A Tweet Too Far: Donkey Man Recap

Let’s do a Donkey’s Men recap, shall we, in the years since the dumping from [REDACTED] apparently caused her to forever lose her fucking mind?

First up, Chas Foreman. Hot as hell, but she reportedly treated him badly. And brayed so much in his presence that he complained of tinnitus. And wouldn’t bang him, if his Tweet that he hadn’t had sex in eight months — a month after he dated her for three months — is to be believed.

Enter Eater Guy. Also hot as hell. He put down ground rules: No blogging or Tweeting about their relationship. But eventually she couldn’t help herself and even did a TMI Weakly shitshow about the fact that he didn’t like staying in Lilly’s Pink Shitter Box and put out the call for birth control recommendations because, you know, Google and her doctor couldn’t provide that kind of information. News of their relationship then mysteriously showed up on Gawker. Dumped. And Eater Guy moved on to a “tiny and cute” normal woman almost immediately.

A few months pass of random dating here and there and then we have Harvard Harley, an Ivy League catch-and-a-half. She went nuts over him. Remember these Tweets after only one or two dates? OH. DEAR.

Um … @MaryRambin? July 18th may have come a little early this year. :) (!!!!!)

Can you procrastinate your destiny? Hmm.

Not surprisingly, those Tweets freaked out both Har-Har and his family members and he fled. But not before introducing her to Jordan, who would also later flee in the face of insanity.

Around this time there was Jewish Writer Guy. He didn’t want a third date, and told her so. She responded to the rejection nastily, by Tweeting that he wasn’t very funny for a comedy writer. Because no one knows humor like our Donkey!

And then came BootyCall. This is one whose existence I doubt, along with Hipster Lawyer’s. Her gross-out “I JUST HAD HOT SEX 😉 🙂 😉  😉 ”  Tweets about him seemed entirely aimed at making Harvard Harley jealous. And yet, in the dying days of BootyCall, she seemed to suggest she was developing feelings for him. So if he was in fact a real person, he dumped her as soon as that shit started and he realized she was very likely about to out him, and we had these sad-face Tweets back in August:

Even with a new beginning, it’s still hard to accept an end.about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon

The funny thing about falling in love … It always seems to happen when you least expect it. And with the last person you’d imagine.about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

I just don’t understand why God has to treat my life like a particularly cheesy soap opera. I’m tired. Can we cut to a commercial please?16 minutes ago from web

Enter Codename TK. Ohhh yes. They Facebook messaged for three years, according to Donk, and she was basically calling him her boyfriend after meeting him once in L.A. over “sake bombs!” The Tweets were embarrassing, including one about how she’d told her friends she’d finally “found” a boyfriend. Just one problem — he had a girlfriend. Meltdown ensued, Lasagna was dispatched to reveal his true identity to us, and then she was soon boning some guy in Palo Alto, again with the smiley-face Tweets in the hopes that TK was still reading her Twitter stream.

Then Hipster Lawyer showed up, the one whose existence I sincerely doubt. Then Prom King. Then the showdown between Hipster Lawyer, aka Dadsers, and Prom King. And lucky Prom King!! He won because he lived closer to the Donkey, even though she’d spent the previous months braying about how she might be moving to L.A.

And now even Prom King, master of cheesy performance dates and possessor of large wallet, is tired of her ass too and weirded out by her wedding obsession.

Does Donkey see a pattern here? She has scared off just about every man she’s come into contact with in the past two years. When does someone who professes to want to get married SO BADLY actually do as she says she’s going to do and STOP BLOGGING/TWEETING THE SHIT out of her relationships and her obsession with getting married and, oh yes, to get some extensive fucking therapy to figure out why she is so completely mental that she Facebook-messaged a former boyfriend at 4 a.m. recently, sobbingly congratulating him on his engagement.

Therapy, Princess Pelts. T-H-E-R-A-P-Y.

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  1. Please note, Tiny Donkey, that Jacy said THERAPY. NOT another high-priced pimp…I mean, matchmaker.

  2. Princess WideStance says:

    Yo Julia, LISTEN TO JACY. She speaks the truth.

    When you really think about it, we are this woman’s best friends. And that is so fucking sad. And funny. More funny than sad.

  3. Pray4MyFatGayCats says:

    This fucking therapy of which you speak. I can haz?

  4. IamLA says:

    If you’re looking for an image, may I suggest: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chromogenic/2073988080

  5. Dr. Gary says:

    Wow. Just WOW. Great re-cap, Jacy.

    In fact, all the RBNS posts today have been EPIC.

    Jacy, Juliaspublicist and Partypants? I raise my glass of Franzia to you and say SO. BLESSED.

  6. Blogging101 says:

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

    I am sure this has been posted on RBNS before but it popped into my head while reading this post.

  7. Can I bitch about therapy for a second? I just got a letter from my health insurance, telling me to go see ANOTHER therapist assigned by them to make sure I need therapy at all, so they can pay the insurance for the therapist, who take my insurance, that I have already chosen.

    Healthcare reform MY ASS!

    • kaka manna says:

      It hasn’t started yet. Supposedly snafus like what you’re encountering is what the law is supposed to prevent. (Yeah, we’ll see.)

      But I remember being in a similar situation a few years back & I was like, this is the time of my life when I am the most stressed out & ill-equipped to deal with this dickery. Fuck it.” And I doubled up on the self-medication. (Not a wise call on my part. I hope it all works out for you, dear.)

    • kaka manna says:

      It hasn’t started yet. Supposedly snafus like this are what the law is supposed to prevent. (Yeah, we’ll see…)

      But I remember being in a similar situation a few years back & I was like, “This is the time of my life when I am the most stressed out & ill-equipped to deal with this kind of dickery. Fuck it.” And I doubled up on the self-medication. (Not a wise call on my part. I hope it all works out for you, dear.)

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      I’m sorry, JP. That sucks. I gripe about my insurance, but they are happy for me to see anyone in-network as often as necessary for just my $20 co-pay. Of course, my therapist knows this, so I imagine I’ll never be “cured.”

      • I have an HSA and a huge ass deductible, so everything is out of pocket anyway, unless I have like a car accident or a $100,000 surgery. I will never meet my deductible so why do they even care. But now I have to jump through their hoops to see if this will meet their deductible at all. I rarely go to the doctor because everytime I got my insurance makes it a big fucking deal and fights like hell to cover anything. Fuck them! Fuck fuck fuck.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        Fuck them, indeed.

      • It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia says:

        JP, you’re dealing w/ standard ins co M.O. ~ I don’t know if healthcare reform will improve that situation, but it’s not a new approach, trust. I would recommend to ya to think twice before signing a release to turn over 1st doc’s med recs tho’ ~ good luck in it all!

    • Jordache and the Pelts says:

      I don’t where you live or what city or whatever, but you might want to look up your local GLBT center. Regardless of your issues, which are probs no biggie since you seem to be totally sane and sharp as a tack, many states (and DC) have grants to cover therapy, which are well worth pursuing.

      • I went down that road years ago when I was going through some serious problems in another city. Where I live now doesn’t really have robust LGBT resources.

    • Pray4MyFatGayCats says:

      If the shrink you like wants to play, you can ask about the self pay rate. Many professionals will take, say, $50/hour rate from a person directly, which is often all they get from the ins. co. from their $150/hour rate. And that might be the same for you as your copay?

  8. Expert Gay says:

    I recently had the weekend from hell. Flew to DC for a class, left my suitcase on a bus, discovered I had no reservation for the guesthouse where I’d planned to stay, missed my flight back home … And as I finally boarded a later flight (for which I’d had to pay an extra $50), I thought, “If I were Julia Allison, I would have tweeted the shit out of all this. But I know that no one cares.” And it’s so liberating to realize that NO ONE CARES.

    I wonder when Julia will reach this epiphany. I’m guessing never.

  9. HaHaHa says:

    I wonder what her number is? Over 20???

    • LeaveMyCollegeAlone says:

      I wish she would just own it. I don’t really give a flying cupcake about how many guys have tamed the donkey with two backs, but it’s her “I’m such a good girl who never! drinks! or fucks! never!!” posturing that frosts my cookies.

      Plus? She swears like a sailor and dresses like a tranny on Derby Day.

      She’s not a lady; she’s a broad. And she thinks we’re too dumb to notice.

      • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

        It’s cool to be a broad. I agree that she should just own it, drink a god damn motherfucking beer, tattoo a pin-up girl on her forearm, and drunkenly make out with someone who works in neither finance nor media nor tech. Maybe even allow herself to be photographed from her OMGBAD side.

        Burp, fart and get over it, Julia.

      • Ba Donka DONK says:

        “Burp, fart, get over it” should be her next wrist tattoo.

      • DirtyLakeMichigan says:

        “Plus? She swears like a sailor and dresses like a tranny on Derby Day.”
        I die from the laughing.

      • Shrug Bitch says:

        “burp fart and get over it” should be added to the growing roster of RBNS tee shirts.

  10. Wife Fluffer says:

    …. so how much longer do you think it will take before another post along the lines of “omg every guy I date totally marries the girl they date after me?”

    Also… rando question: what did donkey do for her parents to disown her and not talk to her way back when?

    • The disowned shit was completely made up. She did it for sympathy. It doesn’t even make sense. Why would her parents disown her because of a reblogging site?

  11. Sake Bombadier says:

    You rang?

  12. Prom KING says:

    Well I’m young, free and single.
    I just want to mingle
    with you lay-de-eez…



  13. Ba Donka DONK says:

    I just gave this post a standing ovation. Hear hear.

  14. peltvest says:

    are catladyz in chat? I’ve never been able to access this irc shit. I give my legit email in all my posts. Can someone get me in?

    GAWD. I’m drunk and neet some chat therapy.

  15. Donksers says:

    JACY…the Dr. Seuss book cover is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on RBNS. Good work! Lots of funny posts tonight, as always. This place is therapeutic.

  16. twankle toes says:

    this post is wonderul, but also makes me feel bad for/annoyed with her. All Julia wants is to be desired by men. She wants to be the beautiful girl who they can’t wait to meet and then fall in love with because she’s also smart, funny, and down to earth. There is a side of her that tries so desperately to be that girl. But it’s all an act and everyone sees that eventually. And then she doubles her efforts, like with the probably fake Hipster Lawyer thing, to try and make people see what she wants them to see.

    There are so few people who have ‘it all’, the magnetic, eccentric personality, the good looks, that unattainable thing. And it can never be faked, it just makes you look worse. I wish she would just embrace the things she likes (cupcakes!), forget the things she doesn’t (books!) and find someone to like her for her. Having no sense of self is a terrible way to to through life, even for a donkey.

    My boyfriend is 28, 15 pounds over weight, and starting to go bald a bit and I love him more than anything and it makes me happy. Just saying Julsey, that life you aspired to in high school looks better from the outside.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      A+ post. Good luck to you and your man… I mean cat!

    • Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

      You have mastered the art of being in love with another flesh and blood human being. Julia has bought fully into the rom-com dream complete with herself as the quirky, lovable girl in the city. Most of us realize that dream is just that a dream by the time we have regular periods and we take each relationship on the merits of the person we are seeing. It must be different for donkeys.

  17. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    She’s threatening to go dark on social media to “clear [her] head”. THERAPY, bitch! THERAHHHHPEEEEE!

  18. worrisome cupcake says:

    Ruh-roh! Looks like we really did hurt Donk’s feelings, or at least strike a cord with the “unsubstantiated” rumors:

    I’m thinking of taking a social media hiatus for the next few weeks. Clear my head a bit.
    16 minutes ago via Echofon

    18 minutes ago via Echofon

    Okay, bets! How long will the hiatus last? I’m putting my cash on less than 48 hours!

    • misssparklecupcakes says:

      minnie totally called it on Sunday by pointing out it’s usually after a bout of craycray that the donk goes dark.

      MinnietheMoocher, Inc Says:
      March 21, 2010 at 9:54 pm | Reply

      Just a guess: No tweets or blergs for the next two days as Jules will be unable to drag her depressed ass out of bed. Mood stabilizers, Jules. Look into them.

    • misssparklecupcakes says:

      one more comment (i swear); since this whole social media stuff is supposed to be her fucking JOB… it sure must be nice to just go on hiatus from work because you need to clear your head. newsflash donk: unless you get some serious therapy and really look at the role you have played in your mess that is a life, no amount of time off is going to clear that head of yours.

      oh my gawd, i have the stabbies after thinking that i worked full time while in the middle of a divorce, my mom dying from cancer, my brother having marital problems, and just having moved to a new town. and i managed to kick ass at said job and deliver above and beyond my goals for that period of time.

      • I know, exactly, life is so hard so I’m going to take yet another vacation from my non-job.

        It’s not that we scrutinize her soley because she has a blog, we scrutinize her because she claims her blog is her business and she acts crazy and calls it content and doesn’t expect to be called out on her instability. I would feel bad, but I don’t. Until she looks into herself I won’t.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      She wants people to email/tweet her and say “NOOOOO DONT GO DARK!!!11”

      When no one does, she’ll realize this “thread” backfired and she’ll start tweeting/fb’ing again. It won’t last more than a week. Probably far less. I’d bet she’s tweeting again by Saturday.

  19. liy's 3rd eye says:

    Oy. Another crash in round 397 of JA’s Drama of the Gifted Child. I almost feel sorry for her – girl needs some serious help.

  20. Normal Healthy Julia That I Am Today says:

    Seriously, what do you people think was up with lasagna’s tweet:
    “She’s a special individual and she needs a special amount of love”

    Asha retweeted it soon after. Someone pointed it out earlier but I want to talk about it more! There is no way this could refer to anyone but the most special princess.

    On the last thread someone called the Megs enablers, but it seemed sarcastic to me. Soon after, Jules’s twiter was all sad faces and lost appetites. I smell mutiny!

    And I think Asha was talking about her other friends when she tweeted “I love my girls.” She probably told her other “girls” she was leaving and was met with a tsunami of cheers and support.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      I wish you were right… but Lasagna seems to stupid… I could see her meaning her tweet SERIOUSLY. Same with Meghan… she’s just so lazy she might’ve re-tweeted Meghan’s post, rather than bother to write her own.

      I doubt they’re bashing Donkey… sadly.

    • No Money Peltskank says:

      Sounds like something people say on “Pets need a home” programmes on TV when they try to interest you in a particularly hard case.

  21. DSM-V: JFA edition says:

    What a coincidence. Ive been feeling the need to clear my head too, so… after 4 vacations in the last month I’m just going to not go to work for a couple of weeks. Donkey grow the fuck up!! This is your “business”. I really hope you take an extended hiatus and really get some help and assess your life and relationships. I genuinely do (I’m so nice). You need to find a job, settle down, if you want to you can marry… Oh wait my life advice just got sidetracked by cat Stevens… Where was I… Oh yeah, get a job. And then maybe have a tumblr where you post occasional quotes or pics or whatever, but just stop telling people it is your job. It is embarrassig and not helping you to be able to connect with and form a relationship with a normal person – romantic or friend. Stop listening to enablers among your friends and family. If you have feelings for pk stop talking about it and enjoy time together. Maybe you’ll like each other. If you don’t have feelings for him than for gods sake woman look at what you are doing. You are a 29 yr old with plenty of pre-expiry time left to build a life for yourself. Just make this hiatus as permanent as the one next new networks put tmi-bi-annually on. And do something you love. That might take some time to figure out, but that is okay. And don’t televise the bliss finding. Do it for you (that part should be easy). Good luck. But I suspect you’ll be back by 3:45 am Monday with a paradigm shifting new adventure. I’ll keep watching cuz I’m hooked on this spiraling loop, but it is getting painful.

  22. Eyebrows of Fury says:

    “she Facebook-messaged a former boyfriend at 4 a.m. recently, sobbingly congratulating him on his engagement.”

    Woah is me, really?! Damn, Jackles.

  23. bitchface says:

    Julia, don’t feel too bad. What you get isn’t 1/100th as bad as what Jesse James is getting right now. And you’re ~almost~ on the same level of scuzziness…. just sayin’

  24. NIHILIST says:


    • peltvest says:

      welcome back? Why do you keep showing up anyways/

      I mean, you’re creepin’ the creepsters

      take a look at the man in the mirror, brah

  25. peltvest says:

    okay. thanks for stopping by NIHILIST. teaching me a lesson, you just did.

    care to give more advice?

  26. Normal Healthy Julia That I Am Today says:

    Heads up people: Jackles now claims to be done blerging, period. Looks very dramatic… long career retrospective post full of links. I came over here to post before I read.

    If she is “done” then I bet at least one Meg did quit.


    • Normal Healthy Julia That I Am Today says:

      Wow, if any of you guys are up read this now. I don’t even know where to start.

      Goodbye, for now.

      Hello there.

      Although I don’t know you and you don’t – let’s face it – really know me, we’ve been through a lot. I started blogging in 2006, and began this lifecast in 2007. I chugged away, dutifully recording these bits of my existence, photographing and captioning and – especially in the first years – reflecting quite a lot, ruminating on life, love, and happiness. Sometimes I shared deeply personal stories with you, other times – lately – not much at all. Sometimes I offered you advice. Sometimes I just posted awesome photos of my pet dog. I talked about my faith – which I came into (relatively) late in the game, but which has changed me inexorably as I navigated my way through the byzantine maze of my late twenties.

      That maze continues, but I will no longer be documenting it. At least for now.

      This post has been a long time coming, and I think it will surprise no one to hear that I’m taking a leave from lifecasting. How long will I be gone? Perhaps only a few weeks. Maybe a few months. And yes, there is the possibility (however implausible) that I’ll never lifecast again. I love the solidity of closing the door to the past, of ending this life chapter with a definitive thud, all “Well, that’s THAT!”

      But that, of course, is not how life works. Life humbles you with irony and twists, it surprises you by giving you everything you ever imagined you wanted, only to leave you grasping for something else entirely. And just when you think you’ve figured everything out, you find out you know even less than when you began.

      For so long I was ambitious and enthusiastic and genuinely, GENUINELY happy. I am no longer any of these things, and I haven’t been for quite some time now. I am badly, badly burnt out.

      Various readers have asked what is going on “behind the scenes” here at Nonsociety – what “really” happened with Jordan, what “really” happened with Mary, why I never post anymore, do I care about my critics, why don’t I do this or that or the other thing, what’s happening with my career, what’s happening with Prom King, what’s happening with my waistline and my face and my future, and here is the short answer, the answer that should surprise you more than anything:

      I don’t want to talk about it.

      And the longer answer, which I sent to one (originally rude, but later quite reasonable) reader:

      Why do you think I owe you anything? I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you, but honestly, you’re not a friend of mine, nor are you family, so I’m a bit confused as to why you think that you have some sort of say in how I should or should not be …

      Here’s the deal: I *DO* ignore the critics, absolutely. I don’t read the reblogging site, ever ever ever, and I have to shut them out (even emails like yours), because the truth is, I know better than anyone how I’m doing, why I do what I do, what my goals are (or were, at least), etc. And if I were to listen to outsiders who didn’t know me – most of whom wish me ill will – I would literally go crazy.

      And sometimes the things going on behind the scenes are far, far too painful to talk about … I’m already going through a total Turning 29 crisis (it started when I was 28 1/2), but I don’t feel like sharing that with the world. In fact, I’m not sure WHAT I feel like sharing with the world, except photos of my dog and occasional party pictures. I’m exceptionally confused with what I want in life … I thought I wanted one thing, then I got it, and now it doesn’t seem so great anymore. So where to from here? I have NO idea. And even if I had the answer, I’m not sure I’d write about it.

      Is that lame? I don’t know. Part of me has really stopped caring what other people think. I mean, it still can hurt my feelings (which is why I don’t seek out criticism), but ultimately I can’t spend my life worrying that strangers aren’t pleased with my decisions. We each have to travel our own path, replete with all sorts of lessons – some of which aren’t so much fun to learn sometimes.
      This career – this wild ride I embarked upon when I moved to New York, a naive, ambitious, frightened girl of 23 – has given me everything I wanted. More than that, even.

      But I no longer want what I wanted back then. Last August, everything changed. It wasn’t subtle and it wasn’t gradual – it was literally a moment, and EVERYTHING shifted. All of the cliches about women and biology rang true for me: I went from being blissfully single to obsessing about finding a husband in a span of about six months prior to my 29th birthday.

      At the same time, I began experiencing this strange unhappiness and exhaustion and frustration with what I had been doing – quite happily – for the past five years.

      I tried writing about it, several times, including this one, which I wrote in February:

      So … so. The elephant in the website (does that slight permutation on the cliche even work? sigh) is that I’ve drastically reduced my posting here over the past month or two.

      It’s obvious, and yet I’ve failed to address it. Why? For a multitude of reasons, really, not the least of which is that, while I knew that something was wrong, I couldn’t really articulate it.

      I had planned write something around the first of January explaining that I was taking time off. Except that in order to write something, I needed (or felt I needed) an explanation.

      But I had no explanation. Not for you, and more worryingly, not for me.

      Oh, sure, I could list a variety of reasons I wanted to stop – for a while, a few months maybe – but I had disproportionate trouble putting them down on paper. Er … screen.

      And what does one say when one has a general malaise? ”I’m going through something? Except I don’t know what?” “I’m just not that into this website? Sorry?” “I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to do anything, much less post on my website?” “I have no idea what’s wrong with me, but I sure as hell am not going to reveal any weakness to YOU!”

      But those “reasons” had been around for some time. What had changed?

      I had no idea. All I knew was that in the last six-eight months (since August, really), something had shifted in me. I wasn’t myself, and it took me until December to realize what it was, and how bad it had gotten.

      It has been very bad indeed.

      The truth is, I’m not sure what I want anymore. I really have no idea. And that has been deeply confusing to someone who has charged full force ahead (sure, sometimes in entirely the wrong direction) her entire life.

      Frankly, I don’t even know in which city I want to live. New York doesn’t seem like *ME* anymore, but I don’t know what city does. I know I don’t want to travel as much, I know I don’t want to go to parties as much, I know I don’t want to “network” as much. I also know that lately I stand in photos and smile and pretend my life is just perfect, BUT IT’S NOT.

      What do I need now? Who the hell knows? The only thing that appeals to me right now is going to an ashram far, far away. I’m embarrassed that I don’t have these answers. I’m exhausted – not physically. My soul is exhausted. I’ve lost my purpose. I’ve lost perspective. Worst of all, I’ve lost the joy I used to find constantly in life, except in very rare moments. I don’t feel like ME anymore. I’m just … I’m sad. I’m really, really sad.

      But I know myself and I know I’ll pick myself up and dust myself off and all of those other cliches, and one day I’ll look back on this and laugh and laugh and say, “See? The universe can’t fill your basket unless you empty it first.”

      So I guess this is me emptying my basket. I don’t regret this experiment, this foray into real time sharing, this career or this life. I am proud of some things I have done, I am ashamed of others. I am not perfect – I never claimed I was – but I believe I can be better, I can treat others better, I can live a better life.

      I won’t disappear forever, but now it’s time for me to focus on other projects, on my relationships, on love, on regaining that sense of joy that I have lost, but most of all, on living my life with a deep sense of purpose and faith.

      For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

      – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

      As a wise friend once told me, sometimes it takes as much courage to leave as it does to stay.

      Thank you for listening.


      • Scooby Don't says:

        Is this where we’re supposed to start the slow clap?

        What a poorly written pile of self justifying self aggrandizing tripe.
        Keep on spinning and rewriting history Jules.
        and btw, I don’t buy you leaving the web for a second.
        With it you’re a joke but without it you’re nothing.

      • Colors_Insulting_to_Nature says:

        Hmmm…I feel like I’ve read this particular “Farewell Internet, I have changed, don’t know what I want” post–or variation on this post–several times before…

  27. Unsubstantiated rumor-mill says:

    Do you want an unsubstantiated rumor that ties into this post too?

    Fuckbuddy from last summer was engaged at the time.

    (his name rhymes with Bave Zinczenko)

  28. Justine says:

    Ugh that story makes me nauseous.

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