Donk Reads Out Nasty E-Mails, Calls It Bullying, Wants The Coppers On The Case

By most accounts, apparently Julie Albertson’s SXSW talk today could be boiled down to this: “People say mean things to me and about me. It makes me feel bad. The police need to get involved.” It apparently was more of a therapy session than an actual discussion from the woman who just hired a PR firm even though she is NOT a celebrity, do you understand??

Sorry I missed it. Then again, it looks like most people missed it.





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128 Responses to Donk Reads Out Nasty E-Mails, Calls It Bullying, Wants The Coppers On The Case

  1. You Pay with Yo' Face says:

    First! Julie Albertson crying in her beer to the sound of one hand clapping!!

  2. Can-Swiss says:

    People are dying in Libya, there were giant natural disasters in Japan and New Zealand. But really, the world’s most pressing issue is a grown-ass woman being made fun of on the Internet.

    What a selfish spoiled little shit she is. Normally I don’t “hate” Julia Allison, but today I fucking do.

  3. Dr. Gary says:

    Julie Albertsons Bogger, The Hideous Grifting Troll:


    @juliaallison: LOVE my new iPhone case, featuring @Lillydog! RT @artsprojekt – @juliaallison So glad you got case! #zazzlesxsw #SXSW

    • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

      Her mouth is looking straight up like a hemorrhoid.

      • Julia's Old Nose says:

        Lisa Rinna lips for sure!

      • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

        Yeah, & WTF w/ that bulging, drippy blob under her cheek? I can’t decide if it looks more like a drumstick, or the outline of the state of Florida …

        • Mini Driver says:

          Homer: Florida? But that’s America’s wang!

          Dr. Hibbert: Actually, they prefer ‘The Sunshine State.’

    • Donkey of Perdition says:

      Uggh the horrible female toupee/weave. It looks so matted and gross.

    • The Manta says:

      Look! She has an iphone case with a picture of her dog so you know she looks after it!

    • Princess WideStance says:

      These people were giving out cases to pretty much anybody. They were practically the only ones who paid her any mind at SXSW. Sad.vom

    • New Year New You says:

      Sorry Julia, but your face is scaring me. I feel bullied by your melty Scream face.
      As a woman I feel alarmed and annoyed (the criteria for harassment) by your overuse of Botox, my face and I feel harassed, harassed and bullied. #protectingallthegirls

    • Wonky Donkey says:

      And adding Zazzle to my companies I used to patronize list -_-

      • Aggressively Stupid says:

        Eh, you’re not missing much. I ordered business through them once; they screwed them up and blamed me.
        Now I’m strictly a VistaPrint girl now.

      • jpa says:

        You’re such a bully, costing her jobs and interacting with her employers, how do you live with yourself?

  4. Captain Gary says:

    Yeah, you’d think this so-called “social media expert” might have called an audible and talked about people live-tweeting the tsunami in Japan or the dramatic YouTube vids of the disaster that have given the world a new, hitherto-unseen look at the destructive power of nature.
    But nope, First Lady-in-Waiting Julia Allison has made cyberbullying (of her) her cause celebre. Not bullying of gay kids online, a la the Rutgers University student. Not the kids who attempt suicide because some grown-up assists other kids in making up MySpace profiles to crush their spirits. No, my friends, those things take a back seat to the pointing out of the myriad inconsistencies, half-truths and, yes, episodes of BULLYING that someone who has chosen to sell herself as a product has herself engaged in (and fully documented) over the years.
    The moral equivalency game being played here makes my gorge rise. And I’m not even in the shower. I’m running errands at my desk!
    Again, my REAL name is Blue. Look. It. Up.

  5. Donkey of Perdition says:

    Foolia this is bullying, when this happens to you then you can cry all you want or kick your bully’s ass like this Boss.
    (btw I love and they have been posting alot of donkey pics/memes lately)

  6. The Manta says:

    That venue looks packed!

  7. SXSW Keynote says:

    This is so awesome.

    • Rachael says:


      More than anything, this is the problem with Julia recently. I left her a comment about this that she chose not to publish, which is her right because it wasn’t actually on the topic of bullying, it was more on the topic of how not to be an asshole anymore.

      Julia Allison doesn’t do anything. She has nothing that she can look at or be proud of. Living a life is not a job, and the way that she consistently refutes the idea that she’s been handed anything at all is absolutely ridiculous. “I worked for all that!” she says in a comment reply. Really?

      I do agree with one thing that’s been said (somewhere, I don’t remember) and that’s that our hate for Julia Allison is not necessarily about the person whose name is Julia Allison Baugher. It’s about entitlement, easy access to money, lack of hard work and — above all else — bragging.

      What Julia Allison needs to do is 1. spend more time writing about things other than herself, 2. befriend an editor who will not only fix her typos, but spend time teaching her why the changes he/she is making make a better article, and 3. figure out how to do something that she can be proud of.

      This might read a lot more negatively than I intend it, but what does Julia Allison have to be proud of at the moment? She got the relationship she always wanted… is that something to be proud of? Maybe, if you’re Julia Allison. From what I can tell, that seemed to be the goal from day 1 and everything else in life was just mindless doodling until she found herself a rich and famous husband. I have no idea what her other goals are, if she even has any, because she never talks about failing in any honest kind of way.

      Every interesting story, every interesting movie, has the following basic storyline: put the protagonist up in a tree and figure out how to get her down. Julia Allison not only won’t get up in the tree, but denies the existence of any tree and wants us to watch her do cartwheels in the grass.

      • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

        You’re definitely correct in giving her the advice to look beyond herself for writing material. I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again: Writing solely about yourself and your own experiences and feelings will ultimately alienate your readers.

        She has plenty of opportunities to turn her personal experiences (be it with dating or navigating cyber ‘bullies’ or running face-first into a Botox needle ) into something broader, deeper and with more resonance for her readers (or what’s left of them), but instead she chooses to type out inside jokes with her dad or post pictures of models in ballet tutus. What are people supposed to learn from or identify with?

        Bottom line: She doesn’t give a shit about content. Her blog and all her ‘work’ are simply means for her to garner attention.

  8. Dr. Gary says:

    Well, looks like karma has finally caught up with Julie’s face:


    And guess what dipshit? This ain’t bullying. Mean-spirited? Yes. Not nice? Yes. But it’s an opinion. My opinion. You’ve injected too much crap into your face. Maybe someone else thinks you look nice. I don’t. I think you used to be cute girl, and now you look like a 45 year old divorcee.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      Well who’s the idiot now? #close tag fail

    • New Year New You says:

      Phuuuuuuuck! Bitch ain’t slept for dayz.

      • Dr. Gary says:

        Yes! Forgot to mention: lack of sleep, sugar binges, crying jags, yelling at online commenters, years of no exercise ALSO = that ^^^

        You know, honestly, I do hope things work out for Julie and Señor Yack. He seems like a good influence i.e. regular exercise, better diet.

    • Princess WideStance says:

      OMG she is SO wearing “smart lady” outfit.

    • Donkey of Perdition says:

      I think she looks cute here, her pose is natural and her freckles are visible without all the heavy makeup.

    • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

      Donkey doesn’t see what everyone else sees; Donkey gazes into a mirror, & in her deluded state of mind, sees href=””>this looking back at her.

      If this braying bint would toss the hokey pelts & get a real haircut, something stylish & shoulder-length, I’d self-impose a moratorium & leave off gossiping about her for at least a month. Srsly.

    • ShesJustStupid says:

      Wow. Ick.

      • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

        This is an emergency, y’all. JACK, MARRY HER. This is the end. There’s nothing left from the neck up.

    • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

      Wow! She is heading into some serious Joan Rivers territory.

      • ET says:

        Looking by that last Xmas video in chicago, Momsers has serious facial…fleshiness. I’m not trynna rag on Momsers (disclaimer). But she has a lot of movement and sag in the facial area so I can see Jules trying to stop it before it happens. Hence all the injections. Unless she gets a face lift, it’s not happening though. She may need to get a facelift every 10 years from here on out.

  9. Dr. Gary says:


    Comments from her bullying post keep popping up in my Google Reader. Give it a rest, already. If someone has to explain Godwin’s Law to you? Time to end the discussion. We get it. We’re bullies. You’re a victim. You’re going to fight until every last bully has been wiped off the face of the earth.

    What don’t these idiots understand about NOT READING HERE? You don’t like what we say about you? DON’T COME HERE. You’re a big fan of Julie and hate what the meanies say about her? DON’T COME HERE. No one is forcing anyone to read here. SO DON’T.


    There. Problem solved.

  10. Admiral of the Burro Fleet says:

    She has some really dipshit commenters over there at her shantytown Geocities site, JULIA.PRETTY.

    I honestly have no idea how you have possibly endured that cesspool of a website for so long. That alone shows the strength of your character. It is truly sad to consider the amount of time and energy wasted on something so mean-spirited. How can they sleep at night? I cannot imagine.

    And delicate, tubercular Julia lifts a pale hand to her wan lips, eyelashes fluttering with the strain of speech, too worn down by the twin gale winds of her haters and Jack’s battering ram penis to speak above a whisper, and manages:

    Thank you – I am looking into taking action – once again – on their defamatory, copyright violating, harassing website, yes. Mostly I want them to reveal the real names of those actually spewing invectives on the site – and find out if their employers would enjoy their “constructive criticism” as much as they do.

    That’s all she wants, guys! She just wants to get you fired! Why do you keep BULLYING her like this when she had never had a mean thought????

    • eyegloss says:

      can u expand this comment to 1100 words? thanks.

    • New Year New You says:

      “Mostly I want them to reveal the real names of those actually spewing invectives on the site – and find out if their employers would enjoy their “constructive criticism” as much as they do.”

      She’s fucking outrageous. Julia Allison, you are a fucking nut. I hope your fucking father will be paying the rent of the people you try to get fired.

      Proxy up y’all.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        This is technically an admission she was behind the previous harassment of people not associated with this site.

        • New Year New You says:


        • Jacy says:

          Yeah, hey, Julesie, you already DID track down people via their real names and try to get them in shit with their employers. And their employers laughed.

          How did that work out for you?

      • Brianna says:

        Funnily enough, my boss WAS just contacted by someone who didn’t like a restaurant review another employee left on a restaurant website.

        And so, he tore her a new one.

        It was really very funny, he FW’d the email to everyone!

      • You Pay with Yo' Face says:

        So sorry. Were we the ones posting 1000’s of snaps of our chemically enhanced face in pointless fauxto shoots while giving “scoops” to the press or to RBNS about our sexual conquests? You wanted the attention, Donkey. You got it. HOW DARE YOU threaten to call the employers of honest folk who work for a living and choose to spend a few minutes laughing at the whitest woman in the world making a fool of herself. Again and again and again.

      • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

        Hey, you free-loading donkey who wants to take from others what you don’t have & apparently are insanely jealous of, namely steady employment & health care coverage …



    • Scooby Don't says:

      What a maroon!

    • JFA says:

      I welcome her to try contacting my employer. Jesus Christ. She is serious. She is looking into taking action. OMG I’M SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!! We are commenting on a website you fucking tool. Last time I checked that was legal.

    • Grimace says:

      How do i sleepnat night? Just fine thanks. Seems like you’re the one who can’t sleep at night Julia. Why do you think that is?

      And what the hell is up with her sick fantasy that she’s going to get people fired for commenting here? She’s obsessed with some kind of crazy vigilante justice and wrongly assumes that 1. Everyone here has a boss 2. Comments during work hours on company computers 3. Has a job period 4. Has a boss who gives a damn. And it’s not even an issue with a boss. It would be an HR issue. She is so dumb and her ignorance proves she’s never worked at a real job in her life.

      • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

        What I can’t figure out is WHY she cares so much about ‘contacting employers. WTF???? So if someone is commenting off work hours or off a work computer, she’s going to TATTLE to their boss????? Really?

    • Fred Grott says:


      I kind of hope your father is bullied by you to cal my employer.. as I want the opportunity to have someone lose their Lawyer License due to lack of ethics..

      So please Julia do it..I dare you or STFU!

    • JFA says:

      This seriously doesn’t even make SENSE legally. Absolutely no lawyer I know would handle ANYTHING by contacting someone’s employer. That’s very bizarre, unethical, shady shit. She really doesn’t even have any idea what she is talking about. Lawyers will write a cease and desist – okay. They will file a suit. They will try to negotiate a settlement of some sort. But to pick up a phone and call someone’s boss? WTF?????????? She’s absolutely off her fucking rocker.

      • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

        It’s the tactic Julia takes because she suspects we’re all too old for her to threaten to teeeeeell our mooooooooooms!

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Joolzballz, I’m self-employed! And the people who pay my billz would never fucking stop laughing for a million years if you Dadsers your sockpuppet contacted them.

    • New Year New You says:

      Also Julia, by threatening to contact people’s employers you’ve just expressed intent at genuine harassment. So to be honest Julia, we should all really be filing harassment reports against you.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      WHO the HELL has this kind of TIME on their hands? I mean my god, trying to figure out who anonymous commenters are? To what end? What’s the goal there? What is her damage?

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      And honestly she’s going so hard about this only to convince the McCains that we’re a bunch of liars.

  11. missparklecupcake says:

    the irony of watching her sxsw impromptu panel appearance during which she said “i can’t afford a publicist, i’m just a journalist” is not lost on me.

    the other irony is her publicist will promptly tell her to shut the fuck up and stop digging her own self-invovled celebrity-centric pink-palace of a grave.

    • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

      Do you think anyone who chooses to represent Julia really has any clue what he or she is doing? Her rep might as well be a sock puppet with a smiley face drawn on it.

      • New Year New You says:

        Yeah but that’s the weirdest thing, Susan Blond has been around for donkeys year, she’s not small fry.

        • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

          It’s SUSAN BLOND? I know her from her “etiquette videos,” unless I have her confused with someone else.

          What on earth is she thinking?

          • Albie Quirky says:

            Momsers and Dadsers are paying, because they’re seeing Operation Flapjacks as their last possible chance to get Joolzballz off their hands.

        • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

          You rang?

        • NorseHorse Will Never The Donkey says:

          “Allison is not working with the legendary Blond herself, but rather another publicist at the agency.”

          Susan Blond is indeed a famous PR person, she goes back to the 70’s and 80’s, mostly in music. I think she has a big PR firm now, so no doubt JA has a junior PR agent. Big whoop. You could have the best publicist in the world, but look at what they have to work with. Ha ha, best of luck.

      • Loren Feldman says:

        You rang?

  12. Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

    Julia’s presence on the Internet is bullying. She’s a bully to all those who work for a living. She’s a bully to all those who do not choose to use their friends and family as props in a sad sideshow parody of a life. She’s a bully to good manners. She’s a bully to empathy. She’s a bully to fashion. She’s a bully to health. She bullies her exes and their current significant others. She’s a bully to good writing. She’s a bully to good taste.

    I’d say she bullies Lily but it’s actually more like abandonment.

  13. the darkness inside you is why you'll never be small... but i see your true colors :):):) says:
    • Permanent Braycation says:

      This video has a whole lot of tom foolery and poppy cock. Homegirl is seriously pursing and posing. It’s truly the hallmark of a crazy pseudo celeb to try and cultivate the peculiar habits of crazy famous folks…a la Mariah (good side) Carey.

      • New Year New You says:

        Poppycock is one of my favorite words, thank you for reminding me of it’s existence. See also, balderdash.

        • NorseHorse Will Never The Donkey says:

          Horsefeathers and buncombe! (Which became, “bunkum”.) Ha, love all these too. 🙂

    • My nostrils are TOTALLY symmetrical! says:

      Let’s…..check it out…..and make sure……



    • Handbag Stuffed With Hair says:

      Oh my heavens, look at your PERFECT handle, The Darkness. If I weren’t already spoken for I would have feelings for you.

  14. Permanent Braycation says:

    OK, let me get this crayght (cray + straight). Nerve asked HER to do a list, but she’s asking “us”? Magic. Um, this is why folks don’t like her lazy ass. Get a freaking clue.

    Question for all: who are the most awesome SXSW’ers, either guys or girls? Nerve asked me to do a list – who would you choose? #SXSW

    • Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

      That’s how she does her version of “journalism”, she crowd sources at the last minute.

  15. New Year New You says:

    So wait, did no Catladies make it to her talk today? I can’t remember who said they were going to go, was it Sausage Snappers? *did I really just type out Sausage Snappers as somebody’s name?*

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      I was planning on it but there were many errands to run at my desk all day, and dealing with downtown Austin during SXSW to hear a donkey bray for 15 minutes did not seem worth it.

    • Convenient Feminist says:

      I was around so was going to go, but couldn’t remember the time (and didn’t have a laptop handy, just my phone). Guess what? Her 12:45 didn’t pop up on the SXSW app schedule, which is what a ton of people were using to check panel times and locations.


    • Big Head Fraud & the Blondsters says:

      Please let the record show that on the day in question obese cat ladiez “Sausage Snappers” & “Convenient Feminist” were negligent in upholding their oath as jealous haterz.

      The Brayliff will escort the guilty parties to their remanded quarters where they will be held in direct sunlight, without benefit of Franzia nor Fritos, until such time as the Kitty Committee is ready to proceed with the Punishment Phase.

  16. Aggressively Stupid says:

    Thank you so much for your continued thoughtful comments = Compliments!! Keep them coming!

  17. eyegloss says:

    Glee did a song just for Julia tonight, guys. It did. Bullying is not OK.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      I wish they would STFU with the bullying angle. They’re really going nuts with it, and the show was way more fun when political correctness went out the window.

  18. JFA says:

    Her latest column in a paper I am too lazy to look up right now…has two comments. And she solicits comments in the piece. What a miserable failure.


      … and the comments are from older readers. Not exactly the demographic that Tribune needs to attract if they want to be a viable business, post-bankruptcy.

  19. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Speaking of PRs: Howard Bragman is a bully, too!

    Julia, call his employer! Oh, wait…

    “Question: What’s your take on someone like Julia Allison? Bragman: Well, my question is, “What are you building out of that?” I know a lot of famous people, okay? And I know a lot of poor famous people. Fame is not an endpoint and that’s what I have to disabuse people of. Recognition is the endpoint, to be recognized for being an internet expert or YouTube expert or a great journalist or a great doctor or a great researcher. The fame will come from that. But to be famous for the sake of being famous, you might get a good restaurant table but, beyond that, you give somebody the finger when you’re driving and they cut you off, you can bet it will be on Perez Hilton the next day and you lose a lot of privacy by just becoming famous. So what I always encourage people is to go for recognition, go for achievement and the fame will come.”

  20. sad lilly says:

    If she turns the bullying thing into a gig I’ll quit the internet. At that point what’s really the point of it all.

  21. LetItExplode says:

    Guess what Julia: my boss doesn’t like you. And neither do my co-workers. Most of them have had the pleasure of meeting you.

  22. Albie Quirky says:

    My God, if what happens here is “illegal”, what’s Perez Hilton liable for? War crimes?

    • Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

      And if that weirdo lawyer guy was claiming you can trace IPs via Twitter was correct, Hosni Mubarak is going to have a busy few months tracking down those motherfuckers who forced him out of power.

  23. cait says:

    does anyone have a full video of her talk?

    • Donkey of Perdition says:


    • juliaspublicist cried his rhinestone off juliaspublicist says:


  24. Jacy "Donk" LaRue Jacy "Donk" LaRue says:

    On Planet Donkey, this sort of site/post would cease to exist, and THAT would be the true crime.

  25. AnnaPelt is Happy at 138 says:

    BrianVan wrote that she “took one question, then bolted.” But now his photo and post about it are gone. She must have bitched at him until he took it down, just to tune out the brayeg.

  26. bitchface says:

    Julia, you should really not comment on your blogs. Your responses make you look even dumber than you are. Seriously, you give me a headache. Just go make some little goober babies with Jacky Jack McCain and become an OMG first woman ever pregnant OMG first military wife OMG first of anything 10million stronger women have done before you. YAWN.

    • Albie Quirky says:

      Flapjacks has suffered enough, hasn’t he? I really want her to keep not getting married until she’s at least 40, because it’s a useful object lesson in how desperation doesn’t actually work.

      • Dr. Gary says:

        You bite your tongue!

        I want a Yack + Yulie wedding SO BAD I can taste it. You just aren’t thinking it thru…

        We’ve got the engagement, planning the wedding (I vote for TWO weddings: First one at The Lakeside Retirement Home, with a reception at the University Club. Second one on the beach at Cornonado, with a reception at Hotel del Coronado), the move to Guam, getting knocked up, transition to military wife/mommy blogger, etc…

        All that sweet sweet complaining, bitching, moaning and whining? Come on now, we don’t want to miss that.

  27. sxswattendee says:

    I was there. & here’s how it went down…

    Basically, it was everything she’s already posted about before. What her haters have done to her, how mean they are, how it crosses the line. What she’s tried to do about it – the cease & desist thing, asking them stop, begging them to stop, crying. She said she didn’t have money for a Cyber PI.

    She proposed that there actually be cyber police & that there should be a “Don’t Be Mean” law passed.

    It was timed exactly 15 min. but the next speaker needed to set up & so she took one question from a former writer from Valleywag who basically called her out in a very nice way.

    She did say that she felt like she couldn’t leave the house – which doesn’t make sense seeing how all the ‘hate’ is online. But those are her feelings, not mine.

    She wore jeans, a sweater wrap thing, hair down and no sure if this is her usual makeup routine but she didn’t seem to be wearing as much as in pictures. I’m from the South so I’m not a good judge as to what is too much makeup. She was very loud. She didn’t even use a mic.

    She walked out with a talk blonde guy in a blue suit – new PR? IDK.

    • Donksers says:

      “She was very loud.” Haha! Every single time someone reports about seeing Donkey in the wild, they always mention how loud she is. In the video that was recently posted on RBD of the 2008 Gossip Panel, the moderator said that Julia didn’t need a mic, and that was after observing her for all of 20 seconds.

    • Aggressively Stupid says:

      Please tell me she really did call it the “Don’t Be Mean Law”. I can’t wait to hear how she plans on legally defining “mean”.

      • jpa says:

        I think the one of the stipulations for protecting people under the law will be giving meanies the care bear stare.

    • Donksers says:

      She actually said that she doesn’t feel like she can leave the house? That is insane. And it’s exactly how she operates. Fucking liar.

    • bf says:

      how many people were there?

      Did someone point out that she could hire: a PI, a web designer/developer, a logo designer, AND someone to edit her shitty writing if she’d stop flying all over the country (WITH HER DOG AT $150/each way) for nonsense “meetings” and buying overpriced clothing?

      Skype. GoToMeeting. FreeConferenceCalling. MagicJack (tee hee!). Use it Miss Web2.0/ tech co-founder/ wimmin tech/ internationally syndicated columnist of social media.

    • Big Head & Fraud the Blondsters says:

      “…she took one question from a former writer from Valleywag who basically called her out in a very nice way.”

      Could you elaborate, please? TIA.

      • Prof. F Camping, Doctor of Donkology says:

        Melissa Gira Grant asked her a question.

        • sxswattendee says:

          I’m not sure how many people were there – maybe 150 tops? It was in one of the smaller rooms & it’s very relaxed, people coming in & coming out. 30 min. before her the girl from Fucked in Park Slope presented on how to be a bad ass online. The room was packed – standing in back, along walls. I would say 60% cleared out after her.

          She was very passionate about this so,
          yes, she is clearly very hurt personally. She got one laugh & it was from a hate email or comment (she didn’t specify) in which the last line was “I bet you own a copy of Eat, Pray, Love.”

          She actually did call the law the “Don’t Be Mean Law”. Somehow I find it hard to believe that the police will be able to govern ‘meanies’ if they can’t even catch the Craigslist Killer, e.g.

          At the end of the presentation she said hurriedly something along the lines of “I went over.” I think she was trying to avoid questions. The two presenters before her both took a handful of questions.

          I honestly can’t remember the exact wording of Melissa’s question/comment so I don’t want to say anything.

          I’ve followed Julia since we were both in college (she was the ‘what not to do’ case study) & I think I’m giving her up for Lent. While part of me does feel bad for her (no one likes having their feelings hurt and at the adult age I personally thinking making fun of someone’s physical features is just low). The majority of me would just like to say “Buck up!”

          I think she uses this site as an excuse for not succeeding the way she thought she was going to. In business & in life. At some point (the age of 30 sounds good to me but the earlier the better), you have to start taking responsibility for your actions. Sometimes when you fuck up, you have to fix it yourself because no one else can. You can’t just run to your dad, boyfriend, friend who is a founder, etc. and have them fix it.

          As a spectator to her life I have watched her time & time again almost get somewhere great, either professionally or personally, & then it all comes crumbling down. There is a serious pattern there & for whatever reason she has not figured out that if you keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same results.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      She needs THERAPY not panels and articles.

  28. New Year New You says:

    She’s still responding to comments on her bullied post. Below some edited highlights. Um, er, oops Julie, you kinda just shot down your lolsuit again. How can we defame you when we are so good with our research? And er, most days we don’t affect you you say, so what is your point Julie?

    “sometimes they come up with stuff I swear to god I don’t even remember saying or doing. They are very good with their research – sometimes they know more about me than I know myself.”

    “The irony – and it only pains me a tiny bit to admit this – is that I actually HAVE become a better person in some ways due to them. I am more honest (they would beg to differ, but that’s the truth), more compassionate, more careful, less judgmental, less critical .”

    “I do ignore them the majority of the time.”

    “Most days they don’t affect me … but some days – like today – they really do.”

    • Who do you think you are? says:

      So which is it? Are we bulling her or are we helping her become a better person?

  29. AllDayBray says:

    Looks like a packed house.

    • Frequent Liar Miles says:

      That red blob in the third row looks like Ronald McDonald cringing/crouching down in his seat with a bad case of Canklehausen’s.

  30. The Impersonal Shopper says:

    Oh, man! That is one lonely donkey!

    She said in nonsociety that “she didn’t feel she aced” the SXSW talk.

    For someone as unaware of her limitations as Donkerina, that probably means she had rotten vegetables hurled at her.


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