From The Inbox: Julia Allison Is THAT GIRL At Summer Camp Who Begs You To Keep In Touch

I love our tipsters, but not as much as Bravo and the employees of Miss Advised’s production company love Julia Allison. From our inbox:

Julia apparently didn’t realize that employees and contractors of the production company move straight from one job to the next.  For some reason, she seemed to think that they were all in the same holding pattern she’s been in waiting for “her” show to come out.  Sounds like it’s been a rude shock to her that nobody wants to “hang out” now that they aren’t being paid to deal with her.  Similarly, nobody from Bravo has time to hold her hand and babysit her.  She expected constant contact and adoration.  She’s gotten dodged phone calls and unreturned emails.  You’d think someone with her dating experience would find this eerily familiar.

Our Girl Donk is putting on a brave/smug face, but it sounds like she sees where this is headed.


  1. “Our Girl Donk is putting on a brave/smug face, but it sounds like she sees where this is headed.”

    Oh, I doubt she sees where this is headed! PS, AMAZEBALLS intel!

  2. The photo on this post is magnificent. Take a bow, JP. (Or a curtsy. If I’ve learned anything from JA, it’s that all gay men run around in tutus doing people’s nails and shrieking”FAAAAAB-ulous!” )

  3. I don’t totally believe this tip because it makes her appear as if she is of the human race, with somewhat human emotions. I can imagine anyone on a reality show thinking they are the center of the world for the life of the show (incl once filming stops and it hasnt aired), so I am surprised, but I kinda give her a pass on this one, her raging NPD notwithstanding.

  4. Re: the previous post, yes, I’m thinking the premiere will be a soporific anti-climax after all the online cray, but Prof. F. Camping, K-Swizz, & I will be watching together and recapping the good bits, if there indeed are any, so you all can feed the kitties and finally get around to changing that litter box.

    If you do decide to watch, Kristin Thorne provides some good post viewing advice:

    “Not that I need to get much frustration out, but let me tell you there’s nothing like punching boxing bags for an hour.”

  5. I think this bears repeating:

    Julia Allison is not a dating columnist (or any kind of columnist). Not currently. She does not have a column in Elle Magazine. She does not have anything on

    I also think this bears mentioning:

    She was ogling a 15 year old boy on her live bray of RHONY. I have a gorgeous 15-year old son, and I honesty felt vomit rise up in my throat when I read this. NOT kidding, not exaggerating. Are there actually women out there who ogle 15 year old boys? I am frightened.

    • Sadly, at least around these parts, there have been quite a few female teachers taking up w/ young boys, & there are always the ones on the RSO list (non-teachers) who typically don’t make headlines.

      I’m not beefing about an age difference per se, if & when both parties are more than 20-ish+, but groan-ass women who go after kids? Fucking squeems me the fuck out.

      On a different note, dammit!, I forgot about the live bray — did I miss anything?

      • When I was in high school, a female gym teacher chronically went after the seniors and generally fucked a few every year. She even “fell in love” with a couple of them.

        Her deal: She never grew up emotionally past adolescence, thought she was much hotter than she was and couldn’t land a guy her own age because she was mental.

        I just say.

        • I think what bothers me about it is if some 31 year old guy was oogling over a fifteen year old girl DONKEY WOULD FLIP HER SHIT (mostly out of jealousy).

    • Yes, there are. However, they usually end up having a Lifetime movie based on their lives.

      Who would play A Donkey? Robert Z’Dar in an orange wig?


      He already has A Donkey’s stupid kissy face down.

    • She seems totally tone-deaf about age appropriateness in ANYthing. Was just perusing her old blog (per her tweet lol) and was aghast at the stock image of a child on a laptop that she used in a post with this very sexual headline: “I Know What You Searched for Last Summer (“Barely Legal Asian Lesbian COEDs”?? You’re so busted.)”

      I don’t care if it was ignorance or oversight, or if there is something wrong with her brain, she just is so endlessly repugnant.

      • Ogling a 15 year old says a great deal about Julia Allison’s emotional maturity, or lack thereof. Ogling that 15 year old on the first day of Jerry Sandusky’s landmark trial says even more about her stupidity.

    • @real_kaplan: Leave the poor kid alone,k? RT @JuliaAllison: Um,@CountessLuAnn, your son is a cutie pie.Am I attracted to a 15-year-old?This is disturbing

    • Hey, I just met you. And you think I’m crazy. But I hunted down your number, and I’m gonna call you, lady!

  6. So she’s basically just blogging the episodes?

    jessie_scrunch: @JuliaAllison Doesn’t being a columnist mean we get to read your work regularly? Why hasn’t anything been published since Nov.?

    JuliaAllison: @jessie_scrunch – the columns are timed to the show!! They would spoil the episodes if they were released early.

    • We best tidy up the basement, ’cause I think we’re about to get a whole lotta new cat ladies up in here.

      • Scrunch is a JA troll, just JA is too stupid to realize it. Look at her twitter stream. She’s been doing this for a while. Subtle; clever.

        Same with @AmielPond, however she has diversified lately. She used to be totally a JA specific troll. It’s funny seeing JA respond to them without even thinking they are setting her up.

        • Now Julia will know this too. I guess Jessie Scrunch will soon be blocked. Neeeeext!

    • Yes, it would totally spoil the episodes of a shitty summer burn-off reality show. Good thinking, Donkey.

  7. Wait…you mean it’s not 2007, and the people working on Miss Advised are professionals who aren’t collecting page-view pennies writing for Nick Denton and looking to hang with the It Girl of a new media circle jerk? How can this be?

  8. OMG! Major Lulzzzzzzzzzz!!

    So remember how Julie was live tweeting the RHONY earlier tonight? 3 hours earlier to be exact? And it was a planned thing, that the 3 girls from the new Bravo show, Miss Advised, would all be live tweeting the show together?

    WELL. Looks like she fucked up. BIG TIME. Because is now re-tweeting all of her original ‘live tweets’. Which means she was live tweeting earlier AT THE WRONG TIME.

    Someone at Bravo must have called and ripped her a new one. The earlier tweets have all been deleted, but they still show up in google reader.

    God, she is dumb.

    And they must have told her how to spell Ramona’s name, cause that’s fixed, too.

    • I don’t follow … Donkey was tweeting based on a pre-recorded airing she had access too, & she started too soon? That’s pretty hilarious. I saw a couple of her tweets about #RHONY when C&P that Kevstar exchange, & something caused me to wonder how the hell she’d managed to think so fast on her hooves, but I guess now we know!

      • She was supposed to live tweet at 9PM PST, along with Emily (who’s in SF). Amy was live tweeting at 9PM EST (6PM PST) (see the screengrab I just posted below).

        But then Julie either said ‘Fuck It’ and decided to live tweet the east coast feed at 6PM PST. OR (the more likely scenario), she is really stupid and just fucked up the time.

        Someone at Bravo must have bitched her out, because suddenly all those earlier tweets were deleted and she re-tweeted them to make it look like she was live-tweeting at 9PM PST.

        Make sense?

          • That’s the thing, I think it does air at an earlier time here on the west coast. Then it airs later, at 9PM.

            The only reason I know this is because I watch the show. If I can’t record it at the regular time, I’ll move it to an earlier or later time slot, depending on when I can fit it in (heh, heh. that’s what she said. #1am12)

    • Yep. Just as I thought. @BravoTV tweeted this tonight at 6PM:


      What an idiot.

      • Here’s the thing. She didn’t fuck up. That wasn’t a mistake. She did it at that time either because she didn’t want to go after Amy or just because that time worked better for her. She decided she would do whatever she wanted and hey, what could Bravo do after that. They couldn’t complain, could they? Why would they care? What difference does it make? If they do care I’ll just talk my way out of it. Besides, I’m the star. Who are they to assign me a time?

        And by now, as we are starting to hear, Bravo is onto her BS and doesn’t have patience for a dumb donkey.

        I believe she has already burned this bridge. Yet another.

        Vile Donkey.

    • She also deleted the tweets where she wrote twice about one of the character’s “berkin” bag and was corrected by someone bcuz it’s “birkin” miz fashion web program looking for interns (just kant)

  9. I’m just reposting this, as it was upthread and I don’t want it to be missed:

    jessie_scrunch: @JuliaAllison Doesn’t being a columnist mean we get to read your work regularly? Why hasn’t anything been published since Nov.?

    JuliaAllison: @jessie_scrunch – the columns are timed to the show!! They would spoil the episodes if they were released early.

    • Seriously I am about to laugh up my morning coffee this is so fucking funny and so full of bullshit. Yes, yes…your dating column aka “your job” clearly is just on hold until your show no one will watch airs.

      I can’t anymore. Seriously. I don’t know if I can anymore with this bitch.

    • If she’s telling the truth — always unlikely — it’s totally dishonest of Bravo to pitch this show as involving a relationship columnist being unable to follow her own advice when her fucking columns weren’t appearing until months after the show was filmed. Right? The whole premise of the show is a lie.

      • It’s going to be very SATC … Donkey’s entire existence is a 24/7/365 sham, so of course she will plagiarize old Carrie plots &/or recycle old columns that she’s already re-purposed how times now?

        I’m of the opinion that why JuLIAR Allison hasn’t been lie-casting NS is because all of her “followers”, you know, the K-people who live only in her imagination, couldn’t have been trotted out while cameras were rolling, & RBD readers would have zeroed in on K-people coincidentally only commenting after the camera crew had packed it up for the day.

    • And in revealing this information, she inadvertently lets slip that the job was indeed a set-up for the show by the Bravo team. (Of course, we already knew this, thanks to tipsters.) Otherwise, the columns wouldn’t tie in with each episode.

      I can’t wait to read these piles of poop. I’d love to know who at Elle had to re-write the damn things once Donkey submitted them. Fortunately for Donkey, a seven-month lead time *should* be enough time to meet her deadlines for 500-word responses to made-up questions.

        • so the columns will also end when the show ends …. and will be online only one assumes

      • Donkey probably thinks she’s tots like Hunter Thompson: a journalist with a hand in making the news she writes about. No, Donkey. Unlike you, Hunter Thompson was a journalist who could write. You’re just a delusional loon who thinks you’re the hottest woman on the planet, which you think entitles you to be a noteworthy member of the journalistic profession.

  10. Jesusfreakingchrist! She has the emotional maturity of a not-particularly-bright 14-year-old.

    Her inability to distinguish between different types of relationships is amazing.

    Yeah, Donks, bartenders really like you and would totally hang out with you when their shift is over and the receptionist is hitting on you by making some small talk and your doctor spends all year thinking of you, until you come back for your next checkup.

  11. Is KevsterFran a catlady? He’s very persistent and I love him. Her reply is so condescending.

    Mr. F ‏@TheKevsterFran
    @JuliaAllison I can’t find you on!
    2:01 AM – 12 Jun 12 via web · Details

    4h Julia Allison Julia Allison ‏@JuliaAllison
    @TheKevsterFran – the columns don’t begin until the show begins. They are tied to each show. Make sense?
    3:12 AM – 12 Jun 12 via Echofon · Details

  12. I hope someone tweets and asks her directly if the Elle column was arranged by Bravo, and if it will end when the show ends.

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