Donkey Remains A Racist Asshole, Even Though She Apparently Knows A Black Kid

And this.


I’ll let Helena (p.s., hey, Czechs have too many Zs in their names, JUST FIX IT!!!) tee off on this bit of bullshit:

Helena (Happier Than A Native American In A Liquor Store) says:
March 7, 2013 at 8:09 pm
I don’t think it’s worse than telling drunk Indians to stop whining and fix their problem, but this? coming from THE hickiest hick who ever hicked in the entire Hickville AND who’s addicted to posting bizarro pics of her hickiest hick self online? The poster donkey for “Mash Crotch Against Other Person’s Hipbone So I Look Thinner?” “Vitruvian Donkey Pose?” “Staring Wistfully Into Distance Pose?” “Stretching Photos Taken With a Cheap Canon Camera?” “Everyone’s Favorite: The Widestance Pose?” “Going Crazy With the Blur Tool?””Sexy Baconface?” “Sexy Gaping Maw?” “Sexy Schoolgirl Who Just Peed Herself And Also Has Really Really Unfortunate Legs, The Poor Girl?” “Romper / Unlit Cigarette Combo?” “Tit Thrust / Duckface Combo?” “Demented Wannabe Ballerina Pose?” The donkey who poses for billions of these DELICIOUS fauxtoshoots every year and posts the grotesque results online wants to mock someone for a photo? Bwahahahaha excuse me I am literally tearing up with delight. Oh honey.

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  1. Albie Quirky says:

    Helena is all that is good and true in the world.

    I seriously have no idea why Julie is going all mad dog on Jason Calacanis (who is horrible, of course, but who is she to point fingers?)

    • Dyspeptic says:

      Three words: Desperate for attention.

      Irrelevant donkey is irrelevant.

    • Lilly Liberation Front says:

      Remember when he called her out on twitter? Good times.

      And the picture is kind of funny, but for HER of all people walking the earth to make snide remarks about taking fauxtos… I just. No. She’s insane.

      • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

        Had I any idea where it was, now would be a good time to post the blinking gif created from the time she took all those pics of herself looking all dewey and dreamy in bed. Or the gif of her ‘running’ in Montana where you can tell she pretended to run and had someone take the picture, because she is headed off the path and she stays in place from one picture to the next. Or the one of the MANY pictures of her at Burning Man, bending over slightly and raising her arms as she tilts and squats to try to look skinny.

        Just about any picture, really.

        Like, is this bitch for serious?

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Donkey is throwing dried burro feces at glass houses!

  2. Git Along, Little Donkeys says:

    Great grammar for such a great writer. *snerk*

    Also, she just posted a picture of herself wearing some pink crap that Debbie’s parents gave her for her birthday.

    Elizabeth Blackwell
    Happy Birthday, you are so lucky !! Hope you have a great day, wish big and play hard and eat great food have wonderful sex and sleep like a baby the days you will never forget !!!!

    Doesn’t this poor girl know that Manure for Brains doesn’t eat if it has gluten (unless it does) and that she is physically unable to have sex with Debbie because he only has a boy clit?

    • Foil-wrapped Mini Dogs says:

      She has very frightening plastic surgery face in that fauxto. Like Joan Rivers frightening.

      • Nosferatu-tu says:

        Were these photos on FB? Could you or another servicey catlady please post them here for those of us who don’t have the FB?

        • What the actual fuck? (El gluten en la casa?) says:


          • JFA says:

            Jesus Christ she looks awful. And she really, seriously has to stop with the boyfriend shit. I mean seriously, it’s really getting on my goddamn last fucking nerve. I am in no mood. No one cares if you have a boyfriend, calm the fuck down.

          • Matt Monson is a tremendous douchebag says:

            She always had a bit of white trash in her, beneath the Dadster-funded North Shore/Georgetown veneer, but she’s gone full-blown WT over the past year. She should own it and move her “authentic self” and her gelding to Stockton, stat.

          • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

            She looks less joker-like without makeup, but she has royally fucked up her face. Way too much plastic surgery/fillers/whatever. She has ruined her looks. Her face is veering into Jocelyn Wildenstein territory.

          • LEFOOLIEH says:

            It’s pretty much the only thing she has left to talk about.

            “Miss Advised”: done, over, not coming back… with the end result of it apparently being her current relationship with Debbie. -5

            Writing a book/novel: LOL. -10

            Closest thing to a jerb she’d be able to claim to have (with a lieron still necessary, of course): embarrass self profoundly and self-sabotage. -a billion

            It isn’t so much about her having a boyfriend as it is about Debster being the only thing she has “going” for her (if that were even possible to say), which is incredibly sad while being entirely predictable. Bottom line – not the life she thought she’d be living at this moment, and because it’s all she’s got as an option she is trying to make fetch happen as hard as humanly possible. I mean, we know Devvie fulfills every item on her checklist, except where he doesn’t for like, the majority of it.

          • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

            Even in pjs she fucking squats to hide her ThunderThighs. It must seriously hurt to be her.

          • JFA says:

            All that stuff they bought her looks like it costs about $10. I know it’s not the price that counts. I just think she should stay away from sparks or flames, is all. It looks flammable.

          • secret fail says:

            Thems some sausage snappers.

          • LetItExplode says:

            Actually think this is the best she’s looked in years. But it’s because she’s not wearing the spackel. Sooooo much better without makeup.

          • darling dearest sexy baconface says:

            that scarf on her head is giving off a little edie vibe

          • Nosferatu-tu says:

            Crap! that should teach me to ask!
            And, even in PJ’s, she has to be a pretty, pretty princess. At first I thought the thing on her head had a pattern on it, but nooo, it’s her frickin tiara. Ugh. JUST STOP ALREADY!

            FIX THE PROM-BLEM!

          • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

            Fix The Prom-Blem has great username potential.

            I think she looks very meh, dead eyes are dead, and don’t get me started (seriously, don’t) on the pose and “styling” displayed there, but it IS a better look than the results of most of her delicious and heavily spackled fauxtoshoots.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Huh … leaving her back teeth a matching shade of pink, quelle surprise there, but I guess D0nkey was in a huge hurry since she didn’t even fauxto-shoppe a comparable gleam into her left eye so that it’s not so glaringly apparent that it doesn’t track …

            And then she presents this as ‘On my birthday’ when it was a weak week after birthcray that they couch-surfed Modesto?

            Oh, D0nkey … D0nkey, D0nkey, D0nkey.

            Let. It. Go. … that one February so long ago when you were inside & as a result your birthday was not at the forefront of everyone’s mind? You’ve more than made up for it; now it’s time to to put on your big girl panties (no, Devin’s little boy briefs hardly count) & get right the fuck over that shit, Toots.

          • Tingolayo says:

            a 32-year-old woman who travels with a tiara… think about that

          • Big Tongued Greg and the Monsters says:

            She’s got Andy Cohen eyes.

          • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

            Brayella – Whoa, were those the same years, for real? I’ve never thought about it. I know it had been suggested that she resented her mom for the “lost attention” years, but insidegate + birthcray bike ride incident = crazy birthday bitch for the next over 20+ years? Wowzers.

            Also, god, that just means she was a nasty little twat from the very start. Ugh.

          • Greg, CNN Special Correspondent says:

            mccakez, that jumped out at me earlier too.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            @mcakez & @Greg — it’s theory I floated back then, since, if I remember right, news articles dated the event in Feb’ on a weekday & at a time of morning that La Burra would have been “inside” (a classroom) — seems like canceling or not planning a birthcray party would make sense, considering circumstances …

            And I tots imagine NGMB’$ reserving the CC & paying for the cake (as if a baker & a CC mgr would really have conceded to la burra’s tantrum & demands? Puh-leeze) — I think the’biked in the rain’ story may have been to gloss over other stuff, including what led up to why Mom$er & NGMB’$ didn’t speak for so long?

            Like I said, conjecture, but warped D0nkey is unrealistically warped about her birthday & has made her mom’s event more her own, so that shit must all tie in somehow …

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Hey look, it’s Old No-Eyes Baugher! The chick whose eyes disappeared! Fascinating! Are they getting closer to a cure for that?

          • Kraft Cheesy Skillsets (lost a grandmother but gained a boyfriend (fucktard fashion failure (Queen Neferteeri))) says:

            The cure is called “GO ON A DIET, YOU PIGGISH DONKEY!”

        • Reeks of desperate tutus says:

          Apart from the outfit I agree she looks so much better and younger without all the cakeup makeup. Unfortunately it’s not possible to get past the outfit.

      • ShesJustStupid says:

        I don’t see any new photos on fb.

      • Freeloading Musketeers says:

        It kills me to say this, but I actually think she looks young, fresh-faced, and happy in that stupid photo. It’s amazing how much worse she looks with her usual spackle.

    • Prof. F Camping says:

      micropeen, please, we have editorial standards around here!

  3. SchiapWTF says:

    She wanted Jason to invest in Non-Entity. He considered it because he has a weakness for pretty girls and projects that appeal to vanity, his or anyone else’s. But Jason values hustle and hard work far more than charm and the numbers from Julie’s pink calculator just didn’t add up. Also there was an episode in which she intimated that he called her up drunk, sloppy, and flirty, something that I am sure didn’t sit well with the wife.

    • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

      That’s funny — Jason’s wife is often referred to in Silicon Valley as the hardest working beard in the industry.

    • frequent liar miles says:

      Schiap! Good to see you around these parts again. It seems Donkey’s latest horribleness is wakening various dormant volcanoes to rain down their burning contempt anew. I rejoice!
      P.s.: that was great, Helena. Signing up w/ Amazon now to pre-order your novel. So get busy.
      Pps: speaking of novels, previous post’s comments discussing Calif Central Valley have inspired me to reread Didion’s Run River (which impressed me in my youth but which she has apparently dismissed as youthful folly. Will check back in to recommend to catlady book list if deserving.)

      far it’s as good as I remembered. Will check back in to recommend to catladies’ book recommendations if so.-

      • frequent liar miles says:

        Sorry for weird little scrag end there. I blame kindle screen format.

      • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

        True facts: Didion lived in my ‘hood growing up.

        Unrelated, William T. Vollmann supposedly lives very near me, but I don’t know where because he is famously reclusive. Which is fine. I just wonder.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        true story: I got a noise complaint from Jan Didion (she and Dunne lived in the apartment below my friend’s in NYC and we partied too hard, too late. She scared me.)

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Yay, Schiap! This is the best Birthcray reunion!

  4. moonshinedonkey says:

    You guys. I saw the FB pic of Debbie groping the Donk in TaHOe.

    Then I realized. Someone fucks her.


    • Foil-wrapped Mini Dogs says:

      Praise heaven I do not have facebook anymore.

      • Random Snowflake says:

        I 2nd that. Don’t miss it (..or the daily baby photos my friends kept posting)

        And I got 2 hours of my life back every day 🙂

  5. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Maybe she and Debbie don’t get real jobs because then they might have to take a piss test. The meth-y behavior is beyond.

  6. Reeks of desperate tutus says:

    Cat peeps (autocorrect, Catpeeps is 2 words!?), cat peeps it’s been a long work week etc but this blog makes me laugh, especially a donk week like this. As with npr fundraising week I can’t be a lurking freeloader forever and imagine my overjoyed mess (seriously autocorrect, that’s overjoyedness?) when a humble couplet of my ode to donk made the upper right corner of rbd. Thanks cat peeps for the inspiration, there is no funnier group on the whole internets.

    • Prof. F Camping says:

      thank YOU for your fine wordsmithing. TGIF!

    • Random Snowflake says:

      We should celebrate with a nice box of wine.. mmm


      • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

        I get chills when I see boxed wine-in college we used to take it out of the box and hole punch down the spine and string it to our backs and throw a jacket over to conceal to drink at football games, long lectures, etc. I cannot drink wine anymore.

        • Jordache & the Pelts says:

          I get vommity when I see Franzia because in my younger years a box spilled out on my kitchen counter while I was out of town and when I got back it had dried out all plasticky. I could literally peel it off like dried Elmer’s glue. I feared for what it was doing to my nsides.

          • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

            Hahah Jordache reading your comment made me think it was like a fruit roll up but made of wine. Hey we might be on to something there!

          • Jordache & the Pelts says:

            It was totally like fruit roll up – good idea!

          • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

            I missed the camelback opportunity. I really think we need to move on this fruit roll up wine thing. Stat.

          • Random Snowflake says:

            “Wine Fruit Roll-Ups” – I approve, and would buy that stuff.. mMmm

            Jordache may have stumbled on to a good serious b’dness opportunity here.

          • Jordache and the Pelts says:

            Well if you can make alchohol infused Gummi Bears this isn’t a far cry… I am behind this idea. It would be great for the theater, church, and the office!

        • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

          Wait, wut?
          You wore Franzia bladder camelbacks?
          That’s all kinds of awesome, actually …

          • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

            Yes, we all get really pissed that we didn’t think of inventing the camelback (seeing as how we went to ASU, we think we created gen 1 of the camelback and oh yeah Camelback mountain is near by)-oh the missed opportunities. But I say we get on Jordache’s fruit roll up wine concept pronto!

          • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

            We used to call that the ‘spacebag.’

        • darling dearest sexy baconface says:

          we used to play a game where you would take a drink from the bag and then hit someone with it, pass it to them and they drank. on loop.

          i think it was just a way to get out frustration on the people in the dorm that were assholes

          odd game at best

        • Jelly Roll says:

          That is a phenomenal idea.
          I’m going to admit something now that I really hope doesn’t kicked me kicked out of the basement for good. Ok…deep breath…start blinking…nodding…swallow some air…and here it is: “I have never actually tried boxed wine”.
          But the idea of taking the bag out and turing it into a camelback? That changes EVERYTHING.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Bonus Points if you incorporate a riding lawn mower into the mix.

          • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

            If you like that you’ll love our summertime drink (that was more of an autum for us). Go to sonic and get a slushie, pour half out and put chilled vanilla vokda in.

  7. Fameless Shamewhore says:

    LOVE the name of the screenshot.

  8. LEFOOLIEH says:

    One of the greatest things about donkey adopting her bullshit “love and light” hippie dippy grifter personality is that SHE STILL CAN’T CONTROL HER INNER RAGEBEAST. Like, where does this comment even come from when she’s so busy being in love with love and lovely with the love of her life Debbie? Or does that get shelved for a minute (or, you know, all of it) when donkey wants to go back to being old donkey (aka donkey she’s always been and remains to this day)? Seems to me that beyond WTFschiap’s story of investment that never came to fruition (thanks for that intel, btw, bunny!) she may also be pissed about missing SXSW (due to – per Albie – lack of literally anyone inviting her, wanting her to be there, being interested in anything she has to say) and being “pretty media girl” uselessly attending the conference and tromping around “being like, yo” during loud desperate-for-attention (again) street walk-offs. I’ve been trying to find that video where she does that nonsense because it’s so fitting ESPECIALLY with the happenings of this week. (One more parenthetical because I don’t think I’ve inappropriately used them enough.)

    • LEFOOLIEH says:

      Oh, internet… keep “nevar 4getting”

      Donkey “should” be partying, but she’s just really invested in getting more sleep (lol) and winkwink sexytimes with her boyfriendboyfriendmanmanman; seriously, it isn’t because nobody’s asking/inviting anymore!

      • Random Snowflake says:

        Julie is now above such self aggrandizing conferences and all that now. She has evolved and actualized, people.

        • LEFOOLIEH says:

          Just like the #fuckyoumoney of yore has been replaced by respect and how you treat people as a human being all of a sudden. You know, because the former is impossible for her to come by and the latter is what she has finally come to understand after a long enough time spent treating people like shit, and seeing what happens as a result. There is a stadium somewhere with Julia Allison Baugher on a huge sign that also says “All of these seats – yours! Feel free to take them”.

      • Prof. F Camping says:

        SO. LOUD.

        • LEFOOLIEH says:

          Hai/hi/high “sister Mary”! Bring me back to when Julia somehow, in someway thought she was better than MMBH. Let’s do a Venn diagram comparison of each and see who ended up faring better. To this day I crack up at her laundry list of resolutions that never, ever happened and how she essentially killed her friendship with Mary over her ONE, which it appears she actually managed to maintain.

          • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

            Since you scavenged up that video – which really kind of amazes since I forget she was sort of ‘on top’ (well, ‘on middle’ really) for a time, and not always this sad – any chance you can find the “THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW!!” clip?

            My google-ninja powers failed me here,

          • LEFOOLIEH says:

   – here was the video that I think she would have been referencing in a tweet to MMBH and Meghan but you can tell in the video she was convinced it was going to be smooth sailing from there.

            Same premiere MMBH couldn’t get into when donkey couldn’t get her a ticket and donk and Megtard went in without her?

            Was this the same thing where donk was at some point spotted in the wild, either complaining loudly to Meghan or yelling into her phone about how “she” (not sure if Mary was named specifically or if it was just assumed based on what was overheard, memory fails me) “was being such a bitch”? It could have been another event entirely.

    • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

      I think her monthly inheritance check hasn’t cleared yet. She has managed in the past, but she is eating for two, so to speak, with Skeletor there and all.

      • Random Snowflake says:

        Who’da thunk Julie would ever have a “kept man?” I always thought she was the one trying become the kept one in a relationship..

  9. The funny thing is that she truly believes she’s being funny here.

    Superior wit, that one. No wonder writing gigs are so hard to come by when minds like this are abound.

    • Shaky Pizza Hut tables with one Sad Chair says:

      She really is the most powerfully unfunny person I’ve ever encountered. Ever. Anywhere. She has no ability to generate laughter in others unless it is AT her pathetic, cunty, racist hick white bitch behavior.

  10. Word Count says:

    She’s still trying to make tech happen.

  11. Who do you think you are? says:

    She also tried desperately to get that black guy to kiss her on Miss Advised, so she can’t be racist, you shitheads!

    • mcakez says:

      Don’t forget she outed her ‘relationship’ with DeStorm, here, to us, her haters, who are always all up in her life, screwing up her relationships.


  12. Jelly Roll says:

    So she doesn’t know a black kid?

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Did we miss something?

      • Jelly Roll says:

        Oops – I MISSED SOMETHING, clearly 😉 – hadn’t read the comments from yesterday, and may I just say:

        OH HOLY MOTHER OF F*<$. She did NOT just trot out her boyfriend's family's (adopted?) child (that's right – CHILD) in order to prove that she has a connected to (THE WRONG) minority group.

        In no way is that timing a coincidence. This is…just…beyond.
        I wasn't here for rape comments, but to be honest, I felt like that was much worse than NavajoGate — until now.

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          Of course she did. That is a standard maneuver in the Donkey Playbook.

        • Worrisome Pelts says:

          Wow. You guys were busy while I was running desk and bed errands. She’s beyond gross for trying to use that kid as a human shield.

          In other news: I look forward to the wedding all the more now. Devin will want his brothers to be groomsmen, so Julia and her father will have to “endure” an OMG person of color in her wedding and photos. What will the University Club think?

          Fortunately for Julie, a teenager might not even notice her insanity for a while.

        • Tingolayo says:

          I was thinking that there must’ve been an old clip from the 80s in there somewhere (i.e, MMAndrew is his natural habitat), but I didn’t really pay attention.

        • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

          Jordache – You are a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

  13. Matt Monson is a tremendous douchebag says:

    First off, he misspelled Varvatos.

    Second off, I have a Varvatos suit I bought at Nordstrom. It really isn’t a big deal. I’m pretty sure you can buy Varvatos at Macy’s or Lord & Taylor as well OMG OMG.

    I guess he’s bragging because the suit was given to him gratis? The guy is a multimillionaire, so I’m failing to see the point.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      meh, just another Twitter shout-out to show how social=media-connected and think fluency he is, I’m betting. A species of humblebrag scented with faint eau de grift.

    • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      Mention it on social media and designer will send you more free stuff? Or in this case I’m guessing a maHjor backfire.

  14. This one is a no boner says:

    JP and Jacy, please change the background photos. She likes all of these photos you’ve put up. Most are fauxtoshopped. I want newbs to come here and see the real Julie. She is nasty inside and out. It should be permanently displayed.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      The background was courtesy of the ineffable CUNTBunnies. In her honor, it should stay. Who cares what Julia likes or doesn’t like? If anything, having those images displayed on the background of this site ruins them for her.

      Julia’s cuntiness is on display 24/7 because she is a cunt 24/7.

    • Fameless Shamewhore says:

      Noooooo!!! I love this background, it is absolutely brilliant. And I think you’re wrong; the background reveals her cray-cray immediately to anyone who stumbles into the basement.

      I’ll take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to CUNTBunnies for your amazing work and hope all is OK with you.

      • Wonkeye says:

        Yes, love cuntbunnies and hoping she’s well.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Agreed — it is a collection of some of her most mental moments.

      • Nosferatu-tu says:

        Yes, please keep it. As a newb myself (only here since approx Nov12) I think it displays her narcissism and raging crazy. I have my browser zoom set at a level where I only see about an inch of photos on either side of the text field (I bet Debbie is jealous of one inch) and it was only recently I reset my browser default and realised there were SO MANY MORE fauxto’s in the background! It was a case of Stunned Silence and Dropped Jaw, until I quickly shut it again in fear of Gaping Maw Syndrome. So, as a newb, it only reinforced her absolute insanity.
        Cheers to Cuntbunnies and hope she is doing well.

        • Debs has an angry inch.

          • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

            I love you both AND CB very hard.

          • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

            On second thought, I do think adding one spectacular photo would be nice, one of those from someone’s (not donkey’s, HAHAHAHA) wedding last June? I bet some of you haters know what I’m referring to. Crazy skimpy white outfit, headband+tiara, “hipster” (?) glasses, body very different from the impossible-to-stretch Burning Man fauxtos (taken some two months later, with a cheap Canon camera no less).

          • Prof. F Camping says:

            LET ME BLOW YA MIND!






          • Jordache and the Pelts says:

            The strategically placed tissue box cracks me up. These creatures are out of an HBO Real Sex nightmare. Debbie’s got tweaky eyes.

          • <3

            You are an inspiration, Helena.

            LOL at "pearly dishwater," sounds dirty B)

          • Tried to make a smiley face with sunglasses, failed at the internets.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      ::stunned silence::
      ::drops the phone::

      Excuse you! Fuck camping that noise!

      We are SO BLESSED to be on the receiving end of CUNTbunnies’ ineffable talent, & the only thing we really need to do is make sure that ALL THE GIRLS (& noobs) know that there’s even more brilliance behind the Cute & Tiny™ GALLERY tab.

      This is *not* a Gluten-Free establishment … NO SPECIAL ORDERS!

    • Dances with Hooves says:

      Hi. I have been lurking around this place since Miss Advised aired. I have to admit I had no effing clue who JA was until that shitshow came along and was bored to tears whenever it was on… until I saw the ‘hate site’ episode; then I was intrigued. I wondered what kind of jerks would create some website devoted to bashing this boring buffoon. Who is she? Who are they? WTF? Then I found this site. The pictures at the top and side of the page said it all, in a matter of seconds. I instantly understood, and proceeded reading about her, and have been doing so for months. Sadly, I can’t look away. There are few things more infuriating/satisfying/befuddling than witnessing a truly ignorant narcissist clomping her way through life. Ah well. Please forgive my initial judgement. MA showed the non-Julia-knowing world just a fragment of the true cray.

      So anyway my point is, I think the pics give the perfect first impression, or they did for me anyway.

      Also. Once my 5 yr old daughter caught me on this page and laughed, pointing to the screen. “Mommy, look at all these crazy ladies!”

    • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      1. Is there a sleestack (sp) from land of the lost (original) behind devil in the first pic?
      2. Is devil a cutter? last pic he looks like he carved into his skin a heart and a fancy square.

      • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

        Henna tattoos from Burning Man.

        Obligatory: “I’d cut myself too, if I’d fucked a donkey” comment.

    • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      I’m torn, I love to look at JA over the years (since I wasn’t here) . I can see her many noses, fluctuating thankles, various state of dress and mental capacity all at a glance from this page. Although I really enjoy when you all post pictures I haven’t seen before. Her lack of reality captured via photo makes me happy in my heart. I saw one the other day I hadn’t seen before on one of the posts. Emerald (color of the season-which I would not have know if I didn’t read here), dress standing on a table in a library. That maudlin pose made me cry with laughter. Did she really just do those pictures for FB? That is too rich, unlike her.

  15. Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

    Sound the alarm, someone is being an internet bully (again)! Can you imagine the whiny, self-righteous fit she would throw if someone left this type of comment on one of her pictures? She is so full of hate and anger, and this birthcray has really brought it out. She must be seething with disappointment over where she is in life and the fact that the only thing she has left to possibly brag about is a methy, unemployed, unattractive loser boyfriend who skeeves everyone out. Poor Julie, she is just vomiting rage all over the place.

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      She has nothing she can coast on anymore. In the fucked up celebutard world she wants so desperately to be relevant in, her ‘accomplishments’ are ancient history. Hell, even stuff that happened two months ago would be ancient history! Instead of trying to do something new, she’s attaching herself to others or obsessing about other people who she doesn’t think deserve attention more than she does. She can no longer get attention from her looks and from what people might have once perceived as her potential, because she’s blown all her opportunities and exposed herself as a vapid, lazy phony.

      She is going to hit rock bottom when they break up. She’ll have nothing left. She’s put all her eggs in his microbasket.

      • Shaky Pizza Hut tables with one Sad Chair says:

        Yeah I think the next step is an inpatient facility.

        • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

          And the funny thing is, she’ll accuse her haters of driving her to it instead of taking responsibility for her own miserable existence.

          I swear, the karma is coming down hard this lifetime already, one can only imagine what the next one will be. A pork tapeworm sounds about right.

          • Tingolayo says:

            You MUST have seen the pork tapeworm episode of Monsters Inside Me… or so I hear that there’s such a thing…

          • Prof. F Camping says:

            julia hasn’t eaten meat since she was 19! but speaking of, remember old donkey pal sarah lane? she had a seizure because of pork tapeworm cysts. yech.

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            Tingo, I did not. I just remember it from parasitology class Taenia solium, I believe

          • Tingolayo says:

            In said episode, the victim had a pork tapeworm cyst in his eye (he healed just fine, btw.) He couldn’t remember having eaten undercooked pork, so he thought he got it from visiting… A STABLE, and petting horses. So yeah, it’s possible for a donkey.

  16. Jelly Roll says:

    RRR! Just saw a commercial for the Samsung Galaxy where the guy who was once on 30 Rock, but now does so/so commercials here and there launches his business as “The Unicorn Apocalypse” .

    Saw it and thought of your “flying unicorn” girl. I’m still so tempted to add that to future resumes, just for the hell of it.

    • Nosferatu-tu says:

      I know it’s not actually a unicorn, but it’s what I thought of when I saw “Unicorn Apocalypse”. There’s also one that is probably more appropriate for JABa: a MLP customized to look like The Joker.

    • Nosferatu-tu says:

      aww crap, and now I’ve gone down the MLP rabbit hole.
      Firstly, The Joker MLP and then The Donkey MLP!!!
      (I’ll stop now) *slinks away with flowing rainbow tail behind legs*


  17. LetItExplode says:

    We need a jaba twitter follower counter. Fascinating to watch the bots get purged.

    • mcakez: We Need to Talk About Devin says:

      If they really wanted to purge fakes, her followers would be a great starting point.

  18. ElGuapo says:

    She is sliding so deep into being irrelevant with the non-renewal of that dumb show, her “journalistic” career limited to writing on chick blogs for $20 a pop, shilling on twitter for toxic food and more importantly a boyfriend which was never or will never have a deep wallet for the little princess. I am sure all of this is brewing inside her and will soon explode in a fit of lunacy, rage and vitriol which will top any and all of her antics in the last 5 years.

    Can’t wait…

  19. Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

    Woo hoo I HAVE ARRIVED. I’ve made it to a RBD post, NOT RANDOM!!1!

    There’s a number of things I’d have added or said differently had I known I was writing for this prestigious publication, but one thing in particular, because I think that said the way I said it, it might get lost on some of our cat comrades who didn’t have the honor (c wut i did thar? u c it??) of witnessing it in real time: those “stretched photos taken with a cheap Canon camera.” Our Donkey, being Our Donkey, when asked about photoshopping the “fudge” out of her Burning Man fauxtos, said that no she didn’t, it’s worrisome that you care, and that she doesn’t even own Photoshop, so fuck you haters, because clearly 1) it is necessary to legally own Photoshop to change pix, and 2) Photoshop is the one and only way to change pix, so no Photoshoop = no lies, that is the real tiny and cute donkey you see! Legalese, bunnies, legalese. And, as if this needed any further PROOF (oh honey, trust, it didn’t), Our Donkey being Our Donkey had to add that those fauxtos were “taken with a cheap Canon camera,” which I’m sure everyone agrees makes it clearly impossible to digitally alter them in any way. Tech!!

    So tl;dr: that line really should read “Stretching Photos That Are Impossible To Stretch Because They Were Taken With A Cheap Canon Camera.” Hope that helps! xoxoxoxo

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      She was NOT amused when I asked her about the oval bike wheels in this one:


      • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

        OT: Aww, this is the pic you posted right after I crowd-sourced little Django’s name here. He’s seven months old now and a wonderful kitteh. Thank you again for his perfect name.

        /And now, back to the basement.

      • ShesJustStupid says:

        Love. it.

      • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

        I adore “Black Rock City (Now with judgment!)”

        • Worrisome Pelts says:

          I even incorporated her speshul spelling.

          • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

            Right, sorz. TBH I’m never sure myself. I grew up learning British English and till 2004, I didn’t speak American at all. Since then I’ve been using AE probably more than BE, but mostly I tend to try to accomodate the native speaker(s) I’m talking to at the moment, and I get confused easily. I think “judgement” is more common in the UK, except for legal contexts when it becomes “judgment,” which I believe is standard in the US regardless of the context?

          • Albie Quirky says:

            Always “judgment” in US English, always “judgement” in UK English. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand I assume are “judgement” but I never bet the farm on that stuff.

          • Worrisome Pelts says:

            I still don’t know if she was trying to be British or was just unable to proofread.

      • CurlingIronsAtDawn says:

        Her arms are as long as her legs. Measure that shit.

  20. The Tortuous and the Hair says:

    This would be a win-win for a Donkey! Gossip Girl just donated their wardrobe to Bottomless Closet:

    Julie could get some genuine Blair Waldorf duds and learn how to acquire and maintain employment. Or perhaps since she considers herself a “mentor” to women, she could school the ladies on ditching the resume in favor of a heavily embellished bio.

  21. ShesJustStupid says:

    It’s baaaaaccckkkkk….

    Julia Allison @JuliaAllison 1h
    My man and I are finally planning the three week trip we booked to Europe for May. Any suggestions on must see places – anywhere in Europe?
    View details ·

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Oh for shit’s sake.

    • darling dearest sexy baconface says:

      “anywhere in Europe.”

      as if Europe was a small region to cover

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Northern Germany, Tuscany — same diff, really.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        London and Prague are practically adjacent!

        [What is wrong with this clown? When I go to freaking London I have to pick and choose what I do on a given trip, and that’s in a city I’ve lived in and know very, very well. If you try to see everything, you will see nothing; especially in places where you’re bogged down by a less-than-fluent grasp of the language.

        Also, only the truly hardcore can go non-stop for three weeks. This Donkey won’t build in any lower-key rest days and will run out of steam before the end of week one.

        I guess I take that back. Try to see all of Europe in three weeks Donkey. I look forward to the spectacle.]

        • Random Snowflake says:

          They’ll end up in their hotel room for days on end watching TED talks and “inspirational” videos on YouTube.. as long as they have gluten/sugar/meat/nutrition-free room service they’ll be fine.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Mulia Mallison can explore her ancestral roots!1!
      Ms Debbois can pick up some soap-making tips!!
      It’s a two-fer / toofer / tufer, amirite, Mare Mare?

      In the middle of the beautiful Pyrenees lies one of the first Donkey-Farms in Europe. … Asinus products contain between 5% (soap) and 50% (facecream) donkey mik.

    • Tingolayo says:

      “My man and I”– she can’t say “we”?

      How about the Czech Republic? There’s a leading researcher in Donkology who’s doing amazing things with donkey/goat mating.

      • LEFOOLIEH says:

        To be fair, when you look at Debbie manly is just… not the first impression you get. I think she says it so often (weird retirement of “the boy” for HIM, of all people) because she has to attempt to convince herself. Since she never reads here and is just so above reading all the commentary about her fauxmance, it becomes a little more difficult each time.

    • Scooby Don't says:
      This is about your speed, Julia and all you really deserve.

    • JFA says:



    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Yo, D0nkey!

      As CEhO of Non-Sobriety, why doncha take your raftass to European countries w/ the highest alcohol consumption? After you bray at them to just FIX THE PROBLEM, then you can come back & add International AbASSador to your resume imaginary skillset.

      • Shaky Pizza Hut tables with one Sad Chair says:

        Kraft Cheesy Skillsets?

        • Kraft Cheesy Skillsets (lost a grandmother but gained a boyfriend (fucktard fashion failure (Queen Neferteeri))) says:

          My new name! Thank you!

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        Related [in my head]: Every time I hear the Flexible Hose commercial, I giggle like a particularly puerile 12 year-old.

    • Shaky Pizza Hut tables with one Sad Chair says:

      The “my man” phrasing is disgusting and OFF.

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        Meanwhile, has he no opinions on where to travel? Is it up to her? Are their combined intellects and curiosities just a vortex of manure? (I realize I’m not being fair to manure, which is an organic fertilizer.)

        • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

          Wouldn’t Chef D, personal chef, have some cuisines he’d personally like to sample in Europe for personal menu ideas for his personal clients? Or wouldn’t Devin, entrepreneur in tech, have companies and unis he’d like to visit for oh never mind.

    • fig says:

      Just skip Germany, please!

      • bf says:

        send her this

        • Prof. F Camping says:

          most of those make sense, then i got to “dirty porn.” am i missing something? is it the land of micropeen?

        • Foil-wrapped Mini Dogs says:

          lol where did you get that?

          • bf says:

            oh they’ve been around for a while – just googled “racist map of Europe”

            Here it is according to Ruskies:

            and to frenchies:

            and of course the world according to ‘mericuns [img][/img]

          • bf says:

            Did I leave out insulting anyone? double checking…

          • Foil-wrapped Mini Dogs says:

            LOLZ thanx. I love “Bjork” on the ‘merica map

      • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

        Those maps are hysterical. Mmm how did you know to google “racist maps” And I LOVE google.

        • bf says:

          read in a Social Studies column. It’s a real shame it went away. It was scintillatingly full of useful information.

    • Cowboys & Brayliens says:

      Let’s get a little serious here. When Donk says “anywhere in Europe?” she means “anywhere a privileged American should go in Europe?”

      She wouldn’t dare think about going to Prague. Or Warsaw. Or Budapest. I have no doubt that her agenda will be either London, or Paris, or Rome. Maybe — just maybe — Berlin. It’s funny, because I think Debs is actually the more adventurous of the two; he’d probably have no problem staying in a hostel in Copenhagen or Vienna and just enjoying the street atmosphere. No way with our Donk. If it isn’t on the cover of a Fodors, she won’t even think to go there.

      Watch out, though. No ring on the finger for birthcray. If they go to Paris and Debs doesn’t put a ring on it, just watch the ensuing psychotic episode. You just know– you just KNOW– that Donk is pushing for Paris in the hopes that she snags a ring.

      • JFA says:

        But she’s already gotten taken to Paris! every girl should get taken to Paris!

        • Random Snowflake says:

          She didn’t just get taken to Paris.. She got taken to Paris by a PAST LOVER, bunny.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Oh hell, that’s it.

        Little Debbie didn’t put a ring on over Xmas Holibrays; he didn’t put a ring on it for VD; he didn’t put a ring on it during Birthcray.

        Now she’s getting serious about booking the trip they “planned” or planning the trip they “booked” because, by Greg, he. is. going. to. put. a. ring. on. it.

        Just wait … she’ll take him to Manchester where they’ll stay in a hostel, endlessly watching all of her Vimeo channel videos & she’ll hide his passport until he promises to marry her.

    • Norse Horse says:

      How fuck are they “finally planning” the “trip WE BOOKED”??
      How do you book a trip to “Europe” without planning?

      It’s just so boilingly stupid and Cankhive-inducing. Crowdsourcing “Europe- what should we do or see?” is so derphicky and dick. She’s really just bragging, right? Don’t know how these two grifty wastrels can afford three weeks in Europe in May, fuckers. What the hell are they taking a vacation from? yes, I am bitter and jealous, they can suck it. O well, if it even happens, I’m sure it will be a fiasco, and I will enjoy that. And if Lady Deborah of Seltzer doesn’t put a ring on it, probably in some clichéd place in Paris (how womantic!), I’ll bet it will be ovah.

    • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      She is on the fucking internet googling herself 24/7 she can’t look up places to stay? Do they not have a craig’slist in Europe where she can whore herself out for a couch to squat on for a few days.? She is shameless in her desire to procure free things. Does she really think that someone is going to say, “Oh smelly Donkey with your drug addled girlfriend, come stay at our castle, and we insist that you not pay for a thing,” does she really think that will happen? Get off the drunks donk and get your girlfriend a sandwhich, he now weighs less than one of your thankled legs for God’s Sake.

    • Jordache and the Pelts says:

      Julia should visit my relations in Iceland, just got this dispatch from my uncle there:
      “So, my 12th great aunt was Thorunn (Þórunn), daughter of Bishop Jon Arasson.
      Bishop Arasson was the last Catholic bishop of Iceland, beheaded in 1550 with two of his sons, at Skalholt, by forces of the Reformation.
      Thorunn revenged their murders. She had the executioners beheaded. The killers were buried with their heads embedded in their rears, so
      if they should awaken, they would not like what they saw.”

  22. donkolnikov says:

    she is the most boring person ever.

  23. Prof. F Camping says:

    Question: if Diet Seltzer and Donks already booked the trip to Europe in May, why is she still soliciting suggestions for where to go? Or does “booking” mean they simply cleared their calendars (LOL!) but still have no idea where they are staying?
    She is such a donk: “anywhere in Europe,” as if she would really deign to visit a non-tourist trap. I hear there’s this nice city called Sweden.

  24. Provocative Stretcher says:

    I have commented on here back and forth over the past few years with various names, but stopped due to work monitoring of my computer, etc. I have to say fuck it this afternoon as I had an incredibly disturbing dream last night including both Donk and Debbie.

    The dream started out with Debbie asking me to visit various farmers markets with him to buy supplies to “cook” a meal for Donk. ( She would need him to go to several places to buy the god damn kale) I’m not sure why, but in the dream, we were friends but I seemed scared around him ( intuition/ creep/ American’s Most Wanted). So he pulls up in this station wagon that looks like the car in National Lampoon’s Vacation and there are all these cobwebs all over the car. When I get in the back seat, there is this little donkey, like a shetland pony, but smaller. The donkey is freaking me out, like really badly, and I don’t want it near me. The donkey looks sad, depressed, tired, and I don’t know what to do. Finally, we pull over and I open the door and the small donkey trots out on the main street in the town I grew up. The poor donkey was trying to communicate with me that it wanted out and Debbie, of course, is too oblivious to notice. By the way, it is at this point in the dream I notice that he is wearing a neon orange visor that says “Myrtle Beach” on it.

    At this point it seems we skipped the actual shopping in the dream and are back at Donk’s place, which is my childhood home. Debbie and I are walking in with all these bags and asshole doesn’t even offer to help ( would I expect her to be thoughtful in a dream?) She is standing in the kitchen with a tiara and snow suit on. She is babbling on and on about something she is writing. All of a sudden, I lose it and I just tell her she needs to cut the shit, that she needs to get a job like a normal human being, that everyone thinks she is a fuck up but just doesn’t say it to her. Debbie pulls me aside and thanks me, saying he has been waiting for someone to tell her these things the entire time he has known her. The dream ends.

    Now, clearly there is a lot to parse here, though mostly self-explanatory. Aside from the incredible imagery, there is obvious allusions, etc. However, I wonder if I tapped into Debbie and Donk’s subconscious here. Maybe they aren’t happy at all and both of them are just too scared to walk away from this? Maybe she feels trapped with him, but has been in so many failed relationships and has gone on and on about this being “the One” that she just can’t stand to walk away from it? Maybe he thinks she is a mess, and regrets getting together with her, as he knows his stock has plummeted? Or maybe I just drank too much last night. I felt I needed to share, so thank you.

    • LEFOOLIEH says:

      I think you may be on to a few things here, but IDK. Maybe a donkey and a debbie really ARE in love with each other. I actually couldn’t care less at all if it’s for real or not, it just comes across as a relationship of convenience – for her more than him, at least.

      – Debbie solves the post-Miss Advised “yep, here’s donkey still effing up her relationships and unable to land a guy” problem, especially given that he’s the best she can get right now

      – He’s clearly willing to tolerate her insanity , play along whenever needed and grift right by her side, so that automatically knocks out the pool of contenders, had there been any

      – He thinks (or perhaps at this point USED to think) she was his comeup, but she’s still paying for probably next-to-everything, so no bother… Chef Devin for hire!

      – He’s what she’s trying so desperately to use as “ex jealously bait” when #NO1CURR and all the damn near constant myman, myman, so in love, winkface is the clearest indication of that while simultaneously speaking to the weirdness of it all

      – They really can’t break up now because her excessive publicity about their fauxmance makes it look extremely one-sided, she’d have to backpedal/spin furiously if it ended, and the way she talks about it constantly nearly DEMANDS it ends in marriage and babies

      It’s actually kind of funny how she’s trapped herself into this by desperately trying to show their love to the world. Her moments of cuntiness should be significantly less if she’s as blissfully in love with all the things around her as she claims. Naturally, there they remain, over and over again. Beyond her being naturally cunty it reeks to me of some kind of deep resentment for where she currently is in life. I feel like Debbie so so soooo obviously NOT meeting her checklist criteria (IDK what in her donkey brain prevented her from considering “I found the one for me, so I chucked the list entirely”) has to have some part in that.

      • Helena (The Days of Pearly Dishwasher) says:

        Do you remember how around the end of MissAdvised, Donk announced that she has a HUGE SURPRISE for everyone, just you wait, tee hee? There were some wild guesses coming from catladies, such as green light for 2nd season? another show? that web show with Toilet (I KNOW)? steady gig with Elle? book deal? some kind of explanation as to why the show portrayed her as the hosebeast she is? Then it turned out that her delicious surprise was that she got herself an OMG OMG boyfriend!!!!!1!! THAT was how she imagined to turn the entire MA disaster into a victory full of win. I laughed so hard I developed asthma.

        • LEFOOLIEH says:

          Ugh, yes. The chyron well is drying up BUT GOOD, so “girlfriend” will eventually have to do. Not so sure they let you on the teevees for that, though. Just as with everything else: she went on there with nothing to “promote”, nothing going on and she quite predictably parlayed her time spent egregiously embarrassing herself into… nothing! She just wanted to be portrayed as America’s Loveable Quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sweetheart and get that fuckyoumoney and additional opportunities simply for existing. She lit’rally has Bravo On-Air Personality as her “present” jerb as if renewal of the series is still a possibility. Instead, she’s playing sous-chef to Little Debbie and begging the world at large to buy her latest incarnation. She’s having a hard enough time convincing herself, you know.

        • ShesJustStupid says:

          I actually forgot that. She is really fucked up. I really can’t wrap my head around the whole “what’s there to do in Europe?” thing. She is truly special. Why not just spend three weeks in Spain, her destination?

          Do you think they issue Eurail passes to 32-year-old dumbshits?

          • Spoutless Teapot says:

            lolz to this comment, and to the newslady above. catladies have been AWESOME this week!

    • Died at “it is at this point in the dream I notice that he is wearing a neon orange visor that says “Myrtle Beach” on it.”

  25. I'm guessing it's biology says:

    Just watch this again:

    WHAT IS SHE BLABBERING ABOUT?! Also, her thinking that The Daily Beast will replace the NY Times (it’s been three years eh!) is solid gold. SOLID GOLD. She is so fuckin’ dumb.

  26. Dances with Hooves says:

    I’m curious about a couple of things that are not related to this topic, but..

    -Why does her FB say she is an “on-air personality” at [Canadian?] Bravo.. from “2011 to present”? Why Canadian Bravo? Why “present”? What? She’s not.

    -Why is NonSociety irritatingly horizontal? I just visited last weekend and spent hours clicking to the right. Had nightmares about pink cowboy boots. What was the purpose of the site? Why is it still there?

    -Seriously, what happened to her? From what I can glean, she was attractive only a handful of years ago. Injectables really make you look like a completely different person? Girl looks like the Mr. Mouth game. The old-school yellow one.

    • Drunken Polka Dot Feet says:

      I think that MissAdvised is now airing in Canada. I know that from the obnoxious tweet she sent to someone along the lines of “why are you now watching a show that aired 9 months ago? :)” And the person replied it was airing in Canada.

      • Random Snowflake says:

        Oh, Canada… 🙁

      • JFA says:

        Yeah I’m sure it’s really blowing up the airwaves there. (crickets)

      • Albie Quirky says:

        But not on Bravo, which is still opera and ballet and stuff in Canada. It’s on some other channel where the trashy reality shows live up there.

        • juliajane says:


          • Barking Mad says:

            It first aired on e! but now is showing on the Fashion network, of all places. It originally ran mostly re-runs of Jeanne Becker’s Fashion Television, live unedited recordings of Fashion Week shows and Top Model from Australia and Britain. Now Becker has retired and the network shows Gossip Girl re-runs and whatever reality show is the cheapest. *wink-wink*

          • Albie Quirky says:

            Thank you, Barking! Oh, the irony that her embarrassing ensembles are on a fashion channel.

    • Kraft Cheesy Skillsets (lost a grandmother but gained a boyfriend (fucktard fashion failure (Queen Neferteeri))) says:

      Injectables really make you look like a completely different person? Girl looks like the Mr. Mouth game. The old-school yellow one.

      Only when poorly done, usually by cheapo practitioners. Kind of like getting veneers on just the 4 front teefs.

  27. LEFOOLIEH says:

    Thought this would be a good place to put this, since it’s semi-related. I doubt I’d mentioned here but I went on one random, idle-ish hunt for more details on whether MA would be returning once it shifted to “we’ll be finding out shortly”.
    In the process, I recalled that donk once shot a pilot (in before #helogate) to be a judge on a fashion game show type of thing and even though it’d never been picked up I was curious to see if it was available somewhere; I ended up finding the pilot through the distributor’s website.

    The concept of the show itself wasn’t terrible – worse things have been given the green light – and there were plenty of other likeable personalities to save it (host Lala Vasquez, former ANTM contestant Tocarra, PR contestant Jack Mackenroth) but it was definitely kicked down by the presence of a braying donkey on it. If anyone’s interested and wants to do the legwork #forallthecatlaydeez, I can give help there, it’s just HQ video and pretty long, so I’m not sure it would be worth a download even for sharing the lulz. Still on the hunt for IT Girls!

    • bf says:

      This still annoys me because I.T. Girls could have been an interesting show if they’d gotten like, real women in tech. But nooooo……. and the faux journalism of Hermoine and Sarah, and the wasted brain power of Kim on doing yet another fashion site start-up did not cut it (Start Ups: Silicon Valley)

  28. AFGHANI says:

    Just a few minutes ago on Twitter:

    Julia Allison 14 mins
    I honestly can’t believe people still actually drink soda. That’s like pretending cigarettes don’t lead to cancer.

    Pretending about cigarettes and cancer, eh? Kind of like pretending Botox and Restylane haven’t given you permanent strokeface. Or pretending that you’re a “journalist” who has made 6 figures a year since college. Or pretending that you don’t get money from Dadster or NGMB. Or pretending that your boyfriend isn’t a flamingly gay gelding. Or pretending that MissAdvised wasn’t mocked and then canned. Or pretending that you “shared a home” and “discussed marriage” with Pancakes McCain. We could go on and on…

    • Albie Quirky says:

      What does soda “lead to”? Sure, HFCS isn’t great in large amounts for most people, and lots of people have reactions to different artificial sweeteners, and too much citric acid can definitely be a problem for many people, but to compare all sodas to cigarettes is just ridiculous.

    • Gimme Pig of Love says:

      as you say, she is queen of pretense!

    • Lurching and Braying in the JellyD Donkness Protection Program says:

      CUPCAAAAAAAAAKES and CHOCOLATE BARZZZ don’t have any chemicals or coloring. Nope. I guess she hasn’t heard of real sugar sodas.

  29. Stabby Chic says:

    This trick. She makes my blood boil.

    Because the people with the most issues with eating poorly tots read NYT Mag.

    “I honestly can’t believe people still actually drink soda. That’s like pretending cigarettes don’t lead to cancer.
    12:12pm – 9 Mar 13

    • Tingolayo says:

      Wait… soda and chips and junk food are bad for you? Where did she hear about this? Has there been any research on this in the last few years? Any books or even movies about this? I thought that the Standard American Diet was supposed to lower cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease, and fight cancer.

      I’m going to start following this Julia Allison person on Twitter, so I can learn more about nutrition. She just might save my life!

    • Modesto Strangler (form. Aspen>Tulips) says:

      Hmmm, perhaps she should have linked to the shot of her fake smoking a cigarette in her “edgy” redheaded leather days instead.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        If anyone would care to be the custodian of her memories:

        • Kraft Cheesy Skillsets (lost a grandmother but gained a boyfriend (fucktard fashion failure (Queen Neferteeri))) says:


        • Foil-wrapped Mini Dogs says:

          What kind of stupid toddler romper is that??

  30. Albie Quirky says:

    Remember the last time she tried to be the Carry Nation of sugar? What was it she was spinning away from then?

    • Devin's Shiny Crocs says:

      I think that was when things started to fall apart with pancakes. Maybe something is amiss with Little Debbie now? Remember back then is when she made her ugly, classist statements about food stamps. She has changed so much, no?

  31. Tingolayo says:

    Kinda OT… has she ever had a boyfriend (which she does now– a boyfriend, that is, because she has the best boyfriend in the world) as mockable as Diet Seltzer? This guy is perfection.

    I wasn’t around for the Pancakes era, but Pancakes is a normal, mainstream person with a normal, mainstream job. Has there been anyone else who was on Donkey’s own level of delusion and demented-ness? She’s never even had a female friend who was as horrible as she is, AFAIK.

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