Julia: Misty Water-Colored Memories …

… of the way she was …..

Here are some scattered pictures, evil basement-dwelling cat ladies and cat dudes, to get us through these dark days, I estimate six or so, until she blogs again:

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  1. totaljing says:

    Nothing gives me the lols like that Annette Funicello 09′ birthday pic. Drunk face and pink speck case! It used to be the fauxga pictures but, god dammit, that droop face birthday picture is HILARE.

    • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

      Did you post here yesterday too under a different handle?
      The tone sounds creepily familiar.

    • (formerly) OrangeArchesofDoom says:

      Ya, “Julia’s mustache”. You sound a lot like “Julia’s 1000th cupcake” and “Julia’s sideburns” of yesterday. Your comments are all very similar and are notably of a very different tone than anything I have every seen on this site. It’s as if they’re being planted, right up high on the posts, to illustrate threatening hateful attacks on Miss Allison … something that this site has never in my reading of it, endorsed or perpetuated. Interesting that these comments surface directly following Miss Allison’s supposed hiatus.

    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

      @ DLM:

      Sounds like lego whatshiswig & all his personalities
      are coming out of the wood work in droves …
      * “Julia’s 1000th cupcake”
      * “Julia’s sideburns”
      * “Julia’s mustache”

      I know the mods aren’t into sussing out IP’s, but then again, RBNS isn’t into this freak’s way of thinking either ~ that’s one scuzzbag & IP that needs to be nailed down & blocked for good.

    • (formerly) OrangeArchesofDoom says:

      I completely agree, Philly. This is way off tone. RBNS has never been a “hate” site, in spite of Julia and her pals at Gawker trying to repeatedly spin that categorization. These comments are not at all representative of the purpose of this blog nor has this blog ever encouraged or endorsed this kind of vitriol and nastiness.
      I just find it odd that these types of comments would suddenly show up here, right on the tail of Miss Allison’s supposed hiatus. They seems like plants to me, to discredit the site.

    • Mary R says:

      Get over yourself. You are commenting on a blog whose sole purpose is to mock and ridicule someone. Where the fuck do you get off with your holier than thou attitude? Fucking idiot.

      This site would cease to exist if people didn’t bash her. Furthermore, if she wasn’t such a fame whore who did such despicable things, nobody would have any reason to bash her.

      Quit crying you big baby.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      It’s an abusive male coming to piss in our pool party. He deserves ridicule.

    • totaljing says:

      I hope the moderators remove this comment. This is sick! I’d never wish nor say these things about anyone. You are leaving these types of comments all over this blog and it’s not appreciated.

    • Expert Gay says:

      This is really fucking creepy.

  2. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Seriously, what? Is wrong with her? What is wrong with her?

    Excellent curation, Jacy. Every pic is a classic.

  3. Watwatwat says:

    A book deal is how she shows people redemption for every single one of those. Or at least a pop-up picture book with captions that explains them all.

  4. fuck camping! says:

    sad clown is still my all-time favorite

  5. Suck It Haters, See You in Aspen says:

    It’s just so…beautiful.

    I never understood why she goes out of her way to state that she doesn’t drink when there is plentiful evidence to the contrary. Alcohol is at the center of social events, and clearly, no one is judging anyone else for drinking. She so wants to be into “what all the cool kids” are doing (sometimes two years after the fact), so why the constant denial?

    • Pray4MyFatGayCats says:

      The most worrisome incarnation of the “no drink” meme was the “i didn’t have any of the product that was sponsoring the cray-cray” shout-down to the company that provided the drinks. I saw that, and I was like, wtf is this insult to something provided for free? If the “no drink” thing is true, just say nothing more than “thanks” to the sponsor. But to say, hey, look, sponsor, I didn’t have any of your product because “no drink” is seriously strange and worrisome.

      • Suck It Haters, See You in Aspen says:

        She should have just publically thanked the company for sponsoring. Instead she mentioned their name and went on a diatribe about how she doesn’t drink. It’s just confuses me. Why make such a big deal out of it? Or like that pic with the vom inducing back fat and martini glass. Caption: two words where she’s at, a paragraph explaining why she was holding it, that she didn’t drink it, put it down, etc. Why so blatantly point it out?

        I know we’re all waiting for her to come back from lipdubbing herself to sleep, so figured I would bring up the ol’, confusing “I don’t drink” meme.

      • Pray4MyFatGayCats says:

        That was another inexplicably ineffable moment

  6. Pray4MyFatGayCats says:

    The last one looks, at first glance, like someone holding a mic and doing standup at an event in the events during fashion week.

    But we know, looking at it again, that it is a staged fauxto and all the action that anyone in real life would report on is already over, as is evidenced by every other person in the shot crowding or heading to the “exit”

    Won’t get fooled again.

  7. Expert Gay says:

    I’d forgotten about that bizarro Boston fauxtoshoot (courtesy of a Harvard student, no less!). We never found out what it was for, or why she insisted on wearing thigh-high socks and an ill-fitting kilt. Fetish modeling seems the only logical explanation. (I actually like that light-blue coat, though I’d wear it with something underneath, probably.)

    And who the hell stands on a table at the NYPL, wearing a hideous green ballgown? Outsider art, indeed.

    • hangonlikegrimdeath says:

      the NYPL fauxtos really make me ragey for some reason. i remember the long hours i logged there as a grad student, and to see this twat standing on the table with a fug dress just irks the shit out of me.

      • Expert Gay says:

        Yeah, I’m a grad student, too, and I can’t stand it.

      • New Yorker says:

        Every time I see those green dress shots at the NYPL, I want to pull her down by her ankles like an angry mom. “JULIA! Get off that table THIS INSTANT! You are GROUNDED!”

      • Lars Von New Trier says:

        As a writer, and someone who works in publishing, I also found the NYPL photos really offensive. Like, “Forget about ideas and books and words, just stare at me instead!”

  8. for serious?? says:

    Dirty midget ballerina feet and midget serious bidness lady are my FAVORITES!!!

    Thank you!

  9. Har-Har says:

    Goodnight, sweet princess *sob*

  10. johnny optional says:

    what the hell is that orange stuff she is shoving in her mouth?

    /sticking to my theory she has no idea how to use a knife and fork

    • Expert Gay says:

      Pumpkin pulp, from the pumpkin-carving evening she strong-armed Jordan into hosting.

      • johnny optional says:

        why is she holding it up to the gaping abyss that is her cake hole?

      • I believe you meant to say “cupcake” hole…

        P.S. FYI to CNN, if the donk is on board, then it’s automatically not a “trend.” Sorry to blow your puff piece on cupcakes being all the rage, but you just need to stop trying to make fetch happen, okay?

    • melissa sue says:

      Dear Jordacted,

      There will be a pumpkin carving halloween party at your house tomorrow night at seven. you provide the pumpkins and the food. and invite your gays. i will show up and grace you with my presence.


  11. Fred Grott says:

    Do Not Cry for NONSOCIETY

    It was Never Donkeys Main Thrust in Life

    Just an accessory, just like Lily

    To get boy toys

    Sorry Biz Partners, you’ll never see your investments back

    Do Not Cry for NONSOCIETY

    it was bound to fail

    As Jules did not want to put up content

    Only about a MacAir after a breakup

    when Julia was not live blogging on Gawker

    Now former biz partners get all the pilots

    even Mary Rambo

    Do Not Cry for NONSOCIETY

  12. So... says:

    Kudos. This post is so bittersweet lol. Julia is my fave soap!!

    Still. With all due respect, if this were my art show… We’d be seeing Elvira Mistress of the Donk in this collection. My personal fave photo evah!!! Seriously. The twisted fishnet. The YSLs(ahem). The pelts. The look. Well you know.

    Love to you all. It’s been fun. I seriously have nothing to live for now. (shootz myself in face.)

  13. I am donkey, hear me bray says:

    What a tool. I don’t know how anyone could be presented with… this, and still manage to muster up a response. I am speechless.

  14. None Society says:

    OT: What is everyone’s guess? When Jules returns to the internet (not unlike the risen Christ), will she make reference to her godbye letter, or will she act as if nothing had ever happened?

    • Suck It Haters, See You in Aspen says:

      She’ll be back within the week mentioning that she’s still sad but on the way to brayvana thanks to a barrage of inspirational (and often contradictory posts).

      After all, she did mention that she can’t fathom life without blogging.

      Fine, two weeks. Breakups are tough on everyone.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      yeah, she’ll resurface in a week or two, if I know my Julesy and I think I do, with a post about the wonderful support and encouragement she has received from her beloved readers. All 3 of them.

    • Lars Von New Trier says:

      i think her “return” won’t be much different than the last couple of months: a Tweet now and again, random pictures of Lilly, and vague mentions of a “pilot.”

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      You kind of answered your own question. The Donkey shall rise again on Easter, just in time to profess her new-found love of Christ while wearing a pope hat, pink bra, and thigh-high leopard boots.

  15. donkeydoo says:

    ‘donkey’ was a topic on jeopardy tonight. it made me nostalgic for the bray cray. oh the days…

    • Web20morons says:

      I guffawed when that came up.

      • Suck it, Trebek says:

        Please tell me you guys caught the “Donkey” category question that said something about a donkey with hair extensions. I actually spit out my drink.

      • shekillsme says:

        Suck it, Trebek -I couldn’t believe that — and I had no idea it was from Pinocchio. I have to say he Donkey + O.T. play on Don Quixote seemed pretty appropriate for our dear donks.

  16. sarahpalinkickedassonthedebate says:

    sooooo… say you had an internship this semester and you busted your ass for probably over a month planning 2 crazy birthbray parties… then the “business” you are interning for chooses to self-destruct…. do you still get credit this semester??

  17. Horse Teeth says:

    Patti is taking Millionaire Matchmaker to NYC next season. I do not think Julia’s hiatus is a coincidence.

  18. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    I’m SO MAD we’re gonna miss out on Easter Whore 2010! I was betting on assless chaps and a belly shirt (emphasis on the belly), posing spread eagle across the altar.

  19. Happy! says:

    now that this train wreck is over (or at least on hiatus) can someone please put together a visual timeline (with photo examples) for each epic fail in her so-called media career? it would be so classic to see her last 3-4 years all laid out in pictures and the demise of her looks and her life to go along with it. and you would have to display it with horizontal scroll just because (it is a timeline after all)

    • Um. . . that takes a lot of effort.

    • Afghani Facebook Friend says:

      that would be epic. a visual representation of how, at one time, she had a chance to make it but then ended up failing at critical junctions due to her “ME ME ME” attitude. and to watch her parents and enablers cheering her on at each step, even as she shit on other people and publicly embarassed herself. the downhill slide in the looks department would reflect TOO MUCH DR BOBBY as well.

    • Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

      No worries, there is one, complete with horizontal scroll. It’s called NonSociety.com!

  20. Dyspeptic2 says:

    Am I evil to enjoy the fact that our Lady Peltsalot, Julia Allison, began yesterday all atwitter about her daring DVF leopard-spotted getup with thigh-high boots and ended it committing social media suicide? Eh, what of it.

    • Quaker says:

      If we are insinuating that she hopes to be involved with millionaire matchmaking, she was probably on her way to meet the matchmaker (hence the hideous hooker outfit) and was told to dump the site (hence the “GOODBAI INTARWEBZ!1”) Just a hunch…

  21. ET says:

    someone wrote about it on the frisky. sounds like one of us.

    is it me or is everyone else besides us making this out to be a big deal? gawker has like 2 posts on it, then the frisky. it’s like she’s making a comeback by disappearing. ugh.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      That was the plan. Sigh.

    • i really like the frisky. and i like that they call her out on so much stuff that gawker has ignored.

      • THIS, from the article:

        This — this is what happens when you make your entire life about showing off for strangers online. This is what happens when you construct a life to mimic an unrealistic TV show (“Sex in the City”) — especially when the heroine of said TV show fails in love over and over and over. This is what happens when you have so little respect for the privacy of people in your life or the integrity of your relationships that you willingly and enthusiastically share information that is meant to be kept personal.

      • New Yorker says:

        Me too. I think they hit the nail on the head. Gawker should take notes.

    • SunflowerSeed says:

      I enjoyed the article on some levels, but I have to say that the author, Wendy Atterberry, recently did a similar “flounce” herself, so isn’t exactly one who should point fingers.

      She wrote a piece about how she needed “more gays” in her circle of friends that was really obnoxious. Gawker called her out, and she freaked from all the criticism and peaced from the Interweb for a few days/weeks (I don’t recall exactly how long) before coming back and writing a fairly immature, self-pitying rant.

      Also? If you’re going to write a screed about anyone, check it for typos, Wendy. They tend to declaw/devalue a piece rather quickly.

      • Howfucky Derby says:

        My dearest SunflowerSeed, I love you like a brother (sister?), but this is not the day to take a shit on Wendy or the Frisky. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that good stuff.

  22. BunnyBingo says:

    Omg, it’s a modern tragedy. Julia Allison, spiritual journeyer extraordinaire loses her way and gets trapped in the bright lights, glitz and glamor of the fake social media world! Miniseries coming this fall to the Fox network!!!!

  23. Julia'sHyperbolame says:

    Megan Lasagna’s tweet, retweeted by Meghanaise:

    “She’s a special individual. And she needs a special amount of love.”

    A ‘special amount of love’?!?!

      • someproblems says:

        What i find hilarious and amazing in the media responses to this is that everyone is calling NonSociety DOA where as Janks just said she was taking a break.

        She’s not controlling the P.R. anymore and people are calling her business dead and acting like the biggest narcissist over sharer has truly left the internet.

        We here know this to be false, which puts her in a precarious position when decides to come back in 2 weeks.

        Those Gawker posts read like NonSociety obits.


      • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

        She’ll have to shit or get of the pot, won’t she?

        Down and Out in Beacon Hill:
        “Since Nonsociety finally bit the dust today, I had a bit of a flashback … I could see her forehead was broken out, and she was sporting some high-tech form of orthodontia.”

        Julia Allison Sets Stage for Reunion Tour:
        “Lifecaster” Julia Allison—who has made a living convincing people how mesmerizing her own navel is—will “no longer be documenting” her day-to-day quest for dresses and cupcakes.”

  24. Julia's Fat Ass says:

    These are all too good, and the post itself is servicey. If anyone needs to know why anyone would spend time making fun of this floozy, well, these pictures. Any of them. End of argument.

    The NY Public Library is among my favorites. What the fuck were those pictures for, why did she do them, and is she serious about that “look far off into the distance” wistful stare? Also get off the fucking table donkey.

  25. rachel says:

    um, how has masha not made any kind of statement or even an update yet? this whole thing is such a farce..

  26. Colors_Insulting_to_Nature says:

    What about Szish’s entry about Julia keeping “everyone more than entertained today” and wishing her luck and love, etc. on her “continuing journey of self discovery.” Sounds passive aggressive to me..not that I blame her, just no sure why a woman with a legit career hitched a ride on the Donkey’s cart.

    • Suck It Haters, See You in Aspen says:

      Definitely call passive agressive. The “entertainment” portion def refers to us and Gawker, no?

  27. Leave My College Alone says:

    So basically she puleed some shit in Aspen that caused both Prom Kubg and Jordan to bolt. Any guesses?

  28. bettedavis says:

    I guess she never made it to the National Magazine Awards, did she?

  29. New Yorker says:

    I was thinking… to be fair, if Julia is “leaving” the internet, perhaps the best way to reinforce this action is to stop writing here. As much as I love this site, my #1 desire is for JA to stop this shitstorm parade, in real life and online. If she’s dark, I kind of want her to stay dark, and continuing to snark on her when she’s dark might send a “what the hell, they do it regardless” message. So I think this might be my last comment… until she returns.

    Lots of love, catladies.

  30. Worrisome Pelts says:

    The photos only get better when you imagine them lovingly lined up on the piano at Casa del Baugher (aka the Wilmett Motel 6). I hope Granny Baugher has at least a few of them at the manse.

    • NuttlyGrannyMoneybags says:

      I have them all! Of course Julia gifted them to me at every possible holiday. 24″ x 36″, matted and framed. I keep them in my “Julia” room, which is just a fancy name for “basement”. (The garage was already filled.)

  31. Leave My College Alone says:

    Can we discuss Lasagna coming here and posting Prom King’s identity after he dumped Julia just like she did with Code Name TK?

    If Julia is spinning her hamster wheels trying to get him back this is the WORST thing she could do. Perhaps he changed his number?

    • No Money Peltskank says:

      Wait. Do we know that for sure? My battery died on my in the chat last night and, genius that I am, I left my charger back at the office, so I don’t know what the final verdict was on that matter. It certainly seems plausible, but still.
      If this is what went down, though, I suppose she realised that there is no chance in hell of getting that wallet back and had him thrown to the wolves as a final fuck you very much.

    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

      The outtings happen when she knows w/out a doubt that she’s been blown off for good ~ it’s vindictive tit-for-tat in Julia’s repertoire of relationship mind-games ~ her way of having the last word.

      She has the emotional maturity of a spoiled tween, the looks of a busted-up Vegas show girl, the lucidity of some crazy aunt in the attic & the black heart of a bitter old blister.

      Who knows WTF is up w/ Lasagna! Something very ‘Thelma-&-Louise’ about her part in all this is the best guess I can venture on that one.

  32. HaHaHa says:

    Looks like Katrina is the only one posting on NonSociety. I wonder if Meghan bailed too???

  33. Howfucky Derby says:

    I wonder if Julesy realized that her impulsive, late-night screed of self-pity would be taken as a formal letter of resignation, and that Nonsociety would be assumed dead by association. It would seem that Donkey has painted herself into a corner. I can’t wait to see how she tries to spin this one.

  34. She's just stupid says:

    The funny thing about this “going dark” business is that…what can she possibly be doing with her time now? She doesn’t really have any hobbies or friends to occupy her time and she’s so homebound anyway. Maybe she’s moving.

  35. Hahaha, Shhhhh’s to-do list is hysterical. It’s so mundane but she’s making a big deal about it, and buried in the middle there is “Talk to Julia.”

    • WTF??? says:


      I like that. Sheesh is super PA these past few days.

      At elast tehre is some real work on that list.

    • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

      Saw that too; wondered if it’s subtle hint that:
      * she’s not readily available to hear Julia’s whinefest
      * she’s gonna bail NS, right after she wipes her ass

    • MinnietheMoocher, Inc. says:

      Talk to Julia
      Should probably read “find out from Julia if this site is shutting down”

  36. Prom General says:

    She sure makes odd choices. Was the story ever told as to why she was standing on the library table?

  37. Johnny Optional says:

    This is serious business folks, this is all for Julia’s pilot for a show about what to wear when you aren’t on the internet.

  38. MinnietheMoocher, Inc. says:

    Ah, the Madam Elvira dress, good stuff. The best part? She made that her Facebook profile pic for a couple of weeks. She LIKED the way she looks there!

  39. Driveby Commenter says:

    So, I’m curious (nosy as hell) and am requesting a favor…

    We know PK changed his ZuckFace status to ‘unsingle’ back in February. Could one of you well-connected cat fanciers check to see if he has changed it back to ‘donkey-free’ yet?

  40. Tom Brady says:

    I saw those pix of PK and all the different women. As a notorious connoisseur myself, it’s no exaggeration that every one of them is MUCH hotter than Julia. And much younger-looking (if not in fact chronologically younger).

    Utterly baffling as to what he would have seen in her. I can understand a middle-aged, autistic loner being initially attracted to her extroversion. But this guy? Maybe PK is seriously a bit slow-witted.

    • Tom Brady says:

      p.s. is the midget ballerina pic photoshopped? That’s nightmarish.

      • Ehehehe says:

        Lol! No it’s not…
        Which makes it so much more fun to look at!

      • for serious?? says:

        besides the midgetness….

        don’t forget to cast a cold eye over the dirty feet and dogs being held in the frame tho they would rather bolt!

      • dd says:

        Is the red head picture of Julia holding glasses photoshopped? Her legs aren’t that stumpy, amirite?

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      Tom, I’m going with the theory PK got set up with a jabba blind date through a brah-friend and was like “well ok i’ll give it a shot, why not? maybe she has inner beauty!” bwahahahahahhaha.

  41. idiotbox says:

    The saddest thing about Julia’s meltdown is that when she returns (and she WILL return) she will have learned NOTHING from this experience. My prediction is that she will post a picture of her gaping maw with a way-too-long, self-congratulatory post on how the decision to take the hiatus was a mature one and how she’s a changed woman and can see everything clearly now. She will continue to ignore the outside world and the sound advice her “haters” offer, and post pictures upon pictures of her, shoes and cupcakes and dogs and etc, but, most of all, she will still be hellbent on getting famous.
    It takes a special snowflake to not evolve at all, and, i think, julia allison is that kind of a special snowflake.

    • KrakenSkulls says:

      I think you are spot on. She’ll come back like a Lohan out of rehab, “Stronger than ever and ready to get back to business” and all that flacky tacky shit people say after the do their bit in the celebrity time-out corner.

  42. I am donkey, hear me bray says:

    This thread is probably dead by now, but I can’t believe not ONE of you didn’t think of the MIT lecture fauxto. That is my favorite “julezy takes herself srsly; srsly guys.” fauxto ever!

  43. Mrs. Pluto8 says:

    look what I FOUND! Video of JA and PK on their first date (prom) and their xmas date.



    She must have unhidden these videos. They were not there before.

  44. sparklywizardsleeve says:

    I know I left this comment elsewhere, but I’m drunk and confused but is she related to Octomom? They look so alike and seem to share brainless matter. And did she have crickets or scurvy as a child because you could drive a herd of cattle through them legs. Is it too late for leg braces?

  45. Turkey Lurkey Tim says:

    hi kids. long time lurker, first time commenter. hopefully this isnt redundant but i came across this on the frisky today and lol’d. it’s like it was written just for julia: http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-30-things-every-woman-should-quit-doing-by-30/

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