“Why Are You So Angry?”

Julia Allison
to Jacy RussianGirl

I haven’t gotten a single injection from Doctor Bobby except for that botox.  

Why are you so angry with me?  Why do you care?

I genuinely don’t understand.

Jacy RussianGirl
to Julia

Look what you just got busted doing to Randi Zuckerberg and her lovely husband. Do you honestly intend to continue insisting you are just a poor misunderstood victim? You constantly fuck people over.

Do you have any idea of the people who tip us off? Ex-bfs, current friends, professional contacts, etc. You would not believe the stuff we haven’t published. Do you ever ask yourself why so many people would be willing to sell you out? Do you ever ask yourself if it’s you, not them? That you are to blame for the groundswell of negative reaction to you, and no one else?

We keep going because you keep providing so much fodder.

But don’t bother trying to comment. If you have something to say, do it on your own blog. Every time you have shown up, you have lied through your teeth. No thanks.


P.S. My beloved Type-A haters. I posted this from my phone and math is hard. Prof. Camping, can you tidy it up a bit if it looks bad? And add an angry donkey photo? Kisses! Mommy will be home soon!

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303 Responses to “Why Are You So Angry?”

  1. bitfchface says:

    calm down!!! why are you so worried about me, I was like so last five years ago…..

  2. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:



    What a fucking liar! Caught with needles in your face on video and still LYING ABOUT IT. Please get help.

    PS, getting some shit injected into your face is the least of your problems. You are an awful person WHO LIES REPEATEDLY and treats people heinously (this site exists because of your awful behavior). Get help.

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      Yoooooo hooooo Julia… I’ll just leave the link here for you of the video of you getting fillers in your face! No need to lie and say he’s putting botox in there! My friend’s doing his plastic surgery residency and says it’s def. fillers! (Just thought I’d check with him since you’re such a liar!)


      • Slutty Catbanger says:


        Also “I haven’t gotten a single injection EXCEPT…” Oh, except you have!

        No injections, save two. Right, Donkey?


        Also, you’re lying and you HAVE had work done after the fillers in your folds. You’re basically calling us stupid if you think we’d believe you haven’t.

      • Yoo hoo!! says:

        You rang?? (My first one – thanks new name!)

  3. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

    PS, Jacy – great job calling her out

    Convinced her storming here is a set up by Bravo. It’s Easter weekend so production is down. When she said, “The next few days…” she meant next week when production would be up again.

    But she can’t help herself so she has to email Jacy…

    • 11th Wang says:

      I’m convinced it’s set up by Bravo to provide grounds for her come-to-Jesus breakdown & redemption season finale narrative. Why else would she so desperate to be DIRECTLY called out?

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        Bravo can’t not know about this place. And it’s not like it’s an occasional, small thing. Post come nearly daily, thanks to Donkey’s routinely awful behavior and insider tip-offs, with hundreds of comments accompanying each post. Bravo can’t ignore us. I’m not saying that as grounds for inviting them or her here, just that to keep this piece out of the Donkey Story seems weirdly incomplete.

        In other words, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Bravo put her up to something or is working us into the narrative in ways that haven’t yet unfolded. On the other hand, we are all too aware of Donkey’s need for attention and to have the last word regardless of what’s happening around her.

      • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

        Yeah. I do not care to become part of donkey’s reality television narrative.

  4. Pancakes with a side of pancakes with a side of..... Oh never mind says:

    Slow clap, mama Jacy, slow clap.

  5. Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

    Also, “I haven’t gotten a single injection from Doctor Bobby except for that botox” is a lie because I started reading here around the time she tweeted that she was riding her bike back from an appointment from Dr. Bobby after getting Botox and I was horrified because I could not believe a 29 year old would do that and TWEET ABOUT IT SO THE WORLD KNEW.


  6. Donksers says:

    Great response to the psycho donkey, Jacy! She makes me sick with her constant bullshit about “Why’s everybody always picking on me. I GENUINELY don’t understand it.” She understands it. She knows full-well what a fucked-up, horrific human being she is. Playing dumb is her only defense. She’s been doing it her entire life, and it is so pathetically transparent.

  7. JFA says:

    I would feel sorry for her a bit maybe, IF SHE DIDN’T TRY TO COURT FAME SO MUCH!

    Listen, dumb fuck. HOly christ. You basically suck. You wanna be famous on reality tv? Please wait for the floodgates of hate to open. The shit on this site will be a fond memory if that happens. WHich it won’t because the show will fail but still. You are bound to incur more criticism, not less. So go fucking cry to Dadsers because you cannot have it both ways…try to be famous/put your entire fucking life online, then boo hoo when not everyone likes you.

    This is not rocket science. Use the Georgetown degree Dadsers bought for you. Ugh I cannot!~

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      Exactly!!! Didn’t the rags just out Ashley Judd for plumping up her face with fillers? Going on TV = you signed up for this shit. This place is a tiny corner of the internet but by you putting yourself on TV, this place is going to be the least of your worries, honey.

      Also, if you stopped being a heinous hosebeast and stopped fucking people over, this place would go away – b/c talking about how you’ve fucked up your face, is the least of what we do (okay, maybe not lately but look what the fuck you’ve done to your face.)

    • Hooferine says:

      I agree. She seems to think she can start over and just erase all of the awful things she has done in the past. She tries to pick up a new personality every few months, expecting everyone to change their opinions of her as quickly as she changes her image.

      Everyone has the ability to change things in their lives, but she never seems to want to do the work around it, so once something doesn’t work, she reverts back to her old awful self until she decides on the next version of herself. There is NOTHING authentic about her, and she is lazy about everything she does, which is the beginning of what makes her so awful.

      • Subsidized Donk Den says:

        Certainly people can change, but the first step toward that is acknowledging how shitty you’ve acted/treated people and Donkey never does that. “Oh Jacob didn’t even mind that whole bipolar outing! We had sex later!” or “I had to warn M’s fiancee, he’s a cheater!” She does this because, as I’ve said before, she wants to RESERVE HER RIGHT TO DO THOSE THINGS AGAIN. She bends over backwards to justify things like breaking into a boyfriend’s email account because if she ever publicly admitted that that is wrong (which it is, and batshit crazy to
        boot), it would be harder to justify doing it again and again.

        Her whole M.O. is to say vague things like “I know I can be selfish and inconsiderate but I really try hard to be a nice person,” which is pretty useless if, whenever you’re called out on something specific, you have a million rationalizations in your bitchbabyexcuses arsenal.

  8. Handbag Cohen Stuffed With Hair says:

    It’s entirely possible she doesn’t understand why anyone would be angry with her, because she feels very little herself. It appears her emotional dynamic range is as stunted as her fashion sense, and she has no moral or ethical compass. I can imagine the reactions of the people in her world ARE quite mysterious to her.

    • JFA says:

      It’s honestly amazing. She has no clue. Not only about how she comes across to people (read: awful) but how she invites criticism by trying to be famous. Doe she not understand how snark works? Has she never read a tabloid or a celebrity snark site? Does she not understand with “fame” comes a withering glare that is not always (in fact not usually) polite?

      It’s like multiple levels of stupidity on display constantly and forever. Wake up! Change! …or get off tv/the internets! Lawdy.

      • Scooby Don't says:

        It’s not like she ever worked for a company that specialized in celebrity gossip and was their public face for a while…..oh wait yes she did.
        Dumb ass donkey.

  9. JFA says:

    Why is this bold??!?

  10. .
    ‘Pathological lying […] can be described as an addiction to lying. It is when an individual consistently lies for no personal gain. The lies are commonly transparent and often seem rather pointless.

    There are many consequences of being a pathological liar. Due to lack of trust, most pathological liar’s relationships and friendships fail. If the disease continues to progress, lying could become so severe as to cause legal problems, including but not limited to fraud.’

  11. Hooferine says:

    Why are all of my comments being deleted?

  12. fig says:

    I am neither angry with you nor do i really care. All I do is watch and point.

    I am watching because you put on a show and dance. And kick people in the head while doing so. And because you look at the sky and say “Green!” and point at the ocean and yell “Dry!” and point at yourself and claim “Nice!” What’s not to understand, I thought you loved musicals?

  13. JFA says:

    I really can’t! I mean…we aren’t “angry.” It’s called satire and social commentary. Reality television exists to provide entertainment – the result is criticism and social commentary. Writers write to make a statement, inviting criticism, critique, praise and social commentary. Aren’t you a “writer?” Do you honestly think you are gonna spout off constantly and no one will have an opinion on it?

    Get the fuck off television, stop pretending to be a “journalist” and “public speaker” and “relationship expert” if you seriously cannot handle anyone having anything but nice things to say about you. And I am not even going to BEGIN to explain the help you actually need and the shitty things you do inviting criticism, because obviously you are too dense and sociopathic to realize that you do awful things to people which INVITES CRITICISM.

    I am tired and cranky and I can’t with this bidge.

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      I’m a little angry.

      • JFA says:

        Well…hahaha she makes me “angry” too but it’s because I don’t like stupid awful people and she never shuts the fuck up and everything out of her mouth is bullshit. So yeah I guess I am sometimes “angry.” But mostly I just find it fun and interesting to parse the actions of a sociopath. And it’s a community you dipshit. Get over it.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      This. Angry? No. Ragey? No. Amused, appalled, stupefied, fascinated and entertained by your antics, Miss Julia? Yes to the nth power.

  14. Effervescent Suppositories says:

    It’s so bizarre how the only criticism Julia really hears is body snark when she can’t change the stumpy little body shape she was born with. However she doesn’t hear the criticism about all the things she actually has to power to change, like; lying on her resume; going thru men’s private email; torturing her dog; ignoring her g’dad’s memorial; being a cliched, crowd sourcing writer; her blatant gold digging; her flavor of the week politics; exploiting her interns; never meeting a deadline; pretending she belongs at fashion week; stealing Jordan’s tiara; ruining TMI; bad mouthing everybody she works with; giving away crappy complimentary gifts as if they were precious gems; gracelessly mooching accommodation left and right and generally just being a pushy nasty Baby Jane Hudson of the cyber age et al. et al. et al.

    Not a shred of conscience in her.

    And that is what makes you so hateful Julia, not your “puffy eyes”

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      Or your bloated corpse face.

    • JFA says:

      Seriously. SORRY I’M FAT BUT YOU LIARS ARE LYING ABOUT MY BOTOX! Holy shit, big picture! Look at it!

      • Effervescent Suppositories says:

        What are you supposed to do when somebody puts their “career” of being a narcissistic, pathological liar on the internet for all to see? Smile and wave like Mom$ers?

        • JFA says:

          I know! HAI! I am Julia Allison! I wear poofy teen dresses, I have a 75 point checklist to land the rich man of my dreams, I post a minimum of 200 pictures of myself online in a typical week, and I am generally a moody nasty bitch!

          Wait, wait, you don’t like me? But why? Why are you so hateful, you don’t even know me barely! Except for my overexposure as a “social media maven!” How dare you!

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Honestly, I don’t even give a flying fuck about her face or her inability to dress for her figure anymore. These things are the least of her sins (although the most visible manifestations of her fucked-upedness).

      Am I angry? I’m mostly exasperated at her and her kind, how at people like this come to exist. I know, sociopaths and pychopaths and their lot have always existed but in the Look At Me! internet age, it’s all just become too much. I don’t know any of the countless people she’s hurt and fucked over, but I can’t help but express solidarity and compassion. And I don’t even have My Own Personal Julia in My Life wreaking havoc!

      I’m ‘angry’ because you, Donkey, very publicly and shittily get away with so much awful stuff – having nothing to do with your looks – and you deserve to be called out on it.

  15. Hooferine says:

    I hope she does come on here, and each time she says something about her looks/weight, we can all just barrage her with questions about all of the awful things she has done – like the trip to Aspen, the email to her ex’s girlfriend, bailing on her friends wedding for burning man, the JL bi-polar incident, etc, etc, etc. Maybe it will finally sink into her donkey fur…

    • Effervescent Suppositories says:

      The Donkey Show on TV is entirely based on a deceit. She was never a relationship advice columnist based in LA.

      She exists in a world of complete and utter bullshit. She has no authentic opinions that couldn’t be bought and sold for a sideways glance from a founder or a skillet of cheesy mac.

      • Pink Palatian says:

        Yeah, I don’t understand this. It’s baffling how she could convince anyone that she has an actual career, much less that she’s a relationship expert. Is there any inside dirt on how she was able to pull not just wool over Bravo’s eyes but light-blocking industrial-duty curtains?

        • Birthday Chicken says:

          What do you mean? They created that persona for her. Just like they had her dye her hair red.

    • cakez says:

      It will not. Don’t bother. She is beyond help.

    • OMGPearskank says:

      I think I’ll pass.

      I’m not her therapist. If she wants someone to help her see the light she can pay for it. Hey, she’s got health insurance now, use it!

  16. JFA says:

    One thing is certain: She is freaking the fuck out about this show, and how it will make her look. Something she probably should have considered before she signed up for it.

    • Effervescent Suppositories says:

      It’s weird because all she ever wanted was a reality show. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that what Non Society was set up for in the first place? (Apart from all that nonsense about personal brands bla bla bla).

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        How’s that working out for you, Donkey? What do you suppose is next in the shitty void you’re calling a career?

        • RRR says:

          She could probably get a spot as the thing in the trash compactor for the Death Star, once they get around to building the third one.

          I hear Halliburton has the contract.

          • RRR says:

            Actually, I hear Loren Feldman has just battled Fred Grott to the death for that job, and poor Julia is regulated to being a drinks attendant on Jabba’s Sail Barge. Remember, Julia! Jabba likes just a light spray of vermouth, stirred, not shaken, a zested lemon curl and three large live bullfrogs per martini.

  17. The Manta says:

    So I assume someone at Bravo finally put “Julia Allison” into Google?

  18. Jimbo says:

    When is the show going to start airing??

  19. Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

    All Donkey’s replies to criticism are variations on a playground theme: “You don’t think I’m perfect??? Then there must be something wrong with you!!!!!”

  20. RRR says:

    Julia, you have managed to pretty much annoy, irritate and disgust any person you have had a relationship with in the past six years or whenever it was that you first met Nick Denton in whatever 200-car freeway pile-up had to occur for that to happen. Look at me–I was originally on your side and I am as big a bitch as they come. But watching you flail around with that crowd of poser-ho-bags at that trashy book party, auctioning yourself off to Tucker Fucking Maxth? No. Just no.

    This business with Randy’s husband uninviting you to her party–you know what? Even if it happened the way Gawker claims (which was dickish) you should have just suppressed your feelings and let it ride. What do you get out of releasing these details? He looks like a dick, you look like a back-stabber and Randi is (or should be) mortified. And even if you didn’t leak the details to Gawker–what does it say about you that somebody else would? “No one believes a liar even when they tell the truth.” I forget who said that. I think it was Miss Piggy. Or possibly not. But words of wisdom, my dear. Words of wisdom.

    • Effervescent Suppositories says:

      I don’t think he looks like a dick. I think he looks like he wanted to reclaim his wife’s birthday for her to celebrate.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        Exactly! On a milestone birthday, and a few months after she gave birth to their first kid. Get a fucking clue, Donkey! What were you doing in the first place co-opting her birthday? Did you grow up together? Are you related? How long have you known each other? Four years?


      • RRR says:

        If invitations had already been sent out to the Randi/Julia dinner then canceling and not inviting Julia is a dick move.

        That’s “If.”

        • I disagree.

          From the sounds of it, that Vegas party was undoubtedly being planned well before Donkey bullied OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth into hosting a party after OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth had already said there’d be no party.

          Pretty obvious that OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth knew her husband wanted no part of any more Bi-Polar Birthcray Bashes, but she probably thought he’d power through a few hours of celebrayshun in their own home, & since OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth didn’t know that her husband had a surprise planned, she most likely caved to Donkey first & told her husband second.

          WHY? do you even believe that invitations went out, considering the pathological lying source, & furthermore, big effing deal if they had, because the surprise plans OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth’s husband made for certainly trump anything Donkey bullied OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth into against her will.

          OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth’s husband excluding Donkey was every bit w/in his rights, but maybe he only did it after Donkey was the catalyst / cattle-ist of Gawker blowing the surprise for OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth.

          WHY? are you once again making the mistake of defending Donkey? You like eating crow, I guess.

          • Donksers says:

            I agree, Brayella. I couldn’t care less what Randi’s husband had to resort to in order to keep Julia away from his wife’s birthday party. He’s one of the few people who has had the balls to say, “FUCK NO!” to a very aggressive, pushy, forceful, rude-as-hell Donkey. Randi is an enabling fool but the husband obviously doesn’t give a shit about Julia Allison and her vindictive ways. Good for him.

          • Thank you, Donksers! THAT is where I’m coming from, that I apparently can’t articulate satisfactorily.

            The man surely never intended for Donkey to be any part of OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth’s birthday celebration & whatever he had to do to deconstruct Donkey’s machinations, so be it.

            He fought liar w/ fire. And won. Yay!

          • Grammarian says:

            The mother of a girl my child specifically had *not* invited to a party called me the afternoon of the party and asked, “so, what time is the party?”

            I said, oh, yes, of course, it’s at 7.

            My daughter was furious that I caved. I won’t again.

          • RRR says:

            Ouch. That had to be a tough call either way. But you’re right not to cave next time.

            I’d be curious to know if you thought the other child specifically requested that her mother secure the invite or if the mom acted on her own.

            Can’t really blame the other mom too much. I really don’t know what I’d say to my own child if they thought they were being snubbed. Probably “Why on earth would you want to spend time with those loathesome little shits?” Which would probably not be helpful in the long run.

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            RRR — I hope you would raise your child to not be so obnoxious to be excluded from a party.

            I mean, props to you for trying to spin it as a parent, but you make Grammarian seem like the asshole for not inviting a child who — for whatever reason — was deemed not welcome.

            I know a guy with two terribly ill-behaved, mean, aggressive, snotty little children. If I had kids, I wouldn’t want them there, either, especially because the behavior of the child mirrors that of the parents. I don’t see anything wrong with excluding assholes from a large all-ages gathering, considering some people (old and young) do not know how to behave.

            Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take my top off and force seven guys to help me into a kegstand.


          • I’d be curious to know if you thought the other child specifically requested that her mother secure the invite or if the mom acted on her own.

            My guess is that the Mama of The Excluded Kid didn’t know about the party until her kid told her …

            This is just kid-less me spkg, but my response to TEK, were it my kid, would have been: “Oh sweetie! You couldn’t go anyway, because on that day you & I are going to ___!”

            (& then I’d have started a load of laundry or something where so my kid couldn’t hear me sobbing for his/her hurt feelings.)

          • Sad Rat In Sidewalk says:

            @RRR, mcakez: Totally depends on whether the situation was a party where the whole class was invited except one kid, or a smaller party where not the whole class was invited. Sounds like it was the latter.

          • RRR says:

            I didn’t mean to imply anything of Grammarian. I don’t know what I’d do in his/her place. Brayella’s plan sounds like a the smart option–quick put together a fun date that trumps the b-day thing.

            I might later call the mother and just see if there was a problem between the two kids that needed an apology from my sprog.

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            @RRR — I think I just read too much (still not enough!) STFUParents, and also deal with asshole kids on the daily. I’ve just seen a lot of people who seem to think it is okay for their Special Snowflake (Madysynn, or MaddiSinn, or JaySynne, or Counter) to act like a terror because ‘they’re just kids’ or ‘they need to be understood’ or ‘DO NOT FUCK WITH MAMABEAR AND HER CUBS, RAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!!’

            Like I said, if you’re a parent, I understand the need to explain it to a child (who, for the most part, learns obnoxious behavior from the enabling parents), but most people do not take that time to reflect, “Wow, what is going on here that my child is such an asshole as to be uninvited from a party?” Instead a lot of people (whose children come to me, as tyrants, ten years later) seem to say, “DO NOT FUCK WITH TYRANNOSAURAUASICASTICALMAMABEARICAL!!! ACCEPT SNOWFLAKE AND BOW NOW, BICHEZZZ!!!”

            I feel bad for the kid, who hasn’t necessarily been taught what is and is not appropriate behavior, but at the same time you do not want a gathering destroyed by a little (mommy-bred) monster.

            I guess I am just saying I feel bad for Grammarian for being in that predicament, since the kid might have been hurt, and the mother probably learned nothing from the exclusion.

          • Yeah, mcackez, I agree w/ you re: the position Grammarian was in when she had to fly by the seat of her pants …

            That’s where I’d have to sit my (G’s) kid down & say: “Make me understand what this is about” & then, regardless of what later-discussion the kid’s answer merits, explain that a snap decision was made w/out all the facts in an effort to keep another kid’s feelings from being hurt unnecessarily & ‘here’s the deal now & we’re going to make the best of it’.

          • RRR says:

            Yeah, I totally get that. I think there is a fear that I would have that my kid was simply on the receiving end of the popular kids war against the unpopular kid, but I think there would be other warning signs about that situation and even then getting them an invite to a party would not solve the problem–would make it worse.

          • Grammarian says:

            mcakez: this kid is bad bad bad bad bad. so is the mother. my kid has been hurt by this miserable bitch, and didn’t want her at the party.

        • RRR says:

          Did you notice the “if?”

          I suppose not.

          Listen, I don’t have the time or interest to draw out a pentagon-level wargame for every fight Julia picks with her imaginary friends. My point was that WERE WE TO TAKE HER AT FACE VALUE she would still be wrong to make a big deal of it.

          • Yes, I noticed the “If”.

            Did you notice that I pointed out “why” he is *not* a dick, “if” indeed invitations had gone out & “why” he is *not* a dick for initially excluding or later uninviting Donkey?

            I suppose not.

            “Everybody’s wrong but me”
            ~Emily Morse, once
            ~ RRR, 4evah

            xo, bunny!

          • RRR says:

            For Brayella, who evidently needs everything Venn diagramed:

            HOW TO POUND SAND.

            First obtain about 40 gallons of playground-grade sand. You can do so at a local hardware store. Be sure to check with the staff–some sands are intended for concrete construction and are more abrasive than you will find necessary. Conversely, go to Coney Island and shovel a small dune into your car. Local police will simply assume you’re an absent-minded mobster reverse-burying a stoolie.

            2. Spread the sand out to a depth of about 4 inches. You may wish to put down a plastic pool liner first if you are doing this inside.

            3. Choose a blunt instrument with which to pound the sand. This can be any one of a number of things–a hammer, a rock, a coconut, a coconut-shaped rock, a rock-shaped coconut, Emily Gould’s personality and manners, your own empty thick-skulled head, etc.

            4. Pound, pound, pound away! Pounding sand in an excellent exercise for strengthening the upper arm muscles. In addition, the sand will absorb the drool that perpetually spills from your slack jaws.

            5. Feel free to relax!

          • LOL, RRR … for someone who doesn’t ‘have the time or interest blah blah blah’, you sure are taking an interest & the time to keep coming back at it.

            Not everyone agrees w/ you that the guy was ‘dickish’ or made a ‘dick move’ … Get over it. Get over yourself.

            Be sure to stck around though — surely AFF will be by shortly to give your taint some more north-facing kitten licks — that should leave ya good to go for a few more hours up on your high horse.

          • RRR says:

            What RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            “I said IF events transpired the way Julia said they did, he was dickish. Another commenter has pointed out below (and I have no reason to doubt them) that events did NOT transpire the way Julia said they did, thus, he was not dickish. But even if he was King Dick of Dickland she should have swallowed her pride and kept her yapping mouth closed. Now she’s made two new enemies where she barely had one friend.”

            What Brayella reads:

            “He was…King Dick of Dickland…she should have swallowed…”

          • Here’s the thing: You act as if etiquette possibly being breached definitely makes him a dick while you lose sight / site / cite of the fact that he was dealing w/ an insidious jackass who was trying to horn in where she wasn’t wanted.

            It’s like calling a bouncer in a nightclub rude because he kicks your hell-raising ass to the curb, completely overlooking the fact that IT HAPPENED FOR A REASON.

            No matter what the story w/ the invitations played out to be, HE WASN’T A DICK — HE WAS EFFECTIVE.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:


          • RRR says:

            Do you know something?

            I live in a world, professionally and socially, where ettiquette matters. Where a breach of it on either side is lethal. Where two people who fucking hate each other’s guts will tiptoe through each other’s shit for decades just so they don’t ruffle the feathers-at-large. I guess it rubbed off on me to the extent that Istill beleive that diplomacy on all sides is the best way for a professional to handle their life, both public and private (and Randi’s birthday suprise was not private).

            And you know what? In place of the titanic shitstorm of vulgar, ugly, common, cretinous, unnecessary and coarsening rudeness that is the life of Julia and Randi–and you too, from the sounds of things–I’m glad I’m here.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:


          • Seriously? You know how to play office politics & you excel at it too? Well, that’s all very good & well, but this is the internet, & a caustic bitch like you who continually makes exceedingly scathing jabs on snark sites doesn’t also get to play the “I’m polite, you’re not!” card on a snark site, cuz that shit ain’t gonna fly around here when you can’t really defend your position.

          • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

            Please don’t fight, bunnies, it’s traumatizing me. And you may hurt your sweet little paws, too (although mostly it’s about me, obvs).

          • AFGHANI: Inevitable says:

            It’s not “licking [RRR’s] taint” to compliment when I think he’s made a good observation of an omgLULZY comment. I think almost any point is worth considering for a bit and it’s also possible to change your mind or second-guess yourself. RRR’s hand-wringing about mocking Julie Albertson has some merit and I’m sure in some parts of society it is a strong viewpoint. And, a little OT, but RRR has been open about some personal weaknesses/issues that might lead to his views. Most of us are comfortable minimizing our own weaknesses because we’re mocking a person who is vomit-worthy. Since this tacky hick is putting herself out there for Bravo to use as a hate-object, this makes sense, but it is possible to imagine a lot of people would just feel sad for JA.

          • RRR says:

            Do you, Brayella, understand the way one should behave in real life as a professional and how that is different from behavior on a snark site?

            You seem to think snark site behavior trumps real world behavior. I love love love commenting here and on other sites and yes, I am a mean, cruel bitch, but trust me–this is not how I behave in real life to people with whom I have a professional relationship, however tenuous.

            At this point I believe that there was nothing wrong with Randi’s husband’s behavior. Julia is lying.

            My original point is that even if she were telling the truth she is just as wrong as he is. For this you leap down my fucking throat? You’re an tetchy shallow asshole.

            Am I making sense? Is this coming out in Englsih? Are the rest of you on crazy pills? Hello? Calling Antarctica Traffic Control? This is the Nostromo? What? The? Fuck?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            Even if her version of the story is true, he did nothing wrong. Was it her house? Her time? Her space? Her efforts that were going to have to go into hosting the party? No, it was his, and he therefore had every right to cancel it when and if he felt like it. And if she cajoled and pushed for it as we know she did, then he was also right to tell her to make sure everyone knew it wasn’t happening. No breach of etiquette here. His house, his decision.

          • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

            Speaking for myself, calm the fucking hissy fit down or take it to the forum.

            It’s Holy Weekend for Lord’s sake.

          • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

            I think there can be a breach of etiquette (LOL) when one is dealing with a demented donkey who not only has stood on furniture at other Randi b-days but licked cakes. Also, crashing her bachelorette party and making a scene.

            I still think Brent did nothing wrong but take some power back and extract his wife from the hinges of a donkey. I don’t think regular rules of etiquette apply when dealing with a sociopath.

          • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

            @Malformed Face:


            But I agree with you.

            Would anyone care for a meringue or a lemon square, perhaps?

          • RRR says:

            I 99% agree with you, Jacy; I’m not there for the last 1% only because it sounds like it’s okay for a husband to make decisions about his wife’s life (which I know you don’t mean to infer).

            But we all know Randi was totally on his side with this, so it’s more like .0000001%.

            And yes, manners? PR? Long-term professional relations? Julia Allison? Randi Zuckerberg? Silicon Valley? Tech people? What the hell am I thinking?

            Enjoy your holiday.

          • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

            Agree with you re: let’s all have meringues instead of fighting, that is. I refuse to form an opinion on the matter being discussed, I’m too old and rich for that.

          • RRR says:

            Malformed: that is an excellent way of putting it. I suppose there are some people, Julia among them, who are beyond even the most careful management in this regard.

          • Dude! YOU are the one taking stabs at my manners (or lack of) based on WHAT? The ONLY impression you have of me comes from what I post, so turn your dainty little back on your own sniping self & see how you fail to make a valid point on manner levels, based on your own posting Hx as an example.

            Every time you stress what your ‘original point’ was, you’ve pared down & veered away from the fact that you were insisting that Mr. Randi was quite possibly ‘dickish’, & that said dickishness hinged on whether or not he caused invitations to be rescinded.

            Here, let’s approach this another way: Put yourself in his shoes, dealing w/ a donkey who has no regard for anyone but herself, & tell us the ‘Professional’ & ‘Business-like’ way he should have proceeded regarding a very personal matter.

            (To answer your question: No, you’re not making sense, but if you reply then we’ll know you’re still treading water fast enough to keep from drowning.)

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            Shit, RRR… What are you… Hello? It’s hot? Is this English? What…?


            I’m soooooooo confused. Julia’s a liar? It’s hot?

          • RRR says:

            See above: re: my response to Malformed.

            Basically your argument, but stated clearly and with no declaration that I am defending Julia and love eating crow.

            And if you can’t see the difference between commenting on a snark site (or elsewhere) anonymously and how you speak to/behave with associates in public and on public platforms under your own name, well, I guess your place of employ is a lot more wild and crazy than I give it credit for.

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            AFF — Shut up, for once.

          • Okay, Kiss & Make-up Time!
            After I get the last word in, of course …

            (Psst! I think everyone bought into our little episode of scripted ‘reality’, don’t you?)

            Your stance that Mr. Randi failed on a professional level (that is what you’re saying, right?) is negated by the fact that none of their dealing was done under the auspice of ‘professionalism’ & had Donkey not leaked it all to Gawker, we wouldn’t even be having this ‘healthy’ debate.

            XO, Bunny!

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I am going to be Judge Judy here and rule in favor of Brayella.

            Case closed.

          • RRR says:


            Exactly that.

            He was not a dick. She was lying.

            My point to her–who I was addressing–because she never reads here–was that even if what she said was true (and it’s not) she was still wrong to leak it to Gawker.

            You just don’t do that to a public contact unless you are making an open declaration of war. Period.

            My mistake was in saying that IF IT WERE TRUE I would think him blocking her was a dick move. But as Malformed wisely pointed out some people, unfortunately, need to be slapped down and damn the social codes.

          • anon says:

            I too have perfect manners when I’m not commenting on this website. Please, take my word for it.

        • fig says:

          I think this is a huge part of the Secret of the Donkey. She “creates facts” by using massive pressure or lying, and when you try to untangle yourself from those schemes or just call her out on it, you feel like an asshole. People tolerate a lot of crap just to avoid drama or feel like they are breaking some code of polite conduct.

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            That is a very good point, fig. We’ve heard many people in the past express that they ‘just try to avoid’ her — being polite out of politeness’ sake — or just are outright reluctant to deal with her insane backlash shenanigans.

            She threatened blackmail on her ex-boyfriend (son of a former presidential candidate!) for cripe’s sake.

            People like that are just easier to try and ignore/walk away than to try and address head on, because they are insane and it gets you nothing but grief.

            She greatly takes advantage of the fact that she loves any publicity, has no shame, and has no problem publicizing or shaming others in the process of getting a mention in the tiniest of rags. If she — for once — came up against a famewhore with half as much to (not) lose, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. As it stands, she gets by on the complacency of others as they try to just ignore that she was ever the tiniest speck in their lives.

            Whoa be it to jelly d, who made a deal with Satan in sausage curls for a few minutes of screen time.

          • If she — for once — came up against a famewhore with half as much to (not) lose, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

            Would that explain her short-lived pairing up w/ the little cancer fraud chick?

        • featherbrained says:

          She preemptively sent invites for a dinner after Randi said no to the joint birthday party. There was no big party invites sent out. ever. Randi said no.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            She’s big on ordering people to have parties for her. She did it to Jordo a few times, and publicly. Has she ever hosted anyone, invited guests to her home and cooked for them unless someone else — Pancakes, Flusher — was doing the cooking?

            But to do it to OMG Randi Zuckerberg OMG. That takes some balls.

            What a stupid asshole.

          • featherbrained says:

            Yeah, remember (LOL) when Julia bullied Jordan into the Halloween party? She basically blogged and hinted that she was making Jordan have a party. I think that Jordan later alluded to this event as being…annoying.

          • RRR says:

            I figured as much.

            Her need to avenge herself against people seems to preempt the original coldness of intent for which she befriended them in the first place.

        • Grammarian says:

          it was a small party — 10 girls, not the whole class and not the whole grade

          the mother, who is a known psycho bitch, on picking up her equally heinous child, both confessed and celebrated her “getting over” — my boyfriend called me at the last minute and i couldn’t get a sitter, but i knew you were having a party so thanks for letting me bring her

          i was so astonished i just blinked and smiled

          the thing is, if the bitch had actually said, hey, i heard you’re having a party, i can’t get a sitter, last minute date, could my daughter come, that would have been at least asking a favor, rather than making a demand

          my daughter is old enough that the “invite the whole class to the bouncy place” parties are in the past — it’s choose your friends wisely now

      • Dyspeptic says:

        I think Brent looks like the normal, boundary-setting adult in this mess. Good for him.

      • Grammarian says:


    • JFA says:

      I still wuv you.

      • RRR says:

        I wuv you too!

        • Brent-the-Donkey-handler says:

          Having dealt with this narcissistic clown before on a living arrangement gone horribly wrong I saw the up close ugly. This Donkey cannot let stuff go, she is like those barnacles that get glued to the bottom of your boat…she must get her way, always, and when she doesn’t she hounds you until you cut her off hard. Randi and Brent will never speak to her again. Status of Bridge #55: burned to the ground.

  21. Scooby Don't says:

    Why are you so angry with me? Why do you care?
    Always with the expecting others to do your work and thinking for you right Donkey?
    How about you do a post on your fail of a blog explaining why people should like you?
    What am I saying… twitter would be able to encompass that post with characters to spare.
    Don’t outsource your self analysis to others like you do everything else.

    • JFA says:

      The blog post! I thought of this too! I honestly was thinking (I’m bored, I broke my damn foot and I am housebound so)…what advice would I actually give her about all this? And a big part of it was…besides look within, change etc: Try being LIKABLE AND AUTHENTIC on your own damn blog. Maybe something along the lines of: “I regret that people don’t like me. I am struggling to understand why that is. I want to atone for the shitty things I have done, including (X,Y,Z). But…I am a good person, even now, because (X,Y,Z (not lies)).

      But I know the myriad reasons this will never happen.

      • … shitty things I have done, including (X,Y,Z) …

        “X,Y,Z”? Oh honey …

        An alphabetized list of the shitty things Donkey takes us well past the Greek alphabet … we may be deep into Mandarin alpha territory at this point, eh?

        • WP says:

          You said: Mandarin.
          I went to: Mary looks great in orange.

          #Pavlov’sCatlady #HiEddieIzzard

    • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

      She’s really a crazy person. She constantly asks “why,” and people answer. And then she asks “why” again because the answer wasn’t satisfactory. This bitch. I kant. It’s just the same cycle of crazy with her over and over again. That the mods on this site and its commenters can produce such funny stuff out of the same old crap is amazing to me. Talking to Julia, without exaggeration, is like talking to the crazy person ranting about the world ending on the subway.

      • Albie Quirky says:

        The only answer she would accept is “Because we’re jealous” and she will never, ever get that answer from anyone because nobody on earth is jealous of that pathetic, unloving, unloved mess.

        • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

          I’m jealous… jealous that someone could live such an unself-aware existence in this world without being remotely broken hearted about all of the poverty, tragedy, and destruction occurring around them. To not think about the horrors of the world, other than, “I haven’t had an @ tweeted at me in seventeen hours!” It must be nice…

          Oh, wait, no I’m not, because for the most part my life has meaning other than seeing my face splattered everywhere and knowing people are talking about me — mostly to curse me.

          I may be miserable in my knowledge, but I am happier for caring about something outside twenty pounds of greasy fake hair upon my overly made-up head.

          • Grammarian says:

            Passover: In our freedom, we remember our bondage, and the bondage of people who are still not free

  22. Sincerely Curious says:

    I wonder what causes these moments–the ones where she reaches out to interact with her “haters.”

    Is it all calculated or are there actual times of lucidity where she senses the depth of her own emotional poverty and emptiness–and reaches out in a useless attempt at comprehension?

    • Donksers says:

      I think this is nothing more than an attempt on her part (and Bravo’s) to add something of interest to her Miss Advised character. Let’s face it, the ONLY interesting thing about Julia Allison is RBD.

      • Sincerely Curious says:

        The only reason I’m a little skeptical that this is directly linked to Bravo is that it’s kind of hard to make stuff on the computer interesting visually. So I guess she could talk about her “hater site” but would it really work and make a TV show interesting?

        • Can-Swiss says:

          I agree. I think it’s interesting but not visually so it would not translate well into the show. Remember awhile back she wanted to “meet” some of her haters in person? That was probably for Bravo.

    • Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

      I think it’s more a manifestation of her cray. She finds herself such a sparkling specimen of humanity that she can’t believe that there are people out there who disagree. She’s obsessed with her haters because she finds our existence so strange and incomprehensible because she KNOWS that she’s near-perfect and incredibly likable. She contacts us because she’s impulsive and doesn’t internalize much.

    • I wonder what causes these moments–the ones where she reaches out to interact with her “haters.”

      Well, birthcray & the loss of [Jordacted’s] friendship prompted ChatGate I … it’s the same shit, just a different birthcray year & a different [BFF].

      Rinse. Lather. [Threepeat].

    • JFA says:

      I think it’s because she is freaking out about how she will appear on camera, she is obviously miserable with her life and doing this show, and she is lashing out/trying to defend herself to the only haters she can do so with, right now. Which…just wait til the show actually airs honey. It’s gonna be quite a full time job responding to every negative online opinion and negative review etc etc. Just sit the fuck down.

    • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

      I don’t know what causes these moments generally but I am certain THIS moment is due to Bravo’s prodding and poking. This is clearly going to be for the camera.

  23. RRR says:

    Julia Allison’s 73 Points!

    1. He must make me laugh. A sense of humor is important! Although I will settle for tickling.
    2. He must be good looking enough to make other girls jealous but not so good-looking that, you know, they actually fuck him when I’m not around.
    3. He must always surprise me with expensive gifts! Three weeks court-order stay at an in-patient clinic in Bel Air does NOT count BTW.
    4. He must slam his lovebanana up my ladycave on a regular basis, bringing me again and again to heights of delirium!
    5. Mmmmmmm, bananas.
    6. Why are you looking at me like that? All I said was “bananas.”
    7. He must share everything with me. Emotions. Thoughts. Feelings. Passwords.
    8. It would help if he never wanted to ride a donkey and used Google to find out how
    9. He must love PINK THINGS
    10. He always has to stand to my left when we take pictures. And oh shit, will we take pictures. In the dictionary, there will be a picture of us taking pictures under the definition of “taking pictures.”
    12. Why are you looking at me like that? And throwing small stones?
    13. He must babysit the dog whenever I…wait a minute. Crap. Where is the dog?
    15. Crap.
    16. He must buy me a new dog.
    17. Where’s the shovel? Why can I never find anything in this fucking apartment? Whose idea was the white-on-white color scheme? Who buys a fucking white shovel? Julia fucking Price, that’s who.
    18. Anyway
    19. He must love cupcakes!
    20. Gluten free cupcakes!
    21. Listen, take it up with my doctor, okay?
    22. No, not my shrink.
    23. Gee you’re funny. You think you’re funny, don’t you? Yeah you’re fucking hilarious.
    24. Texting from a boat, are you. I hope you get seasick and throw up all over Deck Two.
    25. He must always help me celebrate my birthday! With the assistance of whoever my life-long friend will be that year. I am hoping for one with beautiful white teeth this time!
    26. The “pink things” up above? Yeah, I meant dresses and flowers and whatnot. And not some other man’s erect penis. Just in case you were thinking of going there.
    27. Iceberg. You should hit a fucking iceberg. I hope the captain wraps that boat around it like a goddamn Easter bow.
    28. He must love all the members of my family! Dadsers, Momsers, Little Brother Britt, whatsherface his wife, Granny, um, the other dog, um, I think I have an aunt or a cousin or something out there somewhere. Oh, and Weird Old Uncle Steve. But it’s okay if he doesn’t like Weird Old Uncle Steve.
    29. In fact, I would rather we not discuss Weird Old Uncle Steve.
    30. Because, ew.
    31. He must have an OMG downtown condo in a city with an actual downtown, so, sorry, Detroit and Phoenix!
    32. And Atlanta!
    33. No, I don’t want a condo in a central business district. Nobody wants that.
    34. Are you on crack? Put down your fucking blackberry and just tell me you are not on crack.
    35. No pimples.
    36. No hangnails.
    37. No dandruff.
    38. No weird ingrown anything.
    39. No inverted nipples.
    40. No outsie.
    41. He should be thin, yet manly, but not too manly because = back hair = gross
    42. Absolutely NO premature ejaculating! That shit is a nightmare to get off the walls.
    43. The goddamn WHITE walls. I need sunglasses just to open the fridge.
    46. Can’t she just use a coke spoon like a normal person?
    47. Jesus Christ
    48. Anyway
    49. I am well aware that Buffalo has a downtown.
    50. Would you live in downtown Buffalo?
    51. I didn’t think so.
    52. Not even for the view.
    53. He must love fashion!!!
    54. No, wait.
    55. Strike that one.
    56. He must love….ME loving fashion!!!
    57. Still sounds like he’s gay.
    58. What to do, what to do.
    59. He must always desire me to the extent that whatever I spend on looking sexy is good with him!!!
    60. That works.
    61. He must be a leader in his industry (preferably tech)
    62. I’d like a hipster
    64. Seriously, I just love boys in skinny jeans.
    65. With curly hair. Lots and lots of curly hair.
    66. Sarah Lacy’s-wig amount of curly hair
    67. Who are very curious about China
    68. And love posing with me sitting on them like I just caught them like I am a (sexy) dog and they are a (sexy) rabbit
    69. And who take their meds.
    70. Shut up.
    71. No, it’s nothing
    72. I just have something in my eye.
    73. How’s the water? Nice and choppy? Would you like a pork sandwich, maybe some raw oysters? How about a barf bag?

    • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

      Oh RRR, you rascal, you got me AGAIN.

      OT, Edward, if you’re reading and you still care, which you have every right not to, I finally got my lazy hater ass back to the Await Your Reply thread in the forum. Please forgive my fatness!

    • JFA says:

      I got to two and I am already smiling.

      • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

        I think I got to 10, but I’m a pretty humorless hardass when it comes down to it.



    • expired lurker says:

      Longtime lurker, longtime hater, starting before [redacted] and julia but always following and lurking. Thihs list is perfect except for #42, she once said, either on her site or in an article, can’t remember, that she LIKED premature ejaculators that she considered it a compliment to her beauty or some shit.

    • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:


      • RRR says:

        There is a purported recording of a Russian female astronaut radioing into ground control right before she burns to death that I know you’ll find hilarious.

        • Norse Horse, Task Ass says:

          A nicely strenuous effort to elicit half a chuckle somewhere. By all means, keep beavering away at things like this and invoking the screams of dead Soviet cosmonauts when someone tells you you’re a fucking bore.

        • Jane says:

          what is wrong with you

        • RRR says:

          Hi Norse Horse! Still supernaturally stupid, I see. Do you have any more instructions on how an “elderly gay man from 1970” should act? That was a laugh riot.

          To clarify, Jane, I am merely quoting back to the delightful Mcakez her link that she posted in response to me, which I did indeed think was truly horrible and did indeed make me wonder what the fuck was wrong with her (see above). It also did indeed make me think: “what the fuck is wrong with me?” And I swiftly realized: “I am posting here again.”

          No offense to Jacy, but the witch-hunt bullshit I have been subjected to over stuff that is completely innocuous is simply not worth my time. Since coming back after what I thought was a perfectly amiable parting from me I have had more people down my throat than the last five years’ worth of dental surgery and an airport glory hole besides.

          Perhaps you and JP should make access to this place contingent on signing a document that avows that the bearer will promise to hate everything Julia Allison does, up to and including shaving her legs, and apparent suggestion that Stalin was, on the whole, worse, will not be tolerated. Hey – post this with a picture of JP in leather shorts holding a whip and elderly-gay-man-from-1970 readership oughta skyrocket.

          There’s buckets of swell catladies here like Helena and B-day Chicken and JFA and too many more to name…and I’ll see you good folks over at the other place. Norse Horse and Mcakesz and Brayella and Fred Grott the Magical Talking Roll of Loren Feldman’s Toilet Paper? Please enjoy your scheduled program of mutual admiration for the next 30 years or so. Maybe Loren will come back, like some sort of bullshit Lorax, and darling IamLA, and Matt Beauchamp can pop in again to tell you all that the Holocaust doesn’t exist and you can link hands and dance!

          For Flounce Bingo please mark the square: “suddenly realizes once-hilarious board is overrun with humorless, talentless twats.”

          • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

            I don’t really go to the other place anymore.

            My “Helena” (unlike you, RRR, I don’t use my real name here) online existence is divided between RBD and a fairly big political forum, also US-based, where I’ve been posting (sometimes in an on and off manner) since September 2007, and “served” as a staff member since May 2011. When I come here, it’s usually because I need a break from the many horrible imbeciles and assholes over there and am too tired / brainwashed to actually walk away from the computer. I don’t know what kind of experience, if any, you all have with online political boards, but trust me that RBD and all the resident jealous obese haters are nothing but light and laughter and rainbows and sweet opiates compared to what I typically wade through in my “other online home.”

            Right now I’m taking a couple days off from there, because I may be godless, but fuck if I spend a single Easter / Pesach minute trying to decide who’s a bigger racist or who started a stupidfight first. Whatever is happening between you, RRR and Brayella and Norse Horse and anyone else STILL isn’t on the same level as most feuds happening there, because all of you are awesome and smart and witty people, but that’s just one more reason it’s traumatizing to watch.

            I have nothing but wuv for you all, RRR and Horse and Brayella and many others, which is actually kind of disturbing when I think of it, I’m not used to liking such a high percentage of online acquaintances. Good Lord, don’t take some disagreement over whether or not someone none of us ever met might have acted as a dick toward a donkey we all laugh at, or some metaphor about dead astronauts (seriously??), and turn it into a huge THING. I don’t want to throw lame clichés like “agree to disagree” around, but for Satan’s sake.

            xoxo, bitches. Go decorate some eggs in peace.

          • Handbag Cohen Stuffed With Hair says:

            Helena, you are lovely.

          • CDB says:

            I think Matt has passed

          • (Posted between sobs at 3:47 a.m.)
            ‘No offense to Jacy, but the witch-hunt bullshit I have been subjected to over stuff that is completely innocuous is simply not worth my time.’

            Hear that, Jacy? That sudden hiss & flourish of silk garments rustling furiously? It can only mean one thing: Resident Diva RRR simply will not tolerate these current working conditions any longer!

            #Flouncing101: The art of getting out of miserable situations & looking positively fabulous while doing it.

            Well done, RRR, well done!
            You take care, dear heart. Buh-byeeeeeeee!

          • yawnsers says:

            You’re just so fucking tiresome and needy. Surely you’d get the plaudits and love you crave offline if you ported your Herculean “Look at how SMART and FUNNY I am!” efforts to meatspace. But we just don’t appreciate you, do we? We’ll be sorry when you’re gone! Etc etc. We get it. Just go already – preferably without a Sarah Lacy-length catalogue of the injustices you have so bravely suffered here. DO fuck off.

          • JFA says:

            I love RRR and loved this list…and I’m sad you are leaving. That’s all really.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            The infighting and nastiness is really bumming me out lately. People are going too far. RRR explained, ad nauseum (not his fault because he kept getting called out on it), what he meant by what he said it and was a perfectly reasonable explanation. He’s also said over and over again that he’s sorry for the way he went after Jacy in the beginning and that he’d seen the error of his ways in regards to white knighting for Julia. As has MMBH, Asha, PK, TK, Pancakes McCain, Jordan, Redacted, Redacted 2, and, now, Randi Z. And a whole host of other people we don’t burn at the stake when they figure out they’ve been duped.

            I do feel it became a witch hunt with him and it makes me sad because, I also like most of the commenters who seem to have this hatred of him and did everything they could to run him out of here. I see the disagreements on here taking such a nasty tone between MANY people, not just RRR and the assembled masses who don’t like him. Every time someone posits a “well, maybe Julia meant this” and try to take a devils advocate stance, they are slammed to no end. Guess what guys? We have been right 90% of the time. But we haven’t ALWAYS been right. What does it hurt to have a spirited debate? Geez!

            As many have said before me, can’t we all just put our petty differences aside and put our focus back on the topic at hand?

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I agree with this to a certain extent. But what raises hackles about RRR — mine included — is the sneeringly socially and morally superior tone he/she often takes in arguing his/her point. His/her entire argument re: Brent was that he might have violated the norms of social/professional etiquette, a lofty set of supposed rules that RRR felt necessary to educate us heathens about, and sorry, that was bullshit. I know social and professional etiquette, as I’m sure a lot of us do. I was raised by an upper-middle-class British mother and holy shit, the crap she got bent out of shape about, and I work in an industry where there are many professional do’s and don’ts. And so therefore, maybe my tolerance for that argument is lower than most, but how can you condescendingly deliver a lesson on the importance of social and professional etiquette in this crowd and not expect to be called out? Come on.

            He/she could be funny, smart, but could also be infuriatingly superior and Drama Queen-y and I don’t blame anyone for calling him/her on it. If RRR wants to come back, it’s fine with me, but he/she can’t be surprised if he/she gets challenged on his/her Upper East Side well-heeled maven shtick. This isn’t exactly the crowd where that kind of thing flies.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            I understand what you are saying, Jacy, but I wonder if some opinions are still colored by the fact that RRR was a dick himself many moons ago when he first came in here and people will just never forgive him for that.

            I just don’t read much of what he said (this time around) as condescending UNTIL he started getting slammed for his opinion and then, yes, he lashes out sarcastically and condescendingly but, no more so than anyone who lashes out at him.

            Anyway, in regards to the original argument (whether or not Brent was a dick for for disinviting JA), at the point in which RRR basically yells “Uncle”, which he did pretty early on in this case, then I think enough is enough already. He moves on, makes another unrelated comment, and people slam him on THAT one too. Whether or not you think his 73 point screed was funny, why go after him? Don’t comment, don’t hit the “like” button and move on.

            I understand you have a history with him and, believe me, I’ve been here since almost Day 1 and understand why you feel the way you do. I also defer to your opinion a lot because, there have been quite a few times I felt a certain way about JA or whatever and thought maybe the conspiracy theories were a little outlandish and you basically were the Radar O’Rielly of our community, told us “wait for it” and we found out you were exactly right all along. All we had to do was wait for it.

            But, as I said, it’s not just RRR. I see fights breaking out with all kinds of regulars, who get all kinds of nasty and lowdown and condescending with one another and, quite frankly, it is getting tiresome. If I want to listen to people gripe at one another for having a different opinion, I’ll head over to GOMI for the afternoon and get my fill there.

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I hear you, lady. Dude? In any event, I am honored to be referred to as “Radar O’Reilly.”

          • My company worked with Julia Allison -- NEVER AGAIN says:

            Also: RRR is boring as fuck. But mostly what Jacy said, about the condescending tone. Dude, if you’re that fucking smart and elite, you don’t need to tell us so goddamn often. Holy shit, no one cares!

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            LOL. I probably should have told you that sooner but, yes, that is the place you hold in my life, and my heart. I actually imagine you looking up in the sky when you are giving us your predictions. You have an extremely impressive right ratio!

          • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

            I have been wrong about lots. I didn’t believe “Booty Call” was a real person and thought he was invented out of whole cloth to make Harvard Harley jealous, but he was real, and engaged to be married at the time, apparently! Classy.

            I thought Hipster Lawyer was made up too for awhile but he’s a real person and she was really awful/disrespectful to him, according to his friends in Chicago, because she didn’t feel he was hot enough for her. Equally classy!

            I didn’t think this reality show was ever happening, and it is.

            I never thought she’d be stupid enough to cross the OMG Facebook Clan OMG OMG, and she did.

            Nor would I have believed anyone would willingly fuck Tim Ferriss, and she did.

            But I appreciate your worship.

          • RRR says:

            Hi guys…

            Now that I am full of Easter jellybean sweetness & love, I wanted to pop in and thank Helena and Licked for their comments. I also really appreciate the fact that Jacy has been welcoming to me in the community because I did saw the Paris Opera chandelier down on her head first time we internet-met, and she has never held it against me. I suspect she’s actually a super-tolerant and understanding person IRL, with Julia being the ever increasingly understandable exception.

            Also, I know that I did overreact to Mcakez because her link freaked me out, but that’s because I didn’t know it was fake. Anyway I usually think Mcakez is hilarious and I’m sorry she doesn’t like my writing, but you know what? My shtick simply is NOT funny for some people and that’s all right. I just hope they see it as shtick. I don’t like having to continually explain/defend myself, however, so maybe if that’s happening a lot the problem is really on my side and I should take a time-out and give y’all a break.

            That said, demands that I “be funnier” remind me of Homer Simpson thumping the TV and yelling something similar and this whole “gay man” thing really rubbed me the wrong way (evidently if I’m a gay woman or a straight man fucking with someone, that’s different? Go fuck, indeed).

            Anyway I am super-happy because I lost a shit-ton of weight recently! A picture of the new, slimmer me below.


            No, I’m not on a diet. I parked on the Cross Bronx Expressway.

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            Yes, you may have gotten a few things but, you’ve been the ringleader of this shit circus for, what 4 years now? That’s a very low percentage of error in my opinion. Especially with some of the crazy, outrageous things that I thought “oh, no way in HELL, girl. You crazy!” that turned out be right.

          • stalker is the new fat says:

            your tyres have never been more beautiful, RRR!

          • LickedRandisCake says:

            RRR….I’m in the market for a sassy gay friend. You interested?

            I kid, I kid.

        • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

          Oh goddammit.

          I didn’t realize this thread was going on.

          TL;DR wasn’t attempting to be an ass to RRR. It was actually an attempt to be playful since that is sort of a running thing with RRR. I actually — believe it or not — read the whole thing!

          Since this is pertinent to the rest of the shit storm in here — I’ve actually been trying to stay out of the inner-fighting in here for a while now. I don’t like to see things get personally ugly among us, because such divisiveness surely tickles the hell out of Julia. Also, because the last few times I went to check out GOMI, I couldn’t even read the comments because there were so many attack-mode posts. I don’t want to be part of that, ya know?

          I save my snide remarks and outrage for reddit at this point.

          So, let the record show: “Lost Cosmonauts” — fake but fascinating hoax. TL;DR — not something I ever say except in jest. Hugging and singing kumbaya — something I am totally into lately but please do not touch my mumu or my love beads because old habits die hard and I am a little possessive/weird about the touching thing so actually if we could just air hug and do a unity dance that would be perfect okay? I am so glad we worked this out.

          • RRR says:

            Aw, Cakez!!!! I am so glad I saw this. I think you’re one of the funniest people here.


          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            Oh yay thank goodness the juju up in here was getting pretty crazee and I am almost out of sage so that would be really bad but anyway disaster naturally averted whew now mind the no touching thing and you might try just a little more pop in the ‘all one’ step of your unity dance but that is just a suggestion anyway can I braid your hair?

          • RRR says:

            Well, m’dear, seeing as I am an elderly gay man from 1970, there’s not a hell of a lot of it left to braid. But you can sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas without having to worry about anything unexpected coming up!


          • Jane says:

            always liked RRR myself, never thought of his/her/its posts as condescending or superior, sometimes gets my back up for one reason or another but that’s the easiest thing in the world to do. ever.

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:


          • Jane says:

            i was just going to add… but that mcakez, can’t stand HER

          • mcakez: Taste the Passion! of Relationship Tofu! says:

            Oh hail no, Jane. Do not make me yank off my clip-on earrings.

            Bitch, I am not afraid to titty-twist you.

          • CDB says:

            purple nurple?

  24. In an obscure way, Donkey is reminding me of Baron Munchausen (that other fantastic liar) who once claimed to have saved himself from a perilous situation when mired in a bog by reaching up & pulling himself (& his horse!) out by his own hair.

    “Miss Advised” is the bog she willingly rode into & is now trying to save herself from … but like so many other fake things about her, as usual, the plastic pelts aren’t doing her any favors … & for some odd reason, Julia Allison Baugher now thinks rebloggingdonk.com is going to throw her a life preserver?

    Oh Honey …

    You’re not going to, in any form or fashion, preemptively stifle BRAVO! viewers of the inevitable criticisms by clomping in here now, flared nostrils snorting steam & nasty hooves pawing the dirt, & bald-face lying over & over about the many whore-irrific things you’ve done to your face.

    Go get some rest, Donkey. Your face could use it.


    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      Not at all obscure, at least in these parts (viz: Canklehausen.) To me, it’s ALL ABOUT the lying (see also: my name.) I am confident that I am not alone here in being massively affronted by the constant lies of someone so much stupider than me. It’s kind of why RBD exists in the first place, no?

  25. Grammarian says:

    my .02: don’t block, don’t engage — just ignore

  26. Effervescent Suppositories says:

    I genuinely don’t understand.


    • Grammarian says:

      “genuinely” “frankly” “to be honest” = things liars say when they are lying even more than usual

  27. Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

    Bottom line, I kind of don’t get why we’re supposed to care whether or not she genuinely understands. This site’s raison d’etre has been explained in detail many MANY times here, in a billion different ways. Like David Brent sang, if you don’t know me by now, you’ll never never know me. And if you’re a dumb donkey who doesn’t understand that asking strangers online “what would you ask a fashion designer at FWNY?” isn’t acceptable journalist behavior, then you won’t.

    Sucks for you, Donkey. But hey, you genuinely don’t understand things that are far more important than RBD, which kinda sucks harder. Maybe feel free to relax and focus on those first.

    • bf says:

      Song. In. My. head. SONG IN MY HEAD!!!(weeping)

    • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

      P.S. I cannot be the only one who literally genuinely in no uncertain terms couldn’t care less what ghastly things and how many of them she’s had “done.” In her face, I mean. Obviously, the face has undergone some massive trauma, and what kind of person thinks 1) all of that was a great idea, and 2) it’s also a great idea to post myriads of photos of the result online is anyone’s guess, but that’s about all as far as I’m concerned. People lie about plastic surgeries all the time, and if that was all Donkey lied about, I would consider her an amazingly ineffably honest donkey (still a donkey though).

      I don’t think anyone is “angry” because of how many times you had your face tortured, dimwit. The fact that you consider this the most important thing to “clarify” is telling like whoa. Also, dumb.

  28. Miss Sake Bombardier Advised Julia Allison to Lay Off the Google Alerts says:

    “I haven’t gotten a single injection from Doctor Bobby except for that botox.” Then from whom? Just another lie by omission, as usual. Or do you work off the premise that, like you, we’re all mental midgets who just take words at face (yuk, yuk) value?

    I do believe that nothing was done to the eye are; it’s just where the skin from other areas heads when it no longer has anywhere to go. Though, I really prefer not to think about your face–it’s but an outward manifestation of your vile actions that are the root of the problems.

    • Miss Sake Bombardier Advised Julia Allison to Lay Off the Google Alerts says:

      Also, perhaps your failure to “genuinely” understand is because you don’t know the meaning of the word genuine.

  29. Prof. F Camping says:

    putting out one more call for any bay area catladies. meetup tonight April 7. location TBD; pop over to the forum or chat and let us know if you can come.

  30. Subsidized Donk Den says:

    The reason these “come to Jesus” moments never work for Julia is that change requires 1) recognizing that you need to change and 2) real humility. She’s not and maybe never will be humble. The problem is that she only ever “reaches out” to RBD when she feels bad about herself and she somehow always manages to confuse her shitty self-esteem with humility. When she starts to feel better about herself via shallow short-term validation or chocolate-eating, she conveniently forgets that she needs to keep working on not being a fucking asshole.

  31. Pelts O'Glory says:

    Can we just add the fact that what kind of asshole announces some non-definitive time to come and face their “haters”. She totally gets off on starting drama. If you’re gonna face your “haters” Julia than just do it already, don’t give some half-ass forewarning that will likely end up in the queue like everything else. At this point, I’m with Jacy and JP, block her ass…it’s not even worth engaging with this loon.

    • Effervescent Suppositories says:


    • pearipathetic donkey says:

      I’m not sure, but she loves to announce her agenda. How many times have we seen her upcoming travel schedules? Of course she hardly ever follows through. I’m going to Paris (nevermind, going to Burning Man instead) or I’m moving to LA (nevermind, gonna live in my parents’ condo). I think announcements make her feel important–like she’s holding a press conference or something.

    • 11th Wang says:

      What kind of asshole? The kind who’s waiting for the cameras to start rolling.

  32. Little girl pedaling alone in the rain with her own wet cake says:

    CATLADIES! Remember the Prime Directive of Donkology….

    She. Is. Always. Lying.

    So when you read something like her above statement about Dr. Bobby, you need to take a breath, and then say, “Okay. She’s lying. Now let’s just figure out about what.”

    Maybe Dr. Bobby referred her to someone else? Maybe an assistant technically gave her the injection? We know she lies about EVERYTHING, parses everything, and the truth is never, ever, ever in the version she puts out about anything.

    Man if she ever gets sued would I haaaaaate to be her lolyer.

    • CurlingIronsAtDawn says:

      This. She lied before about getting injections in her cheeks because she didn’t consider her nasolabial folds to be her cheeks. So, you’re exactly right. She had someone else do it. Also, she totes had her eyes done and her eyebrows, but she prolly considers that she got her eyelids and eyebrows done, so it’s not her eyes. It’s not legalese. It’s plain lying. Legalese is legal terms, not lying and misrepresentation. If her lips are moving, she’s lying.

      Also, she just recently got fresh injections when her eyes disappeared at NYFS. I can smell the burning of her on fire ass from here.

  33. featherbrained says:

    Thank you. I don’t care that her face is melting—If I cared about that sort of thing than I’d have to stop watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which isn’t happening.

    And I’m not angry nor do I give a shirt about Donkey’s ridonkulous taste in clothing.

    Oh no, Donky.

    What I find horrifying its Donkey’s ability to grift her way through life despite lying, ruining opportunities for others, manipulating and holding people at emotional ransom.

    Donkey is such an embarrassing trainwreck, I find myself having to look away.

    • featherbrained says:

      I was responding to someone. Comment fail. Excuse the “thank you.”

      • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

        Thank YOU. 🙂 Exactly.

        Donkey: mangling your face is your stupid business. It may inspire snark fueled by your ridiculous narcissism, but other than that, I don’t think anyone cares. I don’t see how it makes anyone “angry.” (Again, it’s a tellingly dumb idea, though, ten thumbs up.) On the other hand, fucking people over, using them without giving ANYTHING back, violating their privacy, grossly and publicly misrepresenting your relations with them, tragic lack of basic manners or civility, bizarre hickish snobbery, idiotic “writing” pretending to be writing, or (my favorite) posing as a professional and an expert in fields you 1) know nothing about and, better yet, 2) see no reason to learn anything about, is NOT just your own business. It’s repulsive, harmful, and it makes the world a worse place. And that’s why you you’re, well, not popular.

        In closing, go find someplace else to throw your trollcock around.

  34. KashMoney says:

    We are not angry with you, Julia. Anger is an emotional response to a certain event.

    We do not like you. This is reasoned conclusion based on your actions. I know you are of the belief that it is impossible for someone to dislike you and, therefore, we must be angry with you but we are not.

    second, you did your best to tear down this house. now you’re inviting yourself over for tea. would YOU like such a person and/or would YOU be angry with them?

    If something here doesn’t make sense to you, FEEL FREE TO RELAX and/or tell yourself “it was just a joke”.

  35. KashMoney says:

    Also: the possibility exists, Jacy, that you’re the only person interacting with her at this point and she’s playing dumb for the sake of attention/interaction.

    • I wonder if Bald Julia isn’t cooling off as well … had her sister in town so she couldn’t go along on Donkey’s “I’m in the ROAD TRIP Stage of Grief!” weekend way, then Donkey comes home & Flusher Prices books it two weeks … has she not had any ph convo screenshots to post?

      We know Andy Cohen is taking her calls … yep, Jacy …

  36. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    “If you don’t admire me, there’s something wrong with you” isn’t a great life strategy for anyone, but it sure can be hilarious when someone who is inept, emotionally parasitic, and untruthful takes to the stage to shout it.

  37. Google Keyword Miss Advised says:

    Please steal my username.

    #6 in Google Search!

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

      Miss Advised Miss Advised

  38. Julia fattison says:

    While Rome was burning, still there was the spectacle….

    I can’t keep my eyes off the train wreck. It’s so public, so earth-shattering in its self awareness… It’s like a perfect diamond of self annihalation…

    It’s Julia Fattison, who left me waiting in a Hell’s Kitchen Thai restaurant in 2008 when she could have just called and said no thanks.

    I wish I could look away! I can’t!!!!’

    • AFGHANI: Inevitable says:

      “It’s Julia Fattison, who left me waiting in a Hell’s Kitchen Thai restaurant in 2008 when she could have just called and said no thanks.”

      Back story?

  39. Grammarian says:

    Wait, LOLCAIT is a dude?

  40. Joardache & the Pelts says:

    Shouldn’t Julia be worrying about what infantile ensemble to wear to church tomorrow with the family tomorrow? That would make for more interesting Bravo footage…

    • Brent-the-Donkey-handler says:

      Blind Item: What NYC “friend” of the Donkey insists that losing the bicoastal-Zuckerbeg-bray-party storyline left her so depressed and upset that she resorted to tipping off Gawker just to get her name mentioned in the same story as an omgzuckerberg. Engaging RBD, her “devoted fan club” is her plan b for an interesting storyline. Catladies unite, we have to shut that s**t down.

      • CDB says:

        inquiring minds want to know.

      • Where does Shira live?


      • ¿Qué? says:

        toilet julia

      • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

        Juicy. Shira Lazar lives in LA. So many people hate her in NYC, it could be anyone….

      • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

        I knew she was using us. The whole “in the next few days” can be trans-brayed to – “once the cameras start rolling”. And for who ever it was that said it wasn’t likely she was doing this for Bravo b/c it wasn’t good drama – it was good drama when Rachel Zoe read snark about herself and it humanized b/c you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

        She’ll be in here next week. It makes sense since she is coming off like a loon in the promos – now she needs people to feel sorry for her.

        I hope the mods will block her.

        Miss Advised #ad

        • My company worked with Julia Allison -- NEVER AGAIN says:

          Yes, and Bethenny’s anger over what bloggers were saying about her was the focal point of this past week’s episode. This is nothing new on Bravo.

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        Well, given that 3/4 of Donkey’s “friends” in NYC all have variations on the name Megan, I think we can crack this code.

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        This also means that however RBD ends up being weaved into the narrative, expect Donkey to dial up the “I’m a victim of bullying!” drama for the cameras.

  41. diluted brain says:

    I love how donkey asks why Jacy is mad at her — like Jacy and/or commenters are RBD the crazy ones. It is to laugh.

  42. Bunburying says:

    “Things I never said.

    You think you shit glitter, but you’re nothing but a fish-lipped dirt squirrel living in a gated community of idiots. You are an emotional vampire with an eating disorder and an adderall addiction. You subsist on celery and chaos. If you ever had a conscience, you got rid of it like a prom night dumpster baby. The botox injection sites on your forehead connect to form the shape of a pentagram. I feel sorry for your hair extensions. May your death involve duct tape.”

    – from Coke Talk (http://blog.thecoquette.net/)

    Hee haw.

  43. Albie Quirky says:

    I was angry about her shitty behavior to her grandmother. Her face-mangling simply inspires amused contempt.

    • Donksers says:

      She’s just so fucking stupid. She flies to Chicago because of her grandmother’s deteriorating health, and then all of a sudden she’s tweeting and facebooking like a crazy woman about Granny’s supposedly imminent death. A few days later, off she goes without another word about Granny. This is the same sensitive person who screams in her dog’s ears for her own amusement, thinking that Lily’s painfully obvious agitation means she’s having fun.

  44. ShesJustStupid says:

    Why didn’t she go home for Easter, if only to say hi to Grandma during this time? She always makes such a big deal about FAMILY AND CHURCH.

  45. You make my life feel superior says:

    I just totally screwed the living hell out of my wife in the kitchen… Her father loves me…. We are good, struggling, humble working people of NYC. And wow does JA make me feel really good about where I am in this america of ours!

  46. Google Keyword Miss Advised Is Spartacus says:

    She may be willing to die on the “No injections in my face!” hill right now because she’s still angling for whatever hippie wallet she was going after with the yoga/angel investing/woo-woo crap she was Tweeting about lately.


  47. iblow4shoes (formerly sad lilly) says:

    I love you Jacy!!!!!

  48. Is this really America? says:

    We have devolved into a truly incoherent bunch of lunatics.

  49. CDB says:

    anyone seen my mom lately?

    • Helena (Betrays Signs Of Bitterness) says:

      I’ve wondered too, haven’t heard from her for a while. I hope she’s doing fine.

  50. My company worked with Julia Allison -- NEVER AGAIN says:

    Jacy, just wanted to say: Perfect response. I would only have added: “Nice try. You attempt to portray us as people who are angry at you, and pretend that any of this is related to how badly you have fucked your face with multiple surgeries and cosmetic procedures. You ignore the countless occasions of your heinous behavior, reported to us by literally dozens of your former friends, former boyfriends, and others who at some point liked you enough to be in your life. We posted once, asking who had met you and what their experience was, and the post attracted several hundred comments. Not a single friend of yours, or anyone else, spoke up to defend you. You have burned dozens of bridges just in the short time that we have cataloged your thundercunt ways. Your problem is not this blog: Your problem is you. Get some fucking help, you disgusting piece of shit.”

    • Charles Forman was her Jake Lodwick Lite says:

      The fact that Donkey does not have a single defender among her friends — including the friends who post openly here (Hi Caroline McCarthy) — is really the most damning evidence of what a real asshole she is. Caro has faintly muttered about “not agreeing” with everything written here but gee, if that isn’t sad…

      • My company worked with Julia Allison -- NEVER AGAIN says:

        Julia is so angry about us, but she should be focused on the people who are her “friends” and yet tip off the editors on the regular. That should tell her that the problem — once again — is her own asshole self.

      • pearipathetic donkey says:

        I never understood how she can face these people in real life. She must have some inkling as to who some of the tipsters are, right? I would think it would make for a very paranoid Donkey.

        • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

          I think it doesn’t compute to her that ANYONE fails to adore her. Cognitive dissonance: In the face of an avalanche of proof that she is reviled for her disgusting behavior, Julia Allison believes she is a victim of angry, jealous haters who just despise her because they wish they were homeless trust fund grifters, too.

    • If only poor Donkey could just get RBD to host her raftass & allow her to funnel Q&A into her ‘appearance’, then maybe no one will notice that once again she has maneuvered Gawker (suckahs!) into doing her shit work, culminating in yet another (to a jackass’s way of thinking) ‘take-down’ of a friend-turned-foe.

      Good on you, Donkey! Not that OMG!Randi! WhatsHerTeeth is /was all that, but she certainly is/was your last remaining influential friend …

      You didn’t just burn ‘a’ bridge — you burned down the house! All those ‘friends’ who wouldn’t even sign a release to be filmed by BRAVO! ? Yeah, get used to hearing their voice-mails now, because they’re not taking your calls anymore.

      You’ll be lucky if Mom$er fixes you chicken broth next Birthcray …

      • pearipathetic donkey says:

        Isn’t Greasy her friend because of her connections? I wonder how long that friendship will last now.

  51. Mikey Boy says:

    What a total faggot.

    • RRR says:

      An “elderly 1970s faggot?”

      Please be more clear. Some people here have very high posting standards.

      Oh yes, Jacy? Get ready for about 500,000 more of Mikey Boy. My suggestion is to spray bleach in all the corners.

    • Can-Swiss says:

      Great, are we going to get Youtube commenters here now? arrghh. Julia Allison can actually ruin this site by gaining enough of a “hate” following that this place gets flooded by morons like this.

      • AFGHANI: Inevitable says:

        It’s worrisome. I’d hate to see this site discredited by an influx of homophobes, misogynists, and mouth breathers who really are focused on Julia’s hideous appearance.

  52. Tremendous Liar; Donkey Repugnant says:

    Currently having sips at a bar with KS, Prof FC, and her catman!

  53. My company worked with Julia Allison -- NEVER AGAIN says:

    BTW: RealityTea (hi, Maria!) reports that not even the Real Housewives of BH are paid more than $165k for an entire season. That’s a token payment, right there. Any guesses how much JAB is getting? I’d guess maaaaybe $50k. http://www.realitytea.com/2012/04/07/rhobhs-taylor-armstrong-says-kennedy-knew-about-abuse-kim-richards-returning-for-the-bravo-paycheck-plus-more-drama-for-camille-grammers-new-beau/

    • Donksers says:

      So sad that people like Julia and all the other reality show characters get paid to be assholes.

    • helobabe says:

      I’d guess 50k is a verrrrry generous guess.

      • Google Keyword Miss Advised Is Spartacus says:

        Yes. I know a couple of people who were on reality shows and got $2,500 – $3,000 per episode.

    • MY GUESS: $3,500 – $4,000 max per episode.


      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        Right. And after her agent’s cut and other deductions, she’s left with less than she’d make if she got an actual job. (Though I’m not sure if she’s qualified to do anything of value for any employer.)

    • LetItExplode says:

      Yeah but just think of all the free shit (pulled skirts, hoofs, moving services, car rentals, pelts) she’s grifting by promising television exposure. Doesn’t she like to have interns who grift for her all day long?

    • Again, Feel Free To Relax says:

      I received info from a recent acquaintance that she complains nonstop about how much she was paid for the show (5k) and that she bitches nonstop about how much she hates the show, already.

      • Again, Feel Free To Relax says:

        Sorry to JFA, but in that respect, I apologize for doubting the 50k amount because, if she got 5k an episode and she even did 10 episodes…well, there you go.

        • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

          Re: 50k – between taxes, the manager and the lawyer, she’s probably making off with about $20k… that seems totally worth it to ruin your whole life!

          # Miss Advised #FuckYouMoney #NeverForget

        • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

          Aside: I love how JFA has become a verb.

      • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

        Love the intel. Love the user name.

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        I have heard that too. Constantly complaining about how badly she got paid and how much she hates doing it.

        • Fueled by PMS & Chocolate says:

          That is juicy! If she already hates the show now, I can’t wait to see the insanity that goes down when it’s airing each week!

    • Birthday Chicken says:

      MTV has more money. They paid Jersey Shore cast members 30K/episode season 2, and now I think it’s 100K/episode. Conversely, RHONJ earned 3K season 1. I doubt they are at 20K/episode at this point, being that they still look the way they do.

  54. Stripper Shoes with a Side of NPD says:

    THIS is what she is focusing on? Accusations that she has had injectables in her face?? THE FUCK??

    Please no one ever respond to A Donkey.

  55. JuliaCleaver says:

    So where is the Donkey commenting if not HERE?

    Can you imagine the fun if Bravo opens up a forum for its viewers?

  56. cakez says:

    Oh cripes. I thought it was common knowledge that the ‘Lost Cosmonaut’ recordings are misrepresentations/fakes. Next time I will link ‘Ground Control to Major Tom.’

    • RRR says:

      I admit I had never heard of them one way or the other. Sorry if I overreacted. I found it upsetting.

  57. Donksers says:

    The whole Gawker/Julia Allison/Randi Zuckerberg fiasco is just an updated version of the bratty little shit fit she had as a child when her parents said no to a birthday party, and little Julia said fuck you Mommy and Daddy, the party’s on! Nobody would dare say no to psycho Julia’s birthday party…except for Randi’s husband. Ha, good job, Mr. Randi!

    • Birthday Chicken says:


      • Birthday Chicken says:

        It’s too early.

        My best friend and I have the same birthday. I think we celebrated it a few times when we both didn’t have boyfriends, but once we had boyfriends, we gave each other gifts and wished each other a happy birthday. There are times also when your family wants to do something special for you, and in this case, that’s the issue with Randi. It’s silly for people to think they’re just going to continue to do things the way they always have when things change, people change, tastes change. I’ve never been one to celebrate my birthday over the course of the month, and this past one, went out for a burger with my boo. Other people can spend the whole weekend doing that. I don’t like to draw that much attention to myself, and that one day out of the year, I should get to spend the way I want. Looks like Randi was waiting for this opportunity to do that. Good for her.

  58. Who do you think you are? says:

    When (if!) Donkey comes in here, she’s going to try her damnedest to make herself look like a victim and make us look like a bunch of crazies. That is her only goal and that is what she wants for the cameras. Engaging her by calling her names or focusing on her face or looks is what she wants. We will not win this round simply because she is not here to listen and self-reflect.

  59. rankles the jankles says:

    Using RBD as a storyline on her show is the worst move she could make. Her new haters won’t even have to peruse Google to locate the site to bash her. Why would she basically funnel viewers directly here?

    We’re going to need a bigger server.

  60. ShesJustStupid says:

    Today’s 3 AM post: “Julia Allison

    “You are strong. You are wild. You are blessed.”

  61. Little girl pedaling alone in the rain with her own wet cake says:

    Did Intel’s father send a C&D warning for us to take down the “I was inside” logo?

  62. Mrs. Advised says:

    I still find it wildly perplexing how Julia spun her relevancy to be on this show. If it were 2007, I might understand her appearance on it since she was at the peak of her fame whoring, but since she doesn’t seem to be doing anything with her life related to dating advice these days, this show only seems to reinforce the notion that Bravo’s shows are scripted, overproduced hyperrealities, which I NEVER would have imagined to be true! So thanks a LOT for shattering my reality, Julia! Oh, and good luck with the back lash that will invariably come from your new show. I’m sure Bravo will make you seem lovely.

  63. Delurking to say Brayella is the WORST says:

    That is all. Farewell RRR!

  64. cupflake says:

    She admitted to getting fillers in her naso-labial folds! She is a lying beeyatch (but you all alreayy know that).

    • Malformed Face (like a blow-up doll left in a hot car) says:

      Yes, we have it on video which makes her lies all the more LOL-worthy

      Miss Advised #ad

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