Donk’s Relentless Task Rabbit Love Suddenly Becomes Clear

Hat tip to Get Off My Internets, because until I read this post (forgive me if it’s already been discussed), I didn’t know that Dave Morin is an investor in Task Rabbit and that his lipless wife, the inventor of wine stoppers made with discarded, well-worn old tights yoga mats, is pimping for him publicly without disclosing his involvement.

Always working some kind of shady, kiss-assy angle, our donkey.  A reminder: Whenever there’s some company she’s suddenly gushing about, it’s for one of the following reasons:

1. She wants to fuck one of its founders and lure him into a potential engagement.

2. She is getting paid.

3. She is trying to suck up to “friends” with influence and/or money.


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132 Responses to Donk’s Relentless Task Rabbit Love Suddenly Becomes Clear

  1. A colossus of scheme juices and failure says:

    Is “all of the above” an option?

    Grifty Donkey likes to grift, while chasing a wallet and sucking up to rich friends at the same time.

    • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

      Yes; 1-3 is the entirety of Julia Allison’s “business model” aka full-time jerb.

  2. KS says:

    Huh. And I thought she was just incredibly lazy.

  3. Grifty Shades of Bray says:

    Riding Coattails R Us

  4. Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

    If there were really a small person drinking a cocktail and coming out of the top of Jaba’s head, she would be much more fashionable than usual.

  5. Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Mercedes C Class) says:

    I don’t mean to humble brag, so I’ll brag brag, I tipped GOMI off on that because Brit Morin – you’re no better than a Donkey with your lack of disclosure.

  6. says:

    Tim Ferris is also a TaskRabbit investor, fwiw.

    • says:

      And I also suspect, but cant verify that Donkey is too.

      • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

        Somehow I doubt that.

        • Albie Quirky says:

          Seconding the doubt. Dadsers doesn’t give her “investor” money, and she burns through the money she earns at top speed.

          • Andy Wintour hacks (up a furball) says:

            What do you mean? She’s incredibly invested in Task Rabbit! Who else would be hanging her curtains, or picking flowers from their gardens for her home each week? WHO, I ask? All the interns have quit, so she’s spent a lot of money on these Task Rabbits. Like $75, hello.

          • DollFuckDate says:

            it would be funny if the parents were cajoled, conned, swindled into investing in a startup that failed

      • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

        She wouldn’t qualify as an accredited investor.

      • AFGHANI says:

        Sacred Scrapbooks is correct, Donk doesn’t qualify–she doesn’t have the income or the assets to qualify under securities law and a company that wants to make it big wouldn’t screw around and fudge on something like that.

        • DollFuckDate says:

          if by investing you mean shrieking and squeeing

        • (yes, she was one) says:

          She would just have to sign a paper claiming she had either:

          * net worth exceeding $1 million (excluding the value of her primary residence)
          * income in excess of $200k in each of the last two years, with reasonable expectation of earning same in this year.

          Didn’t someone find court records of her trust? Or something about the OMG downtown condo being in her name? (Another good reason to pretend she never lived there…)

          • afghani says:

            I found court records of a trust in Julia’s name in Cook County, IL. None of the public records of it were that interesting. But she absolutely does have a trust in the name Julia A. Baugher.

          • Andy Wintour hacks (up a furball) says:

            I love it when you get creepy, Afghani.

          • Jelly Roll says:

            No No No. It was a one time, $10,000 gift, and it was YEARS ago. And she did NOT blow it on injections and private investigators.

        • SirClompsAlot says:

          Boy, am I a finance dummy … you mean there are qualifications to invest? (Serious question BTW, not snarking.) So if I come into some money, I can’t just invest in some company for $20k?

          • Albie Quirky says:

            SirCompsALot, you can buy stock through a broker, but to be an angel or seed investor in a publicly traded company, you need to meet SEC accreditation criteria.

          • (yes, she was one) says:

            I’m sure you know this, Albie, but investing is not like boxing – there is no real accrediting body that grants a license to invest. The SEC wants to protect the ordinary investor from schemes like the one in “The Producers,” so it imposes these accredited investor requirements. The assumption is that if you have the money, you’re a sophisticated investor. Even if you’re not sophisticated, at least you can afford to lose the money.

            Upshot: Ultimately, if for some reason (like being goddamn stupid) a startup really wanted Donk as an investor, they could take that risk.

          • SirClompsAlot says:

            Very eye-opening for me. I had no idea. Of course my involvement with finance begins and ends with my 401k (which isn’t worth as much as it used to be) and even I had to have my brother help me choose which stocks for it.

            So sorry so fat and dumb! At least I’m honest about it, unlike our donkey.

          • CDB says:

            I think it also depends on the size of the placement. If you are doing a placement of less than x number of investors and x size you don’t need to meet all of he standards of accreditation.

          • Albie Quirky says:

            It’s the company’s responsibility to check that angel and seed investors are in the “SEC accredited” net worth/income category, isn’t it? I know that’s how it works for hedge funds.

          • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

            @CDB – There are exemptions, but the impose significant burdens on the issuer (under 506, if you have unaccredited investors, you have essentially the same requirements as for a registered offering, and under 504, among other restrictions, you’re not exempt from state securities laws, so you have ensure compliance with the regs in every unaccredited investor’s state jurisdiction). Does it happen anyway? Sure. But the chances of including unaccredited investors are minute if angel or VC funds are involved in the round, as in the case of Taskrabbit’s initial raise.

            Also, someone mentioned Julia’s hypothetical trust fund. The assets of a trust aren’t included in the net worth of a beneficiary of the trust. This may seem strange, but a trust means that the beneficiary does not hold legal title to the assets of the trust.

          • afghani says:

            Bob, it depends, but generally these companies aren’t getting anywhere close to the max number of investors during the angel rounds. And the reason to stay under that limit isn’t because of the accredited investor angle, it’s because the reporting requirements are greater, you need a prospectus (expensive to produce), and loss of secrecy. Not to mention it makes running the company more difficult.

            That last sentence is also the reason I highly doubt any company would want Julia involved even if she could be an accredited investor. What upside does she offer you that you can’t get from someone else with far less issues/braying?

        • Queen Neferteeri says:

          But what about the people here who insist that her family has tons of money and is super wealthy?

          • (yes, she was one) says:

            They may well be right. This has nothing to do with JAB’s ability to meet very specific SEC accrediting standards.

            Do we really want to start pulling each other’s hair AGAIN over our individual definitions of “wealthy?” Who cares?

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            One can invest in an IPO or other start-up capacity without meeting these standards, it’s just that most reputable firms don’t want to take on that kind of risk and the scrutiny from the SEC or NASD (now FINRA, I think) that usually brings.

            Who cares, indeed? It’s just that some people seem to have a deep personal stake in her family being seriously wealthy and become obnoxious when challenged.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I think it’s more like you always get bent out of shape at the suggestion they are well off, as though it’s insulting to you in some way (similar to how you are insulted by any suggestion Donk is not 155 pounds).

            That’s always been my reading of it. You seem to think being a partner in a major law firm and pulling in possibly as much as a million a year, having a big (although ugly) lakefront home in a wealthy ‘hood and a condo in an exclusive downtown area of one of the biggest cities in the U.S. is just your average American’s existence. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but I wouldn’t characterize anyone taking issue with that as being “obnoxious.”

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            Jacy, YOU are the one who gets all butt hurt when internalizing the body snark.

            Is her father’s law firm really a major firm? Depending on how many partners, other employees, various expenses, they’d have to generate tens of millions of dollars every year, in order for her family to be super wealthy.

            Sorry, but she lives like someone from an upper middle class background, not super wealth. And just look at how the OMGLakefront home and OMGDowntown condo are decorated. On the cheap. Like people who overextended themselves on buying real estate and then can’t afford to put much into it. If there were antiques or other majorly expensive items in their homes, Donkey would’ve spent the last few years constantly posting pics.

            I’ve never said that they’re average, just not among the super wealthy. Upper middle class =/= average. Otherwise, they would’ve bought her an apartment in NY (just like Meghan Asha’s parents did), instead of yanking her back home when rent got too high.

            One person in particular seemed to have a stick up her ass, insisting that the Boogers are super wealthy.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            When have I EVER gotten hurt re: body snark? Because I don’t think the chick is fat, is that how you interpret that? I am the one who’s always going on about her bad legs.

            Nice try, though.

          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            Jacy got all butthurt when internalizing body snark? How did I miss that? I remember Jacy entering herself in the ugly feet comparison by posting a pic of her own, which seems pretty much the exact opposite of internalizing …

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            You missed it because it never happened. Not thinking Donk is a 160-lb, Size 14 heifer = internalizing body snark, apparently.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            You’re denying that you get all pissy every time pear shapes are brought up?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Yes, I am. You’re confusing me with someone else. Under your several old names, in addition to freaking out at any mention of Donk being a Republican, you used to constantly go on about how Donk was a huge, 160-lb pig. Which was laughable, and so yes, a few times I told you to give it a rest, because it was stupid. That is internalizing body snark? OK then.

          • Cora says:

            About heifers

            Table 1. Breed group averages for
            age and weight at puberty.1

            Weight at Age at
            Breed Group Puberty Puberty
            (lbs) (days)
            Jersey-x 518 308
            Hereford-Angus-x 622 357
            Red Poll-x 580 337
            South Devon-x 639 350
            Tarentaise-x 622 349
            Pinzgauer-x 611 334
            Saihwal-x 642 414
            Brahman-x 712 429
            Brown Swiss-x 615 332
            Gelbvieh-x 626 326
            Simmental-x 666 358
            Maine-Anjou-x 672 357
            Limousin-x 679 384
            Charolais-x 703 384
            Chianina-x 699 384

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            You’re confusing me with someone else.

            Sure, if you say so.

            But back to the relevant topic, here is info on her father’s law firm, from I don’t know how exact or reliable it is, but it claims that Schopf & Weiss has “annual revenue of $10 to 20 million and employs a staff of approximately 50 to 99.”

            Does that sound like a major law firm, especially in a fairly big city? Do you think that’s in line with her father bringing home $1,000,000 p.a.?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Even if it’s $500,000, they’re well off. I have no idea how much money the man makes, but I know someone suggested in here at one point that being a senior partner at that firm, and with a ton of speaking engagements every year, could certainly mean he’s pulling in that much a year. Even half a mill is far beyond what most Americans bring home in a year. And I think that’s all anyone has ever said on here; not that the Baughers are obscenely wealthy, and no one got obnoxious about it other than you. And by your logic, I guess that means it’s because you are clearly internalizing the snark and have millions to burn and take grave offence to any suggestion that the Baughers are in your league. Is that it? Who knows, but give it a rest, once more.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            I never said they’re not well off. Just not the serious wealth that she so desperately wants people to believe. Meghan Asha probably comes from that, but Donks does not. Isn’t part of the fun here poking holes in her lies and pretensions? Or only certain ones?

            I’m not in that super wealthy league, but I know and have known that type — people who own multi million dollar apartments, don’t sell their used Juicy sweats on craigslist, don’t shill for Cheesy Skillets — and the Boogers don’t fit.

            Again: I’ve never said they’re average, just that they’re not in the league she pretends they are.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Then I’ve misunderstood you and I apologize.

          • afghani says:

            Not to snark, but Dadster is not a partner in a major law firm, he’s a partner at midlaw. He probably makes more than some non-equity partner at Kirkland & Ellis, but he’s certainly not making Cleary/Wachtell/STB type of coin. Midlaw is generally very “you eat what you kill” at the partnership level, which is why there is more flux in among the partnership ranks (people taking their clients/cases and going elsewhere).

          • afghani says:

            I also do agree that the Baugher parents are “well off”. But I agree with other posters who have said that they really aren’t wealthy in the sense that the Parikh (Megtard’s parents) or other of Julia’s “”friends”” are. Julia should’ve appreciated her standard of living, but instead, she was (apparently from an early age) jealous and pissed that other people at school had wealthier parents.

            I don’t think anyone denies that the Baugher parents have done well, the claim is instead that they aren’t Masters of the Universe and this bothers Julia. Plus, Julia’s dad is very sheepish and prior to Goat Soap she would’ve never dated a pushover… which is what makes the last month or two so pathetic. She’s pretending to be happy about dating someone she secretly loathes.

          • juliaspublicist says:

            All I got from this is Donkey is fat and I am poor. The simple answer is this: There is no way Julia can live the way she does solely on the income of the “jobs” she had. The tech column barely pulled in a couple hundred per column if industry standards are to be believed and Miss Advised would have paid her around $2500 and episode for an untested reality show. She has a trust or inheritance of some sort.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:


          • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

            I contend that D0nkey lives off of the interest of a settlement* which Dad$er had 20-some-odd-years to invest & grow.

            *Surely someone left her in a closed-up vehicle & caused irreparable brain damage, amirite?

          • too many user names says:

            Neferteeri, I am smack dab between Julia’s parent’s residences in one of the most exclusive parts of Illinois. “Slumming it” in their neighborhood is a little 2 bedroom, 1 bath ranch for $750,000. The lakefront manor is prob closer to $2M. Downtown condo is at least $1M, again in one of the best parts of the city. A $3M real estate portfolio is not middle class. And they seem super conservative financially to me, because they’re old money wasps! That’s how they roll.

          • Albie Quirky says:

            They’re not old money WASPs. Pettifogger’s father was a doctor, and he and Aunt Vicky grew up upper middle class in the house NGMB lived in until her death, which is worth less than $500,000.

            Yeah, Pettifogger seems to have made out well financially, given the values of the lakefront retirement home and the downtown condo, but that’s not going to put him in “old money WASP” territory.

          • (yes, she was one) says:

            My take: They have more money than most Americans, but not fuck you money. THAT is what drives Donk crazy and pushes her to fawn over boring shit like private jets.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            Then I’ve misunderstood you and I apologize.

            Thank you. I truly appreciate that!

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            My take: They have more money than most Americans, but not fuck you money. THAT is what drives Donk crazy and pushes her to fawn over boring shit like private jets.

            Exactly. They do well enough so that Donkey doesn’t have to work, but not well enough so that she can clomp around in luxury. And her background is that she comes from enough money to have seen what the big fuck you money life looks like (from the outside), and tries to emulate it, in her uniquely inept manner.

            Again, as for the Boogers’ homes, I believe they may have poured much of their worth into buying them, but not so much inside. Their decor isn’t frugal, it’s downright cheap. Even old money WASPs have at least some special heirlooms, and you know that if they had any, Donkey would’ve long ago posted a zillion Instagram pics of them, with embellished details of their history and value.

      • These Hooves Were Made for Walking says:

        She is not an investor in TaskRabbit and most likely not in any other startup. As I posted before: (not listed as an investor) (not listed at all — she sucks at tech) (not listed) (self-listed)

        She might qualify to join a friends & family round, but that is both risky and quite competitive in the Bay Area. If JABs was smart, she would have found some way to invest even just $10k in a friend like Brit super early on… dumb as that girl is, Brit+Co (or whatever it is now) will probably get “acqhired.”

        But, alas, (not an investor)

        • These Hooves Were Made for Walking says:

          (note: she’ll get acqhired because someone wants to befriend her husband or similar connection, not because she has a single good idea)

        • SirClompsAlot says:

          That bio on CrunchBase is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Love how she sticks it to her dad at the end. So klassy!

          Someone please explain to me how she’s had 400 TV appearances and I’ve never seen her on one thing other than Miss Assvice?

          • Albie Quirky says:

            Lie math.

            But she did use to be on TV a lot when she worked for STAR.

          • (yes, she was one) says:

            I think she also counts every re-run of her segments. So of she did one slot on “Showbiz Tonight,” which was re-run 29 times on the day and again on the weekend edition (you know how they do this), she would count it as 30 appearances. Doesn’t take long to get to 400 using Donkey math.

  7. Prof. F Camping says:

    tim ferret is also an investor in taskrabbit.
    i predict the swift departure (“move to guam”) of twinkerballs mcdrama. i mean, dude does not have $25-100k to drop on “6-12 startups a year” like dave morin + co. julie wants to be a princess and an angel (investor) and goatsoap can’t get her there.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Thanks for the fix!! What did she suggest you do with tights? I couldn’t be arsed to go find it because I remember it made me kind of want to heave at the time.

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Wrap presents in tights.

        Use used yoga mats for wine corks, wrap presents in used tights. Girlfriend’s got a thing for stank, I guess.

        • How Brayella got Her Hoove Back says:

          Speaking of Brit Moron’s stank, is she taking money laundering to a whole new level or what? How she got funding is beyond me.

        • Greg says:

          Speaking of stanky yoga mats, and please tell me if there is a better place to ask this, do any of you catpeeps do Bikram yoga and/or have any tips about it?

          • Psychotic Today says:

            I like it but only do it during the winter. Hell for me is 100 degree weather inside and outside of a studio. Make sure you are hydrated before going in. I’d also suggest wearing shorts and a tank top. Bring your own matt. Clean your matt. DO NOT use the matt to make wine corks. Otherwise enjoy!

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Bring a huge bottle of cold water. Wear shorts and a tank. The first 10 minutes are hell. But if you keep drinking water, suddenly it feels really good. Your muscles get really supple and malleable. You find yourself able to do things with ease that you struggle with during regular yoga. It’s kind of magical. And you feel great after. But seriously — you will want to leave for the first 10 minutes.

          • Greg says:

            Thanks! I’m going to try a class this week.

          • Not! Random! says:

            The first half is the worst and you wonder how you are possibly going to make it to the end. The second half is spent on the mat and is much easier. Afterwards, you feel like you got a facial and a massage.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Yes, your skin and muscles feel fantastic.

          • Ass Baughers Syndrome says:

            Bikram yoga made me cry, literally. I wanted t leave and throw up but the teacher made me stay. Afterward I went to te bathroom and boo hooed.. So embarrassing. But felt great driving home and all night.

          • Lily's 3rd Eye says:

            Bikram is THE BEST I have been doing it for years. off and on I am in an ‘on’ phase right now and I am currently addicted. It has made me cry a lot, I was dredging up a lot of emotional shite, but it is the best physical/ emotional/ spiritual workout I have ever had. Here is my advice. 1. Don’t go if you are super hungover or caffeinated. 2. Wear sports bra and shorts, nothing else, it is hot as FUCK. If you feel fat dressed like that, its a great place and way to get over it and love yourself.
            3. eat lightly 3 hours before, don’t eat heavy things before you go. If you get hungry before drink coconut water, which is also great to drink during class if you are a newbie, it has electrolytes yum.
            4. don’t worry about skipping poses if you feel dizzy, take it at it your own pace. No one is watching.
            5. If you are new, you will be tempted to stay in the back row, and sigh and moan and exchange OFMG glances with others there , but it will help your practice a lot if you come to the font row, use the mirror, and CONCENTRATE. Let yourself float through it with concentration and let it be less social more meditative. Breathe through your nose, and don’t forget to breathe all the way through.
            5. if if you meditate 15 mins a day your practice will improve exponentially.
            5. It was hell for me for a long time , then I had a ‘click’, now it is mostly just fun and really no effort, it really challenged me to let go of suffering on very level- and it worked! (-:

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          I find a used tampon makes a pretty bow.

          And used toilet paper? Why, it’s like an organic, biodegradable post-it note!

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      Sean Parker also seems to have a financial interest.

  8. EyeRoller says:

    What a power player.

    Look at that picture. Tip for your next name tag, Donkey: There’s two “l”s in your last name.

    • Random Snowflake says:

      That’s awesome! She’s so important they fucked up her middle last name.. haha 🙂

    • Greg says:

      Look how giant her ham hock hand looks too!

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      fucking lol. lulz for days on this one. my first time using instead of tinypic. seems less rapey. let’s see if it works….


      • Leased D-Class TaskRabbit "boyfriend" (Formerly Floppy) says:

        Why does her hand look bigger than both of their heads combined???

      • (yes, she was one) says:

        The real WTF is why the fuck she is at F8, an event for people who actually create shit – developers who build technology, entrepreneurs with actual companies, brands and agencies that build on Facebook capabilities to connect with customers in a meaningful way. I mean, I know this oozing anal blister got in because of Randi (RIP yet another “sister” friendship), but it really makes FB look fucking ridiculous. Even worse that this douche happily posed with her.

        I really hate these people. So glad I left the Valley when I did.

        • Who do you think you are? says:

          Her agenda can be boiled down to these two things:
          -bragging about the places she goes & people she knows
          -husband hunting

          She offers nothing to the world (except unintended lulz), and cares about nothing in the world (except for the above bullets).

          • says:

            She has to continually traipse around to avoid being wherever she is (I know it makes no sense but it’s Donkey logic); any coattail opportunity will suffice.

          • DollFuckDate says:

            All that’s come out of it for a long time is free rainbow tutus

            Not really much of a return for all that effort

        • EyeRoller says:

          She covers fashion @ tech conferences, silly!

        • SirClompsAlot says:

          I’m beginning to think our Donkey is a professional seat-filler on the conference circuit. Like a real-life equivalent of bought Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers.

          • SirClompsAlot says:

            That’s bought/bot likes and followers!

          • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

            It would be great if Donkey started going to those sleazy academic conferences I get spammed about on my institutional email all the time. For-profit conferences on “international human unity” in Madrid, that kind of thing.

          • Prof. F Camping says:

            tl;dr, i know exactly what you are talking about, probably because i get the same emails!

  9. Dr. Gary says:

    How exhausting to go through life with a constant (continual?) agenda. Everything you do, say or post online is a calculated move. Never a spontaneous moment. Just settling scores, OBO-ing, proving a point, winning an argument, punishing parents/family members/ex-boyfriends/”friends”.

    What a terrible life.

    • Greg says:

      I keep thinking about that a lot. Exhausting. It is really sad and obvious and pathetic, all wrapped up in pink sparkly glitter and GF cupcakes. I’m ~10 years older and she is still a cautionary tale to me.

    • Grammarian says:

      i was in a meeting with a bitch like that today, twirling her hair, shaking her booty. it was interesting to see which men fell for it, which were over it; the women were all hotter and just bored

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      How the hell does she just kick back and relax? I know how I relax. It involves a warm sponge and my clinical obesity (they don’t call me “Rolls” for nothing). But her?

      I imagine taking a dump for her is a nightmare because it’s the two minutes out of the day where no one sees a tit-thrust.

      • mule on rouge says:

        How did the constipated mathematician solve her problem? She worked it out with a pencil.

      • juliapublicist says:

        I think you are low balling it when you say two minutes. And thank you for that. Now I am wondering how many of the tweets I’ve reblogged orinated from Princess Liquid Shits porcelain throne.


    • EyeRoller says:


    • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

      The whole thing is just a sham and it will catch up with her. I think we are seeing some of it now. Most anybody of any consequence has got her number and they aren’t calling.

      • Stinky Velour Couture says:

        I’m not so sure about that—I’ve been reading here for YEARS and it’s Still. Going. On….
        Lost all hope that she will see the light.
        Just scheme-juices & NPD.

        • Grifty Shades of Bray says:

          Thanks. I am new here just since the end of Diss Advised, so it is good to get perspective from some of the veteran catpeeps.

  10. juliapublicist says:

    Ugh. I forgot she went to F8 despite not belonging there.

  11. SchadenfreudianSlip says:

    During this boring Donkey period I wasted a few minutes to do some research to find what happened to Flusher Price. A couple of interesting tweets. Here’s a guy asking about AirBnB. Her response seems particularly telling.

    Mike Anderson ‏@mikeyanderson
    Have any of you ever used AirBNB? Do you recommend?

    12 Sep Julia Price ‏@JuliaPriceMusic
    @mikeyanderson yes!! It’s been perfect every single time. Hosts are always awesome, places were cute and clean. Haven’t been let down yet 🙂

    Is it not odd that she doesn’t mention that she and her bestie BFF sister roomie are using it to rent out their place?

    Then there’s this one about her brother moving to LA.

    Julia Price ‏@JuliaPriceMusic
    Little brother is officially a California boy for the next few months for MTV internship! Been doing the apartment hunt all day. Ohhh boy

    Apartment hunting? But why? Doesn’t she have her room in the MDR Donkpad open and paid for?

    Finally, if her brother moved to LA, isn’t this something Donkey would normally go on and on about?

    Not friends.

  12. Banister says:

    Yes the parents are well off

    But it’s professional earned wealth not many generations of handed down wealth

    Particularly telling is the utter dullness of the parentall lifestyle totally lacking any activities of interest that come with disposable income no trips abroad photo safaris cruises around the world season tickets etc

    Professional class people of eir generation and age could fairly easily attain their assets but its not the third generation cottage on the main line with the rusted Volvo

    None of it matters unless you think it does and then it can matter a lot

    Redneck millionaires whose kids i used to know who made their money selling auto parts do more interesting things than these people

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      This. I’ve always wondered why, beyond some kind of psychopathology, Donkey shows zero interest in the world. Most people have at least one thing that excites them beyond their job & family (and truthfully, I think neither job nor family is of much interest to her). Travel, art, music, food, community service, etc. Growing up privileged (can we at least agree that however you categorize her family’s wealth, she is, at least, privileged?) you’d think she would have had comparatively more opportunities to experience the world, along with an education and intelligent family who challenged her beliefs and supported her interests.

      • DollFuckDate says:

        Yes. Go see the world if you have the time and money.

      • Stinky Velour Couture says:

        This— see all of her trips to a foreign country. Seems as though Julie could barely stand it. Denmark= boring, VolvoSwedenFreebie=hot-tub. For a GTown grad it’s such a shame, SHAM.

  13. Banister says:

    Also re start ups and being an angel or investor there’s the category of getting paid a little cash and some equity at the very early stages and that mostly turns out to be worth exactly zero but once in a while it pays out so anyone who has been around start ups can easily say I had equity in two three five but maybe one paid anything at all. That’s way different from being an investor or angel

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