Next Week on Miss Advised: They Call Me Donkey

Among other things. It appears that this little site will make its national television debut on a little watched show about a gigantic asshole.

Here is the post they scrolled through.

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103 Responses to Next Week on Miss Advised: They Call Me Donkey

  1. K_Swizz says:

    WE’RE FAMOUS!!!!!

  2. Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

    Last week I was concerned because I felt the episode was not terrible (I know, I know, “What is wrong with me???? When will I ever find a husband????”

    But this week was atrociously boring. The Emily stuff was Zzzzzzzzzzzz tastic. The Amy stuff was just sad and the Donkey stuff was cringe-worthy but still boring.

    I pray it does not get canceled by next week.

  3. Sacred Scrapbooks Picture Consultant says:

    She seems fucking unglued on spreecast. Control of the narrative is slipping away from her…

  4. Meow Mix says:

    “Stalking is such an ugly word” was the best part.

    “Stalking is such an UGLY word. I’m just checking up on them! I’m SO SO happy that all my exes are happily married to prettier women! I just want to make sure they’re okay!”

    • pearipathetic donkey says:

      I love that she takes issue with the ugliness of the word, not that the accusation is false!

      • Donkeycam Now! says:

        And the woman tells her “you don’t want to APPEAR crazy”, instead of “Of course you are not crazy, Julia”.

  5. Barking Mad says:

    She is totally unglued on Spreecast. I need to drink now.

    And twitter people have canklehausen. With the guy’s friends sticking up for him. While Jules trashes him, insisting he had a girlfriend.!/search/realtime/juliaallison

    • donniedriveby says:

      Wait… wasn’t he the gay Wyoming Rodeo one, or do I have him confused with another date staged for television?

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Chris was the handsome basketball guy she tried to pummel into kissing her.

        Keith was the guy from ELLE.

  6. Jimbo says:

    RBD founders should make an appearance on the show too!

  7. Jack the Bulldog says:

    Annie Lalla is not a licensed therapist, bunny! She’s a grifter extraordinaire who’s on this planet to enable you. Get some real help, Julia. After tonight’s episode, I once again realized how desperately you need it.

  8. Ass Baughers Syndrome says:

    Do you know that that asshat from gtown blog column comes up before Reblogging Donkey does? I call major bullshit.

    • Jack the Bulldog says:

      That Keaton! Always working some angle when he’s not auditioning to be an extra in next season’s Glee.

  9. Barking Mad says:

    On spreecast chesca is calling them out for not slamming Justin for his racist remarks.

  10. Miss assvice says:

    That anger comes from a place of truth… I loooove it. She may be a quack grifter but that was spot on

    • Ass Baughers Syndrome says:

      Which anger are you referring to? Damn iPad can’t do spree cast.

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Annie Lalla says it to JAB in the trailer for next week (re: her anger over being mocked here).

      • Joardache & the Pelts says:

        I know… You would think bravo would be on top of that. Also bravos mobile app is clumsy.

  11. i.just.cant! says:

    donkey looks fucking pissed every time flusher talks about her music or if a spreecaster (?) compliments her.

  12. Cut. Don't use that. says:



  13. Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

    song4mozart ‏@song4mozart
    @JuliaAllison @Bravotv His having a g/f has nothing to do with how you acted lol You totally acted like you had no respect for yourself

    LOL and this is great:

    Amelia ‏@xoamelia
    I cannot wait to poke holes in @JuliaAllison’s crying tantrum over her “tight deadline” in tomorrow’s #missadvised recap at @TheFrisky.
    Reply Retweet Favorite

    • Dr. Gary says:


      Can’t fucking wait.

    • helobabe says:

      She tried to refute this in the spreecast. Said she was upset because she felt overwhelmed – hadn’t unpacked and Keith made her go to a celebrity dinner right away and BJ Novak made fun of her at the CELEBRITY dinner. Two minutes later she went back to the fact that SHE KNOWS BJ NOVAK. She was only upset because she had too much to do!! She’s popular, you bitches!

      Later TJ said JA was getting Ramotional because she hadn’t slept in days and was drinking.

      She said all of this with lots of “Here’s the thing!”

      • Donkey of Perdition says:

        “I just wanted to stay in my sweats.” Jesus. Do she really believe that anyone buys the my mom perfectionist attitude (thrown under the bus)/I was scared routine? She also got angry at Bald Julia for calling her out on her laziness, the look on Julia’s face was priceless.

    • Dr. Gary says:


      @xoamelia: Haha, @juliaallison blocked me. Is it because I’m more of a journalist?

      @JuliaAllison: @xoamelia – I’ll be in New York July 5-10. If you’d like to meet up, I’d be happy to do so.

      • Albie Quirky says:

        Again with the “meet me in person” shit. Julie, you’re 100 times worse in person!

  14. helobabe says:

    She said on the spreecast that she is a total clean freak and left Toilet Julia directions on how to clean before her trip – along with a book about Daddy issues. When TJ brought that up Donks had a fit and said not to mention the book.

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Clean freak? This is the same Julia whose dog’s butt was all over the counter top where they allegedly prepare food?

      (Haven’t watched the ep yet…this is what I gleaned from comments.)

      (Also, my cat sometimes gets on the counter top and sits her anus on it–it happens. But I shoo her away [if I am fortunate enough to witness it] and then clean that spot.)

      • Bobby P. Mullet says:

        “…my cat sometimes gets on the counter top and sits her anus on it…”

        Dear Greg, this knocked my funny bone.

  15. Donkey of Perdition says:

    Claiming she didn’t know he had a girlfriend, bs. 1) He’s obviously friends with Balding Julia and I’m sure she told her 2) Julia just admitted the whole show’s premise is bs, that the dates are contrived/fake 3) good job throwing Bravo under the bus 4) is her life really that boring that she uses RBD as show filler 5) That spreecast is to die, so full of the lies and lulzs.


    • helobabe says:

      Yeah, she tried to say Bravo was upset that she didn’t fight more with TJ but then immediately backtracked.

  16. Brent-the-Donkey-handler says:

    Oh wow!!! The whining on spree about the editing is pathetic, pretty sure you knew for the past 10 years of your quest to be on a reality show that you would not have control over the “script.” It is incredibly sad to watch her busted face realizing the tweets are mostly coming from her RBD fan club and AGAIN she is not in control of the situation. She is a lonely, lonely woman.

  17. JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

    Oh my, someone bring me my smelling salts, we’re going to be on the teevees? I’m so excited. Bravo, please treat us like we’re America’s fattest sweethearts. You know what you better not mention in next week’s episode though? Bulimia. Coz I hate that sh…

    Oh, hang on. No, not bulimia. Bullshit. That’s what I hate and why I continue to point and laugh at Donkey.

    Wait. CUT! Don’t use that!

  18. LetItExplode says:

    JP I just want to tell you I love you and I appreciate your efforts to keep up with this lunatic. We are all truly blessed to have you and Jacy.

    That video made me howl. The woman might as well have said “it only burns because you are a stalker.”

  19. SchemeyNutButter says:

    Who did she give away a tutu to?

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      The same person who got the Target and TresSemme gift card!

    • Dyspeptic says:

      I guess when she realized the Spreecast commenters were not pretty sparkle princess fangirlz or boyz, she gave up on the tutu giveaway.

  20. Dr. Gary says:

    @AliStraka: @JuliaAllison What article did you write for @TeenVogue?

    @JuliaAllison: @AliStraka @TeenVogue – It was years ago! I did two for them. Both killed. 🙁 Here’s one: (link to ‘article’ on her blog)

    Why are you so concerned with that? It was years ago! Don’t you have some bills to pay?

    • Fameless Shamewhore says:

      A question for the journalists among us: if you submitted a piece to a magazine or newspaper that they *didn’t* run, would you still describe yourself as having written for them? I’m genuinely curious!

      • some catlady says:

        I would not.

      • Dyspeptic says:

        Absolutely not. A killed piece that was never published is not a writing credit. Jeez. That’s not even legalese, it’s just flat out misrepresentation, otherwise known as a “lie.”

      • Wonkeye says:

        That’s like calling some guy you once tried (and failed) to badger into kissing you an ex-boyfriend. In other words, a normal person wouldn’t, but JABA certainly would.

  21. Dr. Gary says:

    You guyttthhhhh! We are going to be famouth!

    Thanks to Daddy JP and Mama Jacy for doing the Greg’s work.

  22. anon says:,0

    Julia Allison
    Horrifically Brutal
    Julia is in shock about how terrible her date was.
    June 25, 2012
    Oh, dear. Where do I begin? (Shakes head.)

    We see me at lunch with Keith, and it looks like I’m doing all the talking! Literally. All. Of. It. Fun! I don’t feel like a total loser or anything watching that. If I look and sound visibly nervous, it’s not your imagination: I was terrified. Everyone has their dream job — for me, that was writing for ELLE. When I pitched them my Guinea Pig of Love column, it meant a lot to me (read the series, in which new columns will appear every week for the next seven). I desperately wanted to make a good impression, but I guess I just sounded desperate. Note to self: when feeling desperate STOP TALKING. Or just, you know, stop talking in general. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, Amy looks insanely hot working out at the gym. Damn you, Amy! Anyway I do love a good ice-skating date, because I’m a dork, apparently, although I’m a little intimidated by Amy’s discipline — no hot chocolate? Girlfriend, I eat bags of chocolate on the regular. How else am I supposed to deal with stress? Go to the gym and be healthy?! Oh, wait. Hmm. Maybe Amy’s on to something here.

    And then there’s Emily, getting macked on hardcore by a rapper who basically wants to rub his face all over her body like she’s a cat scratching post or something. (WHO TAKES SOMEONE TO A STRIP CLUB ON A FIRST DATE?!) It’s damn amusing, because I relate to the say-yes-to-everything mentality with a heavy dose of f—k-why-did-I-just-say-yes-to-THIS? aftermath, which sometimes leads to a “I’M SAYING NO TO EVERYTHING EXCEPT CHOCOLATE.” Which is the state I was left in after watching my double date with Chris this episode.

    Brutal. There’s just no other word to describe it. Unbelievably, horrifically brutal. But not even just in the most obvious ways — like that pesky total-refusal-to-kiss-me-on-the-lips situation. I actually had an “oh, s–t” moment watching me walk on the beach with Chris, whom I genuinely liked, and interrogate him, rapid-fire, like Barbara Walters on seventeen cups of coffee. As in ,”Oh, s–t, I had NO IDEA how bad I really was.” Ick. I wouldn’t want to date me. So aggressive! And even if he DID give me explicit permission when he said he liked a girl to chase him, I still shouldn’t have done it. Damn it!

    In fact, I’m pretty sure the entire last section of that date should have just been stamped with an enormous red circle with an X through it, like a no smoking sign. NOOO! It’s the kind of date that makes you believe in old-fashioned dating rules like never, ever, ever kiss the boy first. (I thought we had all moved beyond those rules! Apparently not.) Plus, one more very small point: I have not before, nor will I ever again, play spin the bottle after the age of 9. WHY DID I THINK THAT WOULD BE A GOOD PLAN? I don’t know. But trust me when I say it was not. (Beach volleyball, on the other hand, was unexpectedly entertaining.)

    Now all of that having been said, as it turns out, the dude HAD A GIRLFRIEND, and that’s why he wouldn’t kiss me (at least at first, then I’m sure he didn’t want to kiss me because I was THROWING myself — literally — at him). Apparently he and his girlfriend had just had the DTR (define the relationship) talk the night before, but Chris didn’t want to flake out on his friend Todd (you know, the one who thought “objectify” was a big word) who was trying to get into my roommate JP’s pants. Thus the total confusion when I couldn’t get a goodnight kiss out of him. We only found out after the date. Never heard from him again. Awesome! Totally not humiliating at all. Oh wait. Yes. Yes it was.

    (Smashes head into wall again.)

    So yeah, that’s it for this episode. Please catch me humiliating myself again every week for the next six weeks at 10/9c.

    You can also find me humiliating myself somewhat less on Twitter @JuliaAllison or on or on my website

    • The Cabinet of Dr. Bobby says:

      she is trying so, so hard it’s making me sad for her… almost

    • JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

      Hmmm, I hear what you’re saying Julia, and it sounds a lot like “self-deprecation, rewrite history, twist the truth, recast self in a good light, call self adorkable, shift blame, ignore reality, employ all-caps, discard logic, use the word awesome sarcastically, self-deprecate and, finally, self-promote”. Is that about right?

    • helobabe says:

      I can’t even begin to imagine what her blog will be like next week responding to this site…

    • mcakez says:

      Nice of her to insult the guy she was clearly coming on to, despite him being the ‘person of interest’ for her roommate. “Tee hee, remember the dumb guy I was squeezing my tits at and eyeball fucking and clearly flirting with? Well, he is dumb and thinks ‘objectify’ is a big word, tee hee!”

      Ugh. How did/does TJ stand for that?

    • Joardache & the Pelts says:

      “I’m saying no to everything but chocolate.” is she trying to pull a Chelsea Handler or thuddingly unaware of context?

  23. anon says:

    Beth Rodgers Benson ‏@NotoriousBRB
    From what I can tell #MissAdvised is a charming account of 3 mentally challenged women just trying to get by… I’m really rooting for them!

    • Malformed Face (Like a Bloated Deli Ham Left in a Hot Mercedes C Class) says:

      I love Beth Rodgers Benson!

    • JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

      Ahahaha! *snigger*

    • mcakez says:

      Tonight was exceptionally entertaining for me, as I watched the show with dudebrah (who knows a bit of JA through me, but is mostly indifferent) and my friend who had no idea and expected to think I was overly critical of this woman I profess to hate. We watched last week’s episode first, for context, and turned it into a drinking game. (Ed note: We got way drunk.)

      During the ‘running in circles on the beach’ moment, brah looked at me, earnestly, and said, “Are you sure this girl isn’t retarded?” I had a moment of shame, because, well, that assessment seemed about right.

      Then I remembered, and reminded him, that last week she used two different publications to imply that she homewrecked her college boyfriend and his fiancee. Guilt assuaged.

      • Pelts off the Charts says:

        That moment made me consider fir reals that she MUST have some kind of undiagnosed disorder… aDD or something?

        • Sausage Snappers says:

          Srsly think she has adult ADHD and has always had it and never been diagnosed. Watching this show has completely changed my thoughts on how her brain works. Her parents just didn’t know how to raise someone like her.

  24. Sacred Scrapbooks Picture Consultant says:

    I’m glad the show features RBD, since we are clearly the source of all of her problems. As the first two episodes make clear, she is blameless, a delightful and giving woman who cannot help but charm eligible men, a mature and centered individual who knows herself and handles life’s mishaps with grace and ease, a professional journalist who supports herself and knows the ropes after ten years’ experience, a woman with an eye for home decoration and a flawless fashion sense, a rational and focused adult; yes, it is time that we brush the cat hair and Cheetos dust from our eyes, and admit that she was right about RBD — it is all our fault.

    • JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

      I would like to timeshare this comment. Where do I sign up?

  25. Julia's Crypt Keeper says:

    How is bad PR for your ‘brand’ as a BravoTV show good in any respect for future dates, future jobs, etc?

    Unless she is auditioning for Coco Coca Puffs icon on the Kellogs Cereal wait Kellogs would not take her either..

  26. Julia's bowling pin legs. says:

    I just read the post you linked to and I can’t believe how much you went on and on about her bulimia. We get it you think she’s self centered because she writes about her bulimia. Have a little sensitivity, how would you feel if your date didn’t want to kiss you because your breath smelled like vomit?

  27. Records Custodian says:

    I am just going to say this once.

    You folks who hope for her redemption. That she gets the help she desperately needs and becomes a good person. That deep down, she is a good person, but her mental illnesses block her from being a decent human being.

    You are as bad as Mary, Randi, all of the Megans, and her parents. You are the goddamn problem.

    Julia Allison is not a good person. She is a terrible friend, partner and employee. She has absolutely, positively no work ethic unless the task is “promote Julia Allison.” She redefines laziness and entitlement. The only topic she is interested in is Julia Allison. She is awful and gross and shitty. She can and has sold out and burned everyone who ever gave her the benefit of the doubt. There is no exception to this statement. She has sold out, sabotaged, and broke the confidences of absolutely every person who has ever indulged her. She is awful, and, frankly, given all the evidence, irredeemable.

    Here is the only thing I hope happens to Julia. I hope that she is publicly held to account for every shitty thing she has publicly done to her friends/business partners/exes. I hope that she is never employed as an expert in any field, and certainly not in the areas of business,social media, dating, relationships, or any type of lifestyle advice. I hope that she is forced to take a job of zero respectability and prestige, and that she is further required to keep this job to support herself without any assistance. I hope that her family (whom I find as contemptible as Julia) is shamed by her very short lived publicity, and that they face their own consequences for their role in creating this creature. I hope they lose the last threads of social cache that they might have had because of their problem child daughter that they overindulged.

    I have zero sympathy for Julia Allison or her empathizers. There are gross human beings on the planet, and she is one of them, and she doesn’t deserve any sympathy. She and all of her enabling ilk deserve all of the scorn the internet sees fit to serve up, and up until the hell-freezes-over-day that she shuts the fuck up, develops a gram of humility, and stops trying to make Julia Allison-the-raging-narcissist-famewhore happen? I hope she is miserable and routinely humiliated.

    I hope that we never hear shit from Julia Allison for time immemorial. I hope she goes the way of Monica Lewinsky, who I find a thousand times more interesting and accomplished than this raging, overindulged narcissist. I don’t give a flying fuck if she finds personal redemption. I find her crimes against humanity too unforgiving. I don’t wish for her to find meaningful treatment. I don’t think it is possible, frankly. There are just bad apples, and she is both the worm and the spoiled fruit. But I suspect that for as long as there are folks that cheer for her potential redemption, Julia Allison will continue to seek the spotlight.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      Sounds like you’ve had first-hand experience with Julie’s cuntitude.

      Have you had any personal interaction with her? Or did she fuck you over in some way?

    • Bray Against The Machine says:

      LOLZ. You act like she got away with murdering someone or took money from some old people’s retirement accounts. Seriously, GET A GRIP.

      I mean it. GET A FUCKING GRIP.

      Get this through your head… Julia Allison just isn’t that important to have such strong opinions about.

      The soap opera that is her life is hilarious. It’s great entertainment. It’s also a shit show that one has a hard time looking away from, and, yes, it’s a bit appalling the stuff she has done and how narcissistic she is. Hell, I enjoy laughing at her expense like practically everyone else on the site does.

      However… she’s human. I actually WISH HER MUCH HAPPINESS like I do for everyone. Will she ever be happy? That’s the million dollar question. She obviously has some major issues and part of the train wreck that is her life is that at one minute you think she’s about to turn the corner and the next minute she has crashed over the side of the cliff. Again.

      The reality is, those that truly wish her harm and unhappiness have their own demons to deal with and are the real “gross human beings.” YOU are unhappy for some reason. Either you are feeling guilty about something, or you’re envious of something she’s gotten away with, or your feeling unfulfilled in our own life, or just… fill-in-the-blank. I challenge you, and anyone else that has that much hatred for her, to look deep within.

      Much of what we do and how we feel is a projection of self. The reality is that many of us find enjoyment in watching her train wreck of a life because it makes us feel just a little bit better about our own.

      I wish Julia Allison nothing but the best and truly hope she does find happiness; but I reserve the right to laugh my ass off at her when she does stupid shit that warrants it.

      • JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

        “She obviously has some major issues and part of the train wreck that is her life is that at one minute you think she’s about to turn the corner and the next minute she has crashed over the side of the cliff. Again.”

        Oh my lordy, yes! This is why I can’t look away. She always seems like she’s teetering on the edge of self-awareness then she just turns around and clomps back to doing the same old thing.

        If there were – Greg-forbid – a season 2 of this mess, Donkey would still be blogging LOL cringe, how bad was that date!? I am so aggressive! I’ll never break the rules again, they’re there for a reason. But really – here’s the thing – it’s all HIS fault!! Mommy will I be single at 35? A question Robyn will neatly side-step while thinking, yes daughter, you probably will.

      • mcakez says:

        As has been discussed here before, many of us do not see ourselves reflected in her, but the behaviors of the borderline/NPD/sociopathic behaviors of someone we have to deal with reflected in her. To say RC is ‘self-identifying’ is to discount everyone here who has to endure the ‘Julia in their life,’ often times for the duration of their existence.

        Just something to think about.

      • Extremely Large Size Medium says:

        I definitely don’t feel that JAB, or my interest in her antics, is any way a reflection of myself. I find her a curious beast, to be honest. I can’t imagine living the way she does, and that’s why she fascinates me so. But I don’t hate her — I don’t harbor much hate for anyone — and I certainly don’t wish her ill in her life. I’ve had a JAB in my life, and while I think the chances are slim, I’d love to see her get it together and act like a human being and be happy, too.

        Anyone who thinks that a random stranger not wishing the worst on JAB somehow is enabling her…well, whatever. It’s better than being a rage-beast in my book. I’m here for the entertainment value. I don’t need to carry a load of hate for someone I’ve never met.

    • Donkey of Perdition says:

      She mentioned in her spreecast that she had fights with her parents about signing the release, that her dad put up a huge stink. He also chastised her regarding her candor. They also don’t have cable and wont get it for the show. That’s gotta feel real shitty, with all their money, they still refuse to pop 75$ for a few months in order to watch their daughter.

      • juliajane says:

        They won’t get cable to watch her show?! That’s got to burn. How weird that they support her presence on the show enough to gush about her on camera, but refuse to actually watch it.

        • Sacred Scrapbooks Picture Consultant says:

          She said her parents watched it at a friend’s house or downloaded it from iTunes. She played a voicemail from her father on spreecast. He thought she was wonderful but ‘needed to watch her language and her candor’ — her need to share that voicemail with a random audience together with the content of the voicemail could induce terminal canklehausen.

    • JuLIAR Allison (will never the learn button) says:

      “You folks who hope for her redemption … You are the goddamn problem.” Yeeeaahhh, no. It seems you’ve got the ragies, and that feeling sucks, but I think it’s misdirected (Hey Bravo, that reminds of an idea for a reality show!). Donkey creates her own living hell apparently, so there’s no need for us to hope for or wish bad things upon her.

      Ours is not to judge, just to point and laugh. On repeat.

      Here’s a vicodin sammich Dr Gary made and a blankie I crocheted in the basement. Hope it keeps the ragies away.

      • Bray Against The Machine says:

        Well said.

      • Julie Booger, Cuckoo in a Tutu says:

        I don’t hold out hope for redemption exactly, I just think it would be a far less pleasant fate to truly understand the impact of years and years of selfish, alienating behavior. If she gets her comeuppance without that realization, she’ll still be the victim in her own mind. I’d rather she have a come to Jesus and feel compelled to truly make amends because that would be more painful for her.

    • mcakez says:

      *slow clap*

      I also want to put a bullet between the eyes of every panda who won’t screw to save his species.

    • Records Custodian says:

      Oh for fuck’s sake.

      The TL:DR version of mycomment is thusly – Julia Allison is not worthy of your empathy or compassion. She is undeserving of your well intentioned pity.

      She is just exactly what she seems, and we need not ascribe to her certain traits of humanity that she doesn’t deserve.She is just vile to her core, and she will sell out anyone and any narrative she can stifle up the work ethic to create. She is gross is every sense of the word, from her unwashed hair extensions down to her core ugliness.

      She is, simply and utterly, a lazy, self-serving, and gross piece of shit.

      • Bray Against The Machine says:

        Please tell us how you really feel.

      • Dr. Fraud, MD says:

        +1 on previous comment. Waffling is so unattractive.

      • monster (Single and Mingle) says:

        this isn’t an empathy site/cite/sight. did you miss all the snark?

      • LEFOOLIEH says:

        RC is a fucking gem and I will leave everything at that.

      • OMGregPearskank says:

        I can’t find anything to disagree with both of RC’s comments. And let’s not forget, from what we’ve seen of her over the years so far, she seems like the kind of person to eagerly lap up your compassion only to fuck you with a rusty shovel if it furthers her agenda, so my cold black heart remains unwarmed by her current predicament. It’s not like there is no solution for her problems and not trying to use some crummy cable reality show as a vehicle to garner sympathy might be a first good step.

      • sausage curls/fingers says:

        I applaud you.

    • You folks who …
      You are as bad as …
      You are the goddamn problem.

      Your way or the highway?

      Thanks all the same, but no.

      Speaking only for myself: Should D0nkey get everything she has coming to her, great, that underscores my belief in Karma … but … by the same token, for people who can witness her asshattery & still manage to muster up positive thoughts directed towards her? Well, that too is what Karma is all about, & I say Good. On. You.

    • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

      It’s a shame there’s no photo of her pissing directly into your breakfast cereal, because I assume only that could trigger this comment.

      I find Julia annoying and frightening in equal parts, and I also think this site is hilarious, but if she could get her head out of her ass (pardon the pun) and move on in a positive direction with, well, anything, I would be glad for her. She’s not Karl Rove or Dick Cheney or someone whose bad character and selfish decisions have inflicted suffering on whole nationalities and populations. She is, at her worst, a flailing bundle of gushing sentiments and equivocating morals, to quote Anthony Trollope*.

      I have struggled with problems of alternating narcissism with self-loathing and am well aware I have a slightly sadistic personality** that has caused other people genuine pain and I see a certain amount of myself in Julia that has nothing to do with internalizing snark and everything to do with There But For the Grace of Greg go I. I think I’ve gotten better, and to be perfectly explicit if I could, bunnies, anyone could.

      If these two things make me a rotten human being as bad as Mary, Randi, etc., whoever, allow me to wave my rotten little paw in your general direction and invite you to have a nice cup of tea.

      *”The Prime Minister”
      **this sentence is a ranked entry in the National Understatement Demolition Derby 2012! Visit our Facebook Page and vote for the winner!

    • JFA says:

      Tl; dr.

    • Boomerang Slam says:

      I would like this comment if we still had that.

  28. Joardache & the Pelts says:

    Vee-HEE-mance, scariest most scathing place

  29. Dr. Fraud, MD says:

    Oh my stars and bars! We all better go into hiding! When those donkey tears begin to pop out from somewhere down int the bloat Julie’s 4chan army and those ninja hackers who worship her will have us for breakfast!! Oh woe is us!

  30. JFA says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments right now but I so called this. I haven’t watched this yet either so I should probably STFU. But I just had a feeling she would use this site to garner interest in herself/gain sympathy. Duh. It’s prob one big reason she even GOT this show to begin with.

    I cannot wait to watch this later. You guys “liveblogging” in the comments made me LOL, but my bf will think I am more nuts than usual if he sees me watching this crap, so I do it in secret like a dirty heroin addict.

    • LEFOOLIEH says:

      Listen, JFA… all you have to do/say is “I’m watching some batshit person I’ve heard about before she was acting out on reality TV” and you’re good. There is no need for full detail. You’re watching a reality show and are more compelled because you know the backstory (is that even a word?) and it’s fine. I don’t think you’ll be judged for it beyond “don’t want to hear about it, no1curr”. I’ve sold my totally uninterested boyfcat on it, so anything is possible.

      • JFA says:

        It’s the fact that he’s also a) foreign and b) hates tv. So ANY tv I watch he gives me sideeye. And he’s literally never seen a reality show in his entire life. He hates gossip websites, he doesn’t have an active internetty life. At a certain point I just have to say fuck it, I am watching this, it’s something I find fun and if you don’t like it go read a book or take a walk in the damn park or whatever.

        • cola champagne says:

          My bf is the same, but he’s not foreign. He’s just not into any of it. I bribe him with a massage but even I tuned out a lot and couldn’t focus. It was just hard to watch her really sacrifice her dignity when I know it won’t pay off.

        • Jack the Bulldog says:

          I hear you and glad the husband is overseas right now so that I don’t have to sneak in episodes of Mess Despised. He’s fairly tolerant of my interest in RBD but does have his limits: “Can’t we have one donkey free day?! We’re in Edinborough, for cris’sake!”

  31. JuliasTooSmallTutu says:

    She kept calling herself a perfectionist. She and I have very different definitions of what that word means.

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