Breaking: There Has Been No Breakup With PencilDonk! I Repeat: No Breakup With PencilDonk!

@timothysykes: – Devin & I loved hosting you last night! The pink bedroom is always yours when you’re in town!! Xoxo

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267 Responses to Breaking: There Has Been No Breakup With PencilDonk! I Repeat: No Breakup With PencilDonk!

  1. Worrisome Pelts says:


  2. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    And what could be more credible than a tweet from Julia to a penny stock operator?

  3. Gone with the Drapes says:

    “hosting” is what people do on game shows

  4. SchadenfreudianSlip says:

    Donkey, this, THIS, is why you are such a supreme asshole.

    Why is this a tweet? What reason could you possibly give for tweeting this other than:
    -I want to brag to the world that penny stock scammer Timothy Sykes stayed at my house
    -I want to show everyone that Devin and I are “hosting” together meaning, wink, wink, we are living together
    -I want to prove to the world that we are still together

    That’s it. The only reasons you fucktard. In other words, it has nothing to do with sending a gracious note to a good friend in whose company you recently spent some quality time. Because that type of message is more appropriately sent BY EMAIL or maybe TEXT or a PHONE CALL or any of the private options available to you.

    You suck so much at life.

    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      Not only that but usually the one hosted sends the thank you note, not the host. What a Donktard.

      • A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:


        Donkerina just sent a thank-you note to herself.

        • Fieirce Mani says:

          This! Not only that but she sent it in reply to one
          of his twitter ads of i just made 2 billion dollars short
          selling mt stocks. Lol.

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Maybe she wants her Elle readers (that is, us) to extrapolate that they had a threesome, which is really the only thing that could make this tweet even worse than it is (for the reasons you state).

  5. (yes, she was one) says:

    And she continues NEVER reading here.

    Does it hurt to be so transparently self-obsessed?

    • Crack Rock City says:

      Right? We crash the internet saying that she and The Devin Stetler broke up, and a few hours later she breaks her silence to tweet this useless garbage. Clear as silicone.

  6. Who do you think you are? says:

    They put their guest in her 8 year old girl bedroom?

    Where did the wonder twins sleep, with Toilet? Oh wait! Toilet and Donkey are no longer bestie roommates.

    Donkey, are you happy with your life?

  7. Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Mercedes C Class) says:

    Did Timothy Sykes have to pay $395 on airBnB upfront or is Donkey billing him?

  8. Queen Neferteeri says:

    Why am I picturing poor Devin bound and gagged in the basement, with Donkey periodically checking in on him? Because she’s going to cling to him like grim death.

  9. Tonyamichaela says:

    So are they living together? Is he sleeping in that pink dungeon every night?

  10. 11th Wang says:

    Is Devin sleeping with Sykes? I’m seriously asking.

  11. A-Game Content says:

    So… This is concrete affirmation that TJ flew the coop, yes?

    • sausage curls/fingers says:

      That’s all I got out of it. I realize this was supposed to be a distraction from us talking about a Devin Stetler breakup but now I’m just wondering about the Julia/Toilet Julia breakup.

      • juliajane says:

        Toilet Julia probably just stopped returning her calls. She seemed like a total user, why would she bother with Big Julia now the show is over?

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Yeah, there’s a story there. I wonder if Toilet will ever spill.

        • Stinky Velour Couture says:

          No. Grifter Julia is too mean to allow that—note everyother person who is bound to silence by Scary Big Julia taping convos or using personal details to blackmail. This shit is serious. She’s Scary Sadshaw Deeluxe.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            Maybe those people who know what Donk is, but stay in her orbit hoping to get something out of it are assholes, too.

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          Now there’s a vivid mental image.

    • afghani says:

      This, plus maybe there’s a surprise and Devin is going to be Miss Pennystock.

  12. Nickelodeon Chic says:

    Totally unrelated but I was at this thing tonight where people give quick presentations on funny stuff, and someone did a brief thing about Uber, and then someone else had a slide referencing “football player Lewis Howes’ e-book” and I was (in my head) like “HOLD THE PHONE. I wish there was another cat lady here to share this moment with, because whyyyyy is Lewis’ face on this screen. Am I having an RBD induced dream?”

    • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

      Uber, huh? That’s … weird …

      Earlier, I was on the Insdr site/sight/cite for the first time ever, reading Q&A, & noticed that they plug Uber & Taskrabbit somewhere in their mission statement. Won’t be a surprise when the dots connect.

      • These Hooves Were Made for Walking says:

        What is the Insdr? Googling turned up nothing.

        • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

          “Experts” answering questions about companies when you can’t get what you need from the company itself.

          Insiders help on their own and not on behalf of Insidr or any big company.

          As I understand it, “experts” can earn $$ from giving good answers (interestingly enough, some of the questions are from”experts” trying to claim their $$)

          They’re backed by True Ventures; I can’t find the Uber / Taskrabbit reference now.

          • These Hooves Were Made for Walking says:

            Weird, last night that www was just loading a for sale domain. What dots are we wanting to connect?

            True Ventures didn’t invest in Uber or TaskRabbit, but several True Ventures investors are social friends with founders of those companies. The only connection to JAB is her friendship with Brit, whose husband invested in TaskRabbit. JAB is not even a blip-of-a-blip on the Bay Area startup/VC map — she’s a wannapreneur and a nobody.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            What dots are we wanting to connect?

            Wish I could find what I saw yesterday … something to the effect of: ‘the caliber of zappos customer service & the ___ of Uber or Taskrabbit’ (Uber & Taskrabbit were links, zappos was not, so it seemed like plugs to me).

            I guess my initial comment came across that I thought anything about Insdr would tie to D0nkey, but no, I just meant undisclosed pimping of their vested interests in other co’s a la Brit Moron wouldn’t surprise me.

            Actually, I’m finding informative stuff there & maybe mentioning them in the same breath as ‘D0nkey’ on her hayt sight / site / cite is mean.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            Found it. Boring as this offshoot thread is, I’m relaying the link because it has a telecommute job listing that someone may want to jump on, & if you click their Uber link, Uber has a long list of job openings in several places worldwide, so maybe some good will come of it for a basement dweller.


          • Mini Driver says:

            RE: “last night that www was just loading a for sale domain”:

            It’s not the same domain, the URL was just missing a letter “I” the first time you tried it. I can understand the confusion since so many domain names eliminate random vowels. is STILL missing one.

            Anyway, just clarifying that the site didn’t spring up overnight.

    • afghani says:

      I can’t believe that idiot Lewish wrote an e book about “how to use LinkedIn”.


      • These Hooves Were Made for Walking says:

        It’s what made him Internet famous. He’s like the social media guru King of LinkedIn. Dumb and dopey as he is, he’s very sweet and knows how to hustle in all the ways Julia doesn’t and never will.

  13. EyeRoller says:

    Also, PencilDonk and me (I know I know, incorrect grammar lol!) would like to announce to SOCIETY that we are not freeloading vagabonds who just fill up every trash can (with blackhead-laden Biore strips) and crack every mirror (by doing each other’s makeup for hours on end) everywhere we go without somehow repaying our debt. Therefore, let the passive aggressive record show that PencilDonk and ME graciously allowed Timothy Sykes to consume our bottled water, masturbate below my deceased grandmother’s pink quilted comforter, select from a drawer full of PencilDonk’s little league-sized tube socks to wipe away his self-pleasure embers, and piss on all over our toilet, in the middle of the night, without lifting the seat or even wiping it up (that’s what taskrabbits are for!). Besides, the only dirty commode lips I care about are the ones attached to my face.

    Back from five days off the Twitterz and still NOT SINGLE!


  14. afghani says:

    I wonder if she has a signed contract with Devin to be her fake boyfriend for a few months, while she acts as his beard. Brokered by that Steven Grossman midget, of course.

    • sausage curls/fingers says:

      I don’t know if I actually believe that or just want to believe that more. I don’t know if I buy that Devin Stetler genuinely enjoys being costumed and blown by a donkey.

  15. sausage curls/fingers says:

    I wonder if Tiny Julia even made up an excuse before she got the hell out of dodge? If so, did Big Julia buy it? Or was it understood that she’d only stick around until Miss Advised went off the air? Was she cast by the producers? Did Big Julia know or was it some down low agreement and Big Julia didn’t even connect the dots that moving out = “my contract is up and I can’t stand you”?

  16. Prof. F Camping says:

    over dinner, i was recounting the latest julia developments to (a disinterested) mr. meowserton — the radio silence, the tweet about lilly and not being able to breathe, etc. — and his immediate response was “so her gay boyfriend broke up with her, huh?” my immediate reaction was (literally!) ROFLMAO and “BINGO!” i was astounded that he had even been paying attention to the donkey show that much.
    and now i come home to this: no breakup! but it confirms toilet moved out.
    the dramz!

  17. Prof. F Camping says:

    @timothysykes visiting julia’s “pink [bed]room”


  18. BlowjobsforBravo says:

    Sykes mentioned he bought a $5million home but can’t afford a hotel?

  19. Snow says:

    OT question. I’m starting to watch the first season of All on the Line and love Joe Zee. But I noticed that Keith, the same editor and “boss” of Donkey is showcased on the show each time. I know that the deal was strictly bc of Bravo and the show. However, is there any relationship between Keith and Donkey? (e.g. friends etc) Bc my love for Joe Zee may go down if there is since he seems to really like and respect Keith

  20. A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

    Dear Donkey,

    Thank you so much for hosting Timothy Sykes.

    The decor in the pink room is very tasteful and truly beautiful.



  21. How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

    Because I’m 12, just for shits & grins, I occasionally attempt to jack w/ a neighbor whose printer shows up as accessible by wi-fi, (eg: ‘Printer does not detect paper; please load paper tray immediately.’ … then, about an hour later, ‘Not THAT much paper, silly!’ & then another hour later ‘::burp::’)

    I know, I know. Anyway, when I checked just know, look what shows up:
    I can’t quit laughing! Best D0nkey sighting ever!

  22. BeepBeepBoopBeepBeep. I Am A Robot. says:

    I, for one, am relieved. I WANT THEIR WEDDING TO HAPPEN SO BAD!

  23. Jane says:

    My huscat just sent me this. “In heaven there is dragon burger. On earth, donkey burger.”

  24. cupcake cray cray says:

    just found the linens donkey will be putting on her wedding registry:
    it’s OMG kate spade!

  25. Sacred Scrapbooks says:


    Timothy Sykes ‏@timothysykes: Today was a GREAT day here in Dubai with my 2 Challenge students:
    3:36 PM – 27 Sep 12

  26. Factory Seconds says:

    Donks never reads here. She and Toilet are BFF4L.

    Julia Allison

    With The Boyfriend, watching Miss @JuliaPriceMusic play beautifully at The Mint. This girl is so talented.



  27. Tingolayo says:

    You’re a grown woman. Writing “The Boyfriend” isn’t cute. (Neither was “Prom King” and “Harvard Graduate Lawyer Boy” and “Cute SF Entrepreneur Guy” or whatever they were.) We get it– you’re trying to be like Carrie Bradshaw and her “Mr Big.” Problem is, Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t exist and never did.

    Does she have any interests, hobbies, thoughts, ideas, experiences, adventures, favorite music or movies or books, or plans that don’t involve name-dropping *other* people’s ideas and experiences? Can she define herself by anything other than “I like pink”?

    I know, I’m preaching to the choir. You all have been wondering this for years. Please indulge a newbie for a moment. I’m no Donktor of Filly-osophy, but I just can’t believe she’s still with the “I’m a journalist, I’m a tech columnist” BS, pretending to “cover” anything.

    • Gone with the Drapes says:

      wait, you’re saying that going to events and having fauxtos taken of yourself is not being a journalist?

    • Stinky Velour Couture says:

      Welcome! There is NO end to this madness, so don’t fret too much.

    • Factory Seconds says:

      It would be okay if she had all these nicknames for people if she wanted them to remain anonymous and if she didn’t splash every aspect of her life all over the internet.

      For example, if she were an actual dating columnist (even if she used her real name instead of a pseudonym), then the only thing people would know about her is her dating life and the city she lives in. That way she’d be able to keep some walls up and get away with using nicknames for the men in her life. Hell, even if she had a large Twitter following, she could still get away with keeping her life private and using nicknames by not fucking telling us where she’s taking a shit and what exclusive toilet she’s flushing that night.

    • Norse Horse says:

      Hi Tingo- she also refers to her highly educated, adult and quite-together sibling as, “my Little Brother”. Just to add to your list of her irritating ways of referring to other people unlucky enough to be in her life.

    • JFA says:

      Q: Does she have any interests, hobbies, thoughts, ideas, experiences, adventures, favorite music or movies or books, or plans that don’t involve name-dropping *other* people’s ideas and experiences?

      A: No.

  28. says:

    Everything anyone ever needs to know about “branding” in two minutes and, coincidentally, why JABa is a total fail at “branding”.

  29. Julia Allison Will Give Your "Brand" Herpes says:

    Julia Allison cannot wait to make a wedding day video. It will be exactly like this.

    • says:

      Couldn’t watch it all, too painful. She’ll force whomever the lucky gent is to make the “boy” version for her.

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

      Donkey’s video will be far more cringe-inducing than that one. It will make us feel like kittens are exploding out of our heads.

    • Spoutless Teapot says:

      OMG that is horrifying. this is why we need Debbie to propose, stat!!! Donk would be way crazier than this bitch.

    • Mini Driver says:

      In the time I managed to stomach this I saw three different shots with her cat, and in every one, the cat was averting its eyes.

      1) Opening shot. Cat is mostly out of frame, but you can see its tail twitching in an agitated fashion as it avoids the camera.

      2) 1:06 – While she reads the newspaper, her cat has its back to her and its ears flattened as it stares out the window, again lashing its tail, dreaming of freedom from this gilded cage.

      3) 1:25 – She’s trying to hold the cat and sing and the cat keeps swiveling its head away, looking left, right, at the ceiling, anywhere but at this crazy lady wearing a Spirit Hood designed for tween girls.

      Welp, that’s enough for one day. Out of here.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      That is honestly one of the most cringe-inducing videos I have ever watched. Holy shit. Jesus. Donkey will watch that and burst into tears of ecstasy.

  30. Jack the Bulldog says:

    The tackiest of the tacky nouveau riche! No wonder crass Donkey and her lapdog are playing menage a trois with Penny Stock.

    • Factory Seconds says:

      That house is absolutely hideous. Also, why would you want a whole hotel staring at your pool? The whole point of a private pool is nude sunbathing, duh.

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Pretty gaudy, alright, & the mill work in the media is to gag.

        Even if the place is being sold furnished, it just doesn’t ring true when he’s saying (paraphrasing): “We have a piano, & here we have tapestries. Nice, I’ll think I’ll get it.”

        • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

          *in the media room

          • Jack the Bulldog says:

            That media room looks like a Victorian parlor. I kept expecting Judy Garland and Margaret O’Brien to waltz out and serenade Penny Stock Papa next to the piano. But it cost $5 million. And it’s on Millionaire’s Row! Aren’t you impressed?!

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            I’m not a fan of picture-frame moulding, yet I’ve seen plenty of it done well, but those colors were downright ghastly & that room was nauseating.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            I find the entire idea of a “media room” terribly depressing.

            “Hi, welcome to the room where we all watch TV.”

            I suppose a library was simply the earlier version of the same function, but bookshelves don’t make me start thinking about painless suicide.

          • Factory Seconds says:

            You know that he won’t paint or change anything either because it’s an OMG $5million home. The place seem really tight for 7,000 sq ft (actually, it doesn’t even seem that big to begin with). I know it’s because it’s not open concept, but you would think that the kitchen would at least be bigger. I’m really thinking he doesn’t give any shits about what the house looks like or how it can be improved because he’s going to buy that and a boring BMW/Mercedes and call himself a millionaire.

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      Prediction: he’ll hold a ‘conference’ there on a week-long lease, post lots of pics, and never mention the place again.

      • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

        On June 30, Sykes posts a pic of “my new Ferrari”: So, Timmy bought a Ferrari, right?

        Well, on Sept 14 this assclown posts a video: “Tim Sykes Needs Your Vote: $250,000 Lamborghini Or Ferrari Convertible?” — a different Ferrari — and adds “Searching for the right $250,000 car takes a little while :)”, followed by a shill for his site.

        Ferrari = mansion in Miami.

        He and Julia would be a match made in Aleksey Vayner heaven.

        • Jack the Bulldog says:

          This is the wedding that must be! I won’t rest until Donkey & Penny Ante are grifter & grifter, with Annielala officiating and Ms. Devin Stetler taking her rightful place as pencil of honor. A catlady can dream …

        • JFA says:

          Jesus Christ, these are her FRIENDS. I must ponder for a second how sad that is. Okay, I’m done. It was a dark place I just went to.


        • Factory Seconds says:

          How dumb of me to assume he would buy a Mercedes/BMW. I know nothing about Miami nouveau riche.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      $5 million for a view of some imitation Morris Lapidus eyesore out north-facing substandard caulked windows?

      Fuck that shit.

      • EyeRoller says:

        I originally thought the hefty price tag must be for the exquisite patio view you get looking just across the river directly into the windows of 1 zillion time share units. But then I discovered the true luxury comes at the end of this video when you see that for just $5 million you also get A GARAGE and A LAUNDRY ROOM where a different Taskrabbit for every day of the week can remove the bullshit from your underpants. What a steal.

  31. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    Cindy McCain ‏@CindyhM1: Guam again. My LTJG and his gal look great!
    11:09 AM – 22 Sep 12

  32. bitchface says:

    this is just… wow

    NY Fashion Week Head to Toe (winner of Strangest Combination of Sources award): chocolate tulle tutu skirt by Allison Parris, necklace by Ranjana Khan (bought as a sample), taupe heels by Bakers and ivory lace blouse … found in my parents’ basement hiding in the costume chest. Okay then!

  33. Banister says:

    Nytimes story today on the right ways to use social media
    Don’t buy followers
    Do something people think is interesting or funny
    No donkey

  34. JFA says:

    I’m sure this has been discussed but wow, this was hard to watch. She is just so painfully self aware on camera. And nice botox face. So corny, and the music is SO. BAD. It’s like, teenybopper mall rock. Sad, sad people.

    • JFA says:

      Forgot the link of course:

      Aren’t these bitches too old for this shit? This shit would maybe be appealing to 13 year old girls.

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Gotta love how Big Julia & Little Julia grifted free labor via Intern Sushi & then put her to work writing false reviews:

        Surely Intern Sushi knows how much Julia Allison respects ALL THE GIRLS, especially young interns, right? Right?

        O0o O0o Pick ME! Pick MEEEE!!!

        I officially nominate myself, (see photo below, in Congressional office 5 years ago), for the Hill Intern Hotties Contest, sponsored by Wonkette, authority on Governmental Hotness (or lack thereof).
        Okay, soooo … actually, I’m not an intern on the Hill. In fact, although the photo above was taken during the inauguration (2001) at the Congressional office where I worked, I’ve never been an intern on the Hill. Which, I suppose, pretty much rules me out of the running. hmmm … or DOES IT?

        … thinking …

        Yeah. It does.

        Damn. I would have schooled these beyotches. (Um, is that how you spell “beyotch”?) Okay. Maybe not. But as a nubile 19-year-old, I could have at least poured beer water on them. Or better yet, given their boyfriends’ head. (kidding, mom, I’m KIDDING.)

        Back in the day (way back, you know, like five years ago), I had taken a year off during college to work for my hometown Congressman as a legislative correspondent. I realize that means absolutely nothing to (most) normal people. Let me translate: I wrote lots of banal form letters to really angry constituents in which the primary objective was to pacify them without actually saying anything of substance and/or mentioning the word “Republican.” (Which, oddly enough, was perfect practice for being a dating columnist.)

        The whole “not being an intern” thing was a big deal to me then – it was a HUGE point of pride. I would go around shoving my business card in people’s faces like: “Oh yeah, sucker?? You think you can tell me to go get you coffee? I may not be allowed to legally imbibe alcoholic beverages – yet – but I’M NOT A MOTHERF–KING INTERN!!!”

        Okay, I didn’t really include the expletive. But I was THINKING it.

        That having been said, now that I’m older (practically dead, really), I find myself becoming nostalgic about the concept. There is a certain hotness about being – or having once been – the proverbial political intern. After all, there are very few times in a young woman’s life in which she can arguably become one of the quintessential male fantasies. (“Cheerleader? Check. Schoolgirl? Check. Intern? Check. Bisexual Asian Porn Star? Uhhh …”)

        And PS – This pretty much sums up what I really learned on the Hill:
        “Beer before Liquor, Never Sicker. Liquor Before Beer, As Long as the Chief of Staff is Drunker than You, You’re in the Clear.” Thanks Uncle Sam!

        • JFA says:

          She is so fucking obnoxious, vile, and unfunny. Also LOL “took a year off from college” = failed out of big midwestern university. Also, way to brag about “not being an intern” at a job your father obviously procured for you after your failure at college attempt 1.

          She is the worst.

          • JFA says:

            Seriously who brags about jobs obviously procured through family connections? Jobs that sound like complete and utter bullshit positions anyway? I can’t anymore.

        • mule on rouge says:

          What in holy hell is beer water? She sure makes a lot of references to drinking. And to her raging jealousy — meow!!

      • Prof. F Camping says:

        good eye brayella. grifters be grifting…

        sad donkey is sad: “now that I’m older (practically dead, really)…”

        and so obsessed with what ALL THE BOYS think (or what she thinks they think)
        “there are very few times in a young woman’s life in which she can arguably become one of the quintessential male fantasies.”

    • Gone with the Drapes says:

      bad makeup clothes music decor bad everything really

    • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:


    • Factory Seconds says:

      When that turquoise dress first showed itself on RBD, I thought that it could be cute if accessorized correctly and on a lean body frame, but boy was I wrong. That thing is hideous in all situations.

      Also, Debbie looked like the most normal person in the entire video.

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Really? I thought Donkey’s cousin, the stick horse, looked the least stiff compared to Debbie NoNads et al. I do love DJ Lubel, but that video stunk more than ass stuffed w/ wet dog.

        • Factory Seconds says:

          I see being stiff around Julia as not knowing what the fuck kind of assholery is going on around you, which is a normal reaction to Donkey.

      • juliajane says:

        It’s from French Connection and looks very cheap and a little garish in person.

  35. Nickelodeon Chic says:

    Julia and her boyfriend are basically Angela and the Senator from The Office, right?

  36. Spoutless Teapot says:

    Wow! I somehow had not seen that cringe-inducing “music video.” Julia is the one of the worst “Actresses” I’ve seen. So stiff, so unnatural. Toilet was somewhat cute, but yeah, everyone’s too old.

  37. A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

    Something is up with Donkey.

    She has gone down to a healthy, normal, one tweet a day.

    WHAT is going on???

    • Stinky Velour Couture says:

      you just rang yourself—-Julie is just scheming for another FAILtastic
      adventure/stunt. What ever it is…guaranteed to be a stinking pile.


  38. du/coveted vag space says:

    so the donkey show…it’s over, right?
    ended with a whimper? not a bang?

    • afghani says:

      so anticlimatic, right? if someone had told you 4-5 yrs ago that in 2012 donkey would be jobless, man-less, money-less, and fame-less, would you have really believed it? it seemed like, at a minimum, she’d have some magazine or tv sinecure and at least some moneybags loser husband.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        Um, I would have absolutely believed it. I knew this was her destiny from Hoya days.

        • afghani says:

          By 2009, I would’ve agree with you, but looking at her trajectory from mid-2000s and knowing how the media loves bullshit types, I would not have predicted that she would’ve failed out of cushy gigs. As I said, at a minimum, I would’ve thought she’d score a husband to fund her lifestyle. Living off of Momsers and Dadster and renting her place in AirBnB wouldn’t have seemed likely. What a loser.

          • Jordache & the Pelts says:

            It was very clear from the Hoya days – and I was well aware of Julia then – with the plagiarism and her early fame balling that she was never fit to come by anything honestly and to be considered anything but a joke.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            She has no writing talent, she’s grating on video, she has no work ethic. She had decent looks, until she botched that, too. The biggest failure? She has been a bitch to too many people.

      • Gone with the Drapes says:

        the only thing in her way is her

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Are we even getting tips anymore? Has it come it the point where Donkey associates with people as self-centered as she is and who therefore give no shits about a Donkey?

      I refuse to believe that only now has Donkey come to her senses and has a healthy sense of how she presents herself and where she needs to go next, and that generally means offline. There’s no way in hell that her reality show, paid-for roommate, and paid-for boyfriend have caused a complete 180 on her work ethic, compassion for others, and awareness of self.

      Here’s the thing: whether she’s either hopped the fast train to Nowheresville or wised up, she’s becoming boring as fuck. What happens then is that we, eventually, go away. This is the only attention Donkey gets and she is a born attention whore. I have always thought she would end up broke and alone and if attention – even hate attention – went away, that’d be the trifecta that would send her into an assisted living facility. Sorry Peter Baugher and Robin Baugher, you’re probably financially on the hook for this one forever and ever.

  39. How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

    I think D0nkey has a new twitter-stalking victim in her sights …
    (the chick is kind of a funny, smartass model, apparently)

    • SirClompsAlot says:

      That Melissa Stetten is the worst human being. She’s the girl who tweeted on the plane about the guy hitting on her. Seriously full of herself.

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Heh. That makes me like her even more. Actor dude is married & has a kid … hitting on other woman was bound to bite him in the ass sooner or later. She’s caustic, which is okay by me.

        • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

          *women, I meant.

        • SirClompsAlot says:

          That is, if that’s what really happened. Neither of those two were charmers, but she def came across as one of those people who always thinks people are coming on to them. Just read her blog a bit. Narcissists R Us.

          • afghani says:


            she admits she’s into older guys who are divorced/married/have kids, etc.

            she also continuously calls herself “gorgeous” and mentions she’s a model at least 10x per blog post.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            I *am* reading her blog, but sorry, I’m really not all that invested in that particular incident. Some dude tried to step out on his SO … do I really give a shit about comparing the moral turpitude of whomever shot him down? Nah, not so much.

            It does strike me funny that D0nkey is trying to latch onto to her, take her out to lunch, be her bestie, since the girl will call an asshole out, & apparently her Twitter followers are real.

          • SirClompsAlot says:

            Afghani, my favorite was the post where she was wondering if secretaries in the offices she goes to for modeling sessions are jealous of her when she walks by.

            And Brayella, I’m not going to keep arguing with you about this, but my point is, we don’t even know that it happened. There are only her tweets about it, and she doesn’t always have a firm grasp on reality.

            You know how a lot of us follow donkey’s bullshit to make sense of someone in our life who is like her? When that Stetten thing happened, I read all up about it, because someone very close to me is exactly like her. We can get on an elevator and a man will smile at her and move aside, and she’ll say “keep it in your pants, guy!” and then for a half hour after we get off the elevator, she’ll talk all about how everyone is always coming on to her and she’s sick of it.

            We don’t know what happened between those two on the plane, a lot of people called her out on maybe over-inflating that shit. (That maybe he’s just awkwardly friendly, etc.) She deleted tweets about it. And she played it up everywhere (it’s also where she got most of her followers from). She’s a famewore regardless and would fit right in with Donkey. They SHOULD lunch and share tips.

            But that’s all I’m going to argue about it because she’s a bitch and I don’t want to have to read any more about her.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            she was wondering if secretaries in the offices she goes to for modeling sessions are jealous of her when she walks by

            Meh. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t treat every little thing people say as a summons to jury duty. Still. Maybe next time, at least make room for actual context in its entirety up there in your cherry-picker, Clompy? 🙂

            Honestly, I get excited when I see myself in a magazine, but after 3 minutes of joy my subconscious turns on me and tells me being pretty in a picture is hardly an accomplishment. I like to draw a dick in my mouth because that’s never not funny.

            Every time I walk through publishing offices like the ones at the Conde Nast or Hearst buildings I imagine if the girl working at her cubicle wearing heels and a short skirt is even as remotely envious of me as I am of her. I would love to be a successful young woman with an important job and she would probably like to be taller, thinner, and prettier.

          • Lily's 3rd Eye says:

            “and she would probably like to be taller, thinner, and prettier.” is fucking narccisstic as fuck in any context.

          • SirClompsAlot says:

            Thank you, 3rd Eye.

            I never said that was the extent of what she was talking about, but there was no way in hell I was going to scroll through her blog to find the full paragraph … I was referencing that from memory. My comment was to Afghani, and I was REFERENCING that blog entry … one that people on other blogs have discussed, so I though Afghani might know what I was talking about. Anyway, if you think what you reprinted somehow vindicates her, I’m baffled. Even full context shows she’s a narcissist.

            Anyway, it blows my mind that you’ll so vehemently defend her, but then come here to bray about a donkey? What makes anything that girl says gospel? Why is what she says reputable? You’re killing me right now.

            It also amazes me that you can clearly study that blog and think she’s so great. I could only make it through like 6 posts back when this all happened and it made me vom. And that wasn’t based on one “little thing” that a person said, but her entire attitude. In fact you highlight that supposed self-deprecating bit of hers, but not every other post about how she’s so beautiful. Also that self-deprecating thing is a theme of hers … just like donkey and her “oh, I make so many mistakes” schtick.

            This depresses me BTW. This was a place of happiness for me – a way to deal with assholes in my life. And now I’m in an argument about Melissa Stetten. I stay away from arguments on message boards, because I don’t need any superficial drama on top of real-life drama. I guess the honeymoon is over.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            Tall, skinny model girl doesn’t get a rise outta me — Try not to take it so hard.

          • SirClompsAlot says:

            Then you’re lucky enough to not have someone like her in your life. Because it’s exhausting and soul-sucking to deal with them every day.

        • Tingolayo says:

          Anyone who names a pet with a “Nazi joke” is dead to me. And I don’t even know who this person is.

  40. Norse Horse says:

    Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    “There are no normal people. However, many people have gotten good at projecting the appearance of normality.” 6h

    Er, we know that about you? Another unattributed pearl of wisdom presented in quotes, as if it’s from some Deep Thinker who doesn’t think “gotten good” is an ugly, clumsy, inarticulate phrase. Is she coming out of the closet as a sociopath?

  41. Tonyamichaela says:

    Ok conspiracy theory: what if she’s in some sort of inpatient facility, and she’s not really online anymore because she’s only allowed access to a computer an hour a day or something? If she were so happy and successful in love, she would be rubbing it in our faces right now with fauxto shoots. I have always had a theory that when she stops tweeting, it’s because she’s too busy texting everyone on her contact list with her scheme juices and can’t keep her stories straight enough for a public update.

    I thought I would still be reading RBD in the retirement home, and part of me hopes she will perservere and continue to promote her obnoxious attention whore agenda for my enjoyment.

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      She was filmed for some obscure TV show yesterday (bonus pic with Debby!):

      Jennifer Adams Home ‏@JenniferAdams4
      @JuliaAllison Fun day filming with you yesterday for @BetterTVShow! Your home is gorgeous!

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Doesn’t [Jordacted] do BetterTV? What will they show of the apt that wasn’t already seen on episodes of Miss Advised? A pantry full of Amy’s Chili & BPC? Debbie NoNad’s china pattern?

        • Gone with the Drapes says:

          has she burned her tongue with a hot fork lately? locked herself out of the house? taken fauxtos on a rooftop? used the phrases, “pop of color,” “a bit” “my favorite” “must have” “lust object”

          cannot stand.

      • Tonyamichaela says:

        Her face is fucked.

      • Flying Donkeycopter says:

        Ugly mouth breathing Debby looks thrilled to be there. No regrets whatsoever. Earning big money!

      • JFA says:

        She’s getting the gay boyfriend on tv. I am convinced he is trying to make himself happen in this relationship, and nothing more.

        • Tonyamichaela says:

          He is Simon from Real Housewives of NYC, which worked out so well for that couple.

          • Factory Seconds says:

            I just don’t get it. These clearly gay guys are trying to get famous by dating barely famous women. Like….how do they think that will work?

    • Gone with the Drapes says:

      Shivering Acres

  42. Tingolayo (chicken enchiladas are the new tossed salad) says:

    Is it really a compliment to say “Your home is gorgeous” when every single thing was chosen and paid for by someone else, before you even moved in to the rental unit? It’s not like she chose the flooring, appliances, paint, cabinets, counter tops, etc… or even the location itself. It’s like saying, “Your hotel room is gorgeous.” It’d be more accurate to say, “I love Pottery Barn Kids so I love what you’ve done with your apartment.”

    I’m relatively new (a referral from Miss Advised), so I don’t know how her online dry spells usually play out, but I’m betting it’s the calm before the storm of cray. (That, or she’s actually run out of things to bray about. Not like she ever posted about anything substantial anyway.)

    She doesn’t seem to talk much about her “relationship” with Miss Pennystock, aside from the same old ‘”I” “went” “to” “Fashion Week”‘ and “Here I am, dressing someone up in pink” (insert victim du jour.) Does she usually wait until she’s been dumped by guys/guise/gays to overshare every little thing? We know she’s incapable of respecting anyone’s privacy.

  43. says:

    O/T bunnies. Tomorrow is the date of appeal for Pussy Riot. There are demonstrations happening again all over the world. If you’re so inclined, you can see the full list here:

    • 11th Wang says:

      I have friends stuck in Russian prison who have never had a fair trial and will most likely stay there for the rest of their lives. You believe this Pussy Riot thing is unfair because it would be unfair HERE. American ethnocentrism, shocking. Do you have any idea what goes on in Russia?

      Those gals knew exactly what they were doing and what the consequences were. I am so sick and tired of hearing the phrase “Free Pussy Riot.” Maybe when all the other people who have been unfairly spending years of their lives in prison can get a fair trial and get out, they can have their turn. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      It’s really a shame that Pussy Riot’s messages about how fucking FUCKED Russia is isn’t what’s being heard. Instead, it’s totally buried underneath a bunch of Americans yelling “Free Pussy Riot!”

      • 11th Wang says:

        Was not meant to be an attack on you, S.O.S.

        Sorry for my rant. I am just so fed up and while it’s great these girls are getting publicity, it breaks my heart that my loved ones are not so lucky and will continue to stay where they are.

      • says:

        Yes these girls knew exactly what they were doing, and they knew the risks.

        Can only speak for myself, but by far the people I’ve met who are involved in these protests are aware of the larger issue of state control and censorship, as it is occurring not only in Russia but in North America, across Europe, and in the Middle East, etc.

        While the particular situation of Pussy Riot has acted as the fuel, overwhelmingly people are mobilizing globally on the message of the right for individuals to speak their conscience, the right to non-violent political protest, artistic expression, and the absolute necessity of separation of church and state.

        TL:DR – It isn’t just about Pussy Riot.

        I’m very sorry to hear the plight of your friends. Have you contacted Amnesty International? Can you organize friends and family to relentlessly write letters, make appeals via social networks, blast international media with the details, etc.?

        I am happy to help in any way I can, truly. If you contact, I am positive they will provide support and perhaps a launch pad from which to shed light on the situation of your friends and help you seek proper justice. You are welcome to contact me through Jacy, she’s got my email address my permission to provide it to you.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      The ONLY reason this story got any traction is because of the word “pussy.”

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