Wretched Roundelay: Morass Posing, La Fraud Hustling, Skankatron Scheming, & Donkey Pushing Placebos

A quick peek around Wooville revealed Christina Morassi stinking up Paris and at least one RBDer was watching:

Insurance scammer Jena la Flamme has been pushing a pointless book, “Feminine Fill-in-the-Blank,” by woo nutcase Liyana Silver. Apparently women are at war with themselves and Silver wants to help them unlock their feminine genius. I have never encountered a group of people more obsessed with gender.

Guess what? If you pre-order Silver’s book, you get to attend a FREE webinar with the one and only la Fraud. Get a sucker while you can, Jena! Wooville is nothing more than an incestuous little scam.

Money is apparently burning a hole through Ali Shanti’s pocket:

The old raunch as slum landlord? You know she’s never going to repair your leaky faucets, heh, Fozzie?

Finally, Donkey is still posting her trademarked FB crap on Rain’s “musician” page:

Whew! Judy’s poly buddy Daniel Schmachtenberger (below, directly to her right), who pushes neurohacker pills that supposedly do nothing, just heaved a sigh of relief.

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48 Responses to Wretched Roundelay: Morass Posing, La Fraud Hustling, Skankatron Scheming, & Donkey Pushing Placebos

  1. Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

    Morass looks dirty. Not dirty as in “risqué” but dirty as in “needs a shower stat.”

    I have been having a crisis of confidence about whether any of the work I do matters at all in this fucked-up world, but I see the woo grifters just keep on keeping on.

    • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

    • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Microphones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

      I’ve never seen a group of women so obsessed with “sexy” but ultimately looking ridiculous. Not a secure woman in this entire, parasitic lot of scammers.

    • The Tortuous and the Hair says:

      She always looks hammered. Can’t decide if she’s pilled up or if it’s 2 or 3 mojitos past her bedtime.

      • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

        Whatever are you talking about?

        Jena la Flamme’s horned-out bachelorette party. Never forget:


  2. Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Microphones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

    Oh PhuckPhace this isn’t new. All participants in studies are told they could be receiving the efficacious drug or placebo and for years it’s been know that patients who know they’re receiving placebo still receive some benefit psychologically. This however does not mean we should dispense of all drugs or that all problems are psychological. This group and their extremes, they never met balance in their lives. One thing is certain all these morons have burned out what little brain activity they had left with “microdosing” drugs improperly.

    • Stalker is the New Emperor of Nachos says:

      All they want is to be able to tell someone “You’re wrong!” and the more degrees that person has (doctors, epidemiologists, etc etc) the better it feels to say “You’re wrong! WESTERN MEDICINE IS WRONG.”

    • Handbag Is Not A Toilet Baby says:

      My 11-year-old learned about the placebo effect in school when he was ten, and since then he uses it as a description for all kinds of things. A few nights ago he asked me, after we tucked him in, “How long will you be awake after I go to sleep? Please say at least one hour, even if it isn’t true — it will work like a placebo and I’ll be able to fall asleep.” But he also said, the first time I gave him ginger for nausea, “I know moms attempt to use placebos all the time and if this is one of them I’LL KNOW. I’m on to your ways.” CHILDREN understand the world better than the woos.

      • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

        Your son is a savant, though. You have to admit.

        • Handbag Is Not A Toilet Baby says:

          He definitely has a firm commitment to sparkle motion, I’ll give him that. Yesterday he auditioned for a children’s choir with a rousing rendition of Don’t Rain On My Parade. We would hear him practice in his room, and he hyper-enunciated exactly like Barbra Streisand, which was especially delightful as he still has a slight lisp.

          • Stalker is the New Emperor of Nachos says:

            SON OF HANDBAG FOR RULER OF THE WORLD 2017-indefinite

          • Handbag Is Not A Toilet Baby says:

            Little dude would never pull us out of the Paris agreement, that’s for damn sure.

          • Stalker is the New Emperor of Nachos says:

            Trump fucks world by pulling out

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Trump’s dad fucked the world by NOT pulling out

          • The Tortuous and the Hair says:

            That’s adorable. I actually scrunched my shoulders in while reading that, on account of the sweetness.

          • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

            He does have a lovely voice. My 11 year old also loves to sing. She recently found my COMPANY CD and has been belting out “Another Hundred People” and “Being Alive.” I’m so hoping she does “The Ladies Who Lunch”!

          • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

            I am excited at the thought of anyone between 10 and 16 who isn’t constantly singing Hamilton at me. I like Hamilton a lot, but there is nothing on Earth I like so much as to listen to it 24/7.

      • Curling Irons at Dawn says:

        I just want to know this child before I die. It’s all I want to do. Said child will most certainly cure whatever ails me and the world at large.

      • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Microphones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

        Brilliant beyond his years that minutieux of yours.

  3. Whatever says:

    Nasty every single one.

  4. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    These people expect an Oscar for starring in their home movies.

    • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

      Teaser Trailer: Julia Allison should receive an Oscar for the whopper of a lie she recently told.

    • RhinestoneTechnology says:


      • RhinestoneTechnology says:

        Oops posted under wrong comment. Guess my placebo is working.

        • Stalker is the New Emperor of Nachos says:

          Are you experiencing symptoms of wrong-comment-itis? Do your jokes fall flat when they should be rounded and juicy? Ask your doctor* for TotallyNotAPlacebo! This groundbreaking medication is absolutely not an M&M dusted with cornstarch. A regular regimen of TotallyNotAPlacebo and your comments will appear in the proper location with flawless spelling and grammar.

          *Doctor is totally not on the payroll of us.

          • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

            And with your paid prescription, you’ll receive, absolutely FREE, nutritional advice from diet goddess Jena la Flamme AND an introductory lesson in personal finance from Alexis Neely, creatrix of the celebrated Money Map, which President Donald Trump uses to budget the nation’s resources!

    • RhinestoneTechnology says:


  5. Razzmatazz says:

    It seems like she’s inviting someone to fuck her armpit.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      I laighed pretty hard when I thought I misread this. I laughed harder when I realized I had not.

      Well done, Razzie. Well done.

      • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

        Leave Christina alone!

        • RhinestoneTechnology says:

          Okay, I took my placebo so hopefully I am now commenting under the right photo. If you click on that picture of Christina M, and then click on that picture again, it will take you to a photo of her wearing a strange black strapped (yes, strapped, not strappy) and talking about how she decided to share this oh-so-sexy pic to make a point that sexuality should come out of the closet and blah blah blah… that sexuality should not be hidden or kept out of business blah blah blah. I can only talk for myself, but part of what makes sex well, sexy, is that it IS kept under wraps. It’s exciting because it’s reserved for private time. I’m pretty sure it would lose some of the excitement if it became just something you do at the office in the middle of a business meeting.

          I’m pretty sure these people have never worked in the real world, never associated with actual real, grown-up men. I can guarantee that if women wore what Christina recommends to a place of REAL business, and acted the way she encourages women to act, well, she’d be laughed right out of the office. Or, in a roomful of alpha males, even worse. Even just posting photos as she does would be ill-advised to anyone who needs a real paycheck.
          Any 13 year old knows a slinky dress does NOT empower a woman in the workplace, nor does posing like a spastic yogi in the middle of the street.

          I wish she’d show up at one of my clients’ offices for a meeting.

          • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

            On what planet would this behavior in an office not be bordering on sexual harassment?

          • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

            Any woman who acted as unprofessionally as this jackass recommends would be fired on the first day. Hell, she’d never get hired in the first place.

  6. BunnyBingo says:

    Oh boy, Christina’s video is something else:

    If you always wanted to see a woo Bidness lady feel herself up while promoting her latest scam, this is for you.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      I love this comment: “You couldn’t turn on an oven with a lit match.”

    • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

      She’s about as sexy and enticing as a root canal. I watched this insanity and thought she should be institutionalized.

      • KC Baker's Appalling Baby Dance. says:

        I really think she comes across as a woman on the verge of a NB. I’m not even trying to be funny, I think she’s seriously sad and nuts.

  7. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

    Her message is just as sexist and backwards as anything spewing from Mike Pence’s sphincter mouth. Women are far more than temptresses; we don’t do business by touching ourselves and behaving “all Garden of Eden snnnnnnnnaky.” She’s in danger of promoting a rape culture and justifying behavior from men like Pence (who won’t sit next to a woman other than his wife for fear of falling into her vagina.)

  8. Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

    Skankatron is off doing the Landmark Forum Advanced Course – of course she is – and would like you to “like” her scam pages.


    It’s been a very full few weeks. And today’s email will be just a tease because I wanted to get you a quick heads-up so you can mark your calendar.

    On June 8, I’m hosting a FB Live with the one and only Danielle LaPorte, and we are talking Eyes Wide Open White Hot Truth.

    If you have not already “liked” my Facebook fan page, do that now here because that’s where we will be broadcasting.

    Use this link: https://www.facebook.com/LexNeely/

    I’ll let you know what time as soon as I’ve got the final final details locked in. So excited.

    In other news, I’m in Atlanta the next several days for the Landmark Forum Advanced Course.

    I attended the foundational Landmark Forum a few weeks ago, and despite all of the personal growth work I’ve done over the years, I gained another level of clarity and understanding – woah.

    I’ll share more with you about it here over the next few days as the Advanced Course happens.

    Stay tuned. And “like” the fan page for from the event updates when I can.

    If you’ve done Landmark, hit reply and share your experience.

    More soon!

    To your eyes wide open life and income,

    PS — The links above are to my FB public page, which is where I will host the Facebook Live with Danielle LaPorte. Be sure to like that page so you can join on June 8th or get notified after.

    And, if you want to also follow me on my far more intimate personal profile, you can do that here: https://www.facebook.com/aliearthshanti

    • BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

      Let me be the first to congratulate her on a lifetime of receiving unwanted phone calls, night and day, from her Landmark friends monitoring and judging her.

      Prepare for a shift of personality with her. She might very well drop from the Woo tribe if intentions runs contrary to her Landmark tribe.

      • Gilly Blake, PowerpussyCEO Gilly (and the entire Cosmos) says:

        But many of the woos were cheering her on re: Landmark, including Kc Baker, who met her husband there and then dumped him because she wanted to bang other folks.

        • BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

          Then watch her suck other vulnerable Woos down the Landmark suck-hole, including Donkey. I hope her kids can legally emancipate themselves from her.

      • Winchester House of Fauxtoshoots, Microphones, & Ghosted Book Deals says:

        Changing her ‘names’ again. She can run but she can’t hide.

    • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

      Grifters grifting grifters!

    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      She always barks like Tintin’s Milou when she means to say “whoa.”

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