Ali Shitty Responds To Questions About Her Bankruptcy

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 1.28.33 AMIt wasn’t her fault, yo!

Many folks have wondered how I ended up in bankruptcy after building two million dollar businesses and how I was able to rebuild so quickly after the bankruptcy (I filed two years ago and today there are 4 businesses bringing my work out into the world bigger and better than ever before).

I’m writing a book about the whole experience. I finally sat down to write about the very beginning of the financial crisis (that led to total financial liberation) and here’s that story:

When I really consider the root of the debt that led me into bankruptcy, it starts as far back as 2008, when I sold my law practice.

I had a million dollar a year law practice full of happy clients and a kick ass team. And, I made a major mistake by selling it to a man who had never run a million dollar law practice before. I seriously underestimated how important that one factor was.

You see, it takes something far different to run a million dollar law practice than it does to run a $100,000 law practice. That something is not something that comes easily, it must be grown into. And Art, the guy I sold my practice to, didn’t have time to grow into it — it was thrust upon him in June of 2008, when we agreed he would buy me out of the practice over time, using the revenues from the firm to keep it going.

I thought it was a sure deal. I had the marketing systems in place, hired him a marketing coordinator who was amazing, we had a great team to run the machine that served the clients, and, well, what else could he need?
Within two months of taking over, he slashed and burned costs because what it really takes to run a million dollar business is a willingness to write checks for expenses in the neighborhood of $500,000 to $750,000.

Art didn’t have back up capital and he wasn’t used to writing big checks, so he started cutting expenses. First, he cut the marketing coordinator. Then, the marketing costs.

By the end of 2008, Art was out of money and the new client flow had all but slowed to a trickle. On December 31, 2008, Art called me into the office and said “Alexis, I’m out of money and I can’t continue to run the firm. You can either take it back or close it down. I’m out.”

I couldn’t take it back because I had already moved on. There was no way I could put my energy back into seeing clients on a one to one basis or manage the day to day operations of the business.

My second business, educating families and their lawyers about how to plan for their whole family wealth, had taken off. I had a best-selling book on the market. I was appearing on television all over the Country. And, I couldn’t go back.

At the same time, I couldn’t just close it down. I had clients and team members who were counting on me. I had chosen Art to buy my practice because I believed he would treat them right. I was wrong and I couldn’t let them suffer the consequences.

I’d have to eat it myself.

So, I took back the firm and ran it out of my credit and savings for 6 months while I transitioned the clients to lawyers I had already trained on my systems throughout the Los Angeles area and I supported my team members to find new jobs.

That was a $250,000 hit. And, it was the right thing to do.

To make matters worse, that hit came directly on the heels of having made a $100,000 commitment (with $87,000 put on credit) to join Ali Brown’s Diamond Mastermind program. Had I known Art was going to give me back the firm, I never would have joined the Mastermind.

So it’s really a great thing that events happened in the order they did. Joining that Mastermind was one of the best decisions I ever made. But, it was an investment I thought I would easily repay with Art’s payments to me. As we now know, those payments never came.

And, that was just the beginning. By the time I filed bankruptcy, I would clear $500,000 of debt. Most of it used for very good purposes (yes, there were some frivolous purchases as well) and all of it being repaid back many times over as I use what I learned from each of those investments to participate in creating a world that works for everyone.
Stay tuned for the rest of the story, including where the rest of the debt came from and how I was able to rebuild so quickly and easily. My books “Financial Liberation” and “You Are Not Your Credit Score” will be out next year. In the meantime, I’ll post snippets here.

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  1. Dyspeptic says:

    Seems to me a proper Business Priestess would have vetted her buyer better, checking the depth of his pockets and stuff like that.

    • truther grammarian says:

      it was his fault, and then i took it back, except then i failed, but it’s still his fault
      nothing is a grifter’s fault, ever

    • chet bizzaro says:

      It still bugs me that she never paid off that 40k student loan. I think that is the biggest indicator that she is completely full of shit.

  2. juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off says:

    Thanks for all the well wishes, catpeeps. I had my interview this morning, and I think it went really well. I have to follow up Monday with a writing assignment (3 story pitches) but it shouldn’t be that hard. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Bunsy says:

      Lighting candles, saying rosary, sending positive vibes, etc. Remember — they have to keep feeding the beast! (The publication.) So they NEED you! xo

    • HippieLawyerGrifter says:

      That’s great, JP. Crossing my fingers for you!

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Oh, you will ace this without even thinking about it. You go!

    • Norse Horse says:

      Yeah! You’ll ace it JP, luvya. Best thoughts your way, babe.

    • Wonkeye says:

      Love and light! But really, you’ll ace it. Good luck!

    • lol white people says:

      They already like you enough man. You got this. Play it close to the vest. Be conservative in your articles.. nothing too controversial. Don’t drink or maybe mention the program in an offhand way. Be consistent and over the top friendly and open. They just want someone fthey can stand beingaround day to day who has good output. Don’t delay your submittals and maybe have someone (mama) check them first. No misspellings dammit!

      Love you bro. I know those points are obvious. Just wanted to reinforce. You got this. Be confident yet humble.

    • Manifest Dustiny (OMGPearskank) says:

      Sounds promising, JP. Best of luck for that next stage!!

    • EatBrayLove says:

      JP, I have only commented here a handful of times, but I have been reading this blog since its inception. Although I don’t know you, I feel like I do. After reading about all of the crappy things on this blog that people do and get away with (or get freaking rewarded for), and hearing a bit about your personal challenges, I cannot help but believe that it is your turn to have something great like this happen.

      Keeping everything crossed for you!!

    • psychotic today says:

      That’s great!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • 11th Wang says:

      Rooting for you so hard! Love and light!

    • Albie Quirky says:

      That’s great. I know you’ll spike it!

    • Jack Is Bankrupt & Lovin' It! says:

      JP, you’ll do splendidly on those pitches and these folks would be SOOOO lucky to have you.

    • Mom in a Minivan says:

      Thinking positive thoughts for you!

    • Internationally Syndicated in the Telegraph of Calcutta says:

      Good luck dear JP! We’re all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you. Kill it on the story pitches – of course you will – and I hope that these people will be sensible and recognise you for the wonderful writer that you are. Here’s hoping you’ll hear back soon, with good news. Keep us posted!
      PS where’s mama Jacy?

    • Jordache & the Pelts says:

      Awesome. You’ll kill it.

  3. Bunsy says:

    I would give almost anything to hear Art’s side of the story. She makes it sound as if her business went under because he was unused to writing big checks. (Uh, sure.)

    Such a dissembler and “it’s not MY FAULT.” Still — $800,000 (THOUSAND) in the hole, that she walked away from. How is it everyone else in the world practically gets their cellphone turned off if they are a week late with payment?

    Yeah — remind me to take financial advice from her.

    • Tantric Soul Rape says:

      I was thinking pretty much the same thing. Sounds like a lot of things just happen to her and there’s literally no way to avoid any calamity or misfortune, ever. Like getting pregnant.

    • "Fuck it, let’s just go to Nordstroms" Spirit Animal says:

      I really want him or a former employee that she allegedly “took care of” to crawl out of the woodwork, because this is obviously not passing the sniff test. I almost wonder if “Art” even exists as such – it would be incredibly ballsy to make up a scapegoat in this manner, but I don’t put anything past these narcissist grifters anymore.

      • cupcake cray cray says:

        and if she’s producing these tales under the name ‘ali shanti,’ when ‘art’ and the people who worked for her knew her as alexis neely, they’ll probably never find out what she’s claiming and thus never come out against it.

    • JFA says:

      But she made up for it by GIVING BACK TO THE WORLD! What a bitch.

  4. Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

    You guyz, she re-posted the old BK post as promised. I will try to post it in my next one but it may not go through because it is loooooong.

  5. Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

    Original attempt didn’t work. Now again, the post without the links and Ali’s update.

    To The Edge and Back – How My Bankruptcy Helps You – Eyes Wide Open Life
    I recently received an email from an annoyed and confused woman. She wanted to know what…
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    Ali Shanti Timely from my friend Peter Fabish:
    June 6 at 2:59pm · Like

    Jared Kane Ali “released” $800,000 of consumer debt, including $13,000 of debt owed to Nordstrom’s. Does that shift your paradigm? She did not have some medical emergency that required releasing her debt. She just spent $13,000 at Nordstrom’s and had eight credit cards she maxed out. Is that responsible?
    June 7 at 12:07am · Like · 4

    Jared Kane She also was being sued by two different people, one for not paying rent on her home. That person got stiffed. Did they deserve that?
    June 7 at 12:08am · Like · 4

    Greg Habstritt WTF. Talk about a rabbit hole.

    I’m speechless after just scanning some of that. My eyes are bleeding.

    Ali, it would be good to get a response to that.

    I guess the thing is if you’re going to step out and proclaim bankruptcy is appropriate, you need to be able to explain your own use of it.

    As I’ve said previously, using bankruptcy in veterinary extenuating circumstances may make sense. But if this list of obligations is accurate, this is the kind of situation where I don’t think it is.

    I’m stunned. Please tell me this isn’t true.
    June 7 at 1:18am · Unlike · 2

    Greg Habstritt Damned iphone. That should say “in very specific extenuating circumstances”.

    Even my iphone is confused by this latest information.
    June 7 at 1:25am · Like · 1

    Greg Habstritt Ali can you comment on this please? I think you need to explain yourself and respond to the validity of this information. Is the list of the debts correct?
    June 7 at 11:20am · Like · 2

    Ali Shanti I’m away for the weekend, and will happily respond when I return on Monday. I am choosing to keep my attention here for now. More Monday.
    June 7 at 2:18pm · Like

    Kelli Richards Congrats to you with this milestone Ali!!
    June 7 at 4:11pm · Like

    Stephen Lawless Pay your bills
    June 7 at 11:50pm · Like · 5

    Jeh Deh I’d love to order 10,000 copies of this book! Please tell me where I can order. Not sure I’ll be able to pay for them, but trust that I will do whatever is most accountable and responsible. Thx! xoxo bunny
    June 7 at 11:58pm · Unlike · 12

    Stephen Lawless Write a book about your life story and title it the cure for insomnia
    June 8 at 12:01am · Like · 1

    Alex Franklin I’d like a copy. Please don’t bill me though, I’m breaking free and taking control of my life
    June 8 at 12:03am · Unlike · 10

    Greg Habstritt I don’t see any scenario where this ends well.
    June 8 at 12:52am · Like · 2

    Jean Brodie Wow! You churn out books faster than I can churn out an omelet, but I’d love to know how I could get several credit cards, max them out, and have one big Vegas blowout, just like you and Craig did, before declaring bankruptcy. Can I put the book on my Nordstrom’s card?
    June 8 at 5:47am · Unlike · 8

    Lauren Brenner I’ve read and reread this over carefully and what I hear you saying, Ali, is that it’s okay to use credit to spend more than you earn in order to “meet your needs” and then walk away from the debt in order to “meet your needs” again. Is that right?
    June 8 at 6:08am · Edited · Like · 8

    Melayna Lokosky There is also this:
    Haters vs. Forced Accountability: The Alexis Martin Neely Case Study “The Truth-Telling Lawyer”?…

    Victimizers do not get to cry victim (or “Haters” when the facts (deeply hidden)…See More
    June 8 at 1:29pm · Like · 2

    Jeh Deh Either all the LSD has fried your brain or you are a genuine sociopath.
    June 8 at 5:42pm · Like · 3

    Lauren Brenner Ali, you wrote, “any individuals I owed were (or are in process of being) paid back. I advocate responsible use of bankruptcy and that involves not paying back where it’s most responsible not to, which requires looking carefully about who you are not paying back and impact on them.”

    So you are saying it’s up to YOU to decide how it impacts someone if you fail to keep your agreement to pay them what you owe? I am interested in how this works. Do you sit down with each person and ask them and then decide based on what they tell you? Do you decide based on what you think you know about their financial situation? I have no idea how that would work, but with your commitment to transparency and communication and community, I have to assume it’s a conversation you have with the people you owe money to, so you come up with a new “agreement” based on mutual understanding. Am I correct?
    June 8 at 7:09pm · Edited · Like · 3

    Jared Kane Lauren, and everyone else, pm me if you want to get the actual court filings showing that Ali went on shopping sprees at high end stores and is now framing it as somehow enlightened. I will send anyone who asks the copies of the filings.
    June 8 at 9:57pm · Like · 7

    Jared Kane Here are the links to the “Vegas blowout” Jean Brodie”
    June 8 at 10:25pm · Like · 2

    Jared Kane Just when I was starting to feel really badly for Alexis Neely, I find that Craig helpfully documented the months leading up to her BK on fb, by which point she owed 880K, including 13K to Nordstroms and about 50K on two AmExs and various other sums on 5 other credit cards, and she is hopping out of limos, partying in Vegas for a weekend and eating at this place: , where the main courses cost over $50, and otherwize cavorting about. Fuck these people. It looks like she made the conscious decision to just max everything out while not paying any bills.
    Here they are at the fancy restaurant:

    Weekend stay at the Palms:

    Taking a limo:

    Arizona Biltmore resort visit:

    More Arizona Biltmore, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK IT IS GROSS:

    Purchasing useless trinkets while under mountains of debt:

    Traveling to Rochester for no conceivable reason other than to follow Craig on a visit to see his kid:

    And on and on. WHAT AN ASSHOLE. Just pause and imagine that you are 100s of thousands in debt. You’ve probably got creditors and debt collectors calling you around the clock. Do you fly to Vegas for fun? Drop hundreds of dollars on one dinner? GOD this pisses me off so much.

    Alizé Spring A La Carte Menu – Alize’ Las Vegas French Fine Dining Restaurant
    The Alizé Spring A La Carte Menu is a beautiful blend of Chef André Rochat’s cla…See More
    June 8 at 10:26pm · Like · 7 · Remove Preview

    Jeh Deh And do you then claim that filing bankruptcy was responsible? And then have the gall to try to sell a book about it? This is a very disturbed mind at work.
    June 8 at 10:44pm · Like · 6

    Jean Brodie Jared Kane, you are doing the lord’s work!
    June 8 at 10:47pm · Like · 1

    Stephen Lawless Kelli Richards say no to crack
    June 9 at 6:52am · Like · 1

    Jeh Deh This post is now hidden from her timeline, it looks like. Much authentic. Such honest.
    June 9 at 7:14am · Like · 2

    Stephen Lawless She is such a true American
    June 9 at 7:26am · Like

    Jared Kane Why did you remove my post, Ali? Here it is again.

    Jared Kane Just when I was starting to feel really badly for Alexis Neely, I find that Craig helpfully documented the months leading up to her BK on fb, by which point she owed 880K, including 13K t…See More

    Alizé Spring A La Carte Menu – Alize’ Las Vegas French Fine Dining Restaurant
    The Alizé Spring A La Carte Menu is a beautiful blend of Chef André Rochat’s cla…See More
    June 9 at 8:44am · Like · 4 · Remove Preview

    Greg Habstritt Ali, it’s Monday. Time to respond to all of this. You owe it to everyone on this thread and especially anyone who follows and respects your opinion.
    June 9 at 10:28am · Like · 5

    Ali Shanti Jared Kane I have not hidden anything from my timeline. And, by the time I filed bankruptcy I had not been using my credit cards for nearly a year. None of what you posted about was paid for using credit that I bankrupt. Lauren Brenner I will happily answer your questions, most likely in the book I am writing, if not in a blog post before then. Thank you for the helpful inquiry. Kate Sciolino, let’s capture Lauren’s questions.
    June 9 at 11:46am · Like · 1

    Ali Shanti Greg Habstritt I am beginning to feel bullied by your pushing. I have told you I will respond and I will do it in due time. What you are asking me to respond to is the subject of an entire book I am writing and it’s not going to get written overnight. I told you I will respond today and it is still my intention to do so, but on my time, not yours.
    June 9 at 11:48am · Like · 3

    Jeh Deh So…If we want to know how you have the gall to boast about your bankruptcy and attempt to make money off of your experience of shafting creditors, we’ll have to pay for your book? This is your “responsible” approach?
    June 9 at 12:12pm · Like · 5

    Christopher Lawless Jeh Deh.. that is bullying.
    She is just the typical American… blame capitalism on your own faults.
    (getting too much debt that you can’t pay for)
    praise capitalism when she is selling something.
    June 9 at 12:14pm · Like · 4

    Andrea Pisani Welp, I’m changing my position on debtors prison.
    June 9 at 12:25pm · Like · 3

    Greg Habstritt Ali, I’m sorry you feel that being asked to be accountable feels like bullying to you. Clearly, accountability is unfamiliar territory to you.

    You know something? A key reason I left the whole speaking/coaching/marketing space is because of the cancer of people who get on stage and espouse one thing and put on a complete act of success, yet their personal life doesn’t reflect any of what they claim to be able to teach others. Puffery, exaggeration, minimizing the negative and failures – that’s what most people do on stage or in marketing. However, when you cross the line and almost everything you say is complete bullshit – well, you join a different class altogether.

    So when you claimed you were a million dollar business owner, and making $35,000 a month, was that a lie? Or was it a lie when you claimed in your filings, under oath, that you were making less than $5k a month? Which was the lie, because they cannot be both true?

    I’m just so saddened and disappointed that you created such an extraordinary financial mess, and then have the hubris to decide you’re going to write a book, continue teaching in a subject you CLEARLY are not entitled to, and actually encourage others to follow your completely irresponsible, fucked up path. You seem to try and validate your own bad decisions by justifying them, and then trying to actually convince others they should try it too.

    This whole thread, your behaviour financially, and your responses here are the epitome of hubris and hypocrisy.

    I just hope one day you wake up and get some help, because clearly there is more to just situation than just someone behaving badly. The fact you try to defend and even consider selling it as some kind of mumbo jumbo spiritual strategy for people is vile.

    You fucked up. You were irresponsible. You have a lot to learn about business and money. Admit it. Own it.

    Stop trying to make it more than it is, and stop leading other people down a path that is destructive.

    It’s behavior like yours that made we want to leave the industry, because I didn’t want to be associated with this kind of self-delusion and lies. Disgusting and sad, and you need to give your head a shake.
    June 9 at 12:30pm · Edited · Like · 9

    Ali Shanti Greg Habstritt, I told you I was going to respond and I am standing fully accountable. I’m just going to do it on my time, not yours. I am working today and will respond when I can give this proper attention. That’s what I consider respectful. There were many ways I fucked up, but filing bankruptcy was not one of them, and neither was using the credit that I used to learn what I did. I learn by making mistakes as do most people. Most of us though, hide our mistakes because of bullies like you and the others who are just being nasty on this thread. I hope to change that for everyone. I have taken what I learned and share it widely so that everyone benefits from the investments I made. Your posts reflect far more poorly on you than they do on me.

    I feel sad for you that you did work you don’t believe in for so long and put people on stage that you consider a cancer who “espouse one thing and put on a complete act of success, yet their personal life doesn’t reflect any of what they claim to be able to teach others.” That was what you did, not me. I speak the truth and I understand you don’t like it and I speak it anyway. There’s nothing I haven’t shared openly.

    I’m getting back to work now. I won’t respond again until I respond to your initial request for explanation, on my own time.
    June 9 at 12:32pm · Edited · Like

    Stephen Lawless Fuck it, let’s just go to Nordstroms
    June 9 at 12:37pm · Like · 4

    Jeh Deh How about a five-star trip to Vegas that we can post on social media, just to show how spiritually evolved and responsible we are?
    June 9 at 12:39pm · Like · 6

    Jared Kane I am with Greg on this one. Ali, you say that you are telling truth all the time, but our point is, no, you are NOT telling the truth. You have made contradictory, public statements regarding your income, for example. You claimed to have million dollar businesses but you provided your annual income from 2010-2012 in your bankruptcy filings, and you were making far from millions. You posed for pictures on public social media accounts at 5 star restaurants mere months before declaring bankruptcy and defaulting on $800K in debt. So you say that you didn’t pay for the dinner on your credit card — how did you pay? Did Craig, who also filed for bankruptcy, pay? Did you pay in cash? Is that why you had only $500 in your checking and saving account by the time you filed bankruptcy months later? You spent it all? It is not “bullying” to hold a mirror up to someone who is trading on the currency of their supposed financial background. Before people buy your book, they need to understand what you are really selling.
    June 9 at 12:58pm · Like · 4

    Jean Brodie Ms. Neely will be responsible on her own time, thank you very much, and HOW DARE YOU CALL HER A LIAR! She’s currently quite busy making 35k/mo doing God knows what, although that figure doesn’t jibe at all with records given to her bankruptcy counselor. No doubt this will all be explained in her book. Only $29.95 at Nordstrom’s!
    June 9 at 1:08pm · Like · 4

    Rich Lawless Her soul is bankrupt
    June 9 at 1:10pm · Like · 3

    Greg Habstritt Not that it matters. but I didn’t do work I didn’t believe in. I actually loved a lot of it. But one of the worst parts was dealing with people who I knew were full of shit and pretending to be visionaries and leaders. There’s a reason (thankfully) you were never invited to be on my stage. My instinct turned out to be right. I don’t think all speakers and marketers are just inauthentic liars. Just some of them. And you’ve made it clear which group you’re in.

    Enough. If you think this thread reflects poorly on me as opposed to you, that says as much as anything could. You speak only the truth? Apparently not to the court or when you’re on stage.

    I didn’t realize how out of touch you are Ali. I feel sad for you, and I hope you actually get some help, because this is insanity.

    I’ve said my peace, and I won’t waste any more effort on this thread, or anything you do.

    Good luck, and may you find some peace in all of your delusion.
    June 9 at 1:16pm · Like · 4

    Ali Shanti Greg Habstritt what defines a leader? Someone who has people who are following. I do. It’s been a big responsibility that I have not always known how to handle in the best way possible, but I have always striven to do my very best, learn along the way and teach what I was learning. I think that’s why people do follow what I am doing because they know I’m not going to hide from the hard. I make myself available for it, like I am here.

    I could have deleted this thread days ago, but I’m not doing that – – I’m here, and I’m accountable and responding. Not hiding, though many of the things people are saying here are hard to take in and certainly creating quite a lot of activation in me. I’m still here, showing up and facing it.

    Regarding inauthenticity and lying, I didn’t lie to the Court and didn’t lie on stage, so I’m not sure what you are referring to — I’ve shared it all publicly and will continue to do so and will stand accountable for any of my sins (mistakes). But you have lied right here. You said you aren’t going to waste any more effort on anything I do and then you unfriended me, which would be in alignment with what you said, but then moments later, you clicked the button to follow me. So, that feels inauthentic and like lying to me.…/Screenshot%202014-06-09%2011…

    I’m extremely curious about what’s underneath all of this for you and inside of you. I do hope you explore there rather than focusing your attention on me.

    Screenshot 2014-06-09 11.37.00.png
    Shared with Dropbox
    June 9 at 1:49pm · Like

    Rich Lawless “So excited for this new chapter”….7 or 13?
    June 9 at 1:51pm · Like · 3

    Jared Kane Ali, the fact that you have followers who may be willing to purchase your book on bankruptcy is the answer to “what’s underneath all of this” for Greg and others. You have said three times that you tell the truth and you will answer Greg, but you have completely avoided Greg’s original question. Here it is again. Are the figures posted on the blog site regarding your bankruptcy accurate? Did you really default on $800K of consumer debt, including $13K owed to Nordstrom’s? That was the question posed to you which you said you would answer today.
    June 9 at 2:05pm · Like

    Greg Habstritt Actually I unfriended you and tried to UNfollow you Ali.

    I fixed that. Thanks for letting me know.

    Why you feel compelled to post screen shots and everything else – man, I don’t know.

    The drama is breathtaking.

    Peace out.
    June 9 at 2:19pm · Like

    Ali Shanti Because otherwise Greg Habstritt, you would call me a liar.
    June 9 at 2:21pm · Like

    Jared Kane Greg asked, “Is the list of debts correct?” You replied that you would happily respond today. You have still not responded to that question. Take your time, of course, only pointing out you said you would respond. Surely you would agree that it would be sensible to research public records related to a person’s bankruptcy before purchasing that person’s book about bankruptcy. That is what happened here.
    June 9 at 2:50pm · Like

    Ali Shanti Jared Kane, you may be interested in this:

    Ali Shanti
    Many folks have wondered how I ended up in bankruptcy after building two million…See More

  6. Chickapescatarian says:

    More the same.
    Changing the focus of the conversation – check.
    Making it a story about the brave decision to do the right thing – check.
    Not directly answering the original questions – check.
    Leaving it a week so people who were ‘on the fence’ could forget the exact nature of the questions – check.
    Using it to self-promote a new *video, book, website, whatever* – check.

    It must be fucking exhausting to grift like this.

    • actually a W2 employee Winter McStravick says:

      you missed:
      help cross promote other circle jerk clit filker grifter

      • Chickapescatarian says:

        Sorry I was busy realigning my soul animals and organising a $2000 a head seminar to teach others how to be an accounting shaman.

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Sounds like it’s in her DNA. Learning from Daddy.

  7. congenitally incapable weasels write me me me books says:

    Get the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ooooooooooooooooooooffffffff my planet.

  8. Lurker #88267 says:

    I oversee the transition of businesses as a living and this happens a lot when the seller wants the first big wad of cash that comes their way. Dumb and short-sighted.

    Where was the fiancial vetting? Where was the promissory note with personal guaranty? Where was the transition agreement? Did none of these lolyers think to put any of the things in place that cause this NOT TO HAPPEN?!

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Sure, nearly a mil in BK & a failed law firm, but Alexis Martin Neely, Trademark of the Week Lolyer, can & ure will plan your elderly loved one’s estate, yo … just give her an ICU rm#, yo.

  9. Shouting at a Box of Crullers says:

    She can’t own her shit, ever — not for a second.

    Do the 12 steps and hurry your ass along to step 4, 4th column (identifying your part in every fucked up situation and resentment you have), Ali. It’s free and way more effective than your grifter BS.

    • Never liked Cheesy Skillets - Cried My Rhinestone off at Nordstrom's says:

      She is 100% delusional and bat shit crazy. A 12 step program won’t help her one bit.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Random Snowflake™ says:

        Word. When it comes to accountability she just can’t do it.

  10. Aggressively Stupid says:

    I Googled that Diamond Mastermind business and first of all, there is very little information about it on-line, but from what I could find it sounds like a grifter Ponzi scheme. You pay big bucks to take seminars to learn how to charge big buck to give seminars.

  11. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    Love that the last FB commenter now has edited his post to call her out as a fraud.

  12. Prom Party Burnout says:

    I feel like Ali doesn’t know the difference between gross and net revenue…

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off says:

      I feel like Ali Shanti doesn’t know the difference between reality and whatever the fuck that is going on in her head.

    • Donkey is running scared. says:

      I feel the same way. She doesn’t understand it at all.

  13. Norse Horse says:

    ..having made a $100,000 commitment (with $87,000 put on credit) to join Ali Brown’s Diamond Mastermind program.

    Joining that Mastermind was one of the best decisions I ever made.


    • Chickapescatarian says:

      87k on credit? How would you even do that? That’s bank loan size, not fucking card sized. What financial institution would drop that coin on a non-accredited degree in woo?

    • pink pestilience says:

      so after she sold her practice, she only had $13,000 to follow this stupid next-level dream?!? why would you EVER sell your profitable business, with no provisions in place to ensure you get your payout, then turn around and buy something on CREDIT?? and she wants to advise other people on finances?!???

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        There simply is no way for Alexis Martin Neely, aka Ali Shanti, to believably spin (much less dovetail) both an $880k bankruptcy and her drastically-embellished business acumen … that dog won’t hunt & that shit don’t fly … but it is fascinating to watch her psychopathic grift-in-action attempts to do so.

        Sucks to be the nimwit($) who fall for her load of bullshit.

      • JFA says:

        You wouldn’t sell a profitable business in that way. No way her business was that profitable, she’s a goddamn liar. If it was ZOMG SO EASY to make $1 million a year in legal fees (LOL!!!!), why walk away? Did she think she’d make MORE than that doing fake marketing to morons who don’t know any better?

        My god she really thinks anyone believes this? Honestly as a lawyer I just can’t with this fucking bitch.

  14. Norse Horse says:

    Within two months of taking over, he slashed and burned costs because what it really takes to run a million dollar business is a willingness to write checks for expenses in the neighborhood of $500,000 to $750,000.

    Art didn’t have back up capital and he wasn’t used to writing big checks, so he started cutting expenses. First, he cut the marketing coordinator. Then, the marketing costs.

    Does this make any sense? I mean, she wan’t running Goldman Sachs there. A small law firm- sorry, a “million dollar business” that has expenses of up to $750,000- well something’s fuckled up there (typo and it stays). AAANd the kinds of law firms that depend SO heavily on marketing and a marketing department – needing a constant flow of new clients through marketing/advertising- well it doesn’t sound like that large a business. There are plenty of highly respectable small law practices and firms. They tend not to have $750k in expenses unless their revenue is more than that. And I know lawyers are expensive to hire. Ugh, I don’t know. Deny, deny, deny. Lie, lie, lie. I really don’t believe a words she says.

    • Fameless Shamewhore says:

      Sounds to me as though Art was maybe taken in by her spiel. He believed he was buying a serious and thriving law business, whereas in fact it was a grift. He thought the business would make money the old-fashioned way i.e. clients paying money for services, and started to cut back “expenses” to make the business more profitable. But what he didn’t realise was that in fact, as Ali writes here, “what it really takes to run a million dollar business is a willingness to write checks for expenses in the neighborhood of $500,000 to $750,000” i.e. the “law business” was a Ponzi scheme that only functioned by buying clients.

    • Aggressively Stupid says:

      I worked for a few years for a legal non-profit and I really don’t understand why any lawyer would need all the legal marketing that Shantitown peddles. My impression was that if a law firm has competent lawyers, a well-organized office and a decent scope of practice they didn’t really have problems getting clients. I mean, it’s tricky establishing a new practice or opening a new practice area, but once you start getting clients work begets work. Especially for family law lawyers (by which I mean marriage, divorce, adoption, not what Ali calls family law, which I understood to be trust law). Most of the lawyers I knew who practiced family law had their phones ringing off the hook.
      Maybe some of the law types around can explain what all of Shanti’s businesses are based on because I got nothing over here.

      • truther grammarian says:

        your question contains its answer:

        My impression was that if a law firm has competent lawyers, a well-organized office and a decent scope of practice they didn’t really have problems getting clients.

        that said, there are lawyers, mostly personal injury, who build huge practices with bus ads, subway ads, billboards …. but those practices are based on a lot of volume and a few enormous cases

        • JFA says:

          Personal injury def needs marketing, esp a new practice. I know this because it’s a small part of my practice. And the field is saturated with PI attorneys. And generally the people who look for such attorneys are common folk who don’t already have like, a business lawyer. I don’t mean “common” in a derogatory way either. I just mean like, your average run of the mill middle class person. Or yeah even lower than middle class. They have no reason to know lawyers oftentimes so they will do internet searches etc.

      • JFA says:

        This. And I’ve done mostly commercial litigation. Top commercial litigators who are successful don’t need to do much marketing, if at all. Networking sure, but their clients come from repeat clients and referrals. She’s a goddamn liar.

        As I said below, my current boss and another big time attorney boss said that anyone who used the internet to find them could not afford them. And that is true. It’s a fact. Jesus Christ one of the partners at my firm worked 30+ years at a top top law firm in NYC, his billing rate was $1000 an hour. Pretty fucking sure he is not using marketing to get his clients. Some of whom are billionaires.

        It’s insulting to my intelligence that this dumb cunt things anyone believes her. Especially fellow lawyers. She made $1 million a year as a solo doing estate planning? LOL okay. Was she working for people like Warren Buffett?

    • Lurker #88267 says:

      It’s notable because she hired the marketing person just prior to Art taking over. So, he probably looked at a business valuation and cash flow numbers that did not include the expense, and thought there would be an opportunity to make more money using the model that Ali had used, which did not include the marketing person. Sounds like a pretty obvious choice to attempt to replicate her success (which was probably inflated quite a bit, given her track record).

      I would love to know the structure of this deal. Was it financed? Did a bank do a business valuation? I’ve seen new owners come in and shoot themselves in the foot, but that doesn’t sound like what this is. It sounds like someone being a gold-plated turd.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Probably needed a mktr to hopefully reel in the many new clients that Alexis Martin Neely had claimed in advance to already have.

    • JFA says:

      I work for a successful small firm with former big law attorneys. There are so many bullshit levels to this, it’s insane. Is she saying that she, as the main (only?) attorney had a million dollar a year business? LOLOLOLOL.

      Also any good attorney who makes it to the pinnacle of their career doesn’t even need marketing. An attorney with high end clients (the only way you can make that much a year), well, their clients aren’t finding them through “marketing.” they are finding them through referrals from others and based on their reputation. As I’ve had numerous bosses tell me, the kind of person who can find them on the internet can’t afford them. That’s the truth.

      Every fact in this story is a lie.

      • JFA says:

        She found clients through “marketing” is such a lie! We are doing some marketing now for our personal injury practice. You know how hard it is to get real marketing off the ground with all the competition for business? I just can’t. Why am I even trying to parse her lies.

        You’re a liar, you never had a million dollar business, you didn’t make a lot of money then, you don’t make a lot of money now, and you are not pulling the wool over ANYONE’s lies.

        Also marketing 101 – don’t be a fucking freak online. I can’t imagine even someone who has an uncontested divorce they need help with would google this lunatic and be like “YES this is someone I want representing me.”

        Making even 100K in legal fees requires a ridiculous amount of work, unless you are billing like, $1000 an hour, and no way in HELL she was doing that. Any lawyer knows these basic facts. To make any real money being a lawyer you have to BUST ASS. God I can’t stand her.

        • Braying Lady Crony says:

          “Also marketing 101 – don’t be a fucking freak online.”

          YESSS. She has NO freaking clue about marketing and PR. If she did, she wouldn’t put her crazy out there for the masses.

          Narcissistic hippie grifter is narcissistic. And dusty. Beyond dusty. Good luck getting on any show now.

      • pearipathetic donkey says:

        Yes, I don’t get the marketing expenses for … estate planning? Personal injury work makes sense, just judging from all the billboards, bus ads, etc. I see around LA. Nothing this woman is saying is making sense.

        • Dean says:

          Unless she sold a sinking business to a sucker and put a grifter ‘marketing’ pal on the books just before she went.

        • JFA says:

          Plus how hard is fucking estate planning?? I mean, it’s super interesting, but in the grand majority of cases, not that complicated and not like, some big money maker considering the types of clients i’m sure she had. Unless she was doing like, estate related litigation which, I doubt she was. Most people need a basic will. They can do that shit on legal zoom for like a few hundred dollars. Again, she’s not getting millionaire level clients who need trusts set up and the like, by doing “marketing.” Ah yes, Gibson T. Dunbaker finds himself in need of an estate attorney to plan for the distribution of his $500 million estate. Let’s see, I believe I shall refer him to this Ali Shanti person, I saw one of her seminars on youtube.


          God she’s such a hose beast liar.

          • AnnaPelt is Happy at 138 says:

            My mom’s solo practice is estate planning and if anyone told ber she needed “marketing” she would roll on the floor LOLing. As she would say, her reputation is enough.

  15. Smooshed Macaroons says:

    “Most of it used for very good purposes (yes, there were some frivolous purchases as well) and all of it being repaid back many times over as I use what I learned from each of those investments to participate in creating a world that works for everyone.”

    Bitch, unless you paid it back with MONEY TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOANED YOU THE MONEY it hasn’t been paid back. I kant with her…

  16. lol white people says:

    So now we know for sure she reads here..Greg you are doing.Greg’s work.

  17. Fameless Shamewhore says:

    I’m reposting this. It’s an exchange from an interview with Ali, where she reveals that she had planned for this all along. So which is it – a shocking and unexpected event because she trusted the wrong people, or a well-planned scheme, as she describes here?


    Andrew: Do you still get to keep the money from your businesses, or is it under some kind of trust?

    Alexis: No. I do get to. I don’t . . . Okay. Let’s take a step back.

    I get paid very well by my businesses now. I keep all of that. I don’t own my businesses. When I speak about my businesses, they’re not owned by me, personally. I have very good asset protection set up such that my businesses are owned by a series of irrevocable trusts. Remember I was an estate planning lawyer. A series of irrevocable trusts that are for the benefit of me, that are for the benefit of my children, but are controlled by someone else. It’s the best form of asset protection that you can have…


    Andrew: …the reason that you were able to do it is because you had enough of a track record, and I guess by that point…actually, why were you able to do it? You just came out of bankruptcy. Why were you suddenly able to say, “I’m going to put all this money in up front?”

    Alexis: I did this many years before my bankruptcy. [???]

    Andrew: So you were able to protect your money in bankruptcy?

    Alexis: Yeah. The company’s.

    Andrew: Oh, no wonder you’re smiling so much. I was asking about bankruptcy, and I didn’t see a horrified look. So you kept the companies?

    Alexis: The trust kept the companies, yes.

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off says:

      Are you implying that she is flat-out lying?

      • MissAssVice says:

        She pulled a shell game. She hid her assets in her “trusts” that someone else controls. It looks on paper that she is employed by someone else when in reality she still runs the place. Schadenfreude extraordinare.

        I loathe these get rich quick frauds. Tim Ferriss still gets worshipped by Silicon Valley when I wish he would get bitch slapped

    • Never liked Cheesy Skillets - Cried My Rhinestone off at Nordstrom's says:

      Yep. This is exactly what I’ve been saying for weeks now.

      I called this bitch out on her bankruptcy trust scheme the other day on her facebook page. And as soon as I posted the comment, I mean within minutes of posting, she had deleted the entire thread.

      Alexis Neely a.k.a Ali Shanti is a con artist, through and through.

  18. Sofedupwiththisshit says:

    Throwing Art under her 880,000 bankruptcy bus isn’t about her and it isn’t about Art. It’s about what’s best for the world!
    Guaranteed she sat with the choice to play the blame game and she consulted her spirit animal and her nü icon as well as various and sundry ennanogram experts and they all agreed that it’s in the best interest of the world for her to blame him by name!
    Just the kind of class I’ve come to expect.
    Glad she can still afford her hair chicken feathers and false eyelashes. Bet she put them in trust before she filed too.

    • Aggressively Stupid says:

      Well, she’s been sitting on something for awhile because this is the first time she’s mentioned Art or a former failed business as a reason for her bankruptcy anywhere that I’ve seen and I fell pretty far down the Shantitown rabbit hole.
      You’d think the first thing she would say when someone questioned why she filed bankruptcy would be, “I had a business that went under and I ended up taking on a lot of personal debt due to it.”
      Questions still would have been raised about her Nordstrom’s habit and Vegas blowouts, but it still would have made more sense then waiting months to bring it up.

    • Braying Lady Crony says:

      I kant with the dusty feathers and clumpy lashes. SO. DISGUSTING.

      • Never liked Cheesy Skillets - Cried My Rhinestone off at Nordstrom's says:

        She constantly describes herself as “juicy” and now I just equate that with unwashed. Bitch always looks like she needs a shower.

        • Braying Lady Crony says:

          Oh GAWD. I didn’t know about the “juicy” bit, much like Donks and “delicious” and Nisha Woo-dley with “edible” [the latter in response to a photo that LaLaLa posted of her kid]. Their vocabs are disgusting.

  19. Lurker #88267 says:

    Does anybody have contact information for Art? I’d like to see if we can get his version of these events.

  20. actually a W2 employee Winter McStravick says:

    This guy stopped working with here

    he may have some leads

  21. JFA says:

    Lurker, Afghani?? How common is it to sell a law practice? Don’t people go to specific law firms based on the reputations of their lawyers? Why would someone buy her business? What was her firm even called that it was such a hot commodity? Yes because I”m SURE her name and business name had such great cache that people were lining up to buy it and hire it. What was she in practice for, 5 seconds?

    Also she never ever explains this genius marketing plan she used. Why? Because it’s utter bullshit.

    Again, if you are an outstanding attorney, which you have to be to make that much money, you don’t need to do a shit load of marketing. You get repeat business and clients seek YOU OUT. She’s is just such a shameless bald faced liar.

    • truther grammarian says:


    • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

      I don’t know anything about selling a law practice. I mean, we absorbed another firm a few years ago but it’s not like we “sold” our firm. We just added their named partners’ names to our name. That’s pretty much all I know about the entire transaction.

      I seriously do not understand what she is talking about. So we start out with Alexis Martin Neely at Martin Neely & Assoc. Then Alexis sells Martin Neely & Assoc to Art and walks away. So now Martin Neely & Assoc. is run by Art, who is not a named partner, and Alexis Martin Neely does not work at Martin Neely & Assoc. ??

      Lurker & Assoc. open for business! Hi, may I speak to Lurker? Who? Oh, she doesn’t work here any more. But thanks for calling based on Lurker’s name recognition!!

      None of it makes any sense.

      • JFA says:

        I’M TELLING YOU I HAVE NO IDEA EITHER. WTF IS SHE TALKING ABOUT. And was that her firm name? LOLOLOL. Million dollar a year practice my ass. Holy crap she is insane.

        • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

          Yeah it was Martin Neely & Assoc.

          I know this because that firm was named as a defendant, along with Alexis, in the malpractice suit. Which, if I recall correctly, was filed in 2008, so . . . THAT is interesting timing.

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

            Oh noes, Shanti’s own story is looking like an admission of more rules violations:

            Be absolutely certain. You shouldn’t venture into selling a practice until you’re serious about getting out. It is possible to sell your practice and move to another city or a different firm to start a new one absent a covenant not-to-compete. However, if you sell your current practice and decide, say 10 days later, that you regret your decision and want to start back in practice and solicit previous clients, this would probably be a violation of both contract law and the rules of professional conduct.

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

            If Shanti complied with Section B(2) of this rule:
   , this statement is a lie as she would not have any clients “counting” on her by December 2008:
            “At the same time, I couldn’t just close it down. I had clients and team members who were counting on me.”

            Had Shanti sent notice to clients as required, by December 31, 2008, Art, NOT Ali, would be authorized to represent the clients who did not opt out of Art’s representation.

            Had Ali sent notice as required, by year-end 2008, all of Ali’s clients either consented to Art’s representation of them or opted out. So, this statement doesn’t seem true or else Ali didn’t comply with the Rules:

            “So, I took back the firm and ran it out of my credit and savings for 6 months while I transitioned the clients to lawyers . . .”

            But didn’t you already transition your clients to Art in connection with sending notice as required and allowing 90 days to pass?? Transitioning any remaining clients upon Art bailing would have been Art’s responsibility, not Ali’s. It’s his license at issue at that point. Why wipe out your own savings and checking accounts saving Art’s ass??

            I’ve read enough. She has no clue about the rules that bind her practice. Unreal. Once again, she’s either lying or admitting to rule violations. Pick a lane ugh.

    • Aggressively Stupid says:

      In the four years I worked for that legal non-profit I never heard of a firm being sold. Lawyers were constantly moving from one firm to another, switching from public to private law, small firms partnering together to form large firms or large firms breaking up into small firms, but I never heard of a firm being sold out right.

      • JFA says:

        Exactly. I’ve worked in big law, for a solo, and now a boutique firm. Never heard of this. Heard of firms merging. Never fucking heard of some solo schmuck selling his firm. WTF??? One could, I don’t know, Just keep your name on the door and work part time and make an associate do most of the work while you pay them a shitty salary and make most of the money. Whatever. She’s lying so of course it makes more sense.

        • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

          Are engagement agreements even transferable? And surely advertising the services of a lawyer (by operating a firm bearing her name) when that lawyer doesn’t even work there must run afoul of the rules on advertising. I vaguely recall an ethics rule requiring that you remove a named partner from the name of your firm if they die but might be remembering wrong.

          • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

            Nevermind that bit about when partners die. Not true. Carry on.

          • Aggressively Stupid says:

            I don’t think that is a problem. I’ve seen firms keep a partner’s name on the door after they retired or even died.

  22. Torn Between Two Grifters says:

    “And, that was just the beginning. By the time I filed bankruptcy, I would clear $500,000 of debt. Most of it used for very good purposes (yes, there were some frivolous purchases as well) and all of it being repaid back many times over as I use what I learned from each of those investments to participate in creating a world that works for everyone.”

    Or, as the Dalai Lama said one day to his caddy, “Oh, uh, there will be no money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will achieve total consciousness.”

  23. PassThePopcornPlease says:

    I can’t take this all in….this needs a big flowchart to keep track of, or something. Just wow.

  24. PassThePopcornPlease says:

    I haven’t been really following along, but did the sale take place in CA? I searched the CA Secretary of State, and go this:

    Entity Number: 198605700032
    Date Filed: 02/25/1986
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 6320 COMMODORE SLOAT DRIVE
    Entity City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90048
    Agent for Service of Process: ARTHUR J. SWERDLOFF, ESQ.
    Agent Address: 6320 COMMODORE SLOAT DR.
    Agent City, State, Zip: LOS ANGELES CA 90048

  25. Jack Is Bankrupt & Lovin' It! says:

    Why would any business person or attorney take this woman seriously? After passing the buck in her paradigm shifting doublethink, she posts a picture of herself covered in quail feathers and this tweener nonsense:

    I can give and receive love, fully.

    What stands in the way in this moment? Only my own frightened, little girl heart.

    And, yet I know the truth, now.

    The timeless one, she holds me, shooshes my little one, and reminds her – all is well, you are on the right path – keep opening and loving more.

    Even now. Especially now. Open. And love. Let it all in and give it all away again.

    • Jack Is Bankrupt & Lovin' It! says:

      She homeschools her kids, too. I just kant.

      • Aggressively Stupid says:

        Actually, she only home schools her son (who barely knows how to read or write even though his 11 or so). So, her daughter stands an outside chance of being normal.

        • Jack Is Bankrupt & Lovin' It! says:

          Jesus, he has to be around that nasally-voice whiner with the rhinestones and quail feathers all the fucking time, and when does a deranged narcissist find time to teach her kid algebra? Is he off playing video games in the next room while she’s making her upteenth video about finding her timeless little girl?

    • JFA says:

      I’m so paranoid about what I post on twitter under my real name. Because I don’t want prospective clients googling me and seeing something they don’t like. It’s a very hard balance because I’m super lefty and passionate about 1 million things. And I have a very off color sense of humor etc. But I also like to use it to build my brand among other things and I’ve had so many adds from other attorneys.

      It’s part of the business. It’s one part of the business I hate. But image matters and you don’t have the freedom of, say, someone who works for legal aid maybe, or a freelance person or any number of jobs. God I even have to cover up my goddamn tattoos at work.

      And this chick posts any and all brand of insanity under her real fucking name. and expects us to believe she makes any money whatsoever in the legal field. LOL. You weren’t even admitted to the fucking bar until recently when we called you out on it.

      And if you were remotely employable before, I hope to GOD these posts come up in your google search results. I have no pity whatsoever if this destroys her legal career for good. She has no business practicing law or doing anything remotely related to the law. Dig a hole and crawl in, you are the worst.

      • Psycho-delic Ballerina fka Lurker says:

        Every cheezy firm seminar or CLE workshop or whatever I’ve ever attended has included a reminder that “a lawyer’s reputation is their currency” somewhere in the program. It is drilled into your head. Work hard. Don’t be shady. People will find out. If you happen to have a breakdown while wearing feathers in your hair and a rhinestone on your face, don’t videotape it and for SERIOUS don’t load that tape online.

        Shanti really shouldn’t have flaked on her CLE.

        • Jack Is Bankrupt & Lovin' It! says:

          I have several friends who are attorneys and a couple of them have had their personal life in shambles; however, they continued to maintain a professional poise.

          Oh dear, someone just called her out on that Georgetown first in class horseshit!

          • The Artist Formerly Known as Random Snowflake™ says:

            We’re gonna need screenshots, post ’em to something like por favor 🙂

          • Guy Incognito says:

            If she was the only summa, then yes, she was first in her class.

      • Aggressively Stupid says:

        That’s not just being a lawyer. That’s being a grown up. Pretty much if you are a professional in any field you have be careful about what you say on-line. Whether it’s bosses or clients you need to worry about hiring you or even just maintaining the respect of your colleagues.

  26. Tingolayo says:

    So I guess that Julia’s fake 30-day Coobie Challenge is dead in the water after 2 days of posting and 10 days of silence. I wonder: If she DID get hired to do something– anything, ever– could she ever follow through?

    • Grifty Shades of Cried-off Rhinestones says:

      I think Coobie told her to knock it the fuck off.

      • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off says:

        That has to be it.

        • Grifty Shades of Cried-off Rhinestones says:

          It stopped right after she got that mysterious email she alluded to that made her not want to go exercise.

  27. lol white people says:

    I the do-not-poke rules don’t apply to this alley character so we get to see the inner internet sleuth in all of you. It warms my heart to know you all have the skills but also the discipline to only use it when it’s socially acceptable.

    Has anyone been running her photos though an EXIF reader to check her location?

  28. ShesJustStupid says:

    Donks just posted two photos from whateverthefuck fest last night and she is BAKED.

    • Grifty Shades of Cried-off Rhinestones says:

      Oh, and look at the one of Avocado, so she spent the last week with him and “dropped him at the airport” (with what vehicle?) and “promptly” blasted Taylor Swift in the car on the way home. She says that Avocado hates TS but she doesn’t think he’s ever really listened to her. Right, Donkey, maybe he’d love Justin Bieber, too, if he’d only just listen!

  29. Jelly Roll's Cried-Off Rhinestone says:


  30. Julia's chin implant says:

    What the hell is a mastermind anyway? Is that where a bunch of grifters pay another grifter?

  31. truther grammarian says:

    mastermind is usually preceded by evil, isn’t it?

    About 924,000 results (0.36 seconds)
    image search is awesome

  32. UgottaBkidding says:

    Speaking of charging for friendship…. A few
    months back, Craigers was offering his coaching
    services on FB for (wait for it!!!!) $150,000 for
    a 6 mo or 1 yr period I can’t remember which.
    And what do you get for $150,000? Well, the
    big promise was “the life of your dreams”… Which
    was something he knew how to help you create
    since he had done this for himself!!! And included
    in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was
    introductions to his “network” and circle of
    oh-so-cool people!!! He didn’t get any takers,
    and even got a little flak in the FB comments
    which is unusual for Shantytown and Craiggers
    loyal followed. Guess the koolaid wasn’t strong
    enough that week.

  33. Never liked Cheesy Skillets - Cried My Rhinestone off at Nordstrom's says:

    Will Alexis Neely aka Ali Shanti® aka “The Truth Telling Lawyer” include in her book a chapter on how to defraud vendors? Will she share the art of charging back on credit cards and ignoring invoices? Because according to this review on yelp, ripping people off is the real secret to her so-called success.

    Brenda P.
    Woodland Hills, CA

    The executive staffing firm I worked for was hired by Alexis Neely and Family Wealth Planning Institute to help them to bring on a Director of Operations. Within 2 weeks we had two candidates she wanted to hire. As a favor we dropped our fee in half. She hired both and then felt that she only needed to compensate us for one. After several discussions, Alexis finally paid us.

    Then, two months later, she broke our contract and charged back one of the fees. We tried multiple times to resolve her issue, however had no luck as she did not want to go along with the contract.

    Alexis had also hired our firm to complete some consulting work during this same time, which she never compensated us for even after weeks of invoicing.

    Additionally, we were informed by another vendor hired by Alexis that he had not been compensated for his work for the company either.

  34. YouGottaBeKidding says:

    Please please post this stuff on Ali-Ali-Oxenfree’s Facebook
    timeline (and Alexis’s too). Here we are just preaching to the
    choir. There, it will be read by her “fans” and more.

    Wouldn’t you think these affiliate goddess hippies would AT
    LEAST have the common sense to realize their reputations
    are also at stake every time they gush over Ms. Juicy Pants?
    Maybe they really are unaware. So please, post this stuff
    on FB where people will see it. And not as a comment to one
    of her posts. But if possible as a brand new post.

  35. YouGottaBeKidding says:

    Ali’s singing her tired old bankruptcy blues again … Full of the same old lies…

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  37. NotSoFast says:

    I worked in corporate law, including in Mergers and Acquisitions, for quite a long time. None of what she says about the sale of her law firm and her subsequent bankruptcy makes any sense whatsoever. I could demolish most of what she says sentence by sentence, or rather fabrication by fabrication. If one were to put aside incredulity for a second and take her story at face value, then all it says about her is that, as a lawyer, she is incompetent.

    Alexis Neely aka Ali Shanti and people of her ilk almost make me lose my faith in humanity.

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