Donk’s New Bestie/Pillsbury DoughBoy Gets Called Out For Being The Douche That He Is

This is a fun read. Wait til you get to his rant in the comment section. “You’re just jealous!!”

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  1. helobabe says:

    His avatar picture makes him look about 40 pounds lighter. The fact that someone takes the time to respond to The Dirty…wow. Maybe next he will be White Knighting for that Bengals cheerleader, too?

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Yoo hoo! Tim Sykes! My alphabet soup just spelled “TIM IS A DOUCHE!”

      • Albie Quirky says:

        The Massengill people called because they’d run out of him. I told them the Jerk Store had first dibsies.

    • Spoutless Teapot says:


    • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

      He really needs Donk’s letter writing gay bf to take to a pseudo legal stance for him. Gawd these idiots just keep getting more pathetic. Grifting must be getting harder to do in this economy. Oh the excitement as we watch them soon turn on each other.

  2. Prof. F Camping says:

    oh god her legs

  3. 11th Wang says:

    Small hands.

    Unbelievably small hands.

    • Stinky Velour Couture says:

      thank you for the links, now I understand why Julie is hooking up with this douche-bro. Perhaps #literally?

  4. Norse Horse says:

    OMFGreg! From his reply in the comments:

    It’s fine for poor people to despise rich people and for scammers to despire (sic) those of us who are honest, we all know you’re just jealous and so you should be, being rich is damn fun and being honest helps you sleep well at night…it’s a shame more people aren’t willing to work hard enough to get there.
    So be ashamed of your laziness and your lies.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      If you had said Julie wrote this, totally would have believed you.

      Looks like she’s finally surrounding herself with people who are just as douchetastic as she is.

    • You can also scan says:

      If working hard actually paid off, berry pickers and telemarketers would be millionaires.

  5. 2nd date Humvee says:

    This guy is why america needs another revolution.

  6. Tingolayo says:

    Must suck to be a bitter schlub who says “I have money! I’m rich!” like a child says “Neener neener neener!” on the playground, and who has to buy a woman to be his mascot. Too bad his “millions” can’t buy him an apostrophe and some extra letters for “probly.” Oops, found a spare apostrophe: “. . . my students are the one’s. . .”

  7. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    Actually, I disagree. It was not a fun read. It was a scary, barely literate, misogynistic and unfunny read which had enough surface coherence to qualify as a “post” about Play-Doh-Bucks to the extent that he actually felt compelled to leap aboard the shitshow train and defend himself…twice.

    Which would be like me storming into the men’s room at the Toledo, OH, bus station to write “AM NOT!” angrily in magic marker under various suggestions to call me on a Friday night.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      It was fun in that I had schadenfreude that he was being mocked by fellow creeps. Creepy creeps creeping on creeps, yes? That site’s a gossip site about models and adult performers or something?

      Creeps creeps creeps creeps creeps creeps. Julie Albertson’s entire life is creeps and grifters now. Mama Bird and Pettifogger must be thrilled.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        Ugh, I couldn’t tell you what that site was about. It radiated so much gross just from Jacy’s OP I had to use a pair of tongs to clink the link.

        Ew ew ew ew ewy mcewerson.

        • heddy says:

          That site is one of the scariest sites online, imo. It’s not even real “gossip.” It’s basically a bunch of submissions from randoms about women in their cities who they’ve deemed “dirty whores.” I don’t even know how The Dirty is allowed to exist.

          • Mini Driver says:

            Nik Richie, the guy who runs The Dirty and whose quote appears at the bottom of the page, is on VH1 Couples Therapy with his wife, who “won” a season of The Bachelor. (Do those people ever actually get/stay married? I don’t get that show.) He’s a giant bag of dicks.

            The central issue in their marriage is that the wife is horrified that her husband runs a sexist site that trashes the lives of private citizens, and he often opines that he wants to fuck the women in the pictures. Nik didn’t tell her what he did for a living until after they were married. (They got married THE DAY THEY MET, BTW, so there were a lot of things that didn’t come up. He didn’t know she was on reality TV, either. And now he is too!)

            Naturally, the focus of their therapy is the fact that the Bachelor-winner wife spends too much money shopping at the mall. That’s clearly what’s destroying their marital bond.

      • CDB says:

        Have I been rung many times? [img][/img]

    • idiotbox says:

      agreed. now i’m depressed.

    • CaptainGary says:

      Whoa. Whoa.

      Let’s back off of Toledo, OH.

  8. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    dear Tim. Sykes:

    Douchebag + money still = Douchebag


    Not interested in Douchebags

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Yeah, but you’re probably not a girl rated by one of the charming gents on that site as having a “10” for a body and a “5” for a face. Which still puts her lower than that chick who was half a No Parking sign or whatever in that video for “Rough Boy” by ZZ Top.

  9. Belle says:

    I have to give this chick props. While she is clearly a woman who didn’t have a problem selling herself for some publicity and the possibility of a rich lifestyle (minus), she got to the Maldives, saw what a douche this guy really was (better late to the party than never, plus) and left him with a very expensive case of blue balls and a sucker punch to his inflamed ego (double plus). So while she did put herself in the situation, I think it takes guts to tell someone no under those circumstances. I can’t even imagine the pressure he and his cohorts must have been putting on her.

    I’m kind of slow clapping over here.

    • Queen Neferteeri says:

      I give her a one-handed round of applause, because she went with him, in the first place.

      • Effing Ineffably Un-Effable says:

        From the sound of it, off-Wall Street’s appreciation was one-handed as well. She’s amazing!

  10. moonshinedonkey says:

    Think this Sykes dude can afford a face transplant? Cuz he’s fugs.

    I hope this dude bangs a Donkey just to see their lives fall apart. Donkey would mudsling and Fugs would, well, I guess keep drawing a ZERO on his “I banged a hot girl” paper.

  11. donniedriveby says:

    And still the old adage holds true: money can’t buy class… and in Sykes’ case it apparently can’t get you laid either.

  12. Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

    OMG, catladies, why the recent spike??

    • Googlarian says:

      Interesting — worldwide, us, uk? Because the episodes where that’s a key plot element are only avail in the uk legit, and to those with pr0xy skillz here

      • The Purloined Tiara says:

        The readers here are smart, so we can figure out what this means. You’ve already spoiled enough DA here. Isn’t there somewhere else you can have this discussion?

        • ShesJustStupid says:

          Agree. I’m not going to watch this until it’s officially on in the US and now I already know a major plot line. C’mon people.

        • Greg says:

          Wait, TL/DR is also Grammarian? I am still really annoyed about this but was annoyed with Grammarian.

        • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

          I’d also like to ask that this be discussed elsewhere so that we are not spoiled. C’mon, people. It is not like we have the choice to see your posts or not.

          • moss says:

            uh, it is actually exactly like that.

            I have nothing but *eyerolls* for people who complain about being “spoiled.”

          • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

            I guess Sykes is not the only asshole around here. Congratulations.

          • stalker says:


            (forgot to update my username earlier)

          • Freeloading Musketeers says:

            How so? I guess I could just not come to RBD at all until I’ve caught up on DA. I’m considering it because the spoiler last week was really shitty. Is that what you are suggesting Stalker? Because scrolling through comments is not all that effective at avoiding spoilers, especially when they are written IN ALL CAPS. It just seems like common courtesy to take discussions of current shows somewhere else. Not sure why so many people have to be dicks about it.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Chill. I saw people discussing something having to do with DA on here and I just averted my eyes and didn’t read the thread. I still wasn’t sure what happened when I saw the episode days later. Just don’t read the comment threads where the show is being discussed.

        • Pescachickenarian says:

          Thanks for ruining some of it. Talk about this somewhere else.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        I’m in the U.S. and I have seen all of this season’s episodes via:

    • JuliasTooSmallTutu says:

      It was also a huge plot point on last night’s PBS airing of “Call the Midwife” as well as some of the previous episodes.

  13. JFA says:

    I really thought she could sink no lower than befriending Tucker Max.

    Clearly, I was mistaken.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Until Sykes starts lying about date-raping midgets, Tucker is still the worst so far. IMO she’d have to shack up with Matt Beauchamp to do worse (yes, even Loren Feldman is a step up from Tucker Max).

  14. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    I have the feeling that Tim Sykes, unlaid by pole dancers, has a very special relationship with his Google alert.

    Either that, or he is a regular reader of Rate-A-Hooker, or whatever the hell that website is.

    Not sure which is worse.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      WHY, even if his relationship with his Google alert is only slightly less deep and committed than the affair he’s been having with his right hand since middle school, would Sykes respond to something on that site? Who was going to see it?

      Timmy, you’re one threatened lawsuit* away from the world’s most pathetic example of the Streisand Effect.

      * Maybe he already threatened, I couldn’t finish. And I’ll be he can’t either.

  15. Peltergeist says:

    I now think Julia isn’t after him, but one of his uber rich friends. He’s probably dangling the key to his thuper thukthessful address book in front of her in the hopes that he can keep her on hold in case she can “drop 30 lbs.”

  16. Stinky Velour Couture says:

    Can we just critique his outfit above??

    Millionaires don’t wear cheapo board shorts from Target discount bin.
    No wonder he can’t get laid and has to do skanky Miss Penny Stock cattle calls.


    • Leased D-Class TaskRabbit "boyfriend" (Formerly Floppy) says:

      Dude, some of the richest people (omg millionaires) I know also shop at Ross and Target.

      • Blowjobs by Bravo says:

        I would agree if you’re talking old money. This tool is trying to look like new money but still has zero taste in friends, clothing or bank account. Guys like this talk about money so much it’d be easier to put the w-2 on the front of the shirt and net worth on the back=penis size of a 2 year old (that’s just a given)

      • Stinky Velour Couture says:

        the point is he’s fug, and wears super-fug clothes.

  17. Don Quixote says:

    Can we all laugh at how goofy their feet look under water?

  18. Mazen Carleton says:

    Declasse Douchebro.

  19. Princess WideStance says:

    Speaking of Downton, NO SPOILERS, if you haven’t seen this BBC parody you are in for a treat.

  20. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    I am comforted believing that Donk is somewhere suffering altitude sickness and getting ready to puke her guts out in an ayahuasca ceremony.

  21. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    So when she gets back, then off to NYC for a spot in this grifterfest:

    Also, Michael Ellsberg is so overwhelmed, poor thing. Grifting is hard work.

    • How Brayella Got Her Groove Back says:

      LOL — thassa lotsa words for someone too momentarily puny to use words.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Once again she does everything wrong. The point of being in grifterfests is to use it as a hook to flog your book or your seminars or your coaching practice or whatever. They don’t pay you because you’re presumed to be doing it for the exposure—so you can get dumbass marks to buy your product, whatever it is.

      SHE HAS NO PRODUCT. What is yourself is the product? This shit made sense while she was wallet-hunting, I guess, but now that she totes Debbie Seltzer around, what is the fucking point? Can it just be to show Pettifogger and Mama Bird that they should keep funding her because she’s so close to breaking into the big time?

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      ELLSBERG: I love you as a human being. (I hope you love me as a human being too.)

      I’m overwhelmed with all the communication in my life. All the commitment, projects, expectations. (I’ll bet you are too–I don’t know a single person who isn’t.)

      So, I can’t respond right now.

      Or, if I were to used the “responsible” language of all those personal growth workshops I take in Northern California, I’d say, “I’m choosing not to respond right now.” As technically, I *could* respond.

      But I think I’d go crazy if I responded to everything. And I’ve been crazy before. So yes, I’m choosing not to respond right now.

      I hope you don’t take it personally. This means absolutely nothing about you. (“It’s not you, it’s me.) I’m not saying that facetiously.

      I’m just unbelievably, incredibly, insanely overwhelmed.

      And honestly, if I ever get out of this overwhelm, I also just want space in my life. Space to create, space to think, space to be with my closest loved ones and love them more.

      JULIA: Michael, all I said was “I think we just hit someone…should we go back.”

      • miss cankles says:

        Ellsberg has bipolar and wrote an article about how he cured himself with a low carb diet, which as a fellow crazy person I can attest is DEEPLY helpful (fucked up brains <3 the ketosis) but this sounds like he might be having trouble again.

        • darling dearest says:

          are you being sarcastic, or would a low carb diet really cure bipolarness?

          I’m not bipolar, just depressive, and when I dont eat enough, things really are not pretty.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            when I dont eat enough, things really are not pretty

            Yeah. Myself, I turn into a screamin’ mimi if I go too long between meals.

            I knew someone who swore that green beans cured his tinnitus.

            Today’s NPR The Salt blog says the brains of our ancestors grew when cooking was discovered (oh, & that cooking was discovered when a house w/ a pig trapped inside burned down).

            I don’t even know where I was going w/ this; maybe I should get dinner going …

      • Steven Detler says:

        Dying RRR

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Mercedes C Class) says:

      Try not to catch VD from watching Michael Ellsberg impregnate his lady on the dance floor.

      • Sacred Scrapbooks (Try the Chilean sea bass!) says:

        It’s great when creative people redo classic movie scenes. Nice job with the party from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

      • ShesJustStupid says:

        Wow. I would love for donks and debbie to have a wedding w these total fools attending. Please.

      • juliajane says:

        That video was so douchey it could be mistaken for parody. I have no words.

      • JFA says:


      • donkolnikov says:

        oh my god this can’t be real

      • C'mon em! says:

        what the ever-loving fuck. that rhythmless, sad, uncoordinated dirty dancing toward the end. my god!!

      • Scooby Don't says:

        That’s quite the PDA.
        Public Display of Assholishness.

      • Jack the Bulldog says:

        “Unveiling of the Temple of Erotic Innocence?” Even Anais Nin wouldn’t have come up with such a cheesy title. Maybe Donk & Debbie can outdo them on their special day!

        • JFA says:

          LOL. I love the explanation in the commentary under the video. Like anyone gives an ever loving shit about these two pseudo-hippie fuggos, some terrible song written about them, or anything about their sad stupid backstory.

          “Look how hot we are!” Except you’re not, at all, which makes your protestations and skeevy musical dry humpery even more embarrassing.

        • Jordache & the Pelts says:

          In college a group of my friends loved taking the toss out of Anais Nin at every opportunity. On hungover Sundays after keg parties we would liven up the recaps of debauchery of the previous night with Anais Nin-isms, always prefacing it with “This morning I wept…”

          • Jack the Bulldog says:

            LOL! Jack and his fellow bulldogs used to do dramatic readings of Delta of Venus on drunken weekend nights back in Red Square. “Oh why does our heartless benefactor insist that we banish the passion in favor of body parts?!?!” A cri de coeur if there ever was one.

      • Coveted Vag Space/Du says:

        fun fact:

        seen in the video for a split second are these fools — Kahmala and Michael — two “stars” of Showtime’s “Poly: Married and Dating” show,82336/ — which I watched in its entirety on demand a few weeks ago when i was on the rag.

        i just say — just because swingers are at your hippipe burning man love celebration doesn’t mean you’re a swinger — but it might mean you are a swinger.

        so, hm. donk and debbie? swingers by association? peru key parties, anyone?

        • JFA says:

          Why are the people in shows like that always uniformly terrible? Like all the fat bloated hanging skin freaks in nudist colonies profiled on “Real Sex 27” or whatever, on HBO back in the day. Put your bits back, no one needs to see that.

          • Jordache & the Pelts says:

            Ha, my friends and I have running jokes about the ick factor on Real Sex… Emily veers close.

        • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

          Based on the additions to Donkey’s checklist about an open and experimental sex life, I think you may have hit pay dirt. And…eeeew.

      • JFA says:


      • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

        ELLSBERG: “At Burning Man, I received the greatest surprise gift I’ve ever received in my whole life. Perhaps the greatest surprise I’ll *ever* receive again.
        It happened like this.
        My friend and mentor Bryan Franklin was very excited about putting on a DJ set at our camp. A successful Silicon Valley executive coach, he had also been a serious electronic music producer as a side-passion for years. He decided that this DJ set was going to be the birth of the public persona as a producer and DJ, under his stage name NIMITAE.
        (NIMITAE stands for “Nothing is More Important Than Anything Else.” You can ask him what that means, but probably not knowing is just as important as knowing… 😉
        So NIMITAE, as he was going by on the playa, was all excited about this show he was putting on, in fact, he couldn’t stop talking about it. He said he was incredibly nervous about it, but I couldn’t understand why, as I’d been hearing him play his music informally for year at parties and such.
        In recent years, he has been moved to create songs in honor of couples whom he finds inspiring in his community. He started by creating a song about our friends Kate and David Niebauer, called Earth on Fire, which he unveiled at our New Years party two years ago.
        Then he created a song inspired by our friends Eben Pagan and Annie Lalla (who met at Burning Man 2009), called Guru And The Avatar.
        Then, in his most personally meaningful creation yet, he created one in honor of his own relationship with his bride-to-be, Jennifer Russell. He unveiled this song, called Warrior Catches Thief as his first dance with Jennifer, at the reception to their wedding last June.
        So, about 50 of our friends and campmates were gathered for NIMITAE’s DJ set of original music at the chill space of our camp, Camp Mystic, Wednesday night of Burning Man this year. I thought it was going to be a 3-song set, as Bryan has created 3 songs.
        He played the first song, Earth on Fire, and Kate danced to it beautifully solo. (David was not at Burning Man that year.)
        Then he played the second song, Guru And the Avatar, and Annie and Eben danced perhaps their hottest dance ever to it in front of everyone.
        Then, NIMITAE said on the mic, “I’m having a little trouble finding the next song.”
        I called out from the crowd, “I have it on my laptop!”, as I have all 3 of his original songs there, easily accessible.
        Bryan said to the crowd, “Michael thinks he has the next song on his laptop.” The crowd laughed. I thought it was strange that Bryan would make fun of me like that for offering to help. And I didn’t understand why the crowd laughed.
        As Bryan starting describing the couple that inspired his third song of the set, something seemed off. “Wait, that doesn’t sound like Bryan and Jennifer at all,” I thought.
        Then, as he described more, I thought, “Wait, that kinda sounds like… me and Jena!”
        When NIMITAE finished describing the couple that inspired the song, he said, “And this song is called… Temple of Erotic Innocence.” And as he pressed Play on it, he pointed right at me and Jena…
        NIMITAE – Temple Of Erotic Innocence by NIMITAE
        Jena and I got up and did something we will probably never have the opportunity to do again… an impromptu, improvisational dance performance, to a surprise song written about us and in honor of us, unveiled to us in that very moment by one of our favorite musicians in the world.
        We danced, we laughed, we smiled, we hugged, we kissed, we cried.
        And for the next six minutes, we basked in receiving the greatest surprise gift of our lives.
        Here is a video that captures some of that moment (NIMITAE dances in silver in the middle of the clip…)

        It turns out, NIMITAE had been spending months, since his wedding, creating and preparing the song for this very unveiling. He enlisted our dear friend Ariel White to sing haunting melodies in Gaelic, so that the song would have both Irish influences (reflecting Jena’s roots) and latin influences (reflecting my life-long passion for salsa music and dance.) (Ariel can be seen dancing directly to the right of NIMITAE in the middle of the video clip above.)
        The title is a mix of one concept that is core to me and my spirituality and thinking—”The Temple of Wife Worship“—and of a concept that is central to Jena’s philosophy and teachings, “erotic innocence.” They combine to make Temple of Erotic Innocence.
        Thank you Bryan. Thank you Ariel. We love you, and we will always be grateful.
        P.S. Bryan is one of the speakers I’m most excited about at my upcoming Blow Your Mind conference. Annie will be there as well, as will Jena and Ariel. If you’re inspired by the magic described here, come experience some of the magic we’ll be creating at this event together. Join the tribe!”

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          /checks calendar


          I have a full night of staying at home and inserting my finger into my asshole that date.

        • JFA says:

          Riveting. What a story. Tard writes song for fellow tards, tardness ensues.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            I was trying to think why this is an annoying, slightly offensive story. I mean, on the surface, it’s nice that someone composed music for his friends’ wedding or orgy or crime against Euclidian Geometry or whatever it was.

            I think it’s the me-me-me factor that wrecks it. The story isn’t there because these people love music, or composing music for weddings/etc. isn’t part of music’s long history (it is), or even because Fishnets McForearms is pimping his composer friend’s going rates for same. It’s there because he, E*L*L*S*B*E*R*G, had another wonderful, magical, unicorn-vomit, smurf-rape thing happen to him and we all wish we were him, oh yes.

          • JFA says:

            Exactly. These two are all about themselves, and proving how hot and sexy they are, and rubbing it in everyone’s fucking faces. Which I don’t understand, because I am neither 13 years old nor an asshole.

          • Jack the Bulldog says:

            And which you don’t understand, JFA, because Ellsberg is skeevy and ugly as fuck. There, fixed that for you.

        • chet bizzaro says:

          This is why i hate burning man, “burners,” new age bullshit, and electronic music.

        • Steven Detler says:

          Awful. I hope they run into some unreconstructed Shining Path members during their fucking ayahuasca experience.

      • Tingolayo says:

        A donkey is so uptight; how is she friends with these people?

        • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

          I think they see her as a mark. She has all the issues their various grifter businesses address.

      • Silver Cape La Phlegm says:

        Long time lurker. This insane video has compelled me to post. I really enjoyed some Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese for lunch. I didn’t enjoy the barfs after watching the most uncomfortable display of couples Zumba ever choreographed (even though said choreographer is clearly fahbulous). People watching…and clapping…and smiling. I don’t get it and I don’t like it. The cutouts! Is he wearing loin cloth leggings?! This is frightening.

      • turtle tits says:

        This made me uncomfortable in my pubic mound.

  22. How Brayella Got Her Groove Back says:

    Heh. Lot’s of dirt on Syke-0’s scammy scams here:

  23. Random Snowflake says:

    The secret to Tim Sykes’ incredible stock picking..


  24. How Brayella Got Her Groove Back says:

    Looks like D0nkey has some stiff competition in the thundercunt arena …

  25. C says:

    Ok, I tried to find the comment so I can reply, but I can’t find it. This is really OT but I have been reading here since the start, commented now and then, agree with a lot, disagree with some too …but here is my sincerest THANK YOU.

    Yeah, the laughs are great, the community and all, I love it, but last night was really important. I read a comment about low carb diets helping with bi-polar tendencies. Found an article in Psychology Today and I am blown away.

    I have struggled with depression. For quite some time. I have never been one to seek medicine for a host of reasons. But this past summer, I did a low carb diet [Atkins] I lost about 25 pounds and felt great in so many ways. I thought depressive thoughts were subsiding because I just felt better due to the weight loss. Now I think there is more to it.

    I plan on talking to a dr. about this, and I don’t want to make this longer than it needs to be but I really want to thank Jacy and JP for this site/cite/sight and all of you, especially the commenter [Albie???] who posted the comment about the link. Thank you so much.

    ps… RRR –I love you.

  26. Mazen Swarthmore says:

    Kind of OT but not really… I was looking at the ratings for Bravo’s shows over the past few months and there is no way in Helllll that Miss Andy is giving the green light for another season of Miss Advised (if 8 episodes even counts as a season). People are talking about how Real Housewives of Miami is in trouble (only 800k viewers last week), well Miss Advised had 400-600k. For comparison purposes, Real Housewives NJ averaged 3.5 million viewers for its 3-show reunion special last month. (Scary eh? That’s as many viewers as the big 3 cable news channels have COMBINED in that time slot and this is an election year.)

    Even WWHL does about a million viewers on a nightly basis (season avg is something like 1.1mil). WWHL live costs a fraction to produce of what Miss Advised cost. And Miss Advised was very cheaply shot and produced. Miss Advised is getting the axe for sure. Bravo should just give Zoila a spin off show based on her hitting the dating scene. It would be far more interesting.

    • Mom in a Minivan says:

      I’d totally be down with a Zoila spinoff!! She’s my favorite Bravo personality. And a dating show for her? Brilliant.

      I too would be very surprised if Bravo renewed Miss Advised. Not just because of the low ratings, but also because Andy didn’t seem to be a big fan of the show or Julia Allison (he’s smart and sees through all of her shenanigans).

  27. Prof. F Camping says:

    guess who got stuck with the dog this time?

    Ben Way: The most amazing dog in the world @juliaallison your so lucky! Having an amazing time with @hermioneway in L

    so ben and hermione from the silicon valley show are staying in marina del rey, with new roomie scammer bray. it’s like a rotating cast of tools in that condo, plus assorted random airbnb guests no doubt. bravo is totally fronting the condo, aren’t they, for these tie-in shows? that’s why amberlamps moved in, because she’s dating that dude on the sv show, right?

    hermioneway: Staying at @JuliaAllison house in LA and I found true love [with julia’s EXTRA LARGE teddy bear]

    ps. some sad person won spandex hotpants for life:
    @Rebekah_Star: Thank you @JuliaAllison for the gift card! Having a BLAST shopping for some super fun outfits!!!

  28. t-bone says:

    Tim Skyes’s book reviews:

    The first worst is the best!

    • A Donkey is an Ass says:

      Yeah, like the guy in the $5 million house is gonna listen to the the guy posting reviews on Amazon. Come on!

  29. Preacher Jim says:

    Dear New Yawk Sodomites and Other Sinners,

    Prepare for the Greeeeeyyy-t Most Perfect Storm of 2012!

    Arriving just in time to stop all your heathern-istic, Halloweenish devil worship and anal play.

    Repent. The End Is Near.

    Bro. Jim

  30. SchadenfreudianSlip says:

    Is Debbie on this mystical journey with Donkey?

    And if so, have we started the pool on whether they’ll come back with the most romantic and special engagement story of all time?

  31. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    I would like to see a graphical org chart of all these grifters she’s involved with and how they all are interrelated. Most of you know this, but simple Google searches show they all are connected. A few of them came from the heinous PUA world either as gurus or acolytes. The rest seem to prey on other forms of insecure individuals, regarding body image, get-rich-quick philosophies, status-seeking “wealth-building” ideas, sexuality, famewhoring, “spirituality,” and other aspirational goals that marks are just too lazy to figure out how to make happen themselves (and most never will). Package it all in a carefully constructed web-based direct marketing framework, advertise yourselves at the biggest forum around for finding marks (Burning Man) and you have the ideal grifter formula.

    I have yet to figure out how Donk or Debby fit in other than as marks who they can recruit to loudly bray about grifter programs to other marks. Otherwise they have nothing to offer that I can see.

    • JFA says:

      She has the absolute smallest modicum of fame so, they latch onto HER (that’s THEIR excuse). Her excuse is she has no other friends/has burned every other bridge/no one else wants to deal with her. And this all aligns so well with her persona anyway, such as it exists. Some vaguely internetty person with no real ideas or talent, but a big mouth and a big ego. A perfect parasitic relationship right there.

      Debby is just the sad hanger on to the hanger on.

      • stalker says:

        That, AND she has free time and disposable income to fly around to these stupid fucking LIFE CHANGING SEMINARS.

        • Ashram Andy says:

          The brothers and I have decided that when she no longer has wifi and cell coverage, she, being a creature of the internet, will cease to exist. At least we’re praying it be so. Namaste.

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

      You rang yourself so fucking hard this whole comment.

  32. bitchface says:

    Just looked are her FB page and had missed this:

    Julia Allison
    October 17 near Los Angeles, CA.
    Sending love to my beautiful former roommate Julia Price, close away (clever, right?) in SF. I was talking about our famous 7 hour long conversations tonight!! Lillydog and I miss you, sweetie.

    Gregg Rory Holland: Did you guys even live together for a whole year?

    • bitchface says:

      and of the 24 people who liked it – none are named Julia Price

      Samantha Quiles: Fashion Institute
      Stu Atkinson: Langhorne, Pennsylvania
      Yusuf Sözbilir: Antakya, Hatay
      Gregg Rory Holland: Miami Beach, Florida
      Krissy Hayes
      Wahyu Anastasiya..
      Abid Ali: Punjabi University
      Lai Sophia..
      Bashar Taha: Jordan University of Science and Technology
      Julia Veronica Vazquez..
      Iordan Tsanev: New Bulgarian University
      Boyke Sitra Maulia: Jakarta, Indonesia
      Yhan’z SuBagja..
      Muhammad Ahmad..
      Choon Sieng Lo: National Sports Council of Malaysia
      Benedetto Bergamin
      Andy Drish
      Victor Medina-San Andrés
      Val Hincks..
      Zizo Samo Zizo: Works at محامى حر‎
      Song Un: Prep Manager at Austranlian Laboratory Services Cambodia
      Rachel Gee..
      Jo Anderson Barker

    • Whiny Bitch Spoiled says:

      I can’t think of anything worse than a 7 hour conversation with Juliar.

      • darling dearest says:

        maybe its just julia sitting in the same room talking while toilet julia sleeps.

      • mule on rouge says:

        I remember when she would bray about marathon phone calls with former sister Sarah Lacey. No one living an actual life has that much time to kill. ProTip for Julia Lite: The only way to deal with that kind of torture is to prop the receiver next to the television and walk away. Donkey will never notice.

  33. hockeyfrisyr says:

    Apropos of nothing, I live in Sweden and saw today a commercial for Miss Advised. Here it is going by “Date in the City”. Donk’s reputation as a loud mouthed fame whore is already established in Sweden, though the show may serve as her arrival onto the Danish market as well.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Oh, good. This will do wonders to raise the cultural profile of the US abroad. Julie Albertson is just an ambassador of goodwill!

    • A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

      I am famous in Sweden!!!!

      Do you know who I am??? I am an INTERNATIONAL star!!!

      Look at ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Weird = some say that this map looks like a d0nkey …

    • Factory Seconds says:

      I’m always curious as to how particular countries play reality shows. Do they simply subtitle the original show, dub over it, or keep it as it was when it aired in the US (no subtitles, no dubs)?

      • Tingolayo says:

        How would they subtitle “I might or might not have given him a bj”? Something something jag suga kuk….

        There should be a warning at the beginning of each episode: “This show depicts extreme behavior. Not all Americans act like this. In fact, most Americans loathe this donkey.”

      • A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

        It all depends on the local regulations & customs.

        In Argentina, for example, open-air TV is usually dubbed to Spanish but cable is subtitled.

        In other countries, like Spain or France, pretty much everything is dubbed into the local language.

        Funny tidbit: there are two Spanish versions of The Simpsons, one for Latin America and one for Spain, each with its own set of actors, and its own accent and vocabulary.

      • hockeyfrisyr says:

        In Sweden they will add Swedish subtitles and keep the audio as-is. We get a lot of trashy American reality shows here, many of a similar caliber to Miss Advised.

        Interestingly, Real Housewives of New Jersey isn’t shown (though all the other RH series are), as it’s seen as too crass and low class for the Swedish audience.

  34. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    OT: funny Gawker article about the upcoming NE storm

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