Donk Won’t Publish Your Comment? Post Them Here

We are hearing that lots and lots of intelligent, non-profane comments are not getting approved by the Donk, who “loves to share” so very much except when it results in her getting called out on her lies, hypocrisy and reminders about terrible past misdeeds. If the Internet’s Biggest Share-Bear will not publish your comment on her latest “I Am A Victim” post, we will!

I also have a question since she never reads here. What boyfriends dumped her due to nasty e-mails from a crazy? What jobs did she lose? What contracts did she miss out on? Did the crazies succeed? Or, as I suspect, they were simply dismissed as being crazy?

But I digress. Send your unpublished comments here!

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180 Responses to Donk Won’t Publish Your Comment? Post Them Here

  1. KitchenTampon says:

    “I just want to wrap myself in a giant fleece blanket of cheesy kindness,” writes Julia.

    Julia, you need to actually stop being kinder to yourself which is the opposite advice I’d give to anyone else. Stop indulging yourself with 10 cupcakes per binge, and I’m so sad to say I’m not exaggerating on the number (at $5 a cupcake, you spendthrift cow!). Stop believing that you’re attractive enough to get a wealthy, cultured man. Stop believing that your life composed of a blog, an apartment owned by your parents, a brother who probably hates you and legions of ex-friends and ex-boyfriends who most definitely hate you, and even a dog who hates you.

    Really look at yourself in the mirror and stop making excuses for yourself, stop giving yourself compliments. You’re 30 years old, you have no career, you have no semblance of a real family life, social network, or achievement to build upon. The highlight of your life was making it onto the cover of Wired magazine, and that was a few years ago.

    I am really asking you who you think you are, to believe that you actually deserve kindness from yourself or others. If I’d done all the things you’ve done to people, if I’ve failed as many times as you’ve failed, I’d hate myself. I wouldn’t want to go wrap myself in a big warm blanket of kindness, or treat myself to nonsensical vocal lessons.

    But here we go. Next she’s going to reincarnate as a singer. Tardy for the Party will have nothing on her. If you thought the lip dubs were bad, wait for the operatic bray.

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      You see, I don’t really give a shit that she eats 10 cupcakes per binge. Great, go for it. It’s when she does that and then goes on Kale Nectar cleanses and brays about it being a healthy weight loss strategy. Or when she then announces, almost boastfully, that she has Celery Disease and yet still sneaks in pancakes and cupcakes and Girl Guide cookies (I was JUST HOLDING ONE!!!) and thinks it’s cute. Teehee!

      I also think she is essentially an attractive woman. But there again — she’s fucking 30 years old and injecting shit into her face and saying women have an expiration date and so she simply has to! No aging allowed!!

      Everything she does, on its own, might be perfectly acceptable if she didn’t tack on so much subsequent bullshit. She can’t own anything. There always has to be some back-pedalling, or some insane justification for her lunacy, or some ridiculous boast.

      And this is what she won’t accept and won’t take responsibility for.

      I can see why she won’t post this comment since you’re suggesting her family hates her and that she’s unattractive, however.

      And to be honest, I think the biggest reason she hates this blog — and will not admit to it so she’s exaggerating the other stuff — is that she cannot stand that we publish ugly pictures of her.

      • KitchenTampon says:

        Oh, I didn’t try to post this comment on her website. I don’t want to give her any attention there.

        I don’t think she’s unattractive — I just don’t think she’s as attractive as she believes she is. Anything positive about her is amplified 1000x in her mind. She can write a sentence, sort of = she’s a “journalist.” For example.

      • Holly O says:

        “And to be honest, I think the biggest reason she hates this blog — and will not admit to it so she’s exaggerating the other stuff — is that she cannot stand that we publish ugly pictures of her.”


        • KingKiang says:

          I had some Julia-like flaws 3-4 years ago (early 20s). (Despite the handle, I’m a chick.) An ex wrote a scathing but truthful letter about the things I did that hurt him and others; acting as though I was the most attractive and special person in the room, being superficial and completely focused on myself 24/7, etc. It was super harsh but really made me look at myself and make some big changes.

          Julia doesn’t have anyone to do that for her, and it is the sads.

          • KingKiang says:

            Meant to post that as a reply to the top level comment.

          • jpa says:

            Well, I think the difference is, you chose to change, Julia probably has received a similar email and chose to think of the email as “bullying”

          • wonkeye says:

            I think plenty of people have tried to do that for her, but she believes that she is the perfect fairy princess and anyone who disagrees is wrong. This is what happens when one of those nightmares from “Toddlers & Tiaras” grows up. Thank you Momser and Dadser, for unleashing a monster.

          • lpt says:

            This. I watch, fascinated, to see if she’ll ever get it – man, was I messed up in my 20s – and did I mess up. Nothing too bad to harm others, mostly just getting in my own way. But I was able to pull myself out of it, with a lot of hard work and soul searching, and moving on.

            I think one reason why I am drawn in to her site, and this one, is to see if she will change. Honestly, part of me has this fantasy that if we were friends, she would change … part of me really wants to meet her to see if she can really be that heinous in person. I really want to like the girl, because I see a lot of myself in her – I suspect we all see some part of our unsure, oversharing, *teenage* selves in her. And I think sometimes it’s way too cruel in here. (I think she’s cute, eg, not ugly and stumpy… and if I had been judged for all my poor fashion choices!)

            But the question is, will she move on and become a whole, integrated person. (Or heck, she certainly doesn’t seem like one!) And while she keeps backsliding – or staying the same – it’s depressing and annoying. Inchoate thoughts. But I’ve been parsing why I like/dislike her, and why I’d like to see her up close and personal.

    • Shamoolia says:

      She always self soothes when she’s feeling shitty and knows she is in the wrong. Cheesy songs and pictures of ballerinas is just the latest shoe shopping, cupcake or chocolate binge.

      She knows she doesn’t have a hoof to stand on in this cyberbullying debate.

      • Who do you think you are? says:

        Remember her first ashram trip when she came to a realization that it was okay to forgive herself? And we were all, “Girl, when did you ever get to the point of acknowledging your wrongdoings so that you could now be in a position to forgive yourself?”

        People who learn to forgive themselves usually have a history of irrationally torturing themselves over only perceived wrongdoing. You, girl, need some kind of 12 step program for assholes and you need to focus hard on steps 4,5, 8 and 9.

        • Pink Palatian says:

          In recovery, we talk about that sort of person as a “two-stepper” — they admit they have a problem and then go around trying to talk to everyone about how great the solution is, without ever having actually used the solution.

  2. Shamoolia says:


    I don’t comment on her site, but if I did I’d ask her why she doesn’t use her real name – Julia Bauger – but demands her haters use theirs.

  3. JasonTR says:

    She approved ONE of mine, a short one. But the other where I call her out on everything with no name calling or profanity – nope.

    I wish I copied it. It was the first time I have ever tried to comment on her site.

  4. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Julia: You claim no responsibility for the “friends” who harassed innocent people with threatening emails. You claim no responsibility for the other “friend” who outed TK on RBNS (the friend with IP address matching your COO’s). You claim no responsibility for the other “friend” who outed PK on RBNS. You claim no responsibility for the other “friend” who made your private videos with PK public as soon as he dumped you.

    Yet you blame RBNS for random people who may have fucked with you, even though the editors here have repeatedly asked people not to do so?

    You’re an asshole. You don’t get a pass for this. Deal with it.

  5. Julia,

    I’m sure you’re aware that men in the military have a much higher STD rate than the general population. The running theory has always been that personnel of a sexually active age with long tours away from home—especially those deployed to countries with limited health care—simply find or put themselves at higher risk.

    Since you love to share and admonish readers to be safe and healthy, am I to assume you make Jack wear a condom? Or does that interfere with your plans to get accidentally pregnant?

    Birth control pills do NOT protect against STDs, Julia. Young men in the military around Jack’s age have a propensity to have unprotected sex with many partners. McCains also tend to get around, history has shown. So you are most definitely at risk. I’m really and truly concerned for the well being of your nether regions, as I’m sure we all are.

    Would you please tell your millions of readers to use a condom…like you and Jack do, right?

    • Brayday Cray says:

      This is a really strange point to make?

      • Matt’s a pretty strange guy. Don’t let his hatred of the Donk fool you into thinking he’s cool. He’s not.

        From his blog: The fact that thousands of people shelled out $80 for this moron [Charlie Sheen] just shows we are spending far too much on food stamps and welfare.

        Fuck off, Matt.

        • Guess you bought tickets. I stand by my statement.

          I’ve said time and again, there is no true poverty in this country. Have you been to Africa or South America? I have. Many times. THAT is poverty. The idiot “poor” in America walking around with cell phones, cable TV and washers and dryers (not to mention indoor plumbing and air conditioning) wouldn’t last 3 days in a country like that.

          The same people whining about not having health care are the ones who always have money for stupid shit like Charlie Sheen tickets. THAT is my point, and it is well-made, despite your dislike of me.

          Telling me to “fuck off” has zero effect on me or the truth. Glad to see you’re reading though!!

          • You’re an idiot. Just because you’ve never been poor doesn’t mean there isn’t poverty. And what you see from the outside as you drive by has no relation to what’s going on, in the inside.

            I’m not going to argue back and forth with you on this, just wanted to make sure the other posters were aware of your gaping hole of suck. Feel free to have the last word, and relax again.

          • If you want to bitch and moan, please do it on my site and in the comment section of the original post. This is not the place for it, really. It has nothing to do with my presence here.

            If you’re too afraid to do it there, well….best to just zip it then.

          • Liable for Libel says:

            It’s actually neither a well-made point nor the truth. It’s just your ignorant opinion.

          • JMC123 says:

            Stalker is the New Fat, I’d like to personally thank you for bringing awareness to Matt Beauchamp’s enormous “gaping hole of suck.” I lurk here often and am glad to know which comments to quickly scroll through from now on.

            Oh and Matt, no one wants to engage you on your blog. If I wanted to talk to poorly informed, overly privileged, casually racist idiots who lack self-awareness I’d just go comment on Nonsociety.

          • flatface says:

            No Matt, you think they’re the same people. And comparing different flavors of squalor (the favellas of rio to say the grinding poverty of american appalachia) doesn’t really go anywhere does it? Because there is someone somewhere who has less doesn’t mean there aren’t people in need here.
            The “same people” stuff is code: you mean black people. You mean brown people. You have this sense that all of “them” are somehow gettin’ over on you, dont you? And you kinda love it: because as long as there i someone with fewer scruples than you – a welfare cheat, say – then there is one more Person Matt Beauchamp is Better Than. Isn’t there?
            Take it on down the road hillbilly.

          • Matt Bauchamp is a Racist says:

            You rang?

          • why thank you JMC123!!

            And Flatface, my secret internet crush on you continues unabated.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:

            You rang?

            Matt, you are a pile of truly foetid garbage. The fact that you and that Loren Feldman* piece of slobbering self-fellating shit get a free pass in this neighborhood is one of the cruel ironies of life on the internets. Compared to the two of you used crumples of bumwad, Julia Fucking Allison is Glinda the Fucking Good Witch of the South. And I say that with full knowledge that I have just give Julia a fab new idea for the wedding gown.

            Thank you Stalker, for continuing to point out Matt’s assheadness.

            Oh…and Fatty Matty? I’m not going to take it to your blog, you twat, for the same reason no one here will take comments to Julia’s blog. Nothing could induce me to give you traffic.

            *This reference to Loren Feldman is sponsored by Google Alert.

          • Donkey of Perdition says:

            Don’t feed the trolls.

          • RollsRoyceRevenge says:


            What a lovely, thoughtful person Fatty Matty is.

          • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

            RRR, that post is so viciously wrong-headed, such a bullshit falsification of life, I can only conclude that Matt the Merciful will have to evolve even to reach the level of Julia Allison, and she’s a/n (alleged) sociopath. Good luck with that, Matt.

          • afghani fb friend says:

            oy vey

        • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

          @RRR Holy God! I’ve never clicked on MB’s site before! Hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I clicked through a few links and one or two entries and that’s enough. I wonder if he’s enjoying his trip to the 21st century.
          That shit is frightening.

          • NorseHorse Will Never The Donkey says:

            Disgusting. I’ll take Donks over this guy any day.
            And that’s saying something.

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      What a disgusting comment. I’m sorry why is her personal sex life your business?? Why would you assume just because someone is in the military and with her, they have an STD?? Why would you go into so much detail fake concern about a stranger’s sex life. That is SO creepy I can’t even begin. I heard on the show there was hate sites for Julia and looked to see if it was true. How awful that it is. How awful that people have nothing better to do then sit behind a computer and write such nasty things! The girl is who she is, if you don’t like it move on. I would like to think you all have bigger issues in your lives you should be dealing with, then Julia. Shame on anyone who hates someoneto the point of making a hate web site for them. Shame on anyone who posts hateful comments for someone they don’t know.

  6. Brianna says:

    I’ll just repost mine here, as writing it was a lovely late night mind-cleanse.

    Dear Julia,

    I posted this on your site first, but I seriously doubt it will ever see the light of day! So I’ll post it here – which, funnily enough, is why this site exists.

    I will say first, I don’t condone people contacting your friends, coworkers, and so forth. They are obviously not responsible for your actions and really have nothing to do with all this and should be left alone.

    It just seems hypocritical to complain and point out other’s bullying when you try to brush away all the (to you) small, insignificant snide remarks you yourself have posted, without retraction or apology.

    The bolt bus girl comes to mind.

    The woman at the airport whose clothes you didn’t like.

    The reporter who wrote something unflattering (I believe you were going to kick their ass?)

    The email to an ex’s fiance which you have rationalized, but which I STILL find appalling (and it was addressed to him, so your reasoning that you were trying to warn her doesn’t even make sense.)

    The whole (redacted) fiasco

    The people who were contacted at work, whether or not it was from you or at your behest (Because, surely, rationally, if people from your ‘hater’ site contact you and yours without the founder’s knowledge or encouragement and it is the site’s fault, if your supporters contact people at their place of work with various accusations, it can be considered your fault, no? Nary an apology or condemnation of that, though.)

    And I get it, some of these things were a long time ago, water under the bridge…but most people whose blogs I read will apologize and step up when many people express shock at what they’ve done. But you don’t seem to ever apologize or even acknowledge or understand why people are angry and disgusted by some of your actions – these things have built up and created an impression that is not terribly flattering and that you will not own up to and instead try to rationalize, ignore, or tell people to lighten up! Why so serious?!

    And maybe you do not owe the online anonymous world an apology, of course you don’t, but playing the victim when you’ve indulged yourself is somewhat disingenuous. And expecting everyone who sees these things to ignore them like you do is a bit silly. OF COURSE people will comment! It is all there, publicly displayed, years of possibly questionable actions you felt you had a right to make public without any public condemnation.

    And cherry picking which ones you’ll address just solidifies my impression.

  7. DirtyLakeMichigan says:

    Dear Julia,

    This is the definition of bully -

    Here is the definition of commentary –

    Here is the definition of satire –

    Notice anything?

    Let me tell you what you should notice. You are NOT bullied. You provide a service and created a ‘brand’ and honestly believed the world would love it. You’re finding you have more people who don’t like it, are offended by it, some are hurt by it, and you are hiding behind the buzz-word of the moment, ‘bully’. You are a priveledged, white, single female who has never held an hourly-pay job in your life. You painfully out of sync with real people, real problems, and real life.
    You put pieces of yourself out there because you WANT feedback. What you don’t want is NEGATIVE feedback. I promise you, I have never and will never contact you or people in your orbit. There is no reason. Anything and everything you have lost ultimately comes back to you and YOUR actions. Reflect, Julia. Hold up that mirror of truth and really look.
    I will offer you a piece of advice though, not that you’ll heed it, but it serves me well. Remember when you are pointing the finger of blame, there are three fingers pointing back at YOU.

  8. Cankles says:

    What is funny is that most people left SXSW this morning. She brayed and brayed to get a spot and no one will see her speak. They are all gone or will be at the last important panel that takes place during her talk. Oh and also she is booked into a broom closet compared to the panel.

    • sad lilly says:

      Doesn’t matter. She justs wants to be able to reference her “ground breaking-important speech” in her next column.

    • Shamoolia says:

      What’s funny is that she is booked to give a 15 minute talk – it’s not even a panel and there will be no open mic. It will be just like her blog – her speaking into the void and no one can provide feedback or ask questions!

      • R says:

        This is what she should say at this ‘panel’

        “Don’t be an asshole like me and people won’t call you Donkey.”

      • Big Head & the Blondsters says:

        This really gives me the lulz: The only two attendees signed up for “Social Media or Sado-Masochism? Cyberbullying & Celeb 2.0”? Julia Allison & William Eggers

        • Can-Swiss says:

          If you remember from her Learning Annex lecture… It doesn’t matter how many people show up or if you have anything relevant to say. It’s just so she can say she “spoke at SXSW”.

        • t'ots mcakez is tots mind baughling at the "Lovesong of J. Alpelt Thrufroque" says:

          OMG! Is William related to David, who is related to Chistopher (aka TOPH, aka TK, whom JA dated, while eating mallows?)

    • Donksers says:

      I think all of the psycho braying about bullying that she was doing yesterday was just an attempt to stir up interest and get people to attend her talk today.

      • Donkey of Perdition says:

        I agree. Which is really sad because she is disingenuously using a real problem to simply promote herself, delegitimizing those who actually suffer from bullying.

    • Convenient Feminist says:

      As I mentioned in another post, her “panel” wasn’t even listed on the SXSW app, which most people used to track their schedules and see what was next.

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      At least she was booked. At least she fights for the good things in her life. More then I can say for some people. At least she has tons of fans who care about what she has to say. I say Bravo to anyone who goes out and makes good thing happen for themselves.

  9. virgil reid says:

    You are a loser. There is nothing else I have to say. You are 30 years old and within in the span of a few hours wrote a post about bullying and a post making jokes at the expense of people with mental illnesses. That is why you are a disgusting person with a hate site.

    • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

      Seriously. Does she even know what is happening in Japan???

      • Natasha says:

        Haha she put up some emoticon and humblebragged that CINDY CALLED HER about it. The #prayersforjapan hashtag on Twitter, incidentally, shows me exactly who is completely useless at effecting change.

        • Shamoolia says:

          Jack & I got a call from @CindyhM1 in the middle of the night about the Japan tsunami – I thought I was dreaming. Sending prayers there.
          10:13 AM Mar 11th via Echofon

          1. Jack. JACK! JACK!
          2. The call was probably for her son to make sure he was safe – not for donkey squatters who mooch off her son’s hospitality and throw away her cookies.
          3. Hear that Cindy? I’M IN BED WITH YOUR SON!

          • Dr. Fraud, MD says:

            Just Jack!

  10. Natasha says:

    She published two of mine, then when I told her that her father should be disbarred for misuse of his legal powers, and that cyberbullying is not a crime, she balked at publishing.

    • Despite All My Brayge says:

      I’ve never been too clear on why Peter’s letters were “misuse of his legal powers.” I agree that the content of his letters was totally without merit; however, I’m not sure where it says in the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct that an attorney shall not write a strongly worded letter on letterhead indicating he is an attorney. Was the letterhead he used his own or his law firm’s? In either case, I’m not so sure it matters, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

      • afghani fb friend says:

        It’s a gray area. The actual rule has to do with not using the threat of legal action to obtain a result you couldn’t have obtained rightfully through legal action. In other words, you can’t threaten someone with the costs/embarassment/duress of a lawsuit and thereby get them to agree to something more than the law says.

        For example, if you don’t have a case for defamation and you know it (and thus know you’d lose if it went to trial and the judge applied the law fairly) you can’t sue anyway, knowing that many people will be threatened by the lawsuit itself. Lots of people will remove comments well within their rights, just to avoid the inconvenience and expense of fighting off a frivolous lawsuit.

    • Donkey of Perdition says:

      I agree. He’s a big attorney in Chicago and wouldn’t risk his license nor his career for something this stupid. Calls for him to be disbarred are wrong and shouldn’t be made.

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      He did not mis-use his legal powers, what an ignorant statement. I would not post that either, honey.

  11. KitchenTampon says:

    Sorry, can I just remind us all of those fake podium photos? Where she gave a speech at MIT to a small student club and then got up on the podium of an empty classroom and made Meghan Asha take photos of her pretending to lecture? LULZ

  12. Shamoolia says:

    This post is fun to revisit:

    “Listen, I get that you hate me. Hate me all you want. ”

    “You guys can torture me all you want – but please, leave the people who don’t ask for it out of it.”

    Do Britt and Allie ask for it? Did they ask to have their vows posted on Vimeo? Did your mom ask for it? Did she ask to have her trauma broadcast on Twitter?

  13. Flying donkeycopter says:

    Both Julia and @unstatusthequo deleted their tweets. was that because they were bullying?

  14. Helena (Genuinely Curious) says:

    Broken spiel here, and I wouldn’t try to comment on her foul-smelling hobbysite even if Billy Idol personally asked me to:

    Yo, Donkey, remember the time you claimed that before the internet, people had no means of creativity? Remember the time when you, as a real journalism-loving journalist and a real social media expert, asked strangers online about “a big social media story never told before” so you could write your internationally syndicated column for “over 100+ newspapers?” Remember your insightful comments about Egypt, Libya, “revolutionaries” in Davos, Schiap pink, a “German-born designer,” Lolita and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Remember the time you asked your haters to write your SXSW speech for you? Yeah, that.

    There are myriads of examples like this. And I know that even though I’ve only known about the Donkey horrorshow since July 2010, and no, Donkey, I do not “wait with bated breath for your every post, tweet and Facebook photo.” I’m not on Facebook (imagine that, I could live just as easily if zomg Zuckerbergs never existed) or Twitter, and I only check your hobbysite once or twice per month. I read most of RBD, that’s all, and that’s exactly as interesting as you’ll ever be to me.

    It’s literally-laugh-aloud funny that you don’t realize that this kind of stupidity is (more than) ENOUGH to turn indifferent people into haters. You pose as a PROFESSIONAL, Donkey, and you don’t know SHIT, and you are NOT embarrassed in the slightest. You simply don’t care. It’s truly unbelievable (and worrisome) that you think your schtick is cute just because you claim to like pink cupcakes.

    And you think you deserve respect? When you claim to be a journalist / lover of “new media” and “netiquette” (hi 2000!) and you ASK STRANGERS ONLINE to give you a subject matter relevant to social media, you are MAKING BABY JESUS CRY. You just can’t get much more disrespectful than that. Does this incident alone mean that you deserve to be mocked and exposed for the clueless pretentious idiot you are? Yes, yes, a billion times yes. I know you don’t get it, but that goes without saying.

    I’m too old and rich to get really outraged over this (and I’m neither old nor rich), but I do believe that her total ignorance about pretty much everything, including many of the things she claims to WUV / be “an unabashed fangirl of” combined with her total disinterest in learning anything is enough to turn an average functionally literate adult into a screaming jealous hateful bully. Posing as an educated professional in the know when you’re deeply ignorant is outrageous, offensive, and harmful. Your regular squeaking to the effect of “I love learning! I read books! This is profound!” doesn’t actually help, either, Donkey.

    I mean, this is not a matter of “different strokes,” of people’s differing opinions on “self presentation” or “sharing” or any of that other nonsense. Those are cold hard facts: she repeatedly displays stunning lack of knowledge about things that are, at the very least, easily googleable, but that should be well known to any “journalist” / “expert” in the first place. As if that weren’t horrible enough (and trust, Donkey, it is), she completely lacks any semblance of common sense, too; hence her cringeworthy-as-all-hell attempts at articulating original thoughts. Case AND point (shout out to Mary): “Before the internet, people had no means of creativity.” That dysfunctional cretin actually SAYS THESE THINGS IN PUBLIC!! And she expects praise, admiration and jealousy.

    I rest my case.

    *leans back, checks nails*

    • Barking Mad says:

      *hands Helena a nail shiner thingy and a glass of wine*

      Excellent. She gets paid (supposedly) to be an expert but does nothing to develop her expertise. That`s what really bothers me. I really do get paid for expertise that I worked very hard to get and if I don`t keep up with the field, someone else will get paid for it.

      PS – I do not apologize for not knowing manicure equipment. I do not get paid to know that.

      • Helena (Genuinely Curious) says:

        Thanks, BM! From one hater to another, chin chin!

        Sometimes I think that this offensive trait of hers that is vewy, vewy easy to prove doesn’t get enough exposure here. I like to laugh at the twit’s “sartorial choices” and contortions and tales of “relationships” as much as the next jealous bully, but her constant posing as someone who has relevant things to say is simply one of the worst things about her IMO. And that’s saying a lot.

    • Ridonkulous says:


      Helena on fire! Děkuji, dear one. Once again, you sweep her bullshit aside and cut directly to the truth of the matter. Bravo! I will hoist a Pilsner Urquell in your honor tonight.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      “Your regular squeaking to the effect of “I love learning! I read books! This is profound!” doesn’t actually help, either, Donkey”

      For this and other gems of wisdom above and beyond the call of duty, I raise my vacation glass of Susana Balbo rose of malbec to you, oh darling Helena. Long may you rant–about any topic you choose.

      • Helena (Genuinely Curious) says:

        Gosh, you bullies are really making me blush…. Thanks, Dyspeptic! I just rant to protect ALL girls!

    • Aggressively Stupid says:

      I can’t believe you’ve been with us for such a short time, Helena. I already can’t imagine this basement without you!

    • NorseHorse Will Never The Donkey says:

      Sustained! That was great, Helena. 🙂

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      Wow you really follow this girl’s every movement, huh? It’s clear you hate her. I don’t understand why you spend so much time to figure out more of what she does that upsets you further? Just seems like a waste of time, and a waste of hard feelings toward someone you don’t know.

      • says:

        Valerie, honey, you are doing the exact same thing. Right now. So maybe you do get it. And correction, many people on this site do know Julia Allison Baugher personally.

  15. Donkeys Have Expiration Dates says:

    My problem with Donkey is that she doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t directly affect her. The superficiality, it grates.

    That isn’t why I’m here, though. I don’t believe in us punishing the Donkey, and my belief in the value of calling an asshole an asshole is halfhearted at best. I’m here because the resident cat ladies are damn funny. As a very good comment said recently, this site could be about the design specs of the Dodge Stratus and I’d probably stick around. However, Julia is a much better source of lols. Julia is really fricking comical even without this site pointing out ways in which she’s funny. Perhaps being such a laugh factory, so completely documenting it on the internet for all to see, and thereby brightening my day slightly atones for the horrible ways Julia misuses her acquaintances.

    Victims of bullying aren’t complicit in their bullying. They avoid those who hurt them and resist public humiliation. I don’t believe this site itself really causes Julia that much pain. If it did, she would stop providing so much prime material for posts, and she certainly wouldn’t contact us just to more easily gather material for a talk.

    • Jacy says:

      I always marvel at some of her outrageous Tweets given that she is apparently so bullied and such a victim, afraid to do or say anything, poor widdle. Was she honestly surprised that divulging her mother’s past traumatic event was not going to get eviscerated by people on this site?

      If I’d known nothing about her and saw that Tweet, I would have been outraged. But on top of all the other stuff she’s pulled and continues to pull, it was just that much more heinous.

      And she knows this site exists. It’s like she wants us to come after her.

      • Six finger bride says:

        but Jacy, she was INSIDE!

        • One Fat Melman says:

          At eight years old she was probably inside binging on girl scout cookies and twirling around in her pretty pink tutus, not the least bit aware of what was going on outside…but again, it’s always about HER version of every experience, right?

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      I think it’s clear that she loves attention, and cares about herself? Who doesn’t??? Idon’t think ANYONE wants to see negative things written about them, no matter how much they like attention. I think she really thinks some people can be reasoned with. Like if she explains her side, and her pain to her haters they will sit back and say, “what am I doing?” “I would die if people spoke to or about me this way!” Hopefully she will figure out one day no matter how much sense she makes in that area, it will never matter to her haters. And just so you know, people who are being bullied want it to stop. Some may shy away,but others may try and make it stop. She is one who wants it to stop. If my kids were involved in hate posts I would be beside myself with shame. Let her be happy, and if you hate her leave her alone and stop watching and reading.

  16. [img][/img]

  17. Dr. Gary says:

    Did a cat lady post this?

    Also, look at all those empty seats. LOLOLOL. Awwwww…..poor Julie! Maybe Dadsers can sue all the bullies + haterz for not showing up to your *talk*.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      @calenna: Thought this was supposed to be about celebrities & social media…not a personal PPT about #juliaallison’s tough life as an Internet celeb

    • Brianna says:

      Playin with the pelts.

    • Valerie Brooks says:

      wow very petty

      • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

        You realize you are posting in a post that is several months old, huh? So no one’s going to see them or read them? Do you understand how the Internet and blogging works? You comment on the most recent post if you want anyone to read your comments. But really, don’t bother — no one cares what you have to say.

  18. Canklehausen by Proxy says:

    I can’t bring myself to comment on her blergh because I know it is just a waste of time and she won’t publish it anyway, but if I did, I would tell her how I am working as a scorer in an essay contest on youth violence. And how these essays and poems, written by little kids, deserve more praise and attention than anything written by some thirty year old entitled suburban bitch.

    You don’t think you’re privileged, Julie? Really?!? You don’t even know what that means? Well, let me tell you. You’re some white lady with a trust fund. Being “privileged” means living in your parents’ OMG downtown condo. It means getting to fly wherever you want whenever you want. I bet the kids who wrote these essays have never even been on a plane. Being privileged means that you’ve never had a regular job and yet somehow can still afford to buy shitty new dresses on the internet and visit the fucking Elizabeth Arden fucking red door spa. Being privileged means that you can frolic on the beach in the middle of what for everyone else is a goddamned workday. That’s privilege.

    I am never visiting her blog again.


    • Julia's Permanent Braycation from Reality says:

      This was absolutely outrageous. “Privilege? What does that mean? Don’t you know I don’t have health insurance?” You have an expensive college degree, the freedom to travel wherever you want, a family and boyfriend who supposedly love you, a place to live (on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, no less) for a discounted rate, the ability to buy most of the things you desire including food and plane tickets, not to mention the luxury of more than one computer and an iPhone. Aside from all of those things, you are a white woman from an upper-middle class family. Even if you think you’ve had some bad things happen to you, in this world, that qualifies as privilege. Her failure to even attempt to recognize this is what makes her so disgusting.

      • Pink Palatian says:

        Maybe someone needs to refer her to Peggy McIntosh’s classic article on white privilege, available as a PDF.

        This article doesn’t really address the type of privilege talked about above, but I doubt Julia even realizes these basic things. I mean, if she was all up on Marianne Williamson about why economic disparity happens, is she even aware of the plight of nonwhite people in this country?

  19. Dr. Gary says:

    ‘Julia Allison has been cyberbullied’


    “samsplace said: Well, they are both vapid sluts with good hair who can’t keep a man.”

  20. LetItExplode says:

    She marketed her life as a product. It’s not our fault she failed because she’s utterly unlikeable.

  21. heidi says:

    I just realized that she is like the Hank character in the Larry Sanders show.

  22. wonkeye says:

    @kaitlinmaud @juliaallison calls on the government to create cyber police. Hopes that holding one another accountable in the mean time will help #sxswi

    Newsflash, Donkey: Many police departments have cybercrimes units. They are for investigating CRIMES. Not a website that posts double-chinned photos of you.

    • flatface says:

      For once I agree with her: I think the government should set up an agency to investigate who’s responsible when self-created interent “celebrities” encounter ridicule.
      And we should invade Canada.

      • Canklehausen by Proxy says:

        They have some delicious bacon up thar.

        • JayCray says:

          Ever seen the West Wing episode about the US invasion plans for Canada? It was called “Operation Northern Lights”. Sounds like a good plan to me.

      • Barking Mad says:

        No need to invade. Just come on over to the northern basement, have a `real` beer and a bacon-on-a-bun.

    • bf says:


      Julia Allison Baugher wouldn’t know bullying if it came up and slapped her, puller hair, pushed her down in the dirt and stole her lunch money.

      “WHOA IS ME!”

  23. Andy Whorehol says:

    You know she wouldn’t give two shits about this “cyber-bullying” shit if this site didn’t exist. The fact that she whined to her lawyer daddy enough to get the first incarnation of this site pulled, and then this other one popped up soon after that she’s unable to legally pull is what probably bugs her the most. DADDDDYYYY, WHY WON’T THEY LEAVE ME ALONEEE? CAN’T YOU DOOO SOMETHING TO THOSE MEAN, UGLY, JEALOUS BULLIESSSS???
    This shit just amuses me to no end. This bitch is really hilarious! Does she not realize how much she is feeding the trolls at this point? If her personal life and supposed career is soooo very important to her, why is she so obsessed with this site and people who randomly call her out on her bullshit? She wants to know why we waste our time still focusing on her? Why does she waste her time still focusing on *us*? We’re the only people who keep her relevant anymore, so she should thank her lucky stars we give enough of a shit to still point and laugh at her. She’s more grossly amusing to me than any episode of “Bad Girls Club” at this point.

    I guess she’s never heard of the “ignore ’em and they’ll lose interest” theory. Had she just left this issue all alone, I’d be right back to bemusedly lurking. Now I feel like I have a bone to pick with her. God, her sheer idiocy, IT BURNS.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      OMG THIS “She’s more grossly amusing to me than any episode of “Bad Girls Club” at this point.”

  24. ShesJustStupid says:

    Her twitter fans in Austin loved her speech, y’all!

    • bf says:

      actually that’s interesting – the people she’s responding to are mostly – no surprise – PR /marketing types (who want to avoid their clients being “bullied” or being portrayed as bullies) and other writers/bloggers.

      Hey PR folks, best advice you can give? Take everything Julia Allison does and do the opposite.

      • Convenient Feminist says:

        In my day job… I’m a publicist for some major corporations. (Read: Sorry media, I’m one of those douches who’s always calling you.) I’ve actually used Julia Allison as a “what not to do” model, and thankfully I’ve only had one client think that she’s “not so bad.” Once I pulled out the Mediabistro article, they understood.

  25. K_Swizz says:

    Dear Julia,

    I am not bullying you. I just like to laugh at stupid people. Does that make me an asshole? Sure. Bully? Not so much.

    Why don’t you just go back to your stable and stomp your hooves some more?

    Kimberly Wilke

  26. Let it implode says:

    I posted a comment about how she’s our braying bitch on the bolt bus and we have every right to mock her because she’s so loud and annoying and disruptive to the internets.

    Big surprise that one didn’t make it through.

  27. Liable for Libel says:

    What does she think will happen if one of her TV pilots ever gets picked up and aired? Note: Will never happen, but let’s pretend. Has she ever read Television without Pity? They would not be not be kind to her, to say the least.

    • Dyspeptic says:

      I think she might have a clue, just a widdle one, and that that’s why she skedaddled from draconian ol’ Oprah and that OWN reality show donkportunity.

    • Pink Palatian says:

      Well, isn’t that why the Oprah thing supposedly fell through?

      The fact of the matter is: she is terrified of people finding out the truth about The Real Julia Allison. In my experience with narcissists, the one thing they fear more than anything else is being exposed as the frauds that they are. They have so much invested in their false self-image — and so much of their “self-esteem” is tied up in that image — that they will do anything (lie, cheat, steal, “reframe” “facts,” engage in rumor-mongering, try and create diversions, say they were joking, tell you that you are the problem, etc.) to prevent the truth from getting out.

      As has been said by fictional movie characters much more interesting than Julia (to paraphrase): she can’t handle the truth.

  28. Donksers says:

    Not surprisingly, Donkey is tearing up on Twitter over someone’s positive tweet to her. Is she ever NOT tearing up?

    • Pink Palatian says:

      Maybe she’s the love child of Mom$er and John Boehner?

      Oh, wait, is that bullying?

  29. Donksers says:

    Donkey now sees herself as the spiritual leader and mentor to all those who have been bullied or will be bullied in the future. She’s planning on saving everyone’s children from the same bullying HELL that she’s been through. I need to stop reading her Twitter because she is really pissing me off.

    • Pink Palatian says:

      As the mother of someone who HAS been bullied, this appalls me. (E.g., When he was 9 years old, my son — a vegan — was held down in the cafeteria at school by a boy who tried to force him to eat a ham sandwich, while school officials looked on.)

      She doesn’t know (a) the real horror and terror of being stalked and/or bullied — the former entailing looking over your shoulder everywhere you go, not feeling safe anywhere; the latter as a result of THINGS YOU CANNOT CHANGE ABOUT YOURSELF (size, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) or (b) the sadness and deep powerlessness a parent feels to see one’s child being bullied.

      The fact is: if Julia stopped being, well, the fameball she is, there would be no more RBD. She claims she needs a blog for her writing, but then when people ask why she doesn’t, uh, writeabout things on said blog, she says it’s a respite from her writing. Take a look at other professional writers — they may have blogs, but they are tasteful and appropriate to their circumstances and actually have a narrative arc to them (see Stephanie Klein’s Greek Tragedy, for one). They generally have links to articles published, notations of TV and radio appearances, and the like.

      If she really really really wants to market herself as a writer, then she should ACT like a writer. What she is doing now is acting like an Internet dilettante… and she’s being treated appropriately. Why is this obvious to everyone except Julia?

      • Albie Quirky says:

        If she really really really wants to market herself as a writer, then she should ACT like a writer.

        That would involve actual writing, which is too much like work.

  30. Shamoolia says:

    ‘Scuse. Rant a’ brewin….
    @juliaallison great talk BTW. I’m with you. I have three girls.
    23 minutes ago via web

    @jonathangilliam – thank you so much. I want to protect your girls – all girls. It’s not right.
    9 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to jonathangilliam
    You know what? Fuck her. I’ve had enough of her BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHIIIIIILDREN??? crap re: this cyberbulling tear she’s on. She said in her comments, “These same haters will one day be parents.” Guess what you narrow minded simpleton? I am already a parent. To a little girl. A lot of us here are. And you want to know why I read and comment on this site? Because you represent everything that is wrong with web2.0celebrityblahblahblah. You are nothing to me but a cautionary tale on how I DO NOT want to raise my little girl to be. To act. To think. To carry herself. Who you present yourself to be online – it disgusts me. Screw you and your latest shallow turn at victimhood and don’t pretend you care about the plight of bullied little girls everywhere because someone was mean to you once in middle school and people use an online forum to call you out on your bullshit daily. This mother says: fuck you and your tasteless, vile and disgusting analogies about cutting the feet of of babies.
    / rant over /

    • flatface says:

      Stop it.
      If not for Julia Allison, do it For. The. Children.

      Sold. From now on it’s nothing but please and thank you out of this flatface. And hey if I ever misstep I’ll leave it up to the federal government – or Julia Allison – to let me know when I’ve crossed that line.

      ( I can still say Charlie Sheen is a woman-shooting no-talent junkie, right? Or is that too much for the New Web?)

    • Captain Gary says:

      Did she REALLY just say “I want to protect your girls – ALL girls???”
      That’s a rhetorical question – I know she did.
      Yeah, she wants to protect all girls — unless they talk too loud on their celly-cells in Her Majesty’s Presence; unless they date or get engaged to someone she feels like she deserves; unless they “work” with her and don’t toe her line (resolutions, anyone?); unless they remember the crazy shit she’s done; unless…
      You cat-persons KNOW this list goes on and on. And I for one WILL NOT allow her to become some anti-bullying advocate, because she has no idea what bullying is. Not that I was bullied or anything, but believe me, I know it when I see it. And this ain’t it.
      My name (yes, my REAL name) is Blue. There’s only one of us. Look. It. Up. As I read on the back of a pick-up truck once, “No Fear/Ain’t Skeered.”

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      I just KANT. She just doesn’t get it. She has no idea that we gather here because she’s an asshole, not because she’s a random target of feminist hate.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      I’m in my mid-40s and not a parent (by choice!) I do have goddaughters, though, and one of the things I want for them is a world in which women are judged professionally by their work and dedication and energy and intelligence, not by how much they’re willing to demean themselves publicly by acting like a pathetic caricature of a sex kitten. SO GET OFF THE FUCKING STAGE JOOLZBALLZ.

  31. New Year New You says:

    @jonathangilliam – thank you so much. I want to protect your girls – all girls. It’s not right.
    20 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to jonathangilliam

    Shut up you fucking charlatan. “I want to protect all girls as long as their white, rich, pretty and famous. And called Julia.”

    • Prof. F Camping, Doctor of Donkology says:

      she should not be let near any girls, or children for that matter. between her cooing over the ‘gerber baby’ grayden grossman (i KANT with that name) and ‘protecting girls’, methinks she is really just after their beautiful, undamaged hair and baby soft skin, with which to replace her own.

      • You Pay with Yo' Face says:

        Hammer Pictures presents Julia Allison as … COUNTESS DRACULA!!! She bathed in the blood of tots and virgins, scalped tweens for their lustrous hair, and all to prolong her rapidly aging, chemically altered body!! Bosoms were heaved and Apple computers were extorted!! Rated M, for mature audiences only.

        • Aggressively Stupid says:

          She existed! Countess Bathory!!! And she would have eaten Donkey for breakfast, literally.

    • New Year New You says:

      And by “their” I meant “they’re”. Shit, I’m becoming illiterate courtesy of reading too much Donkey copy. I must start a campaign about this to help all girls.

  32. JayCray says:

    My comment to her (which will never be posted, of course) that I posted in my real name:

    I used to be a fan of yours, Julia. I used to read your site daily and actually had a few “I wish I was her” moments. But slowly, that opinion faded and I admit to visiting the so-called “hate” site now as well as yours. I think, for the most part, it is purely snark and that is protected by free speech. Are they mean sometimes (if not often)? Sure. But that is still covered under free speech.

    However, you often argue that they are bullying you because they send letters/e-mails, etc to your bosses, family and boy friends. They argue that you and your father do similar things. The only difference between the two is that they produce proof of it by posting the letters/e-mails online. You don’t. And until you do, you will likely have a credibility problem with this argument.

    Further, in a previous comment you wrote: “Please point out a single instance in which I say I “like the attention the internet gives me” in the last two years.” You should be smart enough to know that is not a valid argument. Perhaps you no longer wish to be a celebrity (which is a slight contradiction to the fact that you post photo shoots, show pictures of yourself on the “red” carpet, etc), but that doesn’t mean you didn’t chase fame originally and succeeded in attaining at least a measure of it. You can’t really take it all back now and say “I changed my mind!” and expect to be treated as an average person. That may not be fair, but life isn’t really fair.

    • flatface says:

      Proud. Proud. She was literally proud of her Wired cover. She was PROUD of it. INside the magazine had a pretty spot-on critique of the new internet where people could be famous for Nothing. For having no talent. For making no contribution. For achieving nothing.

      And they chose Julia Allison as the symbol of that. The cover girl of vapid nothingness.

      And she was PROUD of it. Said so online many times.

    • sad lilly says:

      ” You can’t really take it all back now and say “I changed my mind!””
      Yes she could. She could delete all of her vanity web sites and twitter account, then get a job and live a normal life like most people do.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      “You can’t really take it all back now and say “I changed my mind!” and expect to be treated as an average person.”

      Well, she could. If she stopped chasing the celebrity and just acted like a person, did her work, lived her life, etc., shit would die down. Look at the ex-NSers who have stepped out of the fishbowl and moved on with their lives. Look at all the camgirls who turned off the cams and got day jobs, from Jennifer Ringley to Stacy Pershall.

  33. Records Custodian says:

    Personalities from Dooce to Rachel Ray have inspired “hate sites” (sites where people congregate to express their opinions of such personalities). You know what they did? They worked harder – wrote better posts and earned better sponsors (Dooce) and developed sound television opportunities (Dooce and Rachel Ray) and worked tirelessly to improve their product and message and gained more fans than haters in the process.

    You know what neither of them did? Tried to shut down the website and the criticism. You have to be an idiot to try that, and Julia and her father are precisely those kinds of idiots. It speaks volumes that Peter Baugher’s firm didn’t want ANYTHING to do with his little side mission for Julia. What an embarrassment to his firm and to the bar.

    Julia has absolutely no work ethic. Her writing, especially of late and those “social media” columns, belongs on the home page of Netscape or a decade-old version of AOL. She doesn’t have any critical analysis skills whatsoever – she writes exactly like I wrote in high school, the night before the paper was due. It is incredible that she is still arrested (in every way) from that point in her life, but even more outrageous that anyone pays her to keep doing it.

    Julia, you lose opportunities (you haven’t had a job in years), friends, boyfriends, and public respect because of who you are and how you behave. The online chronicle of your shittiness is the mirror, not the problem. You are the source of all of your problems. You. Just you.

    You know what both of them did

    • Little Orphan Lilly says:

      Exactly. Didn’t Dooce even monetize the hate with an ad-heavy page of her hatemail? The point was she was so popular that the number of people willing to click over to read her haters’ stuff was so overwhelming she could make money off of it. I’d LOVE to see Julia try that, and see how the numbers pan out. (Hint, Donkey: zero fans times a billionty haters equals ZERO FAME FOR YOU.)

      • Shamoolia says:

        Yes. It was hilarious.

        Julia is so unaware of the world around her – and how the internet works, period – that I think she really does believe she’s the only one on the whole wide web with a hate site. Even the friggin’ Duggars have a hate site! Her ego is to fragile to assume the villain role she so richly embodies.

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      And there’s the biggest lesson of all learned by Dooce: don’t write about your workplace or your family online unless you’re prepared to suffer the consequences. Talk about openly addressing your own screw-ups.

      We admire Heather for being very savvy and thoughtful about how she wants to run a business built upon her own existence. We admonish Donkey because (among other things) she’s had plenty of squandered opportunities to parlay her internet dipshit ways of her mid-20’s (and, let’s face it, onward) into something more powerful. She could have taken the personal branding thing much further if she matured as a person and educated herself a little bit about the importance of branding and the true reach of social media. But she’s too dim and narcissistic to figure it out. She’s had so much exposure and so much experience at a young age that this new column should be a fun piece of (gluten-free) cake for her.

      Girl needs a mentor and one who isn’t afraid to pull punches when Donkey’s being her usual Donkey self.

  34. Flying donkeycopter says:

    Somebody needs to alert the nearest Whole Foods and stand watch over the chocolate aisle.

  35. Brayday Cray says:

    Looks like Emily Rose is still drinking the kool aid after all…

  36. Sausage Snappers says:

    juliaallison: @jonathangilliam – thank you so much. I want to protect your girls – all girls. It’s not right.

    Here we go.

    • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

      *until they expire, that is.

      Julia? “Girls” (and, you know, grown-ass women) don’t need anyone to act as their knights in shining armor – not their boyfriends, not their daddies, and certainly not a donkey dancing the lambada all alone in an Austin hotel room.

  37. donkwalkofshame says:

    “I have to admit, I was terribly nervous for my cyberbullying talk here at #SXSW … so relieved it’s over. Too hard to talk about … ”
    half a minute ago via Echofon

    Oh Donkey.

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      Probably because she started preparing for the thing at this time yesterday.

    • Shamoolia says:

      But I thought it was her cause and she was going to keep talking about cyber bullying until every last little girl in this country could blog and tweet fun cute things in peace under protection from the government’s new cyber police division!


  38. flatface says:

    BTW: I guess Julia’s gonna be famous after all.
    The new pr agency she “hired”, Susan Blond, has represented such notable clients as Brooke Hogan and the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

    Makes sense. Julia has always kind of been the new Jersey of internet celebrities.

  39. KitchenTampon says:

    I stopped by David Karp’s blog. He’s got tons of fun photos of him with his friends and colleagues eating out, at iHop, working around a coffee table, etc. And then there’s poor Jules, sitting there all alone in some sterile, beige Hilton hotel room crying into her pancakes.

  40. Big Head & the Blondsters says:

    I don’t recall seeing this article, has it been discussed here?
    Did Donkey really work as a secretary? & for whom?

    January 15, 2009
    Letters to a Young Blogger: An Interview with Julia Allison

    I found Julia to be the ultimate contrast; a blend of looks, incredible knowledge, and the guts to put her daily life on display for the entire world to criticize.

    BD:</b. I read you moved to New York City with the idea to “become a writer.” I’m sure you’re one of thousands. What did you do for work?
    JA: Finally in May after graduation, I took a secretarial job, and it killed me inside. I just thought to myself, this is a failure. This cannot be my life. And ultimately, I was fired after 4 weeks.

    BD: What did you think when New York Magazine named you the most famous young journalist in NYC?
    JA: It was so surreal, because just 2 years before that I had been an intern at Mediabistro. It was a huge victory. I made it happen. My goal was never fame. I just wanted to be able to get published. And make a living.
    BD: Is this your dream job? Have you achieved that rise to the top?
    JA: This is exactly what I wanted. In my mind, I had this planned out before it ever occurred.

    • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

      *prufereading – me don’t gotz the skillz

    • KitchenTampon says:

      Maybe she’s referring to her brief stint as a receptionist in an investment bank? Or I misremember.

    • Prof. F Camping, Doctor of Donkology says:

      after graduation, she moved to SoCal with her fiance and ‘wrote’ and housewifed while he worked. she left him later that year and moved to new york.

      • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

        “…It ended up falling apart. When I moved to New York City I lived in a grody apartment for a year. …”

        Is she referring to that nice apartment of the ex-boyfriend (the same guy whose Mercedes she finagled out of the parking garage & took to the Hamptons w/out permission)? Cuz that place was nice! So nice, matter of fact, that she apparently dug in her hooves in & wouldn’t get the hell out of, right?

        • ShesJustStupid says:

          no, some place she lived in with roommates that had mice.

        • Aggressively Stupid says:

          That would KK’s apartment that she continued to live in for four or five more years. Donkey’s so nice to go around braying about how her friend’s apartment is gross.

  41. Donkey of Perdition says:

    Anyone have a full video of Julia’s most recent look at me fest?

  42. Amazing says:

    Yo Donkey!! THE BRIDGE IS OVER!

    (not like you know what that means.)

  43. Donksers says:

    Julia’s showing off her new iphone case on Twitter. It appears that she has morphed in to OctoMom. (And the greasy matted pelts are stunning!)

  44. New Year New You says:

    “Daddy, Daddy, I need some more money so that I can pay a PR company to promote my shitty column.”

    RT @SusanBlond: Read @JuliaAllison’s new column @SocialStudies -this week’s topic is”YouTube Video or it Didn’t Happen”

    Yeah Julie, bonafide journalists don’t hire PRs to promote them. Neither do non-celebrities with hobbies.

  45. Permanent Braycation says:

    I am not/would not comment on here site. This has been said better in other posts, but here’s my two cents in response to her crusade.

    But how do you know who is responsible for what? I get that that is your point about anonymity. I mean, some overly aggressive and people @ you on Twitter and e-mail you; some people comment on the site you do not name. Those are generally two different sets of people and to conflate the two makes it seem like you’re going after the site under the guise of going after the folks who contact you (which I think is out of bounds).

  46. tattoo kit says:

    I always emailed this web site post page to all my associates, as if like to read it then my links will too.

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