Julia: Declaring Cuckoo War on RBNS

Ohhh boy … looks like we’ve got a live one. Donkey may be taking an Internet vacation, but apparently not a break from endlessly reading about herself and rage e-mailing when it pisses her off.  Some of last night’s lunacy,  including the accusation that WE hacked into her Vimeo account. That’s right, Donkey, we know all your passwords. And so we hacked into your account. And of all the hilariously cheesy videos that must be in there, we found two of you and Prom King, whose identity was mysteriously outed on this blog the day after he dumped your ass by a commenter who never returned.You know what else? Elvis is still alive, and the moon walk was filmed on a Hollywood soundstage.

Anyway, here are the e-mails. First, there was this:

How the HELL did you get that video?  IT IS PASSWORD PROTECTED YOU SHITHEADS.

What is WRONG with you??????


Then this:

you got either of those videos, because BOTH were password protected until (apparently) tonight – and now they’re password protected again, but if I ever – EVER – hear about you hacking into my private videos again, I swear to god I will get a lawyer and sue you.

Additionally, the email I sent you was NOT to be published.

Neither is this one.

Stop.  Now.

It’s not okay.  Leave him – and me – ALONE.

To which we replied:

Cupcake. We didn’t hack into your personal account. I thought you quit the internet.

And then:

I didn’t quit the internet (????)  I just stopped blogging.

Listen, I get that you hate me.  Hate me all you want.  But I didn’t – EVER – “reveal” shit about Justin.

And – not that you believe ANYTHING I say – but I also didn’t reveal Toph’s name.  In fact, I specifically told everyone who knew about him NOT to do so … although, and I don’t know why I’m telling you this, because you obviously hate me and wish me nothing but ill will, it did turn out to be someone I knew who commented on the site.  I didn’t find this out until months later, but I was exceptionally pissed about it.

I don’t know what else to do.  You guys can torture me all you want – but please, leave the people who don’t ask for it out of it.

Oooohhhh dear. This seems a sad, misguided and elaborate attempt to convince PK and his Big Wealthy Lawyer Family that she is/was not behind the reveal of his identity. But seriously. The dude’s photo has been on Gawker. People in NYC have met him and know his name. He has an open Facebook profile. Is she for real?

I find the Codename TK information interesting. Oh Donk, to bring that up again really looks weird and suspect. You JUST found out, did you, that someone living in the same town on Long Island as one of your business partners, employees, whatever, leaked his name? More face-saving.

Please, once again, we urge you — go see a doctor. Figure out why you’re like this. Examine why you sabotage every relationship with this teenaged bullshit. And fret not — we don’t have your Vimeo password. Because if we did, we would have probably pulled out some more hilariously awful lipdubs rather than two embarrassing videos of you on a couple of boring dates with some nobody acting like you’re 15. Get a grip.

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245 Responses to Julia: Declaring Cuckoo War on RBNS

  1. sigh. says:

    “you got either of those videos, because BOTH were password protected until (apparently) tonight – and now they’re password protected again,”

    Yeah, you (apparently) set the videos to public, Julia.

    • Blare Waldonk says:

      Of course she did. Cos if one of us had guessed the password, s/he would have gone back into her account by now and publicized them again. The fact that they’re still locked means she’s the culprit.

      But this *is* an awesome reason for her to call Prop Thing and have a long conversation about his RBNS exposure. I imagine she’s had no reason to call since he dumped her donkey ass.

      • Blare Waldonk says:

        In other words, sneaky Donkey. Very sneaky.

      • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

        “oh hai! PK. Listen I’ve got some VERY bad news. Of course you know I’m an internetz star and with all that comes the jealous, loser, catladeehaterz meanie-means on that website. Well, they somehow mysteriously hacked into my account w/ the gazillion videos I upload that I watch everynight and put on slow-motion and back up and check all angles of myself and see if eyelashes are glued on… anyway… those fucktards got in and pulled two of my videos out and publishe… beeep…

        sorry, machine cut me off. as I was saying, they published them and it’s bad news for you and I’m VERY, VERY ANGRY about it as I love you (especially now) and I want to protect you. So out of my gazillion videos they pulled the two of you and me. This is REALLY NOT a ploy to get back together with you or anything at all like Fatal Attraction. No. I’m sooo over it and I can handle it. But I really think we should meet and discuss this because I think since your Dad is a really good lawyer and all and made all the ‘fuck-you’ money that I’m totally going to make this is it. Let’s …. beeeppp…
        Jeez your machine is like really rude!! bray-bray -hee-haw… anyway. Let’s meet to figure this out. Let’s meet, wadda’yasay tiger??? I’ll wear my Elvira dress..

      • Fat Freddys Cat says:

        Fat Freddy’s Cat is happy to award the FFC Award of Truth in LOL-Excellence to DLM’s phone call post. Now he has to go rest his kiddly widdly tumtum. It hurts from laughing.

      • Julia's full-blown psychosis says:

        Any self-respecting hacker would have CHANGED her password as soon as they were able to break in, duh. The fact that she was able to make those videos private again within minutes of “discovering” they were public, just proves she did it herself.

    • Mounting the Donkey says:

      Don’t you see? This is JABa’s test run to see how it’ll all play out when she oops accidentally releases her sex tape with one of the exes she “wife fluffed” for. Hahaha!
      And … I just lost my appetite!
      Hi Julia!!

    • Sausage Snappers says:


    • Meghan says:

      Oh motherfucking hell. What the fuck is wrong with this bitch? Middle schoolers are laughing at how immature this is. Grow the fuck up you fat ass. You are almost 30 years old. This shit is something a 12 year old would do.

      Watching the decay of this skank’s life is hilarious. I love it.

  2. Loren Feldman says:

    She’s like a rabid donkey, kicking and braying wildly. I’m sorry, but this is the funniest shit ever to me.

    • Jacy says:

      Rearing up and bucking, braying and hee-hawing.


    • You are SO NOT INVITED to my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! says:

      Loren, PLEASE DO A PUPPET VIDEO with this letter she wrote -PLEASE?? PRETTY PLEASE… such good material!!

    • You are SO NOT INVITED to my BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! says:

      Thanks! Can’t wait.

      • Julia's Old Nose says:

        Loren, PLEASE do this. I had a shit week and last nights/this morning’s Donkey Cray Cray Madness Extravaganza reenacted by your puppets would make it all feel better.

    • Cake Liar says:

      This has to be the funniest episode in the Donkey’s entire online history. A puppet video would be the icing on the blueprint cleanse cupcake for me.

    • NuttlyGrannyMoneybags says:

      I would seriously consider adopting a neglected shih tzu who may or may not be named Lilly for a chance to see this epic crazy depicted by the Julier puppet.

  3. Scooby Don't says:

    “I swear to god I’ll get a lawyer and sue you” is the e-equivalent of “I’m going to take my ball and go home”.
    The petulant empty threat of a child who has nothing else to back them up.

    What next Jules? Is your dad going to beat up Jacy’s, Juliaspublicist’s or PP’s dad?

    She’s going off the rails on a crazy train.

    • New Year New You! says:

      “Yeah hai Dadsers, could you find me a an Attorney at Lol. I can only afford to pay them with Sephora gift cards though.”

    • melissa sue says:

      seriously. she needs to turn the computer off, get some sleep and reevaluate her response to this mess in the morning. THIS is truly crazy.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        I assume you mean “in the afternoon.” Jules doesn’t realize 10:00 comes around twice a day.

    • Belle says:

      I’m willing to bet you money that she was crying big Donkey tears watching the vids and then accidentally set them to public. Maybe it was on purpose, but I bet this was more stupidity than anything. And why would we hack her acct? Jacy give us crap if we even email her directly, so why would the mods hack her?

      As for the lawyer thing…she can keep threatening all she wants. The second she talks to a lawyer they will tell her that she put this info in the private domain and RBNS is fair comment. Beyond that, apparently, you’re no one til Julia threatens to sue you…multiple times.

      • Belle says:

        Sorry that was suppose to be “public domain.” Clearly, I need more coffee.

      • None Society says:

        i can see how she would accidentally click on something and make ONE video public. both implies intent.

      • LLCOOLJ says:

        I’M willing to bet she was crying big DONKEY BRAYears watching them, then her sadness turned into PURE BRAYGE, she shook her fist menacingly and said “I’ll show HIM for dumping ME!” and purposely set them to public. UM, ER, OOPS. I WAS HACKED! IT WAS THE HATERS!!!! Next time JA (even though I totally know you don’t read here), threaten to kick everyone’s ass like you did that writer. It’ll be much more plausible, psycho as you tend to appear.

  4. ironic slanket says:

    This is sad.

    • Jordan's (One) Cold Shoulder says:

      It really is. I kinda thought this place would turn in to a ghost town by the end of this week, instead the mania is ramped up to level 1000. My cold, black heart actually feels bad for her, and even when I think of the despicable things she’s done I still feel bad for her. Regardless of what she did or didn’t do, or who leaked what, etc, this is someone in crisis. Get some help, Julia!

  5. hooves says:

    julia, get a life!!!

  6. SO how fuck says:

    Witness protection, I’ve found your next field agent. Codename: Donkey. Extensive experience in internet cover-ups and identity protection.

  7. canklasaurus says:

    I go away for a couple of days and wow! She really needs to get a grip already. I know she reads here and if she has any brains at all she will realize all she is doing is feeding this. If she wants it to go away then just stop, turn off the computer, downgrade the iphone and find a life.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      Key words: “If she wants it to go away.” She doesn’t.

    • Jordan's (One) Cold Shoulder says:

      It’s true…if she hadn’t started this craziness back up, I guarantee there’d be tumbleweeds blowing through RBNS right now and everyone would move on to the next thing.

      Take, for example, Emily Brill. She shut down her blog, and that shit was shut DOWN. Posts gone, everything erased, a simple “peace out” message, and she never returned. Emily Brill: Unlikely Voice of Reason. ??

  8. Jacy says:

    Seriously, what would her passwords be? Let’s guess:








    • canklasaurus says:

      Oh EM GEE!!! You are crackling her intertubes and she is gonna blow a gasket!!

      Donkey, vimeo can tell if you unchecked your privacy and RBNS is doing nothing illegal so get over yourself and get a life, a job, something!

    • New Year New You! says:



      No WAIT, let’s remember we’re in an episode of SATC, the film actually, when Carrie doesn’t have the password to get to into Big’s emails.

      Of course it’s on her keyring, “LOVE”! Except what would Julia have on her keyring:


      • flotsam says:

        I feel like maybe we’re actually in the episode when Carrie finally gets email, but doesn’t understand how it works to the extent that when Aiden replies to her, she hides under her desk so he can’t “see” her.

  9. Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

    Channel all this rage into a charitable act, Julia. Or hate sex.

  10. melissa sue says:

    How in all the good holy fuck in the world can she bad mad at the mods/this blog/us cat ladies, when she just fucking admitted that the PEOPLE IN HER LIFE are the ones outing these guys? I don’t hate you, Julia, but your ‘friends’ sure as shit must.

  11. Fred Grott says:

    Rules for Jules, the Donkey:

    1. To stop an email form being published, do not send it.

    2. All Media-outlets reported your stop blogging as NS DOA, their perception is reality

    3 RBNS is not your mental medical doctor, stop using us as your doctor.

    4 When you want to react or throw fit, walk LILY!

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      “1. To stop an email from being published, do not send it.”

      So simple. So obvious. So utterly beyond the capacity of our Pretty Pink Princess Julia Allison. This manufactured drama re: Prom King takes the cupcake.

    • of course she knew you were going to publish it – that’s why she sent it

      she doesn’t have time, to send emails without some intent. She is both SO.BLESSED and SO.BUSY

  12. DSM-V: JFA edition says:

    I have real doubts that lasagna posted author-brother’s name without the wink and nod from jfa. It would be like believing israel would ever hit iran without some nod from the USA…
    But I also get a super weird vibe about the relationship between lasagna and jfa. Chick is 30ish and seemingly educAted yet she hooked her caboose to jfa’s train so she can what? Pick up lily’s shit and call designers to try to get free clothes for jfa or return worn dresses? In short… While I doubt it happened in an unsanctioned way, I would not be horribly surprised if someone as out there as jfa has attracted someone with a little “out there” view of her and perhaps has some weird protective view of jfa and went off the reservation to out the ex-bf’s and no doubt has her vimeo password to make the videos public. Jfa the call may be coming from inside the house!! I’d get that spare key back. I’m sure it was all jfa sanctioned, but especially since that whole “she’s a special kind of girl who needs a special kind of love” thing, I’ve bee increasingly curious about the health of lasagna’s attachment to the donk.

  13. Julia's Fat Ass says:


    Ok, first of all Julia, you dolt? Saying “THIS EMAIL IS NOT TO BE PUBLISHED” does not give you some private right to not have it published. How dumb is your ass? Once you send an email it doesn’t belong to you anymore.

    Secondly, bunny, what are you going to sue for, exactly? Two things: One, lawyers don’t like to take losing cases and you have no cause of action because you can’t prove shit and I’m 100% positive no one here hacked into your account. Two, lawyers expect to be paid.

    As a lawyer I find your legal threat laughable. As a person I find you vile. Ugh.

    • Lars Von New Trier says:

      Plus, this is from the woman who excerpts her conversations with people, presumably without their permission (not even mentioning taking pics of strangers and posting them to her blog).

    • None Society says:

      in her defense an email is the author’s copyright, so legally she’s technically in the right. however, to make a case about it would be pretty impossible.

    • someprobs says:

      All good points, Julia’s Fat Ass.

      What is funny is that Janks forgets there are people here who aren’t just playing Barbies for a living IRL.

      She’s just trying to manipulate the situation and as usual, failing miserably at it.

      This is all so 2008, only without the self made, hot factor of [REDACTED] being her recent fuck up, without friends at social media outlets who care and without Gawker giving a damn.

      So thanks for the memories, Janks. 2008 really was pretty great, wasn’t it!?

  14. shekillsme says:

    First of all, before she took away the password protection did anyone even know these videos existed? So I guess she is just the victim of a psychic hacker.

    Second, sending an email with “this is not to be published” made me laugh. Particularly coming from a person who once published the picture of someone who annoyed her on bus ride.

    • Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

      Don’t forget the time that she posted the picture of a guy she saw in a store who she thought was cute and then proceeded to ask if anyone knew who he was.

      • Jordan's (One) Cold Shoulder says:

        Don’t forget the “grandma” at the airport that she was jealous of…errr um…. appalled by.

  15. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    1. One of Julia’s besties told me to my face that she had TK’s name leaked here. This was stated in the middle of a grand defense of JAB! Julia, even people who pity you admit that you’re a low down dirty cunt.

    2. Streisand effect, anyone? She’s kicking up a fuss to draw attention to herself and Wallet Thing. Happy to help, CUNT.

    3. How hilarious would it be if she tried to get WordPress to take down this site because known, true information was posted here? I’d love to call Matt Mullenweg or one of his investors (I know many of them) and have a laugh about that. “HOW DID A DONKEY GET A LAWYER??”

    • melissa sue says:

      You never cease to amaze me, pilot.

      So this ‘friend’ was pitying JAB in one breath and admitting that s/he revealed PK in another?? Was it at least for JABa’s own good??

    • Jacy says:

      TK, not PK, right?

    • juliajane says:

      Oh Pilot, how I love your insider info.

    • Fameball Wizard says:

      It reeks of the (successful) attempt to remove the anonymous blogs about her from Tumblr, but Mullenweg et al. wouldn’t buy it. It still puts a bad taste in my mouth to think that Tumblr caved.

      • someprobs says:

        The wordpress people are hardcore. None of this pussy Tumblr Happy Place Feel Good bullshit. WordPress is actually a serious business.

  16. Jacy says:

    It’s clear what’s going on here. She’s behind all this shit — his identity and the Vimeos — and is trying to set us up as the scapegoat in order to stop PK and his family from further despising her.

    I have never heard of anyone who goes off the rails with as much grandiosity as this dame does when dumped.

    Michael — Still contacts him, used to show up at his office, contact his friends, etc.

    [REDACTED] — Harrassed him with crazy texts, showed up at College Humor Offices, tried to turn his friends against him.

    Eater Guy — Texts and Tweets.

    TK — Wanting to dress up for Halloween in a Where The Wild Things Are costume, blogging about his brother, Smiley-face Tweets suggesting she’s banging a dude in San Fran to make him jealous, posting her whereabouts endlessly while in LA

    Now this.

    Someone really cannot handle rejection at all.

    Donk, a tip: We’ve all been dumped. Best thing to do is acknowledge how you helped fuck it up, then go cold turkey. After a couple of weeks it stops hurting so much.

    • sigh. says:

      Maybe I missed something, but why is [redacted], [redacted]?

      • Jacy says:

        It is a bit of a joke. She used to call him that all the time, when everyone knew it was him, and now we do it, sort of to mock her, but because it’s funny since everyone knows who he is.

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        We do love our memes.

      • melissa sue £ says:

        £ means it’s the real Melissa Sue.

        I am bringing it back.

    • juliajane says:

      “It’s clear what’s going on here. She’s behind all this shit — his identity and the Vimeos — and is trying to set us up as the scapegoat in order to stop PK and his family from further despising her.”

      If this is true I sincerely hope Julia gets help. I hope you are wrong about this, if it is true it is just so sad.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      I also think at the back of her Donkey Brain, Julia Allison is also saving mental string for her book project of “I Took on the Evil Internet Haterz & Saved the Web for Women Everywhere.” Create the crisis, then squawk ever so loudly about it, playing the victim. Again. Run, hamster, run.

    • someprobs says:

      I agree with this Jacy.

      There is an implicit guilt in her responses here. We know the dime was dropped from Manhattan. Yes, Manhattan is a big place, but the other option is that one of PK’s buddies dropped the dime. Somehow that doesn’t really seem plausible at all.

      This Vimeo crap is also batshit. I mean, no one knew about those videos until they weren’t password protected anymore. So, um, the stink here also seems to be wafting from Janks. Decrying ‘i was hacked’ is of course par for the course for a narcissist sociopath.

      And her crazy rambling about finding out her friend outed CodenameTK way after the fact is kind of like owning that lie / her culpability in that too.

      This is all just an elaborate ruse to generate more attention for herself/keep a dialogue going with PK.

      She seems to be able to compartmentalise the most horrid, shameful behaviours with alarming ease in all situations.

      • Jacy says:

        Every time Lindsay Lohan gets cracked out and Tweets ridiculous shit, she claims her Twitter was hacked. Sound familiar?

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      I used to think I was crazy when I stalked exes’ Facebook pages. Julia helps keep things in perspective.

  17. partypants says:

    I said it last night and I’ll say it again: FUCK HER.

    For years this spoiled bitch has been scrubbing out negative press by waving her arms and screeching “MAH DADDYS A LAWYER! I SUE YOU! DEFAMATION! TERMS OF SERVICE!” until her wikipedia is edited, until Karp deletes the accounts, until whatever spineless, terrified-of-litigation hack does what she wants.

    If that doesn’t work she pleads “be a decent person! do the right thing!” implying that what Julia wants you to do is the right and decent thing, and if you don’t obey her orders then you’re an asshole.

    Sorry Julia. That shit doesn’t work on me. Scream about suing me all you want, I didn’t touch your stupid vimeo. Yell about not publishing emails, well maybe you should stop sending them. I don’t wish you ill will. I just want you to cut out this horseshit routine of trying to control the internet. That shit may have worked before, but it’s time you knew where to get the fuck off when you come telling me what I can and cannot say.

    Julia, if you want to censor the information about you on the internet, may I suggest you start with your 15 twitters, 900 vimeos, 5 or 6 websites, myspace, and facebooks?


    • Jacy says:

      I have such a boner for you right now.

    • pescachickenarian says:


    • Scooby Don't says:

      PP, this just made my heart grow three sizes …

      Spoken in a very Boris Karloffian voice.

      Perhaps the internet can be saved.

    • Fred Grott says:


    • Julia's Old Nose says:

      That’s it. PP, I’m switching teams for you girl. I’ll bring over the Cheetos and Franzia. SO. GREAT.

    • The FTC says:

      This was amazing.

      I work in PR. All brands everywhere are trying to figure out social media, Web 2.0, yadda yadda. Julia claims to be so Web savvy and so smart about branding, but she failed at the one thing we counsel all of our clients on – TRANSPARENCY.

      For brands, that’s all it’s about these days. For brands, spouting BS doesn’t work! For brands, spin no longer works! For brands, having secrets doesn’t work! There are always going to be people who know the truth and will let it out. (ESPECIALLY if you’re apparently as hated as Julia.) And since she quite willingly turned herself into a brand (how fuck!), she’s under the same scrutiny that they are. If she were just a normal person (how sad for her), she could have a super secret boyfriend (maybe). But if you make your blog not just your job but an entire COMPANY, and you decide that your company’s role will be to broadcast to the world your meals (or not) and dates and meetings and meaningful quotes and deep emotional feelings and smileys when you get fucked and head to toes of your Claire’s and Forever 21 piles of awful… sorry, but you better live the “I’M A BRAND” lifestyle till the end, good or bad.

      You wanted to be an internet celebrity, Julia – don’t get mad at the paparazzi now.


      • Worrisome Pelts says:


        Julesie, as you probably know, companies are in a frenzy to incorporate social media into their campaigns and brand identity right now. For all that you’ve fucked up in full view of the public, I still thought you had a good shot at becoming a freelance social media consultant (which could lead to an OMG non-magical, non-imaginary company of your very own! Squee!)…until this week. You see, exposing too much of yourself in public could have been spun to your advantage. You could have said that you know where all of the pitfalls are because you’ve managed to stumble into each of them. You could have offered your experience (good and bad) to the highest bidder and I assure you, you would have found takers…until this week.

        Julia, you aren’t ‘letting it all hang out,’ you’re broadcasting an inability to function under (self-inflicted) pressure and possible mental illness. No one wants to work with a consultant who very probably will not finish the job.

        Do yourself a favor: ask Randi to introduce you to a few people as an expert on FB. Complete a few small contracts for lesser-known brands. Update your resume accordingly. Get rid of all the fluff and the lies. Believe it or not, your resume would still impress some people if it were accurate. Any idiot can shop themselves around as a social media guru right now. That idiot could be you!

        Deep breaths. Non-processed foods. Normal sleeping patterns. Make those your holy trinity.

        No really,


      • Balthazaar Fingerbang says:

        Fuck I work in PR for a TV show and it’s completely different. I have to cover shit up or damage control with spin constantly. I think Julia wants to be on that side of the PR but on the web everything is transparent. She needs to move the fuck on.

    • someprobs says:


      But it’s not 2008 anymore. No one cares…

      Also, i’d wager it’s not so much the fear of litigation, but that she just brays and brays and brays and brays and you get the idea until people are worn down.

      Poor Miranda indeed.

      That said, WordPress aren’t pussies and i don’t think this shit will fly with them.

      As Julia’s Fat Ass points out above, she’s got no cause. If she did, someone in her long line of haters would have at least seen a cease and desist letter by now.

      She’s got nothing but a loud, excruciating, bray to wear down the weak.

      As you say, PP: FUCK HER!

  18. Moist Banana Pancakes says:

    This is so exciting that I will commemorate the day by getting a Long Island University tattoo on my wrist.

  19. Eeyore Milne says:

    What a nutty way to begin Friday! Sitting here and playing with my cats and reading about ol’ Jules finally out on that ledge in Midtown Manhattan. I’m trying to feel sympathy for our sad wittle donkey, but at this point? Nothing but utter contempt.

  20. Loren Feldman says:

    Listen, no one is suing anyone. I get that shit daily trust me. I say publish every fucking thing she ever sent. All of it.

  21. The Manta says:

    Clean forgot about her blabbing that Kendrick was out of a job.

  22. DSM-V: JFA Edition says:

    jacy/jp/pp/et al. if you do get sued can you please please please crowd source here for questions to ask her during discovery. she does realize that part right? that if she lawyers up with her left over gift card cash then people get to have her put her finger stubs on the book and ask her questions under oath? and her colleagues/friends? she could call the deposition a keynote if she wants.

    • Deposition is the New Keynote says:


    • Delurked says:

      If this shit ever made it to court, I have a vision of it playing out like that Seinfeld episode where they get arrested in the middle of nowhere and suddenly everyone who they’ve ever wronged shows up to testify against them. Now THAT I would love to see.

    • Good Thoughts says:

      Now that could be a fun game — Interrogatories for Donkey. I’ll start:
      1. DESCRIBE IN DETAIL your undergraduate education.

      • Goody Goody Two Pelts says:

        Oh yes! And:

        2. Please list the name of EVERY university or college attended. Note: you are not to list the names of colleges that you wanted to attend, that family members attended, that ex-boyfriends attended, that future boyfriends attended, or that sound classy. Also, you cannot look at your wrist to answer this.

  23. Arl says:

    Julia, you’re not fooling anyone. You can’t say you don’t read the reblogging sites and then turn around and send manic emails to one. If PK really didn’t want his name here, he could email the mods and tell them that. He’s a big boy, you don’t need to intervene for him…especially because they’d probably be more likely to accommodate him than you. If you really didn’t make the Vimeo videos private, you probably should contact someone at Vimeo to see what happened, be it a glitch or foul play, instead of screaming to the mods of this site. All you’re accomplishing is making yourself look like a fool and a psychopath.

    There have been times that I pity you, and feel like you don’t deserve the bile spit in your direction. But then shit like this goes down and reminds me once again that not only do you deserve it, but you bring it upon yourself.

    • Arl says:

      Also, I never believed the TK rumors until YOU confirmed them. So fuck you.

    • shekillsme says:

      Agreed, she is really not fooling anyone. Pretty much she couldn’t have handled it worse.

      More broadly, how shocked could PK be that his name was eventually leaked? Just last month he was in front of a wrinkled step and repeat getting paparazzi shots taken with his girlfriend. A girlfriend who has been on the cover of a national magazine advising people on how to get internet famous. Their first date included a reality show type recap of their “prom date” where he mentions her fans. He knew what he was getting into, nobody is that clueless. This whole charade seems like it is for the benefit of PK’s family.

      • Dyspeptic2 says:

        And for anyone coming late who didn’t see those two lame-ass date videos last night (which induced severe Cankleshausen-by-proxy in yrs truly), it should be noted that PK was enjoying the hell out of being filmed, at one point in the carriage crowded in to get himself in the shot, and made references to “tell the viewers” and “your viewers.”

        Riiiight, he really needs Julia Allison to protect him now. She who has been posting little revealing hints and clues and whatnot about PK all along, practically begging her “audience” to guess.

        Disingenuousness, thy name is Julia Allison.

      • someprobs says:

        Also, her claims to the great lengths she went to are insane when you think she was twatting about wanting to marry Justin Bieber. That’s not subtle at all. Moron.

  24. stupid foreign lawyer says:

    Is this in relation to Jordan???

    “In fact, I specifically told everyone who knew about him NOT to do so … although, and I don’t know why I’m telling you this, because you obviously hate me and wish me nothing but ill will, it did turn out to be someone I knew who commented on the site. I didn’t find this out until months later, but I was exceptionally pissed about it.”

    • partypants says:

      That’s another thing I’m sick of. That “Oh poor me, you OBVIOUSLY hate me and want to RUIN MY LIFE” routine.

      Julia, I’m not your momsers forbidding you to go to the concert. Stop with the fucking dramatics about how I HATE YOU and wish you NOTHING BUT ILL WILL.

      If you need an outlet for this kind of performance I’m fairly certain there are casting calls for Lady Macbeth every day of the week in NYC.


      • Fred Grott says:

        I hear NYC StartUps are looking for a drama queen who has an internet addiction to be their PR intern..

      • someprobs says:

        Yeah, this “YOU HATE ME!” histrionic shit is so lame.

        Um, no. In my case, i actually love her. But i have always loved the gaudy nighttime soap female villains.

        Also, wishing nothing but ill will is incorrect grammar (again, surprise!).

        You either wish ill or have nothing but ill will towards…

        Learn how to write, Julia, you journalist you!

  25. diluted brain says:

    I am so sad I missed the vimeo yesterday!!! 🙁 Assume it is still password protected?

    My daddy always told me never to send an email if it was something that even he couldn’t read. She’s a moron and looking for the attention since she’s not lifecasting. I can just picture her sitting in a ball shaking and crying, but hey, if you were a normal, kind human being maybe you wouldnt have a site that reblogged your narcisstic dribble.

    • Mandy says:

      The videos were dull, her on 2 dates w/ PK: the initial prom date, and then riding a horse-drawn carriage up 6th Ave. PK’s a loud, irritating frat boy type after all and seemed to love being on camera. Strange that she hid his identity all the while because he seemed psyched to be landing a spot on her homemade reality show.

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      you are leaving out the part where PK says he loves Julia. and says they BOTH are drunk.

      • Goody Goody Two Pelts says:

        Don’t worry, she was only tipsy not drunk, you know like black out drunk. Apparently there are only two scales – tipsy and black out.

  26. bitchface says:

    Yulia, lemme explain a couple of things to you, in case Meghan is too busy hacking the SEC to find out if her family still has money.

    There are these things called user logs. They are used to track people in the interwebz. K? Now, there are these fellas and slight ladies who are called DBAs. Sound it out. Dee Bee Ays. There are these other fellas and gals called Sys Admins. Together they can use those loggie things and tell ya who accessed your account from what IP, and when. Amazeballs! Vimeo can tell you in under a minute what IP accessed your file and how they got in. Oops!

    PS It’s not hacking if you give your pwd to interns and ex’s and someone (ie you) accesses your account via password. Hacking is subverting the system and going aroung the password. So you might be mighty careful tossing around accusations about certain people “hacking” your account.

    Did I do good Megs? kthxbai
    (PK – call me – I know some nice, hot jewish girls who are nuts too but not like this).

    • partypants says:

      Srsly does she think someone sat around on hydra for a week to see her bray into the face of some schlump?

      What. Is WRONG with her?

    • Julia's Old Nose says:

      “…in case Meghan is too busy hacking the SEC to find out if her family still has money.”

      I DIE.

    • Hugo says:

      On the gift cards!

    • melissa sue says:

      That has been bothering me all morning. These bitches use each other’s computers all the time. She MUST give her PWs out to her interns, and I am sure that Mega and Mary and Jordan know them … WHY does she immediately jump to “onoeshaxord” when she herself admits that the people in her life are prone to outing her ‘secrets.’ She’s such a complete and utter psycho.

      • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

        Or, someone’s browser set-up ‘auto-remembers’ sign-in info for site(s) Julia visited using their computer ~ lol’ing at the idea of PK being the one to have released the videos … wishing I were a fly on the wall when Vimeo tells Julia: ‘the calls are coming from in the house’ (that you no longer have a key to).

      • someprobs says:

        I know!

        Also, if it was password protected to begin with, she’d of had to have given out the password to share it!

        What a fool and a moron. I mean really. There are so MANY better reasons for the shit going public than her reblog site (who weren’t even aware the videos existed) HACKING her account.

        Fucking idiot.

        Also: IASID raises another good possibility.

  27. Lars Von New Trier says:

    Wow, here I thought all of this drama was over with. I was getting ready to break it to the wife, saying, “You know that strange site I follow, about that weird girl? Well, it’s all over…” And then there’s this. But what were the videos? Were they anything scandalous, or invasive? (Like Wallet Thing giving his Social Security number, or home address?) Because, if not, how is it any different than the party photos where he was pictured throughout? And she has to know something’s wrong with her life and her relationships when she’s begging people to not let the world know the person she loves is associated with her. Doesn’t she KNOW she’s Kryptonite? But really, I’m curious as to what the videos were, so if someone could explain. Thanks.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      Lars, honey, you surprise me. You are usually so very perspicacious about the ways of Her Donkness, Julia Allison. Surely you did not believe she would go quietly into that good night.

      Although as a Doctor of Donkology, I admit I underestimated how fast she would wig out. I figured the cray-cray would bust loose by the weekend (my money was on Saturday).

      • Lars Von New Trier says:

        Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’m just Charlie Brown and she’s Lucy. And she got me again. Just what I thought she’d achieved nirvana, it turned out to be Purina.

      • perspicacious, someone’s getting their word of the day just like the erudite Baugher family.

    • Good Thoughts says:

      And by “wife,” we understand you to mean “cat-spouse.”

    • Jordan's (One) Cold Shoulder says:

      “You know that strange site I follow, about that weird girl? Well, it’s all over…” OMG DYING.

      I said something similar to the husbandcat last night, and boy is my face covered in kitty litter this morning. It was like “You know that girl I follow, her blog and the reblog but I can’t stand her but I love to watch what happens? Yeah, well she quit the Internet today.” His response “How do you quit the Internet?”. My reply “I dunno…she says she’s quitting the Internet.”

  28. cara says:

    It’s funny. There’s a strategy liars use that’s sort of a giveaway: in order to give the appearance of honesty, they’ll admit to part of an accusation in order to disqualify the rest of the accusation, the idea being that if they’re being ‘honest’ about one detail, then you’ll believe them when they say that the rest of the claim is wrong. She’s doing that here.

    The claim is that she leaked these guys’ identities. Rather than deny it, she says that someone she *knew* leaked TK’s identity. Which is probably true, but besides the point. She was obviously behind it.

    She’s just hamstringing herself.

    Another giveaway: over-dramatic denials peppered with unnecessary details.

    • None Society says:

      shouldnt she also be insanely annoyed her friend reads here to begin with? i know I would be.


    Oh hai Julia! I don’t wish you any ill will at all, never have! I just don’t buy your bs, okay, and I blame your enablers as much as you for the shitshow you present to the interwebs on an all-too-frequent basis.
    To prove just how servicey and helpful I can be, here’s a tip you might want to pass along during your upcoming Learning Annex course, maybe highlight it in BIG BOLD LETTERS on your powerpoint presentation. And special bonus, it’s extra awesome because it’s in your very own words! Published right here on RBNS! “Please, leave the people who don’t ask for it out of it.” – Julia Allison (nee Baugher)

  30. Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

    Julia, you don’t have a legal cankle to stand on.

  31. She's just stupid says:

    Her controlling personality is so fucking nuts! Remember when Loren filmed her at SWS and at the end of it she said “You do NOT have my permission to publish this!” She thinks she’s so POWERFUL, yet she’s just so stupid.

    How much must it suck to be so aware that you’re not the person you want people to think you are?

    • Driveby Commenter says:

      Ha, yes, the way he came back with “Oh, we’re publishing it,” just killed me.

  32. Kalle says:

    Does she understand the internet at all? What happened to deny, deny, ignore, stop giving us fodder to discuss?

    With just five minutes of googling, I’ve exhausted my interest in PK. You can find out how much he contributed to each recent political campaign, you can find out his student history from LinkedIn, you can find out when he passed the Bar… If she hadn’t reacted like this, I probably wouldn’t have even been interested.

    I only started reading RBNS last fall when HER content started disappearing. She used to be a decent “fluffy rom-com gone wrong” entertainment to read on my phone in long meetings, but once she started doing her stupid fake mysterious crap, I turned to you guys for a MUCH more intelligent and fun read. If she wouldn’t react, we wouldn’t pick on her. It’s just like cactus spines – the more you writhe, the more they hurt.

    Oooh, and my predictions for her return: she’ll likely return to the internet in one of the following situations:
    a) natural or humanitarian disaster for her to comment about and show sympathy for
    b) gigantic omg mega super crazy sale at Bloomies
    c) gawker goes under

    She’ll likely disappear the next time: around Brit’s wedding, because that’ll be more difficult to get rid of all of the “real last name” crap.

    She’ll likely return to dating: after the next few romantic comedies, since she needs new stuff for men to replicate for her because she can’t rely on actual relationship chemistry and has to strive for copying things from movies.

  33. LeaveMyCollegeAlone says:

    Her pleading for the privacy of someone she dates is especially rich. Let’s recap:

    After [REDACTED] dumps her she goes on GAWKER and discloses sensitive information about his mental health.

    After Eater Guy–who told her to keep it on the low— dumps her she leaks his identity, timeline, and pictures of them together to GAWKER.

    After Codename TK dumps her she has Lasagna come here and reveal his identity USING HIS DECEASED SISTER’S NAME. The whole thing ends up on Gawker.

    After Prom King dumps her she again dispatches one of her friends to reveal his identity here and simultaneously makes private videos of him public on her Vimeo account. What a fucking coincidence.

    Is it any coincidence that the identities of Eater Guy, TK, and PK were all revealed on the Internet MINUTES after they dumped the Donkey?

    Get help, Julia. You are seriously busted.


    If I actually hated you, Julia and wished you ill will, I would have done something worse than contribute to a website about you. I would have looked the other way and ignored you.

  35. Worrisome Pelts says:


    Good afternoon, sleepyhead! Can I share a slightly abstract concept with you? Here goes: For all practical, real-world intents, RBNS does not exist. No, really, we don’t. We don’t follow you around like a braying mob on the streets of NYC. You will not find us skulking behind trees in Runyon Canyon. We only exist for you when you choose to read what we write. Know how you can make us disappear? Do not ever visit this site again. It’s as simple as that. But you can’t let go of your only audience, can you?

    Sad and worrisome,


    • Good Thoughts says:

      “for all practical, real-world intensive purposes”

      fixed that for ya

      • anonypuss says:

        “for all practical, real-world intents and purposes.”

        PROTIP: Don’t correct people’s grammar if you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • melissa sue £ says:

        annonypuss, she wasn’t correcting your grammar. Intensive Purposes is an RBNS Meme (copyright 2010).

      • Good Thoughts says:

        Thx, MS₤. (BTW, that snappy retort wasn’t from WP.)

        Here is a PROTIP for you, Anonymous Pus: Leave your self-righteous wrongheadedness at the door until you have spent enough time here to have some Idea. Of. What. You. Are. Talking. About.

      • anonypuss says:

        oh, you schooled me…

      • Good Thoughts says:

        That’s OK; just say “mea culpcake,” and all is forgiven.

  36. My soul is exhausted. says:


  37. None Society says:

    can I point out that no one really said anything that bad about PromKing? She’s literally freaking out and implying legal action over saying “[Name] once dated Julia Allison”.

    • None Society says:

      Also: due to her NPD she’s unable to fathom anything she did wrong (despite the prolific documentation thereof on this site), and therefore it’s the haters’ fault that he dumped her. So if she defeats the haters, ergo, he’ll rejoin her.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      Well, in all honesty, None Society, several of us Haterz last night, after viewing those lame-ass date videos, DID remark that Prom King came off like a drunken, callow, gum-chewing frat rat. I believe the D-word was used.

      Pretty tame stuff for lawsuit purposes.

      • Driveby Commenter says:

        I remember when some d-bag tried to sue for being called a d-bag in that book about hot chicks with d-bags. He just ended up looking like more of a d-bag.

  38. It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

    Hey, Donkey … … …


  39. Jordache and the Pelts says:

    Amazing. I last checked this site close to 11 pm after class and this morning find this. I didn’t comment or spend much time looking at the video because it wasn’t very interesting and I could really care less who PK is.
    Also I was finding some of weird hateful comments really disturbing. I hope Julia didn’t plant them – this really goes to show how crazy the internet can be.
    Julia’s manic emails demonstrate her absolute insanity. Chica is very unhealthy. It’s like she’s trying to haunt the world from the grave that she dug for herself this week in some sort of twisted revenge fantasy.
    Anyways, there’s nothing I have to add that hasn’t been said here a million times before.

  40. binggggy says:

    “if I ever – EVER – hear about you hacking into my private videos again, I swear to god I will get a lawyer and sue you.”

    If her past crazy isn’t evidence enough, this confirms that she or someone from her camp made the videos public. Because hacking is a federal crime and I’m sure her internet addiction/unemployment/love for learning gives her plenty of time to google that shit and figure out the severity of the crime. If she truly believed one or more of her most outspoken critics really hacked into her vimeo and stole precious, sensitive information, why wouldn’t she get a lawyer instead of just threatening one? The only other explanation is that in Julia’s world, overwrought missives are comparable to the penalties for committing a federal crime.


    She made the videos public.

    • bitchface says:

      RBNS should sue her for defamation


    • Driveby Commenter says:

      It’s the “again” part that makes this so laughable. If she ever gets her vimeo hacked “again” then she’ll sue. But not this time. Because she did it herself.

    • Feria says:

      Good point bingggggy. When Julia went dark, I kind of felt bad for her, having had my own breakdown a few years ago. But I sought therapy and try to actually work on myself. I also missed her pithy site, it’s my reality tv. I don’t have many vices you see. But THIS is crazy. It’s like when you’re really mad at someone, you write a nasty e-mail and then you sit on it for a few days instead of sending off hateful invectives. After a few days, the fever passes and you’ve just saved yourself a shitload of drama.

      But missy is here, courting drama. Not good. What she appears to be doing is distracting herself from herself. Classic tool in the arsenal of people facing (or not facing) change.

    • julia allison baugher is criminally insane says:


    • LickedRandi'sCake says:

      It would be nice if someone of such recently realized great faith, knew enough to spell God with a capital “G”.

      Christ Amighty, how come you didn’t catch that?

  41. Can I get a witness?!! says:

    I don’t get why the identity of her serial short-lived male accessories has to be so super secret anyway. She writes all around/about them. Isn’t THAT the problem? Not who they are. Who cares? And if they’re dating each other, why is it such a mortifying prospect to her or them that they are identified? It makes no sense. I’m with TJ on this one: How fuck.

    • NorseHorse says:

      Easy answer: we never knew the identity or real name of Mr. Big on SATC.


      • LickedRandi'sCake says:

        Ah, but we did on the shows series finale. His name is John. Just like we learn the names of all of JAs men, AFTER the show is over.

  42. Jordache and the Pelts says:

    Reminder – K-Scheez on the View today. My cats and I will watch.

  43. Randi Z's Taint says:

    Julia should have hung on tighter to Asbestos boy. She could have had a very fulfilling career as the W&L spokesperson:

    “I’m Julia Allison.
    I’ve seen what re-bloggers can do.
    I’ve seen the harm they’ve caused ‘ordinary working people’ (tee hee)
    People exposed to aspersions, who thirty years later are suffering from
    canklehausen and spinsterhood.
    I’m here to say to those victims and their families, ‘do not despair; there is hope, and there is a law-firm that’s ready to help you, Weitz & Luxembourg. I’ve worked with them, and I trust them.'”

  44. partypants says:

    So…I don’t want to come off psycho or stalkery, but I just want to throw out there that the ip for this comment is an almost exact match to her origin ip in her emails, and both geolocate to Julia’s apartment.

    I’m SURE it’s just a coincidence. Right?

    • Eyebrows of Fury says:

      Woah (is me).

      Chick is SERIOUSLY off the rails.

      • gazelle says:

        I never really thought the donk was crazy (like legit crazy), but now I wonder. Do you think she does insane shitty stuff like this and then literally convinces herself that she didn’t do it? It’s like that “recorder of memories” quote from her friend D. That once she decided that she wanted to be someone new, she literally forgot everything in the past.

        God, this whole thing would make such an awesome Lifetime movie.

    • Randi Z's Taint says:

      I too would like to own a Yatch someday.

    • partypants says:

      For the record, I’m not CLAIMING it IS her. Just saying it’s interesting.

      • Julia's full-blown psychosis says:

        Does Rosie O’Donnell still live there? Maybe it was her. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all. 😉

      • melissa sue says:

        Or doesn’t Georgie live in her building?

      • DSM-V: JFA edition says:

        I don’t know ip’s, but this releasing of a comment ip is a litte worrisome. Especially since Georgie lives at the same address and could have been outed by this. Isn’t it possible that people in a small building that includes Internet would have similar ip’s? So I hope it was her and youre sure bc otherwise rbns hurts it’s ability to have people who know her feel comfortable coming forward….

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        Georgie is a shilldebeast just like Donk, if she outed PK and then got outed herself (and I am NOT saying she did), I would not cry for her. I also don’t think PP would have mentioned the IP if it didn’t geolocate to the Donk’s building.

      • DSM-V: JFA Edition says:

        worrisome pelts that’s my point. georgie lives in the same building. as did rosie! 🙂

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        DSM-V: I hear you. I just meant that PP isn’t going to start providing addresses for every random Acquaintance of Donk tip and and wouldn’t have mentioned this one if it didn’t point at the possible involvement of Donk herself.

        Still friends? Lemon square?

      • DSM-V: JFA Edition says:

        of course still friends. i know someone in real life who makes lemon squares occasionally for her friends to cheer them up. i wonder what your ip address is…

    • ET says:

      Def her then. what a slore. Of course someone like her would blab all these deets.

    • sigh. says:

      if your hypothesis is correct, then the name “jerkface killer” makes perfect sense for someone who just got dumped and is lashing out.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Um, if that indicates what it seems to indicate it’s truly sad and worrisome.

      Jules, please go home to Chicago for a little bit and let the people who love you love you. Seriously. This isn’t funny anymore.

    • someprobs says:

      Golf Claps.

      Also, ‘jerkfacekiller’ is a pretty hilarious username. The typos and douchey dudeness of it are also nice touches.

      In a ‘whatacoinkydink’ sort of way, of course!

    • LeaveMyCollegeAlone says:

      oh my god. This deserves its own post.

    • Feria says:

      I don’t know much about IP’s PP, even if I Googled it might be like Greek to me. But do IP’s from the same apt. change?

      • Fred Grott says:

        Yes they do its called IP leasing..

        For example an ISP like Verizon DSL might lease an IP address to you for your DSL router for 30 days and on the 31st day it might change to a different IP number or stay the same

        Of course using a Laptop say through Sprint or Verizon Wireless than the IP will always be different..because a Mobile Operator handles IPs differently than landline ISPs..

    • cara says:

      So, she sends you a cease-and-desist for the comment she posted herself?

      It’s tempting to call this crazy, but it sounds more like she’s just strategic and manipulative as fuck.

  45. Sausage Snappers says:

    Come wash away your Friday morning hangovers in the chat, you sort of sad angry cat ladies!

  46. My soul is exhausted. says:

    I didn’t quit the internet (????)

    —> (????) <—– um. what does this mean?

    Additionally, the email I sent you was NOT to be published.

    Additionally? what is this a book report? Furthermoaaaar. cant she just say & or also.

    And – not that you believe ANYTHING I say – but I also didn’t reveal Toph’s name

    who is Toph. was that someone she dated? oh thats probably TK. it all makes sense now!

    I don’t know what else to do. You guys can torture me all you want – but please, leave the people who don’t ask for it out of it.

    and since you will have more free time you should go check out all my videos talking trash about fat a$$ rosie and dumb a$$ britney,and slut h*le paris, and those reject losers from idol. Oh & check out this site i like to comment on alot "gawker" they are like the nicest peoples ever.

    but if I ever – EVER – hear about you hacking into my private videos again, I swear to god I will get a lawyer and sue you.

    and since you seem to know so much about lawyers you should ask them about SLANDER. cuz you just did it.

    it did turn out to be someone I knew who commented on the site. I didn’t find this out until months later, but I was exceptionally pissed about it.

    exceptionally pissed. oooooh. as apposed to the normally pissed you get when your friends supposedly lie to you.

    theres just so much here. it all her fake outrage she really tells us alot.

  47. get meghan out of my hood says:

    If she really wanted to protect him she would have never used PK’s name in her email to Jacy et al.

  48. Julia's Old Nose says:

    (Cue Law & Order Music))
    “DUM – DUM”

    CUE Lower Third:
    Central Booking – Internet Investgtory Unit

    SCENE: Julia’s Old Nose, tears streaming down her face, an ashtray of crushed Virginia Slims next to her. Police offices and a detective standing at the table across from her.

    JULIA’S OLD NOSE: Yes officer…. I ADMIT IT…. I said that a random stranger whose name I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER BECAUSE was chewing gum like a rabid cow. I did it. LIBEL! SLANDER! Throw me in the slammer!”

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      Let’s try this again.. from the top people…

      SCENE: Julia Allison, wipes away tears with a pink handkerchief embrodiered with “JA+PK”. Her knees are up at her chest and she is sobbing and rocking back and forth.

      Julia: It was the DOG!
      McCoy: You are claiming your DOG hacked into your account? I find that hard to believe Miss Baugher!
      Julia:whisperingbut that’s not the worst part..

  49. FuckYouMoney says:

    Of course well-known by this point, but what’s with the sailor language?

    Her liberal use of profanity doesn’t particularly bother me, though I would be interested to hear her explain how it jibes with her “brand”. (Maybe a question for the upcoming Julia Allison University seminar at the Learning Lab or whatever?)

    It’s just that the usage is so uncreative – like a high school kid’s. Contrast with, say, PP.

  50. nosrsly says:

    OT, but, what are the odds that Julia was not at least the inspiration (if not the intended subject of) this show: http://rickyvanveen.com/post/474924389/married-by-30-casting-nyc-girls

    • LLCOOLJ says:

      Only inspiration, as I believe RVV haaates her. Past expiration date to be an option. Sad 🙁

  51. ” you obviously hate me and wish me nothing but ill will”

    Boo hoos, get over yourself, numbnuts. I for one do not hate you. I do, however, find your behavior childish, despicable and pitiful. I have people like you in my life – irresponsible, lying, opportunistic, narcissistic attention whores – and it sucks. I don’t hate them, but I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling my personal Julias for years – you 1) have serious issues, 2) are full of shit and 3) desperately need therapy.

    I do not wish you ill will – I sincerely hope you find mental health, love, happiness, clothes that fit you properly and a dermatologist who doesn’t hate your guts.

    Stop lying about “never reading here”. It’s too sad.

    • for serious?? says:

      I do not wish you ill will – I sincerely hope you find mental health, love, happiness, clothes that fit you properly and a dermatologist who doesn’t hate your guts.

      Made my day.

      Love this….

      Thanks, Ging.

  52. Sausage Snappers says:

    She is SUCH a VICTIM you GUYS.

  53. SunflowerSeed says:

    Is JA calling the operators of this site “Shitheads” slander? Defamation? Hate speech assault?

    • Dr. Fraud, MD says:

      I certainly feel her comments are insulting to women, men, gay and straight people. Other than that, I think they’re fairly innocuous. Not a legal person, but you know, from a thinking citizen’s point of view, understand.

  54. Fat Freddys Cat says:


    GOMI just broke a hot tech storystory. Seems vimeo is OMG insecure!

  55. None Society says:

    Bravo should film a new pilot with her called Top Meltdown

  56. College Prom Night says:

    I have a new theory- I think she has multiple personality disorder and doesn’t even know that one of her other personalities made the Vimeos available.

  57. shellyshell says:

    WHAT IS PK’s NAME?????? facebook link???

  58. Records Custodian says:

    It is a stupid thing to be pissy about, but damn, she is just a terrible, terrible liar.

    This is laughably bad. This is SATC on TBS bad. This isn’t even trying bad. I have apparently long overestimated her – she isn’t nearly as sharp as I thought her to be.

  59. Postcoital Kleenex Pelts says:

    I haven’t read through all of these delicious comments yet, but I just wanted to point out that Julier, who has faith and is blessed, didn’t capitalize the word god. She also took the name in vain, come to think of it. Not that we didn’t know that the religion thing was a schtick, but just another example of how she puts cracks in her own facade.

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