Sybil Lets Another One Of The Personalities Out For A Moment, Then Drags Her Back Inside The Donkey Den of Lunacy


Yesterday, 5:30 p.m.

“Apologies to my readers and commenters – I am working on something big and I won’t be updating or checking commenters for the next week or so.
I’m sorry!!!
Have an amazing (amaze-ballz) weekend. :)

Sybil must have let Susie out for a bit, then quickly pulled her back in, because it appears “something big” didn’t pan out. In less than 24 hours, Donk deleted the post and has since Tweeted about eight million pointless thoughts, as well as frequently updated her blog with her usual shit-ass content, including OMG LOOK AT ME I AM SO HOT OMG OMG photos of her modelling for a suburban hair salon while wearing a biker jacket and looking like she’s consumed too much cheese and is having some constipation issues. Fascinating.


  1. Frederick Crews may have written article after article in the NY Review of Books attempting to debunk MPD, but he never bothered interviewing a donkey.

  2. I kind of love how she has forced Donk LaRue into using screengrabs from others’ videos on this site. Those are WAY more unflattering than the posed, lumpy-faced pictures she thinks make her look good.

    Must get a-capturing…

    • That German one is hilarious (or “hysterical,” as Donks would say.) It emphasizes her worst features: the bloated corpse fingers, the the giant chiclet veneers, the flapping mouth, the disproportionately teensy nostrils…

  3. Also, 14 fucking Twitter updates in the past 4 hours?!?!? WTF.

    That is 1-2 weeks of Twitter updates for me on average. Oh, the people who follow me are my friends, and they answer me when i @ them.

  4. That hideous photo of her where she is BEGGING for compliments by saying it’s her favorite because you can hardly see her face?

    Someone commented: “girl, why do you hate yourself so much? no matter how skinny, unwrinkled, etc you think you get, you still hate yourself…”

    Surprised she put that up there.

  5. One of her more recent twitter updates:

    For the record, there are MANY pick-up trucks in the parking lot tonight. Meanwhile, I’m wearing pearls. But I have a tattoo so I fit in. 😉

    Urgh, the gives me the stabbies. Brb, cuddling my cats and sipping some franzia to make myself feel better.

    • Imagining how awful that tat is going to look in just a few yrs (not that it’s not already hideous) gives me a bad case of the LULZies.

    • she reminds me of when I got my first tattoo. I would meet guys with lots of big tats and I’d be like “hey I have one too!” and show them my tiny one on my hip. Ugh, so clueless. But I was 19, and now I can look back at that silly naive thing I was.
      Unfortunately Julie will make it to expiration and beyond without any growth. So pathetic.

  6. OMG why? She HATES Micheal Arrington, so what ulterior motive is going on here??

    Julia Allison:
    I just switched my home page from @NYTimes to @Techcrunch, but I really want @FlipBoard for my web browser so I can read @MediaReDef easily!

    • She got dumped by Meghan Asha. (Arrington hates Julia with a passion. He must be jealous of her, too!)

      • Flame.

        Meghan Asha doesn’t have the spine to stand up for herself and put the Donk out of her life.

      • she said something about that during one of her lame crowd source conversations:

        Julia Allison says:
        I used to set my homepage to my @Twitter and @Tumblr dashboard, but it felt sort of … navel-gazing. 😉 And insular.
        about 22 hours ago via web

        Leaving that comment to stand on its own, but seriously, TechCrunch? Let us parse all the ways this is so typically “HUH?!?!?!”-inducing of Julia:
        1) she hates Michael Arrington & has said as much, no words minced
        2) Michael Arrington certainly doesn’t have high regard for her if he thinks of her at all since Meghan is out of the picture
        3) since the AOL purchase and Arrington’s hissy fit spats online & countless other debacles (too many to list), TC has steadily declined in clout in the tech world
        4) Michael Arrington IS TC. Not Sarah Lacy or her other whiny buddy Paul Carr (both atrocious writers and masters at um erm oops naval gazing)
        4) she’s not a technical person, and she’s not covering start-ups, so why would TC be her home page? What does it MEAN?

        She’s so goddamn dumb. Maybe one of her “sells” to this job was that she is tech and entrepreneurially savvy? Then why admit her stupidity & tech ignorance over and over again on her twitter?

    • Donkey be desperate. She’s sucking up to anyone who can get her a job on one of the coasts and rescue her from her Midwest exile.

  7. my, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen…

    Julia Allison
    Covering an MMA competition on-air for a pilot. Whoa. @ Western suburbs, Illinois
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    mma is quite a ways away from OMG fashion week

    • Hahahaha she is in redneckville il covering a bar fight. The donkey is officially desperate. Meanwhile all of her so called friends were sleeping off the post crunchies event hang over! HA! Karma is bitch oh braying one.

  8. You know what else is funny? By harassing people who associated their real names with RBNS and the Free RBNS page, Donk and her father have guaranteed that her critics will remain anonymous. (Be sure to mention that next time you’re pitching yourself as a victim, you fucking asshole bully.)

  9. SS mentioned yesterday that Julia slipped up by writing that she “won’t be updating or checking ‘commenters'” instead of ‘comments’. More evidence that she allowed comments on her site to fish for IP’s.

      • Answered my own question:

        Yes, the Chicago Tribune has been in bankruptchy for 2 yrs. Having a very hard time reorganizing and satisfying their creditors to allow them to come out of bankruptcy. How do you think the creditors would feel to know that the Tribune’s idea of a columnist people want to read is Julia Allison, a literal nobody with no work ethic or unique insights? Not well is my guess.

        • A ‘columnist’ sooooooo tech-savvy that she just got around to subscribing to TC, probably after someone answered a tweet & told her how to change her homepage?

          A ‘columnist’ who’s going to tell people why they want to set-up 35 social networking profiles for their zygote?

        • My bet is she’s doing for almost nothing, which the creditors might like. Not that i follow the state of the newspaper business in the States. But come on! No way she’s getting paid mad $$ for any of the ‘work’ she is doing lately.

          Thus she is mooching of Mommy and Daddy and can’t afford to get her own website did.

          I am sure the 100$ she got for being a suburban hair model was really needed.

          She left NY because she was broke and no one Chicago is paying her ass for any work, besides her weekly allowance from Mom and Dad.

        • As FoS pointed out, they’re probably paying her very little, if anything at all.

          She’s a shitty writer and has no following, and never will.

  10. I find it astonishing that she’s keeping that quote about how being from Chicago makes her sound dumb up on her blog. She’s clearly looking for jobs locally. I know she thinks it’s funny and donttakeitsoseriously, but, man…she’s stupid. (ringing my own user name).

  11. You bitches, I have tracked all your IP addresses and insist that you stop posting mean content about my misunderstood client immediately!

  12. Seriously, what is wrong with the left side of her face. Did she have a stroke? Is it some kind of palsy? Maybe the result of so me plastic surgery gone wrong?

  13. O/T but you know how julier has a lot of domains that redirect to her site, like xojulia and stuff? I always used and apparently it’s expired and is “pending renewal or deletion”. Way to keep on top of things julezz.

    • That is probably why she was crowd sourcing dr parsons . He is the CEO of go daddy and Donks probably wants free domains. Too bad he won’t touch her because he goes for ex playboy models or race car drivers that are actually pretty.

  14. University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club University Club
    Did I mention University Club?

    • ‘…the child pageant circuit, the world of sequined “cupcake dresses” and custom-made “flippers” (dental prosthetics that disguise a gap-toothed smile)’.

      I howled at “flippers”.

    • That outfit, hair and makeup scream amateur head shot for rupaul’s drag race. Last time I saw studs on a vest like that was at a local drag show. Tots not kidding.

      • You know someone at the Pancakes Ranch at some point said she vaguely resembled Rita Hayworth, right? That has to be what that random Rita shout-out was all about, plus her desire to style her hair in some weird 40s pin-curls style. So transparent.


          OMG I didn’t even think of that. I figured it was just Pancakes Sr. saying he liked Rita Hayworth. Didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Julie wanting to learn how to do vintage hairstyles AND posting a pic of Rita = someone told her she looks like Rita.

  15. I fucking hate it when she talks about sports like she’s such a fan. The Bears my ass, Julia. Remember this gem from the “Becoming Julia” mediabistro article?

    “Meanwhile, Allison made progress on the television track. She sent her reel to television producers that she met while on the party circuit. She let them know that she was available at any hour to talk about anything. (That still continues. In October, I received a frantic call from Allison asking me if I could give her the 411 on “Joe Toro” and “Steinbrook.” When I suggested maybe she should decline, she shouted back, ‘No fucking way!”) By November 2006, Allison was appearing on low rent Fox shows and was being limo’d to a Philadelphia cable station to talk about politics under a chyron that inexplicably read “Democratic political consultant.”

    • Agreed. I don’t know who she thinks she fooling, it does not impress any real sports fan to go “yay! Bears! Jay Cutler!”. She’s just that dumb girl at every Superbowl party. As a girl who loves football, it’s girls like her who make guys look at us like “riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” until you have a real conversation proving that you’re not lame like “Yay! I love the uniforms! Mark Sanchez is fine!”

      • Remember when she was “interviewing” world class soccer players who are paid millions per minute and she had no idea who they were?

        “Are you a soccer star?”

          • There is just so much revelatory heinousness in that interview.

            a. Suggesting to the wife that she’s mere chump change. “Do women THROW themselves at him? You SHOULD be proud of him!” Like hello, asshole, the woman is every bit as hot as her husband. Maybe she too is just as accomplished. She is such a sexist, backwards-thinking whackaloon. Men are the big prize in her fucked-up world view.

            b. The barely suppressed rage that someone is interrupting her interview and how unprofessionally she responds to it. She can’t just go with it and make a joke; she is incapable of it. She’s just too dumb.

            c. The fucking hair and outfit. Sweet mother of fuck, imagine how frightened those poor athletes must have been to be greeted by that vision of bad orange dye and harem pants.

          • why is she concentrating on interviewing the wife?

            if he’s the professional athlete, shouldn’t the interview focus on him?

            noooo, instead she’s all like, “hey! you married a rich dude, let’s talk to you and see if i can learn your secrets!”

          • First time seeing that! WHOA!

            The condescending “go on” at the end, her focus on their appearance, her not letting them talk. She is so bad at this.

          • who wastes their time filming pilots with julia in them? what kind of losers have the time to spend, only to have the pilot rejected because one of the female characters is really unlikeable?

          • I don’t even think the majority of them are pilots, but open auditions/calls. Of course in Julie Albertson legaleseland, pilot sounds and seems so much more legitimate. It’s another great example of donk foolishness because announcing having filmed 10+ pilots that never get off the ground actually sounds much worse than having gone on just as many auditions and then being passed over for the job. In theory, any pilot Julia shot (again pancakes, sleep with one eye open!) could be picked up and production would just completely replace her with someone else.

          • This.

            And this is precisely what makes her so hilariously tragic – every single attempt she makes at coming across as being in high demand and working on the next big think ultimately makes her look even more pathetic. I mean, how bad do you have to suck if, for at least 10 times, producers, maybe even networks, agree to try out a project with you and NOT A SINGLE ONE makes it beyond the initial “pilot”?
            The only story this tells is that even resourceful and productive agents are useless if they have nothing to work with.

  16. Her tweets bug me so much. Just the generalizations she makes are so ridiculous, not to mention how out of touch she is.

    1. Women don’t like to see men’s “junk”?? Um….women who like hetero sex do like that, duh.
    2. Oh boy the Bears at the ZOMG University Club! Caring about football in the last week bc your “hometown” is in the playoffs. Lame. As a real football fan who’s team failed and didn’t make the playoffs, it gives me the ragies. Some people actually care about this sport and not just because we think it makes boys like us.
    3. Insinuating that people who drive pick up trucks are hicks or are scary or stupid or whatever. But she did hit the nail on the head that hicks have shitty tattoos, so I’ll give her that.
    4. The tweet about the iPad is SO STUPID. As a “Laydee in the Techs” she should recognize the stupidity of that idea. By the time 9th graders are grown, iPads will be completely obsolete so why would they need to learn app programming as opposed to, say, MATH.

    Also last night someone mentioned the interview where she talked about how there was no means for self-expression prior to the Internet. That has to be, LITERALLY, one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Seriously. You know, before the webs people just had stupid means of expression like, painting. In your face, Picasso! Suck it, Renoir! Up yours, Jackson Pollack! I believe what she meant was that there was no means for SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION prior to the Internet. There used to be a time where skill and hard work is what made you famous, but we all know that is out of the question in the year 2011.

    I just have the mega-ragies today. I can’t take the stupidity, but I guess I just shouldn’t take it so ~seriously~

    • Agreed. Also, she tweeted how she doesn’t follow sports less than a week ago. So which is it?

      She’s definitely losing it.

      • Right??? If it’s my man, who I enjoy boning? I also enjoy seeing his junk. Now a stranger’s junk, who I have not had the pleasure of boning? Probably not so much.

        • I still think i’d like to see Kanye’s junk (though haven’t googled it bc i am kind of 19th century like that).

          Just sayin’.

          And i LOVE looking at my man’s junk all the time. And he LOVES showing it to me.

    • I totally am in love with this comment. You are so right on, it’s crazy! Straight women do want to see the money maker. Also as a Giants fan, I’m super pissed my team isn’t in the playoffs- but, the people who decide to be fans in the last minute to look cool are in fact totally lame.

      • People who decide to be fans in the last minute are the same ones who only go to church at Easter & Christmas …

      • I know! I’ve decided that I’m kinda retro cool or something because I proudly wear the fact that my team (Giants) didn’t make it, and that I’m a true fan who still can’t stand the Jets.

    • My fucking fave part of this comment is people LEARN MATH to learn programming. I love this.

      This bitch is the dictionary definition of rank amateur at everything, including Twitter. That’s pretty sad.

  17. As soon as I read that, I was excited to have a little break from not-so-literally reblogging her. I realized twenty minutes after I walked away from my computer that she was never going to be able to keep that promise.

    Lo and behold I was hit with her not-covered-enough face hours later.

    She’s taken much better pictures than that, so I don’t understand why that’s her favorite of any shoot she’s ever done. (Did that just make me sound like a Juliastan?)

  18. I rarely ever visit her site but followed the hair link someone posted here and then went to her liecast and saw her quotes about marriage. This was really sad to me given the whole “never reads here” thing because OBVIOUSLY after years of only posting about weddings/parties/dresses and then just the other day seeing commenters here call her out on how she doesn’t, actually, write at all about marriage… she did it. If only so she could make herself believe her own lie about being interested in marriage, not just the party.

    And then sadly she tried the “apropros of nothing, I was researching Lance Armstrong” which is sad. I mean, really really sad. RBNS and now RBDONK writers/commenters seem to be correct, after all: we are her only audience.

    I know this has been discussed before on the topic of what could actually help her, aside from therapy. But traveling to another very distant and economically undeveloped country and doing volunteer work for a minimum of 3 months – somewhere where she does not have wireless or internet access on her phone (temporarily get one of those phone-only phones, not with internet access) – could probably do wonders. I doubt the narcissism would ever fully go away, but it would probably give her a better perspective than the ashram thing ever could. And it would help others. Julia, we know you read here: don’t blog about this just to make yourself look like you serve others, but do consider it. I’m not a hater, though I do enjoy reading the comments and occasionally participating. I do think this could help you feel more calm, and less of a need to impress others who, quite frankly, are not impressed and pity you (which is not a pleasant feeling to feel, at least for me).

    • In fairness, I think the kind of volunteerism/travel you mention could help almost everyone develop a better perspective on life. What makes me hate the Donkey isn’t that she has flaws (we all do) or that she has more opportunities that us (not exactly true), but that she is so unaware and unwilling to consider anything that would lead to real change. I assume when most of us feel superior or proud or fortunate, we realize that we’re lucky and that we should keep things in perspective.

    • I kind of do think she was looking up stuff about Lance because his kids, even his 2 babies, are on twitter so it fits with her “tweeting” babies subject matter.

    • She is soooo sooo smug and proud of herself there. Little did she know that was the beginning of the end of her career.

    • So many interesting things here. Her mom reads all comments about JA & stopped talking to her–over the comments!? So, believes the haters? And, maybe is one?

      • I think she made that up. It was around the time she claimed Baugher was stalking her. She claimed in an interview with some online ABC entity, I think, that the blog had prompted her mother to stop speaking to her, which was highly doubtful. I think she repeated it there just to save face/keep some consistency with the latest lie.

        • At least she managed to keep track of some of her lies, which is more than we can say of her today.

    • All the repulsiveness of Julia Allison is magnified five thousand percent whenever she gets in front of a camera. Even if I had never heard of her and didn’t know all the nasty things there are to know about her, watching that Wired interview would have made me want to wretch. All of her words, mannerisms, and body language reek of smugness, and she’s so impressed with herself she’s practically drooling. But look where miss hotshot is now. The only thing she’s famous for is being an embarrassing, narcissistic poster girl for what NOT to do with your life. And she’s living off of Mommy and Daddy for absolutely no reason other than she’s lazy and they’re ignorant enablers. Those 15 minutes of fame…it’s a real bitch when they’re over, huh Julsie?

    • Jesus. This is one of my least favorite videos of hers of all time. It’s more annoying than the “Fuck You Money” video. She’s at best totally inauthentic and at worst (and most likely the case) straight up lying for most of it.

  19. And that was 2 years ago…. I wonder what she can promote by covering Mixed Martial Arts matches now.

    How the non-mighty have fallen.

  20. i seriously KANT understand how she can contradict herself so often, and so quickly.

    “Getting ready for a Sunday visit by my favorite DC lady, Miss Sarah Milligan – then joining my parents at the University Club for THE BEARS.”

    “The adorable hand-written sign outside the “party room” in my building, where my parents and I are watching the Bears game.”

    donkey say WHAT?! also, “my building”, ROFL.

  21. From Julie’s comments today:

    by franny_mary

    if jack really does not care about what you write or what is written about you, why did his lawyer contact individuals regarding things written about you?”

    and Julie’s reply:

    by juliaallison

    Um … He didn’t. I don’t even think Jack HAS a lawyer. That is a completely untrue story – and to repeat it is ridiculous and defamatory.”

    Huh. That’s funny. Then why did you admit that your *cough* friend *cough* did it, and say that you’d asked her ‘to apologize’?

    “Honestly, I did find out who did it, after the fact, and I’m furious at her, but I did NOT direct her to do that. She thought she was helping, when in fact she made things much, much worse. I have asked her to apologize directly to you, but I don’t know if she will or not. I hope she will.”

    • LOL! And now she is fighting with her own commenters. All this whilst she was supposedly watching the game with her parents:

      by franny_mary

      if its so defamatory, why would you allow the posting of a comment detailing it on your blog”

      Julie’s reply:

      by juliaallison

      Because I didn’t want you to think that I was avoiding the question because it was true. For the record, it is NOT.

      I’m going to consider the issue closed now and will not be posting anything else on it. Thanks!”

    • adjust your monitors! the son of a wealthy and famous united states senator does not have a lawyer! it is defamatory to even think that would be the case! kthxbai!

    • Jesus Fucking christ, as a fucking real LAWYER, I find it so incredibly fucking irritating when she vomits out legal terms like “defamation” without knowing the first fucking thing about what that means.

      Haha, let’s try and see your EXTREMELY PUBLIC FIGURE McCain boyfriend prove defamation, you fucking whingebag. Ugh. I hate her ass.

      I am so glad this blog is here, because I could not live with knowing that she got hack lawyer Dadser’s Esq. to shut down any speech not fawning over her bullshit.

      Hi, donkey! You can’t kill us now, I’ll show you defamation, you cunty hag.

      • Also pretty sure if you PUBLISH THE COMMENT YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN FUCKING BLOG, it’s not defamation. You asshole.

    • a. OK, I think you’re confusing two separate harassments. It was the e-mail harassment of another commenter that she admits her “friend” did.

      HOWEVER … to say this is a fabricated story is bullshit. She has corresponded with the woman who got the phone call, and offered to take her out of coffee. She blamed it on a “crazed hacker fan.”

      • Oops! You’re right Donk LaRue. Got it mixed up.

        But come on, Julie. You really think anyone is buying the ‘crazed hacker fan’ story? LOL. I hope the girl who was harassed filed a complaint with her local police department. Would be very curious to know exactly who this ‘crazed fan’ is. Just seems kind of odd that someone would pose as Pancake’s attorney, considering most people don’t even know you’re dating him, don’t ya think?

        • Ya, it’s interesting from the point of view of the person who did receive the threats at work because Julia Allison has stated point blank that she knows who that person is that made those calls. I guess the police might be interested in having Julia share that information with them if the person who was threatened did choose to pursue a harrassment claim.

  22. So this just happened on her wedding post.

    1 person liked this. Like ReplyReply franny_mary 59 minutes ago in reply to juliaallison

    if jack really does not care about what you write or what is written about you, why did his lawyer contact individuals regarding things written about you?
    Flag Like ReplyReply juliaallison 26 minutes ago in reply to franny_mary

    Um … He didn’t. I don’t even think Jack HAS a lawyer. That is a completely untrue story – and to repeat it is ridiculous and defamatory.
    Flag Like ReplyReply franny_mary 17 minutes ago in reply to juliaallison

    if its so defamatory, why would you allow the posting of a comment detailing it on your blog
    Flag Like ReplyReply juliaallison 9 minutes ago in reply to franny_mary

    Because I didn’t want you to think that I was avoiding the question because it was true. For the record, it is NOT.

    I’m going to consider the issue closed now and will not be posting anything else on it. Thanks!

    • “That is a completely untrue story – and to repeat it is ridiculous and defamatory.”






      • Expect a strongly worded letter from Dadser’s Esq., whomever made that comment. Even if it’s not you, it could be anyone, but SOMEONE is going to receive a letter, goddamnit!

    • Whomever franny mary is should have brought up the fact that she admitted a friend of hers did it.

      More legalese. She’s saying Jack’s lawyer didn’t contact anyone (true), but she’s not disclosing that “a friend” (or she herself) pretended to be a lawyer and contacted those individuals.

      • She admitted a friend e-mail harassed another commenter. She hasn’t admitted anyone posed as Pancakes’s lawyer — she has blamed that on a “crazed hacker fan.” Ummm … OK … sure. What friend isn’t going to criminally harass someone posing as the lawyer for the son of a prominent and wealthy politician? No danger there!

          • You would think that if you were anywhere near that list and had no other thing making you famous, you would just quit the internet all together.

            Everyone running a profile on the internet has ‘haters’ but not everyone continues to attempt a career centered around where they are hated most.

            She could probably live a much better life if she worked in a cubicle or even minimally attempted a job that wasn’t dependent on people actually liking her, but I guess she’s just too much of a masochist for that.

  23. I’m watching Shrek 4 tonight and OMG you fat cat ladies! There is a scene at the beginning where Donkey LICKS a rainbow cake!! I wish I could find an image but nothing comes up on google 🙁

  24. This excerpt was in the New Times by the singer of Best Coast and I thought it was chock-full of gems: “…the things I say on Twitter are the things I say in real life. It allows me to be who I am to a whole bunch of people…I was in New York, in college and taking this narcissism class, and my professor was was like, ‘there’s this new website called Twitter, and it’s the perfect example of narcissism, because you’re just talking about yourself’…and I was like, ‘What? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,’ and now here I am, using it every 5 seconds of every day.”

    Narcissism class–can we please get someone with a a Donkorate to teach?

    • Her tweets are the least of her narcissism. (Though the fact that all the tweets she’s marked as favorites are all HER OWN very un-funny, lacking in profundity wet farts is pretty scary.)

    • I watched the entire ’07 version on YT the other day, and as much of ’76 as I could gain access to (damn copyrights!)… fascinating story, and not in the way that Julie fascinates at all. Some really good art too, would really like to see the exhibit in person!

      • I read the book many years ago. V. sad story but apparently she lived happily ever after. I found out yesterday she lived a few streets over from me! AMAZEBALLS.

        Yeah, I really like her art what I have seen of it. I think the exhibit is supposed to travel to DC later this year, maybe you can take the BOLT BUS down to see it. 🙂

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