Komen Update

As of right now, Julia Allison has only managed to raise $790 of her measly $2000 goal for Komen.

Fantastic job, Julia.

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  1. My Bald Runyon Canyon says:

    they probably paid more than that in airfare. what a bunch of idiots. btw, you know PK or some other idiot (dadsers?) is going to cut a check for the difference just so baby-special-princess doesn’t look bad.

  2. Grimace says:

    Wonder how much of that was “raised” by them trying to charge $75 at the door like they did to those two guys mentioned on the last post.

  3. BlerghBray says:

    Just curious — but how are you getting the numbers? I’m surprised they are that high!

    • Postcoital Kleenex Pelts says:

      It’s listed here.

    • kaka manna says:

      We should all donate in the name of RebloggingNS. I’m sure we could raise $1200 by tomorrow afternoon, even @ $10/a piece. (And we could add a personalized note to Hoolia, as I’m sure she’s cc’ed on all notifications of donations rec’d)

      PS – Donkey

      • PKJesus says:

        Seriously. Is there an easy way to tell approximately how many commenters are at RBNS? Multiply by $5 or $10 and we’ve hit goldmine.

      • Birthbray Princess says:

        I think this is a great idea.

      • PKJesus says:

        If RBNS comes through with this it would make me really happy. This site has truly grown as a community and it would be nice if we did something good besides providing each other with major lols.

      • kaka manna says:

        I’m going to drop this until the mods say anything about it. One point that someone brought up is that these are only online donations, They feasibly could have (SHOULD have, for God’s sake) collected more $ at the door.

      • Howfucky Derby says:

        I feel a little weird about the competitive donations thing. On the one hand, the money will be put to good use, no matter how “spiteful” the motivation; on the other hand, Julia will, of course, take credit for it.

        If we want to have our own fundraiser, that would be awesome. I just think it should be a special, separate event.

  4. NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

    Oh bunny, no matter what you do, it’s a FAIL.

  5. Eeyore Milne says:

    No surprise here but was a little surprised to have that WB cartoon character lightbulb going off over my head when reading Joyce Carol Oates’ description of Amy Bishop: “She is a sociopath and has been enabled by individuals around her who shield her from punishment.” That, and Foster Kamer sucks dick.

  6. Cap goes wild says:

    Her birthday antics didn’t really live up to last year’s precedent, did they? Maybe the presence of her boyfriend-that-she-doesn’t-love kept her from jabbing her tongue into cakes and similar excesses.

    • melissa sue says:

      we still don’t know what happened in SF.

      • No Money Peltskank says:

        Even more so since one of the hostesses seems to have a minimum of 4k to be spent on her during dates. Not to speak of taking her plus a “coworker” and said coworker’s husband on a sweet trip to Aspen. Then again, if she thinks that everybody operates like this, it’s not surprising that she assumes they don’t have much extra cash left to donate to a good cause.
        Look how she seems to be burning through PK’s monthly allowance. I sense one upset trust fund manager in the near future.

      • No Money Peltskank says:

        That was supposed to go below Idiotbox’s comment below.

  7. idiotbox says:

    2k is a pathetic goal to set for their crowd. she endorses pelts that cost that much, for crying out loud.

  8. Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:


    everyone email Julia and ask why she excluded the only member of her retard squad who has a real career!

    my theory: they are in SF for moment of reckoning with the daddies who they’ll try to wrap around their fingers more tightly like the little con artists that they are and jordan and alagna are there to “prove” that they “work”.

    chew on that, bunnies!

  9. My Bald Runyon Canyon says:

    watch: she is going to claim that the $790 doesn’t include all the cash they collected at the door which, once tallied, will be $2,001.00. yay.com!

  10. Har-Har says:

    LOL forever at Jordan and Lasagna peaceing out early from the SF party to go get Chinese food and beer.

  11. NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

    How sweet, “Perfectly Symmetrical and Silicone for a Cure!”

    I just can’t understand how she can spend $1K on pelts… on fucking dead baby donkey locks. She truly is momsers and dadsers little Frankenstein, isn’t she?

  12. Donksers says:

    Julia’s hair is HIDEOUS!

  13. Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:

    I LOVE Facebook birthdays!! Wish I could tell little uncool Randi: “don’t worry, in 20 yrs you’ll get a zillion bday msgs from AWESOME ppl!”
    about 2 hours ago via web

    From @randizuckerberg

    Proof in the pudding, bunnies, that con artist Julia Allison uses Randi by playing on her insecurities as a (former?) outcast.


    • MinnietheMoocher, Inc says:

      That gives me a sad. Makes it pretty obvious that Randi is friends with Julia because it makes her feel “cool”, BUT JULIA ISN’T COOL!! Ahh, poor compensating Randi.

    • Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:

      Dear Randi Zuckerberg,

      If you’re going to allow yourself to be used by someone so flagarantly and desperately, let it be someone who doesn’t make you look like even less of a retard who has her job because of nepotism.

  14. NoRestTillIncest says:

    Mods: Please allow previous comments thru – only pointing out there’s a problem with numbers reported for JA’s breast raise.

    Click on JA’s name from site Postcoital Kleenex Pelts provides and you will see only $105 achieved thus far.

    • MinnietheMoocher, Inc says:

      That’s Julia’s personal goal (which was $75, lame) the party goal was $2000 and now they’re up to $820. Whoohoo! Shoot for the moon, ladies!

  15. PKJesus says:

    Hopefully not offending any lovely curly-haired catladies but Randi should always have her hair straightened. She looks, dare I say, GOOD!

    • Heeeee Hawwww Hussy says:

      no offense taken…randi just doesnt know how to style her curly hair.

    • Mini Driver says:

      The straight/smooth hair at at the Bipolar Birthcray Bust was one of the things that really funked up the theme, IMHO. I remember the 80s, before the creation of Frizz-Ease and its descendant silicon hair products. We were all frizzier than show poodles back then.

  16. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    Wow, Randi…$820 raised. Great ad for Facebook.

  17. Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:

    predictions, cat ladies… five years from now, when age has not been foolia’s friend and facebook has gone the way of myspace… where will these two be?

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      Randi: divorced and single. Julia: twice divorced and single.

      • Scooby Don't says:

        Where is Randi’s husband in all this? Did he attend the SF party?
        Not that I’d wish that on anyone but if he wasn’t there it speaks volumes about their not so old marriage.

    • Donkey Lewis And The News says:

      In 5 years: No longer with PK (sorry Jacy), but realizing that her face is melting day by day, and with Dr. Bobby in jail after Jocelyn Wildenstein attacked him, she has no one else to give her free injections.

      She gloms on to some poor moneyed schlub, proceeds to pop out 2.5 kids, hips expand by 2.5 feet, and brays for a house in the ‘burbs. Gets her wish, but schlubby hubby stays in the city 29 days out of the month, banging his tiny and cute secretary, while Jules wanders the house in a bathrobe, martini in hand, bottles of pills in her pockets, yelling at the nanny (who is also getting banged by schlubby hubby on the 2 nights he makes it out to the burbs) to take care of the goddamned kids they are giving her a headache. Jules goes back to bed, stroking the preserved and stuffed body of Lilly and muttering something about sleep apnea.

  18. No Rest Till Incest says:

    Dadser couldn’t have stepped in to complete the $2k?

    Still at $820.

    Note to Le Donks: Bill Szish the remainder as a ‘partner contribution’. Ta da!

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      I bet that custom pocketbook cake cost over $400.

      • Lego Wig Kade says:

        I’d bet more than that. I’ve seen similar cakes that went for $1000 or more at various weddings, anniversaries. And this was made in SF, not Kalamazoo

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