you can love yours too
    Show me your stories
    As I share mine with you…

    #agingwithgrace #theheartistsway

    • Never the Bride says:

      Brandi Carlisle she is not. Also, Jaaaaasss can’t afford fillers.

      • Morrocanwear Loves You, Rain! says:

        She said filters…so she is patting herself on the back for not instagramming like a teenager and giving herself pussy cat ears and skin that looks like smooshed putty.

    • Swisss phlegm green unite card caca spirit says:

      2 words

      chap stick

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

      The image is so whited out that there is no need for filters! God, what an asshole, especially since she wants everyone to tell her beautiful she is, just like when Jaahass posted about not being gorgeous enough for her gorgeous boyfriend.

    • Tingolayo says:

      Mouth just like a butthole
      Hair like Miley Cyrus
      Unemployed at 40
      Brave suburban assclown

  11. World O'Gluten says:

    “Racism so not okay” reminds me of Neva Chonin’s “Seventeen Questions.” (“Candy: why so good? Bono: why so lame? Why so loud? Why so annoying?”)

  12. Frequent Liar Miles says:

    Even amongst all the other losers’ stupid Party-City-looking goddess headgear, Donkey’s stands out as the lamest and tackiest. The plastic flowers don’t even bother to continue around the elastic circlet, just a few clustered up front for first-impression impact. Much like her four front chiclet-chomper veneers. Much like her whole half-assed facade of a life.

  13. Single Unity says:

    Paragraphs, Shanti, how do they work?

    • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

      Her writing.

      Is atrocious.

      As you would expect from a friend.

      Of the Donkey.

    • Tingolayo says:

      Been teaching my kids independence
      Letting them raise themselves
      As I sit with my feelings
      Blogging from the toilet

  14. Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

    I love the color Michael Jacobs

    That tattoo is hideous, but since my revenue depends on enough suckers believing I am an enlightened spiritual entrepreneur, I can’t say that directly.

  15. Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

    Oh great. Skankatron just discovered FB live. She want to give you permission to do whatever, so the old raunch talks on and on and on about herself and getting off on BDSM. I can’t wait until we get the bawling two-hour video in which she cries off her rhinestone.

    • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

      I love Skankatronia.

      Whatever happens in her life, or in the world, the conclusion is always the same: I need to be more selfish.

    • Razzmatazz says:

      Is that a gold tooth?

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

        OH MY GOD, IT IS A GOLD TOOTH! Madonna, is that you? Is a grill next? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh Skankatron, never change!

        • Razzmatazz says:

          Gold tooth, too much sharing regarding BDSM … how long until she goes full Madonna ’92 and starts fucking Vanilla Ice?

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

            She’d apparently fuck anything with a pulse, if today’s FB post is a clue. She had to go to Burning Man to meet creepy Eben Pagan? What the hell for? To learn how to pick up chicks?

            God, I loathe her writing. She has a wretched vocabulary – “8 freaking years ago!” – refuses to follow basic rules of grammar and punctuation, and apparently never learned paragraphing. FIRST IN HER CLASS AT GEORGETOWN LAW!

    • Julia Allison's Epileptic Daunce says:

      She needs to comb her hair (if she can) and get rid of the Swifty Lazar glasses and that toof. Also she’s yelling a lot!

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

        She looks like she just stumbled out of bed after spending the night with Pamela Madsen’s homeless pleasure boys. Skankatron apparently plans on posting this narcissistic drivel every day. Who the hell has time to listen to her rattle on for 20-30 minutes at a time?!

        This just in. Jesus, Ali, comb your rat’s nest before sticking your leathery mug into the camera!

        • Tingolayo says:

          “Mom, can you take me to soccer practice?”
          “No, I’m too busy having an emotional crisis and posting about it on Facebook!”


          • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

            “Just like yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, and last week, and the week before that and….”.


      • Wolf, Hemmingway and Khaat whores says:

        I wouldn’t call it “hair” but, yes, whatever it is, it needs to be washed & combed.

    • Curling Irons at Dawn says:

      She does that same bizarre intonation as Swainy Todd and weird motivation speakers/baptist preachers as though every stupid thought is the discovery of fire. As well as the zooming in and out and making their faces ginormous. Is there some grifter/cult class where they learn this? Or is it just the same mental illness?

  16. Rhinestone Technology says:

    It’s a diamond I think. In her tooth. I think Swainy did it. I’m serious.

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, Real Housewife at Dirt Festivals says:

      Wait, seriously? How do you know Mental Dental was involved?

      • Rhinestone Technology says:

        I got me some connections with people who know people who know woos. (Cue “Funny Girl” soundtrack.)

    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      Yes, I seem to remember this. I think we all laughed about her stupid rhinestone tooth matching her stupid rhinestone eye decorations. Don’t remember if it was confirmed that Swainy Todd was involved, but it was around the same time-frame they were hanging out (before he went completely off the rails) so it seemed likely.

  17. juliaspublicist says:

    YOU GUYS! I was listening to my local NPR station and I heard an underwriting message for Randi Zuckerberg giving a talk about children and technology at my local children’s museum. MAKE HER STOP!

  18. Russian Girl says:

    This look like different person. Too much plastic surge.

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