Bidness “Consultant” Julia Allison, The Laughing Stock Of San Francisco, Needs Your Help



Shady McShaderson, AKA Ali Shanti, to the rescue!


Would you like to help Judy Albertson, Profeshunal Bidness Lady, pull the trigger, too?

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  1. Consulting on what? Lol. At least we’ll get to see some info if she does this. I don’t think she needs to fear the tax for making over 250k. Nice to know that Dustin Geek is incorporated. What?

    • We know she advised Neeta Bhushan, former dentist and exploiter of family woes, re: a fauxto shoot. That’s about it. Donkey has told people that she can’t tell anyone who her clients are because of RBD. Yeah. Sure.

    • I think you might be confused with the oft-overlooked film Kids: Winnetka, an investigation into the dark underbelly of the upper middle class suburb and the sociopathic dysfunction that ran right through it, despite so many parents being in denial. Rumor has it the Baughers paid good money to have destroyed in order to protect their daughter’s already dim future prospects.

      PS from a harbor from another century, I’ve missed the boat so long ago… but I’m only now making it to Happy Endings (odd, since I lived in Chicago forever), and was Oenny modeled after Julia or is it my imagination?

      PPS from this century & the new year: I’m in semi-desperate need of a job (I’m multi-talented!) so if you have a lead please find me. I’ll link to my blog in one of my rare instances of doing so this time around. [Long story short: assaulted by a coked-up client in the dungeon, management did nothing, complained on social media (one tweet under my mistress name that could ever be connected to them) & I was fired as a result. Lawyers are involved. Meanwhile, well… you know. Plus it looks like I’m going to need my left breast removed, pelvic reconstructive surgery as well as back surgery, and I have an enlarged liver/kidney/pancreas as well as non-epileptic seizures. Fun stuff!] In any case, I’d love job leads!

    • Um, isn’t Dad$er a corporate atty & did she not just spend numerous days w/ him? But sure, ask the fans in the ‘stans what what, then post 45 minutes later that you already had your fake dilemma resolved (by a guy who had to ‘splain to his backers why he leased those expensive digs & that sick whip of a Tesla).

      Someone’s huffing her own fart fumes after:
      [1] bullshitting Mom$er & Dad$er that she’s doing some real “work”
      [2] wearing bidness lady tie when accompanying Dad$er to a notary

      This was re: rationalizing ph stalking Corey, in case his SO cares, Ima guess.

      • He’s not corp. He’s lit/arbitration that sometimes involves corp/business transactional matters. He doesn’t have the chops (or circumspection) for actual corporate. I cannot imagine any one of the dozens of corporate attorneys I have known and worked with over the past more-than-30+ years writing a cease-and-desist letter ON FIRM LETTERHEAD in support of a stupid, lazy, lying offspring.

        • Pettifogger probably has a tax attorney, though. If my parents had a tax attorney, I might be lazy enough to call them rather than setting up a consultation with a tax attorney in my actual state. Asking my dumbass stoner friends* on Facebook for advice would not be in the top 10 or probably even the top 100 on my approaches to solving this problem.

          *Judy’s dumbass stoner friends, I mean. All of my Facebook friends are smart cookies, stoners or not.

          • Speaking of dumbness stoner friends, Judy’s co-goddess Skankatron’s link to the “straightforward” Pahl & McCay analysis of entity taxes is rife with error. California limited partnerships are not liable for franchise taxes.

          • She’s not going to have a board and doesn’t need anything more than an LLC in the most basic of terms. But as usual someone she’s impressed with mentioned an S corp and THAT’s what Judy MUST have.

          • After my second layoff I thought I’d open a business and incorporated without benefit of accountant advice. The next year when I did have an accountant (and an actual job), he helped me unwind it and it was painful and expensive.

        • Thx for schooling me on that (srsly; no sarcasm intended) — still, I do think Daddykin$ is who she’d truly consult in a truly legit scenario & he’d get her taken care of rather than allowing her to leave it to the whim of the internet — Mulia Mallison didn’t crowd-source online when she needed real representation in her stall-letting scam, but it’s doubtful if the woos are able to connect those dots wrt a lolyer in the family of origin of a lying donkey who lies.

          P.S. Donkey!

          • I think he’d be embarrassed to introduce anyone at the new firm to his deadbeat daughter.

          • Do ya, really? He seems impervious to that very emotion when it comes to parading her around Princeton Reunion in her blatant Daddy-Issues regalia or taking lunatic fauxtographs of her in onesies & prostitot costumes at their church, but maybe you’re on to something …

          • More worried about keeping his job and not wanting to call attention to the blemish that is his daughter.

  2. Sure Julia, don’t give any details (image of a business) without any of the facts (substance) and let other people make a life-changing decision for you. Moron who has no business even pretending to run a business.

    Side note: My Christmas ham eating has my ass is currently rivaling bottom picture!

    • Love this, she gets one or two small consulting jobs from people who have no idea how much she sucks, and now she is starting a “consulting” practice. Can’t wait to see the website.

      • Yeah it’s so easy. I started my consulting company in 2011 and could only support myself this year. No way she has what it takes.

        • No fucking way is Donkey making any substantial money from the meager jobs she gets, for which she crowdsources whenever one pops up. Thank goodness Peter Baugher can continue to support his beast of burden.

          • She’ll end up getting indicted for tax evasion when she tries to write off plastic costumes and burning man as a business expense. Daddy better watch over all of this or it’ll cost him a lot more in end.
            Although 3 square meals and off his payroll may not be a bad endgame for her parents.

        • Whatever do you mean? Here’s how it works:

          Step 1: Crowdsource, S corp maybe? I dunno, teehee!

          Step 2: Do “work” for “clients” aka facebook crowdsource the best male stylist.

          Step 3: Collect $250,000

          • Shhh you just gave away the secret that everyone on the internet is selling for $10K a pop. This market that circles the drain for people who are desperate and probably shouldn’t be in business for themselves anyway, is disgusting and slimy so Julia should fit right in with that group.

  3. She’s gonna get sticker shock when she finds out how much it costs to S incorporate in CA. Laughing also at Ali’s remark about paying more with an LLC “when” you make more than 250k. As if, Donkey!

      • Fake Facebook followers don’t buy real products or services, but I bet Robin already figured that out though. Guessing donkey hasn’t.

      • “Mommmmmm, I need another advance on my inheritance! *shakes fist* Fucking family of origin! Cough up the dough! I need to stalk a crusty dusty DJ in Wappingers Falls!”

  4. so for all the consulting work up until now, under what structure was that income earned and taxes paid???

  5. So redonkulous.!

    Literally thousands of self help books & google results for this question. Besides, hasn’t she already FOUNDED a few corps. As a FOUNDER bidness ladee??

  6. So this dumb bitch can donate 750 to a random charity but wants advice on how to pay the least amount of taxes to a state that she apparently loves so much that she refuses to move out of it despite how impractical it is to her lifestyle. Love all these other woos chiming in on how to evade taxes as much as possible as well. Why do these assholes even identify as liberal?

    And yet she expects the government to have a recycling program rivaling Sweden’s, an educational system akin to Finland’s, Canadian-style healthcare, food programs like the French…with what fucking money, bitch? Did she really learn so little as a government major at Georgetown, as an intern on the Hill, as a fucking talking head on 24 hr news?

    • No way she gave $750 to that charity –I wish someone would screenshot that lie & forward it to the charity so that they could publicly hold her hooves to the fire.

      That reminds me: Pettifogger needs to quit milking this goat: ‘Chairs U.S. Senator Mark Kirk’s Judicial Advisory Board, screening candidates for federal court judge’

    • And if you’re starting a company, you sadly don’t have 50 cents to donate to a charity, you are your own charity at the start. She’s delusional. I just can’t figure out who she’s trying to kid, her parents? ILYR? She reminds me of that chick on the Bravo show set in the south, where she tried to pitch a VC without an actual product, mock up, business plan, she just thought she’d raise money by having a vagina and walking upright.

        • That would come from her personal, right? You don’t have much personal money when starting a business. If it was easy…I think she’s just looking for a way to write off her *lifestyle* without still actually working.

  7. I know this is petty and I apologize for that. But top picture is literally the second worst photo she’s ever taken in my opinion. I still can’t tell if she’s only wearing sheer tights, or nude colored leggings. Both are absolutely hideous, but still, I have to know. Worst outfit yet, it makes me long for serious bizness lady pants days. Wear real pants! You’re almost 40 years old!

      • I go back and forth on whether she’s high or just pretending. That’s an awful amount of stomach-sucking-in for someone who is high, or it could just be the fauxto angle or fauxtochoppe.
        Who knows? (the donkey Shadow knows! Lol)

        • IIRC this was taken at a weekend festival in Ojai, the one where Avocado took pics of her posing on the sign and wrote on FB he was falling in love. She is definitely stoned here.

          • Seems to me that it was later, but damned if I can think what. Anywoo, google-image-search says:
            Best guess for this image:
            wonky donk festival 2014

          • I think it seemed later because the pics from that day were discovered later. It may have been on a second visit to Ojai, but I remember that is where it was, for some reason stuck in my brain. I remember that throne chair and that Avocado took the pics.

    • Wow. I have often imagined, as crazy as we make each other, if I died my mom would die, or if she died I would. But I didn’t think it was a thing that could actually happen.

      • Growing up, next door neighbors & then their little dog all three went in the space of < a week; also had an uncle who was terminal who'd say he just wanted to make it to his __b-day & sure enough, that was the day he passed — I'm pretty convinced of the power of a broken heart &/or sheer will to call it a day.

      • The thought of it paralyzes me. The very few people I know who have had to do so are the walking dead. Their pain and anguish is a grief so besieging it stands apart from anything I’ve known. Of all the things that scare me that is the one thing I know would break me completely and totally.

    • I was visiting with my mother the day after Carrie died and I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Debbie didn’t survive this. There comes a point where you get comfortable that you won’t have to deal with the most awful pain known to man like burying a child. When you’re 84 you’re probably feeling kind of secure you’ll go before your child. I have a very close relationship with my own mother and as I get older I tell her I’m glad she had me when she was so young because it feels like we get to grow old together. By the time she goes, I myself will have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. My mother is a decade younger than Debbie Reynolds and while I consider her a rock and one to roll with the punches, I can see my mother not surviving the loss of her grown children.
      It’s cliche, but 2016 can’t end soon enough.

  8. Maybe Ali Shanti is mistakenly referring to some kind of benefit to running up $250K+ in consumer credit card debt before declaring bankruptcy? That’s the ONLY business topic in which she’s qualified to be an expert. In her personal life, however, she’s an expert in many things, such as skin damage, child neglect, drugs, towels-for-curtains, and talking in baby voice.

  9. She’s so fucking dumb it hurts.


    Calling it now. He probably noped the fuck out after the mediocre blow jobs were just not worth the paranoid obsessive stage 10 clinger behavior.

  10. Completely O/T: earlier this year I had a narcissistic con artist/user ex-neighbour i stupidly believed and lent money to. She then turned into a nasty b*tch who disputed she even owed me the money and refused to pay what she did acknowledge and then skipped town owing so many people and businesses money. She’s still doing that to people in her new town. Well, I have something of hers I’ve been hanging on to (she abandoned it 6mths ago but I knew it had sentimental value) and I was hoping to use it to get my money back. I sent her a message and told her I’m going to throw it in the garbage unless she contacted me ASAP and she replied immediately and left a voicemail for me. It looks like I’ve got leverage and she wants the stuff back. Of course she’s already trying to re-write history and acting sweet as pie and oh-so-happy to hear from me blah blah vomit. Classic Donkey. Hmmmm, I wonder how much that stuff might be worth? I think it’s worth at minimum the money she owes me plus interest! I might even add a special ‘because you’re a complete b*tch who screws everyone over’ fee. Whaddya think? She probably won’t pay me, in which case her stuff goes in the trash, but I’m totally enjoying my moment of pettiness.

    The next contact with her should prove interesting…I know her games now and that everything out of her mouth is complete B.S. What I’d love to know is if she KNOWS she’s lying about things or if she’s so Donkey Delusional she has re-written them in her head and thinks they actually happened her way?

    Sorry for the interruption. Back to your regularly programmed snarking.

    • My first reaction is to feel your sense of power and glee knowing you have something she values. But… I’d watch out. Sociopaths are excellent at playing the victim because they’ve been doing it longer, harder, and better. I wouldn’t put anything in writing and I would store the stuff somewhere away from you. You might have to settle for the small satisfaction of knowing you have something she wants back, but, don’t be surprised if she finds a way to get it back AND you still don’t get your money.
      Ask me how I know this.

      • Sounds like you’ve been there. I appreciate the advice and I’ve already done some of it and feel better knowing it’s what you suggested. Sorry if you’ve been through something like this.

        I found out the hard way she always plays the victim and tries to twist the truth, even if she has already written the truth down and it can’t actually be disputed. I’m just not going to play those games, because she’s already started with the lies and excuses.

        Things in my favour: she doesn’t know where I’ve moved to; there are no mutual friends; I don’t use my social media; I don’t give a sh*t what she tries to pull; I don’t have friends or family she knows about and she can’t mess with any employer. She is already worried about how I know so much about what she is doing atm and where she lives and her recent actions etc. I’m sure she will try to find out how I know, but I’m not interested in any conversation other than ‘when will you pay me in full’ and any BS and I throw it all away. I used to do complaints handling and debt collection, so it’s been easy to find her and although I’m very generous usually, if I’ve given you multiple chances and you burn me, then I never give up. It took me 2 minutes to find her address, so it’s not actually taking up any of my time or life and I’ve been biding my time until I moved so she didn’t know where I was.

        My only interest is: give me the money in full and then I will send you the stuff, but you have to also pay for the cost of it being sent,upfront. Otherwise, it goes in the bin, full stop, nothing else to discuss. I also have proof she owes me the money and can still lodge with small claims court. The issue has been that even if I achieved judgement against her (she routinely fails to even turn up in these cases and has default judgment entered against her) that I wouldn’t have been able to enforce her paying it, which is why I’m willing to “sell” her these things she gave to me. If she wants to drag it out, too bad, her stuff goes in the bin and I still have over 6yrs to lodge in court plus several years after that to collect on the judgement.

        I’ve only sent the original msge in writing, which I was reluctant to do but had no other way at that stage, but she’s so desperate for it she gave me her new phone number. Having a written record would help protect me because she then can’t accuse me of threatening her or other crap she pulls with people. Also,she gave me the things, left town, hasn’t tried to get them for half the year and acknowledged she hasn’t tried to find me recently (even though my email & mobile haven’t changed, I’ve only moved last week, so until then she had my address plus I have a mail redirection. She blocked my last FB account but I have one in my actual name which is dead easy to find and she confirmed she hadn’t tried to find it.)

        So sorry, so fat, so very very long!

        • I once took someone to small claims court and they didn’t show up. Judgement in my favor and I was able to freeze her bank account because I had her account and routing info. That got me my money pronto. Even after she had a friend pretending to be a lawyer call me up and beg. This was after several promises to pay and a meeting she didn’t show up to. This was NYC, so I don’t know if procedures vary.

        • I’m over here rooting for you and I hope it goes your way. I’d be interested in hearing the outcome and be thrilled for you vicariously if it works out.
          Regarding my situation, I’ve accepted there is nothing earthly to be done. No revenge to be taken, no end to the game, no vindication to be had for my husband and I. It’s an endless and relentless game, (to the sociopath), of winning and manipulating, big things and small things, even though we’re not actively engaging. Just by the fact we recognized her, called her out, ripped down her facade, and stood our ground when she committed her offense against us has been the ultimate crime against her. Going no contact has been the only and best recourse and even then we’re not free. No way. There’s always a punishment and some we’ve uncovered but those discoveries are like finding mice; where there’s one there’s a 101 more you don’t see. She’s always there; on the sidelines, manipulating, twisting, lying, stealing. There’s no taking your ball and going home because she wants the ball and will race you home to burn your house down before you reach it.
          I only hope I live long enough to see her be a wretched, miserable, person with no one loving her surrounded by all the stuff and money she’s been able to steal and hoarde. I hope it’s worth it to her when no one will hear her when she’s all alone and gripped with some fear that often befalls the elderly in the middle of the night. I hope all the deeds she’s done, the lies she’s told, and the effort she’s put into, ‘teaching a lesson to someone who stood up to her’, will keep her warm when her furnace stops working during a polar vortex.
          Clearly I have feels about this and being defeated is chief among them. For us, only divine intervention is our hope.
          So, if this does go your the way you hope, I would like to hear it.

          • Greg’sWife, that sounds legit scary. I hope you and your husband the Greg overcome the nastiness.

        • Thanks to everyone for your advice and stories. I’m sorry so many have been through similar or worse.
          Still in a holding pattern atm with her “missing” my calls. If she doesn’t want to put the effort in (lol!) then I certainly don’t.
          I’ll let you know if anything happens.
          Thanks again, hugs to all.
          Happy New Years Eve to the antipodean cat peeps and early wishes to everyone else.

      • you will never be repaid. you will be hounded til the end of time if you dispose of it. put it in a storage locker and mail her the key and tell her it expires in 1 month. you will have given her 30 days and then they will throw it out.

      • I should have read responses before adding my similar thoughts be-low. self-ak-kitting

    • To be honest, it might feel good now, but i think you’re setting yourself up for disaster. I think the money ties you to her in a way that won’t be good for you in the long run. I’d look at the money as the price of getting out of jail and cherish your freedom from that monster. To me it looks like kind of a “lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas” situation. My recommendation would be to not let this bitch be gifted with one more moment of your time or attention.

      • Without knowing the specifics of the situation, I’m also inclined to agree. The less time and energy spent on these dysfunctionals the better IMO.

        That said, I’m also rooting for you, Nos, and I hope you achieve the desired result.

    • Sociopaths have few attachments to things but like feeling like they won. Look for her to ask to take the stuff and pay you later (I know you wouldn’t for that) but it will show the pattern in which she’ll ratchet back to crazy, play the victim and make you the victimizer in her “narrative”. Guilty people have narratives the rest of us have the truth.
      Sadly, the only way I see you getting your money back is if what you have is worth more to someone else. Meaning she can sell it or exploit someone who might have real sentimental feelings towards the items and willing to pay for them. Get in, get your money and get her out of your life. Good luck.

    • I’d watch out.

      My roommate stole the rent money I’d paid her for several months (after hr boyfriend stole my laptop), and then she moved out, leaving me to be blindsided and stuck getting evicted.

      The detectives for both cases told me to avoid “poking” either one of them in either way. All it would take is for one of them to go to another borough (where the communication between the boroughs might not be the best and they might not know to look up a case in Manhattan) to file a harassment charge against me (if I texted or emailed them asking where my stuff was), and suddenly I’d be the one in trouble!

      I know that it’s tempting to exact revenge, but this seems like a case in which it could easily be tracked back to you. Unless you’re 100% certain you won’t be caught, I’d suggest resisting the impulse. And the advice the detectives gave me was for dealing with average uneducated criminals. Think about what educated sociopaths could cook up! (Ack!)

    • Yeah… I would be careful with manipulative/sociopath type people. You don’t want to PISS THEM OFF because then they can get scarey, etc. I would get the money you are owed, give him/her their stuff back, and get the hell out of there.

      Be really charming and friendly right back to him/her so they don’t suspect anything, can’t hold anything against you later. And get the $$$ in cash.

      There are a lot of nut jobs out there, so be careful. (And keep us posted!)

  11. Aside–I love how hundreds of woos have liked Jena’s impending marriage announcement, but not a peep from Jules.

  12. OT: Kate Atkinson fans. Do you need to have read Case Histories in order to enjoy One Good Turn? I read CH but so long ago I only remember that I loved it but not much else.

  13. These dumb grifters have everything backwards. The real issue is revenues and liabilities. If you have less than 250k revenue… It really doesn’t matter. Once you have more than that and if you have employees (lol at Julia employing anyone) liability issues outweigh the LLC tax issue.

    None of these grifters make that much or have actual employees, so all of this is largely irrelevant to them. Even fewer seem to have a family or real assets to protect.

    I hate myself for putting any thought into this post… ?

    • Also, I know nothing about CA business arrangements. But lol @ worrying about the 250k LLC tax if you’re a dipshit grifter making, at best, a fraction of that amount.

      Also lol at thinking this impresses anyone that matters. Especially in SF or SV of all places.

    • I know, she needs nothing beyond an LLC and Ali stating that in CA she needs an S corp without any knowledge of what she’s doing (which to your point , she not hiring any full-time employees with full benefits), she doesn’t need or have a board, she’d got no capital or funding or else she wouldn’t be asking these questions on Facebook. I look forward to her pending crowdsource “hiring” posts where she doesn’t pay them. That always ends well and the exact same way.

      The last assistant written about in the basement didn’t even last a full week, if memory serves.

      • yes. many nyc peep self-employed stick w llc vs corp because nyc, but you don’t need a lawyer to know that, any competent accountant will do.

      • I contracted in Silicon Valley for about 15 years for a large company :::coughthinkfruitcough::: and after a couple of years, they required that I incorporate, despite the fact I was a one person shop. I got an S Corp. it seemed like overkill but I had to do it anyway. There are a lot of hoops contractors need to jump through with larger companies to prove the company is not just trying to avoid hiring full time workers.

        • yes, that happens, for liability and because their accountants would rather deal with an entitity than an individual for exactly that reason; your corp hires you out gives them the cover of corp to corp

        • Haha and you’re a professional with an actual :::cough:::highpayingclient:::cough
          How is it that she manages to fail even in her make-believe world?

  14. “But Daddy, I HAVE TO stay in California, my company is here!”

    “We can wind it down, Judy. It owes more in franchise tax than it’s earning. Anyway, it’s 2025, I’m retired, and it took you seven years to finish the paperwork for incorporation.”

    “No, no! I was just talking to Randi, Randi Zuckerberg, you remember, you remember how Grandmother loved her, and she says Facebook would be interested in working with me!”

    “Does Randi still work at Facebook, Judy?”

    “No, no, she was talking to her brother at a family event about me, and of course he remembered who I am, and they’re looking for consultants!”

    “For what?”

    “Well, everything! They need consultants, and of course they pay REALLY WELL, and, and, Randi, that’s Randi Zuckerberg, she’s sure they want my insights and they only want consultants who have their own companies in California.”

    “Let me put your mother on the phone.”

    “Daddy, you have too much time on your hands to worry about these things, you need a hobby!”

  15. Who the hell is paying Jules for anything?
    And regards La Flim-Flam – why are all these woos so invested in marriage? I thought they were free love orgy polyamory types. Oh yes, the green card.

    • Worked out good for LaPleghm in one previous go-round: subsidized Harlem digs in perpetuity, PLUS glam poly-partying w/ ex-mom-in-law (and dirty Switzer and balding yoni-diver attendant. OMG, more nachos, stat!) Papa Chevalier didn’t bite, but one failure is no reason to reject the entire business model out of hand. Keep digging, gold-digger.

    • No one pays her for anything. Every few months she crowd sources some nonsense for her business lady business. But there is no business
      lady business. There might be random people who ask her to “help” them in order to have access to someone she knows or something, but if she was working there would be more evidence of actual work.

      • I think she’s managed to bamboozle a couple of clients in the past year. I think Ryan Ellis is one of them. Maybe the Camp Grounded people as well. And that last woman, who knows what the heck Donkey did for her. Donkey is pushy and makes a good first impression for some people who don’t see through her bullshit. The real test is to see who hires her a second time. I also think there might be some pity clients who decide to throw her some money once in a while. I think Brit Morin is one of them.

        • Yep, I think her “many” clients can be counted on one hand. Ellis and Dave Moron occasionally throw work her way because of the constant suck-ups, and because they want to bang her. Why else would anyone hire her? The FB crowdsourcing is appallingly unprofessional.

          • Also, can you imagine the complaining and humble bragging that would go on if she had an actual job? She would not be able to resist the “Oh me oh my on my way to super important meeting with celebrity clients and the traffic was bad.” posts or the selfie of her getting out of bed at the crack of 9 AM to attend to potential world crisis if ILYR doesn’t make it to his photo shoot.

          • Ryan Allis doesn’t want to bang her any more than any random late-20s dude wants to bang any random mid-30s lady. He has a gorgeous girlfriend, and if he wanted a side piece, with his $$ and looks he could do soooooo much better than Donkey.

            Dave Moron could also do better, but he is lazy so maybe he’d go for an easy target. Which is why Brit keeps Judy on her invitation list, imo.

          • Yeah and she only used the NDA excuse after reading about it on here because she previously stated she didn’t want her “clients” known because of RBD. She has no clients like she has no talent or discernible skill set.
            She blusters around every few months, as stated on here numerous times either to keep the only check she’s known consistently coming or that she’s trying to impress someone for dating purposes only. Her parents should just arrange a marriage for her already and call it a day.

          • @MorrocanwearLYR – she used to do this constantly way back when she was employed as a talking head on behalf of Star magazine. She blogged her every cab ride and appointment and “business” meeting because she thought it was super amazing and unique that she had to do things for her job. It was all utterly mundane, but the contrast between that time and her current life is really striking, in that she does virtually nothing these days.

  16. Here’s the thing – unless your make 100k – 150k , no sense in incorporating – at least according to my tax guy and multiple tax guys who I consulted doing it. ALSO: CA will fuck you if you even try and step out of line on you $800 due to them each year,

    I was misadvised (see what I did there?) and CA does not GIVE A FUCK! it’s nothing Peter Bauger can get you out of – I had to write a huge check to make it all right and I don’t want to talk about it.

    • In Silicon Valley, certain clients require it of their contractors. I suspect Donkey heard this from others rather than from prospective clients, and is just trying, as usual, to sound like important bizness laydee.

      • She leads a cargo cult life.

        Honey, incorporating yourself won’t make the clients magically appear.

  17. Whatever happened to the happiness coaching business she tried to launch maybe a year ago or less?

    She never follows through on anything.

    • I still cannot believe she didn’t get a ghostwriter for BOOK. That may be the single dumbest thing (in terms of her own “career”) that she has ever done.

      • No one could have ghost written the book she actually proposed. She would have had to do the stuff she said she would first. And that was some grandiose bullshit.

  18. It’s been recommended on here many times before, but I’m watching “Holy Hell” right now. Wow. should be in the donkey curriculum as an introduction to her woo phase

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