Donk Trying Desperately To Get Back In Randi Zuckerberg’s Circle

From someone in the know in our comments:

KK (EDS: Frenemy Krystal Kahler, also known as Danish Mary) reports that Donkey wants Asha to intervene with RZ to get her back in her inner circle. JA is determined to have RZ help her increase the number of fb friends again, this time for the Miss Advised page. Asha has become close with RZ recently. This makes a Donkey jealous.

All I have to say is poor Meghannaise. Imagine the relentless harassment.

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333 Responses to Donk Trying Desperately To Get Back In Randi Zuckerberg’s Circle

  1. Second Fridge says:

    All this schemeyness will not get your boring-ass show a second season, Julie.

    • Rosalie says:

      I can’t believe she’d even want one since she hasn’t come across well.

      • It floats! It floats! says:

        It is difficult to believe she’d want a second season, but what else does she have going on? She can only hope for a second season with a better edit.

      • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

        She has nothing else to do. Being on the show at least gives her something to do all day besides sleep and Google herself.

        They even give her a fake job to boot!

      • SchadenfreudianSlip says:

        Hasn’t come across so well? You think that’s what she sees?

        Reminder, she is a sociopath. She doesn’t see what you and I see.

        She sees the Twitter fawning and praise from the other loonies out there. That’s it. She is a TV star. People like her. They look up to her. They relate to her. She is their role model, their spokesperson.

        She doesn’t see any failure in this at all. She sees 600,000+ viewers and Twitter fawning by the dozens.

        Of course she wants a second season. That’s all she needs, she is convinced, to become the huge star she is supposed to be.

        • Do you think she is that deluded, or is it possibly all a facade? She must know that she doesn’t have any real friends, right? Or deluded donkey is completely delusional?

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            Deluded. Just look at how she dresses and truly believes that she is a HOTHOTHOT tall waif who should be a supermodel.

          • Yeah, I mean, you’re absolutely right. It’s just amazing to me that someone went through all of this trouble to get internet famous, then pissed all over anyone who helped her to get there, acts like an asshole all the time, but still genuinely believes that people love her. Completely fucking delusional.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            That’s nothing. You should see what an odious, entitled twat she was to the “little people” when she was at the (not brief enough) peak of her “career.” Bitch really thought she was on her way to superstardom when she was at Star (after all, the woman who had the job before her got a full-time gig at Fox News…but she’s smart, works hard, and is liked by people) and assumed she was on the cusp of fame, fortune, and rich hot guys falling all over her.

          • I’ve been catching up on older posts and am learning about the shittier sides of da donx. Still completely fascinated that she is able to get “work” after everything she’s done…

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            Just shows how lazy employers truly are. The slightest bit of due diligence would keep her out of newsrooms and tv studios throughout the free world.

      • I think she’s still convinced she’s America’s reality-show twee sweetheart.

      • Dyspeptic says:

        She HAS to have a 2nd season. End of story. Otherwise it’s back on the Howesian grifter trail for our poor Donks, and we know how sad Indio/condo that would be.

    • Cocoloco says:

      RZ has her own Bravo show coming out in the fall. I imagine The Donk will try and straddle both shows for extra annoyance.

  2. Donkeycam now! says:

    Oh, the cellulite!

    Must avert eyes… now….

  3. Bravo's Bitch says:

    Totally OT but I had a giggle this morning and had to share. I got hair extensions last month and a couple have fallen out so I keep them in a plastic bag inside my purse until I go back to the salon. This morning I pointed it out to my man cat by yelling “Look, it’s a handbag stuffed with hair”. He didn’t get it but whatever.

  4. Andy Whorehol says:

    I still don’t understand what exactly that outfit she was wearing in that shoot was really all about. Country Bumpkin City Chic? Daisy Mae in the City? Cowgirl-Meets-Country Club?
    I’m not really sure about Mary’s outfit/hair either, but at least she looks elegant in comparison to the Idiot in a Tennis Skirt. Megtard looks cute-yet-boring as usual. Nice shoes though.
    That whole Facebook Gangsta thing was ridiculous. Is that still a thing? Considering they once considered Nonsociety a thing, I’m hoping that’s no longer a thing as well.

    Otherwise: Run, Megtard, RUN!!!
    I remember how private she wanted to be and how Donk kept pushing her to put it all out there and look like a fellow online, oversharing imbecile. Now look at how Meghan is associated with the Donk forever and ever via Google: there’s only so much scrubbing that Reputation Defender can do, Megs. Once you sleep with the Donk, you’re stuck with the Donk stain for eternity!

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      I just wonder what white rap star wound up missing the garden gnome. Maybe they sneaked it back? Or perhaps they are passing him around from international location to international location and sending Vanilla Ice postcards that read “HELP ME YOU TALENTLESS DRIED UP FUCK, I AM STILL KIDNAPPED”.

      Such wacky gals.

  5. RollsRoyceRevenge says:

    Things more likely than Julia returning to Randi’s Inner Circle*

    Julia undergoes committed schedule of professional therapy
    Empire State Building runs away
    TJ voted Governor of Utah
    Bret acquires significant watercress experience
    Amy devours and digests chicken pot pie
    Annie Tralalalala has reflection visible in mirror
    Mary Rambin posts musings after hitting “spell check”
    Emily has sex
    Triffids attack Gawker offices; are repelled by personality of current editorial staff
    JP and I shack up and start buying bed linens

    *inner circle consists of husband, baby, teeth and Rent-A-Retinue’s Saturday Special.

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

      “Emily has sex”

      Yes. I remain convinced that the talking about sex nonstop at the age of 40 routine is cover for being nearly asexual.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        Any time anyone blathers on about how much sex they have a little red flag goes up in my mind that reads “check for cobwebs.”

        I understand having discussions with close friends about sex-related issues, but past that the unconvinced, I haz it.



    • bitchface says:

      Julia Allison’s show is a hit and she’s a star… Randi yellerteeth would come running. Trust.

    • CDB says:

      Amex gets a payment

    • Imminent Meltdown says:

      I’d vote for TJ as Governor of Utah.

      • Imminent Meltdown says:

        Wait, We are talking about TJ “The A-List” Kelly, right?
        Cause I would vote TinyToiletJulia off the West Coast in a heartbeat.

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          Yeah–A-List TJ.

          I am not sure Toilet is old enough to run for public office, not counting whatever fire department would be necessary if she lights a ciggie too close to the plastic pelts.

          • Dyspeptic says:

            actually for a moment I thought it was lit-bro TK who was proposed for public office, and I quite enjoyed that.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      a most satisfying list of things that will never, ever, ever in a billion years happen.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        I dunno. I showed a picture of a gorilla to the Empire State Building and I’m pretty sure the lobby twitched.

  6. Ineffably Adverbial (Return of the Eyebrows of Fury) says:

    I miss the days of limited watercress experience so much.

    • Ineffably Adverbial (Return of the Eyebrows of Fury) says:

      This was supposed to be in response to RRR. ss, sf.

  7. Can-Swiss says:

    The longer the Donk-show goes on the sadder it gets (and I don’t mean Miss Advised).

  8. KashMoney says:

    it’s not like Old Yeller and JAB had a misunderstanding. JAB consciously and maliciously betrayed her AND HER HUSBAND not only in public but in MEDIA.

    It’s things like this that make me doubt my narcissist diagnosis and start to agree with the sociopath one–especially her attempt to use Megatard as a puppet to further…what? FB fans?

    • Narcissism is one of the traits of a sociopath though, right? I would have to agree about her being a sociopath– no one goes through “friends” like that, or leaks personal information about herself to the press, without having some serious, seriously deeply embedded issues.

      • Cocoloco says:

        My (albeit) limited understading of narcissism is that it deals more with physical things a person does to gain attention (arms flapping around, louder than everyone else’s voice) which def is a characteristc among sociopaths. I think you can be a narcissist but not necessarily be a sociopath. I’m not sure you can be a sociopath without be a narcissist though. Curious of everyone’s take on that. I have been researching white collar sociopaths for the two years. (from the boardroom to the bedroom) It seems to be extremely underdiagnosed in the workplace today. Hope to one day fix that-ha!

        • Yeah, you’re right– sociopaths all exhibit narcissism, but not all narcissists are sociopaths.

          I dated a sociopath once, briefly. One of the worst experiences of my life. Extreme inflated sense of self, compulsive liar, superficially charming. UGH

          This runs it down pretty well:

          • Cocoloco says:

            Congratulations for only dating him and finding out quickly! I married one (briefly). I do think with all the reality shows it is highlighting sociopaths more (because they love the spotlight and usually lack any talent or skill) but we are seeing more and more women. Please forgive the Bravo reference, but Taylor Armstrong from RHOBH is a classic sociopath. I’d love to put she and Donk in a room together-they’d suck the air out so quickly! And we could throw Casey Anthony in for good measure.

          • I’m a Bravo nut, so no need to apologize. Teresa Guidice’s husband Joe is another sociopath. He once told Albie and Chris that his brain was better than god’s brain. Yeah, okay. Not to mention all the lying and cheating people out of their money.

            I kinda feel bad for Taylor. She seems so sad, and I’m sure the abuse she sustained did nothing for her lack of self-esteem.


            Joe Giudice might have some other character problem, but he’s not a sociopath. And he was drunk out of his mind when he made that comment about his brain being better than God’s.

        • Profile of the Sociopath, let’s see how she compares to the list of attributes:

          Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”- CHECK

          They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims. – CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

          Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.- CHECK

          Changes life story readily.- CHECK

          Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.- CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

          Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.- CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

          Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.- CHECK, CHECK

          Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.- CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

          Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.- CHECK, CHECK, CHECK

      • melting marionette says:

        From ICD-10:

        F30.1: Mania without psychotic symptoms

        Definition: Mood is elevated out of keeping with the patient’s circumstances and may vary from carefree joviality to almost uncontrollable excitement. Elation is accompanied by increased energy, resulting in overactivity, pressure of speech, and a decreased need for sleep. Attention cannot be sustained, and there is often marked distractibility. Self-esteem is often inflated with grandiose ideas and overconfidence. Loss of normal social inhibitions may result in behaviour that is reckless, foolhardy, or inappropriate to the circumstances, and out of character.

        F30.0 (Hypomania) also fits.

  9. Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

    Why does Megan even put herself in a position to be used by a Donkey? If she’s in RZ’s inner circle, then she’s won. Why fuck it up by doing Donkey’s bidding?

    Donkey went after Randi’s husband. The end. She is not going to be let back in. Also, Randi now has to watch her back a little more closely, PR wise. I don’t think she wants to get caught upping Donkey’s FB page.

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      PS, Donkey must know it’s a critical time for the show – a huge uptick in FB followers might help b/c the show is on the bubble.

      She is sooooooo fucking desperate.

      • KashMoney says:

        i don’t think it’s on the bubble, i think there is close to zero chance for it being renewed.

        the fun begins in august after this turd is done airing and JAB has nothing nothing nothing to do. wait until Flusher Price bolts, this gonna be good!

        • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

          They say Pregnant in Heels gets the same ratings and that has been renewed.

          That said, I think PIH is more on brand for Bravo than Miss Advised is and the people who hate Miss Advised are passionate on the FB page for saying so. Bravo also dumped it in the summer which says, “Do not want.” They also did zero ZERO promotion for it – they barely update their FB page and this past weeks episode got 5 FIVE (LOL) comments on the message board!

          The biggest reason for it to die is if it’s taking viewers away from WWHL with it’s poor ratings.

          But with Donkey going on WWHL… I wonder…

        • Queen Neferteeri says:

          I’m not a TV insider, but the only way I can imagine that shitshow being renewed is with a new cast of nutty, desperate women w/o any sense of self-awareness. We already know that Amy is an uptight hag, Emily talks a good game about sex but doesn’t follow through, and Donkey is just batshit. Who would want a second season, when most humans are already tired of the same boring antics from these three? Bringing in three new crazies is the only way I can see this going another season and even then, I doubt it’ll work.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      There is no fucking way Randi will ever deal with her again. The leak to Gawker about the birthday falling-out was her fatal mistake. She should have sucked it up–they’d at least be on speaking terms.

      • bitchface says:

        she sent Julia flowers….. so there’s not that much seething hatred there

        • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

          Those iris’ were about as impressive as the Stop and Shop birthday bouquet wrapped in cellophane that Toilet Julia, Lewis Howes and Taryn got for Donkey on her birthday.

          It screamed “bare minimum.”

          • bitchface says:

            still sent flowers though… not someone who is afraid/hating on someone else

            Ulterior motives aside and all.

          • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

            Point taken. I do think Randi is as much of a fame whore as Donkey and probably wanted her bases covered in case the show was a hit.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


            “Hmm, there is the very slight chance that deranged bint will somehow wind up famous due to her reality show. In which case I (am Curious (Teeth)) will send her some flowers on the off chance that future parley with her becomes desirable.”

            /rubs hands together, laughs suggestively


          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Damn, the image thing didn’t work.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:


        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          The list of people I have sent flowers to and the list of people I never want to see again are not quite the same list, but close enough for rock and roll. And not just because some of them were flowers sent to funerals so therefore if I saw them again I am either dead myself or being attacked by zombies.

          I like you, I mail you refrigerated same-day delivery cheesecake. Trust.

          • bitchface says:

            awwww i hope it was white chokky rasbewwy!!!

            dag, whath a girl gotta do to get a kith around here……

          • Sake Bombardier says:

            Dang, that is a great gift idea. Of all the people on the Interwebs I could choose to have a lifestyle blog, it would be RRR. I have so many questions.

            Do you send people anything on their anniversaries? Is it really OK to send handwritten thank-you notes after job interviews (I always send business letters)? How do I semi-gracefully stop giving birthday gifts? What is a good-enough excuse to skip Christmas for one who can’t blame it on a partner or work commitment?

            Teach me your ways!

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Your wish is my command:

            It depends. I make a point of sending a small household gift for a first anniversary, because I think it’s nice to let close friends know you remember the wedding too; paper is the traditional gift for the first anniversary and nice notecards or a small journal is appropriate, although I also interpret “paper” to mean “books”—guidebooks, cookbooks, novels, whatever I think they’ll be interested in.

            The handwritten note for a job interview has always personally struck me as twee, but it is far more commonly used (at least in the arts, publishing and education arena). Write and send what you feel comfortable with but avoid e-mail if possible.

            A bottle of booze or a small box of nice choccies is inexpensive, always appreciated, can be used the night of any gathering and is my b-day gift of choice for anyone over college age.

            Luckily, December is a month when many people pick up 24-hour viruses and throw up all over the place. I am not suggesting you lie through your teeth, so be sure to shovel the driveway naked during the first cold snap and you should be all set with an excuse everyone will be eager to accept.

          • Sake Bombardier says:

            RRR, thank you from the bottom of my frosty, hate-filled heart.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            You are quite welcome.

            Just to elucidate: I do not send anniversary gifts after the first year. You do not want to wind up being the person who remembers the anniversary if one of the married couple happens to blank on it.

            “You couldn’t remember our special day? That cunt of a car managed to remember!”

            I sometimes ask outright if a b-day person would like a gift, particularly if the party is at a hotel/restaurant/anywhere where the host/ess would have to schelp my largesse home. Most times the response is “Oh, no! Just your company, thanks!” Those who respond “yes,” and e-mail you a web-link to Tiffany’s are either sleeping with you or possibly worth dropping from your set.

            It occurred to me re: Xmas, you may live in Florida, in which case sickness can always be blamed on the poisonous bite of the deadly flying tarantula bat-head moose bird thing or whatever it is that lives in the swamps. Couldn’t bear to look, really. Icky poo.

          • Sake Bombardier says:

            It’s really a pity that no one in my real life understands why I’ll now be saying, “That cunt of a car managed to remember!” whenever they forget something.

            I am in a warmer clime so I’ll be looking around for man-eating venus flytraps or some-such.

        • Albie Quirky says:

          She took 30 seconds to tell an assistant to send $40 worth of flowers. Sounds more like hedging her bets by acting professional to someone who could possibly become influential than a big reconciliation.

          • Donkeycam Now! says:

            Maybe she was getting tired of Donks’ voicemails and decided to send her flowers to shut her up.

            Randi has moved on to bigger and better things and I don’t see her going back to Donks.

  10. Who do you think you are? says:

    No “Randi’s friendship is important to me” or “I have many regrets about how our friendship ended”? It’s only about Facebook followers?

    Donkey, how normal and emotionally healthy of you! You’ve learned so much!

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      Right? I always love these grand proclamations about how much she has changed… only to be the same cunt just weeks later.

      I also find it so funny that we are supposed to be so invested in her journey. She cries with Annie Lalalalalala one week – loves her advice and vows to take it… but this week, she runs in a new grifters direction and will instead disavow everything Annie told her for a new approach. Mmmmm ‘kay.

    • Andy Whorehol says:

      Randi has her own Bravo reality shitshow to worry about promoting now. After the laughable reactions/non-reactions to “Miss Advised”, RZ would be wise to keep that distance from the Donk!!

      • Cocoloco says:

        Rumor has it Donk ‘suggested’ RZ to Bravo. They hired a few new producers for show development (Andy pushing Real Housewives retreads is not only wearing thin on the American public Bravo isn’t too happy, he’s starting to believe his own hype). Sorry not an Andy fan. He tries so too hard to fit into the NY inner circle. Early on he brought Jill Zarin and Kelly (what ever the fuck her name was) to a Hamptons party thinking it was a great idea. Everyone hates those broads. Back fired and he got blacklist from the good parties. Now he just makes his money off of them and tries to let everyone know he’s much better. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

        • Albie Quirky says:

          That rumor would have been started by Julie Albertson herself. As if Bravo needed her to tell them about Mark Zuckerberg’s attention-hog wannabe media celebrity sister!

          • Cocoloco says:

            Hahah I’m sure you are right. Miss Andy is right in their wheel house though. Desperate for the love of those with money and status. He was told in order to gain acceptance in that community he couldn’t mingle with the help (housewives). Is there a link to what JA did to RZ? (again, sorry new but I’ll try to get up to speed quickly-promise)

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          I have heard that Donk has been spreading rumors about how much coin Randi made from Facebook’s public offering, and that it got back to Randi and she wasn’t too pleased about it.

          • Dyspeptic says:

            diamond cut diamond, grrrls. It will be fascinating to see this unlikely friendship that’s no longer a friendship play out to the last gasp.

    • KS says:

      And not even real followers. This whole thing epitomizes how shallow and superficial she is. Who cares if you have real friends, it’s all about the numbers?

      For a social media expert (ha) she misses the whole point of having REAL fans; to engage them. Just because your fairy godmother Randi can wave a wand and forcibily violate a TOS and convert your -stans fans to Miss Advised fans doesn’t mean you actually HAVE fans. It means nothing! It’s like a smoke and mirror parlor trick that might impress your Mom but no one who matters cares. You think the first thing Andy Cohen is going to say on WWHL is “WOW Julia, you have a lot of Facebook friends!” Bitch Please.

      Popularity contest: ur doin it wrong.

  11. Life is unfair says:

    Does this mean Danish Mary won’t be invited to the NYC viewing party on Monday?

  12. Albie Quirky says:

    I want to know why Christine Kelly is still speaking to Julie.

  13. rankles the jankles says:

    Jordan Reid ‏@ramshackleglam
    Weekly Chinese food, rose and #missadvised date with Morgan. #loveit

    • Princess WideStance says:

      I’d love to see Jordan’s facial reactions when watching this show. She must have some pretty traumatic flashbacks.

      • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

        It’d be something like this: o_O

        • Princess WideStance says:


      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Hope she’s on the lookout for her tiara!

        • Dr. Gary says:

          can you imagine her watching the show and seeing her tiara? wonder what she would do?

          did you guys ever get any inside intel on this?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            No, just strong suspicions from those in her circle. No smoking gun.

          • KS says:

            Not to get all Fox News about it but I’ve never heard a denial about the incident from Donkey. The whole thing is insane, stealing a tiara from someone’s apartment? Either Jordon lost it and made up the story to save face or Donkey really did take it!

            To me it’s far and away one of the most psychotic things she’s ever done.

    • Freeloading Musketeers says:

      So do we think Jordan watches it for the lulz, or that she is stupid enough to be trying to get back into Julia’s good graces?

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        No way is she trying to get back in with Donk.

        • Freeloading Musketeers says:

          Yeah I’m no fan of Jordan’s, but I never got the impression she was the type to go after strategic “friendships.”

          • DSM-V: JFA Edition says:

            What??? Of course she is. Why do u think she latched to dOnk in the first place? Puleaseee

          • Freeloading Musketeers says:

            I’ve always thought of Jordan as one of those naive people who always tries to see the good in people. Also, I would have described the latching to come more from Julia than Jordan. Maybe I’m wrong, but she’s never given me any reason to think she’s a schemer. I’ve always felt that as a person, she wasn’t so bad, but as a blogger, she’s awful.

        • Queen Neferteeri says:

          She doesn’t need to. Unlike Donks, Jordan is actually making money and creating a brand for herself off of blogging. I recently saw her in a Dove ad when I was on Facebook.

          • Fuck Off Fangirl says:

            Jordan shills for Dove. You rag on Julia for shilling but it’s okay for Jordan to do it. Hypocrite.

            She’s making such a great living, that’s why Kendrick’s salary and his parents are buying their house.

            You stupid fangirl.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Calm down, Kevin!

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Uh … I’m guessing because Jordan is transparent about her shilling? Makes no secret that she’s on the payroll?

            Indeed, calm down, Kevin … or Julia, whoever you are.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            I’m no fangirl. Hard to be a fan when you have major contempt for a person. But her face popped up in an ad, not Donkey’s. I took a quick look at her site and she seems to have managed to get some shill deals – something Lardo can’t do.

          • Miss Mix a Lot says:

            Yeah, Jordan is very open about her deals with companies. Also, I think her blogging has improved.

      • virgil reid says:

        thats a good question but i think based on the birthday chicken comment it’s mostly for lulz.

        • Freeloading Musketeers says:

          What was the birthday chicken comment? My apologies, I’ve had to take breaks from RBNS so I’ve missed a lot lately.

          • Freeloading Musketeers says:

            errr, RBD. I don’t like change.

            And while I’m the subject of change, I really need a new handle. Mine just doesn’t make sense anymore.

          • virgil reid says:

            so basically during julia’s birthday in NYC i believe, they threw her a “birthday dinner” party which she pretended was all for her which im pretty sure was actually a dinner party she crashed. anyway, the hostess brought out a chicken with birthday candles because it was obvious that julia must have whined and complained enough that they did the full house thing of going along with the pretend birthday party using random things around the apartment.

            anyway, jordan fits into this because maybe a day or two later she makes a chicken, posts a pic of it on twitter with the line of “now that is a birthday chicken” referencing the fact that RBD made fun of julias birthday chicken aka she laughing at julia too.

          • Freeloading Musketeers says:

            Ahh thanks. I caught the original birthday chicken incident, but missed Jordan’s contribution. Good for her.

      • Albie Quirky says:


      • Who do you think you are? says:

        Def lulz. I’m a Ramshackle reader, for better or worse. I’m outside her demographic and I find some of her writing annoying but I have really responded to some of her longer, more personal essays (like why she and Kendrick are moving out of the city). I can’t hate her – even though she’s involved in a mish-mash of shills I do believe she is trying to go at it honestly and that she feels like she’s found something she enjoys & feels passionate about, even if it’s lifestyle blogging, and she treats her commenters with respect.

        • One Fat Melman says:

          Agreed 100%.

        • braydaycray says:

          I agree, although even moreso. I know there are a lot of reason to hate any lifestyle blogger, but I really do love Jordan.


          I can’t support Jordan anymore because of the issue with her dog’s eye. But she does seem like a well meaning person who was fooled by Julia at first and it also seems like her and Kenny have a good relationship. As far as the shilling of crap, I think a certain amount of that is basically necessary to make a “living” as a blogger.

          • G$'s Paddleboat to Hell - R.I.P says:

            This is a story I have missed out on. What is the deal with her dog’s eye? I know (s)he’s missing one, but I don’t know the backstory.

  14. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    OT: (Twitter-follower-growth related though, so bear w/ me)

    Since I got up at 5:00 a.m., I’ve been following the Aurora, CO shooting incident — early on, as soon as I’d heard the name “Jessica Redfield”, I’d wondered if she was the same JR I knew of (TX connection, etc), & had pulled up her Twitter page (& consequently left it open, forgotten, as the day wore on).

    I’ve also had the live feed playing, & noticed when a newscaster stated that: “Jessica Redfield was big on Twitter” — WTH does that even mean, ‘big on Twitter’, so I looked again at her profile — something like 6k followers, that’s not so big, right? Then I refreshed the page, & sure enough, her following is rapidly increasing. Turns out, I still had the old tab open, which was originally at 1,514 followers (up by around 8,000 as I type this). My point, I guess, is that I didn’t think anything could be as bizarre as Julia Allison buying 80,000 Twitter followers, but I stand corrected.

    P.S. Heartfelt prayers & condolences to victims, their loved ones, first-responders (& also the family of the shooter currently under police protection) — this is a sad day, & it’s not even over, as the guy’s apt bldg remains booby-trapped w/ explosives. Whew.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Sounds like a “We Need To Talk About Kevin” situation — the mother said she knew immediately it was him, and that they had the right guy. Oy.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Redfield was well-known among people who followed hockey on Twitter, apparently

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        I would have assumed that the NHL fan base on Twitter would be considerably larger than 1,500, but anyway, it was mainly the ambiguous ‘big on Twitter’ that stumped me (the coverage has been interesting & informative, other than that screwy comment).

        • Albie Quirky says:

          I should have said well-known among sportswriters who followed hockey on Twitter. Bubble world and all that; whoever wrote “big on Twitter” probably had a colleague atthe sports desk who said “Shit, I followed that Jessica girl.”

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            This (from a family friend & spokesperson) puts it i perspective:

            Peter Burns ‏@PeterBurnsRadio
            Just talked to @JessicaRedfield mom. She’s asked to everyone share the wonderful stories. Please trend #RIPJessica. She loved Twitter.

            She was big on Twitter like I’m ‘big on cold beer’. Greg love ‘er & all the others – too sad. She just recently cheated death at a mall shooting.

  15. Lots of Bach says:

    The show is all she has. She doesn’t see how demented she looks on it, and can’t comprehend how badly it is damaging her marriage/career prospects.

    When her scam roommate leaves, her scam job ends, and she is replaced with somebody likable, it’s back to the condo. Which I hope has deeded parking for the C dadsers is going to end up paying for. Um, err…oops?

  16. Lots of Bach says:

    I went to and my browser got HPV.

  17. Life is unfair says:

    Watch What’s Happening Live Now (or whatever JA called it) guest list for Sunday (the night before the Mass Despised crew):

    Caroline Manzo & Meghan McCain

    I’m becoming an Andy fan, I think.

    • That is brilliant, though it would be funny if they put Caroline on JA’s day. Caroline would probably call her a clown.

      • Cocoloco says:

        Caroline would try and fix her up with her lazy undeducated sons (unlike JA’s prom dresses one son is deep in the closet). JA would make an excellent beard.

        • Yeah, Albie, right?

          Remember when they had dinner with Billy Joel’s family and Caroline kept going on and on about how their kids have so much in common because they both come from privilege. That was funny. I like Caroline, but she can be very ridiculous.

          • Cocoloco says:

            That was hysterical! Those kids have never worked an honest day in their lives-they are spoiled, entitled and have Caroline and Al to blame. How about buying Lauren a lap band procedure because it was easier? She didn’t meet the perameters for morbidly obese which is medically required. The trick didn’t have a job, she could have hit the gym 2 hours a day no problem. Sorry, I’ve grown so tired of shows rewarding and enforcing bad behavior. (getting off soapbox dropping the mike gangsta style)

          • They are spoiled and entitled, but I’m sure they’re much better adjusted than the Guidice brats will ever be. Those children are TERRIBLE, and Teresa does nothing to discipline them. I can’t even imagine how terrible they’ll be as adults– probably like Teresa, but twice as bad.

          • Cocoloco says:

            Agreed! Sure hope Bravo puts a clause in the contract that puts money away for the kid’s furture therapy sessions.

          • Seriously, though apparently the Guidices don’t believe in therapy– it’s embarrassing for them.

        • diluted brain says:

          Coco – the lapband thing with Lauren really gets under my skin. I watch Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss edition on Sunday nights and if these people dedicate themselves to lose weight, why can’t she? She’s an entitled little brat. It’s not that hard to get fit or have ambition to make yourself better. She sends a poor message to women and children about the ‘easy fix’ rather than hard work and effort.

          • Cocoloco says:

            Diluted Brain-I agree it takes ambition but the Manzos do what they always do throw money at problems. The kids have each had 3 failed business ventures, failed out of school, and the lap band was the final straw for me-“daddy will buy you a lap band.” They will never be successful but always feel entitled.

          • And it’s not even like she doesn’t have the money to hire a personal trainer for her daughter. She spent all that money on that “egg white diet,” which she couldn’t stick to. Here’s a diet plan that people, even poor people!, do that actually works. It’s called “eating less crap and doing some push ups and raising your heart rate at least three times a week.”

            She’s too young for a lap band, and not even that overweight. laziness. The problems of the privileged.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Weight Watchers is really effective. My sister has lost about 20 pounds in three months and she does not feel deprived at all. You follow Weight Watchers and you walk everywhere, or do some moderate exercise once a day — you will lose weight.

          • Cocoloco says:

            I used Sensa after my broken leg weight gain last year. I think I lost all 6lbs. in one month without even really trying. I think Lauren was even too lazy to shake some white flakes on her food. Pathetic

          • Cola chamPagne says:

            Yeah Lauren annoys me, but she represents the dark side of her generation, the side that doesn’t know that hard work pays off, if you’re patient and willing to put in the effort. Now her mother is becoming her business partner. Their parents just won’t let them fall. How long until she dumps her chunky boyfriend? Remember her remark about how her boyfriend only likes a certain type of girl and she didn’t have that kind of body? She’s on her way now.

          • It seems like a lot of “well off” parents are doing that to their kids these days, which I guess is what well off parents have always done. They swaddle and coddle their adult children, essentially insulating them from anything that can be called reality. It thwarts their development and stunts their ability to act like a normal friggin person in society. Ugh, the entitlement issues!

            My parents let me make mistakes. They made me get a job as soon as I was old enough to legally work, made me do my homework and school assignments on my own, and any job I’ve ever had is because I worked damn hard to get it, not because of my parents’ connections (of which they have none). Even if they had connections, I would have worked my ass off when given a great opportunity.

            Sorry for ranting, it REALLY pisses me off to see this kind of people doo-dooing all over the chances handed to them. What I would do to have a column in a magazine or newspaper…

          • diluted brain says:

            I hear ya, ladies! It pissed me off that she went on US Weekly bragging about it. If someone needs the surgery, I get it but she didn’t. She may own that store but she could fit in the time for gym, diet, weight watchers, whatever. It’s hard to go after commuting from a full time job or for women that are full time moms – but the ones who want to do it, find the time. I was all into RHONJ up until this year – they’re all driving me nuts but I will watch anyway. Damn you, Bravo for always keeping me hooked.

    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

      I would love it if Megatits would preempt D0nkey & set straight the lies that D0nkey is braying about FlapJack.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        That won’t happen. I think there is bad blood between her and Pancakes. All I have ever been able to nail down is that they’re “not close.”

        • But she’s gotta be annoyed that her last name keeps plopping out of JA’s mouth, right? Maybe we’ll hear some subtle jabs?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I don’t know. She has Twitter white-knighted JA several times, including in the days after she’d done some particularly shitty/psycho things to her brother.

          • I have little respect for Meghan McCain in general (she’s a product of nepotism and gets great opportunities handed to her despite the fact that she isn’t all that bright), but I thought she would be above Donx for some reason, maybe because her dad doesn’t seem like someone who tolerates a lot of BS. Apparently not.

          • Queen Neferteeri says:

            MM is a dimwitted famewhore and if Donks had actually become an instant star and America’s Newest Sweetheart, she’d be all over her right now.

        • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

          I remember speculating that MegaTits hates FlapJack, as indicated by the fact that she introduced D0nkey to him & later went on record endorsing their brief hook-up … that is some serious sibling rivalry, if she hasn’t come to her senses by now.

        • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

          That suggests good things about Pancakes.

        • Cocoloco says:

          The entire family hates each other. I mentioned on an earlier thread my mini “brush” with Cindy at a store in the Valley (AZ), but I had forgotten about a friend of mine who brought some girl out with us one night-she was the “family manager” to the McCains she had to sign a confidentiality agreement, but a few drinks brought that wall down quickly. She told us about the illegal maid and yard service way before it hit the media. She said it was the coldest group of people she’d ever met. That none of them seemed to actually like each other. The kids bonded over their mother’s coldness but that changed as Jack became older and “groomed” to follow in his father’s footsteps. She said Megan (sp?) acted out constantly and would try to make her parents miserable (obviously) but that Cindy would call her the bitch when referring to her in converasations when she wasn’t present. Another family that could use a lot of time on the couch. Cindy knew she had to deal with kids as part of the John’s career but never wanted to be a mother was what the girl told us. I don’t know if it was something she picked up on or if it was an actual conversation. Again pretty obvious if you ever see her in person or felt the chill down your spine from watching her on tv.

  18. Cocoloco says:

    I’m sure you’ve seen this, but it’s the link to RZ’s (who by they way for the first 30 times I thought everyone was talking about Rachel Zoe) new Bravo show for the fall line up.,2817,2402617,00.asp

  19. Bobby P. Mullet says:


    Attention servicey cat-ladies: Do you have a favorite pic of your only friendcant/soulcat/bffcat? Share it to brighten a little girl’s day and put it to a good cause:

  20. Double Quinceañera says:

    Would someone please clarify something for me?

    I read the Gawker piece after this year’s birthcray anti-climax. But I don’t quite understand. Everyone says Julia “sold out” Randi and her husband and tipped Gawker. I do not doubt Julia did the worst possible thing she could do in this situation but I am confused. The only person who looks bad is Julia… why would Randi and husband be mad at Julia basically outing herself as being uninvited? The only thing she exposed about the husband was that he had thoughtfully planned a surprise, and perhaps nudged his wife away from a shallow friend and climber around the time her wealth exploded.

    What am I missing? Thanks!

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Julia (or whoever) put a spin on it that she and Yeller had a party already planned that guests had been invited to and that the husband essentially put the kabosh to a event that already existed. This sounded like a bucket o’fib, but painted him in a bad light as a bossypants bullying sort of spouse.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        Correct me if I am remembering wrong, but didn’t D0nkey also cause Gawker to contact OMG! Randi! & spoil the surprise her husband had planned? THAT was my takeaway …

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          Egad…if so, I missed that part.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            You mean that entire disagreement we had back then over OMG! Randi!’s husband’s actions (his bad manners, you posited) stems from a simple oversight?

            Kinda LOL now (we’re past all that, right?) but it certainly makes (a little) better sense …

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Over it? Never! Guns at dawn, bitch!

            Yeah, I had no idea the “tipster” caused the surprise part of the party to be null and void. Extra crappy thing to do. Terrible thing is, if Julia was responsible I doubt this aspect even crossed her mind. She seems so focused on immediate reactions to slights both real and imagined that she never sees the consequences of retaliation whether for herself or innocent bystanders.

            The point I was trying (clumsily) to make was that IF there had been a previously planned party, canceling it was indeed a pretty bullyish thing to do. Do I believe there WAS a previously planned party? Sure. I also believe that this tin foil hat protects me from cosmic death rays, Queen Elizabeth is a giant lizard, pinching a little figure out of shit and throwing it into the ocean multiple times cancels out bad karma and Loren Feldman is a genius who can have any woman he wants, any woman, do you hear me? Lizard Queen Elizabeth included, Greg damn you!

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            Well, about that (3rd) ‘party’ …
            (I wish Mr. OMG!R! would clarify)

            What I gathered* is that Mister nixed the ’12 Bi-Polar BB (by convincing OMG!R! that La D0nk is bad news for her burgeoning biz venture & that they could get out of it gracefully by claiming OMG!Baby! & house-warming party) …

            & then OMG! Randi! capitulated to D0nkey’s whining by saying they could do that little impromptu dinner party …

            & then Mister had to step in again & put his foot down nixing even a dinner (3rd) party, because he already had a surprise Vegas party planned that he D0nkey could attend, but in no way was it going to be about HER birthday, it was ALL ABOUT RANDI … & no way was D0nkey going to sit back & take that shit …

            * speculation & imagination used, because Gawker’s article was pretty muddled, if I recall.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            WOW. So she was actually invited to the Vegas thing and still leaked this as if it was news?

            Just wow.

          • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

            I think that was the real pisser, that there was an entire party planned that she would never have known about until after the fact, had it not been for him having to step in & privately explain to her why he was vetoing their last-minute dinner party … her invite to Vegas was merely a grudging consolation prize that he seemed pretty intent she’d want no part of …

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Shit, were I her I would have kept my lips zipped except to say “thank you” for the invite to Vegas, attended and gone totally guy-in-a-rubber-suit-on-a-scale-model-of-Tokyo on the open bar.

            Or maybe not. Yeller did “sing” after all.

          • Sake Bombardier says:

            Yay, I love a commenter make-up scene. I have the number for 1-800-Flowers if anyone needs it. They have a great iris arrangement for about 30 smackaroos.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


            Brayella sent me those irises way back. They even made a movie of it.

            Starring Julia Allison as RollsRoyceRevenge and Amy Laurent as Brayella:

            Check out the poster:


          • Sake Bombardier says:

            Oh my. I really thought that was RBD handiwork at first.

      • Double Quinceañera says:


        And that’s funny because now it makes sense to me, though you didn’t reveal anything new. I just read the Gawker thing from the perspective of someone who assumes that Julia is the problem, and that nothing she says is true. So to me it read,

        “I act like a spoiled six year old and my more mature ‘friend,’ who I’ve been using (not so successfully) for years in hopes of fame, money and frosting, lost focus on my double quinceañera games when she got married, pregnant, and became a billionaire. Her husband, like any sane husband, saw me for what I am, and also, was just not interested. He threw a thoughtful surprise party for his wife and didn’t dress her up like a mylar balloon from the dollar store.”

        I couldn’t even see the way she was trying to spin it because it was such a lame attempt.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Because she is an idiot. She leaked that to Gawker honestly believing she was a victim of Randi’s terrible husband, who had the satanic cruelty to cancel her pretty pink birthday party. Of course Gawker wrote it exactly the way sane people would write it — “bitch be crazy,” and thanks for the tip.

      It backfired on Donkey, as all of her boneheaded schemes always do.

      • Cocoloco says:

        Can someone explain why in 2010 (?) only Randi’s name was on the cake? Didn’t invites go out announcing both of their birthdays? Did her friends already dislike her and decided she didn’t need cake? I love the comment where someone said she basically rushed to blow out the candles before Randi and then I saw the picture! Hysterical! No shame

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          They were going to write “and Julia” but the icing started to cry.

        • Sake Bombardier says:

          Basically, Randy’s party got donk rushed by a Donkey. No one wanted her there. But what else is old, bazinga!

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          Yes, she elbowed her way into Randi’s party, basically, and Randi’s friends resented it and hated her. Hence a Donkey-free cake.

          • Cocoloco says:

            I thought girls stopped having joint b day parties in grade school.

          • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

            I know you’re new here, but surely you must know at what age Julia’s brain ceased developing.

          • Cake Liar says:

            I’ve been rung! Sweet fucking Greg, I’ve been rung! Was thinking of changing my name to something more recently relevant, but I can’t, I love everything that my name stands for too much.

          • Sake Bombardier says:

            Now I want an evil, hexagonal purple cake.

  21. Edward R. Burro says:

    “Danish Mary” will never stop being funny.

    • Princess WideStance says:

      Where did that come from? I can’t seem to place it.

      • Life is unfair says:

        Back in the days of TMI, Julia and Megan went to Denmark, but Mary/Merry (Hai MMBH!) didn’t go. Instead, KK went and earned the RBD [aka RBNS] sobriquet of “Danish Mary.” Like ERB above, I never tire of this name.

        • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

          Did it involve a fauxto of them sitting on the ugliest fountain in the world on the gloomiest day ever?

          No idea why that visual popped into my head …

      • Edward R. Burro says:

        I think someone from RBNS mistook her for Mary in a picture from the Copenhagen trip and then someone else dubbed her Danish Mary.

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          The only time Mary and a danish have ever been linked.

        • Edward R. Burro says:

          Ok, so I was mostly wrong about the origins of the name but it’s still funny. I will not be receiving my PhDonk any time soon.

        • Queen Neferteeri says:

          I thought that at some conference the NonSobriety gang was billed as Megan, Donkey, and Mary, but Mary didn’t show up and KK showed up instead.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        When Mary was on her way out of NonSociety, and things were icy with her and Donk, she didn’t go to Denmark with Donk and Pointy and instead KK was suddenly presented out of the blue at some event as though she was the NonSociety CEO (which would be funny enough in its own right — IT WAS A COUPLE OF TUMBLRS — but even funnier because they basically just subbed in another skinny blonde). So we started calling her Danish Mary. And I agree, it never stops being funny to me either.

    • Jack the Bulldog says:

      And it’s better than Krystal (with a K) Kahler, which sounds like a pornster or a clerk at the corner 7-11.

      • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

        Or possibly a clerk at a 7-11 who moonlights as a porn star.

        Gotta pay dem bills, yo’.


        The name is a little unfortunate, but KK seems to be quite a bit more independent and succesful in her own life than any of the 3 dimits from TMI Weakly. Also? Since I’m a judgmental asshole? She’s a lot better looking, too.

  22. Amuse-douche says:

    Sorry to go off topic but the JA in my life came to work with a black eye yesterday. Apparently she was sleeping with a married man and his wife found out and confronted her in a crowded restaurant. Kind of reminded me of that JA boyfriend’s sister punched her for stealing his credit card.
    I never advocate violence but I was a little happy about it, she’s made passes at my boyfriend (in front of me!!) and I feel it was richly deserved.
    Ok, back to regular programming.

    • Cocoloco says:

      Karma knows no expiration!

    • moonshinedonkey says:

      That is amazing!

      The JA in my life is boring right now. She’s just bitter and complaining all the time about not getting fucked and I keep trying to impart the wisdom of who wants to fuck a lazy, bitter fuckity-fuck?

      • I’m so happy the “JA in my life” moved out of California and is currently slumming it on Mommy and Daddy’s dime in Brooklyn, where I’m sure she’ll sooner-than-later get chewed up and spat out.

      • Amuse-douche says:

        Too funny. The JA in my life was doing the same thing for a few weeks, and everyone was like please go get laid and shut the fuck up. Now she’s sleeping with four different guys and she won’t shut up about that.
        She has the same MO regarding JA and married/taken men. She never showed the slightest interest in my boyfriend until she found out we were dating (or fucking, as she calls it, because she has sex based relationships with men who don’t commit anything else to her) and then she was all over him. We all work together and we were having drinks, and she sat down next to him and started surreptitiously rubbing his back and putting her hand on his knee. I noticed he looked a little freaked out, so when she got up to use the restroom I asked if he was ok. He replied, “No! That bitch is crazy! Please sit next to me so she’ll stop touching me.” I did, and then I noticed she was trying to play footsie with him. We grabbed our portion of the bill and fled. I told him on our way to the bar that I had the feeling she was single white female-ing me, which confused him until she started her unwanted pat down. After we left he said,” I get it. I totally get it.”
        I used to hate her, but then it was simply easier to be friendly but keep her at arm’s length for professional purposes. I can see why JA’s ‘friends’ put up with her. It’s just easier than stoking the ever burning fire of hosebeast that lurks in her.

        • moonshinedonkey says:

          I keep waiting for the ramifications of self-destruction amongst all the JA bobbleheads BUT YOU ARE RIGHT. It is easier.

        • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

          This is a great story and your dude sounds awesome, to be honest.

        • Queen Neferteeri says:

          I can see why JA’s ‘friends’ put up with her. It’s just easier than stoking the ever burning fire of hosebeast that lurks in her.

          Except nobody works with her because she doesn’t work. Nobody other than her family has a compelling reason to keep her in their lives.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Yes, and I believe she Tweeted that she’d fire-walked.

      What a bunch of idiotic tools. Imagine the firefighters dealing with these boneheads. “You did what?”

      • Dr. Gary says:

        She did:

        I WALKED ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH TONY ROBBINS!!!

        What a fucking idiot.

        • JFA says:

          Oh jesus christ. I can’t.

          What is left, seriously? Ashrams, witches, firewalking, psychics, JUST GET SOME REAL FUCKING THERAPY AND/OR A MOOD STABILIZER SCRIPT HOLY HELL.

          She’s a walking talking Hallmark card.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Fortune cookies! Gluten-free, of course!

          • JFA says:

            Everything, EVERYTHING, she says or does is a cliche. Every single thing. And she has no idea. This thing bothers me the most about her. Even more than her cuntery. Just her total dullness. She’s so loud about being so incredibly tacky and dull.

          • JFA says:

            IT would be fun one day to make a list of all the life changing bullshit she experiences that leads to exactly zero changes in her horrible personality and behavior.

            She’s deeply spiritual, y’all. Though she was once an adolescent agnostic because it makes her sound smarter. She underlines self help books too! And I need a drank.

          • *pours JFA a glass of Pinot Noir*

            It’s going to be okay. Just point and laugh.

          • mcakez says:

            I’m waiting for her to take up spinning poi, since she is such a HARDCOREBURNER, try to spin fire, and light her pelts on fire. Hopefully when lots of cameras are present.

      • “Fire walk with me”[img][/img]

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          This movie scared the hell out of me.

          • I’ve actually never seen it. My movie/music/pop culture-snob ex-bf was obsessed with it, and for that reason I’ve never seen an episode of Twin Peaks. He used to rag on me for liking The Beatles, or listening to the Andre 3000 Love Below album, so he kind of ruined it for me.

            I’ve watched the “Dual Spires” episode of Psych four times, though, and love it every time, so I might reconsider.

            Is it that scary?

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            I found it so frightening/disturbing I had to walk out of the theater. It’s less “boo!” scary and more about intense emotions. I did watch the full movie on DVD and I think it’s a great movie but it is not light viewing and nothing like the campy TV show. It is also notable as one of the few movies that had me in tears at the end and I am one cold bitch when it comes to tearjerker scenes.

          • I’m a sympathetic crier 🙂 And I ball during those “Adopt a Shelter Pet” cartoon PSAs. But now I am intrigued.

            Do you recommend watching the campy show before the scary movie?

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            Yes–you may enjoy the campy show (I sure did) but be advised that it, too, has some very unnerving scenes, some of which are completely unexpected.

            There is a living room singalong the aftermath of which is the stuff of nightmares, and the memory of an event in an abandoned train car is much, much worse…

          • Awesome! Thank you 😉

            I do watch a lot of scary stuff. I like watching shows like First 48, all the crime dramas, and shows about serial killers, etc. The macabre and I get along great, but there are some things that do unnerve me. Then again, I like getting unnerved, so this might be right up my alley.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            You’re welcome! My suggestion is give it at least 3 episodes and see if it works for you. It really was revolutionary when it came out but it’s been ripped off so many times it may not seem that way to a first-time viewer.

          • Who do you think you are? says:

            Most David Lynch makes me feel as if I’m on the verge of a heart attack. Love him, but I’m also terrified by him.

          • I’ve liked some Lynch films (Wild At Heart is good), but sometimes I think he is just trying to be weird for weirdness’ sake. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but I’ve felt that way ever since I tried (and failed) watching Lost Highway.

          • mcakez says:

            I am currently watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, partly because I never got over Twin Peaks being cancelled. Kill a girl in the first episode, throw in complicated plots to uncover her killer, I am sold.

            I also have a nasty tendency to yell, “There was a fish… in… THE PERCOLATER!” when encountering bad food. It is embarrassing for some, and hilarious for the friends who first watched me involuntarily spit out a sip of exceptionally bad Denny’s coffee one night 14 years ago and gasp out the line. They’ve all seen TP since, and it is still our most treasured line.

          • Who do you think you are? says:

            mcakez, have you also watched The Killing? Similar set-up, even set in the Pacific NW, but without the kookiness. The show is actually quite frustrating and yet worth it for the actor who plays Holder.

            Never saw the original (Danish? Swedish? ??) version; maybe that one is less frustrating?

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Hooves are less sensitive to heat than feet.

    • Second Fridge says:

      Sorry, but if you willingly pay to attend, and then actually sit through an entire Tony Robbins scheme-inar, well…second-degree burns on the soles of your feet are INEFFABLE! Umm, err…oops?

      Lolyers are also inevitable. Trust.

    • Sacred Scrapbooks, Moving Art Installation says:

      I had no idea who this Mall of America grade guru was, but teh googlez led me to an episode of Bullshit! that mentions him and other “instant change” quacks, with a nice explanation of the fire-walking “carney trick” (when it goes right, of course):

      I also came across this very wise aphorism from Tony: “For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.” Sure — just ask any butterfly larva.

  23. Cocoloco says:

    So this is a little insight to the Phoenix “upper crust” and why JA would never have seen the light of day in the McCain’s world long term. Jaquie D. (husband is Bennett and heir to Campbells Soup) and Cindy were a bit of socialite rivals and were frenemies before it was a word. JD is an extrememly warm and generous person (she is best friends with designer Carolina Herrera). Cindy (family money) didn’t think Jaquie was “society” enough since she just married into money and often bad mouthed her at the charity events. If Cindy thought Jaquie was not up to snuff imagine what she really thought of Chicago’s Crazytown special dating her son. I’m shocked it lasted as long as it did.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      Jaquie looks lovely and Cindy looks like a cold bitch.

      • Cocoloco says:

        I was introduced to Jaquie twice once in her home and again at an event. She is truly a lovely lady and I was shocked (a la girl crush) when she commented at our second meeting that she remembered meeting me before in her home. We had a brief discussion around the first pot used to make soup which she had made into a fountain in their back yard. I was dating a guy who was friends with the family. She meets a ton of people and I thought it was pretty cool that she remembered me.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Am I seeing things or were there some trannies in there?

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Here’s what she thought of a donkey: “You take care, dear heart.”

      We heard someone in Arizona was monitoring her online output as soon as he started dating her. She fucked that one up all by herself.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        That’s kind of hilarious! Next white nit who pops up here whining about RBD following her ‘every move’, can’t we just tell ’em that we moonlight for the McCain’s?

        FlapJack’s LOLyer

        • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

          “Now, Julia, dear, I want you to sit at this end of the table with me, Jack’s harmless old mother, yes. Yes, dear, that’s right. Talk a little louder into the centerpiece, please HOLY FUCK, NOT THAT LOUD! JESUS, BITCH! I mean….yes. Sweet Mrs. McCain, that’s me. I have a wonderful idea! Why don’t we split the apple?”

        • Cocoloco says:

          Thanks for letting me share all of that (and I hope not to come off as name droppy). I worked with two amazing ladies at the department store who would tell me all the society lady stories when it was slow (which was often). Affairs, drug rehab, way in the closet (this was before E! News) I was in college and they were easily in their 70’s. Both have since passed, but it was nice to think about them today. (And I’m sure I’m older than 99.9% of you I’m 40).

      • Cocoloco says:

        I thought megan set them up on purpose to piss off her mom. She had to have know her mother probably didn’t sleep the entire time they were together. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn the government put birth control JA’s water though and monitored her emails. Could you imagine that loud mouth in the same room with Sandra Day O’Connor?

  24. Cocoloco says:

    Did the feds get involved when she hacked into his phone?

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Doubt it. Think they just wanted her to go away, and not draw any more attention to her fleeting brayfest on Planet McCain.

    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

      As much as I wish it were true, and for reasons that I am entirely too tired to explain, Julia actually didn’t commit a felony hacking into his phone or email. I remember researching the laws when I was bored and up all night.

  25. OT: So, I’m finally going to post that article I’ve had marinating in my head about fame whoring, the difference between blogging and journalism, and the whole JA shitstorm– the one I tweeted about to JA when I first started reading here–and I want to know if it’s okay to link to this site in the post. I think it’s only right, seeing as how I’ve gained so much knowledge on this donktacular spectacle from reading here.

  26. Dr. Gary says:

    Looks like Julie ‘The Cockroach’ Albertsons Burger has grifted her way into another speaking gig:

    ‘Web Celeb Julia Allison—Yep, THAT Julia Allison—Is Speaking At Social Media ROI

    Dress made of condoms? Check. Famous for being, er, sort-of famous? Check. Self-made celebrity using social media? Check!

    Julia Allison started with blogging and Twitter (and condom dresses for Halloween). She then made the cover of Wired magazine in 2008, national product promotions with other celebrities like Justin Timberlake in 2009, and this spring came out in a starring role in the Bravo TV Show “Miss Advised.”

    While gossip columnists love to both cover her and snark about her, Allison has a truly interesting story to tell: how she used social media to accomplish her business goals.

    Hear from Allison at Business Insider’s Social Media ROI conference, Business Insider’s second-annual deep dive into the tough question: “Where’s the ROI in social media engagement, marketing and sales?”

    Allison will be speaking in a special interview on how she’s used social media to launch and grow her business.’

    ‘Her business’? It is to laugh.

    • JFA says:

      WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO STOP WITH THIS SHIT ABOUT HER HAVING A BUSINESS. She has no business. She has zero business. She never had a business. There was never any truth to that statement. She never earned any money from having a business. I think literally she earned zero dollars.

      I hope she also highlights how to use your “business” to fail at applying to business school. That’s useful info right there.

      • Cola chamPagne says:

        She is her business, because she’s branded herself. Why anyone thinks she is valuable enough to book for anything still befuddles me, but I believe it’s because her appearance fees are very cheap.

    • JFA says:

      Also this social media angle is so 2007. Everyone knows how to fucking use Facebook now. Everyone has a twitter. She has no relevant advice.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      She did this last year. It was the thing she interviewed Tucker Max for. It was supposed to be livestreamed internationally, but the feed was ultra buggy and for a while it was just her and douchebro gesticulating silently.

      Another z-list grifter nonsense thing that she’s pretending is a big deal.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        No, that was Social Media Week in Chicago. This is a one day conference put on by shyster Henry Blodget (banned from finance by the SEC, I believe), for brands and businesses on how to garner, track, and analyze ROI of their social media efforts. It’s not cheap to attend, either. They are idiots for giving her a platform. She’s an utter failure.

    • Donkeycam Now! says:

      Business Insider:
      While gossip columnists love to both cover her and snark about her, Allison has a truly interesting story to tell: how she used social media to accomplish her business goals.

      Julia Allison has planted a couple of items about herself in Page Six, the Rupert Murdoch-owned gossip column, by offering sexual favors to columnists. She has extensively used social media to lie and grift, and managed to live rent-free in a shared condo in California for a few months.

    • Scooby Don't says:

      In Donkeyland “ROI” stand for Ripping Off Investors.
      I mean anyone who invested in NonSociety is rolling in the “Fuck you, money” right now, correct?


      what business?

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      “Allison will be speaking in a special interview on how she’s used social media to launch and grow her business.”

      Buy 100,000 Twitter followers and have your manager convince brands you have some type of reach and you deserve money for it ????

  27. juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

    Danish Mary is a two-faced cunt. I am so sick of her placating the donkey only to relentlessly mock her behind her back. YOU HATE JULIA, KRYSTAL. OWN IT!


    • Dr. Gary says:


    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


      Really, I do not understand how certain of Julia’s friends are so obviously comfortable with slamming her behind her back and on this website and how Julia appears to be unaware of this. I get that diplomacy rules okay, but shouldn’t that extend into the public sphere past time spent with the person?

      Otherwise you are, yes, just a two-faced cunt.

      It has made me rethink my opinion of OMGBears, whom I was prepared otherwise to quite like and whom I think of as a talented and professional person.

    • JFA says:

      Stop looking like ann coulter LOL!!! Also yes. I don’t get these fucks and why they all hang out with each other if they can’t stand each other. I…don’t know these kinds of people, on purpose.

    • Stinky Velour Couture says:

      Sorry, but Danish Mary really does look like a cheap whore.

      And that Name—- soo porny


        Maybe in 2006-2007, when she had just graduated UC San Diego and lived her whole live in So Cal. She looks good these days. Good job, normal friends, some growing up. This should’ve been Julia’s progression as well, but some people never learned.

        I do think JP has a point w/r/t not being two-faced. At least OMGBears has commented here openly and said she thinks the Greasy-Julia thing was weird, that she finds Julia “interesting”, etc. Danish Mary seems to keep Julia around for the lulz only, in a bit of a 2-faced way, such as when Julia was an outsider at KK’s 30th bday party last summer.

  28. acquabearing says:

    Q. Is JA trying to get in Lewis “sloppy seconds” Howes’ sausage casing?

    I just finished watching that spreecast… ointment please… I ALMOST felt sorry for her… so I re-watched the date with Chris, and now everything is back to normal.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      I think they had some sex last year already at Tim Ferris’s garbage conference full of grifters, which is also where she met Lalllllllla.

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      Lewis Howes wants to tap Toilet Julia. He no want a Donkey.

      • Lazy and Crazy says:

        As pathetic as Lewis Who? is, he’s completely out of Donkey’s league.

        C’mon, Donk, just find yourself and 85 year old cock to start sucking on. It’s the only way you can pull off what we know you secretly want…the funds to sleep until 2pm, Google yourself and generally contribute/generate nothing to society.

        Catladies, can you imagine how fat she’ll get if she does get married? She’d literally be the Cathy comic, if she isn’t already.

  29. Cola chamPagne says:

    And I just have to get this out there so apologies if this was covered. When Julia popped her head out of the limo roof I saw her clawing her iPhone and it gave me the stabbies. It’s just so lame. Put the fucking phone down. Considering the number of times she’s done it, it’s not something she needs to document. She’s such a “wooh!” girl. Ugh.

    • Scooby Don't says:

      Julia suffers from the common modern malaise of “If I don’t record it on my phone, it didn’t happen”.
      It’s reaching epidemic proportions. See any concert I’ve been to in the last few years when the view of band is blocked out by phonedouches trying to record the live performance to fap over later as they share it with their twitter/youtube/facebook lemmings.
      However I believe Julia’s case may be terminal.







    • Stinky Velour Couture says:

      you rang!!

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

      Poor, poor Donkey in super-boring CPH.

      Well, in fairness, it doesn’t look like she’s in a particularly captivating part of Copenhagen in this picture.

    • 11th Wang says:

      Awww, the pointy one is doing her job!

      • idiotbox says:

        Remember when, for a while, she didn’t point? and there was something in the picture with her? we were all so worried…

      • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

        She’s going to be the best-qualified human directional in the world once she graduates from business school.

    • JFA says:

      I’m sorry but asha always struck me as such a fucking re-re. Just look at her in this picture. She exudes dumb.


      I’m sure most of us here, being educated and intelligent, can see right through the shysters like Tony Robbins. Julia? Not so much. In the past, I have placed much of the blame on Momsers/Dadster and G’town, but they were probably just enablers, allowing Julia to persist with childish, delusional thoughts as opposed to fostering them. At this point, it seems a much more complex nature/nurture question–at least part of Julia’s tacky, hick-like behavior is innate. Let’s all hope she never breeds.

    • mule on rouge says:

      Jesus Christ! People were SCREAMING IN AGONY and she thinks it’s perfect time to shit out a tweet that says WOO FIREWALK! YAY MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Can’t wait for her to tweet about how much she loves the new Batman movie.

      • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

        I don’t believe for one minute that she did it — if she had, there’d be video of her doing it while Meghannaise pointed in confusion.

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

      Holly molet, I didn’t even see this before posting below!

      Here kittykitty kittykitty kittykitty kittykitty kittykitty

    • Cocoloco says:

      Walk on fire…set on fire…semantics really


    OT, but it looks like @meghan and Crystal Ingorvaia (now Nicholson) killed off their nonsociety-linked tumblrs.

    Now it’s down to just JuLiar, Anthrax, and that Melissa girl who does a few updates and then doesn’t update for months at a time.

    • Can-Swiss says:


      It’s now ranked so low that there is no historical data. Good thing those people attending that Business Insider conference can see how well her “business” is doing.

  34. How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:

    21 treated for burns at Tony Robbins firewalk event
    July 21, 2012 7:32 AM
    Witness Jonathan Correll said he heard “screams of agony.”

    Imagine how bad the smell of singed fur was …

    • How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back says:


      by 10121965 July 21, 2012 2:05 PM EDT
      EMTs reported a bizarre side-effect of the charred feet: Deadened nerves in the buttocks. Several injured participants were unaware that a man with a goatee and large hands was digging for their wallets, even as they were being treated.

  35. juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:

    OT: A friend who has no idea the donkey just said “Amaze-ballz” on Facebook.

    He is no longer my friend.

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