Julia Allison Downplays Assaulting Women With Hyperbolic Cries About Assaulting The Woman Julia Allison

There is much to be said about the insular hullabalo about the rape and physical abuse accusations levelled by Gawker via an ex-girlfriend who thinks vanity Facebook posts like, “I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And gosh darnit, Michael Arrington beat the shit out me,” trump alerting the authorities. There’s the obligatory comments on rape culture, the depressingly prevalent impulse to heap mysoginistic ridicule on the alleged victim, the patriarchal hierarchy of the tech industry, the notion that power and influence easily boslters immunity to criminal prosecution, the notion that Gawker’s hackneyed and incendiary reporting has done more harm than good to admonish violence against women in general. I hope to comment on all this eventually, because there are assholes all around here, and y’all know I like assholes.

But I’m busy, so I just have to talk about one asshole in general. Yes, Julia Allison, who is so passionately against raping women, has used a rape accusation to discuss what she is most passionate about: herself. She was all, “No one is paying attention to me, but look, there’s a story involving people I know in the media! And it’s Gawker! Let me just wedge myself in here.” Remember when she did this to Randi Zuckerberg?

Of course, the real victim here is Julia Allison who was asked for comment by several journalists, which is an act tantamount to actual violence against women.

I have been harassed by no less than seven reporters about these incidents, including Gawker’s writers, including Adrian Chen. To ALL of them I said I was not willing to comment. I NEVER witnessed any physical abuse, and I don’t know why Gawker is alleging I did. I don’t know what happened between Meghan Asha and Michael Arrington, and I never will.

It is never okay to abuse anyone, but it is ALSO not okay to report stories when your “evidence” is shoddy and/or made up. Gawker has “reported” stories using absolute crap before, and they have no conscience whatsoever about doing so.

I have moved away from New York, I got my life back, I am happy now, I have moved on. I told Gawker to leave me alone and leave me out of this. Why am I not surprised they didn’t respect me enough to do so?

Oh, Julia is happy now. That’s what this story is about. OK, pardon me. Look, a lady says she was raped, but look at all the awesome Julia Allison has done!

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 3.55.26 PM

God, as, I’m writing this it’s getting worse and worse, but it’s typical Julia, seizing any and all obscure opportunities for media attention while catagorically denying that she wanted the attention at all. Hey, Julia, if you really believe feminists support other women, as your goddess Taylor Swift said, how about just shutting the fuck up for a moment?

Oh, and P.S. Michael Arrington is bi-polar too:

The sad part is that, from what I have been told, the accusations against Arrington involving Megs are true and more sinister than has been let on. But with Meghan’s categorical denials — an act that leaves me conflicted — and Julia’s ingratiating herself into the story, credibility has been tarnished, leaving Arrington free to heap his physical, emotional and sexual abuse on a future female vicitm. That is the tragedy here.

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  1. Dick Fever says:

    This isn’t the FIRST time Julia’s backed out of an accusation.

  2. Prelude to the Afternoon of the Donkey says:


  3. Who do you think you are? says:

    I can’t believe she’s continuing to comment (and finding ways to comment about herself, which is the not surprising part). She’s getting herself into deeper & deeper shit with every word she utters, right? WTF, Julia, don’t you think that you should stop talking, just this once?

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Meanwhile, howfuck do the Gawker comments work? I can’t make Donkey heads or tails of it.

      • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

        They are even worse in the latest iteration of Kinja that’s on io9.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        I have never understood why any media “empire” would make their commenting system such a complete shitshow. I have been trying for years to figure it out. Finally I just stopped reading Gawker.

        • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

          I firmly believe it is intended to force people to click more. Doesn’t more clicks translate to more revenue somehow?

          They don’t give a shit that they lost their commenter base, since the burner accounts mean a neverending stream of comments from trolls.

          Basically, money.

  4. darling dearest sexy baconface says:

    “I got my life back”

    tell me again how she didn’t have control of her life when she was in New York?

    • Prof. F Camping says:


      “It’s true, he’s bipolar. It’s true, he doesn’t believe in meds. I also care a lot about him. We broke up in the midst of a bipolar episode he had

      I have moved away from New York, I got my life back, I am happy now, I have moved on….I have a wonderful relationship with an amazing man who has changed my life.
      He is bipolar but won’t take his meds

      • Delurked says:

        this jumped out at me too. she has truly changed! moved on! that was years ago!

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          Aha, but you see, bipolar wouldn’t take his meds number one she wanted to sleep with and bipolar meds number two she doesn’t.


      • Zandra says:

        Oh yeah, because Julia moving cities totally absolves Arrington of any wrongdoing. Julia moved, y’all!! She’s happy!

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      So put-upon, that Donkey. Gawker was so mean to her, they practically ran her out of town!

  5. Prof. F Camping says:

    OMG DOUBLE POST! twice the manic fun!


  6. Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

    OMG they are totally, rightfully, publishing every stupid lie she’s told and admits to telling. Seems they have a frantic panic-stricken text message to her from Asha, and Asha is silent. Meghannaise had to have provided that to them.


    And the best part is, she is in serious shit. She will very likely have to lawyer up. All because she just couldn’t help inserting herself into a story that has sweet dick all to do with her.


    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

      Donkey getting sued for defamation or libel out of this mess would be an ironic and inadequate justice to come out of this sad, sad mess.

    • Jack, the Alice E. Marwick Chair of Navel Gazing Studies says:

      Stone cold busted! This is more fun than the Pancakes fallout! So happy I’m off today and just washing clothes.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Arrington, if you’re reading here (‘course you are! 🙂 ), please subpoena D0nkey on the very day that FlapJack gets married.

      • Prof. F Camping says:

        there truly is a Greg!


    • iblow4shoes says:

      The best part for me is how-finally-one of her former BFFs is fucking her. Sweet karma!

    • Cowboys & Brayliens says:

      Yeah– howfuck did she think she was going to get away with blanket denials when she was the one who texted Chen in the first place?

      She is really, really, REALLY not in a good position right now. Even if the accusations are true, Gawker has now totally thrown her under the bus. Arrington’s lawyer will be compelled to reach out to Julia.

      This is a really sad scene. There’s a lot going on here that I’m sure we don’t know about. I’m not sure how Arrington got ahold of Meghan’s texts, but who knows– this isn’t pretty at all.

      Julia needs to immediately STFU and get ahold of a real lawyer, not daddy on this one. She is in hot, hot water.

      • There’s a lot going on here that I’m sure we don’t know about. I’m not sure how Arrington got ahold of Meghan’s texts, but who knows– this isn’t pretty at all.

        That creeped me out, too. Very sociopathic.

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          Julia’s texts? I think Meghan supplied them to Arrington as a “look at what this mentalcase has done now.” And Arrington published them.

        • Smooshed Macaroons says:

          How is it sociopathic? I’m a bit confused how it leaped to sociopathic.

          Aren’t Asha and Arrington still in communication?

    • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:


  7. Scooby Don't says:

    Donkey gets confided in/witnesses “newsworthy” event.
    Donkey wants to look OMG so important, in the know and central to any drama and shoots her mouth off to the wrong person
    Donkey’s indiscretion comes back to chomp down on her raft ass.
    Donkey’s attempts at backpedaling continue to throw gasoline on the fire.

    This is only going to get better … or worse for Donks.

    • Jack, the Alice E. Marwick Chair of Navel Gazing Studies says:

      She’s been on the phone for the last hour begging Petey’s secretary to get him out of a client consultation. Will he once again play White Knight (and covert object of desire) to the pelted pink princess?

  8. princesstutu says:

    The whole Arrington story is ugly, and I feel conflicted about all parties involved. However, I am killing time and couldn’t resist trolling Julia since she was so frantically trying to cover her ass in the comments. Anyways, I pointed out that nyc marked the zenith of her professional career (as she was suggesting she had ‘escaped”), and got this golden response back. Pure JA gold, and I LOVE the insult at the end:

    Huh? Since Star, I wrote a nationally syndicated tech column for the Tribune Media Services (published in the Chicago Tribune and dozens of other papers around the world), a series on love and life in ELLE last summer, published articles for a variety of publications such as xoJane, the Chicago Sun Times and the NY Post and filmed a documentary series for BRAVO which aired last summer. While doing this I spoke to large organizations and at universities like MIT, Harvard Business School, and Wharton, and was hired as a spokesperson for SONY in 2010 and RadioShack last Christmas. In addition I’ve done dozens of tv interviews about subjects like technology (for ABC) or entertainment (for CNN), or dating (The Today Show). I’m in the midst of writing a book, I do regular consulting on personal brands and perhaps most importantly, I have a wonderful relationship with an amazing man who has changed my life.

    Just because you don’t follow my life doesn’t mean I don’t have one. Ignorance isn’t failure. It’s just ignorance.


    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      OMG she is mental.

    • We don’t believe you, you need more people.

      Yeah, we’ve read your “published articles” also known as your “overblown blog posts about yourselves that you were lucky enough to get posted on ELLE.com, but not in the actual publication, and xojane– so exclusive! Still not impressed.

    • Brussels Sprouts A Terre says:

      WOW. That reads like a post that someone would write on THIS site, making fun of all of Julia’s “accomplishments.” I can’t believe she wrote that, when she knows full well we catladies are on to her bullshit. Such a great day in the basement!!

    • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

      I responded to her response to you. I know that’s kind of like math in the kinja world, but also not.

      • princesstutu says:

        There were so many great responses parsing out all of the ridiculousness. Thankfully, since I couldn’t even start to address them all. To be honest, I didn’t even notice she called miss advised a documentary series when I first replied. My eyes just were rolling too hard over the bragging about elle and Bravo. But as you and other astute commentators pointed out, the absolute WORST was that she wrapped it all up by saying BOYFRIEND!!!

    • Norse Horse says:

      This whole affair is sick, she is fucked in the head, I just want to be really petty and say, hey bitch, the channel is called Bravo. Not BRAVO. No one spells it in all caps, asshole.

    • Lines with a Line Cook (formerly) Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      Reality show failure dating a line cook, trolling the internet? Anyone that is that defensive and gives that much “detail” is laughable.

    • Docteur Love says:

      She completely negates all of her “accomplishments” she spoke of above the moment she says “MOST IMPORTANTLY I have a wonderful r.ship blablabla he’s changed my life blablabalbala.” So that’s what’s important, huh? Inneresting.

  9. CDB says:

    JP check your twitter
    Nick Denton ‏@nicknotned 10m
    Julia Allison claims present when Arrington’s gf thrown against wall. But fearful of the Techcrunch founder.

  10. She’s being hounded by reporters that she called in the first place, right?

    As JP said, it’s messed up that Donkey just HAD to put herself in this story, because everything she touches is made illegitimate. Good job, Donks.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Yes, she is being hounded by reporters whom she approached in the first place. My God, she is a fucking moron.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Well, Jenn Allen was already looking less & less credible / more & more whack every day, IMHO, so it was sad well before D0nkey ever decided to ride Asha’s back all the way to Gawker’s Kangaroo court.

      Men do get falsely accused, & Arrington seems willing & able to go the distance to clear his name, so I’m Team Arrington. Here & now, anyway.

  11. Jen says:

    I just finished catching up with the Gawker story. Wow…. Wow… What a shitstorm. I would almost feel sorry for her except that being such an attention whore is what caused her to be embroiled in this.

    From the texts of Meghan ignoring Julia it’s clear that they are not friends anymore AND it’s clear from Meghan’s statement that she doesn’t want to publically discuss whatever happened with Arrington. So whyyyyyyyyyyy would Julia be blabbing all this to a reporter. Why not respect Meghan’s wishes?? She was thrilled to get some Gawker attention and that’s apparently reason enough to wade in.

    Still, I am shocked that Meghan sent those texts to Arrington. Perhaps he was threatening to sue?

    If Julia is smart she will cease blabbing. None of this has ANYTHING to do with her and she’s an idiot to not see that.

    • BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

      Meghan isn’t answering Julia because Meghan’s LOLyers told her to shut up. Julia’s LOLyers now have their hands full and will have to leave Chili’s to deal with her shit. I really think Julia is in deep doo-doo here. She is finally going to have to get a real job to pay these legal fees! Trip to Paris…I don’t think so.

      • Jen says:

        You’re right. That makes perfect sense.

        Ugh. She’s so dumb. “I was theeeeere. It’s all still about meeeee.”

        • Tom Wolfe goes “neenur neenur neenur” to random Amazon reviewers(Queen Neferteeri) says:

          Was she inside?

      • Jack, the Alice E. Marwick Chair of Navel Gazing Studies says:

        Peteyfogger eats at Chili’s?

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        I don’t see why Asha would engage lawyers over this as it stood in the early stages. She’s already been ignoring D0nkey for a long while now.

        • Worrisome Pelts says:

          For Asha, talking to a lawyer isn’t the momentous step it might be for some people. Her parents will have someone on retainer who handles whatever legal matters come along in a given day. Donkey or no, an attorney’s first advice is *always* to zip your lips.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            I realize that she has access to lawyers, but it seems to me that her natural instinct is to keep her name out of this, lawyers or not.

          • Worrisome Pelts says:

            Just reread my comment. That sounded unnecessarily AFF-ish. I meant to agree that Asha was already ignoring Donkey and to add that even if she *were* considering responding, a two second chat with the family attorney about avoiding even a hint of slander/libel would have put her off it.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Well, I wonder too if cultural upbringing would have played into her instinctively not being proactive in her own defense (IF any such thing ever happened, I mean).

            I didn’t think you were being AFF-ish, but LOL, now I’ve got “AFFhole!” stuck in my head 🙂

      • DSM V: JFA Edition says:

        julia is only in trouble and in need of a lolyer if she was not in fact told about/witnessed the alleged abuse of meghan. she can simply say she tried to cover that she was the source out of fear b/c he’s “allegedly” a bully and b/c her friend didn’t want her talking.
        at this point his only strategy left to him is to come hard with the laywers and try to freeze everyone up out of fear, but from the outside it doesn’t look good for him. nothing in the posts he put up of jfa’s texts to meghan seem to counter the idea that there was an “incident” to have talked about in the first place. Like most bullies he’ll probably be all bluster on this if there is any truth to the allegations. And the more press this gets with him seemingly besmirching accusing women, the greater risk he runs of having more accusers come forward out of anger at his denials and his attached…
        these people are all the worst. the best outcome will be any actual abuser having their life and career ruined and Jfa being exposed as someone who would go against her friend’s wishes and tip off reporters about her friend…

    • Spiritual Julia will last as long as Republican Housewife Julia says:

      “If Julia is smart she will cease blabbing.”


  12. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    If the accuser can’t prove her case and Megs stays mum, Julia hasn’t a stump to stand on.

    Finally Daddy will have a chance to show his chops.

  13. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

    Don’t let Julia distract you with this Arrington/Gawker thing from the real story:
    “DEBBIE IS A LINE-COOK BRONY!” Never forget!!

  14. virgil reid says:

    sorry, but can someone help me? im drowning in thesis stuff and have no idea whats going on.

    • virgil reid says:

      ok nevermind im reading the gawker thing. oh dear.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Once upon a time some attractive but not very intelligent woman allowed a fat pile of shit to put his paws on their perfect symmetricals. In a shocking development that absolutely no one could possibly have foreseen, they were later given alleged ample cause to regret this. Currently, fat pile of shit is raking his way through the scorched remains of his credit cards to determine that various dates and times provide an alibi against a claim that one of the aforementioned women had an unexpected collision with his penis.

      • Spiritual Julia will last as long as Republican Housewife Julia says:

        Thank you for explaining in Donkey terms, now my dog understands this incident.

  15. Julia'sTooSmallTutu says:

    A possible serial domestic abuser is out there preying upon women but didja know that JULIA HAS A BOYFRIEND?!

    • Clearly the takeaway from this article is that JULIA HAS A LIFE AGAIN (and a career!). Ever since she left NYC she has been working really hard (on a book!) and is so. blessed. to have landed a boyfriend who doesn’t meet her standards, but after almost a year still hasn’t run away. A keeper, for sure.

      • Y tu, Cupcake? says:

        She lists her entire gregdamn CV in that comment response she made.

        The fact that she is BRAGGING about how great her life is going, while her OMGfriend is dealing with something as traumatic as alleged physical abuse.

        What a horrible selfish person. Greg!

        • Helena (The Best Philosopher; FIRST CLASS) says:

          Classy, funny, and humble, as usual.

          • Who do you think you are? says:

            So true to her brand.

            Good luck getting consulting work, dear heart.

          • Absolutely no consideration for the parties involved, all she cares about is CLEARING HER NAME (which she sullied in the first place) and bragging about her perceived accomplishments.

            I wonder what a Donkey thinks of my natural, individual, personal, non-professional, candid “head shot.”

            Would u b interested in her teaching a class? You don’t know what you don’t know!

      • Tom Wolfe goes “neenur neenur neenur” to random Amazon reviewers(Queen Neferteeri) says:

        I call bullshit on her writing a book. No way is she enough of a draw that she could get a contract without a proposal — and the proposal is a PITA to do. And she would’ve been braying about getting a contract.

        • Albie Quirky says:

          She and that Andrea lady who self-pubbed a novel about cashmere sweaters falling in love in Manhattan were supposedly working on a proposal.

          • Tom Wolfe goes “neenur neenur neenur” to random Amazon reviewers(Queen Neferteeri) says:

            Quite different to be working on a proposal (which I doubt she is) and having a contract. Besides her lack of work ethic, she’s a shitty writer.

  16. Dr. Gary says:

    Stupid, stupid Julie. She just can’t keep her mouth shut, can she? Looks like some long overdue karma is coming back around her way.

    From Arrington’s blog:

    ‘Yesterday I posted a letter from my attorney discussing allegations made by Jennifer Allen against me. More responses are being prepared by my attorney for different parties as well.


    • FTFY (SS;SF) says:

      If what’s happened is that Julia has confirmed that a friend of hers was being abused by a prominent partner, isn’t it a bit unflattering to be enjoying the alleged abuser’s attempt to leverage his power to silence those who expose his behavior?

      Possibly I am failing to understand something because Gawker is no longer capable of coherent explanations of things? Because to me it seems like the allegations are likely true, and while Julia has confirmed that in her own inept, self-aggrandizing way, she has still confirmed it.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        And then denied that she confirmed it, even though they have the texts of her confirming it.

        • FTFY (SS;SF) says:

          Yeah. Which, to me, given the facts of Julia, which is to say that she will cover her ass at any cost, even if it involves desperately scrambling around to deny having said something that is true and that she clearly said, sort of suggests that she told the truth in an impolitic and poorly considered way, regretted it, and is now denying having told the truth.

      • LickedRandisCake says:

        I think if she was doing it because she was being courageous and standing up to someone that everybody else is afraid of, would be one thing. Doing it and then backing down from the original intention to then the bomb the comments with your career accomplishments and amaxing new relationship takes a bit of the shine off the apple.

        Though, I do think this guy, whether he’s rapey and physically or not, at best sounds like a Grade A Asshole who has spent years bullying those who don’t bow down to him. If you read the comments, there are quite a few regular folks in the biz who seem to have incurred his wrath and paid for it dearly/taken huge hits to their careers because of him. So, I hope he gets knocked down too.

        • LickedRandisCake says:

          Damn! I continue my streak of not having ever posted one comment without a typo in it. You’d think I’d press the learn button and proofread already.

          *it would be one thing
          *amazing new boyfriend
          *whether he’s rapey and physically abusive or not

        • FTFY (SS;SF) says:

          Eh. I still think it’s gross to root for a rapey douchebag to sue another douchebag for shedding light on their two distinct brands of douchebaggery.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            The fact that he’s an abuser is apparently really widely known. So would he be stupid enough to sue for libel in that situation? Seems like there are a lot of people out there who know and/or witnessed it. I think he’s just trying to scare people into shutting up about it. I bet he’s got dirt on a donkey, though, so that could be interesting.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            I probably wasn’t clear. I’m not rooting for her but I’m not rooting for him either. He seems like a dick.

  17. Prof. F Camping says:

    who is the “associate” who gave them the second set of screengrabs?

  18. Cowboys & Brayliens says:

    Wow, how do you think that phone call is going to go?

    “Daddy, I need your help…”

    “I just paid your rent! What do you mean?”

    “NO! I mean, I’m going to be sued, I think…”

    “WTF, Raul, stop, I need to concentrate…”

  19. Princess WideStance says:

    We don’t like to burn sources. And simply offering a blanket denial of a story we reported wouldn’t normally justify such an action. But when one of our sources provides us information and then publicly attacks the reporting based on that information as “made up,” there’s not much we can do. Below is a screengrab of a text-message conversation reporter Adrian Chen had with Allison.

    This just… made me so happy. She’s gotten away with SO much bullshit over the years, it just feels good to have someone burn her ass for a change.

    First thing on Gawker that’s made me smile in years.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Agreed. Finally someone has some balls.

      Line Cook Devin must be having a fun few days, huh?

      • Cowboys & Brayliens says:

        Devin’s going to have a tough time finding a job in the valley, I’m guessing.

        • Jack, the Alice E. Marwick Chair of Navel Gazing Studies says:

          Chi Chi LaRue is always looking for a fawning assistant and stellar chef.

      • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

        I wonder if Line Cook Debbie will take off his chef jacket and don his Devin Stetler, Esq. cease and desist costume to help Peter Baugher handle the legal mess Julia has created.

        In all seriousness, if Chef D sticks with Julia after this, he truly is an idiot.

        • Jack, the Alice E. Marwick Chair of Navel Gazing Studies says:

          Debbie’s not going anywhere, and yes, Julia’s finally found someone dumber than herself. He’ll even let her dress him up in sparkling pink boas and silver hot pants. What’s not to love?

        • Debbie Seltzer, Esq. says:

          You raaaang?

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      First thing on Gawker that’s made me smile in years.

      I bet OMG! Randi!’s husband is smiling like a mofo today as well, thanks to Gawker.

    • LickedRandisCake says:

      I have a question about this and am interested in everybody’s thoughts. Much as I like her getting her just desserts (other than 4 chocolate bars in the Whole Foods aisle), she did seem to say in her texts that she did not want to be involved, did not want to go on record and would deny it if they used her name. Since Adrian promised her anonymity, isn’t it kind of sucky that they outed her?

      I just wish some of these jerks would have outed her on those times when she wasn’t told her name would be kept out of it. It’s making people (if you look at Gawker’s comments) sympathetic to her. Which is no bueno.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        Adrien Chen is a cunt. Not quite Real Rich Tong levels of two-faced ineptitude, but close.

        • LickedRandisCake says:

          RRR, I’m always so curious about you. Do you know these people? From what I can gather, you are somewhat on the fringes at least, and I don’t want you to say anything that would out yourself but, do you know them IRL or is this just your opinion based on the same stuff we all read/know?

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            I knew them IRL. Past tense because I no longer associate with any of them. And “knew” is maybe too strong a term. “Had the wonderful chance multiple times to witness in action” is closer to the mark. I actually thought social media was a viable career path during that period. But (sigh) I was young and stupid then.

            Now I am old and stupid.

            And fat?

            So fat.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            Eh, I thought all of us here in the basement were old and fat. Nothing to see there.

            However, I do have to say that you’d be someone I’d love to kick back and have a beer with. I suspect the stories you have to tell would fascinate me for hours.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


            The slide show, on the other hand, would have you praying for blindness in seconds.

          • Not! Random! says:

            Where’s my motherfuckin Like button?!?

        • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

          I am also on the fringes of this scene (RRR, do we know each other?) and also am familiar with how Gawker and similar publications work. If you are a source, they will protect you to all ends (it makes you look heroic), unless you start publicly changing your tune to the extent that it makes Gawker look bad and possibly at risk of legal action.

          • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

            And by “you” I mean “them.” SO sorry, so drunk and fat and full of chinese food

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Purple hat, pink belt, continually checking shoes in desperate attempt to find out where smell of dogshit is coming from: ring any bells?

      • Lilly Liberation Front says:

        Didn’t want to be involved, yet is the one who talked to Chen about it? And is the one in the comments (trying to set people straight on how successful she is, of course)?

        So, yeah. I don’t feel sorry for this dumb Donkey finalllly getting the shit she stirs up thrown back in her face. Maybe I’d feel differently if it were anyone else.

        • LickedRandisCake says:

          Oh, I don’t feel sorry for her. I guess it just highlights nobody in this whole thing has clean hands. It definitely waters down Gawkers credibility on everything they are saying when they out sources they said they’d keep anonymous.

          Not the Gawker is a beacon of credibility anyway but…you know.

          • Lilly Liberation Front says:

            Yeah, I hear you. Just a little ragey over this whole deal. I guess I am a little surprised they outed her, but if anyone there was going to do it, Chen would be the one. :-/

        • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

          She has changed so much and so happy now, she says. Except she is exactly the same and still up to all her old dirty tricks. She tries to pedal this bullshit, enlightened,new-age image but just cannot resist sticking her surgically deformed nose where it doesn’t belong in an attempt to get attention and feel relevant and in-the-know. I’d love an explanation of how her talking to gawker, and later promoting herself in the comments, jibes with her professed love and light, LA hippy persona-of-the-month.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        It seems to me they knew she had told people that she was there when Arrington threw Pointy against a wall. When they contacted her, she confirmed it. But then, when they went with the story and put her name in it — because they already knew from other sources that she was blabbing about it, and she herself confirmed it — one of Sybil’s other personalities stormed into the comments. That personality would be Innocent and Aggrieved Julia, the goal being to get herself out of hot water with Pointy and the Pillsbury Wife-Beater Boy.

        She is/was too stupid to understand that they already had her as the source of the information. Because she views herself as a special princess, she believed just by talking to them and confirming it, she was getting anonymity in return. Because she is dumb. What she should have done as soon as they contacted her was say “No comment,” but of course, every donkey needs to bray.

        So she stamped her hooves and showed up in the comments to shit on the entire story and besmirched Gawker and Chen. That was a grave mistake, because then they had no choice but to throw her under the bus and say look, bitch, you’re saying we make shit up? HERE ARE YOUR TEXT EXCHANGES WITH OUR REPORTER IN WHICH YOU ARE TELLING HIM YOU WITNESSED IT.

        The only surprising thing in this whole episode is that she didn’t claim she was hacked, as she did during the Randi Zuckerberg Gawker fiasco.

  20. optimistic balloons says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this whole story is just really, really sad? Sad that Meghan clearly (and I say that not as a judge finding facts, but as a marginally intelligent person putting together obvious puzzle pieces) was abused by this guy and is still in thrall enough to him to want to publish denials of the abuse on his web site? Sad that Jenn Allen’s personality disorder is going to hurt what may actually be legitimate claims of abuse in the long run? I would never in a million years believe anything Loren Feldman says (unless he cops to being a shit-smearing publicity hound) but there are enough “Arrington’s a dick” reports going around to suggest that even some of them must be true.

    I have been reading here since forever and am no JA sock puppet, but I tend to think that she probably just panicked in response to everyone asking her for comment, and couldn’t really resist the “justice” of at least making sure that the facts (as she knew them) were reported in the face of the blanket denials that were out there. I’d feel the same way. AND I am guessing the gawker comment was “panic” also.

    The bit about the documentary series, however – I can’t stand up for that at all (though, it must be said, it’s a SAD part of this story too).

    • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

      I second everything you said.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      I do find it sad and I also think Julia’s account of the situation is something that she at least believes to be true. However, if a person refuses to verify an allegation there is little a third party can do about it, and Julia should have known as much.

    • Helena (The Best Philosopher; FIRST CLASS) says:

      I’m still not sure who this Arrington character is, and I’m genuinely profoundly clueless, deeply confused even! about the gist of the whole thing. But:

      1) it seems to me, and I might be wrong here, that Ol’ Donx approached the reporters, not the other way round;

      2) knowing what I know about Donkey, I just do not see her panicking because she wants to do the right thing and helped an abused woman (who is also clearly not her “friend” anymore); sorry, I might be wrong here as well, but since I got introduced to the Donkey show in 2010, I’ve never once seen any evidence that this normal person reaction fits her usual modus operandi; “I was inside?” “MacBook Air?” “hello this is Jack McCain’s email?” “hello this is Jack McCain’s lawyer?” Morning Muffin?

      3) this, unlike my previous points, is not my impression or lack of knowledge, but cold hard facts: Donky Donk is using this issue to promote her imaginary accomplishments and her imaginary face once again, in her patented “stupid sociopath hick” fashion. It’s not just the “documentary series” BS, she just wrote a whole paragraph about how awesome and relevant SHE is. Which BTW reinforces my point 2). What kind of a friend, or simply what kind of person concerned that a woman-beater might get away with it would think of posting THAT there? And IMO it’s heinous enough regardless of whether or not my point 2) is wrong.

      • LickedRandisCake says:

        Why do we feel she approached them? It seems to me that someone was there when Jason Calcanis spoke on the phone with the “friend” of Asha that made the accusations. The person at Jason’s who listened in on the calls seems to have given Gawker JA’s name. The Gawker went to her for comment and she, as per her MO, commented.

        Not saying that’s how it went down but that’s how I understood it.

        • Helena (The Best Philosopher; FIRST CLASS) says:

          I really don’t know. I think some jealous obese bullies said or implied it in the comments to the previous posts. I might have misunderstood too.

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          I assumed the same. Also, I have no idea how I know this, but I thought that Julia talked about Arrington hurting Megs some years ago.

          • Worrisome Pelts says:

            She did. I’d make an effort to find it, but, as is often the case, I don’t care.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            I believe she did also. It’s not that she hasn’t been mouthy before but, the way the Gawker article a few days ago read, it seemed like someone else outed her as “the friend”. Again, most of the time everybody here is way more tuned in than I am about these sorts of things. Which is why I wondered what nugget had people thinking she sought out Gawker instead of the other way ’round.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Seems like it was a Gawker comment long ago where she said that, which explains not being able to find it (tried the other day, but couldn’t find archived comments / profiles).

            D0nkey is too too much like the pathological liar I know all too well, so I can see something like this hypothetical scenario: Asha could have said once “Geez, I thought he was going to hit me” & later D0nkey, in some manic fit to win an internet argument says “He hit my BFF!” & from then on, rumors about Arrington being an abuser get perpetuated by people who hate him, until such a time that the now-an-ex GF runs w/ it.

            That’s the kind of damage that my pathological liar “friend” is notorious for instigating, so …

            There just isn’t anything to sink your teeth into to label the guy, IMO, & when you look to where all the finger-pointing is coming from … everyone has an agenda, except Asha, far as I can tell.

    • Wife Branding says:

      Theoretically, the reasons there are denials from JA and MA might because both women are genuinely afraid of Arrington. Afraid of being black-balled, sue, possibly even violent behavior (which apparently is well-known). Julie was typically self-aggrandizing in Gawker comments, it’s true, but like RRR says, I picture a scenario where she believes her bullshit. Because Arrington is such a bully I cannot snark on this situation. Like someone else said, he seems to be totally blind to the fact that the JA texts he published do not contradict that the abuse may have happened.

      What I see is potentially two women terrified of repercussions.

      • Wonkeye says:

        I see Meghan’s motivation as being terrified of repercussions, but Julia’s as wanting to be relevant. She was “inside” for her mom’s rape, now she’s a witness to Meghan’s abuse. Her friends’ and relations’ traumas are currency she uses to somehow make herself the victim. Completely psychopathic.

        • Flying Donkeycopter says:

          Exactly this! Julia isn’t thinking about anyone but Julia. Me me meeeing with her hand raised to get attention. She has no forethought/compassion about what Meghan might have wanted to be out there. Just like she outed her own mother’s rape. If she actually cared about them she would have kept her gaping maw shut. This is definitely another vile Donkey-ism.

    • anon says:

      agreed. I read this site to mock Julia, but the real villain here is Arrington.

  21. Ineffably Adverbial says:


    I was there, I wasn’t there . . . same thing, really.
    Oh, Julia.

  22. 24/7 donkey show says:

    Better call Saul!!

  23. Albie Quirky says:

    As I said on the other thread, “crystal clear” = Mama Bird’s old boss, also famous for lying, sweating, and jowls.

  24. Mrs. Dr. Sturgeon (HOW WHY/جوليا اليسون ضربات) says:

    This is totally the way Sheryl Sandberg would’ve handled this.

  25. CaptainGary says:

    And lying away in the comments – there’s the old “let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR” tell and oh so many others.

    Cackle. Because what the fuck did this have to do with here besides being about people she knows?

    • CaptainGary says:

      D’oh! Scooped by Albie. Worse people to be scooped by, I suppose.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      When she trots out “LET ME BE CRYSTAL CLEAR,” you know she is lying.

      Also, what a pretentious fucking tool.

  26. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    And meanwhile, there’s this:

    Is it me, or is this woman suffering under the delusion that the Gawker article buries Arrington? Yesterday was going to be her last FB post on it all, except that it isn’t.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Whatever did or didn’t happen with Arrington, this lady is pinging my crazydar.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Me too! No proof that he did it because no one ever acted on it when (IF) it happened, & yeah maybe / probably (Hi, RRR) he’s an asshole, but by the same token, innocent until proven guilty & all that. Having seen people get taken down by jilted lovers & disgruntled employees, I tend to be skeptical.

        I’m thinking that if CDB pops up & says that MMBH told him way back then something that corroborates Donkey’s claim that Asha was assaulted, then I would be more inclined to think it probably did happen.

  27. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Please, oh please, someone go into the Gawker thread and post “Who is Julia Allison?”

  28. Jordache & the Pelts says:

    I knew this was coming, that she wold get her hooves in somehow. Well, at least it gives Julia something to do (endless responses to her own comments on Gawker) and some attention (from the few in the small circle jerk who actually know/care who Arrington is).

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      If she was looking to stem the out-flow of Twitter followers, there were probably better options.

  29. Worrisome Pelts says:

    At least Julia finally confirmed her definition of stalking:


    Apparently stalking is people expecting her to explain herself when she either talks out her raftass or inserts herself into a story that has nothing to do with her. That pretty much tracks with the times she has accused RBD and Baugher of stalking her.

    You wanted attention, Julia. Here it is.

    • Blinking.S.O.S.at.the.Camera says:

      This April 10 “they’re stalking me” txt to Asha takes place a full week after her (April 3) textabray with Gawker, spilling the donkey beans.

    • Tin Foil Baked Potato Kids Shorts is a LINE COOK says:

      I have mentioned before here about my sister who exhibits many drama queen characteristics just like Julia, and this immediately sounds my alarm of something my sister would do and has done just like it. What I mean is, this sounds absolutely made up to me – false problem claims to interject yourself. “But people are hounding me about this … what should I do?” I haven’t read this whole story (tl;dr, don’t give a shit about the people involved) and haven’t made it through all these comments so apologies if catladies have already said this. But nobody is bothering her about this. Nobody.

  30. defective LEARN button says:

    You know Julia gave those comments because the pic at the top of the article must have come with them. “Hey gawker, juicy tidbit over here!! Also, here’s the only good picture of me.”

  31. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    It is indicative (isn’t it?) of how sick all these puppies are that when they bash away at Fatso, they staple their resumes to the commentary. First Jason Calacanis posts a FB message about how he helped Fatty build corporate equity and brand a narrative and 6 thousand other wonderful things; now Julia is listing every public shart she’s taken since she first met Timmy Tons-of-Fun. Loren, of course, is nothing if not an attention whore with his creepy, smug, smile-of-a-killer video, and I am an amazing executive level development director specializing in arts, education and conservation issues, a team-player, a problem-solver, a well-connected networker plugged into the latest trends and able to suck a golf ball through a garden hose cute boys call me XXOO.

    Absolutely disgusting vote for me here.

    • Helena (The Best Philosopher; FIRST CLASS) says:

      It’s like watching a bunch of Navajo going crazy at a liquor store. Breathe through the fear and fix the problem!

    • LickedRandisCake says:

      Astute observation that the whole group of them does it.

      • Helena (The Best Philosopher; FIRST CLASS) says:

        It’s natural professional headshot expert personal branding, LRC. If you can’t UNDERSTAND it, don’t USE it, and stop bullying these personal consultant brand natural founder headshot professionals. Actualize!

      • LickedRandisCake says:

        Excuse YOU. It is all very stuff, you know. How is one expected to understand all there is to understand and then to not use it once they understand? Is if you are a journalist who stole an NBC mic flag, are you not supposed to actually use that flag in perpetuity whether you work for NBC or not? Can your brand not just be NBC’s brand?

      • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

        Yes, but do any of the other ones also mention meeting their amazing, life-changing romantic partners along with their professional accomplishments? Julie is such a moron, and always manages to be the dumbest in any group of idiots, and the most annoying in any group of asses.

  32. Line Cookery says:

    The beautiful part is that much of Donkey’s sense of entitlement comes from people not calling her out on her horseshit. She of course doesn’t realize it’s because 99% of the time, rational people realize it’s not worth the drama to confront her. They recognize she’s willing to escalate the crazy more than them because they have time/money/IQ points/dignity to lose if they engage.

    But not this time. Even a normal guy will fight back hard when accused of abuse because he too actually has something at stake. On top of that, Arrington has her petty viciousness outgunned with equal viciousness and much, much greater intelligence.

    Guarantee there are some tearful calls to Daddy right now about how the internet is being mean to her again.

    • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

      One of the more maddening things about donkey is how much she gets away with, and how much other people tolerate her atrocious behavior. It makes it so satisfying, then, to see her finally exposed for the awful person she is and truly be taken to task. I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for her right now. I can only imagine how many people are enjoying seeing Julia squirm like this.

  33. Frequent Liar Miles says:

    From her twatter:

    JuliaAllison: The only known cure for existential dread is laughter.

    I am so sure she is just laughing it up right now.

  34. Lilly Liberation Front says:

    What a depressing shitshow this has quickly turned into. I feel so bad for Megs.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      I did for a bit, but as D0nkey dug herself in deeper, I bet Asha was feeling enough satisfaction to counter the insult of invasion of privacy by her “close” friend.

      • Ass-a don't care says:

        Meg’s sisters brother is a lawyer and tells her to keep mum on everything. She has daddy issues, (sugar) daddy issues, power issues. She requests that JuLiar doesn’t tweet about it, but she IS friends with her. They went to Tony Robbins together last summer, JuLiar still crashes on “her” couch. Mega is not engaged with the media bc she has “turned holier-than-thou”. Yet, problems just seem to arise whenever mega gets involved and then poooof! money appears, apartments appear, no clear job ever appears, but on the other hand, in the middle of scandals, she is seen with an older married man in connecticut, boarding private planes with other older married men, posting about gratitude and her new found “wellness.” she is a really dark person who just has some level of discretion and lawyers to tell her when to shut up.

    • Blinking.S.O.S.at.the.Camera says:

      With friends like JABa …
      What astounds me is that Marina del Idiot didn’t even read (or doesn’t have the ability to comprehend) Asha’s actual statement. She didn’t deny anything, she said the reports were “inaccurate”, she and Mike remain friends, and that was her final word on the subject.
      Not good enough for dumb ass donkey. She has to set the record straight!!! She was there!! He’s bi-polar and didn’t take his meds.
      I personally think Asha handed those screen caps directly to Arrington to show him how JABa was inserting herself in the story and getting no assistance or encouragement from her (Asha).

      • CaptainGary says:

        I’d bet that too. Sounds like she didn’t want to be involved at all and our Donks, seeing the chance to push her bray into the Gawker story of the week, took it upon herself to help all the girls. Except…um, er oops.

        Looks like she’s done “defending” herself on Gawker too.

      • Dyspeptic says:

        yeah, that’s what I think. She wants him off her case, and that was the way to distance herself from Julia’s “revelations.”

      • Random Snowflake says:

        This is not the first time Julia Allison has accused someone of being “bi-polar,” (re: [redacted]) Is this her thing with trying to slight people, by calling them bi-polar?

        • Arrogant Sloth says:

          One of her many disgusting “things” yes. Hypocritical because as far as I know she’s not taking any (or enough) meds for her obvious mental illnesses. JuLiar’s MO seems to be “when in doubt, hit below the belt in the most atrocious way”

  35. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    The name’s Baugher. Pete Baugher, private dick. It’s a tough town, Chicago. Full of buildings and roads. And on some of those roads there are people. Bad people. Good people. People with ingrown hairs on the cusp of their nostrils. God, that is gross.

    Anyway. I was sitting in my OMGdowntownoffice running errands in my sling, when my beautiful secretary, Raul, stuck a sock-puppet through the doggy door and said “You have a client.”

    The dame that walked in was trouble. I knew it. I could tell from her hat she had taste. I could tell from her pocketbook she was broke. I could tell from her shoes that I had been wrong about the hat.

    “Daddy,” she sobbed. “A fat man is suing me!”

    “I thought you always slapped the have-a-nice-day face over his kisser,” I said.

    “No, not that one,” she sobbed. “An even fatter one. With no have-a-nice-anything involved. Daddy, he’s determined to prove that he didn’t assault…um…wait a sec…it’s on the tip of my tongue…Marla! No, that was the bearded lady at the State Fair Devin traded pom-pom socks with. Um…well, look, I said he assaulted someone and he says he didn’t and now lawyers are inevitable!”

    “Calm down,” I said. “Where did you make the accusation?”

    “To a complete douchebag who works for an internet news page owned by a sociopath who hates my guts,” she said, blowing a quart of mucus into a paper napkin.

    I thought things through. I was about to say: “That wasn’t the smartest thing you’ve ever done,” but I was realizing that yes, in comparison to recent other activity it might be.

    “Don’t worry, doll-face,” I said. “There’s no way the Fat Man can get at you while you’re hiding in the basement. Just play it cool for the next five years or so and make sure you don’t get tetanus opening the cans of beans.”

    She blew her nose again. “The condo doesn’t have a basement,” she said.

    “Someplace must,” I said, opening the door to show her out. Raul had spent all day making the special pinata costume and I had bigger donkeys to whack.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Bray Noir!

    • Prof. F Camping says:

      perfect 10.


      • Prom Party Burn Out says:

        Prof…you need some education from GGMB!
        This is the loverly Viktoria Komova on her absolute worst event! Totally half-assing the double twist at the end (she masks it with a little hop). PS…there are no perfect 10s anymore…sigh…don’t get me started…

        • Prof. F Camping says:

          so sorry so fat. i’m a doctor of donkology, so the only bodily contortions on which i’m an expert are those of a donkey. this didn’t look too shabby to me! anyway, point is that RRR is a master.

    • Spiritual Julia will last as long as Republican Housewife Julia says:

      You made rain come out of my eye holes. Bravo RRR. Brilliant.

  36. Jimbo says:

    It’s great she is on Gawker again. They should post more photos of her!

  37. Grammarian says:

    who was inside?

  38. Nickelodeon Chic says:

    Her arm looks like it was put on backwards.

  39. Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

    At first I was like, “Holy god, what if I had been abused by someone I didn’t want to cross or anger more, and The Julia In My Life decided to out me against my will?” Then I realized The Julia In My Life is DEAD, and I was so happy.

    • iblow4shoes says:

      My wife was in an abuse marriage. She got out and didn’t look back. Megan is probably just glad to forget it.

      • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

        I think that’s true for a lot of people, and exactly what I meant. I’m glad your wife is safe, and found you.

      • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

        This is why I’m conflicted. I can totally understand why Meghan wants nothing to do with this. This Jenn lady has been on the receiving end of some brutal insults and specualtion. Almost immediately commenters branded her as a psychotic crazy ex-girlfriend, a slut, a gold-digging whore, and called into question that status of her mental health.

        Megs hates confrotation in controversy. Think of how during that TMI Weekly livechat years ago, Julia and Mary were completely enthralled by the insults and jokes people were typing and Megs just looked sadly away from the screen. And she didn’t exit NonSociety in a dramatic public fashion, she just backed slowly out of the room and stopped blogging.

        Why would Megs verify these accusations if she knows she’s going to be on the receiving end of sexist ridicule and the ire of Arrington and his lawyers?

        She values her privacy. Meghan very rarely ever posted personal stuff on Nonsociety. It was mostly “Beep Bop Boop Technology! iPhone!” She was always uncomfortable with having her life exposed online. So I get it. Deny it. It was your experience and it is deeply personal and it is your choice to share it.

        But at the same time, it’s because women don’t come forward that this cycle of violence can continue. I really don’t know how to feel about bearing the responsibility to stop violence, vs. protecting yourself from further trauma by not reporting it. I didn’t report my rape to the authorities and when I did confide with a friend it backfired on me and deepened the already cavernous wounds from my trauma.

        What really grosses me out about all this is how well of a job Arrington’s lawyer did to discredit the original accuser. They publicly made her look like a crazy gold-digging wack job, which I get, that’s the lawyers job. But it just shows that having access to wealth can innoculate you from criminal punishment. Arrington is throwing money around and scaring people with expensive civil lawsuits, and, because I believe there is some truth to the accusations, he’ll probably hurt others. This is justice. This is our legal system.

        This is why sexual and domestic violence is so severely underreported. Because when it does, it becomes a spectacle within the sphere of the victim and the accused, and sometimes the sphere of the victim and the accused is, I don’t know, THE ENTIRE INTERNET. It pisses me off that, if the allegations are true, the woman went to Facebook instead of the cops. But at the same time, I don’t blame her.

        Ugh. Feelings.

        Related question: What is the statute of limitation to reporting sexual and physical assault to authorities?

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          I agree with everything you said. I had an episode in my life that I had to decide to walk away from because there was simply no winning the situation and to this day I feel horrible about it. The frustrating thing is that you cannot proxy for a victim. I found that out. Julia is about to find that out*.

          *definitions of “finding that out” may vary.

        • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

          If the allegations are true & this ends up in court, I hope that he lawyer is as articulate as you are, JP … you’ve reminded of some things I know (should know better), & made me sympathetic to her.

          But I’ll own what I’ve said prior, so if I’ve been coming across as an asshat, I’m not trying to pretend that my opinion isn’t that she’s lashing out in a vindictive way — taking it to FB reeks to me of having no intent other than smearing his name.

        • Julia'sTooSmallTutu says:

          You are absolutely right about how victims choose to process their experiences with domestic abuse: if they come forward they can expect to be called crazy and/or gold diggers and when they don’t come forward they are blamed for allowing the abuser to continue his cycle. We rarely place the blame where it belongs: on the person doing the abusing. Yes Arrington is innocent until proven guilty. The rate of false abuse claims is the same as that for other false crime reports: about 2%.

          I have nothing but sympathy for Megs in this.

        • chesca says:

          I love you for this.

        • Wonkeye says:

          I think about how humiliating it was when people found out about my abuse and I wasn’t remotely public at the time. I feel bad for Meghan. Even though rationally, I know it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, it’s such a betrayal. First by this pig that she loved and then the pig that she thought was her friend.

        • Smooshed Macaroons says:

          I’m not really up on who Arrington is, beyond the fact that some people seem to really, really hate him. So, please pardon my ignorance, but, how much credit do the allegations against him really have? The minimal stuff I’ve read (some stuff on Gawker, the stuff on his site, a few things linked on RBD) seem to make her out to be totally crazy and I’m disinclined to believe a word of it.

          But, there seems to be a fair number of people on RBD who completely believe the allegations – and you went so far as to say it was gross how the attorney rebuked her claims (followed by what seemed to imply that it shouldn’t be believed).

          So, my question is: are people believing the allegations based on the fact that Arrington is a sleezeball, and so its perfectly plausible that he did what he is accused of doing? Or, is there some evidence (I use that term loosely) out there that is pretty damning that I just haven’t come across? It seems like a lot of people are making the leap from he’s a sleezeball/totally plausible it happened to it happened.

          I’m not trying to be an ass or challenge anyone, really. I’m just honestly curious. This whole scene is very foreign to me.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Lots of people IRL who know and work with him and say he’s a complete aggressive asshole with serious anger management issues. Others who say their friends who dated him have either told them personally about abuse or they have seen him being abusive to his GFs with their own eyes. But he has a lot of money and influence, and is really vindictive, and the feeling is no one wants to go on the record as getting that information out there — including our donkey, who wanted to have her cake and eat it too, IE, insert herself in Pointy’s business without getting caught.

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            Gotcha. Makes sense.

  40. Can-Swiss says:

    So within 24 hours Julia Allison has managed to anger:

    – Her former BFF Megan Asha
    – Gawker
    – Mike Arrington

    Good work Donkey! You pissed off everyone envolved and gained nothing but scorn and disgust!

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Donkey also lost more than 100+ Fans in the ‘Stans in < 8 hrs

  41. Blinking.S.O.S.at.the.Camera says:

    Stolen Tiara, tears in my eyes when I saw your comment. Too funny.

    • A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

      Worth quoting:

      Julia, is your fiance Devin available for some line cook work on April 30th? $16/hour.”

      • Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan says:

        I saw that. The only thing that would have made that howl inducing is if the date of availability was Pancake’s wedding.

  42. Every Little Thing She Does is Tragic says:

    Can anyone provide a rough Cliff’s Notes please?

    Though I’m not entirely sure I follow this whole mess, I’m happy to see the Donkey Show is finally busting out of the dull Line Cook reruns and that Sweeps is finally here!

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

      Lady says Arrington beat and raped her.

      Gawker reports lady says Arrington beat and raped her.

      Internet explodes into a frantic display of slut shaming and discrediting the victim.

      Dudes, are like, “No, dude, no,” but others say Arrington beat other women, including Megs.

      Julia contacts Gawker and says that she was inside while Arrington beat Megs.

      Meghan issues a denial/non-denial on Techcrunch.

      Arrington gets a lawyer to do a pretty swell job of making original accuser look like a psychotic nutbar. She may be a psychotic nutbar, but she may also be a psychotic nutbar who was beaten and raped by Arrington.

      Julia gets questions from media about Megs and she freaks out and asks Megs what to say after she spoke to the media about Megs. Megs completely ignores her.

      Gawker posts quotes from Julia Allison saying Arrington beat Megs.

      Megs (?) sends Arrington screenshots of Julia text messages freaking out about the press, thinks that it discredits Gawker.

      Julia Allison is angry that Gawker quoted Julia Allison about how Julia Allison said Arrington threw Megs against the wall.

      Julia is like, oh fuck, I’m gonna get sued. Storms into Gawker comments and calls them shitty reporters who make shit up.

      Gawker posts screenshots of text messages between Julia and Gawker writer where she says Arrington threw Megs against the wall.

      Donkey is caught in a now very public lie.

      Heehawlarity ensues.

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

      And yes, I was just thinking this morning, “My Little Brony Debbie is cute and all, but, God, I’m bored.” Always after I think something like that. . . ALWAYS.

    • LickedRandisCake says:

      Assy Assface from Asstown tries to shove it up someone else’s Ass. Takes it up her own ass instead.

  43. Who Me? says:

    Ugh, what I think this whole episode is proving is that the victim, Meghan, and Julia will end up financially devestated and professionally ruined (even more that Julia already is) while Arrington continues on his merry, rapey way. Gross.

    And when did Meghan start riding Arrington’s cock again? Surely that’s the only explanation for how he got the texts from her.

  44. Granny thinks it stinks says:

    Where are all her white nits, coming to defend her?

  45. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am Robot. says:

    Never put anything down in writing. How many times had this been told to her by her Peter Baugher Esq. over the years?

    The Ass has bitten herself in the ass.

  46. Norse Horse says:

    Aside from all the deliciously sordid Donkeyshame above:

    Randi Zuckerberg ‏@randizuckerberg 2h
    What do you do when you need to turn down a request for money? How to do it with grace: http://bit.ly/YMmuQU

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison 2h
    @randizuckerberg – Such amazing advice!!!

    Aside from the fact that Ole Yeller is so stupid her brother had to force her to become rich, with no brains or effort of her own, the idea that Donks finds this advice so relatable -with triple exclamation marks!!!- is hilarious. What, is Debbie hitting up Donkey for beer money these days?

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

      I saw that. Julia Allison Give Former Sister A Reach Around So People Will Think Julia Allison Is Unspeakably Wealthy.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      Why is Julie suddenly sucking up to Randi? There’s always an agenda.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        You have to a$k?

      • LEFOOLIEH says:

        Trying to deflect somehow from the drama she’s gotten herself caught up in? “Look, everybody, Randi Zuckerberg of the Facebook Zuckerbergs is my friend!!!!” She posted this on FB too; I’m sure Randi isn’t unaware of what’s going down right now and somehow I think both of these “yoo-hoo!” attempts will “unintentionally” go ignored.

      • pearipathetic donkey says:

        Well, when Julie moves to the Bay Area, they are basically going to be neighbors, right?

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      I call bullshit on this sorry-ass advice.

      RRR’s guide to turning down a request for money.

      1. Wear an “I voted for John Galt” T-shirt covered with fake bloodstains.

      2. Show them an empty pocketbook while screaming: “Empty! Like my womb!”

      3. Keep monopoly bills handy and always sign the check for the suggested charitable donation “Ima Foolyu.”

      4. Kickstarter the hobo to death and then the dog. Return videotapes.

      5. Cough weakly and say: “I guess I can make the slice of bread last out the month.”

      6. Pretend you heard it as a request for sex and proceed accordingly. If it’s a phone solicitation, practice your dial-a-porn-fantasy routine, while reminding them that it is only $9.95 for each additional minute.

      7. Admit you are the tailcoat-riding not-very-bright sister of an autistic billionaire with the personality of a wooden plank and shut the fuck up.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        2. Show them an empty pocketbook while screaming: “Empty! Like my womb!”

        I already do this to explain why I haven’t brought presents at Christmas, birthdays and wedding showers. I would do it at baby showers, too, but for some reason I don’t get invited to those anymore.

      • Greg'sWife (literally) aka DirtyLakeMichigan says:

        DEAD at the monopoly bills.
        And it was really hard for me to pick one I liked best.

  47. juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

    Hold up a minute here. So the text convo that Gawker had with Adrien had her phone number blacked out. But then they posted ANOTHER text convo where she is identified as JA, to which Gawker described:

    “And while we’re all posting screengrabs of text messages, below is a screengrab of Allison telling an associate that, as we reported above, she “was there” during the alleged abuse, and that she doesn’t “know why Meghan said it wasn’t true because it WAS.”

    To which I asked? Does “associate” mean that Julia spoke to ANOTHER Gawker employee about Arrington physically abusing Meghan? Is Denton the “associate”? Or is “associate” just unclear writing by John Cook.

    OT: Why don’t I have a life?

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      Maybe not a Gawker employee at all.

      Suppose A had a public falling out with his former business partner B, and a few years later, a wannabe TMZ comes to A and said, “dude! a woman has nailed B’s balls to the floor with accusations of abuse — would you like to say anything about B and this chick he used to date? We have lots of back catalog on B and this chick, but nothing serious, and we’d like to work some pageview magic.” And suppose A said, “well hot dog! B did the same to that chick you just mentioned!” And then suppose that a few days later, B’s lawyer manages to crowbar free at least one of B’s balls. Now suddenly A is responsible for a nasty story about a former business partner he had once sued. What to do? Why, go to the source of the story! So A sends at least 2 tweets to the source saying “please get in touch”. The source says “it’s twue! It’s twue! I was there!” and A captures the texts and has a celebratory cocktail because he is no longer the origin of the story. Meanwhile, the second chick won’t corroborate the abuse story. Suddenly the source says “I never said it!”, but the TMZ-wannabe prints the captured “it’s twue!” texts. And then B, attached by the floor by one ball, rolls onto his side and screams to his lawyer “kill! kill! kill!”

      And so passes another quiet evening by the Lake in Wilmette, until the phone rings…

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        This is brilliant.

        Also, I don’t think there are enough buses in national public transportation for these clowns to throw each other under.

      • Dyspeptic says:

        ding ding ding. I think a certain former Arrington “associate” figured out a way to shift the blame onto a Donkey. Not that she didn’t participate eagerly in shifting it onto herself. But she had a little “help” from her not-quite-friend.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Seems like she spoke to not one bit two Gawker emps & whomever has her listed as something like “D0NKEY” is the one blacked out.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        Adrien Chen says on Twitter that he blocked out her phone number because she wasn’t in his contacts and doubts she’ll be contacting him soon. Oh, young padawan.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      I thought it meant an associate of hers (JA), not an associate of theirs. And that when the associate of JA found out JA was lying, the associate forwarded the screen caps as a way of further inserting JA under the bus.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        You’re probably on to something … I’m inclined to think that the associate was put up to it though … it’s a foregone conclusion that D0nkey is going to lie, all they had to do was set the trap.

  48. Spiritual Julia will last as long as Republican Housewife Julia says:

    I don’t know what the fuck JuLIAR is afraid of, she’s always punching guys and throwing her fat ass at them, maybe she’s afraid even her raft ass will get swallowed up like a jumbo jet into the clouds.

  49. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    I am deeply confused …

    Walleyvag0101 | 6 hours ago
    Jenn Allen has now deleted the Twitter message where she changed her story to March 2nd. I hope Arrington’s legal team got a screenshot of it, because that is key evidence.

    Jenn Allen | about an hour ago via mobile
    All I wanted was for Mike to get help for his rape problem and physical and emotional abuse. If he would just admit it, that would help. If you see the date I posted on twitter, last Friday of march, it should make sense. And note, he didn’t deny the sexual harassment court case while at the law firm either.

    She thought better about changing her story to rebut the atty rebuttal?
    What does she envision, that some day, some where, this will be said?
    “My name is Mike & I have a rape problem.”
    ::chorus of Rapist Anonymous voices:: “Hi Mike!”

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Well, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she ain’t too tightly wrapped, having thought it a good idea to date him at all.

    • LickedRandisCake says:

      I do love that line “a rape problem”.

      Honey, we need to talk. You seem to have a bit of a rape problem.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        “I’ve…noticed…that you’ve been raping people lately. What’s happened, Mike? What’s happened? To us?”

        We are so going to hell.

      • LickedRandisCake says:

        Oh, my. Are you feeling ok, dear? You seem to be a bit, well, under the weather. If I may be so bold, a smidge rapier than usual tonight. Can I get you anything? Asprin? A hot toddy?

        Here’s help for a rape problem. Prison.

      • Jelly Roll says:

        Lit-ruh-ly (Rob Lowe style) wiping tears away. “You seem to have a bit of a rape problem”.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      You know how you get someone help for their rape problem? You call the fucking cops.

      • LickedRandisCake says:

        I guess this is what I don’t understand. I thank my lucky stars I’ve never had to deal with anything of this nature so I don’t know how I’d react if I were raped. I can understand the tendency for women not to report it but, on the other hand, those women don’t usually put their rapists on blast over the internetz either. I mean, if you are going to twitter the fuck out of your rape and abuse by a pretty public figure (knowing it will get picked up by the media) then why wouldn’t you go to the police about it?

        • I was a rape crisis medical advocate for a few years (I went to the hospital when a rape victim would come in, and I’d be her/his advocate — holding hands, fending off nasty accusatory police officers, making sure needs were attended to, etc.), so I am coming from that perspective… but I will say that in my experience (dealing with probably 100 or so rape victims + going through extensive training beforehand) there isn’t really any one way that anyone responds to rape (just as there isn’t one way people respond to being mugged, getting in a car accident, or any other kind of trauma). Denial is a powerful coping mechanism, and sometimes it can be a long time before people realize what’s been done to them. They can also realize it right away but try to move forward as normally as possible as though nothing happened — and you never really know how you’ll react or respond to trauma until you’re experiencing it yourself.

          I have absolutely no opinion on whether any of these allegations are true — but I do have an opinion on a culture that dismisses rape allegations because the victim didn’t act the “right” way afterward or acted the “wrong” way beforehand or any combination of the two.

          The item of bigger interest for me is how Julia has to insert herself into every nook and cranny of the lives of people to whom she is only tenuously connected — if she thinks it will get her some attention. And it’s really an amazing piece of cosmic justice that it turns out she’s the one who contacted Gawker first… not that anyone here would be surprised at that, knowing how many times she’s contacted Jacy & JP trying to get coverage on this site.

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            I feel like in non-sexual crimes, its perfectly acceptable to question the victim’s credibility in relation to their accusations. But, not when its a sex crime. That seems completely ridiculous to me.

            I get that a lot of people question a women’s credibility based on things like “well, she’s super slutty”. And, that many police officiers in the United States are disinclined to believe a rape happened, etc. But, shouldn’t we still question the credibility of a claim – or, do we need to just assume the victim is automatically telling the truth? False allegations do happen, and I’ve seen people’s names ruined by said false allegations – despite the fact that they were later proven to be false beyond a reasonable doubt.

            I do feel a little like a Fox News anchor right now, saying the above. But, this is something thats always been (for the lack of a better word) difficult for me when it comes to sex crimes. To me, it feels like there is a vocal body of people who berate a person for saying “hey now, I’m not saying it didn’t happen but her motives/credibility are totally suspect” – and accuse the people who say that as blaming the victim/refusing to believe the victim, etc. When, that kind of questioning is totally acceptable in a non-sex related crime.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Firstly, false allegations of sexual crimes are at about two per cent. They are rare. It burns my ass, as a woman, that the knee-jerk assumption is that the victim, especially if she’s a woman or a teenaged girl, is making shit up. Why would any woman make it up when you see what happens to women who come forward — questioned and doubted by people like you, who operate under a false impression that it’s commonplace for a woman to manufacture this stuff because we are psycho and manipulative or sluts and/or after some kind of payoff.

            Secondly, the entire premise of this comment is bogus. Sex crime victims get questioned, attacked, disbelieved more than any other crime victim. Look at accusations that someone is a pedophile. Any hint of that sort of crime is believed almost immediately to the point that lives and careers can be ruined before there’s even been a trial. Rape? We accuse the victims of either being psychotic or making shit up, particularly if they are female victims, almost right off the bat.

            Give your head a shake.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Jacy, being curious about that 2% I see bandied about, I did some looking … *sigh* … I hate stats, I really do. Depending where you look, stats of false allegation studies range from 2% to 41%.

            That 41% claim is especially interesting in that it came from a study in one specific community that included offering / giving lie detector tests to complainants — but, only the complainant could say that the charge was false, so ‘failing’ the test wasn’t even part of the 41% tally.

            My perception (not on overall incidence, just based on cases I’m privvy to) is that it’s higher than 2% but not as much as 41%. For instance, the DA in the neighboring county is keen on getting the falsely imprisoned (of any crime) out from behind bars … the percentage of those being exonerated of sexual crimes by new DNA testing has been running at about 25% (but, that figure includes rapes in which the *wrong* person was identified & convicted as an assailant, not just false allegations).

            My point is that regardless, because ‘rare’ in no way equates to impossible, & to draw on the lowest number as probability strikes me as the same attitude that if you are unaware of something then that thing can’t possibly exist.

            (pls don’t hate me for not being on the same page as you)

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I don’t hate you, silly. I just resent that women who complain of sexual assault are almost instantly disbelieved, particularly if they level the accusations against men with money or power. The whole William Kennedy Smith thing — remember that bullshit? And many more recent examples. I am not saying false allegations don’t happen, but they are far from commonplace.

            And if a woman gets annihilated by the high-powered lawyers of some wealthy asshole, and the case gets thrown out or she’s shown to have been drunk at a party a few years earlier, it only allows rich and privileged men with serious “rape problems” to believe they can get away with it.

            I have often wondered if Jerry Sandusky had been sexually assaulting cute co-ed girls who had drunk-y Facebook photos, what the end result have been. Thank God those boys were believed, but I wonder if 18-year-old party girls would have been.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            This is an interesting and very thorough study, cited a lot by law enforcement in my line of work:


          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            What is the Actual Definition of a False Report?
            Although many people have different ideas about what exactly constitutes a false report, the most reasonable definition is that: A false report is a report of a sexual assault that did not happen (i.e., it was not completed or attempted).

            FROM ARRINGTON’S ATTY (via blog):
            (1) You stated that “he was physically abusive [on] March 5th [of] last year” (April 1, 2013, 2d posting, Gawker.) “[H]e did rape me, on March 5 last year, when he invited me over to make amends from a major catastrophe a couple months prior.” (April 1, 2013, 3d posting, Gawker.)

            Your twice-repeated allegation of rape/physical abuse by Michael is not only false, but factually impossible. On March 5, 2012, Michael was in Washington and you were in California. Michael’s whereabouts are confirmed by travel records and credit card statements in my possession, and your whereabouts are proven by a photo of you at a San Francisco party at 1:05 a.m. on March 6, 2012. This photo was posted online but has been removed in the past several days. (The photo, together with screenshots of your Facebook page in March 2012 before and after it was deleted, are appended hereto as Attachment A.)

            She presumably also Tweeted a date change but has since Tweleted that too. Sad fact of the matter is that if Arrington is truly physically abusive to women, this isn’t the sitch that will take him out of action; his atty is definitely going to make mincemeat out of this woman if he ever gets her on a stand (& very likely even if he doesn’t, since she herself opened this saga up for public consumption).

            I don’t think the inequity here is that he’s a privileged white man so much as it’s (IMO) that she is her own worst enemy in how she’s gone about all of this.

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            @Jacy: hold up a second. I never said it was “commonplace” for rape allegations to be false. I simply said that I know that they happen, without commenting on how often.

            Further, I never even mentioned anything regarding rationale for false allegations, so your comment about me claiming women “manufacture this stuff because we are psycho and manipulative or sluts and/or after some kind of payoff.” is WAY off. And frankly, kind of offensive that you put those words in my mouth.

            I simply was asking a question – you don’t need to jump my junk for it and treat me like I’m some horrible person for asking said question.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            The entire premise of your question was false, that was my point. It is a sensitive topic for me, sorry if I was snarky. But the suggestion that no one dares question a woman who makes a rape/sexual assault accusation is just so completely bogus. The problem is how instantly and viciously women ARE questioned when they make the accusations; that is why so many don’t come forward. And I don’t know of any other crime victims treated that way. If some asshole broke into your house and held you at gunpoint while his partner stole your flat-screen TV, no one would accuse you of making that shit up or asking for it.

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            Except that I never said it was “not unusual for women to make it up”. All I said is that it happens.

            Honestly, one of the things that makes me cringe about conversations like this is that no one is actually going to read your question/comment. They are going to read a few words, and then decide what you said – regardless of whether or not its accurate.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Reread my comment.

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            Lol and now I look like a retard ’cause I think you edited your comment (can we do that?).

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Sorry, I am on a hospital computer that I hate and I hit reply inadvertently when I was still writing my comment. You were right to call me out on that point. Bygones!

          • Smooshed Macaroons says:

            Lol no worries. I like RBD ’cause there are smart people here and they know a lot more than I do. Unfortunately, asking question on a touchy subject can be hard via text because you can’t see the person’s face/hear them to know they aren’t being a mitigated jackass.

            I’m just glad to know you did in fact edit your comment. I was worried I was losing my mind (or, losing more of it I should say).

          • IIRC from my certification training, rape/sexual assault has (one of?) the lowest false-reporting rates of all crimes. That is, people who claim to be mugged are lying a higher percentage of the time than people who claim to be raped.

            Combine that with what’s also true: rape/sexual assault is one of the *least reported* crimes (not irrelevant when EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC DISCUSSION about anyone who comes forward as having been raped is publicly shamed *on some level*). It adds up to a very sad situation, one in which women who don’t report (bdcatss they are afraid of being blamed or shamed) end up in a private hell and those who do report are blamed, shamed, and accused of lying.

            Are there false allegations made? Of course there are. But given everything we know about rape being underreported, there is no way that false reports are any more frequent than they are for any other crime — and what evidence I recall is that the rates are actually much, much lower. So while it’s much more common for people to lie about being mugged or even kidnapped, there is no way that on average (a) they are publicly shamed to the extent that rape accusers are and (b) people in general are LITERALLY TERRIFIED of reporting the average mugging or kidnapping (unless it’s a gang or mafia thing, which is why I said “average” twice).

            It’s assumed that if you’re mugged that (a) you’ll be believed and (b) you’ll be seen as an actual victim of a crime. I’ve seen first-hand how neither one of those things is true — a cop once told me that an 85-year-old woman who’d been raped by an orderly in a nursing home was “looking for attention” and “probably provoked him” or “turned him on purposely.” This was an obese bed-bound woman who hadn’t had a gynecological exam in decades because she hated being touched, so I hardly think that was the case. I’m bringing it up to say that the knee-jerk rape culture we live in has somehow given rise to this idea that rape is FREQUENTLY falsely reported and that we should AUTOMATICALLY question victims’ motives.

            Like I said before, I have no opinion on whether these particular allegations are true. But I do take issue with any and a judgments about this woman — getting dates and times wrong is not uncommon, nor is any of her other behavior after the alleged incident — because it’s unfair to tell anyone one else what the “right” way to behave after trauma looks like.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Thank you!

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            I do take issue with any and a judgments about this woman — getting dates and times wrong is not uncommon, nor is any of her other behavior after the alleged incident

            I’ve been thinking hard on this (if & how to respond), because I certainly appreciate & respect your perspective, & causing you to take issue w/ me isn’t something I relish …

            But, here’s the long & short of it: given enough content & subtext on a situation, yeah, I will form an opinion / come to a conclusion / make a judgement, what have you — I think that’s human nature in general, but if not, at the very least it’s how *I’m* wired, & I find myself unwilling to apologize for my brain kicking into gear.

            This chick is all over the place, saying: March 5th, 2012 no March 2nd, 2012; not one rape but two (of her, by MA) that both resulted in pregnancies; then March 30th, 2012 is introduced as a date at the same time she changed the location of THE rape (wait, are there two rapes or one?) from an island to an airport hotel & from SF to Anacourtes & then back to SF … & if that doesn’t have your head spinning, have a look-back at 2011 when she was claiming to be pregnant by him but getting an abortion on her birthday since she was in a relationship (“facebook official” even; her words) w/ someone else <– that came up when she contacted him to tell him to never contact her again.

            What I have an even harder time articulating is this: However detestable an asshole Arrington likely is, & as much as I'm sorry for Jenn Allen's very apparent mental anguish over the demise of a toxic relationship, I'm disinclined to refrain from saying that I feel strongly (as in, I would put money on it), that Jenn Allen falls in that 2% range of those who make false allegations of rape.

        • Albie Quirky says:

          As someone who has been raped, I sympathize with everyone who didn’t call the police. Many police officers are shits, particularly with acquaintance rapes.

          • Wonkeye says:

            Three percent of rapists (of the maybe 50% that get reported) ever see the inside of a jail cell. Calling the cops can sometimes just prolong the pain; especially if you’re accusing a rich powerful white guy.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            That’s a brilliant dissection of the data.

            This is why Donk is particularly cretinous if rumors are true that she lied about being raped to get out of handing in an assignment so she could go to the Hamptons during her Georgetown years. Assholes like her are exactly the type that would be in that minuscule percentile. Assholes who just make it more difficult for actual victims.

  50. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    “The only known cure for existential dread is laughter.”
    –Julia Allison, 2013

    “Bananas are great, as they are the only known cure for existential dread. Also, I’ve heard that in India, even people dying in the street will share their bananas with anyone who needs them; we might start this tradition of sharing here, too.”
    –Anne Lamott, Grace (Eventually), 2008

  51. Diabetic Feet says:

    She is the cuntiest cunt that ever cunted. Using this to get her name back in Gawker, which she is DESPERATE for, is just the worst. The worst the worst the worst.

    She deserves to burn in hell. What a rotten to the core pig of a person.

    • Modesto Strangler (form. Aspen>Tulips) says:

      I almost wonder if she’s trying to impress Debbie by inserting herself back into this scenario. For all her “my boyfriend doesn’t want to be on tv!” talk it certainly seems that Debbie is attracted to the spotlight – note the ill-advised Harlem Shakes video and Fashion Week attempt (I’m still embarrassed for him on that one).

      I get the impression that she is grating even his dull brain at this point, and the only thing stopping him from fleeing back to the hills of Modesto is the vague promise of some sort of celebrity.

  52. For serious?? says:

    Oh spring is here!

    I remember 2010 spring chat gate! I was sitting on a park bench in Seattle laughing with tears while you cat ladies almost slayed me dead.

    Then. We had late 2011 spring which brought us the eviction by Pancakes of the home they shared in Coronado.

    Looking further back, sisters seem to jump ship within months of Birthcray madness. Amirite?

    It’s definitely spring.

    Thank you, JP and Jacy. The chronicling of the bray is truly amazing.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      I remember reading somewhere, & it seems like it was here & it seems like it was Minnie Driver who said it, that there’s a seasonal pattern w/ manic episodes — D0nkey sure gives credence to that.

  53. Lines with a Line Cook (formerly) Blowjobs by Bravo says:

    ahhh miss advised was a tragedy not a documentary. she is a mess.

    • Diabetic Feet says:

      She really is sick. Sick in the head. Mentally ill. Delusional.


      Peter and Robin Baugher, get your fucking child some help.

      • CDB says:

        I thought it was performance art. I iz confused

      • Lines with a Line Cook (formerly) Blowjobs by Bravo says:

        Seriously, after today’s cluster fuck her parents are going to move and never leave a forwarding address. Oh where oh where has her Cook O’Line been today? I have a feeling that he may be exiting soon. Oh sweet mother, we’ll all need therapy after that.

    • CDB says:

      did she mean to say a Donkumentary?

    • A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

      I expect she will add “celebrated documentarian” to her resume… oops, biography.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:


      • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

        And celebrity spokesperson and advertising model for Women Against Rape.

      • princesstutu says:

        the funny thing is that if someone actually did make a documentary about her in all her delusional glory, it would probably be fascinating and an instant, can’t look away classic, like Grey Gardens.

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          Totally. And she would freak the fuck out when it aired/premiered because she would assume it would be a glowing tribute to her brave, fabulous life instead of an expose of a mentalcase.

        • Lines with a Line Cook (formerly) Blowjobs by Bravo says:

          She is a female sociopath so I agree a documentary would be fascinating-I’d say she falls into the category of white collar sociopath with the exception that she’s never really had a job. (She fits the bill in that she’s educated) which means she has greater reach or each grift.

  54. Lolyer Debbie and her Legalzoom C's and Deceaseds says:

    Debbums! You gotta save your assface feminist! Activate lolyer Debbois!

  55. Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (No not you Maggie) says:

    I may have posted here before but I can’t remember so if this is a dupe account Jacy et al I truly apologize. I’ve been following all of you across various sites since back when that first Baugher tumblr account appeared because due to who I was dating at the time I was forced to be an almost daily part of JA’s social circle thanks to [Redacted]. I’ve watched you guys so intelligently and humorously expose her for the nutter she is and for that I genuinely thank every one of you. You made us realize that we weren’t simply being Mean Girls or weren’t threatened by her beauty, journalism success and wit (as was suggested by *ahem* her). Those of us who knew her (FORCED to, let’s remember) during that time have been left with a permanent shit stain on our lives ever since.

    Receiving a text msg from the other side of the world that I needed to check Gawker first and then here because she’d finally been exposed with proof for a national audience to the lying, self-absorbed, half-wit, delusional, throw anyone under the bus, festering pustule that she is, is probably the best news I’ve received in 2013. It’s been a long time coming.

    I’ve seen people question even in this thread why no one bothered to drop the axe on her sooner than this. I can only speak for those of us back then: 1. We didn’t want her to have the opportunity to link our names with hers again publicly. If you know us and look at our social media presence it’s quite restrained, even for those of us who are somewhat well known in the tech/geek/fashion world at least. It’s not our goal to appear on Gawker or any other website unless they want to crow about our achievements genuinely. Not because we’re sucking someone off/thrusting our tits in their face or are caught up in some sort of scandal. We knew she’d fall on her sword eventually as she’s too stupid not to. 2. We admittedly took lazy solace in the fact that there were a whole group of people who saw through the bullshit and would eventually make her pay. So we cut her off/out and sat back and waited.

    I do think it’s important that we at least feel a bit of compassion for Meghan. If the allegations are true, she’s in a world of hurt as she’s still dealing with this guy and her “friend” blabbed about it not only at a party but to the media. If they’re not, she’s facing the truth that a person she thought was a friend is nothing more than a sick, never-was gossip who will tell lies to make herself seem important. I’m no Megs Fangirl but either way it’s all a bit sick.

    Keep on truckin’ catladies. We love you.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Thanks so much for this comment and the light you are shedding on the mystery of why people don’t out this lunatic more often. Much appreciated.

    • Lolyer Debbie and her Legalzoom C's and Deceaseds says:

      Beauty, journalism success and wit? Of course a giant cunty shit head like Julia Allison would think that of herself.

      Good to hear from you, do come back more often, yeah? 🙂

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Wasn’t she just braying about what terrible, debilitating self-esteem issues she had in her teens and ’20s? Oh Donkey.

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Question for you: among the people whom she claims as friends, what percentage of them do you think are secretly laughing at her behind her back? I can’t imagine anyone could genuinely like her, and it seems like a lot of these”friendships” are mostly based on commercial transactions.

      • Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (No not you Maggie) says:

        Unless she’s changed dramatically from back then I’d say the majority are simultaneously laughing and trying to figure out how to extricate themselves from her as quietly as possible. The problem with her is there’s a very good chance she’ll take it all online and most normal people would rather avoid that. With us Julia did a couple of things that made it easier to get rid of her because even she couldn’t spin that stuff to try to look like the victim so we got lucky I guess. And back then our group was kind of the darlings/douchebags of the tech scene for a split second so she wouldn’t have won an online battle even if no one responded publicly. But I can understand how others wouldn’t want to rock the crazy boat or just not care to.

        For me one of the most telling things about Julia is that all of us from that time are still really close. We’re all married or in long-term relationships and our friendships are extremely strong even though people have went on to different companies and have moved cities or even countries. And the people who are still considered a bit well known online are so because their professional roles require it – not because they’re delusional enough to believe they’re a “brand” and have fans. Basically we’ve grown up whereas she’s had countless BFFs, jobs, zomg major life epiphanies and online dramas. It’s like she’s permanently stuck in high school. I’d almost feel sorry for Julia if she wasn’t such a douchebag who created this life for herself.

        • Dyspeptic says:

          it’s the ZOMG major life epiphanies that keep me following this particular soap opera. Or, “Donkumentary.” I hope they never end.

        • Grammarian says:

          related: elizabeth wurtzel at 45 looking like a botoxed cow and braying that she looks 22 and the williammsburg bros dig her

  56. Documentary Series says:

    God this poor girl. She has been through so much!

    I don’t mean the women who were assaulted. I mean Julia! It’s obvious that the same hackers who inserted text about mortgages, credit repair, etc., on NonSociety are at work again, texting reporters under her name, in an uncanny imitation of her voice

    • Tingolayo says:

      She is such an innocent victim of our cruel society! Poor Foolia Failison could have been Gloria Steinem, Arianna Huffington, and Hilary Rodham Clinton, all rolled into one, if the world had only let her.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      She’s been hacked! Again! just like Vimeogate!!

  57. acer says:

    Would someone please take Michael Arrington, Jenn Allen, Jason Calacanis, Loren Feldman, Meghan Asha, Adrian Chen, and Julia Allison – all of them – and throw them all against a wall?

  58. messed up says:

    This is messed up on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. I guess with Meghan. If her and Julia were ever friends, this a completely f*cked up them to do to her.

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