My Donkey Spidey Sense Is Tingling


Because late last night we got an email, sent via our automated email form, from It read:

You know JA is dating DeStorm Power, right?

A few things leapt out at us right away.

a. As fucking if. Little Miss “I Deserve An Ivy Leaguer Who I Can Dress Up In Bonobos Plaid Pants” Husband-Hunter is dating a hot online young black hip hop star? Uhh, no. In her dreams. Which she doesn’t have. Because he’s, you know, black and born in Baltimore, not on the Upper East Side, and there’s no way he’s dressing up in reindeer sweaters for University Club brunches.

b. People at Guest of a Guest are avid RBD readers. We hear from them sometimes — by their names, and without going through the automated email form. Also — they’re generally not concerning themselves with Julia Allison at midnight on a Sunday night. Strange, though — there is someone who DOES concern herself with Julia Allison at all hours of the day and night. And she’s been particularly manic lately, which is generally when she gets in touch with us, either using her real name or fake ones. You got it!! Donkey herself!

My theory was that either Destorm Power or Donkey herself sent the message. But I sincerely doubt a smoking hot young hip hop star wants anyone thinking he’s going out with this stunning beauty:

Donkey, however, would benefit in so many Donkey ways if this bit of faux news got out there. She’s been Tweeting at him for weeks, often unprompted (as usual), and they apparently went out once, undoubtedly for the stupid reality show. By floating news that they’re actually together, she could drum up something semi-interesting for the show, currently filming, and, of course, she could make JellyD jealous. Because JellyD, tipsters tell us, is really not into a donkey. At all. And she’s heavily into him.

Oh dear.

Once again, turning to her “online bullies” to try to further her man-snagging agenda and drum up publicity for herself. So sad. So typical.

And I stand corrected if it was, in fact, an email from Guest of a Guest. Hey, my friends at GofaG — email us directly, or leave a comment, if the message was in fact from you guys. In the meantime, I will wait for pigs to fly.

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148 Responses to My Donkey Spidey Sense Is Tingling

  1. I thought he was dating Paris Hilton?

  2. Princess WideStance says:

    Ah, Jacy’s spidey sense. I love when it gets activated. Because it’s pretty much always right.

  3. Onehundredcats says:

    This should play out interestingly

  4. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

    I’m still confused as to what this gets her – that we are all going to get in a lather about this and talk about her? Is her life really that empty and sad…. oh, wait.

    Julia and Destorm – two people on nobody’s radar. Okay, then.

    Donkey, you’d barely be a catch to him seven years ago.

    Oh, honey.

    • Peltergeist says:

      I think she knows several media gossip writers read or comment here, and she just wants to be linked to anyone she can in the news.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        I guarantee she’s already sent the same email to Gawker and others but no one bit. She is so fucking transparent.

        • Jack the Velveeta Bulldog says:

          SO transparent! She’s just playing us here. Julie as street violinist to Jacy & JP’s Stokowski. (Look it up, Donkey!)

  5. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

    That Kirk picture makes me LOL – it always looks like two thick legs are popping out of her arm sockets. Ewwww.

  6. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Bullshit. When she encounters black people, she wants to attack them violently (Bolt Bus girl) or just get her corn and go home (Taste of Chicago incident). The only way she would date a black guy is if he was mixed, rich, and in a position of power (e.g. Harold Ford, Jr.).

    • JFA says:

      Totes not trying to start flame wars, and don’t doubt she has some fucked up attitudes regarding race given her background…but it always made me uneasy to attribute racism to her with little evidence save a couple of incidents that, while really douchey, do not automatically point to racism. I honestly think she’s an equal opportunity cuntrag. But I never thought racist. It’s a pretty ugly accusation to make on scant evidence.

      And that is a rare instance of me sticking up for her.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        I don’t think she’s racist either. But she’s ferociously classist, and believes many people of varying races are beneath her unless they have money and pedigree. And so unless black dudes are rolling in cash and have Ivy League prestige, she’s not interested. She liked Harold Ford because he was a senator, that was the only reason.

        • JFA says:

          yeah no i agree with that for sure. desperate wallet chaser. grossty. I still believe she has money so why the fuck does it even matter if she ends up with someone moderately wealthy or below?

          Give up the dream honey. You cannot land a rich young banging hot founder. Ain’t happening. Marry the rich older mediocre man of your dreams already. TICK TOCK!

          • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

            “I still believe she has money” – she doesn’t have the “Fuck You” money she desperately craves – she also doesn’t just want the money but the fame and adulation that comes from “earning” it – that’s why she’s obsessed with Sarah Blakely from Spanx or whoever that woman was last night on her Twitter – that earned over 4 billion. (She was referencing some book the woman wrote).

            I agree she should just give it up, she does not have the drive or passion for real success but her sense of entitlement will keep her going after it.

          • AFGHANI says:

            Corcoran started her own real estate brokerage, which is one of the largest and most upscale brokerages in the tri-state area. They’re really big in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Bergen Co New Jersey, and Westchester Co NY.

        • KashMoney says:

          I don’t think she’s “racist” per se but she’s enough of a hick that dating a person of color–let alone fucking same–would be unfathomable to her.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        My comment was more about money/class and OBOing, but the fact is that the only black person she ever describes as a friend is that weirdo from the WaPo. I think it’s pretty hard to spend years in NYC and not make a single black friend or even friendly acquaintance. The only time black people show up on her radar, she’s talking about how she wants to smash their faces in or how gross they are. Call it what you want, but she has a curious history with African-Americans – that much is fact, gleaned directly from her own blatherings.

        • AFGHANI says:

          Mike Wilbon, Harold Ford Jr, there have been others… but I agree generally she seems not to relate well with people with darker skin.

        • A Donkey is a Ass says:

          “I think it’s pretty hard to spend years in NYC and not make a single black friend or even friendly acquaintance.”

          Fixed that for you.

          Then again, as pointed out in that Pulitzer-worthy NY Post article A Donkey and Flusher wrote, it’s hard to make friends in NYC because everyone’s a Carrie!

          It has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact she’s an insufferable cunt. Nothing whatsoever.

          • pearipathetic donkey says:

            Maybe if there were black friends in SATC, she would have known that white single twenty-somethings can have black friends. That fictional cable show has failed her again!

          • Andy Wintour hacks (up a furball) says:

            But she didn’t even have to use her AK, ya’ll! Doesn’t that count?

  7. Cowboys & Brayliens says:

    I sense a new meme.

    “You know JA is dating (insert random name here), right?”

  8. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

    If he was dating her and wanted us to know, he would flirt with her more on Twatter and play it up – he only ever responds to her after she Twats him and his “I’m driving” last night sounded like a blow off.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Exactly. It was a definite “stop bugging me.” It probably pissed her off so she decided what the hell, I’ll fuck him up too when I contact my online bullies.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Then again, those Tweets came after the email. So maybe not. But she could have been attempting retro-damage control. “I would never send that to my hate blog! I like you! Why just last night I told you you were up too late!”

  9. AFGHANI says:

    They went on a stupid date for the reality show. It’s just like with the Donut Guy… she wants to insinuate there is more. But our Donkey has no sizzle these days.

    Also, [Redacted] was born in Baltimore too. Nothing wrong with B’more, hon. I will admit it is not the UES, though. (Although Harbor East is pretty obnoxiously uppity these days)

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      “But our Donkey has no sizzle these days.”

      Bingo (wings).

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      I love Baltimore. But Donkey thought she was above REDACTED, and that was probably one of the reasons. You know SHE doesn’t love Baltimore, that’s the point.

      • AFGHANI says:

        She “loves” the most cliched and white washed places, as was shown by her former twitter location of “NYC/LA/CHI/SF/SD” during the period of time she was living in Peter & Raul’s condo.

      • Joardache & the Pelts says:

        Julia wouldn’t last three hours in Baltimore. Brooklyn is a chore and a haul and a third world experience for her. Besides, she get cut on the spot in Baltimore with that attitude of hers.

        • AFGHANI says:

          It’s a shame, because the Bobbypin Mullet would give the ‘Hon hairdo a run for it’s money up in Hampden.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            She’d also like Berger cookies. Boxes and boxes of them.

          • Albie Quirky says:

            Do. Not. Even.

            Berger cookies are so fucking amazing. I curse my faulty immune system for no longer being able to have crab cakes and Berger cookies at Lexington Market.

          • AFGHANI says:

            Another interesting landmark. Imagine Julia @ Lexington Market. It would be a repeat of the Taste of Chicago/corn cob incident, if not worse.

          • AFGHANI says:

            OK now I’m hungry. Going to grab some Berger Cookies because I can’t stop thinking about them.

        • Bray Against The Machine says:

          I think I’d get cut in Baltimore.

  10. Albie Quirky says:

    DeStorm Power’s Wikipedia entry is hilarious. “He is the 44th most subscribed user as well as the 8th most subscribed musician on YouTube.” WIRED’S BEST-SELLING COVER SAVE TWO!

    I’m willing to believe that he might have agreed to pretend to be dating her for the teevee show, and vice versa, but if so they’re doing a terrrrrrrible job of selling it via the Twitter.

    • crazytrain says:

      Meh, I don’t know. Youtube ranks the top 50 most-subscribed channels in every category and gives them a fancy badge and high billing on the home page. Which is to say, it’s not an entirely meaningless, made up superlative like Donkey’s “outsold every cover save 4!” Ranking that high is something of a legitimate accomplishment (for an internet star, at least), considering how much overall viewership youtube has.

      I don’t know DeStorm Power from Adam, but I don’t find him citing his youtube rankings to be particularly embarrassing. (Dating Julia Allison Baugher, on the other hand . . . yeah )

  11. LOL’ing at DeStorm Power’s Formspring Q&A:
    (He’ll never the Donkey!)

    What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back? | asked by aseng09
    the second one is always the hardest because some ppl are coocoo for coco puffs and will kill you if you don’t love em back! | answered by DeStorm

    what would be the one thing you love in a girl?? | asked by daniev1996
    her mind | answered by DeStorm

    beauty, creativity, love, support | answered by DeStorm

    Where would you like to go on your honeymoon? | asked by amberriggins
    for me it’s not about where I go, yet who I’m with. I can be in my backyard and have the time of my life if I’m with the girl I love. with that being said. Maybe somewhere tropical hah | answered by DeStorm

  12. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Somehow, I ended up here: – look how her life and looks have gone downhill in five years.

    I have been hesitant to blame Donk’s downfall on her drug abuse, as her extreme narcissism and sociopathy are the real culprits, but it really would explain a lot of her increasingly erratic behavior, constant scratching, lack of personal hygiene, etc. Can Adderall be the only thing she’s on?

    • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

      I always forget that she really used to be a very pretty girl (though her fashion sense has always, always been deplorable). Why oh why did she jack up her face so badly? Goddamn, Julia. You should’ve just been happy with what God or Whoever gave you. It was more than fine.

    • Pink Palatian says:

      I tend to think she has some sort of eating/body dysmorphic thing going on. Adderall, maybe. But can’t bulimia have that sort of affect on one’s face, too? In any case, she was once a relatively cute young woman, even/especially without makeup. I don’t know what she’s done to herself, but it’s very, very sad. What will she look like when she’s actually 40 (aka, the expiration date’s expiration date)?

    • helobabe says:

      I watched this last night and it totally reminded me of Donkey:
      “Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee — who recently traded in the “y” in her first name for an extra “e” – tagged along with her mama to visit Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live this week. And if you caught our online exclusive After Show, then you already know the name switcheroo isn’t the only thing this girl’s shaking up…
      But don’t think you can get anything past Mr. Cohen’s sharp eye. “Out of curiosity, are your lips bigger?” he asked before Ashley covered her mouth with her hand. Too late. “Um, I got a little bit of juvederm in them,” she ‘fessed up. “People would always say that when I smile, my top lip would disappear, so I tried it but I’m not a fan to be honest.””

      SHE IS ONLY 20!!!

      • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

        Seriously. That poor girl is SUCH a goddamn mess. Easily the worst kid on reality television, anywhere.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        I thought the same thing re Donk. But Ashlee seems redeemable, unlike Donkey.

        • AFGHANI says:

          Being a decade younger does mean there’s a better chance. For Donk to reboot her life, she’d have to acknowledge that the last decade has gone terribly. Seems very unlikely. She’s too stupid and stubborn and she’s addicted to attention at this point.

  13. TomatoHappiness says:

    Guest of a Guest is the herpes of the Internet. Why anyone cares what those idiots write is beyond me. Wanna WASP socialites from the Midwest = zzzzz.

  14. Frequent Liar Miles says:

    Also from his Wikipedia entry:

    “Notable videos and collaborations; Title Featuring Upload Date: (YouTube)

    “Tag Your Green!” DeStorm Power October 4, 2010 (2010-10-04)
    A video song for the General Electric Tag Your Green project promoting environmental responsibility. ”

    So maybe he is into A Donkey.

  15. Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

    “dating” = Donkey shows up, sees him, is reminded he’s brown, asks for corn, and leaves.

  16. Prof. F Camping says:

    Donkey and Flusher updated their InternSushi listing:

    Julia Allison & Julia Price have an upcoming reality show that will air on BRAVO this Fall (2012). In anticipation of the show, we’re looking for awesome interns that can do the following (also, if you have strengths in some fields but not others, don’t worry! We are looking for a few different people):
    1) EDIT – send us a link to your superstar editing skills
    2) SHOOT – looking for a videographer with up-to-date equipment of his or her own
    3) CREATIVE – someone who wants to brainstorm and isn’t afraid
    to take initiative
    4) SOCIAL NETWORK PRO – someone who can manage web sites, etc.

    We’re looking to expand the Julia and Julia family and we can’t wait to start an awesome journey together!

    Julia and Julia

    • People not named Julia need not apply!

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      How is this an internship????? If you are a videographer with up to date equipment… that means you already have a skill – hence – it’s not an internship but unpaid labor.

      These bitches. Please.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:


      • JFA says:

        EXXXXACTLY. She’s a dumb bitch. I know a ton of photo/film people. Real photo/film people with degrees and/or a shit ton of experience. They would NEVER touch this shit. She’s lucky if you gets some idiot with a newly purchased fancy camera just out of college (not even art school).

        • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

          Donkey’s probably thinking, “Photography and videography are easy! The camera makes the artist! As long as they have a fancy enough camera, how could they possibly screw this up???”

          Donkey has no appreciation for hard-won skills because she’s never bothered to acquire any. She does understand acquiring material goods, though.

          • JFA says:

            No i really think she thinks she’s entitled to/will get/deserves someone wtih actual real talent. All prior life experience to the contrary.

            Like all her half brained schemes, this will never be heard about again. She’s lucky if she gets another Charlsie, a fresh faced naive college student to abuse who runs screaming.

            GIVE IT UP. The intern racket always gave me THE RAGES. Fucking whore.

          • this will never be heard about again

            @JuliaAllison @JustineMusk – thank you for inspiring me tonight. Can’t wait for our regular Friday Writing Days (working title)! I love you, Phoenix!

          • JFA says:

            Pretty much! Also like the airbnb (or whatever it’s called) listing that absolutely no one will respond to, ever.

            Stop trying. It’s sad.

        • Jack the Velveeta Bulldog says:

          Yoo hoo, Monika de Myer!

        • pearipathetic donkey says:

          What’s sad is that in this economy, I would not be surprised if someone young, naive, and desperate might responds and is subjected to her cuntiness.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      Wait, so Julia Price is now one of the stars of the stupid show? What about the other two?

      • AFGHANI says:

        You see this type of thing in other Bravo shows, where someone becomes an unofficial part of the cast. And Bravo apparently will throw in some money if the people agree to be props and have themselves filmed for any purpose. Good examples are Dwight and Sweetie from RHATL, Kim G., the Manzo Boys (+Greg) and Rosie from RHNJ, and a bunch of the husbands/boyfriends. Some of them get good money just to be as props, never talking directly to the camera or appearing those after-show specials with Andy Cohen… I hate myself for knowing this, but for example, Kim Zolciak’s husband Kroy gets $75k/season to allow himself to be filmed for the show.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        They removed references to the web show. Did Intel get spooked and pull sponsorship?

      • Worthless Bag of Ho says:

        Wonder if they’re making their own web/YouTube show. Idiots.

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:


      Julia Allison will be publicly shamed on national television this Fall [don’t capitalize names of seasons, Donkey. -ed]. In anticipation of the Canklehausen, we’re [subject fails to agree with that in the last sentence, Donk Donk. -ed] looking for gullible prospective slaves that [nice use of “that”, O Braying One. -ed] can do the following and will provide me with numerous orgasms by putting up with mistreatment, thereby making me feel important (also, if you have strengths in some fields but not others, don’t worry! We are looking for anyone dumb enough to sign up to work for a farm animal, even though our requirements sound lofty!):
      1) EDIT – send us a link to your superstar editing skills [is this transbraytion good enough, Donkey? Consider this my application for employment. Oops, I forgot; your hiring practices are more Dickensian than compliant with basic Federal wage laws, so “employment” is the wrong word.]
      2) SHOOT – I want to have professional-looking video of myself, but I’m too cheap to hire a photographer (none of them want to work with me, anyway) or buy any equipment. If you can do all these things for free and let me play with and break your fancy toys, I’ll let you hang out with me and fetch me cleansing juices!
      3) CREATIVE – Do you have original thoughts???? I don’t!!!! I want to steal yours and claim them as my own!!!!!!!!
      4) SOCIAL NETWORK PRO – Spending time talking about myself on the Internet, hitherto my area of expertise, is taking too much time away from my busy schedule of thinking about myself and looking at myself in the mirror. Help?
      We’re looking to expand the Julia and Julia family and we can’t wait to start an awesome journey together! [Does this desire to procreate also mean you’re looking for a brood mare intern, Donkey? -ed]

      Julia and Julia

    • supermassive black holes says:

      That explains their bogus back story about two SATC groupies who fled NYC “together” because it wasn’t what they expected, so they went to LA where everybody can be a star. Good luck selling that pilot, you unoriginal hacks! Nobody has ever thunk up such an amazelame name as “Julia and Julia” before! Better jump on that copyright so you can sell t-shirts out of a rusty old shopping cart on Hollywood Blvd. some day soon.

    • JFA says:


      No one is impressed with your stupid ass BRAVO! show. Anyone with a modicum of talent in film editing will not touch this shit. Is she for fucking serious? Sorry the new boif is a film guy and thinking about her trying to exploit film/video people makes me ragey. If you want talent PAY SOMEONE.

      Also anyone who uses words like “initiative” in a job listing should be shot. Ugh.

      Social network pro = EVERYONE BUT MY MOM. This bitches are the laziest useless brats around. /rant

      • Donksers says:

        Her nasty ways keep getting nastier. She’s not only trying to get people to work for free but wants the poor suckers to think it would be their privilege to be taken advantage of by a couple of arrogant, entitled fail whales.

    • JFA says:

      “we’re looking for awesome interns that can do the following:
      – Creative.”

      Bitch? This doesn’t make sense. “Creative” isn’t a skill/action. You are a moron.

      • A-Game Content says:

        She’s such a good writer! $4 per word!

        • pearipathetic donkey says:

          I always called BS on that. Isn’t that a line from SATC? When Carrie is trying to buy her apartment, she starts freelancing for$4/word?

    • Melting Marionette says:

      … must be able to work all sorts of unreasonable hours, perform beyond the call of duty and take passive agressive abuse.

  17. Boring Julia Leaks says:

    The only reason Julia Allison would date a black man is to take him along with a camera crew to her dying racist grandmother’s besides and film the resulting heart attack, thus catapulting her into fame and fortune.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      I think GMB would be ready for that after her Thanksgiving joke that Donkey should consider dating convicts (a set totally coterminous with “black men” in GMB’s mind, I’ll betcha).

      • Boring Julia Leaks says:

        I don’t think GMB is ready for anything stronger than a solid bowel movement about right now, but thanks for bringing up that quote. Wouldn’t that be great if they had Julia date a convict “for the show”?


    • Boring Julia Leaks says:

      besides = bedside

  18. FAT CHANCE says:

    it is to laugh. this is DeStorm’s ex



    • Boring Julia Leaks says:

      i’m loll’ing at the captions but I don’t know if they were put there by you, the originator, or someone in between.

      It is one of the first RBD mindfucks I’ve encountered.

      • FAT CHANCE says:

        the captions are from the video. he’s rapping about her body parts. don’t bother watching it.

        • Boring Julia Leaks says:

          I was like.. I know African-Americans often give their children names outside of the mainstream, but “Knee”?

          Then I thought it was a reference to elephant knees; how Knee’s knees are 10’s compared to the bubbling porridge of Julia’s knees.

          “no any hope for success?”. Well. step one might involve learning to differentiate between “know” and “no”.

          • FAT CHANCE says:

            lol yeah, i couldn’t figure it out either, but i think it’s a typo. it should be “now any hope for success” his whole thing is “sesame street for grown ups” so he did a rap about body parts and used puns ie. “any = knee” throughout the song. but in reality it was just a chance for jessica to bounce around in her underwear. no one even listened to the song. there’s even a nip slip later in the video. the viewers loved it of course.

    • superdorkilicious says:

      Ugh, he’s annoying. His intro ticks me off. As does his exit. And I don’t love his rap. That said – it’d be a fun “relationship” to watch if they were together. (“There’s no cursing on my channel!”)

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      This girl is beautiful and her body is ridiculous.

      If this is his ideal then DeStorm will never a Donkey.

      • FAT CHANCE says:

        yeah her body is SICK. but so is his. they did a bunch of fitness videos together on his other channel. he’s said time and time again, he can’t date someone that doesn’t exercise regularly.

        • ICrayAnAwfulLotLately says:

          Hence the recent Bald Runyon Canyon hike complete with pink mini tube dress-wearing hype girl.

      • Random Snowflake says:

        Yeah, this girl in the video is in good shape and toned. You can tell she doesn’t sit around Googling herself all night while inhaling cupcakes.

  19. KashMoney says:

    Another tell–when using initials here we almost exclusively refer to “JAB” and not “JA”. The fact that the “tipster” used a non-offensive term for DONK is telling.

  20. Dr. Gary says:

    Remember that Miss Advised promo video? At about :07-:08, there’s a quick shot of Julie kissing a black guy on the cheek. Is that DeStorm? Looks like all these fame whores will do whatever it takes (e.g. go on a fake date with a Donkey) to get on the teevees.


    • Albie Quirky says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s not DeStorm.

      • Albie Quirky says:

        That guy has high cheekbones, sticky-outy ears, and a nose with a high bridge. DeStorm has flat ears, a fairly broad-bridged nose, a and average-high cheekbones. I am just not seeing much of a resemblance, even apart from the significant difference in skin tone (which could be down to lighting and makeup for the teevee).

    • Jack the Velveeta Bulldog says:

      If it is, he’s in a sweater perfect for the OMG! University Club. Even Nutty Granny Moneybags, disdainer of “multiculturalism,” might approve.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      In argyle? I don’t think it’s him.

    • NonSobriety says:

      Their faces are entirely different.

      MEMO: All black people do not look alike.

      • *fist shakes* says:

        Asian people, on the other hand…

      • Dr. Gary says:

        Oh for fuck’s sake. Calm down, Kevin. I know that ‘all black people do not look alike.’

        However, I have no idea who ‘DeStorm’ is or what he looks like. I remembered seeing her with a black guy in that clip and thought it *could* be him because a) Jacy said they went out for the show and b) Julie isn’t known for dating black guys.

    • JFA says:

      That dude cannot possibly be straight. Yes please let her pretend to have gay friends on this show.

  21. Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

    “I have a dream that men will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their wallet.”

  22. Fashion Girl says:

    You know I’m marrying Wiz Khalifa, right? Because I am Amber Rose.

  23. OMGPearskank says:

    God, I just wish she’d stop trying to make herself happen. I’m tired.

  24. Dancing With Myself says:

    BWAHAHAHAH! Guys! You know what this is, right? Remember when she was comparing herself to Kim Kardashian? Taking photos of herself in bandage dresses making the duck face for the camera? This Destorm guy is obviously the Kanye to her Kim. Destorm and Dewhacko.

    I done decoded it. You’re welcome 🙂

  25. Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

    Miles’s dad is on CNBC all the time and people are saying that he’s eyeballing Ben Bernanke’s seat.

    Did Julia really not put the moves on Miles? Great family, looks good in Bonobos, appears to be the love child of Chrisitan Bale and Tom Hanks… what’s not to like from JAB’s perspective?

    • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

      OOPS. Total reply fail in the wrong thread entirely. Sorry, folks.

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