From “Krista” (and bravo, by the way, for having the balls to provide this information):

So… she’s done with Devin but her parents have been onto her and just got the credit card bills from france and spain – 12,000 worth. Up until the week before, nothing had been booked or planned, so everything was more expensive than it should’ve been, Julia blames Devin. She said they argued about everything, Devin has much diff ideas about traveling. Julia sucked it up and charged almost everything. Her mom was against the trip and was begging her to come home to Chicago since the show ended. She blew off her mom at the holidays and mother’s day, they’re not speaking now. Her dad still pays the bills, from her description it sounds like everything. Her parents are one of the reasons she can’t say her and Devin aren’t together, Julia wants them to pay the cc first and find a “ready made story” to step into, like being an instructor at a workshop or finding someone to ghostwrite a book with.

When I saw her, I almost couldn’t recognize her, I don’t see her often anymore, but even her profile has changed so much. She also looks dusty and her nails are gross.

At the wedding Devin saw her flirting with Dave Morin and confronted them. They were in a hallway, Julia followed him outside. Julia admits she brazenly dropped hints to several guests but she is still very into Dave, has been for years, even more than any of her real exes that she dated. She never changes, she never wanted to be exclusive with Devin or even date him, just used him because she realized how the show made her look. She bragged that it was cheaper at first just to date him because then she never had to pay him for the site he made her, which she hates anyway. He asked her once if she was going to pay him for that since it took him a lot of hours to move everything over from NS and she laughed, she thought he was joking. In the end, never paid, she switched the subject. She made him very insecure but at the same time tried to pep talk him to be more of a man’s man.

Noone from the nonsociety days is taking Julia’s calls. Julia called Jordan and thought she could revive a friendship and “be professional” about when Jordan left NS. No response. The only people Julia has mentioned for this NYC trip are new names I’ve never heard before. Not for lack of trying, she called a few people just today-Ricky, David Karp, the BP Cleanse girls (Zoey at least), Meghan, Meghan’s sister Liz, Krystal, no answers. Everyone’s on to her, she talks shit about all of them too and I guess they figured it out.

Lilly hasn’t been with Julia full time for many months, I dont know an exact date, but I care a lot about Lilly and whenever I asked about Lilly in 2013 she was with “a good friend”. I don’t know if Julia will ever take Lilly back, Julia can’t afford to pay people to take care of her and the friend apparently wants to keep her. Lilly doesn’t walk well and needs a lot of care, she can’t go up steps or get up on the couch or bed to snuggle anymore. She needs hands on care, a lot of it, I know this firsthand. This is the thing that makes me most want to tell everything. I was on the other side until this year, I think Jacy and Juliaspublicist can see this, when I posted before they knew who it was. Anyway, thats all I’m comfortable saying for now.




  1. So, to summarize: the Greatest Love Ever Known contract has ended, Momsers no longer speaks to Donkey because apparently the plan “this time” was to go on an expensive holiday where she could hit on married men (for all the girls! Such an admirable feminist!), but Dadsers is still prepared to pay for his basket case daughter to pretend to have a life because…? I honestly can’t answer that one. Paying the credit card bills each month must be the path of least resistance? Who knows. But the patents can’t know that the fakelationship has ended because then it’ll be completely obvious that Donkey has no job, no man, no plan and, perhaps best of all, no Lily because the poor pup is being cared by someone who gives a shit.

    Also, dusty now.

    Thanks Krista, we saved a box of franzia just for you. 🙂

    • She had me at “dusty.” I can’t get the image of cobwebs out of my mind.

    • Just going to point out again that Dave Morin replied “so don’t go!” When Donks said she didn’t want to leave SF. Also that Lehrer married dude flirts with her. Married tech dudes are her new/old play?

        • His sister liked his comment, after all, and she and Brit are ultra-cozy. (Sister is also a JA social media friend from whom JA seeks free “holistic nutrition” advice…)

      • Morin is a massive flirt. I’ve always heard rumors in Silicon Valley circles that it “gets worse than that when he’s traveling without Brit,” but I’m not sure if that means lap dances at strip clubs or full-on cheating.

        Granted, all these rumors pre-dated their marriage. Also, I’ve never heard any indication that Julia ever hooked up with him.

  2. That poor, poor fucking dog. To me, the absolute worst thing about this information is the neglect and abandonment of that poor, sweet, loving, aging animal. Donkey is a soulless, selfish cunt.

    Good on you, Lasagna, for stepping into the light due primarily to that sweet animal, whom you obviously loved very much and cared for often. She’s an asshole user asshole fuckheaded asshole, and you saw the light. You aren’t the first, you won’t be the last.


      • I was trying to protect the commenter before I realized she had returned and pretty much outed herself.

    • So it IS Lasagna? Awesome. Way to stand up to Donks as I assume she gave you permission to identify her.

      • She never emailed us. But her comment speaks for itself. And a couple of tipsters have suggested a similar implosion, with Donk frantically trying to save face — which is likely what her two ridiculous FB posts from tonight are about. Sounds like he’s telling her that she’s an asshole, to be honest.

    • So the source is OK about being named? Does this mean we get more goodies?! Oh please, yes!

      • She is clearly indicating who she is, and that we know who she is. IP is from Long Island. She lives in Long Island and is marrying a lovely guy who also lives in Long Island. October wedding!


        • We’re not worthy! Oh, how I remember that poor dog at Georgetown. Julia doing her best Parasite Hilton, one her then idols, and treating the poor creature like an accessory. I detest people who mistreat and/or neglect pets. No wonder Lasagna felt compelled to spill.

        • Congrats, Lasagna, on the wedding!

          You’re very brave for standing up for Lilly and escaping Donkey’s hooves.

        • Wait a just a goldarned minute! I irresponsibly (and correctly) speculated it was Lasagna and was castigated for my troubles?! Howfuck?! And whyfuck? YOU HURT MY FEELINGS (as my child’s preschool encouraged their charges to declare.)

          • I’m sorry. Just feeling protective of our sources. Come into my sandbox and I’ll share my marble collection with you.

          • Did I castigate you? I am sorry if I did. I was out all day and didn’t see what was playing out, and I was trying to protect Krista in case she was reconsidering emailing us with more information. We knew the IP and suspected her identity, but I was trying to give her some cover so as not to scare her away. But in her comment, she seems to be pretty much admitting who she is. And good for her. I am proud of Lasagna. She’s standing up for Lilly, essentially, when it seems no one else truly cares about that poor, sweet dog except the stranger who has taken her on. And she’s an angel too.

            Poor fucking Lilly. Saddled with a soulless cunt as an owner. And I say that as someone who just lay down on the floor with my dog, and loved and kissed her and put a pillow under her head, because I took her on too long a walk today, and she is too old, and it was too hot. It was stupid of me to insist she go on a long hike today; she is exhausted and I feel so guilty. BECAUSE I HAVE A GODDAMNED SOUL.

          • I will just reply here to say thanks and also to acknowledge that based on Lasagna’s love for poor Lilly, she seems to be a decent normal human being. Go Meg’s!

          • No, it wasn’t you in particular Jacy; just in the previous post, I guessed (totally just riffing) that it was Lasagna, and Bullies Who Hate All the Girls came in and said it wasn’t cool to out sources. And then it HURT MY FEELINGS. Huh, but I was right*
            *my three favorite words

          • Now hold on there, Miles! Julia’s Fucked Face and I love all the girls. We adore them. Smoochie boochies!

        • Wait Im so confused…. Krista wrote the letter and Lasagna took in Lilly?

          Also who is Krista?

      • Right? It is heartbreaking. I LITERALLY TEARED UP reading Krista’s comment. All the other shite is awful, but nothing is as appalling as her neglect of her dog of a fucking decade! A DECADE!! How do you turn your back on an animal that way?

        And was the whole “I got slugged by a homeless person while walking Lilly” made up? I guess it was, because it seems that other sweet Julia still has her. Which is good for Lilly. But still — what a goddamned cuntwitch.

        • I can’t believe Julia was considering taking a dog in that condition on a weeks-long road trip. So repulsive. 🙁

          • come now, she was never considering taking lilly on a road trip, it was just bluster for attention on facebook.

        • Wow….I figured the homeless slug fest was a lie, but a double lie about Lilly….Julia get some help.

    • I know, I was almost brought to tears when reading about Lilly. The littlest victim who cannot speak her pain and suffering but her poor lil body is breaking down.

      • The good news is, though, it sounds like the woman who has her is taking good care.

        Somdoes this mean donkey is definitely lying about the “homeless man punched me while walking Lilly” if she hasn’t had Lilly for months?

      • When my dog was getting older, I would break down in tears every time I left her (I boarded her with the veterinarian, “just in case.”) I didn’t travel often, but I always thought “What if something happens, and this is the last time I see her?”

        Now that I travel more and the little old doggie is gone, I leave my animals at home and have a friend come over to feed and play with them. And I pay her for her time, even though she’s a friend and she loves playing with them, because she doesn’t have full-time work and she needs the money. And because it’s worth it to have them well cared-for. Your pets are YOUR responsibility, you dumb donkey.

    • The way she’s treated Lilly is heartbreaking.

      I really hope her current caretaker can keep her and give the good life she deserves.

      • Me, too. And it seems like the caretaker is being good to Lilly – not to mention, how can it get any worse than Julia? The video of her and Julia Price shouting at Lilly was disgusting.

        Not only is her neglect of Lilly horrible, but she’s clearly lost interest based on the fact that Lilly is getting elderly and has special needs.

        • That video gave me the ragies and still does. Those two biotches are cruel as well as ineffably s t u p i d.

    • As the owner of two dogs who are aging yet, thankfully, still very fit and healthy (though one has congenital eye problems that need daily care and is partially blind), I agree. Fuck her so hard.

  3. If Devin has “much diff ideas about traveling” why did Julia have to suck it up and charge everything? Is this one instance where Julia wanted to do things on the cheap (ie. staying with friends) and Devin insisted on 5* hotels/chateaus? Makes no sense, I can’t believe they spent $12k in 3 weeks. That’s $500 a day and they didn’t even do anything that cost money!

    And why the hell would her parents care if she stayed with Devin or not? The guy is an unemployed line cook, they should be THRILLED to have her dump him, it’s not like Devin was paying anything while they were together, he was another cross for Petey and Robin to bear.

    Some of this sounds legit, but there seems to be a lot of bullshit, too.

    • I read it the other way. Devin wanted to do it on the cheap, refused to cough up to go high-end, and so Donkey charged it all in order to stay in the type of accommodations she felt were worthy of her.

      I actually feel sorry for her mother, who clearly has the balls to call her out on her shit. Petey, not so fucking much. CUT UP THE CREDIT CARDS, YOU IDIOT.

      • I read it that way too. In order to get her way, she “paid” for everything and didn’t let Devin have a say in any of the plans.

        • I’m guessing that 3k could have been just on plane tickets last minute. Another 9k does seem excessive but lasagna doesn’t say the bill was just from the trip. Could be car payment and other bs in a month.

      • So she’s grifting websites from him while he’s grifting hotel rooms from her? Fair enough.

        I would love to know why he’s considered so creepy by the tipsters, too.

      • I have to say out of all the Donkey enablers/burnt souls I do have some sympathy for Mama Baugher. Even when we were griping about the Baugher’s second Lake home(next door) I thought it was admirable that her mission is too make the house fully accessible and also that the design was culled from local architecture school (tremendous opportunity for a student). It just seems to me that Mrs. Baugher has an intrinsic altruism which her daughter has clearly not inherited.

      • Also, the wedding accommodations were probably pricy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed at the really nice wedding hotel option just so she could be near Dave & Brit et al rather than staying at an option that she could have afforded.

        A THEORY I HAVE about the credit cards (would love to hear what you cat ladies think of this) is that she also wants her parents to pay for the whole thing because maybe she charges things and then gets friends/boyfriends (like Debbie) to pay her back. So she pays up front with the credit cards and then gets cash by fronting for things, and getting her friends (Debbie) to write her a check.

        Like I could also see how she could have done that with rent – getting her parents to pay the rent but then collecting cash from a roommate.

        Getting her parents to pay for the hotels in Europe but then getting Devin to cut her a check.

        Sometimes her dad – smart as he may be in the work world – doesn’t seem so smart in the regular world.

        • Definitely. Dad$ers was paying her rent but I bet he didn’t see any of the air bnb money she made off the place, same with the leased Mercedes she wants to rent out.

        • I used to do this when I was like 14 and had permission to use my parents credit card for small amounts on things like school supplies and occasional meals. Order Chinese food for me and 2 friends, charge it to the card, friends pay me for their shares, BAM, I make $20. 14 year old me thought I was so smart.

          Luckily I never schemed more than a few dollars from my folks this way and then I grew into an adult that pays her own bills. I cannot imagine being a 30 something woman and asking my parents for anything more than a ride to the airport after Christmas.

        • The old “Reality Bites” gas card scheme. I can totally see a donkey doing this.

          Parents should never mingle their finances with their unstable, unemployed adult children. How would the Baughers not know this? Cut her off and let her make her own way in life. (And leave everything to Brother Britt, unless you want to see it pissed away on tutus and stripper shoes… for a 60-year-old.)

    • Hostel and nomad travel would have been more his speed, it’s princess unemployed self entitled that had issues (shocking) with his idea of travel. I’m thrilled she stuck her parents with a $12K bill, they should have cut her off a long time ago. No sympathy for the stupid.

  4. I think I recall a recent exchange on Twitter between Julia and Jordan, with Jordan being keenly interested in getting together or at least catching-up with Julia. I’m not going to look for the tweet exchange, but I’m confident my recollection is correct. Just food for thought.

    • I follow both, and if so, I didn’t see it. I am looking back in Jordan’s Twitter stream now but I know, in the recent past, she has been averse to resuming contact with a donkey.

    • You might be thinking of Katrina who tweeted her about a catch up.

    • People say they want to meet up with people to be polite, even if she said it, actions speak louder than tweets.

  5. a donkey will show you fear in a hoof-ful of dust


    • Oh, wow, she totally did delete them.

      They’ve been replaced with:
      Julia Allison
      14 minutes ago near New York via mobile
      “Wholehearted participation in the journey is our very best way of returning thanks for the gift of life.” – Gay Hendricks

      • Is that her way of telling us Devin is gay?

        I would not put it past her to try to punish him for dumping her by saying he’s gay.

          • Inspired by the beautiful and bodacious Christina Hendricks. I’m calling it, gender re-assignment is in Debbie’s future.

          • This comment made me laugh so hard, I blew my cover. We are in a fish market in Little Tokyo. The Modesto Strangler whipped around and sized me up across a table covered with fresh crab.

            Never checking this site during ops again.

        • I thought this quote from Krista was rather telling: “She made him very insecure but at the same time tried to pep talk him to be more of a man’s man.”

          • Yeah, I thought the personal training classes was a pretty cunty gift. It might be nice from some people, but coming from a donkey you just know it was a way to bray “you just don’t turn me on; get OMGbuff for me!”

            And then flirty tweets or facebook posts or whatever to the trainer. Ugh. Classless donkey is classless.

      • And wholehearted deviousness about absolutely everything in your life is the very best way to say fuck you world, I’m a lazy narcissistic fucktard with the emotional maturity of a spoiled toddler.

      • Does she ever just fucking enjoy a moment without having to come up with some forced trite quotes? She is about as deep as the kiddy pool.

    • She did. She deleted the Devin ones and has some new bs about participating in the journey up. Guessing he told her to take them down either because they were made up or misinterpreted

    • They were really only meant for us anyway. The message had got through, she didn’t need them any more.

  6. I have never seen that picture before. It’s almost as good as the one where she’s taking a selfie while having a stroke at the Cee Lo concert.

    • Totally. It’s a screengrab from some website’s recap of a Miss Advised episode. Translation: Everyone hates her.

    • How (the) fuck does that happen? How can you have a fairly rubbery upper lip area, thanks to plastic surgery or injections or whatever, but then it can completely flip under as if you have a thin upper lip? I guess the answer is obvious– synthetics don’t behave like real tissue.

      I am older than a donkey, but there’s no way in hell I’m doing any of this stuff ever. If a younger face, with younger muscles, can’t support it, what about an aging face with weaker muscles? Bring on the wrinkles; I’m going to learn to live with them. This stuff is scary.

  7. Wow is right. Worse than I thought. And ew, Dave is married and I thought she was “friends” with his wife.

    • Brit is a dummy (yoga mat wine cork) but she’s not crazy. If a harpy was throwing herself at my huscat, I would kill her with kindness. “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

    • Please. If Morin gave her a sign she’d be giving him a handie in the men’s restroom quicker than Debbie’s micropeen prob retracts when she tries to get with him now. She’s a cuntwitch, men being married never stopped her before.

      • Morin’s a kajillionaire. If he wanted to step out on his idiot bride, he could do it with super-hot women who know what the score is.

  8. I’m not surprised about the Dave Morin thing. Look at the photo from Meagan Mark ‘s wedding of him, Brit Morin & Donkey – it like she’s practically on his lap and Brit is way in the background. Brit’s face tells me she is VERY aware of what’s going on,

    Also – at Dave and Brit Morin ‘s wedding, she was ALL OVER Dave Morin in every pic. It really stood out to me. Why does she need countless pictures of her cuddling up to Dave Morin – it’s his wedding!

    • Is Dave just her crush or an ex boyfriend? I know who he is, but I don’t know what he has to do with donkey world.

      • They never dated. She claimed he was into her but she wasn’t interested in him “that way” on some episode of Non-Society TMWeakly—he was already dating Brit at that time, and she was apparently not pleased.

        I think he’s terrified of Julie; there’s no vibe of him being into her in any of the photos she posts of the two of them together, and as far as I can tell he never posts photos of her unless Brit’s in them as well.

          • I wasn’t yet admitted to the Sacred Siblinghood of the Basement Haters when this happened, but I swear I could hear her teeth gnashing in envy as she typed.

          • As if busted-face rotted-out clam-dungeon donkey could break up any marriages. She couldn’t even get a real boyfriend this time.

        • Yes, Albie, she rolled her eyes just at the assertion that she COULD EVER be into Dave Morin as if he were gross and wayyyyyyyy beneath a donkey.

          • Which was what made me think she was into him but not vice versa, given her usual approach. Her white-knighting about his lavish proposal to Brit only confirmed my suspicions…

          • I’ve always thought as her stock declined and she could no longer get conventionally hot guys, she became attracted to Dave Morin, etc – especially after they came into money.

        • And there was this back in the day:


          She’s been all over him for years. In the words of the great poet Nene Leakes, close your legs to married men, donkey!

          • “Sick whip. Red seats. It’s so hot”.

            Yeah, not sexual at all. Kinky!

            Bonus points for “Speeding through Silicon Valley”. Because all those office parks are so HOT. Thexy!

          • friendly advice for a newly single donkey


          • Yeah, I don’t think fresh-faced Brit has anything to worry about from a donkey. Her husband’s probably just being polite by posing with a desperate, grasping donkey.

    • Here’s the TMI Weekly video where she talks about Dave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ip8adeDW-0

      Exact quote:
      Meghan: Have you guys had a guy that you really liked and have him say “I just want to be friends”?
      Julia: No. I don’t think I have many male friends. In fact, I can count them on one hand: Ricky Van Veen, David Karp, and Dave Morin. And none of those guys I’m attracted to! Sorry guys.

      The looks that Meghan and Mary exchange while Julia is listing the guys’ full names are priceless.

        • Yes, the preppy party. Memories! Take a look at Julia’s sausage snappers creeping toward Karp’s krotch…oh wait, just don’t.

          • That’s Van Veen. But yeah, I noticed that. WTF? Who is that on the left, anyone know?

          • hee, all those techie boyz look kind of alike to me. But the guy on the left….nobody our Julia is interested in, for sure.

          • @Dyspep –

            He’s an actor and writer with a good resume, but if Julia knew how wealthy his family is, her interest would have been boundless.

          • Nick Kroll’s family has crazy money. To quote Leonard Cohen, “we are ugly but we have the music.” His brother is H.O.T. but has a squillion chidrens. Nice people though, and yes, he is dating Amy Poehler now.

            What year was this embarrassing “preppy” party?

          • It’s like, Jesus Christ, lady! Get your dirty hooves OFF of him already. You aren’t his bride. And you never will be.


          • Christ on a cracker. Leave some room for the Holy Father.

            NOT. YOUR. HUSBAND.


          • The cowgirl outfit. Jesus Christ. One of her worst ever. So embarrassing. I am actually so embarrassed for her when I look at this photo. She went out in public that way. To a wedding. What a complete, delusional ‘tard she is. Run, Derwood, run.

          • The thing about the picnic table dress that always boggles my mind is this: she intentionally pinned it up to be a good six inches shorter than it actually is. You can see the puckering of the poorly done seaming in some of the other photos, and compare the length to a picture she posted of it years before.

            Seriously, she made that dress sluttier* and tackier than it already was… to wear to a wedding. It just says SO MUCH about her personality.

            *as much as I dislike labeling clothing as ‘slutty’ because blahblahrapecultureblah. You see my point here though, right?

          • I see your point entirely. Also — if you’re going to wear a summer sundress to a cowboy wedding, the checks were probably “cowgirl” enough. Pair it with some nice shoes and a cool clutch and OK, you’re going along with the theme without becoming a ridiculous cartoon character. But no. Donk goes full-out trashy. Then again, wasn’t this the wedding in which Meghan Marks dressed in a tight leather dress with slits all over it and looked like a stripper?

          • She went to sizes too small on the pink dress so her tits would hang out. She’s pure class. Love the vinyl cowboy boots, really. Love the whole ensemble.

    • All over him:


      • Those bottom two dresses are monstrosities. My eyes are offended.

        • Yes she really does an amazing job of selecting timeless classics to be photographed. I now have an eye twitch, eff you donkey.

        • I’m surprised she didn’t break out the tutus


        • There is a shot somewhere of her in that mauve monstrosity when it was clear that she was literally exposing her cooter from behind. Plus, the detachable pelts were out of control in this era — you could actually visibly see where they were attached in photos, and in person apparently they looked even more ridiculous. People pointed and snickered behind her back. Oh honey.

      • You know what just struck me? In some of these photos, Dave Morin looks quite like Brother Britt.

      • She always looks like she grabbed these guys around the torso and clung there for dear life, and they didn’t have anywhere to put their arms so they’re like “Oh well. I’m touching a donkey.”

      • Omg. I’ve never seen this article before, about the Moron wedding. Who makes out on the dance floor of a wedding? What the fuck is wrong with her?


        “The flirt component is a bit of social engineering, so that by the time you get there you know exactly whom to talk to. It worked for Julia Allison of Los Angeles, who is 31 and a self-proclaimed active dater and former tech columnist for Tribune Media Services, now a contributor to Elle magazine who will soon be starring in a television show on Bravo called “Miss Advised.”

        “Instead of me having to sniff around and figure out who is seated at the single table, this app allowed me to get to know their community months before,” said Allison, who found herself stag in the middle of wedding season because of a recent breakup. Leading up to the wedding, she “flirted” with a single friend of Dave’s who turned out to be a groomsman and they ended up hanging out during the weekend with make-out sessions on the dance floor and a picnic table.”

  9. This is all too exciting. Need to go to bed, but don’t want to!

    • Exciting and kinda scary at the same time. I’ve only been around for a year and just thought “Yea this bitch be cray!” But the past few weeks and her heinous treatment of a poor dog…I’m kinda scared! I mean can someone lock this psycho up before she goes Ali Larter/Obsessed, Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction, etc etc. on someone.

  10. I have an ancient dog and I pay a dog walker to come let her out twice a day when I am at work monday to Friday and it is very expensive but I’ve had this dog all her life and that is what you do when you have a pet that and all the vet bills and the medicine and the surgery

    Jesus fucking Christ I am glad Lilly found a home

    • Aww, so sweet but so sad.I know what you mean, as I type I am cuddling my 15 year old sweet purring kitty whom I recently found out has cancer. I can’t imagine abandoning him like she did Lilly, it’s unthinkable.

    • I am scared (and I am not exaggerating when I use that verb) that Julia will reclaim Lilly in some misguided attempt to show that she’s a human being, after all. Please god no.

      • Someone should get in touch with the girl that has her, threw twitter and let her know how bad it would be Donkey and the pup to be reunited. I am wondering if Donkey will have to drag her to Chicago to save face.

    • Too bad we can’t take donkey to the vet and have her put down.

    • I just want to say that I think the girl caring for Lilly is an angel. It’s so HARD letting an older dog into your heart, knowing that she doesn’t have much time left and that you will soon have to say goodbye. Even if Lilly doesn’t have special needs, that enough makes her a lovely person in my book.

  11. Can someone please post the Lasagna Bat Signal photo? Just think, after all these years she finally got the signal and responded. IT’S TOO GOOD!

    Welcome to the basement, girl. Nothing to worry about. You’re among friends now.

  12. Agree with everyone that the parts about Lilly are just heartbreaking. I’m still reclining in my beat up barcalounger with a tub of popcorn along with the other cat peeps, but hearing about Lilly’s rapidly declining health and knowing that Donkey has no shits to give is beyond the pale.

    Also what the fuck with Momser and Dadser not freezing the credit cards. The only reason I can think of for not doing so is that they’re afraid she would open a bunch of others in her own name in retaliation and plunge herself even deeper into debt (if she could even get a substantial credit limit nowadays, which I kind of doubt, but I don’t think that would deter her). This way at least they can keep tabs on her whereabouts through her spending, I guess.

    And to that end, as much as their enabling sickens me, I imagine dealing with an adult child like Julia is a lot like dealing with an addict–they know they should cut her off, I’m sure they desperately want her to come home before she gets herself into serious trouble, but sticking to an ultimatum and telling her they will sever ties if she doesn’t is probably terrifying to them and a lot easier said than done.

    • How can she open other cards in her name? Based on what job? What income? What assets?

    • The father daughter-relationship with Julie and Dadsers seems very strange – I get the feeling he has never said “no” to her, that was Mom’s job.

      • I get the feeling they’re both as batshit delusional as she is.

    • It’s the best thing they could do is stop financing her lifestyle and get her some real help. She is out of options and that’s more clear now than ever. She needs to run to the ones that will love her unconditionally and beg for help and forgiveness but we all know it won’t happen. Sack up Donkey and Mr. and Mrs. B it’s time for some tough love and parenting.

      • Why does she turn up her nose at the downtown condo? Doesn’t she get to live there for free? Ungrateful donkey.

        • I’m speculating that there is prob an expectation of work since she would be under their thumb and we all know how much Donkey likes to work.

          • Work shmerk. Dad$er would beg friends to hire her and she’d fuck it up again. I doubt TBS wants to get sucker punched a second time. Got any clients at the Sun-Times who owe you a big favor, Petey?

          • Er, TMS. Surely Ted Turner wouldn’t hire a donkey!

        • I think she feels if she goes back there, she failed (even though, she’s, ya know, failed).

          I think they would end the jet setting too, and she just can’t be still or look at her life AND GOD FORBID GOING TO A JOB EVERY DAY, which I’m guessing they would expect and that is her worst nightmare.

  13. I just read it again and had a thought. It would be great if “Krista” was a bunch of them getting together to spill together. Remember the earlier post said she wanted to check first if word had gotten around or some wording like that. And then there is the paragraph listing everyone that Julia tried to call this week, etc. Just a theory but I think it would be so cool. But I don’t say that to dismiss the coolness of Lasagna (whoever that is!) coming down to the basement.

  14. Megan, I’m truly happy you’ve seen the light when it comes to this horrific cunt. And I’m so sorry to hear what’s going on with Lilly/Marshmallow because anyone can see how much you love her. Now that you’ve ditched the bitch, my advice would be to batten down the hatches and go on complete radio silence if you haven’t already done so. That’s where we made our mistake and it took much longer than it should have to get rid of her stench and yet it still keeps popping up randomly all these years later as you’ve shown in your post. So yeah, I’d definitely suggest a full exorcism involving priests, chants and potions if necessary. Better safe than sorry.

  15. My takeaway from this is that she really tried to get Dadsers to buy her a house in San Francisco.

    • I must not understand this family set-up. My uncle is a corporate lawyer for a pretty big brand and he has a comfortable amount of money, but not fuck-you money. Not paying-my-kids-bills-for-the-rest-of-her-life money at least while also having a big nice house and life for himself. Is he from family money?

      • I think they live on the cheap (see: Family decorating). I have a neighbor whose brother is bipolar and no one wants to do anything about it – he completely runs amok and costs the parents about 75k a year (he loves shopping!)

        The parents are wringing their hands b/c now they’ve had to push back their retirement and the mom who was retired went back to work.

        How much must brother Britt hate her?

        I’m guessing Peter Baugher always hoped some rich guy would sweep in and marry her and all the outflow would stop.

        She is fucked.

        • OMG that is terrible about that mom having to go back to work. I feel for that family.

          As for Julia’s brother, I don’t know anything about him since I haven’t seen him mentioned very much since I’ve been down in the basement, but if he has a life he shouldn’t have reason to be bothered. I mean, considering the sadness and cray of the donkey, if I were him I’d feel sorry for her, not jealous that dad pays her bills. He has nothing to be jealous of. It’s not like Julia is really enjoying her life. Just pretending to enjoy it. Anyone who knows her can see there is nothing to envy there. And maybe I’m crazy but I would much prefer having a job and taking care of my own responsibilities than to have my daddy fund my lazy, grifter lifestyle.

          • The armchair psychologist in me suggest there is major resentment because Julia bogarted her parent’s energy, but as a result became more self-reliant and responsible for himself.

          • And also about how she’s using her parents. It’s not about jealousy of docks but anger that she can’t grow up.

          • Maybe not anger but disgust. Also, there has to be a brewing resentment because with those family dynamics the parent(s) who enable are genuinely worried about who will take care of the leech when they die. Any visit, any holiday is sprinkled with tales of ‘poooooor ______’.
            Or maybe this is just me speaking because my FIL and MIL are becoming increasingly panicked as they enter their 80’s and know their oldest has alienated everyone.

    • This may sound awful, but does anyone think that there was something horrible that happened during Julia’s childhood that made her parents feel guilty and thus overcompensate and spoil her?

      When it was on, I watched Miss Advised with a friend who had no idea who she was. The first thing he said when Julia was introduced as liking pink, tutus, etc, was that she must have been traumatized at a certain age and then stuck at that age forever. Do any psych people have knowledge of things like this happening?

      To be clear, I’m not accusing her parents of doing anything to her at all. But maybe something happened to her and they feel guilty for not protecting her enough and thus indulge her now? I can’t see any other reason they would put up with this much, and it would explain why she seems to be stuck in this immature, unevolving state.

      • I think her parents propping her up is out of sheer familial embarrassment if she ever truly falls on her ass. This family is clearly preoccupied with presentation and perception.

      • I have a friend (also from the Chicago suburbs) who was molested as a toddler by a family friend. Also, her brother had a serious illness and so she did not get as much attention as she should have. At age 3, she was faking a limp to get her parents to notice her.

        From the moment they found out about the molestation, they began spoiling and enabling her. She would cuss them out (in front of me) and get her way all the time. Attending school was optional.

        Fast forward 15 years and she has finally, at nearly 30 years old, realized that she has to sack up and take care of herself. See, she’s not a swivel-eyed, sociopathic loon like Donkey. She’s in therapy and back in college (she flunked out a couple of years ago), waiting tables to pay tuition.

        Because her parents cut her off, FINALLY. Take note, Baughers. (She’s happier now, earning her keep, and has a much better relationship with her parents.)

      • If anything terrible had happened to her as a child, she would have trotted it out a million times as a sympathy ploy.

        I have always thought there was some undiagnosed mental problems, or perhaps even something diagnosed, and so the parents cut her a lot of slack because they feel sorry for her.

        But my God, 32 and they are still supporting her. THIRTY TWO. Twenty-two is one thing, but 32? She is approaching middle age.

        • Jacy… I get it. This shit bugs me so much because my SIL is 52. FFFIIIIFFFTTYYYY-TTWWWWOOOOOOOOO! In her late 30’s she pulled a trump card exposing a dirty secret. Not for healing, but as a weapon. She still uses it as her weapon without blinking.

        • Perhaps not if the person responsible were a family member. Which I’m not saying applies at all here, but that it has prevented others from discussing it even in private when otherwise the “acting out” part is all over the room.

        • When people try to rationalize her behavior I feel sorry for them, because they are good people who want to see the good in people. Sorry to burst some bubbles but: some people there is just no good to see in them because there is no good in them. JA is one of those people. Harsh but reality.

          I agree with Jacy if she pulled out mother’s rape, she would have trotted out her own tradedy for sympathy over and over again. She cannot defend her actions intelligently and her go to is to 1. insult (at a 4th grade level) 2. use other people’s pain to try and make points about her own life (also see inacurrate use of quotes to justify her behaviof ).

      • I am glad someone else brought this up.

        It has occured to me that the sexualization of what are essentially childish things (the color pink, ballerina costumes, etc.) are red flags for molestation trauma.

    • this is really awful and I need it to go away. Now. Psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?

    • Isn’t that when she’s reading her agent’s criticism of her Elle column via the Elle people?

      • 40 lbs heavier
        Nobody cares

        I can’t remember the notes verbatim, but they were awesome.

    • Freeze frame from the Itailan classic 1982 thriller “Asino con il conto della Carta di Credito di Cristallo” aka “What are Those Strange Pelts Doing on Jennifer’s Husband?”

  16. So she basically took Devin for a ride for a year so she could save face about how fucking nuts she looked on Miss Advised PLUS not pay the guy for making her website. WHAT A FUCKING BITCH. Obviously he is as dumb as a box of hammers or was complicit in some way.

    So what’s the deal now? She must be blackmailing him in some way. “Change your Facebook pictures of us AND MY DADDY THE LAWYER will sue you for $6,000 for Europe!”

    Also, FUCK YOU MICHAEL ELLSBERG. You’ve obviously have mesh between your ears to defend Julia Allison: Hideous Donkey.

    • Why not? That’s exactly what she did to Jordan. Had PK button tix to Asspen without Jordan’s knowledge and when Jordan said she didn’t think her hubby could get time off work, told Jordan she’d have to pay PK back for the tix. Jordan and her husband ended up going and then their return flight was late and Jordan’s hubby got canned from his job.

      I cannot believe Julia’s parents let her spend 12k in three weeks and there are no repercussions. Don’t care how many friends turn on her, she keeps on keeping on. It makes me sick.

      By the way Lasagna, anything you want to tell us about Julia acquiring an extra tiara a couple years back?

      • I would kill to be a fly on the wall at the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility in 10 days…

        She is showing up, not speaking to her Mom with a devious plan of pretending to have a boyfriend who will have dumped her a month prior – to get out of racking up a 12k bill. She thinks saying she’s getting paid $300 for some workshop will get her out of it?????

        They are such idiots.

        • I would like to see the cray that is happening now. The lies that she is trying to unfold before morning.

        • But it was all Devin’s fault! And and and she’ll pay it back just as soon as she gets that huge advance for her book on uh uh uh how lucky she was to have the parents she has and and and they must let her travel for the rest of the summer because because uh because book about happy Julia and wonderful family and and and look tickets already bought and cancellation fee and and a cancellation fee is not fair and and

    • At least he has marketable skills to fall back on, if his association with a donkey hasn’t completely black-balled him. He has had normal jobs, according to his older resume.

      • It will take a long time to get the stench of donkey off his google footprint. I mean, just do an image search and see what comes up. I’d be mortified.

        • Yeah, I *might* have had a hand in portraying him with a pink bow in his hair, riding a donkey. Um, er, oops???

  17. Has anyone seen “Edward Scissorhands”? I just realized who the latest donkey reminds me of. She is like that busted, flaky, desperate lady in that movie who is trying to lure the dishwasher repairman. “Yoohoo! Dervin! I’ll let you sniff my clam dungeon if you’ll set me up a website!” Also desperately clawing at all the married guys. Serious busted-face loser time!

    • Jigsaw from the Saw movies is what her face reminds me of, but spot on with your take on her behavior.

      • Yeah, def behavior. Can’t really remember her look other than being very fake and brightly-colored skintight clothes. Which fits our donkey. 🙂 The photo on this post looks so much like the “Saw” guy that I can’t unsee that.

        • LOL yes! I posted that a few months ago. That is it. That face and the behavior of the “Edward Scissorhands” desperate housewife lady.

  18. I’ve got to say other than the Marshmallow aspect of Megan’s post, it’s remarkable how beautifully the world works sometimes. One of the people who had a front row seat during the [REDACTED] saga and then when she tried to get her claws into RVV is now working very closely with one of the Morins so if this cuntfaced ditchpig is hoping to spin that aspect of Megan’s post off as bullshit somehow, there’s no hope. This person knows firsthand what this hosebeast is really like. It’s like the very thing that allowed her to breathe in the tech industry for so long – using one group to glom onto another – is the very thing that’s cutting off her oxygen now both with the Arrington saga and again with this. A smarter person would’ve realized how incestuous and small tech really is but not our Donkey. Fucking shit for brains piece of shit.

      • Unless you were for some reason paying attention to the crew surrounding Jakob and cuntface back then you probably wouldn’t know who I am. It’s been a long time coming for this bitch.

        • Interesting. ZK perhaps? jakobandjulia.com was my intro to Julia, she really did seem to imagine herself becoming a founder of “something”. Success by osmosis etc.

        • I suspect we know each other in passing.

          I was no friend of Jakob’s – but I knew him before I ever knew anything of Julia’s existence.

          • I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. I’m starting to think that half the people I know are either posting here or have at least provided tips.

          • Slightly embarrased as I am to admit it, I would have been the one who openly hated you all.

            Jakob was not the best ambassador for that particular world.

        • Ding Dong, I suspect we’ve crossed paths, but I’m not sure how to confirm. Are you by chance planning an event in the woods?

          • I hope you have an extra cauldron, RRR. Mine hasn’t been the same since I let Denton borrow it. Any idea what gets the smell of Justin Timberlake’s boxers out of cast iron?

          • There is an event that is taking place at the same spot in the woods as another more important event not so long ago. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to though. There is also another event that is happening in a woody area but that location hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet. Sorry if that’s too vague. I’m just trying to be careful so I don’t potentially out anyone else by process of elimination.

            And don’t be embarrassed RRR. I completely understand.

          • Thanks, Ding Dong. In my defense I have to say that I was a much more tempermental and judgy person back then than I am FUCK YOU YOU SCHOOL BUS DRIVING CUNT! CUTTING ME OFF WHILE I’M TEXTING AND DRIVING??? HOW DARE YOU!!! now and I am much more mild natured now than I was then.

  19. Chickens are coming home to roost. I’ve waited YEARS for this.

    We earned this, you “angry, sort of sad adults.”

  20. I’m genuinely curious to see if she will cancel Chicago or shorten the trip.

    • I also wonder if this is why she (allegedly) had the 2hr phone call to Momsers while she was driving to SF the other week? If she hadn’t been speaking to Momsers, she knew she would have to suck up to her before returning to Chicago boyfriend-less, job-less, homeless, prospect-less and wanting them to pay her 12k c/card bill.

      Shame on the Boggers for unleashing Donkey on the world and continuing to enable her ass. It’s sad that they don’t care enough about their daughter to give her the tough-love she needs. Well, actually more like a tough kick-up-the-clam-dungeon. I wonder if Momsers even likes her? It would be sad to detest your own child.

      • I bet she called Momsers and sucked up for those two hours to butter her up BEFORE the arrival of the vacation bills.

  21. So was there a cowboy groom blowjob once in an alley back in the mists of ancient times, is that it?

  22. Think about this: If anyone knows where all the bodies are buried, it’s Lasagna. She took a fair amount of abuse here over the years, and still, she flees Team Donk for Team RBNS (never forget).

    Tell us again how Julia has “changed,” Ellsberg.

    • JA is really good at getting new “friends” every few years who know nothing about her cray. Also, Elsberg is clearly not “all there” if you catch my drift, and probably has his greasy head to far up his own asshole that he is too blind to see what a nutcase she is. The new troupe will go fleeing into the night soon enough, or until she dumps them when she has no more use for them. They are all just a bunch of shillster snake oil salesman using each other for notoriety anyway. Which we all know are what true friendships are made of.

      • I, too, subscribe to this theory. Though I sometimes suspect they know exactly how utterly batshit insane she is but just don’t care because they can get something out of her – publicity? – that furthers their own cause.

        • I think this is true a good portion of the time. I also think that although Julia is OFF THE BEAM on a civilian scale, she doesn’t deviate quite as far from the norm among the other fame whores and grifters in her circle. She’s still the worst of the lot, but I think it keeps some of the more well-adjusted people from catching on as quickly as they might.

  23. OMSquee, haven’t been through all the comments yet, just checking in, will have to read later (i was on an OMG plane!). really wish i could have joined in on yesterday’s kale discussion too, because i <3 kale and i even have a shirt that says so. later bunnies!

  24. I kinda feel like this site forced her hand regarding Europe. Like she wanted to back out but had no choice to go.

    • Really? Of all the things, going to Europe was the one thing she didn’t want to lose face on to us?

    • I thought the same thing. But, she did mention it for the longest time, so had ample time to plan.

    • When has this site forced her to do anything? This place is the mirror, mirror on the wall reflecting back the truth. “IF” this place had anything to do with that trip, it was only because she had no other way to save face because she facebooked and tweeted it for so long prior to it.

    • Like you mean because we were all saying it would never happen? Possibly. Funny how she couldn’t prove us wrong with the four-bedroom San Francisco house! Oh honey. You can’t make a down-payment on a house with Daddy’s credit card! (She probably tried).

    • This site doesn’t force her to do shit.

      Having come in from a very different viewpoint way back in the day, I see this place now for what it most obviously is: evidence of past failure on her part to maintain succesful professional and personal relationships. Were I her, it would be tremendously embarrassing to have these speculations and insults swirling in my wake – but as she seems to lack a degree of personal shame, I’m not sure even this troubles her as such. She obviously likes to control the narrative (which is the sign of a control freak) — and the reaction to it (which is flat out impossible). Well, a good way to do that is to step away from the limelight and live your life in private, as opposed to spackling your business across the internet and then trying to track down every jerk with a black pencil who thinks your billboard looks cuter with a moustache.

    • I think this site is the only chance we have of her ever remotely taking accountablity for her actions. The people in this place seem have done God’s work or at the very least the work her parent’s have been unable to do. Not taking accountability for her actions much like Karma/Cat Ladies can be a justified bitch.

      I know she must think this place has a crystal ball (inside source) to predict her every move but truthfully everything Lasagna told us, we already knew, but she confirmed. Julia is predictable like all sociopaths.

  25. Imaginary dialog from a beautifully decorated home on a northern lake:

    “I feel sorry for the poor girl who married him, knowing as we do about how awful he was to Julia. Well, they say drinking problems run in families.”

    “That boy was never right for her. He had to show off the yacht and the ski house. Julia’s not like that at all. Yes, she did say she was leaving the door open, but I think that’s only because she felt sorry for him.”

    “It’s just awful how Elle magazine reneged on that column they promised Julia. Well, it’s their loss. It’s just another reason the magazine industry is dying.”

    “Sounds like the bidding war is already heating up for Julia’s book, and she hasn’t even finished the proposal! I always knew she was a writer at heart. Yes, yes, we both did!”

    “Well, they put her show in the worst possible time slot. What were they thinking? Seems the president of Bravo knows that, and I’m sure he has something else in mind since he’s keeps contacting her.”

    “NBC is inviting her back to cover Fashion Week, so maybe she’ll get hired by the Today Show after all. Fingers crossed!”

    “I thought better of Fox, too, but what can you do with people like that? It’s just a matter of bad luck, petty people running the show. And really talking about celebrities isn’t suited to her wide interests.”

    “You can’t give someone a newspaper column without giving some direction about what you want. Very disappointed in them.”

    “Well, it’s not the best neighborhood, but at least the apartment is large. And she says Lilly loves it there.”

  26. Okay before I catch up on comments and coffee can I just say, Anna Lalalala needs to STFU. I am so sick of her schtick. No one calls their bf their “guru” and she needs to just fucking stop and go post more pics of her pregnancy tits or whatever. Okay going back to read.

  27. AGREE!

    And Lasagna: you really did out yourself. By mentioning all the people she called – but not “and Megan L” or such it seems clear that EITHER:
    (a) Krista is Lasagna
    (b) Krista is one of Lasagna’s friends who has been hearing about the drama through Lasagna and/or Julia forever and loves Lilly and is over it.

    Whether it was Lasagna or another friend, you are VERY BRAVE. And also very good to essentially stand up for a sweet little doggie who needs a responsible adult to care for her.

    But who is paying the vet bills? If Lilly can be returned to the Baughers, at least they will probably get good vet care for her, she will be in a place she has lived before, and have another little doggie her size to be friends with.

    Jacy/JP: Can we have a Lilly retrospective along with a plea for the Baughers to take her in? Or for some reassurance that she is getting the care she needs? Poor little thing.

    Let’s all hug our doggies a little closer tonight…

    Lasagna and/or Friend of Lasagna and/or “Krista” – You are a Good Person. If you have other tips you are afraid to share online in ways that out you, please please please email JP/Jacy directly. They will protect your tips and identity and share the goods in responsible ways.

    • I have a theory that the Baughers refuse to take Lilly because they think the responsibility of being a pet owner is good for Julia. I bet her parents don’t know that Lilly lives with a ‘good friend’ 95% of the time.

      • I agree, which is also why part of me will always think her parents deserve her as a shitty lunatic millstone around their necks. Teach her responsibility with a paper route or a chia pet; not with a living, feeling creature whose life has now been irreparably blighted by her abusive owner. If they were concerned enough to take one dog away, leaving the other one behind was an unforgivably awful thing to do.

        • I’ve alway thought that was the weirdest thing about them. That they saved one dog and left the other behind. Momsers does not work and they clearly have the resources to care for two dogs. My recollection is they flat out told Julia she was irresponsible and made her give them Langdon. The fact that Lilly was sacrificed makes me even sadder for her.

          • Hmmm, still makes them just as bad in my eyes. Hey sacrificed a dog so they could shut her up. How about leveraging some of their power- since they pay all the bills? Give us the dog and shut the fuck up about it or else.

          • OMG there was two dogs entrusted to her “care” at some point??? Ugh now I’m just beyond disgusted! I hope this other dog has led a much better existence out of her deadly hooves….the background picture to the left where she’s making Lilly stand up on her hind legs says it all. Small dogs get so many hip joint problems and shit like that makes it so much worse! Sorry for the rant, animal cruelty is unacceptable and criminal!

  28. I’ve been following the Donkey show for years, probably since the time that gross underwear/ old man photoshoot first appeared on Gawker, and I found RBNS through that old Gawker entry about Julia’s hate site.

    Despite that history, I’m pretty stunned right now. I can’t believe she racked up all that debt and sent it to her parents to pay. I can’t believe how badly she used Devin. I can’t believe how little care and attention she gives Lilly, which just breaks my heart over & over. These things should not be a surprise and yet when the details emerge, it’s far worse than my brain could conjure in its own.

    What a conniving, soulless cunt. She should be committed. In fact, I hope she does something that lands her in prison one day.

    • Same here. My jaw is on the floor. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, Julia has proven time and again that she is nothing if not adept at using people, taking advantage and burning bridges. But this is all so much worse, to such a greater magnitude, than anything I could have imagined. And the fact that she is calling all these people she royally screwed over through the years? That is so abnormal it is kind of scary. I actually feel really disturbed by this all.

      • It makes me wonder how she gets invited to people’s weddings. Then I think, maybe she just crashes them since couples nowadays are so keen to put all of their wedding stuff out on the internet for anyone to see.

  29. Regarding the Boogers paying the 12K credit card bill, I would bet anything that any credit cards Donkey brandishes are in the name(s) of one or both parents, and attached to their Social Security #s, not hers. So they have to pay or risk their own credit.

    • Right, that’s sort of my theory too–and also, better to have the cards be in their names and at least be able to clean up after her copious donkey droppings and know when she’s gone on a manic spree rather than be in the dark about all the debt she’s racked up. Ughh.

    • I think the cards are in her parents’ names too. I also have to imagine the $12,000 debt is still growing, what with the manic travel schedule for the summer she posted. I was wondering how she was funding that, but now it makes sense.

      It would be embarrassing but not super unheard of to be in your 30s and make such poor financial decisions you land yourself in such credit card debt. But it is utterly humiliating to be in your 30s and do this to your PARENTS’ credit cards. It is shameful that she can’t support herself but feels entitled to have her parents fund luxury trips. There is something really, really wrong here. More wrong than I ever could have imagined.

      • I thought I posted this last night but sleeping meds may have won.
        I may have to ak-kitty myself if ‘enter’ won though-sorry if it’s on his thread elsewhere.
        I had a card with my parents in college with a $250,000 limit (oddly, hirer than my parents own limit). I put $2K on the card for The Library, my father immediately lowered my limit and was even less amused when he found out The Library was a bar off of ASU’s campus.

        How else was I supposed to make friends 2,000 miles away from home and not willing to join a sorority? We’ve all done stupid stuff, pushed parental boundaries etc. but the point is we all (well almost all) grown up and learn from the past. La Donk does not. And this is exactly why I do not feel badly for her parents they keep rewarding bad behavior.

    • Then take away the fucking card from her, right?

      I don’t understand Krista’s statement that her parents are “on to her. What does that meant exactly? They didn’t realize they were paying 6k for her beach apartment? Her Mercedes? Her insurance? Her injections? Pointless travel (in addition to the European vacation)?

      I mean, so what if they are on to her? She’s 32 and she’s probably fleeced them for hundred of thousands of dollars and the answer is to beg her to come back to Chicago and live in the million dollar apt? Oohhhhh, that’s tough love, right there.

      But this is what you get when you have a daughter who considers 10k for graduation a ‘small’ gift.

  30. The reason credit cards have to be in the parents’ name/s is that she has no job, no income, no assets. IOW, she can’t get any credit in her own name (& SS#). Them paying off the bills she racks is almost certainly a matter of keeping their own credit out of the toilet than anything else. And they probably loathe her for it.

      • Agreed. It’s not that hard to get a credit card. I got my first one in sophomore year of college when I wasn’t making any money. I just got a credit card offer mailed to me and was shocked when I was approved at how easy it was.

        I’m sure she has credit cards tied to her own SSN; she just doesn’t want to use them because then she would have to pay them off to not ruin her credit. Or their credit limits are too low to fund her lifestyle.

        • Or she has already ruined her credit, which would be why everything is in Dadsers name.

  31. Okay, I purchased a bandage dress lately in the hopes of making the illusion of my body “tiny and cute” until I saw the cut out bandage dress Donkey is wearing in the background.

    Despite the stupid price tag I rather swagger around in my PJs now. The dress shall be forgotten until I can rid the image of Donk in my head thrusting her ugly butt out. I said what what, in the butt 🙁

    Poor Lilly. Can you imagine, ok – Donk is her owner, and although she may have used Lilly like a prop most of the time, Lilly must have had loyalty and love for her owner(ew, though). And imagine when you’re dying – your owner of 10 years just abandons you to stage a show. :(((((((((((

    • Is there a place where we can see the whole background photo? Even when I make my browser fill my whole screen, I still can’t see the whole thing. I don’t see the bandage dress.

      • My computer was loading really slowly one day and the ENTIRE background picture stayed on the screen for what seemed like an eternity, it was whorrifcally brilliant. I think I have PTSD from that day still. So be careful what you wish for my friend.

  32. This is more than I could have imagined. Her treatment of Lilly is infuriating. I have a small dog like Lilly and I know what health problems he might one day suffer from. dogs give you all they have the least you can do is be there for them in their old age. You buy the ramps so you the dog can just walk up to your bed or the couch. I hope that Lilly gets to spend her last years with someone who actually cares about her.

    The $12,000 CC bill? Child please. She needs a reality check. You don’t run up that kind of bill unless YOU YOURSELF can afford to pay that off. She is such an idiot. I wonder what her grifter friends will say when they hear about the Debbie breakup.

    • I have a small dog, too. She’s a senior rescue dog, and has so many health problems from years of neglect and abuse: bad teeth that had to be removed, severe gastrointestinal issues, a bad knee, etc. Soon she will need little doggy stairs or a ramp to get up on the couch.

      I’ve been anti-Donk for several years now, but I think adopting a dog has made me even more pissed off by her behavior.

  33. Ricky Van Veen never liked Julia Allison. RVV’s a smart kid, and he saw this hick trollop for what she was from the get go. Also remember this is REDACTED’s business partner and former roommate. He also had a running gag of making a bored/unhappy face whenever he had to take a picture with her. It wasn’t subtle at all. She’s insane.

    A few years ago, I recall seeing a picture of her photo up on the wall in the Vimeo office, completely defaced with devil horns and dicks in the mouth, etc. I think this was shortly after the breakup, so she’s obviously reviled amongst the Collegehumor crew.

    Which reminds me of the CRIIINNNNNGEEE worthy moments when she used to hang out with those guys and try to be “so funny.” This idiot is literally the least funny (when trying to be) person ever, and watching her try to make the lols happen are just so horribly, horribly awkward to watch. I actually can’t stand Amir Blumenfeld, think he’s extremely overrated, but watch him and Streeter try to tolerate this cuntwitch.


    • It’s slang for someone who shows up after a sizable interval wearing essentially the exact same look associated with an earlier (and unsuccesful) epsiode in their past.

      Or that’s how I’ve heard it used.

    • I took it as she doesn’t have the money for the upkeep (mani/pedi) and is letting herself go (well more than she already had).

  34. Anyhoo.

    Lasanga – thanks for spilling the sauce. I know we’ve all noodled you from time to time and that was cheesy of us, but I always thought you were a cute tomato and hoped perhaps we’d one day meat! Hope you can relax today with Julia out of your angel hair and just sit back this night and get baked.

  35. Am I allowed to ask which Megan is Lasagna? There are quite a few megans in the history of donk, so I’m not totally clear. I tried reading back but megan lasagna isn’t defined in the glossary. I understand if this can’t be answered, but I’m just so damn curious!

    • She was around during the NonSociety days and is listed still as the CEO of NonSociety or some such thing on LinkedIn. Donk used her mercilessly to take Lilly all the time, and she sweetly did it, even though privately, Donk was quite dismissive of her and cut her out of a lot of high-profile events. By all accounts she is a really lovely girl — Jordan spoke very highly of her — and sweet and perhaps guileless, so it’s great that she’s finally seen the light.

      • Oddly enough, if I am not mistaken, she also used to WK in here from time to time, always using a name that began with “K”.

        • And if I remember correctly, Julia also blamed her for outing TK and possibly for pretending to be Pancakes McCain’s lawyer?

          • No, she blamed Lasagna for leaking us Toph Eggers’ name, and she blamed Christine Kelly for the Pancakes Lawyer stuff. Which was bullshit, apparently. Wonder whatever happened to CK? Another lost sister?

    • Pancakes has personal handlers and a family fortune. He is far more insulated and sophisticated (or should be) to the wiles of the whackaloon. Debbie appears to be shy a few place settings of a wedding banquet and hasn’t the resources to ditch her ass midway between Paris and Rome.

      That’s how I see it, anyway.

    • She used him for a year for a free website and to save face. All while complaining about him to her friends and desperately trying to OBO him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she fucked some other guys during that time too if she could find any willing to spelunk her clam dungeon these days anyway. He went along with it so it’s his own fault, but it’s still terrible that she treated him like trash.

    • OBO’ing Devin in the middle of a wedding where she was using him as a fauxto prop….pretty damn cold IMO. Electronic snooping on Pancakes bad enough, but this does seem worse in terms of the calculated meanness.

    • Maybe the Morin stuff went beyond just flirting. Maybe they actually got caught fooling around?

      • never seen an explanation for why she would be invited to the morin wedding

      • No way! Ew!!! Maybe she tried to jump Dave and Devin caught her. That’s as far as I allow my imagination to go.

      • She doesn’t need to have fooled around on Devin for me to think this is worse than Pancakes. Sounds like she’s just used the poor guy for a year to save face while she OBO’s.

        That is really fucking heinous.

  36. Well, since Julia Allison Baugher never reads here, I hope she doesn’t use this to get Lilly back to prove what a great dog-mom she is. 🙁

    Whichever “friends” has her – if you get stuck with vet bills, come here and we’ll be happy to help you raise some funds to cover those so long as the dog does NOT go back to Julia Allison Baugher, dog neglecter.

    CONFESSION: I had a chance to steal Lilly once a long time ago. At an event she tied her up and ran off tossing over her shoulder to (whoever was standing there and didn’t even hear her) that she’d be right back. I watched the dog to make sure she’d be ok .
    I sooooo should have 🙁

    • At events she used to literally shove Lilly into strangers’ arms and just take off.

  37. Julia has this amazing ability to make me feel sympathetic toward, and sometimes even like, people I otherwise wouldn’t really care for. As you can tell from my username, I didn’t like what Julia showed us of Devin, since she made him seem like a grifting phony. But now I feel bad for him and how we was treated. I am glad he is free of her. Same with Brit M. I always thought she was so smug, ridiculous and up her own ass, but now I feel slightly sympathetic toward her too, knowing how Julia is relentlessly sniffing around her husband. Heck, after reading Krista’s comment, I am even grateful by how comparatively harmless the Julia in My Life is. I mean, she is crazy, unstable, mean and awful, but nothing criminally heinous like this. And she takes care of her pet. Seriously, Julia makes her look like a peach.

  38. (Donkey’s chin) *giggles* (Hi Lasagna) *waves*


  39. On the one hand, this is so good it requires stovetop-popped popcorn. And on the other, am I the only one who has a hard time believing that “Krista” is still in touch with Ricky AND David Karp AND Krystal?

    And why are her parents one of the reasons she can’t say she and Devin aren’t together? What does that have to do with anything? No one knows if they pay her credit card bills or not… what’s the difference?

    I mean, this is so good it sounds like something any reader here with a little imagination (paging rollsroycerevenge) could string together.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not any kind of white knight. But why would Megan Alagna (if it even is you, Megan) suddenly just throw Julia under the bus in a motherfucking big way? Lilly is, by all accounts, being well taken care of by this ‘friend’ – is it because Megan wants Lilly?

    Krista, fill a girl in – I’m just not sure how all these dots connect.

      • yeah, but again, why, after all this time, would she shove her under the bus SO hard? i feel like IF this story is true then there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    • The impression I got from reading what Krista wrote was that if on top of all her failures she managed to scare away ANOTHER man they might finally stop enabling her. I doubt they ever would but it might just push them over the edge. If she is trying to save face and trying to find jobs in Chicago it is just to show them that she can get a stable job and thus they should continue to support her. I could be wrong but it all seemed to tie together if you take into account how batshit crazy Julia is.

      And I agree with JP. It sounds like Krista got her info from Julia and thus has first hand knowledge that she reached out to those people and no one responded. Or there is a super secret group of people who know her IRL that trash talk her. It might also be known as silicon valley. Whatever.

      • Super secret group of people who know her in real life who trash talk her. Why, yes. Welcome to RBD

    • For the credit card thing, I took it as she knows her parents are going to go apeshit when they see the bill considering her mom didn’t want her to go to Europe in the first place so she’s hoping to have something in place to appease them. That way when they go ballistic about how much cash she spent on a trip with a guy she broke up with a few weeks later, she can at least say she has a ‘job’ – basically the holy grail for parents of a lazy twat like her so they’ll go easy on her. I don’t understand much of what this cuntyfuckface does but in this case I get what she’s trying to do.

      • Agreed. I think it is about saving face to her parents. No, she did not spend $12,000 on a trip where she acted like such a bitch, including throwing herself at a married man at an event attended by both her boyfriend and his wife, that she destroyed yet another relationship. She spent the money on a wonderful trip with the love of her life. She will keep up that charade until she can find a job or something that will make her look a wee bit stable and not a like the total train-wreck she is right now.

        Also, in terms of Krista saying her parents are “on to her,” I took it to mean they understand that she has no plan now for generating any income. It seems she has been able to fool them in the past. If I recall correctly, they thought NS was a legitimate job and that she worked so hard. Then she was probably able to string them along by saying she was working with her random columns and finally the Bravo show. But now there is nothing on the horizon for her and they are wise to that fact, and probably unhappy she has blown so many opportunities along the way.

  40. Whenever I’m super disgusted by Donks’ pathetic past attempts to be “one of the cool, funny guys” by glomming onto the College Humor bunch, I flash back to this video of her overdramatically cursing like a sailor and trying to seem so edgy in her pink headband and velour sweatsuit:


    Then when I get disgusted by her treatment of Lily, I flash back to this horrific ensuing video:


    That poor dog was always such a prop to her. I just hope that awful woman never breeds. Just imagine her as a mom: her psycho, self-absorbed, attention-whoring, physically/mentally-abusive self raising a goddamned child, dressing the child up for attention and photo-op’s and leaving that child behind at any self-serving opportunity.
    It’d be “Mommy Dearest 2.0”.

    • Ugh, I stumbled down the donkey hole last week and saw that video of her watching that 2girls1cup thing. I’d never realized her lisp was so bad. Thorry, I meanth thoooo badth! Screeching Donkey voice is usually enough to make me want to scream, but screeching donkey voice + lisp was way too much to bear.
      And she is such a bad actor.

    • Goddammit that makes me mad as hell just to watch the way she handles that poor creature. Dogs are NOT PROPS, you POS.

      You can tell she’s incapable of real love or affection just by the look on her face and the way she treats poor Lily.

    • Sorry, is this what they wanted her to write about or is this an observation from the editor regarding her life? How awful to get a show because they wanted her to point out what a mess she was and she thought this made her look amazing. Oh the spin, she got donked by Bravo/Elle. I actually have a new found respect for Bravo if it’s the latter.

  41. So she just posted two quotes on fb. One has to do with how humanity would not survive without love (to which Lala replied that she was glad donks was reading the book because it would help her with what lies ahead. Winky face).

    The other is some bs about how working 9-5 robs people of their individuality.

    She’s such an asshole.

    • Is that what she thinks of her father, going to work as a lawyer every day for years, just to pay for Dr. Bobby’s butchery of her fucked face? He’s been robbed, all right — by his spoiled, unremarkable, embarrassment of a daughter.

    • 1. It’s OK that I hit on Dave Morin, Derwood! Humanity would not survive without love! I must love all the boys, particularly if they’re really wealthy and I think I might have a shot at stealing him from his wife!

      2. Fuck you, Momsers and Dadsers, and your insistence that I get a job!!!!

      • She has no shame! Zero! It must be impossible to embarrass her. She must actually be immune to the feelings of embarrassment and humility.

        • I would love to know what’s that like. I do something silly and probably not nearly as embarrassing as I think, and I can’t forget it for like… 10 years.

          • Totally this. It took me a long time to understand how La Donk can keep doing the horribly, incredibly cringeworthy things that she keeps doing, but then I finally figured out that her secret is having no shame. That is, apparently she does feel shame for being expired and unmarried, or not having an OMG boyfriend (which kind of got us where we are now, I guess), and for being considered “random,” but that seems to be about all. Shame: ur doin it wrong, Donk.

            About six weeks ago, shortly after I started at my current desk-erranding place at the OMG embassy, the boss of all bosses, meaning the ambassador, called me from his cell, and contrary to what he assumed, I didn’t recognize 1) his number or 2) his voice, so I asked him who he was. I know that objectively speaking that wasn’t a horrible fault on my part, but you best believe the memory still winces me.

    • I just went back to read her one year anniversary post with the photo of Debbie lifting her up on the beach. It’s hilarious. “everyone who thinks that one person can’t make a difference only needs to look at my life before and after Devin.”


      • Well, now we really CAN look at her life AFTER Devin!!

      • That’s why it’s ridiculous to be THAT couple on Facebook. I’m friends with a couple who does things like this, and it’s annoying as all hell, but they’ve been together for 12 years. So I give them a free pass.

        When you post stuff like this, and talk all err “lovey,” it only makes you look absolutely pathetic when you break up after ONE YEAR.

        • ANyone who posts that fawningly on FB over someone they’ve known less than a year is a) faking it and b) asking for trouble. Oh also c) is an asshole. I’m sure no one believed her fantasy anyhow. IT was so ridiculous and over the top. She thinks she fools anyone with even the slightest knowledge of her ridiculousness, and she is dead wrong.

      • I know that post was patently ridiculous on several levels, but the sheer stupidity of her quoting that “one person” thing has always cracked me up the most. Like, imbecile much? There’s literally no one on this or any other planet who believes that one person can’t make a difefrence to someone’s (soi-disant) love life. The debate on whether or not one person can make a difference is about poverty or famine or civil rights or the cast of the Big Bang Theory. No one has ever thought that more than one person is needed to make a difference in one’s (soi-disant) love life. Lord, I cannot.

    • Yep, nothing but an army of drones and clones here, donkey. Any of whom can write with better grammar, more voice and wit than you, you quirky individualist who deserves a 3-hour workweek, you.

    • How the fuck would SHE know about what a 9-5 job does to your psyche, soul, or individuality? She’s never lifted a hoof to do a dignified days work in her LIFE. She even called Task Rabbit to do the little bits of hard labor that her cushy life required.

      URGH she disgusts me.

  42. Will Julia start posting pictures and quotes to prove she’s still with Debbie and still has “marshmallow”?

    Will Dadster double down and “help” Julia even more now, since she’s jobless without real friends or job prospects?

    Can these people get any worse?

  43. Could this finally be the final stretch until this famous “rock bottom” I have been hearing so much about? Come on Rentals, you can make it happen! Take back that credit card and force her hand. You know you want to.

  44. So I know someone very very very very close to the donkey, and donkey has never ever ever admitted to her parents giving her any money for anything, including not paying off her credit card. I am a little suspect of the authenticity of this post, to be honest. I think she considers the girl I am referring to as one of her closest friends and the girl was privy to A LOT, and I mean A LOT, of donkey secrets (including fucking around for money, but that’s another story), but the donkerina was always bitching about how cheap her parents are and, if I remember correctly, she had to rely on lovers to pay for plane tickets home because her parents wouldn’t.

    So there’s that.

    • and just to clarify – i am not suggesting that she has ever admitted to being an escort – because to the best of my knoweldge she didn’t.

      Fucking around for money = dalliances with rich men (regardless of marital status) because of their thick, thick wallets.

    • I have heard she is too embarrassed to admit to most people that her parents still pay many of her bills. But I understand your concerns.

    • Pump the brakes….fucking around for money? Like those ‘models’ that take trips to Dubai? I mean donkey is too old, and sorry (fat) to actually be one of those girls, so more local gold digger for dinner kinda stuff, or are we talking trips, etc?

    • I agree w/ this. Back well before the NS days Julia blogged about how one year her christmas present from her parents was a trip to the dentist. MAYBE she inherited money from NGMB, but they have not been paying her bills for years (aside from, you know, the ‘small gift’ of $10,000 when she graduated college… and her college tuition).

      I think she’s always appeared to live an expensive life because she’s spent every penny she earned, and then some. A rumored $100k at Star (remember – she lived in a teensy fucking studio then), she must have grifted some $$ to ‘run’ nonsociety, then residuals from Sony, and the Bravo show must have paid *something* + rent on the apartment, even if it’s not very much, etc. That’s why there were all the scams like selling off gift cards, getting Charlsie to return things…

      I know a lot of people in NYC who live for YEARS through their 20s on a revolving credit card. And you wonder, “how do they do it?” … I don’t think that her parents pay her credit card bills in general. Despite how momsers is into shitty costumes etc I don’t think they are really into showy excess (have you seen the decor in their house?) Maybe they pay for trips home to Chicago, but not the endless bills.

      Again, that’s why I think that post was sort like, rumor mill rehashed. Though I really respect Jacy and JP, and I doubt they would ‘out’ Lasagna if they didn’t really believe it…. call me confused.

      • Her parents do reluctantly pay for what’s turned into a layabout lifestyle. They’re not happy to do this and occasionally apply the screws. Then Julia screams the “poor” card, which she is, selling smelly old sweats on eBay to prove desperation to the ‘rents, who then give in and come up with the cash. Ellsberg and others have confirmed that the Baughers fund this shitshow, and there is NO other explanation for where Julie is financially in 2013.

          • I don’t know if that was reported on RBD, but yes, he confirmed to the tipster that the parents fund the shitshow. I don’t think I’m talking out of turn at this point, especially after that overpriced 12K Euro vacation from her vacation from life.

        • 2013 LOL. Try since 2007. She had gainful employment for Star for one year. Since then, she’s had no income that anyone knows of, since she’s had nothing called a “job” that whole time. And I don’t count appearing as a talking head on tv once a month or covering FW for no one a “job.” Oh sorry she must have gotten paid SOMETHING for “Mess Advice” but how much could that have been and she probably blew through it in 6 months max.

          I feel sorry for them at this point. Cut off your sociopathic daughter, tell her ass to come home and be done with it.

          • She mysteriously had enough money on her own through “consulting and investments and tv appearances” to pay for a $2800 apartment in NYC for what, 4 years? Yeah um, no.

      • I’m sorry but there is no way in hell to live in NYC on credit cards. That doens’t even make sense. So she charged her rent? Can you even do that? Her rent was $2800 a month. She seriously at this point would be 100K+ in debt then. Doesn’t make sense. No way any Sony money lasted her 5 years in NYC.

    • She never boasted about it because she’s an ungrateful twat and, no matter how much money Peter and Robin spend on bailing her out, she always believes she deserves more. What almost everyone else would understand to be extremely undeserved generosity, she perceives as miserliness

      What the Boogers need to realize is that an ingrate is often less to blame than her benefactors.

  45. I was bored, and was thinking about what JA’s face reminds me of here..


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