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    • For Julia’s sake, I’m really really hoping someone else has access to her youtube channel (mom, DJ Hot Sauce, etc.) and posted that for her. Otherwise…no words.

      • Golly gee, could it be those pesky friends of hers that made public the Prom King Vimeo videos?

      • Hmm that was vimeo. I don’t think there was ever an episode of rogue youtube hacking.

    • I emailed her the other day and got a response in like 10 minutes! No email, etc. Baloney.

    • barely watched this seminar but does JAB strike anyone as the female version of douchelord tim ferriss? has this been said before?

      • I knew Tim in college. He wasn’t a douchebag then. He was actually refreshing amist the overwhelming preppy/wealthy atmosphere at P. My best friend was pretty tight with him, they are/were both quirky California types, but maybe he became an uber douche after college. At the time he was into hip hop and learning languages (Japanese and Mandarin, iirc).

      • Maybe it was all the time she spent trying to get him to sleep with her. She was telling people that it was her mission or something, and she wouldn’t leave him alone. Not sure if she succeeded.

        That was, of course, when she wasn’t celibate.

      • I don’t live in NYC so I’m quite out of the loop on this. She tried to get him to sleep with her? That’s pretty weird. I could be way, way off base, but she’s way too boring and white for his tastes. Then again, maybe he changed.

        Tim was the kind of guy who would ignore social norms (therefore REALLY standing out on a preppy campus) and start breakdancing at a really fratty club like Cap and Gown or Cottage. I don’t think he did it for attention, but he definitely didn’t do it to get laid. I guess what I’m saying is, The Braying One doesn’t seem like his type at all… not into dumb fameballs seeking a meal ticket. (I actually don’t think he has that much money, 4 hr Work Week was his 1st book, so the advance couldn’t have been too large). And his supplement sales have really tailed off.

      • This is what I heard from someone who knows her. I didn’t hear it from her myself (I’ve never met her), but the guy she told was joking about how crazy it was. She made it a goal to bag him. I guess cause he has a book published that was pretty successful, I’m speculating here. She does do the whole Twitter flirting thing with him, and apparently they went for drinks recently, but he doesn’t seem to make mention of anything. I don’t know the real story there…maybe it’s just she being desperate and he being tolerant. But she’s celibate now, at least “for a month, maybe longer.”

      • I only noticed her tweets @ him because of what this person had said. I don’t know how much is true verses exaggeration, but that’s the story as I know it.

      • For some reason, and I don’t know why, because I should expect it by now, when I find out that something Julia does was completely calculated, it totally amazes me.

        She just doesn’t live in the real world, in the present, and I find that quite sad.

        Back to my cheap whiskey.

      • well i don’t know tim ferriss personally so it’s reassuring to hear that he was once a good person and still might be a better person than he comes across in the media (or at least, to me). JAB, no words.

      • i don’t know if T F is a good person or not, just that he seemed to be a pretty normal guy that didn’t go out of his way to fit into the preppy scene. to the extent he stood out, it didnt seem to be fameballing, but this was in the early 00’s and fameballing wasn’t really possible back then. the web was too fragmented.

        he struck me as a small town kid who’d gotten into an ivy by hard work. i think he started off as an engineering major (or maybe ORFE, i.e. “engineering lite”) but then switched to psychology when that didn’t pan out. this would comport with his 4 hr work week book, because most of that book was ORFE-speak (maximizing your time, efficiency, outsourcing, etc). he was the kind of guy who seemed to like learning for learning–i’m 99% sure he took mandarin with some of our mutual friends. mandarin, at the time, was a new language offering @ P and he was probably one of the only white kids taking it, if not the only one

        the funniest TF story i know involves him getting into a fight with a football player (defensive lineman, i believe) who was working as a bouncer at an eating club. they wouldn’t let him and his friend in the club, and they kind of pushed this one guy out of the door when he tried to walk in. tim picked a fight with the big bouncer and held his own. this was funny because tim is 5’8″ at most, while this guy was probably 6’5″ and obviously much more muscular. i believe TF knows several martial arts, which i think it mentions in his book

        long story short, he probably just views J A as possible publicity or networking, not as anything remotely possible. and like i said, he doesnt have THAT much money. on top of that, he’s a jeans and t shirt guy, shaved (or closely cropped) head, and not the kind of guy to do the typical social scene stuff.

      • Small town kid my ass! I went to boarding school with the whole family- pompous fucking idiots- every one of them.

      • ferris went to boarding school? really?

        didn’t seem the type. he definitely did NOT fit in @ P, you’d figure a boarding school kid would know how to follow the preppy program

      • @EDG –

        His bio says he graduated from St Paul’s School in NH. So, ultra-preppy.

      • He’s an angel investor. Ker-ching. And hello, says donkey.

        In 2008, he won Wired Magazine’s “Greatest Self-Promoter of All Time” prize. Mmm hm Donkey kindred spirit.

        He is also lazy and only wants to work 4 hours a week. Donkey kindred spirit part 2.

      • I don’t know about his background, but his book was a best seller and he did do a smashup job marketing it. He have a talk about his whole marketing plan at Le Web, and it was actually the most interesting presentation there, IMO. Long story short, maybe he didn’t come from money, but he seems to have some now. And he is an angel investor.

        Hrmm, and if you recall, lately she likes meeting up with angel investors, oh my yes.

      • ps he graduated from OMG OMG OMG PRINCETON

        ps yall she’s totally loving that you’re associating her with him, even though you’re saying she’s stalking/using/attempting to. In her looney tune mind, it’s an association and she’s jumping for joy during meditation hour at the ashram

      • I know where he graduated from, he was a yr ahead of me at P. I just never associated him with prep school… as far as I recall, he was an “independent”–meaning, not in an Eating Club (the social system @ Princeton) and he was a little on the weird/eccentric side. And a male psych major, not exactly part of the usual finance/law school/med school mainstream part of the college. (Not that there’s anything wrong with majoring in Psych, but he didn’t strike me as the power-seeking or money-seeking type.)

        OK, whatever, I viewed him as harmless, but maybe he did become a fameball. FWIW, I liked the book and have no idea about how he marketed it. It was his first book, however, so the advance couldn’t have been that big.

      • You don’t have to be a fameball to become a target of the Raptor.

        Maybe that’s why he never publicly responded to her, but SHE is certainly the fameball and for some reason latched onto the idea of him for a while.

        Doesn’t matter now. This month she’s celibate.

  1. Holy crap, I’m sitting in on a webcast for work, and one of the speakers (who interestingly is connected to Sun) is referred to as an Angel Investor. Since when is that a thing?

  2. Her face! and brow! and nose! and that mouth-thing! OMG…
    that looks like a Southern Matron on the Rampage….
    she’s scary.

    • I just looked at it again. It looks like she is actually wearing the baby helmet, with the pelts glued on. And now MY head hurts.

      • aww, is she ok now? There’s a little girl with a helmet at my son’s nursery, I feel sorry for her but she doesn’t seem to care.

      • Yup. She’s fine! 🙂 Her twin spent all his time in-utero sitting on her head, so the back of her head was fuh-lattttt. I mean, flat as in my kittyman and I had visuals of frat-boys resting beer cans on her head if you know what I mean. Those helmets are actually pretty common and her head rounded out nicely. They only wear them for a short time anyway as there’s a small window of time to re-shape and needs to be done before they are a year old.

      • ~dying laughing~ omg If I had a girl kitten instead of boy kittens I would not want to picture frat boys and her AT ALL…

        ANYWAY glad your furry offspring is okay & thanks for the info, I will not feel sorry for helmet head girl at my kitten’s catnip patch (have I driven the metaphor deep enough into the ground yet).

        & I hope your kittens grow up to be huge successes in their alleys and get into alll the right Ivy-covered trash cans & eat only the best fishbones!!

    • I’ve seen the Oompa Loompa similarity before too, especially in the ballet dwarf photo (the one where she’s sitting on the floor in dog shit).

      • If we’re really, really lucky, the
        puppy-mill dawgs will eat them.

      • Jordan is such a loser. Why does she even bother? Her blog is soooooooooooooo painful. Dog Pee? give me a fucking break.

  3. I’m pretty sure that is a police composite sketch from an episode of ramshackle she wrote…

    • I would love Jordan’s blog if it were just her solving crimes in a ramshackle/DIY way.

      • Ramshackle, She Wrote” starring Jordache Dorable and her dim-witted partner, musician Keith, erm.. Ken, uhh.. Kyle? Starts with a “K” I think. Anyway, WATCH WITH ULTIMATE ENJOYMENT AND HAPPINESS as they spend an hour each day solving such mysteries as:

        * Who left the fucking door unlocked in our NYC apartment while we were out?
        * Who does this eyeliner belong to?
        * Who left the toilet seat up?
        * Does this make my butt look fat? (2-parter, natch)
        * Who stole Jordache’s $300 wedding tiara?
        * Who the hell is paying for all this?

        And more to come! Stay tuned to the back of your favorite taxi!

      • * Who DID put the bomp in the bomp-sha-bomb-de-bomp? Who put the dip in the dip-de-dip-de-wah?

        * Have you ever REALLY looked at your hand?

        * Mexican brown vs. Kentucky chunky: Which weed wins our Weed of the Week?

    • She is really desperate to get her name out there, which is so pathetic because she broke one of her own “rules”: know your audience.

    • they referred to her as “hipster” if you listen carefully, you can hear the donkey’s orgasmic screams coming from upstate.

    • dude, i’m totally listening to someone whose profile power is 56,748,484,043,849. even math-challenged special J could tell you that is a BIG number.

    • “Reblogged by Megan Alagna at the behest of Julia. :)”

      Uh…so…Julia is reading the blog, but has to get Lasagna to type?

      OK, whatever.

  4. Who was it that said the manicurist from the pelt salon was joining the NS circus?


    #ff @juliaallison @meghan @laurahunter322 @katrinaszish Cause they are beautiful Gurls!! #followfriday about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

    Sooo excited for this Monday.. I am launching A New Blogging adventure!!! about 19 hours ago via UberTwitter

    • ugh. guess they fulfilled their “gay”.

      remember this?

      Interior design for teeny tiny apartments (on a budget)
      Travel – with a twist (the twist is up to you)
      life coach
      style guy
      prom obsessed
      business expert
      tattoo artist
      alternative lifestyle
      interior / exterior design expert
      cool young mom
      college student
      foodie (but you’d better have a unique angle here, this is really overdone)
      gadget guru
      happiness project
      etiquette expert
      personal shopper
      culture expert
      society obsessed
      book club obsessed
      home improvement & remodeling (like This Old House!)
      how to save money tips
      healthy living
      beauty product ho

    • Well this TJ is totally illiterate so will fit right in.

      Can’t wait until they find their rapper. Maybe that will be Julie’s next venture after this period of enlightenment.

    • That kid was an entitled, spoiled asshole when he was 12, just saying. And now he’s hitching his cart to the arrested development donkey. Interesting.

  5. Mary is now giving her “old friend” Julia a shout out on her blog. Marveled that Julia had the time to send her a card given how “super busy” she is. Snort.

    • team mary! whoop whoop

      lest we forget that mary BECAME HOMELESS BC OF JULIA’S DELUSIONS

      • in my opinion:

        her lisp is a combo of bad dental work – if they’re that big lordy lordy who knows what they’re hiding – and weird tics she has that she thinks make her appear flirtatious and cute.

        it is altogether a terrible combo.

  6. Did we ever figure out what Meghghghan’s month away was for? I mean, had she not said anything it’s not like anyone would have noticed, but since this is her “job” and her “career” I’m curious what made her leave. You know, so I can go to my boss all “Welp! I’m taking a month off! See ya in a few! Much love!” and then just show up a month later and continue my twice-a-week productivity schedule.

    • They’re such idiots, these tech bunnies. Here they are finally bringing on new contributors and neither one seems to have any idea what to do. Julia skipped town and Meghan proves to have no supervision abilities whatsoever.

      Funny, Melissa reposted the pictures of the Gulf. They’re still beautiful and photography still blow her mind.

  7. I didn’t really want to be the one to post this, as I’m not really feeling that snarky these days, but it looks like I’m going to have to. The WHOLE time this picture has been up I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her resemblance to this. Or you can google “donkey teeth” to find a better shot; there are plenty of donkeys who like to show their big white teethies like that, sweet little things. It’s just what donkeys do, I guess.

  8. My guess is that Meghalegadingdong threatened to quit after JA had her meltdown, since she posted her month off announcement shortly after. I mean if even the main person you been “working” for (*giggle*) starts saying all the crap they’ve been doing is an utter failure and wants out, I’d be pissed. I’m sure this created a lot of tension between them, and just shortly after JA demoted Meghhhhaha to the bottom of the page (passive aggressive maneuver). They didn’t seem to hang out much for a couple of week, otherwise JA would CERTAINLY have tweeted it, but no mention of Meghhhhs. But a couple of weeks later JA started tweeting about her again and posted a photo of Meghaleg sitting in a cafe with her. AH HA! So she WAS in NYC, after all! And just not doing anything for Nonsense-iety. So my guess is that JA started kissing her butt so she won’t leave, bla bla.

    Not sure what else she was doing, but those are my observations and assumptions.

    • let’s just say meghan was chasing around one of her, how shall I say this, attached, lovers? girlfriend just doesn’t like the single ones, always going for the marrieds, just one of the many bad habits she picked up from donkey. so sad, homewrecking is very unbecoming.

      • Seriously?!!! WTF? I never understand women who are willing to even touch a married man. There are plenty of men out there. No need to be that woman, destroying a home and possibly a family. And if she’s really as pretty as she thinks she is, then why. why. why. waste the time. Homewrecker! GAHHH!

        Why is this shocking me. I should know better by now. He’s probably not even the only one, given her reputation for two-timing as well.

  9. i saw Julia’s mug in the back of a cab last night and LITERALLY gasped. my boyfriend couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me

    • “Furthermore, commenting hateful anonymously things on the internet? Is pathetic and cowardly.”

      You? Is new.

      • This type of sentence construction is featured in the Non Society Style Guide.

        Is if blow my minds sometimes.

      • Even more cowardly is putting up a treatise like this and then taking it down. At least have the courage to stand behind your whining!

    • “I’m very happy, I love my life, and I’m not going to sit around being affected by this sort of thing.”

      Which is why she’s just written an opus about it. There, there princess it’ll be fine, just go take another photo of yourself and let us all celebrate the wonder that is you.

    • Ugh, less than a week and the glass shatters…..
      I thought this one *might* have promise and then she writes this what, like 5 days in?

      (Also: note to self – stop thinking that ANY of them, new or not to NS, might have redeemable qualities.)

      • Anyone who willing hitches her (or his) wagon to the donkey cart has no redeemable qualities.

        If spending any time in her presence isn’t enough to make these airheads flee, then a quick Google search should do the trick. And if they still want to hang with the donk, they’re either too stupid to be allowed alone in public or they have some serious ulterior motives.

    • I find it hysterical that these women have hitched their wagons to these looney tunes thinking it will help them career wise when it is career suicide – Melissa Kondak is a youngin but you think someone who is putting in the effort to get a vanity journalism degree would put forth the effort to do a little due diligence and discover that Julia Allison is considered a FRAUD in media and news circles, blackballed at certain networks, and being a part of her harem will do nothing but close doors for Melissa. It is very sad. You’d think people at NBC would have told her, however, I get that she works in the ad arm NOT the newsroom, so her colleagues wouldn’t really know. But seriously, Melissa? There is a whole website that exists to chronicle her fraud. Wake up before you ruin your career before it even has a chance to start!

      • I am thoroughly stunned that Melissa was accepted at Columbia Journalism. She doesn’t seem terribly bright, and her writing is atrocious.

        It’s more like she needs remedial writing at some podunk community college. Seriously.

      • @JGMOD

        My former college roommate is the same J program as Melissa and she, too, is an idiot. (It took her three tries to pass freshman composition.) I’m starting to wonder about Columbia’s standards.

      • re: Idiots at Ivys. My students who are the best writers/score highest on ELA standardized tests are, 9 times out of 10, D and F students. I can’t hazard a guess about why this is, other than really fucking smart kids are often incredibly bored with school. Meanwhile, many of the AP kids (e.g. Ivy bound) are just disciplined, and not brilliant. Only about twenty percent of the AP kids at my school test above ‘Proficient.’

        I also have a theory that the GATE program makes kids lazy and self-entitled, but that is a whole ‘nother rant.

    • Look, I’ve been trying to ignore these people, because, let’s be honest, whenever I see that someone jumps into the donkey shed, I spontaneously lose all interest, but this constant whining about meanies on the internet is really getting on my nerves.
      Newsflash, Newbies: Just because you start to blog, this doesn’t mean that everybody has to love you. Some may like you, some may not. When you, in a brilliant strategic move, decided to associate yourself with Julia of all people, your chances of finding a favourable audience evaporated. Now live with it, do your thing and ignore the haters. And, who knows, if you show originality, at least a minimal command of grammar and if your writing should happen to have a hint of style, some people might actually come around.
      Or is this some kind of initiation thing with the donkey? Did she enlist you to join her fighting windmills, I mean critics on the internet? Good luck, trying to be the Sancho Panza to Donkeyxote here.
      P.S. Stop trying to turn the internet into the digital version of kindergarden where everyone is a star and even the ugliest lump of clay is treated as a work of art. It’s not going to happen.

    • SAD! She took it down. Probably because y’all mocked her even more about that than you did about anything else. Har.

      • I guess now would be a good time for all of us to collectively hang our heads in shame.

        Actually, no. THESE PEOPLE should be ashamed of themselves. I refuse to be ashamed for pointing out the hackishness of hacks.

  10. hahahaahahahahhahahahahahahaha
    hey guys? this is melissa’s “about me” blurb

  11. She actually looks like the Wicked Witch of the West just as Dorothy got to her!

    Speaking of WWoW, does anyone remember/know whether Julia All is Off has ever seen the Broadway show Wicked? It seems like if she’s ever been, she’d never take her “Defying Gravity” tshirt off.

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