Julia Allison Spent New Year’s Eve At A Sex Party Inside Oakland’s Doomed Ghost Ship


(Pictured with Jess Johnson and “sexologist” & event planner Philippe Lewis)

Sacred Scrapbooks writes:

Well, isn’t this odd. Judy attended an “epic” NYE party in 2014 and posted pics with her “tribe” in a middle-class home in SF. A catlady noticed the extremely sexy and brilliant Philipe Lewis in one of the pics; turns out that Lewis organized a party that night at, yup, the Ghost Ship. LA Times:

“After an erotic-themed New Years Eve party in 2014—the warehouse’s ‘twisted stairways,’ ‘hidden coves’ and secret nooks strewn with pillows and blankets were billed as attractions—a San Francisco event producer, Philippe Lewis, returned to retrieve his sound equipment,” etc.

So did the woos meet up at someone’s nice looking place before heading over to the party? If so, what a fortunate opportunity for gold-lamé Judy to snap photos and avoid getting disinherited.

Donkey definitely went from those middle-class digs to the “epic” sex party in the condom- and debris-strewn Ghost Ship. One assumes she was tripping balls before they even arrived at the rickety fire hazard. One also assumes Judy would have posted 500 how-dare-they! posts if the city had tried to enforce building restrictions. Hell to the yes! How dare the government force the creatives in our tribe to live like responsible adults!


Updated: She’s Baaaaaaack! Julia Allison Attends “EPIC” NYE Party in SF!





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256 Responses to Julia Allison Spent New Year’s Eve At A Sex Party Inside Oakland’s Doomed Ghost Ship

  1. [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

    Looking at the photos, you just knew all the furniture was … encrusted … with … stuff.
    And now it is confirmed.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Somewhere in one of the dozens of articles I’ve read about the place, reference was made to mushrooms growing out of the furniture, I shit you not …

      • Grammarian of tmorrow says:

        RVs parks inside and people living in them for 700 / month explains the mystery history of derpin and donkeys vehicle the other 11.5 months of the year

        • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

          You may be on to something there. They did say it was in Oakland.

          • grammarian says:

            why pay for parking or storage when you can sublet it to hippies, that is if you own it … or does owning mean assuming the rent for the 2.5 weeks of the year you use it

        • melting marionette says:

          maybe it was parked there and she was renting it out, car-bnb style. she’s probably now a RV down, unless it was sold and we missed it.

        • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

          Oh, you’re gooood! But what do you suppose inspired her / them to give up the scheme? Does that timeline dovetail w/ Dad$er’s mandate (that time Nehi accompanied her to ChiTown) to get tenants insurance?

          • grammarian says:

            1. never actually owning it in the first place, just renting it from the sub tenant for 2.5 weeks a year and calling it “our rv”

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Ehh, pretty sure they’d be upside down financially in that scenario — thou$and$-something rent for a week at BM vs. the hundred$-something a woo can scrape up (thanks, gofundme!) per month? Nahh.

            Didn’t she come to have it by default when busted for taking it to BM against a rental agreement?

          • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

            Derpin wanted it sold.

      • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

        Oh … deliciouth. Guess those images didn’t make the online-publicity cut.

  2. Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

    I think they had the party there this past New Years too. The year Donkey wore that Yandy aluminum foil getup.

  3. Grammarian of tmorrow says:

    Bottom fauxto did someone borrow the meat curtains outcall Elvira dress?

  4. Razzmatazz says:

    I guess we won’t be getting the post terror attack blogger “thinking of you Paris, here’s me looking fab in Paris 7 years ago” pics equivalents for this tragedy from Julie.

  5. Because, for fucks sake. says:

    I find it odd that with all of their Oakland ties none of the woos have posted a thing about Oakland.

    • Darling dearest communicates with grace says:

      I was wondering this as well

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        Charred bodies? Extreme building code violations? Nutcase crook Derick Almena? Possible murder charges? I would think Julie and her tribe would want to distance themselves as far as possible from this horror.


        • Veruca Salt Lick says:

          Agreed, Gilly. However, this is the same group of people who counted alleged rapist Marc Gaffini among their beloveds.

          • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

            They didn’t think anyone would pay attention to that, this is too public now. These people don’t take accountability for their own unethical & illegal behavior, they’ll be removing any like to that shithole.

            I still suspect she’s living in a place not unlike something like this. Why no photos of “the home we share” Julia?

          • Midwestern Verve Clicquot says:

            It’s one thing to fraternize with someone who has a criminal past. It’s another to be counted among the many people now under scrutiny for frequenting an illegal structure.

            Who knows the extent of their participation? They may have even been funding Derick Ion in ways beyond just the NYE party – e.g., what someone mentioned upthread re: RV storage.

          • Tingolayo says:

            With softness, Winchy– Donk is way too basic to live someplace non-mainstream, and way too unimaginative to modify/personalize her living space in any creative way. In the few photos she’s posted of her new stall (Choad’s bday party with 3 sad balloons; Lil(l)y’s overdue grooming appointment), it looked like a suburban McMansion with basic beige carpet.

            Just because she’s always braying about communal living and her “bohemian” lifestyle, doesn’t mean she’s actually stepped out of her basic, suburban, comfortable, all-amenities-provided-by-someone-else comfort zone.

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

            This, Tingolayo. Nothing says bourgeois more than Judy Albertson, no matter how she tries to spin it, e.g., to poly or not to poly?

          • Midwestern Verve Clicquot says:

            Agreed. This is someone whose daddy was shelling out 4k a month to live in a sterile box in Midtown. She’s lived in some awesome, vibrant city, and yet always picks the most basic neighborhood. Ensconced in an ivory tower in the Loop instead of in Pilsen or Ukrainian Village. Grifting an apartment in the Marina instead of shacking up in the Mission or Oakland where all the burners live. Marina del Bray instead of any of the bajillion funky little hoods in LA. Did she ever even venture into Brooklyn in the four years she lived in NYC?

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            Yeah: honestly, I live in a situation kind of like Ghostship (except an actual house, not made out of kindling, with a real staircase and no people using torches/parking RVs inside, also I keep my personal space very clean/not a fire hazard/free of any fungus, BUT).

            There is no way Julia lives like this. It’s even a lot/too much for me to handle sometimes and I have lived in a 1970s camper van before. She would shit her pants and run screaming the first time on of her 1,000,000 filthy inconsiderate housemates broke the toilet, and I can’t see her living with electricity restrictions due to subcode wiring or going without heat/climate control either.

    • Bunsy says:

      I know, me too. The whole thing is so goddamn heartbreaking.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Cute & Tiny did. Just a “My heart breaks for …” w/ a handful of responses. The reason I looked at her fb pg, I was trying to remember, was it she who’d made a derogatory remark about Oakland people? Just wondering if there’s a different context to it wrt specifically to the Ghost Ship scene that makes better sense now, but I can’t recall what & when to go look it up.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        Unlike some of her former compatriots, CL seems to have a big heart.

      • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

        I don’t think she meant to be derogatory, but she described some Black dudes attending a show as “Oakland types” and then gushed about how she was soooo surprised to find she and they had sooooo much in common after they had talked with her.

        She seemed to listen when people here called her out on that, though.

    • Pass the Nachos Please says:

      I know a bunch of people in Oakland and SF. They are artists or live in work/live spaces. One of them commented/shared a post from someone else about being circumspect in discussing or commenting about the fire, because of the concern of it drawing attention to the other alternative living spaces in Oakland.

      • Bunsy says:

        I have the impression that they are going to be inspecting ALL of them now. (And I’m sure they know where a lot of them are.)

        God forbid this tragedy happens again/anytime soon.

        If I lived in one of those places, I would start looking for another place to live. They are probably going to go after the landlord of the warehouse space, too.

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          Owner Chor Ng and tenant Derick Almena will both be charged with manslaughter, mark my words.

          • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

            At the very least, yes. I was listening to KQED today and it was all about the tragedy.

        • ShesJustStupid says:

          It’s all a larger conversation about where actual artists and art lives.Not woos. But real creatives. When Patti Smith is saying move to Detroit, maybe it will really resonate at some point. If what’s important is how you’re able to really create, then maybe the locale can change. As long as people think they need to be in CA and NYC to get exposure, we are going to have this problem. I’d like to think that talent, in this day and age, can transcend geography, but I don’t really believe it.

          Having said this, the woo Burning Man crowd can stay where they are.

          • my greg it's full of stars says:

            This has been going on for at least 5 years. Philadelphia has way more great artists than it should because there are so many people there who have been pushed out of NYC. Pittsburgh and Detroit are vacuuming up people who used to move to NY from the Midwest. North Carolina is another place no one would have thought about moving to for “arts” a few years ago but are now.

            But yeah — woos will always be where they most marks are at.

      • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

        My housemates are shitting their pants for this exact reason. They don’t want to go to jail if one of the idiots living here manages to light the place up by falling asleep with a ciggie or by plugging a vibrator and an iron in at the same time.

        The slumlord doesn’t care, though, as long as we don’t use AirBnB.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      Afraid of subpoenas.

  6. Stalker is the new ¿Que fuck? says:

    I stand by my original disgusted reaction to that swastika. Swastikas are never just coincidence. The guy that made the ghost ship said it’s a helter skelter type place and that he’s a mashup of Pol Pot and Charles Manson. Nice white supremacist trash you’ve ended up with, Julia.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      He actually might be trying to reclaim it as a Native American symbol, since they are all so far up the asses of Native Americans. My great aunt had a number of things with swastikas on them as a result of her campfire girl club memberships as a young girl, pre WWII. I remember finding a hand towel with swastikas, of all things, among her belongings after she died. I have good luck postcards from 1909 with swastikas on them.

      • Stalker is the new ¿Que fuck? says:

        but not if he’s explicitly claiming CHARLES MANSON as an influence, come on.

      • Veruca Salt Lick says:

        My family had a swastika adorned ceramic pitcher when I was a child. When I interrrogated my mother about it, she explained it was traditionally a Native American symbol, and I think this particular pitcher was an antique. It was actually a pretty blue color. Anyway, I just prayed none of my friends would notice it on display on the kitchen counter.

      • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

        I have a gold-filled bracelet from maybe the 1880s with swastikas on it. I am torn between just throwing it away and keeping it for the wtf factor.

        There is a Catholic church in Cambridge that has a little frieze going across the top with different religious symbols on it, and one of them was a swastika (church was built in 1915). They replaced that section at some point in the last 15-20 years, but it was a little o_O to walk by every day before that.

    • melting marionette says:

      the swastika also has origins in hindu and buddhist art.

      • Delicious Bowl of Wali Rahman says:

        Fun fact: The swastika tattoo on Ed Norton’s character’s chest in American History X was an homage to Hindu art.

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          Thank you! I’ve misinterpreted that movie for years!

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            This specific thread is maybe the best I have ever read on RBD, which is high praise.

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

      A woo grifting woos? How novel! Usually their tongues are stuck up each other’s rear ends as they shill each other’s scams.

  7. Fuckyo Nonburn says:

    The only reason I am skeptical her party was at the Ghost Ship is because she has yet to post some heartfelt missive about how precious life is and how freaky it is she was in the building two years before it burned down.

    • Fuckyo Nonburn says:

      Also, too, “Guy, nobody wants to see your pubes.”

      I’m reminded of a dude walking the lot at a Dead show about a thousand years ago trying to sell my group acid. He had no shirt, and his pants were “strategically” set in the same manner.

      Guys, nobody wants to see our pubes.

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

      You think Donkey and her gang want to be associated with the charred bodies found in a filthy flophouse? Where’s the Native American glamour in that?

      Julia indicated that she and her slimy tribe, including Ghost Ship organizer Lewis, were heading over to his sex party after the meet & greet & eat. She looks rather out of it in the photos she posted pre sex party, and she’d learned to tease and keep a lid somewhat on her shenanigans by late 2014.

    • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

      Whether or not Judy was there, Philippe certainly was. Photos on his fb feed dated Decmber 31, 2014 (including the swastika photo) clearly depict the Ghost Ship interior: https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t35.0-12/s960x960/10893240_10153082926292494_1078509258_o.jpg?oh=fcb5d1e6f3b359c169ed022d2c204af2&oe=5849EACF

    • Jenna's Lions says:

      Yeah I highly doubt our Jujubees crossed the bridge to Oakland for more tantric sex play in a warehouse. She’s still a priss.

  8. Malformed Face says:

    Guys, tickets are going fast!

  9. Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

    Apparently Derick’s child found a used condom at the Ghost Ship following the 2015 New Year’s sex party, and the incident made its way into the CPS report that resulted in the removal of his children. Derick confronted Phillipe Lewis about it, to which Phillipe basically responded, shit happens at orgies. An altercation ensued, and Phillipe and another promoter filed restraining orders against Derick. http://www.mercurynews.com/2016/12/05/oakland-fire-court-docs-show-history-of-conflicts-involving-ghost-ship-leader/

    Klassy company, Donks.

    Also, taking this information together with the tipster who recently wrote in about that New Year’s event — is the thought that the folks at the pictured house party traveled (in the pictured bus?) to the Ghost Ship for the orgy? The tipster described activities in a “play room” etc. that sounded to be in a house rather than a warehouse. She also described the events taking place over a weekend, and January 1 2015 was a Thursday. So perhaps the party continued at the house following the Ghost Ship event?

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

      Wasn’t the whole weekend a big woo blowout? I’m assuming Julie and her gang did make it over to Philippe “now there’s a face for radio” Lewis’s sex party for at least a few hours. It was definitely on the agenda.

    • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

      The more I read on this the more I want those kids taken away forever. I can’t imagine subjecting your children to that environment. Meth, used condoms, a staircase made of toothpicks. I was under the impression that anyone could stay as long as they wanted as long as they paid. I’d image a drugged out orgy “rented” the place for a few days.

      • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

        It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Those poor kids.

      • Midwestern Verve Clicquot says:

        Don’t forget – sometimes no running water. Which is ridiculous when you live in a developed urban area like Oakland, and even more ridiculous when the guy clearly had enough money to spend on drugs and traveling.

        • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

          CPS 4ever.

          However, he seems like the type of megalomaniac narcissist who would just make more offspring to replace the ones who were taken away.
          Naturally forced sterilization is not a great thing, but in cases like this, I do wish the court could force this guy to have a vasectomy. Guess life in prison will do the same trick, though.

  10. Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

    I’d completely forgotten about this freak show from the New Year’s weekend blowout:

    “This New Years I attended an epically creative party with the theme “Living Art,” in which about 10 of the participants performed during a Performance section. Feeling held by the love of the other guests, friends of mine from Burning Man and San Francisco, I took a creative risk and chose to do an interpretive dance to this essay I wrote (read by a very talented girlfriend of mine). It was one of the most expressed moments of my life.


    We are all artists, and our life is our canvas.

    We paint with emotion on a canvas of time and space. Our stories are our art, and there is a story in all of us that wants to be lived fully. Some stories are messy, some tragic, some shocking, some achingly beautiful. Some are well known, some aren’t ever told … but in the end, that’s all this “life” thing is. A billion stories, interwoven. Some threads tangled, some braided intricately, some long, some cut tragically short … Threads making up a massive fabric … this great experiment we’re all a part of … here for a moment, to create art, to dance together, to experience every possible
    permutation of this human existence, this living art.

    We are all artists, and our life is our canvas.

    What kind of art we created, what kind of love we made, how we danced, how we sang, how we walked through life … The aching beauty of the flickering flame, the flame of a tiny life. How can we live so fully that we break the boundaries of our minuscule existence, how can we leap so high that we fall into a world bigger than ourselves?

    We are all artists, and our life is our canvas.

    Through music. Silence. Breath. Dance. Celebration. Love making. Nature. Through words that lift us into another world. Stories that remind us that we are more than these bodies. Through gut wrenching, soul crushing heartbreak. Moments of darkness so black we believe we have become blind, fog so thick we cannot breathe, only to wake up and find unexpected clarity: sunshine so bright it’s a blur of white light, air so clear and crisp we’re inhaling pure consciousness itself.

    We are all artists, and this life is our canvas.

    Excruciating. Ecstatic. Sometimes in the same week. Sometimes in the same day. Sometimes in the same hour … sometimes even the same minute, then second, until you realize you’re living a paradox: you are experiencing simultaneously a sensation so intense, it is both agony and euphoria. You are alive; both chained and free in the same moment. Your choices set you free. Your choices chain you. It’s all perspective – and that can change in an instant, with a single breath. Inhale, mmm. Exhale, ahhh..

    We are all artists, and our life is our canvas.

    If we’re going to incarnate, we want to go ALL THE FUCKING WAY. We want to be ALL of who we are. So USE US, we scream to the divine. Use us up! Allow us to embody this life FULLY, all the extremes, as much as we can take, until we are exhausted heaps at the end of this incarnation … old, wrinkled, all of our lessons learned, all of our hard-earned wisdom given back, every ounce screaming, “We did it!!! We lived completely, there is nothing left for this go round. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, God. Thank you divine spirit. Thank you for this completely unique human experience. All of it. The pain. The confusion. The joy. The doubt. The magic. The moments of feeling SO LOST. The moments of feeling SO FOUND. The moments that
    we didn’t want to be here anymore … the moments we didn’t want it to ever end.”

    Because we are artists, and our life is our canvas.

    Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale … Inhale … Exhale …”

    Wheeze … Choke … Vomit … Wheeze … Choke … Vomit …


    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      Eh, doesn’t hold a candle to Fucoid Fairies.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      “…in which about 10 of the participants performed during a Performance section.”

      Everything she writes sounds like it comes out of a fifteen year old’s diary.

      • Nosferatu-tu says:

        She just happened to have the essay with her for her friend to read when Donk spontaneously, held by love, decided to do her epileptic dance?

  11. Handbag Is Merging Her Two Identities says:

    God, the chaos in that building. The distance between the lives the woo pretend to lead and the real thing is so clear now.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        She recalls: ‘There was a sex orgy, like a swingers party held here on New Year’s Eve 2014/15. They rented the place out for it and I said no, other people said no but they still went ahead and there was like 2-300 people, two floors of people.

        ‘They had blocked my area off and the music was so loud you couldn’t really hear stuff but they were rocking my trailer.

        ‘I had to go out and tell them to get off my trailer, they were having sex up there.’

        Mack said the organizers of the sex party didn’t clean up properly and used condoms were found littered on the floor.

        • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

          The woos will spin it that at least they were having “safe sex.” Not unless the condoms were made of titanium wrapped in steel wool would having sex with a woo ever be safe.

    • grammarian says:

      coat ghouls, towel curtains are a step up from that place, that looks like a breeding ground for dysenterry and plague

  12. peltamania says:


    Regarding operator of Ghost Ship and his wife:

    “The pair was part of an alternative scene in California that revolved around Burning Man and other festivals, music, a broad spirituality and drugs, acquaintances said.”

    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Bunsy says:

      “alternative scene” — don’t feed or care for your children properly.

    • Veruca Salt Lick says:

      This makes me so angry. It makes me so angry that these people were given the gift of having children and they mistreat and neglect them in this manner. I probably cannot have children due to cancer treatment I underwent in my twenties and it’s a source of real grief for me so when I see these sorts of people, it leaves me nearly enraged.

      • Ali Shanti's Pubic Lice says:

        I’m sorry, Veruca.

      • The Tortuous and the Hair says:

        I’m sorry 🙁

        Don’t know when this will be widely available, but it might be something you can keep an eye on & it may offer some hope:


        I just read it yesterday so it was fresh in my mind.

        • Veruca Salt Lick says:

          Thank you so much. Big hugs to you, Tortuous. This made me cry. I can’t express how much hope this gives me for all of us. I’m so happy to know there’s hope for young female cancer survivors. I harvested and froze my eggs three times in the past three years. Unfortunately, I was unable to produce as many as a normal healthy woman and can count of my fingers the number I have in the freezer now. In fact, the last time I did it, I only produced one viable egg and the doctor told me immediately after the procedure that there were other options for me like adoption or a donor egg. I wailed so badly I startled the nurses. 🙂 I’m participating in a NIH sponsored research study on fertility in young women after cancer. It’s the first of its kind and I’m so grateful for it. I know none of these studies or advances may benefit me directly, but I’m greatful they may help others avoid suffering from this.

          • Albie Quirky says:

            I’m so sorry. That sounds both frustrating and heartbreaking.

          • Nosferatu-tu says:

            Hugs, Veruca. You have a big heart and are very special for participating in the trial so that others may benefit in the future. I hope that you are blessed with a child, or receive peace with the situation as best as possible. xxxx

      • Gimme Pig of Love says:


        I'm so sorry, Veruca. This is heart breaking.

  13. Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

    In the New York Post:

    The man who ran the illegal “Ghost Ship” artist enclave in Oakland — where at least 36 people died in a fire on Friday night — was a deadbeat dad who neglected his kids to hold drug-fueled sex parties inside the warehouse, according to family and friends.

    A pair of caregivers for Derick Ion Almena’s three children told the Daily Mail that the free-spirited 46-year-old would often leave the youngsters with them for up to five days at a time while he got strung out with his wife, Micah Allison, and gallivanted in Bali and other places.

    “They were crazy. I remember having conversations with Micah. She would say, ‘Oh, we danced under the moon, it was this transcendent experience,’” recalled Mariah Benavides, who was just 16-years-old when she started watching Almena’s three kids, ages 14, 8 and 5 today.


    Deadbeat dad? More interested in “transcendent” experiences in Bali than in feeding the kids? This sounds familiar.

    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      They all look/seem alike to me somehow: Deadbeat Dad, Mental Dental, Papa Chevalier, Sex-lord Philippe, and now this Murderer-Manager. They all blend together as one in my mind.

      • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

        It is no wonder the woos have been silent on the Oakland tragedy despite their clear connection to the Ghost House / Derick. The news media is exposing these lunatics for the criminally reckless, self-centered, drug-addled pieces of shit that they are. All of their enlightened artist bullshit is just that.

        Imagine what would happen if some newsworthy incident occurred at chez Shantitown . . .

        • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

          I was just on Reddit for a bit and was literally tapping to the left of your username in a futile attempt to upvote this.

          I feel bad for others who will lose their non-code-conforming housing as a result of the inevitable crackdown following this disaster, because many just can’t afford anything better/safer, but I shed not a tear for the people profiting off this bullshit and others’ lack of housing options.

          • Tingolayo says:

            This, and the fact that King Woo doubly profited by charging rent for this hellhole, AND charging for loud, dirty parties that were held in his paying tenants’ living space.

            Not that I would believe anything this deranged weirdo says, but he claimed he tried to charge Donkey’s tribe an extra cleaning fee because they left the place so filthy after their NYE orgy. “Bio hazards” was the term he used. Just because DerICK is a loon, doesn’t mean that Lord Philippe didn’t trash the place.

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            <3 and +1

            Fuck this dude, and all dudes like him, with tha devil's dick.

            Der-ICK Delus-Ion is his name to me now, btw.

    • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

      That interview is heartbreaking. The kids crying for their parents as they attended a three-day drug filled orgy.

    • Epictetus Joke says:

      “She found the youngest, who was three, chewing on a used condom.”

      They are artists, and their life is their canvas.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Was eating soup when I came to that part, couldn’t set it down fast enough & slam shut my laptop. Kneejerk for sure but that shit had me seeing red & gagging all at once. Those poor babies.

        I hope someone adopts the kids & legally changes their names — I would donate to that cause.

      • Bunsy says:

        Oh Christ, I missed that. Pigs.

      • Darling dearest communicates with grace says:

        this is making me extra rage-y

    • Acme Bench Beep Beep says:

      Laflimflam of the Swiss couple had to fetch her rV from Oakland when she went to the playa.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        Interesting … we’ll be checking in with her and Deadbeat Dad and a few other folks tomorrow.

  14. ShesJustStupid says:

    Donks put up a new photo and the fillers are in!

  15. i.just.can't. says:

    how long does it take for fillers to settle? is that what it’s supposed to look like? why does she always look so muppety after? wtf is she wearing? i have so many questions!

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

      A curious girl in a curious world!

      • Morrocanwear Loves You Rain says:

        Look at her finger pointing at all of the words! Too bad she didn’t have a giant highlighter with her.

    • Razzmatazz says:

      The squinty eyes and agape mouth in that pic make her look like Janice from the Electric Mayhem band on the Muppet Show.

      That Brit & Co pop-up shop also has lettering on a wall exclaiming “Color Outside the Lines!” I guess with her support of California secession Brit thinks there are enough emotionally stunted CA housewives who want to pretend they’re still in preschool to support her business.

    • ShesJustStupid says:

      She does always have the same muppet look after getting fillers. It’s not attractive and it AGES her.

      She’s wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass, of course!

    • BunnyBingo says:

      Funny how she never wears the woo sh!t around people with money she wants to impress, like the Morins.
      She’s back to Cutesy Preppy Sausage Curls. And are those Moon boots she’s wearing?

  16. BunnyBingo says:

    Omg, this Ghost Ship thing is so sad and disgusting. The poor kids who lived there.

    Anybody willing to have an orgy in that nightmarish place must have been off their face.

    • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

      I have been tempted to reply to every comment posted here with, simply, “Drugs.”

    • Eh... says:

      Frankly, it’s shocking how little people know how to do “things” in this day and age. I dabbled in my youth, I’m sure she was well on her way before they left for that slummy tinderbox, and whatever drug she was on made the place seem “epic”. I thought my new apartment complex had a plant filled pool cabana with Morrocan tile – I was very disappointed the next time I visited, sober. It was the most basic and sterile corporate apartment building pool. Beige on beige.

      • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

        Probably it’s that Judy is square AF. She lives and breathes beige on beige, so any departure from that seems “epic” to her. Drugs just add to the experience/enhance her confusion.

        Maybe the Judy transbraytion of “epic” = “anything I don’t understand but think is kind of pretty”?

        • Eh... says:

          Yes, I agree she’s square as AF – my point was the drugs probably made this squalor infested hell hole seem magical…crap from Bali and fire everywhere, filth obscured by the lack of natural lighting, etc.

          Unrelated but related, Julia is gross. In every aspect of her life.

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            It’s cool, you did a good job at communicating: I was just trying to trash talk her some on top of what you said and did a bad job of it because, as it would happen, drugs.

            Also, and this is sincere, I’m sorry your pool was not really that cool. It sounded pretty awesome with the, umm err, enhancements.

  17. highly curated box of candy canes says:

    supposedly the kids were removed by child protective services and lived for a few months over the summer in los angeles, only to be returned in the fall

    not sure how the kids ended up back in there, unless they lied and said they were living someplace else

    • Midwestern Verve Clicquot says:

      He put out a call to action on Facebook for his community to call the CPS case manager as character witnesses and even provided a script with suggested talking points. That’s how. Asshole.

      • Tingolayo says:

        That’s a Mental Dental move right there.

        • ShesJustStupid says:

          This thing has mental dental all over it, albeit ina smaller community. Kids exposed to drugs and “community living.” Bam! No custody. He’s still trying to get his relationship with them back. This woo world is whack.

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

            Mod makes note to self: Should we have bailed on Mental Dental? Is he worth a revisit in light of recent events? Naw …

          • Malformed Face says:

            Gilly, YES, YES YES!

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            If and when he makes actual news associated with Donkey and her tribe, maybe it would be a good idea. In the meantime he’s found Jesus and is boring as shit.

          • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

            Found Jesus? Was he caught in the lint trap again?

  18. highly curated box of candy canes says:

    OT and maybe helps lighten things up a bit:

    the colorado cannibus enthusiast now known as PimpLion posted a video on youtube. it is a freestyle hip hop essay of all things woo. not bad for an amateur. lyrics are very telling.

    must see for any basement dwellers wishing to fulfill their RBD continuing education requirements by the end of the calendar year

    • highly curated box of candy canes says:

      upon receipt of your $199 course fee, i will email you a certificate showing 1.5 cue’s earned. please retain for your records.

      you can also pre-register for the 2017 course at the one-time discount price of $149.

      • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

        Thank you for the much needed laugh, hcbocc. You must have to attend some sort of CLE as you hit the nail on the head.

    • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

      Is he stoned 24/7? Jesus, Fozzie, take a fucking bath.

      Those lyrics are very telling:

      “What’s up with all these 43-year-old women actin’ like they 16, taking mushrooms, acid, LSD, every single weekend that they feel like they can be.”

      Yoo hoo, Skankatron! Another ex has your number.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        JFAing myself to add that Fozzie posted this back in October and has NO likes and one thumbs down.

        Don’t quit your day job!

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          Still not done. If this bum were my kid and I’d sent his lazy ass through college and this is how he repaid me, I’d cash in my chips.

          • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

            I think he needs a lot of mental health treatment that he isn’t getting, but it for sure must be frustrating to his parents either way.

          • Bunsy says:

            I’d send his lazy ass to WEST POINT and wake him the fuck up! (Talk about workin’ for the man!) xo

            They’d cut his hair, have room inspection (do you think he knows how to make a bed?) and have him do about 4,000 pushups a day, for starters. Oh, and he’d probably have to bathe, too.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:
          • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

            Hey now, Burger King Fozzie is an accomplished AUTHOR at BOOK! “Angledons: The Warrior Tribe that Saved Earth” is available on Amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N9D32HP

            I am tempted to read the (free) BOOK if only to learn whether Fozzie intended to write about Angles or Angels. Paging Morocconwear!

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina says:

            JFAing to say I’m leaning toward “Angels” after reading Fozzie’s intro bit about the chaos that erupted on earth after Cain killed “Able.”

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            Poor Fozzie. I can’t think that all will end well for him. I hope his parents are keeping close watch. The residual anger he is showing is not a good sign of mental health. At least he is pursuing some creative outlets. He’s floundered around for a long time now trying to throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Other than his underwear, that is.

      • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

        He’s the Taylor Needs-A-Swift-Kick-To-The-Nuts of song writing.

      • BunnyBingo says:

        “What’s up with all these 43 year old women in our community?”
        So lyrical.

    • Tingolayo says:

      I still say that PimpLion is such a brilliant name, I’m amazed that it didn’t come from RBD.

      • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

        Was going to post this very thing if you didn’t. He is the grift that keeps on giving.

    • BunnyBingo says:

      It’s actually not that bad when you listen to the whole thing. It could be cleaned up a bit(drop the 43 year old references).
      Some interesting commentary on the total nightmare that is woo free love life 24/7.

      • bray D bunch says:

        i agree, not bad, probably some of his better stuff

        i do wonder what song/music is being used for the background check, it does have a catchy beat

        • LickedRandisCake says:

          Ok, you and Bunny Bingo now owe me. Based on your reviews of this not being that bad, I actually did something I said I’d never do again….listen to PimpLion “music”. I was punked!!!!

          That said, all I ever see in his lyrics is a guy who is very, very bitter about whatever the Shantress did to him. His next video should be someone giving him a doll and asking him to point to all the places Ali hurt him.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        Yes, very melodic. A future Leonard Cohen? Will Judy one day be singing PimpLion acapella?

    • Veruca Salt Lick says:

      I watched this in the bathroom because you know the accoustics better in there.

  19. Winchester House of Fauxtoshoots, Microphones, & Ghosted Book Deals says:

    Oh how lovely the people at TEGNA NBC decided to give Derick and his wife their 15 minutes on the Today show.

    • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

      JFA’ing If you can watch that and not want to kick that guy in the face or feel embarrassed from Matt Lauer, you’re a better person and I am. I suspect Lauer, Almena, JA have more in common than people might think.

    • bray D bunch says:

      these neo hippie a$$holes and grifters use and abuse the term ‘artist’ as a ploy to gain sympathy and legitimacy for their bohemian lifestyle and $hitty surroundings

      hamsters keep a cleaner cage than these vermin

      unfortunate that there were probably some decent people and some legit artists who were sucked in and gave the place a try and got way more than they bargained for

    • bray D bunch says:

      also he might want to seek some legal advice before doing interviews

      no doubt civil and criminal actions are pending

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        This. Doing that interview was a really dumb move, particularly when it’s evident Almena has fried his brain on drugs.

        • Princess WideStance says:

          He was “lured” into that lease! It’s not his fault! He was just trying to bring forth a revolution of love and art, man.

          Oh, and meth. A revolution of meth.

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            Hopefully this idiotic decision cherry atop his crass and terrible sundae of terrible decisions will aid the prosecution immensely.

          • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

            A jury will love that video and he’s the type of asshole client that won’t listen to his attorneys because he thinks he’s brilliant. He’ll refuse a plea deal and he’ll want to take the stand in his own defense. Drugs are bad.

      • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

        A long prison sentence is in this idiot’s future. I’m glad he made this stupid move if it means a faster trip for him to a different kind of communal living.

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          … though I think a prison cell would actually be more sanitary than living conditions in Oakland were.

  20. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    From the “Creative Director” of the Ghost Ship, Max Ohr aka Max Harris:

    Max Ohr
    December 31, 2014 ·

    Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die… NYE is approaching and the sound systems are loaded in, juice is flowing, and at least 3 walls have been taken down. BOOM.

    Max Ohr
    January 1, 2015 ·

    Is a shame this is a no pictures event…

    Sept’ 2015: A yes pictures event = woos getting busy back there in that canopy

    In another, he whines about facebook feds & “the man” keeping ’em down.
    I can imagine feds have crawled his pg pretty thoroughly by now.

    • Tingolayo says:

      Are there trees inside? WTF?

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        THAT is outdoors. There are several pics I’ve seen where a lot of the interior stuff was out of doors at some point or another, like in that one video where it looks like a flea mkt was going on.

        • Bunsy says:

          A FLEA market… oh, Jesus — don’t joke!

          I just feel sorry for the poor children involved with this couple. Hopefully, they will be okay and have a more stable life.

    • BunnyBingo says:

      Can you imagine the conditions in which people were having group sex? I just can’t believe people would screw in there after seeing the Daily Mail pics.

      • Tingolayo says:

        The event blurb from Shit Lord Philippe mentions “twisted staircases” (nice) and “comfy pillows and sofas for cuddling.” Let me get this straight: you pay rent to live in an “artists collective.” Your landlord rents out your communal living space to ANOTHER party promoter, who holds an orgy with a bunch of strangers on your sofa and your pillows.

        Strangers have sex on your sofa cushions. Tho evolveth.

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          It’s utterly disgusting. Charging tenants and then kicking them out so people could fuck on their furniture?

          • Delicious Bowl of Wali Rahman says:

            Hey, maybe they offered free admission as part of the rent so you can see which fluids–and whose–caused the stains on your pillows?

          • Morrocanwear Loves You Rain says:

            That’s so Julia! Never forget sex on the friend’s sofa and sex on the wookie rug in front of the romantic fireplace in the Airbnb.

          • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

            I wonder if Alexander Marquardt, who’s not aging well, ever regrets banging a donkey?

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            If you asked him today, he’d probably reply, “Who?”

    • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

      Tried to count how many bodies were getting it on and think at least 3, but one is in a really weird spot, so can’t be sure.

      The woman’s face watching the fire-spinner is a really good sensible-audience proxy.

    • Ali Shanti's Pubic Lice says:

      Fuck, I’ve crawled his page pretty thoroughly, and his wife’s too.

      How do you lose the use of your hands through drug use? Her dad said her hands were unusable claws. How fuck?

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Drug toxicity causing neural damage? Just a guess. If that’s the case, she’s probably got worse to look forward to. No sympathy.

        There is a tell-tale hand condition indicative of Cocaine abuse, but my understanding of it is that it’s a killing off of the nail bed which results in spooned nails, not clawed fingers or dexterity issues.

      • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

        I peripherally know someone who lost one arm below the elbow because he nodded out while lying on it and lost circulation to it for enough hours that docs weren’t able to save it.

  21. bray D bunch says:

    what is up with the faux vag on the guy in b&w above the bottom pic?

    is there an official name for that?

    or did i just make up one?

  22. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    Other than it being a ghastly maybe-coincidence, what does (possibly) having attended a party at Ghost Ship have to do with Julia being a twat? I freely admit that I have attended many warehouse parties in my dim and distant past and never once did I say to Gaius Caligula (hail Lady Drusilla!) “Gee, Cal, if there isn’t a well-lighted series of multiple exits and plenty of fire extinguishers so we can put out any sparks if one of the burning arrows is shot out of the arena, it’s a total no-go”. No, I just went, danced my ass off, oohed and ahhed when the gladiator killed the rabid boar and went home (“clubbing” had a much more literal interpretation back in my day).

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      That said, the owner of that death trap is a pile of shit who I hope gets everything coming to him.

      I just don’t think people attending events are responsible for the condition of the place where the event is held.

      • grammarian says:

        no but the ones organizing them are

        • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

          Yes, and I don’t think anyone was indicating Judy was responsible for the filthy firetrap where the sex party was held. The story is RBD newsworthy because Judy was hanging with Phillipe Lewis that evening, supposedly went to the Ghost Ship with him and the rest of her tribe, among other seemingly drug-fueled activities that weekend, and that party and its aftermath, including Lewis’s confrontation with manager Almena, have been all over the media.

    • Midwestern Verve Clicquot says:

      That is why I wonder if, during their time spent at the Ghost Ship, more illegal things happened.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      To me it is the Camp Mystic connection via Philippe Lewis, who hosted sex parties there until a falling out. Just a glimpse into one of her group’s subcultures.

      Not responsible, for sure, but a sign of the reckless hedonism that pervades her “tribe” and to me, it shows why the Burning Man culture is so attractive to libertarians who could give a rat’s ass about other people beside themselves, or conforming to such social norms as building codes. Taking Burning Man to the real world by creating a mini-version of it it within a warehouse. It is only ironically fitting that it ended the same way.

      • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

        Just JFAing that I am not blaming the victims. I can understand why people want to experience escapism and art and entertainment and a feeling of community. But underlying all this are people who are pretending to be enlightened but exploiting others and profiting in huge ways. It is the same stuff we have been talking about ever since Donkey got involved with the woos.

      • AWO says:

        Ha, they’re not libertarians. They’re socialists who think rules don’t apply to them. I’m pretty sure the Ghost Ship, Julia, and all of Oakland were Feelin’ the Burn (pun intended).

        • Grifty Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

          Au contraire. Many of the top people in Burning Man org are libertarians, as are many Silicon Valley types. This is easily researched if you care to check.

          • Winchester House of Fauxtoshoots, Microphones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

            Many of the Silicon Valley types are Republicans. Venture Capital Billionaires for starters.

          • AWO says:

            I’m speaking of the “artist” community seeking to have society subsidize their extended adolescence. Burning Man is a hybrid of that community and other communities, of which libertarians are a part. I’m pretty sure none of the woos even know who Gary Johnson is. Sanders, on the other hand, is a household (or should I say warehouse) word.

            It would be so much better if these people joined the Army or the Peace Corp instead of tweedling around looking for the next handout while violating every housing code known to man.

          • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

            Google burning man libertarian for the articles. For some reason I can’t post links here under this user name.

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            Most modern “socialists” are actually libertarians who have never read Marx and think “Engels” is something you learned, then quickly forgot about, in Algebra class. Citation: knowing them, along with tons of Berners from my generation.

            This is why I have said Bernie is not a true socialist, he is a libertarian, because he appealed so hardcore to these libertarians who now call themselves socialists because Bernie called himself a socialist.

            Please forgive this bit of amateur sociology.

          • dinkle donkle says:

            ^This. I have leftist tendencies and I supported Bernie, not because I believed he is a socialist/Socialist, but because I thought he was the best option in the primaries. Dude is not a socialist. The scourge of Brocialists who are really libertarians who haven’t done any reading annoy the crap out of me and I live across the street from one. I was a sociology major and I pulled out all my classical theory texts after the election and now I’m like everyone needs to read The Conquest of Bread.

        • bray D bunch says:


          the term ‘libertarian’ has been hijacked by the neo hippies to mean that they are ‘liberated’ from societal norms and live a care free life with no real responsibilities

          all the while expecting society to look after them and pick up the tab for public services and basic/mundane things like health care

          • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

            Holy sh, so it is an ouroboros of suck and misappropriating terms on either side.

            The people I know and have to be around are definitely classic libertarians (“you can’t tell ME what to do!!! #legalizeit #fuckthepolice”) who call themselves socialists because they want to have government-sponsored housing and free college to give them a better leg up in the equally free market. The two ideologies make a fucking ugly and nonsensical hybrid.

    • 8 dollar grapefruit says:

      Yes, I agree. I have been thinking, ‘there but for the grace of God’… when I remember all the parties I went to and was so irritated at the cops for coming to break up.

  23. bray D bunch says:

    ghost ship is the real world version of ‘co-housing’ or whatever the woos call it in their lectures to the rest of us on how we should all be living like that

  24. my greg it's full of stars says:

    I used to wonder how Julia went from NYC drainbow to rancid Bay Area rainbow. I get it now. This is a story about abuse, greed, heartlessness that would make the supposed “mainstream” culture they’re supposedly rebelling against blush. And it’s so obvious from listening to these pieces of trash for five seconds. This would be a religious cult if people still believed in religion anymore. Instead it fills the same screaming void in the soul of people like Julia that religious cults used to — filling them up with recycled spirituality and hippie-dippie bullshit.

    How can anyone live a life of lies and self-deception like this is just beyond me. I’d actually feel better if they were at least devoted to a cause other than making their genitals feel good and making a quick buck.

    • Hot Foot Lurch is Not My Guru says:

      This. Just finished writing a similar post above.

    • [temporarily redacted vulgar username], presence the unseen says:

      Genuinely beautiful writing.

    • grammarian says:

      saw a clip with the derek creature on the today show; even the slimy matt lauer was horrified; i just wanted to make art, man, with beautuful people, man and i worked so hard …. are you accountable for this? HOW CAN YOU ASK ME A QUESTION LIKE THAT WHEN I AM HURTING SO MUCH? interview over

      • my greg it's full of stars says:


        I hope this is a moment when the people on the periphery of this bullshit subculture stop and think about what they’re doing and the gigantic self-indulgent fraud they’re a part of. I’m not optimistic because they wouldn’t be so cringeworthy if introspective thought and self-examination was a strong-suit, but I hope some of them will.

  25. Imperious Cunt says:

    Why do people even still care about her and post here? She’s just a sad loser now. She’s not going on TV. She’s not publishing columns. She’s not shilling some fake book. She’s not trying to live a public life seemingly in any way. Now she’s just some random pathetic druggie living off her parents money.

    I’ve been around here forever, all the way back to the “parsing” Julia days. And wasn’t that the whole point? The parsing? Fact-checking whatever lie-filled nonsense she put out in an attempt to be a fameball and force the entire Internet to like her? To go from that to a site pretty much fueled by “anonymous tipsters” and the like just seems like sad obsessive stalking at this point.

    Don’t get me wrong if she forced her raft ass onto another reality show, or she did go on a book tour, or she started showing up on TV again as an “exthpert” on love or whatever I’d be all for it, but she’s finished. She’s failed. Any comeuppance she deserved she’s gotten 10x over now, and she’s just a lonely, drug addled loser. Doesn’t the continued focus on such an inconsequential nothing person (who seems to be mentally ill) at this point say more about us than her?

    • grammarian says:

      don’t you have bills to pay?

      • Imperious Cunt says:

        Are you implying someone is paying their bills by running this site?

        • Handbag Is Merging Her Two Identities says:

          She only recently defaulted on a book contract with St. Martin’s, and she lied about it right up until she couldn’t anymore. This phase of her life is as temporary as any other, and she’ll want to be back in the public eye soon.

          • Winchester House of Faxutoshoots, Mircophones & Ghosted Book Deals says:

            This. She’s not the the public eye by choice and would trade in the latest dj carnie for anyone who would give her an ounce of fame again. She’s an ongoing case study of pathological lies (ahem airbnb-eviction).

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            This. And in the meantime, the circus sideshow of grifters, wannabes, entitled trustafarians, and flakes she is associating with is endlessly amusing and occasionally disturbing.

            Not to mention her shape-shifting from faux-hippie back to Silicon Valley plaid-skirted, sausage-curled darling, as evidenced in her latest post, pretending to be working with Brit & Co. simply because she points at their slogans and poses against their trade show walls as if she invented them. She hasn’t changed, she’s just cloaking herself to hang on to ILYRAIN because he doesn’t like his personal life broadcast on FB.

        • Albie Quirky Sending Hugs says:

          No, that was something Judy Albertson once said to someone on one of the site’s predecessors. It’s a joke.

          This is an anti-fan site for a former very minor celebrity. The Internet is full of odd niche sites, and many are odder than this. Maybe it’s not for you, which is fine; the “Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm” site might still be up, so.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Is that you, MareMare?

    • Helena (Slutty Minnie Castevet) says:

      Speaking for myself, I don’t actually care that much what being on this site says about me OR her. There are tons of smart funny people here. That’s why I’m not going anywhere.

      • Gilly Blake, CEO, Donkey Disparagement Industry Gilly, International Shirtless DJ of Mystery says:

        And several of them possess excellent research skills, which makes my job easier.

        As Mamma Jacy likes to say, RBD WILL NEVER DIE!!

    • Veruca Salt Lick says:

      If she didn’t want her life to be public, she wouldn’t label herself a public figure on Facebook and she would have made her posts private.

    • Jenna's Lions says:

      You might be trolling; but I’ll bite. I come here for catharsis as well. I have a friend who is very much like Julia. I can’t openly talk shit on her to others because; well that’s a great way to lose friends. Some of us will exchange eyerolls every now and then when she says or does something particularly egregious but that’s all we can do, and I can’t be the person that talks shit on her all the time to everyone. So I come here and read people bashing Julia for posting articles on Facebook she clearly hasn’t read to seem smart and woke (my friend does this; she does not read the real news in any way. Gets it all from Facebook and comedy show sound bytes, but will post a long form NYT article to make people think she’s intellectual). Or making fun of Julia for tooting her own horn about her status as an influencer when really she barely works (my friend works, but inflates her level of importance constantly, and quite frankly isn’t nearly as high up the corporate ladder as she thinks she is). Or ragging on the fact that Julia has more money than sense (my friend crowd sources things on social media to drop hints that she’s going on yet another vacation or “what no limit international airline credit card is best?” when if she had any class she would research these things herself). I also hate that Julia has adopted SF as her “home” with Daddy’s money and is an actual tangible part of the problem when it comes to the housing crisis here. Like Julia my friend is is an egomaniac and tends to “dish it out but can’t take it” if you will anytime someone dares to disagree with her world view or isn’t fawning over her. So it’s cathartic for me. It lets me vent, whether I comment or not. People here are smart and funny. I snort laugh constantly. So there ya go.

    • cakez says:

      I’m here for the fine-ass honies. Duh.

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