Updated: Giddy, Absolutely Giddy! When The Greasy Gargoyle Met Rain & Turned Into A 14-Year-Old Fangirl!



Think of one of your your favorite living artists. If you had the chance to hang out with that artist regularly, have long, deep conversations about art, creativity, and the meaning of life with him or her, and give and receive feedback on each other’s work, collaboratively, how much would that be worth to you? Probably a lot–but actually, that experience is not even available for purchase with money.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of developing a friendship with one of the artists I’ve admired most from afar, Rain Phutureprimitive. His album “Sub Conscious” is definitely one of my Top 5 albums of all time, any genre. It is truly a masterpiece of psychedelic downtempo, and I come back to it again and again when I want to drop in deep. (Link to listen to the album in the comments section.)

So, it was an incredible surprise, and honor, when I got a chance to live in an RV with Rain for the entire week at Burning Man, 2013. At first, I had to pinch myself to remind myself that this was real (I was quite a fanboy!) but soon, Rain requested that I not relate to him as some kind of Deity on a pedestal, but rather as a fellow human. We soon developed a deep friendship.

Now, I get to experience a dream-come-true, on a regular basis: artistic dialogue, with one of my favorite artists, whom I count as a close friend.

This kind of experience, as well as the creative and artistic super-charge that comes from it, gives me great joy and meaning in my life. Yet it is not available in exchange for money. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t *invest* in order to create it. I am able to call in and experience friendships and relationships like this, which light my creativity on fire, because of my consistent investment in one of my own greatest areas of true wealth: my tribe, network, and circle of friendships and relationships.

Clearly, a financial plan and system that *only* focuses on money, to the exclusion of meaning, creativity, art, friendship, and tribe, is broken at the core. We need to bring creativity, art, and relationships–and all other types of true wealth–back into our discussion of financial planning, and integrate them back into our concept of wealth. The word “wealth,” after all, has its roots in the Old English word for “well-being.” Could you imagine a notion of well-being that did *not* include, for example, creativity and art?

In this dialogue with my co-author Bryan Franklin, and with Phutureprimitive, we discuss these questions and more, in a free-ranging audio dialogue entitled “Creativity and Wealth”

Listen to the dialogue via this link: http://on.fb.me/1PhY0tv

Why is Julia Allison not participating in this shill dialogue?! Where is Julia? Where is Lilly? Where is BOOK? I LOVE YOU BOOK!!

Update: Devin Stetler’s ex, Lauren Lee Anderson, explains the definition of “bestseller” to trustafarian, Rain collaborator, and full-time scam artist Bryan Franklin:

To have a bestselling book you have to actually SELL books. And you have to sell better and more than 90% out there. I use 90% somewhat arbitrarily but its based on the mass production volume of our current century and especially current decade. Best-selling has become a washed and overused term that doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Ali Shanti’s Bottom Fan in the ‘Stan (and occasional one-word commenter): Eivind Figenschau Skjellum, Founder at Masculinity-Movies.com, Founder and Director at Reclaim You Inner Throne, and Founder at Authentic Norway!



  1. It’s a shame they published this after Shanti scammed Fozzie into spending oodles on her tribe.

  2. Oh, phor phuck’s sake. Link is to Rain’s post on FB. Donk comments in 3..2..1. Listened for 3 minutes but BF’s adenoidal voice and constant ‘ums’ made me turn it off.

    • I want to know if these people use this language when they are just out brunching or if they drop the act and say, “another Bloody Mary when you get a chance?” I mean, this is exhausting to listen to.

    • Not only does BF look like Murray from Flight of the Conchords, he sounds just like him, too! I couldn’t stand listening to that nasally voice longer than one minute. Can you imagine him talking with Shantitown, or, even more horrific, those two talking during god knows went on with Jen and Fozzie atop the van futon?

  3. That top picture… Am I the only one who gets the feeling Rain dumped her for Smellsberg? Cue the second “I’m out!” post from the (former) Smellsbergs.

    And why does everything these people write about other people sound so f&*% sexual and rapey??? I meet new people and don’t use words like “experience”. If I used that in a sentence about meeting someone it would not be, in any way, positive.

    “Yes, I met so and so and it was ummm…. quite the experience?”
    “Yes, I met that neighbor when they were being taken away for a 5150. That was an experience I’ve never had!”
    “Oh I remember them. Now that was an experience I’d like to forget”

    Oh wait, I can think of maybe a positive one?
    “Yes, we met when we found out our neighbor was illegally airbnb’ing her condo. God, getting that chick out was an experience, right?!

  4. This has me convinced that there is no way Donkey is anyway within 500 miles of San Fransisco or she would be horning her way into this and woohooing her heart out. She is on serious lock down, whether it’s parentally mandated or voluntary to try to figure out how to spin, spin, spin her way out of this, I don’t know, but Donkey stepped in it deep now.

    • I think fixing social media SEO must be similar to fixing your cedit score. You don’t close your credit card you keep it open with a zero balance to help raise your score. It must kill her every minute of the day to keep her FB active & not post or comment, or else she would have flounced already and made her account inactive (never reads here) We know a Donkey has no will power

        • Her FB account isn’t inactive and I don’t think she’s fixing her SEO. If she is, it isn’t working.

        • And Winchester, please ignore my comment…I have not had enough coffee yet this morning.


        • I usually thought her flounce involved deactivating. I have no idea, I just know stories from 2012 shouldn’t rank higher than RBD on the first page of Google. My entire life is speculation based off facts right so no need to apologize Grifty.

      • It doesn’t work that way. If you search on Julia Allison, the card to the right is prefilled in with the abstract from Wikipedia, the large picture is from Google+, and the other pictures are from Google Image search, which takes into consideration the rank of the sites that the images come from. (That’s why the bottom image is from Forbes)

        You can post whatever crap you want on FB, Twitter, whatever, and it doesn’t change Google’s view of you in the least.

        Like she says, she’s focusing on creative projects, like a creative way to put her me-me-me board into a packing box, or a creative way to shop for cold-weather-Chicago-in-February clothes, or a creative way to say thank you for the one-way plane ticket home to Dadsers.

        • For sure. She’s always had SOME semblance of a reason to move to these new cities and places. Moving to LA with a fiancé. Moving to NYC to pursue a journalism career. Moving within NYC because breakup and founding an OMG startup. Moving to LA for a documentary series. Moving to SF bc Devin is the love of my life, Daddy; he wants to buy a four bedroom home there!

          Anytime she’s been able to get her ducks in a row for poor Dadsers, they yank her back home.

          • She is in “What’s the Plan Now, Julia?” mode. The new profile and banner images support that.

            I’d like to believe they would not bankroll her if she was planning to move in with any of the woos. I was thinking she’d end up with Jess and Ariel and that crew in LA.

            Hoping Dadsers said put your stuff in storage and drag your ass home until you can afford your own apartment and have a reliable income stream. Which means…never.

          • Fingers crossed for transformation into Megachurch Youth Pastor’s Wife Donkey!

          • Whatever it is, there’s surely going to be a press release in one of her hometown-area new publications.

  5. Bottom fan sez: reclaim you inner throne or I will rip you throat out with my perfect werewolf choppers.
    Related: google “masculinity movies” at your own risk.

    • P.S. Bottom fan also sez: I now have my very gifted eyebrow wrangler on speed-dial thanx to Smellsby’s and SK3B’s invaluable investment wisdoms. Cannot recommend more highly!

    • I googled.

      “You’re a man. You watch movies. Yet, you may be missing out on the full experience of the movies you watch. Do you want to leave the cinema inspired, wanting to make the most of your life? Do you want to stay inspired? Then you’ve come to the right place.”

  6. This is so glorious. The cheese (-y skillets) stands alone! Everyone’s hanging out without Julie.

    • omg, I used to have a hand-cranked musical hi-ho-the-derry-o carousel machine that at the end would present the cheese, which stood alone. Thanks for taking me back. I wonder where that toy is now. One of my faves.

  7. I interrupt my stream of consciousness to report that I guffawed loud and long when I got to this passage in the post:

    ‘So, it was an incredible surprise, and honor, when I got a chance to live in an RV with Rain for the entire week at Burning Man, 2013.’

    I cannot even.

    • You can’t make this shit up. I’ve tried to explain to huscat many, many times. He is a lifelong deadhead and totally understands the festival scene but cannot fathom any of the entitled, grifty, special snowflake woo crap. It’s total nonsense to him.

  8. Well. The fact that Juliar is not participating in this free-ranging dialogue has got to be the biggest thorn in her hide, like, ever. Smellsberg and Rain. It is too, too deliciousth.

    • I wonder why she wasn’t braying around in the middle of all this. Even if she was packing up the house, she could have made an appearance, it was just across town. Staying away because of I Love You Rain? Since when has that ever stopped her before? Did they call her out on being all talk and no action? Since when do they call anyone out for anything? Is she afraid someone will ask about the book? Since when has she not come up with a cover-up lie when it is convenient for her?

      I am perplexed. I don’t think she would be back in Chicago so soon, if in fact she is even going there. Did she swan off on vacation to someplace warm like she has at the beginning of January for years now?

      Just seems weird she isn’t forcing her presence here and milking it for all it’s worth. There has to be a reason.

  9. “Reclaim You Inner Throne” = “I am pooping my pants! Get out of the bathroom already!”

    • I’m still reeling from the discovery of Norwegian woos. Here’s Eivind. Sound familiar?

      on Reclaim your Inner Throne, I get busy helping these men see through the illusion of the bullshit story we’ve been fed, and cast off what is essentially the juvenile mindset of being superhuman (which is a path of loneliness, emotional repression, fear of being found out etc etc).

      I came to think about this more deeply today because I realize my work is spreading and the next round of the training is starting to fill up already. This is a new reality for me, and it’s amazing.

      I would’ve thought that making breakthroughs like these would make me feel like a badass.

      Wouldn’t you?

      But I’m feeling more vulnerable than ever. The sense of protection I used to have is just gone. Just fucking gone. And from my heart all the way down to my ass, it’s as if I’m one huge receptor for my surroundings. (yes cue the funny jokes, I know you want to ;))

      Sometimes I feel like a leaf on the wind.

      It’s such a trip how my interior experience seems to be the polar opposite of people’s exterior experience of me. People trust me more than ever. Most people seem to trust my dharma, my power, my capacity to lead a movement.
      Reclaim your Inner Throne is spreading – and fast. And yet, while that is my reality, I’m also noticing my sensitivity, my vulnerability, my health problems, how I can’t quite make it work with the woman I want, how I’m an absolute nitwit with important aspects of my life and business.

      It seems like a total deconstruction of who I thought I was. A deconstruction that I trust will pass, leading to a new layer of stability.

  10. So I was a fool to buy Amazon stock at $25 a share and instead should have invested in sleeping in a trailer at Burning Man? Mmmm-kay. That’s how he’s trying to sell the book in this post.

    • I wonder what happened to the “Happiness RV”.

      Did Debbie sell it?

      Did Donka (i.e. Dad$ers) get some money back?

      Where it is parked?

      Does it still reek of rotten tutus?

      So many unanswered questions in the wooverse…..

    • This book really is just a thinly veiled circle jerk and promotional vehicle for everyone in that stupid “tribe” of theirs. I think they might be surprised at the bad reviews that will be coming in, but will probably just dismiss them as old people having old opinions.

      I listened to the audio interview that OMG Rain posted and Smellsberg had a particularly idiotic thing he says about learning a new skill. He makes a good point not to put off learning something you want to do, such as learning the guitar, and start doing it in your 20s-40s (advice Donkey might be taking, which could explain her music teacher crowdsourcing), but he adds that if you wait until later it will basically be worthless because you won’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

      Interesting that he thinks only the people who are the ages of his tribe friends actually matter. There are plenty of over 50 folks who learn new things all the time and are grateful and productive at whatever they learn. I know professional musicians who didn’t start learning certain instruments until they were over 50.

      tl;dr – CWAA

      • There are brilliant poets who didn’t publish their first poem until they were in their 80s.

      • That is a ridiculous argument to make. Many people take up new hobbies and try different things after they, you know, RETIRE, which of course, is lost on this group because none of them actually work.

        • He actually said in so many words that anything you do after that age was worthless. It’s about 3/4 of the way through the audio, if you can stand listening to their annoying voices.

        • Ugh my dad became a great painter in his 70s!! So much after his life as a mathematician.

      • i’m in the class of people learning things after fifty – isn’t this called “keeping up with the times?”

        my seventy-six year old mother learned to email ten years ago, and keeps in touch with the family via skype.

      • The people who invented the Internet are in their 60s now. Where do these idiots think the technology theyvplagbworh came from — people older than they are, morons

  11. Interesting thread on what makes a best seller on Franklin’s FB page. He actually got some pushback and people telling him not to snort his own fart fumes.

    Bonus: Derpin posted.

    • Allison Moon
      I call Girl Sex 101 a best seller, because it’s topped its categories on Amazon consistently, and I cracked the top 5000 books overall on Amazon. It feels a *bit* like a dick move, but gaming the NYTimes is nothing new either. “Bestselling” is meaningless to those in the know, and meaningful to those who have no idea how the book biz works.

      Bryan Franklin
      so you’d call LSI a bestseller (we’ve been hovering under #2000 in over all books….)? heart emoticon you!

      Allison Moon
      {Shrug} It’s up to you. Your categories are kind of tough. Many book coaches say to grab one underutilized category for your book so that you can consistently hit #1. It’s a way of gaming the system, but it also means you can say you were a #1 best seller (in your category).

      Bryan Franklin
      are there ways we can (now) influence what category Amazon chooses to put the book in? (or do you mean – choose by picking a topic / title )

      Allison Moon
      When your publisher sets up your book, they select from a standardized list of categories. Below is mine.

      The last one– Gay & Lesbian Sexuality– is totally what the book is all about. The top one Graphic Novels is kind of appropriate. The middle category was strategic. It be more appropriate if my book was under “Women’s Sexuality” but that is a glutted category, so I chose one that’s way less popular.

      When my book is in stock, it’s almost always in the top three of all of these categories, which means it more often appears in “Books You May Like” type search results, and is more likely to be found by browsing.

      I have the privilege of making these decisions for myself because I self-publish. Your publisher may have strong opinions one way or the other based on their own in-house strategies. But the ranking is one way self-publishers can say they are a #1 best seller.

      • I’m not so naive to assume that there many authors, especially these kinds of authors (i.e. niche subject “experts” who write a book to strengthen their cred on the motivational speaking circuit), do whatever they can to gain the system, but I’m still a bit shocked to see them discussing it so openly.

      • Here’s the thing, you can’t “call” your book a bestseller because you feel like it. You’re either on the NYT bestseller list (for example) or you’re not. You can’t just make shit up and call yourself a bestselling author because you feel like it.

        Oh wait: these knuckleheads can.

        Also, I wouldn’t call “cracking the top 5000 on Amazon” a bestseller.

        • I’m glad you say that about “the top 5000” because while I know nothing about “bestseller” metrics, that sounded a bit crazy to me in itself. The top 100, OK. The top 1000, maybe, but not really IM(not really familiar with how Amazon works)O. The top 5000, nope.

  12. Yet it is not available in exchange for money. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t *invest* in order to create it.

    Dear Smelly Creepster, I despise your ideas and would like to never subsribe to any newsletter or smell-tract (a woo chick tract, which is what your “books” are) of yours. Normal people who are not trying to scam others do not call this “investment”. They simply call it “making friends” and “hanging out”. But then again, they are not trying to turn every friendship or mere acquaintance into a scam victim to squeeze $$ from.

  13. There are two things I’m dying to know. 1) Who shot Lah Lee? 2) Who is Shantitown in love with this week?

  14. After looking at the above photo of Ellsburg, I’m reminded that I need a Victorian beaded lamp for my vanity.

  15. It infuriates me that the Amazon reviews are all friends and tribe members of the BF and ME and they are not forthright about it. Especially the first reviewer who states he was skeptical of their claims and goes on with a glowing review.

      • Once more, with feeling: RBD encourages you to contact Amazon if you believe product reviews are in violation of guidelines.

        • Give them some time. I would imagine they probably have five poorly paid minons on the job vs. 100,000 idiots out there.

          • Fair, it really bothers me they don’t disclose their friendship in the reviews (it doesn’t surprise me) but it does bother me.

        • I did too. All it takes is a look at Bryan or Michael’s FB page and you can clearly see every reviewer, except the Paige woman, is a FB friend of theirs. But she’s also a “coach” so who the hell knows if she is trying to get in on the circle jerk.

    • I like the one dude who left a comment on a couple of the glowing reviews, noting that they were not verified buyers and asking if they are giving a review on a book they had not purchased. Who, these enlightened people? Do something shady and self-serving to fluff the ratings? Nonsense, good sir.

  16. “…my Top 5 albums of all time, any genre.”

    In addition to being a disgusting, greasy, rapey gargoyle, Smellsburg just proved that his taste in music is really lousy.

    • It’s also pretty telling that now all of a sudden they are slobbering Rain’s knob when he wasn’t part of the DJ lineup performing at their camp for years. We never heard about him as being part of their camp until this past year. But now that he’s collaborated with Franklin (and is this a coincidence, given the exposure Franklin has now given Rain in the book) he’s one of their top artists ever. It’s just so incestuous and blatantly transparent.

      • favorite living artist!

        I don’t think the gargoyle has mastered the art of logrolling. The transformational and creative “experience” occurred in 2013 and he’s just now promoting Rain? Where was this support and adulation during the past 2.25 years? Shouldn’t someone with a far a reach as the sex gargoyle has be telling everyone about the Phun music?

          • If I had $1 for every time I’ve muttered “short-fingered vulgarian” in the past few months…

          • @Bunsy I’ve seen Kurt Anderson on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show a couple times, discussing Donald Trump’s presidential run. It’s all a little surreal.

          • @Grifty — I don’t want to say exactly… because then I can be “figured out”. Let’s just say I was one of the kids, and still good friends w the eds there (Graydon, Kurt, Tom). A great experience. We had NO IDEA if it would work or not…

            Really fun.

            Oh — slightly OT — just remembered that JA and MM crashed the SPY reunion party held at the Puck Bldg a few years ago. Every writer in NYC was there… and then Donk caterwauled in and made a beeline for my (I guess cute) brother… yikes! This was when she was in her vaguely preppy/I wanna be Candace Bushnell phase.

          • Oh Bunsy, I knew I loved you! My three children all refer to Lord Voldemort of the Bronx as the short-fingered vulgarian.

          • It was a truly funny magazine. My adult children also refer to hom as the bloviating short fingered vulgarian.

          • Such a perfect descriptor. Remember those asshole response letters of his that Spy would print?

            I keep thinking lately about the cover with Hillary and her skirt blown up.

          • recent graydon carter piece in vanity fair claims that trump sends him selfies of hands with notes circled and underlined, not short-fingered

            i hope it’s true

      • fyi, I listened enough of Rain’s podcast to say that he was releasing one BF (Nimitae’s) records on his label.

        May the circle jerk be unbroken.

    • Sounds a lot like the bestselling cover of Wired magazine, except another 4, in that decade, which was like 2 decades ago.

  17. “Clearly, a financial plan and system that *only* focuses on money, to the exclusion of meaning, creativity, art, friendship, and tribe, is broken at the core. We need to bring creativity, art, and relationships–and all other types of true wealth–back into our discussion of financial planning, and integrate them back into our concept of wealth.”

    Yes, great, you should have friends and be creative. But where do they get off packaging this as “financial advice”? I think their whole premise goes beyond stupid, short-sighted, and blinded by the privilege of their skin, class, and upbringing — it verges on the unethical. If 100 or 1000 or 1,000,000 people take this advice, and stop investing in their 401k, IRA, savings, etc and instead focus on taking drugs with two-timing DJs — I see years of harm individually and collectively.

    • I know! I mean why can’t people “invest” in their careers and build knowledge, build a support network, AND put money into sound financial investments? What a ridiculous argument to leave that part out of the equation.

      All they are trying to do is con people into spending more money on ripoff life coaches, sex therapists and online caterwauling.

      • OH…and JFAing to say, Franklin says the people who are retained in layoffs are the salespeople and the creatives. That is a bunch of bull. fucking. shit. Having been through about ten layoffs/reorganizations throughout my career, the people who are retained in order to please the shareholders are those who directly contribute to revenue generation. The rest get laid off and then their services are contracted. Yes, people like Jonathan Ive get retained, but some lower level marketing writer is not going to be. Franklin claims to have coached top level executives. I’d like to know who and when. And the advice he is giving out isn’t directed to top level executives. It’s to everyday people just trying to eke out a living in a marketplace that is disappearing every day because of globalization and automation.

        I should write a fucking book exposing these frauds.

        • Sales and marketing are the first to go. Layoffs are a sign of mismanagement and not a reflection of the employees.

          • Medtronic let go 250 reps in 2015
            JNJ over 1,000 in the last 1.5 years

            It’s usually a symptom of chronic fraud and mismanagment where no company can ever hit the false projections (executives keep their jobs) and the cut the high paying reps and bring in younger reps for 1/2 the salary and call it during a “restructuring,” at least in that industry, I can’t speak for others specifically.

          • Being from the Silicon Valley/SF tech world, we did always lay off Sales and Marketing first. Along with lazy people who annoyed management with demands.
            But, overall, the idea was that you could easily train tech people in both fields. Training sales and marketing people in the technology was not as easy. Overall though, we just retained the hard workers and rewarded them and it worked out very well.

    • They all drank the “tribe” kool-aid, had good sex and drugs for a few years, and think that makes them qualified to share their secret with everyone.

      “Spending 7k on Burning Man will not only make you happy but rich!”
      “Um… how rich?”
      “I don’t know! I don’t even look at my bank account anymore! That’s one of my secrets!!”

  18. Yay! The click through to comments thingie is working again! Thanks, Mr. B, if you made this happen.

  19. God can you imagine how much work it must be to be friends with these fools? You have to dress in sexy weird clothes. Fuck or make out all the time with randos. Always be smiling for constant photographs, show up for expensive bullshit that doesn’t pay you back, and (worst) bite your tongue all the time about what you really feel about them.

    No worst, talk like they do. Sometimes Ellsberg has seemed to break free for a minute being like, “nope! No more burning man!” Or “God woo speak is so tortured.” But I think that’s his own brand of woo.

    • And the only way you can get the kind of support expected from a standard-issue friendship (listening to your problems on the phone, recommendations for various services, invitations to hang out, shout-outs in public forums) is if you pay them 2000 dollars first. THITH ITH FRIENDSHIP!

    • Wait a minute.

      “God can you imagine how much work it must be to be friends with these fools? You have to dress in sexy weird clothes. Fuck or make out all the time with randos. Always be smiling for constant photographs, show up for expensive bullshit that doesn’t pay you back, and (worst) bite your tongue all the time about what you really feel about them.”

      You just described every cocktail party I’ve been to in 2015.

      Minus the sex with randos. Not sure I win or lose.

  20. question for you women: do a lot of these men not give off a creepy vibe?

    my guy instincts set off an alarm of mistrust just by looking at them, so I would think a women’s instincts would even more so

    yeah yeah, I know, can’t judge a BOOK by its cover, etc. but I used to watch a lot of 90’s lifetime movies with my girlfriend at the time, so I know creepy dude when I see it

  21. Semi-related; donkey-ism overheard on MASTER CHEF JR:
    “I’m not just a one-legged pony, ya know!”

    Exactly the kind of thing our favorite trick brays on nat’l tv.

  22. “Clearly, a financial plan and system that *only* focuses on money, to the exclusion of meaning, creativity, art, friendship, and tribe, is broken at the core…”

    I do not think Smelly understands words.

    A financial plan *only* focusses on money, because it is a financial plan. Which means it looks at your money and investments. That’s the part of your life it is addressing.

    “Here is my recommended financial plan for you. Because I didn’t discuss them, you should assume that you should ditch all friends now and have no social life, passions or hobbies.” Said no financial adviser ever.

    A cookbook *only* focusses on food and cooking. A fitness programme at the gym *only* focusses on fitness and sport.

    These guys are so full of shit.

  23. Bless Greg and this lady’s comment to Bryan Franklin:

    To suggest you’d honestly think you’re a #1 Best Seller in 48 hours of your book launch, where you and your co-author have been telling friends they must purchase a minimum of 10 books, the answer is no, you are not in any way shape or form a best-selling author. And the mere assertion is insulting to those who actually achieved that success organically over time, through hard work. You mention in one of your responses you want the “truth,” yet having ethically challenged friends write reviews for your book on Amazon and not disclose their friendship with you and your co-author, is inconsistent & contradictory of honesty. You are dishonest and not a best-selling author. How’s that for truth? #TheSocioapthicBusinessModel

    • BF looks around, wonders why he’s suddenly in an empty cafeteria, realizes he’s been TAKEN TO SCHOOL.

      • The following comment was liked by one Craig Allan Filek.

        Anthony David Adams
        I think that due to the proliferation of people claiming they are “best selling authors” that being a NYT, WSJ, etc. best selling author is more useful. Now, when I see someone with “best selling” after their name, I assume they did a free kindle book giveaway and were in the top 10 of some obscure category for an hour or so… Of course, increasingly the majority of the people on the NYT, WSJ, etc lists use companies like ResultsSource to orchestrate strategic buy campaigns.. Perhaps hard numbers like “over 100,000 copies sold” etc may be better.. I would say, use a metric that, if someone else used it and you were going to do business with them and dug into their credentials, you’d feel relived at there integrity and not confused / questioning / making excuses for them wink emoticon BTW, this thread has some INTENSE stuff going on.. Love you brother wink emoticon

        • This is basic knowledge for anyone who wants to truly get ahead professionally. Identify objective metrics of success and then do whatever it takes to meet them. And BF is an executive coach?

  24. It made me so uncomfortable to look at the list of books that Alexis M. Neely has reviewed on Amazon. Like, I literally get tense, thinking about being one of these people whose friendships are all built on this fake smiley returning of favors constantly. Like, literally tense, just reading the list. SHE MAKES ME SO TENSE!

    Donks just makes me sad.

    • And five stars(!) for every. single. book. So transparent.
      These people are so fucking stupid.

  25. I am having trouble following Ali shanti’s love life this week. First she was in love again but “not ready to write about it. ” The next day she posted an article from Elephant Journal about letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. Today she posted an article (written by the masculine) that said when a woman says she is breaking up with you, that is not really what she means. (“We are NOT breaking UP!”). This third article in particular was highly condescending, rapey, and creepy, but aside from that, it sounds like Skanks’ new relationship is not very stable……..

    • omg you are right. That last article is very offensive and scary. Here some choice quotes:

      “On the last day of her retreat she said “I want to break up with you.” Because of my OM practice, i knew there was more. The feelings and the words didn’t match…”

      …Learning to hear the feeling underneath is learning to speak feminine. When she says, “I want to break up with you,” sometimes what she means is, “I don’t feel connected to you right now.”…

      …How are you supposed to know the difference? Is this because women want to play mind games and expect men to be mind readers? Is there some magical “right way” to do this with her?…

      …So did i “figure it out?” I don’t think that’s how the feminine works. It is spontaneous and always transforming…

      …Next time i feel stuck, I want to remember this. I want to remember to read these questions:..Am I feeling her or am I stuck on her words?

      • Fuck these misogynistic rapists. The “feminine” my ass. They’re looking for language that allows them free reign of the most primitive and rapey and angry behavior.

        • This this this

          No means no

          There is some primitive vestigial leftover bullshit behavior from when women had to preens they didn’t want sexy times, but this isn’t that — this is bullshit

  26. OT: Is anyone still following the GOMI/PartyPants drama on Reddit? Seems nuts. I was browsing it over the weekend and they were doxxing her pretty hard. I’ve always lurked and never followed closely enough to really know what’s going on but it’s kinda fascinating to watch.

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