Updated: Donkey Is Tweeting & Crowdsourcing & Trolling Us, Right?



Might we recommend …


Political Pundit Donkey is putting her self-professed “useless” degree in Government to good use with her first tweets in months. She could have been Hillary Clinton’s speechwriter!


Donkey, have you consulted with Marc Gafni, your former, disgraced self-wedding officiant, about that 13-year-old girl?


Update: We are evolving … but only in Marin County!



  1. Do I warn my dental hygienist s-i-l to bolo for La Donk?
    LOL … How does one broach THAT conversation?

    • I’d start with “a loudmouth, possibly concerned with thrush, comes into your office…” she’ll totally get it from there.

  2. The hotel I’m staying at tonight classifies this site as pornography, according to its Internet filter.

    Judy’s political scolds are just that obscene, I guess?

  3. If she thinks spinning 30 years of experience as a negative is something, wait’ll she hears what happened during John Kerry’s presidential run.

  4. Oh Donkey, haven’t you figured out yet that anyone you endorse really has opposite effect? You really should rally for Trump so that people will vote for your intended Hillary. There’s your new business model donkey, campaign sabotage. Clinton’s side could pay you to endorse Trump to drive votes to her. (That’s not a compliment, fyi).

    As Gilly pointed out, having a known child rapist scheduled to officiate your self-indulgent, self-wedding makes you a hypocrite at best and soulless fuck who shamed rape victims by choosing to ignore the facts.

    And while I fully think Trump is capable of raping I also fully think that Clinton’s husband, equally as capable of raping. Your arguments are unbalanced and immature, just like you donkey.

  5. Ha, trolling indeed…

    “Who gives a fuck about conscious dentists? Just wanted to imply Rain and I are a couple!”

    • It’s fall now, and festival groupie season is nearly over, so it is time for ILYRAIN to hit up the old equine fallback’s clam dungeon.

    • Exactly!

      Remember when she was with Derpin (the greatest love the world has ever known) and every 5 words she said 2 were “my boyfriend”?

    • She’s Not Interested in Europe. So what the fuck does she know about travelling or keeping to a schedule or delicate negotiations?

      • This. Only uneducated assholes living in Dubuque use “third world” to describe developing nations in 2016.

        That degree keeps paying off, Donkey!

  6. Oh no! I thought Swainy Todd was banished from here! It’s like when your least favorite character on a TV show you’re watching just pops up for a sweeps episode.

  7. I’m still trying to wrap my head around Shanti homeschooling her kid and the boyfriend living with them who on earth are HIS parents that they’re on board with this? Does he get up and go to high school, while his girlfriend takes makeup lessons?

    It sounds like her daughter got into drinking and drugs. Then expressed an interest in makeup, modeling, dancing, singing and DJing. Lol. So Mom has decided to help her realize these very basic teenaged dreams by pulling her out of school?

    Now we know why she’s mourning the end of her travel time. This will never last.

    • I didn’t think she could sink lower, but never say never to Shitbag Shanti. Makeup, modeling, dancing, singing and DJing are not high school courses, unless one is attending high school at the Wilfred Beauty Academy or the Barbizon School of Modeling.

      NEVER FORGET: Shanti wanted her daughter out of high school and working for her back when the kid was enjoying school. The ol’ rhinestone also didn’t want the kid having a regular job at the mall, instead wanting her to sell dreamcatchers. But Shanti weared her down, just like she spent one whole fucking year wearing down her mother in order to get her hands on the woman’s retirement savings.


  8. First thing:

    Watching Donald Trump last night made me think that I now have a good idea of what Julia was like on debate team.


    She only broadcasts BOYFRIEND when boyfriend is trying to skedaddle.


    Dave Morin chastising Donald Trump’s admission re: avoiding paying income tax is hilarious. As if the tech industry is some bastion of taxpaying. Would love to see how Path and Brit + Co would fare in an audit.

  9. I wonder if she and Chad have dental insurance? Maybe she’s looking for a “conscious” dentist so they can try to scam free care. Dentistry ain’t cheap!

  10. Per her latest FB post, are we to conclude that she is living in Fairfax? Amusing, since Fairfax is among the least tony of the towns in Marin. Because you know Donkey secretly cares about stuff like that.

    • My guess is paying for his dental work (this year’s trip to Europe). He should be moseying along soon after.

    • No, but she read a Facebook story once about someone who had his laptop stolen in India! Super “Third World” style.

      Honestly though, she probably counts the Costa Rican orgy retreats as some kind of humanitarian relief effort.

      • ETA/JFA: had his laptop almost sort of but not actually stolen in India. Super “Third World” style.

        Also they were fucking. Were they fucking? Or was that somebody who fucked Shamti? It was a long day and I can’t remember who did what or whom.

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