Donkey Couldn’t Accomplish Anything Until Peter Baugher PAID For 10,000 Self-Help Seminars


Though AWOL on social media since bringing Dadsers to birthcray 36, Judy occasionally pops up on FB. She liked “Hallelujah Breeder” Stacey Morgenstern’s most recent, girly post. Apparently there’s no jealousy in Big Woo City, even if your beau ignores you on Facebook while slobbering after a curly blonde.

I clicked on the link to Stacey’s grifter husband, Gregory – the polyamorous pair are big time con artists – and stumbled upon this:

My word, when do these folks ever find time to go grocery shopping, take out the dogs, or actually work for a living? It’s always seminar, seminar, seminar!

I wonder if Peter Baugher has enjoyed paying for Judy’s endless parade of self-help shitshows. They’ve clearly paid off. BOOK has been a tremendous bestseller and Judy’s “lifestyle” website is packin’ ’em in!
TONIGHT IN ENCINITAS! Rain is headlining at Jess Johnson’s Garden of Eden. I assume Judy will be dancing for us, when she’s not grooving out next to the DJ.


  1. Landmark is EST, the o.g. of grifters and cradle of the most insufferable people.

    • I worked for someone who was really into EST many years ago and he was literally the worst, and his girlfriend was worse than the worst. I was young and didn’t understand why they gleefully treated his employees so poorly, but it didn’t make me think that I wanted to spend much time with any other members of that tribe.

  2. These people sound exactly like the self-help grifter parody on an Simpsons episode circa the first Clinton term:


    • Got to be. No one hangs their clean white bathrobe on top of an outdoor coat. Unless they couldn’t hang more hooks somewhere, maybe a seminar on that would help.

    • On loan from Ali Shanti’s master bedroom? Is Stacey renting out the beach towel curtains too?

  3. My gosh, she looked SO HAPPY to be there in her furry pink thing while OMGBOYFRIEND pushed buttons.


    • Really, Albie? “Nearly everything else” refers to “personal enhancement” courses, certainly not work. How is Julia supposed to be gainfully employed if she hasn’t yet reached the top level of EST?

        • Ha! Gently-used fashion magazines and potato turds: Donkey’s immortal contributions to those less fortunate. Not to mention her immortal contribution to anyone seeking to create a Comfy & Delightful home: Brown terry-cloth hand towels used as kitchen towels. I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it did, especially when she repeated it in SF after debuting it in Marina del Bray.

          • The brown hand towels look like they would be covered in eyebrow mites and cheap hair dye. Not appetizing on the counter next to the turdtatoes.

            This picture is perfect for Monday, thanks Miss Gilly.

          • Excuse you both– they are not brown, they are CHOCOLATE. The Masculine prefers such colors, you know.

          • Remember that? When Derpin (snuggled in CHOCOLATE fur wookie bedding) was her last best hope? She should have been so lucky.

        • Seriously asking: how does one cook sweet potatoes so it looks like the potato is pooping itself, complete with brown poop? I don’t even understand how this happens.

          • 1. Decide you want to be a chef.
            2. Call yourself a chef.
            3. Buy (or grift) a chef costume.
            4. Have (or grift) professional fauxtos taken of yourself in said costume.
            5. Buy the domain name “The Healing Chef.”
            6. Call yourself an EXECUTIVE chef.
            7. Ask your donkey girlfriend to post some testimonials about your amazing cooking.
            8. Throw some shit in the oven and hope it works out. It doesn’t. Give it to the poors.
            9. Post something in your gratitude journal about how blessed you are to be changing the world.

          • shorter: plop them in the oven for 2 or 3 hours. I have possibly done this one or more times in the past. They come out like that when you forget about them.

  5. Yep, had a friend who fell for Landmark for awhile. The initial “class” is cheap. The next step (which they try to sign you up for while you’re still buzzing from the “breakthrough”) jumps to several thousand dollars and I believe it basically follows the Scientology Model of Grifting after that. Pete’s probably paid tens of thousands by this point if she’s done almost all of them.

    They never stop calling either. My friend showed me she had dozens of unanswered calls from them until I picked it up and told them that she’d been kidnapped by Abu Sayyef and demanded to know if they had any “good news” they could tell me. The caller got off the phone in a hurry, because they’re about helping people.

  6. Am I the only one who sees her making duck lips throughout this video? And she keeps scanning right to left to just to look at the camera.

    • I did notice the duck lips. Also that she keeps looking askance at the woman in the donkey mask as though trying to decide if it’s possibly a catlady come to mock her.

    • She was definitely scanning for the camera.

      I am having FUN, people, can’t you see how I am enjoying myself, mmmmkay?

        • According to my husband, who does not partake of anything*, that is when I do my best dancing.

          * Except very occasional red wine. And OMG you guys, the best cheap Montepulciano ever is ERA Organic 2015. So good, only $12, stock up and you will thank me.

  7. interesting that she hasn’t do REAL therapy with a real therapist.

    No, doing FaceTime with an astrologist isn’t real therapy.

    • Therapy doesn’t work well for narcissists. That’s why these alternative programs are such magnets for them.

    • Burning man 2015 though! They have been dating almost two years. How long did she date Derpy? Can you imagine how much marriage talk Rain listens to every single day?

    • The worst. And he’s a shitty DJ.

      HOW does she not feel the drop, it hits her like a single feather.

      I was thinking the other day about the video where the woman DJ comes on after the Blockster and she was awesome, does anyone remember who that was? She was tiny’n’cute and the crowd went wild.

      • I think it was TokiMonsta, and there was quite a difference in energy level between her set & Rain’s.

  8. Looking for someone to hold you through the grieving process? Why not join Ali Shanti’s CDB Oil Team? Lotus Sattva (not her legal name), who is constantly posting shills on Skankatron’s FB page, shared this with would-be suckers:

    “Grateful for my sister Ali Shanti who has been loving me through thick and thin since we met my first year in Boulder (2011)

    I woke up in major grief today, and Ali offered to call me to hold space for my process, she listened with compassion as I cried, offered reflection and insight to my perceived challenges, reminded me to look for the answers within, gave me an assignment to “write my ideal vision” for what I want to experience, and even encouraged me to join Ali’s CBD Oil Team to co-create abundance through healing… I LOVE THIS WOMAN and honor her dedication to supporting so many of us in the community, her willingness to go into the shadow, and the seemingly super-human capacity she has to playfully manifest huge gifts and expressions in the world. I also feel SO liberated after feeling all of that pain, letting it move through me with tears, revealing it without shame… HAVE YOU HAD A GOOD CRY LATELY? I recommend it and pray that everyone can get the kind of support Ali gave me today whenever they need it… I”m here if you need it. smile emoticon”

    Skankatron has a “team” of hemp oil junkies? I kant.

    • Ali Shanti
      Aw sister, honestly receiving your tears is a huge gift. Thank you for sharing yourself w me. ❤

      Lotus Sattva
      working on my assignment now 😉

      Miha Tortia Lareine
      You pass with flying colors!!!

      Nicole Vollmerhausen
      She is amazing at holding the goddess space and for uncovering hidden blocks in our lives. As a side note, I would strongly consider joining Ali’s CBD team. It is a great product and the market is wide open and ripe!! So many financial success stories already!

    • “Woke up in major grief” = “I thought my espresso machine was broken, then I pressed the power button”.

    • CBD Oil Team? Can’t you just go to the weed store and buy that in Colorado? I manage to get my elderly ass to the dispensary to buy mine here in Mass, even without the help of Shantitown and her gaggle of woos (accent on “gag” here).

      Also, CBD makes me think of CDB, our beloved Charming Divorced Rowbear. Hope he is well.

    • I thought I was going to be holding space for my process all morning, but I took some antacid and now I feel okay-ish.

    • I’m currently holding space for the woo who was evicted from the apartment I live in now. He didn’t pay rent for 4 months before getting evicted and now the walls are closing in – he can’t even keep up with his cell phone bill and just had his car repossessed.

      But everything is SO AMAZEBALLS on social, and oh, also would you like these vitamins for the low low price of $9.99?

  9. They are selling a CBD oil via multi-level marketing. They quote research that was done on a different, higher quality CBD oil, as if it applies to their low-grade goods. (How does Ali have time to manage an MLM team when she is busy running all her multi-million dollar companies?)

    • Fivehead’s idiot mentioned on his facebook that his coco puff ceremony was “medicinal” also illegal by the FCT & FDA reg standards. These morons will break any law because they think the government isn’t watching them. The same defense Silicon Valley has used for years. That’s not working out so well for them now.

  10. Lotus Sattva, door-to-door hemp oil salesperson, just tagged Ali Shanti in yet another shill:

    Lotus Sattva updated her cover photo.

    7 hrs ·

    “Grateful for Nick Joyce, Magdelion Moon, Harlan Emil, A Keala Young, Doron Kutash and all the other beings co-creating Portal to the New Earth: An Evolutionary Gathering May 5-8 this weekend and for the unexpected miracles helping launch Finn and I on our mystery west coast tour…

    Who else is going to be there? Would be so great to hook up w/ other teens! Joanne Rees Ehlinger Ali Shanti Judy Shannon Brittney Johnson Richie Goodwin Chireya Laura Fox Jay Ma Al PhaLo Davin Infinity Shiloh Ann Boss Nate Hogen”

    She wants to hook up with teens?!?! Is Lotus (not her legal name) good friends with Rabbi rapist Marc Gafni?

  11. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why these people wear antlers and dead animals on their heads?!?!?! Also why the turkey feathers (Skankti)? I’m seriously asking. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

        • No, make it stop. Cannot unsee overgrown pube garden. Just imagining everything living in that weed garden makes my skin crawl.

        • I think most of these men are fug, but on top of that he just looks like he smells like halitosis, BO and foot rot.

          • … and thrift store clothing that has someone else’s old BO embedded in it (see: Rainbow Doug Henning)

          • Most certainly never worn a new suit with crisp white button-down shirt. Can you imagine the possibilities if the woos showered, cleaned up and put on fresh clothes not fished from a charity box at the local homeless shelter? Oh, and headed to an actual place of employment?

  12. I wonder if donkey is trying to distance from her “public figure” status after years of sprawling herself all over the internet? I mention this because I’m being sued (legally cannot go into details) by one of the people I’ve written about in the past who has subsequently stalked & harassed me online for two years and this individual has reached out to others to try and incite additional and similar law suits. I’m not worried about any of it, and as for donkey, it would take twice as many years of her being online to undo her “public figure” status, but the timing of her departure in conjunction with Dader’s trip is curious.

    • Interesting thought, but then why publish the piece about her, her, her closet? That certainly reads like a public figure (of fun) wrote it.

      • Someone needs a Thiel for credibiltiy and it’s not me. Parasites clinging on to each other right before they circle the drain, or head off to federal prison. I think I’ll make this an annual thing now.

        • Sorry that was meant for under JP. I forgot about the closet piece AQ,-thank you. And to be clear, I’ve not heard from this “camp” and truly doubt I will but could see her trying the “I’m not a public figure” thing after a while.

    • I’m sorry that’s happening to you, though. I was harassed by a nutjob for having the audacity of turning down his advances. It went on and on and on until he went to jail for harassing a city councilman and committing a hate crime. I never knew who he was emailing the most libelous, disgusting things or how he would try to hurt me or my kid. I was a single mom at the time. He didn’t care. He just wanted to hurt me anyway possible while literally losing his mind and taking more drugs than most Dead concerts. I wasn’t alone. There was another single mother friend of mine to whom he did the same. And I’m a lawyer. I could’ve civilly destroyed him, but he wasn’t worth my time. I did call the ADA reviewing his probation once he got out and began the same stuff again. Yet, all these years later, I still remember it and my skin crawls. Some people are just wretched and stop at nothing unless the system stops them. I hope it ends for you soon. Being rid of such people is such a relief. I was just thinking of a similarly wretched person today, a lawyer even. I recalled that he is in his late sixties and what a relief it’ll be when he dies. He has lied and cheated and stolen and threatened so many for so long. Good riddance. I’m sorry if that makes me a bad person, but I can’t help it. Some folks are just irredeemable. I hope yours goes away soon, so you can move on.

      • Ugh, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Pathologically abusive people don’t stop until there’s legal intervention (I know preaching to the choir since you’re an attorney) but you’d *love* this story. This fraud’s attorney (unrelated to my case) just got brought up on bar charges that are similar to what I’m alleging in my counter suit. These shady tactics do not differ much from what I read about happening on here well before my time. I agree some people are irredeemable because they aren’t capable of remorse. And to your point money doesn’t fix this, federal prison does.

  13. Where’s Waldo? Spotted on IG
    #newzealand jaunt to connect with goddess sister tribe

    • maybe nz biosecurity will stop her at the border. they have these cute beagles that wander around your bags as you wait in the customs and immigration line. if the sit down by your bag you’re in trouble…

      p.s.: where is lilly?

    • Where on IG did you see this? Kitty Kittay is in New Zealand too, so I’m assuming Donkey is part of that contingent. Is Dadsers footing the bill for the latest vacation from vacation-itis, or is Bear picking up the tab? Lord knows Donkey and Rain couldn’t afford it.

      • Click on her IG. Then photos of her button other goddess tagged 100dayasofgrifting or something. Glad to help once our overseers!

    • I am so glad you’re back that I shriek with glee. The frat boys who live beneath me were like “wtf?”.

    • You should know, if anyone should: you both live in TX; it’s not that big of a state…oops, I guess it is a big state, possibly the biggest? And oops, I think Rambo now lives in SoCal? I always wonder if Rambo and Pointy stay in touch, commiserating as (fortunately) severed sisters.

  14. Oh wow. Jules is back, juggling with fire. That is not a metaphor, check out her Facebook.

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