Miss Toddler Manhattan Celebrates Her Victory




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32 Responses to Miss Toddler Manhattan Celebrates Her Victory

  1. melissa sue says:

    she was gonna ‘shop it in later, but she’s got other parteeeez to git to. she is NOT RANDOM!

  2. Grimace says:

    Close your legs burro.

  3. twankle toes says:

    These are amazing. I can’t even wrap my head around the crazy. Love.

  4. leftover spring 2006 rack says:

    “and THIS is how I paid Prom King for the dresses.”

    • Mini Driver says:

      Oh, NOW is going to revoke my membership for laughing at that.

      Who called “Julia standing on something she should not be putting her shoes on” as one of the photos we’d see coming down the stream? Take a bow.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      Yepity yep: bingo square! Donkey mounted on improbable surface!

  5. Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:

    what a freaking nut job. if she put her criminal mind energy toward an actual job she could be making crazy “fuck you” money, legitimately.

    Also, she and Megan Alagna need to come out of the closet.

  6. for serious??? says:

    i love that dadsers shot this latest faux-to shoot!


  7. DirtyLakeMichigan says:

    Why does she have to sit on TOP of the bench back? Is there a reason she can’t just sit ON the bench??

  8. Grimace says:

    Is she still trying to make up for her parents cancelling a childhood birthday? The fucked up issues in this family are mind boggling.

  9. Eggnog DeepDish says:

    Seeing those heels dig into the banquet cushion made me wince.

  10. WTF is right! says:

    The dress I can take, but those shoes are disgusting! Clompers!!

  11. Whore of Silicon says:

    I hope Prom King enjoyed seeing how Julia treats her guests, and how she acts at a party. It had to be a real eye-opener, especially if he’s only seen her acting with a modicum of sense and decorum up to now.

    • melissa sue says:

      What makes you think she’s been acting with a modicum of decorum? She tweeted throughout an entire date that probably cost him thousands!!

  12. Squirrelbait says:

    Why’d she tie a shoelace to her head? Is that preppy?

  13. Some Girl says:

    I don’t think I have ever been to an “adult” party with balloons as decor. This looks like a photo from the Donkeyville High Homecoming Dance.

  14. ElGuapo says:

    I am no psychiatrist, but the pathologies showing in that picture are mind boggling. The daddy issues, the narcissism, the lack of self awareness, and the list goes on, and on….

  15. wonkeye says:

    Widestance combined with pigeon-toe. Is this a new variation? I know Jordunadorable favors the pigeon-toe stance. . . .

  16. Donkey+Lasagna=Secret Love says:


    Dadsers is in San Fran bc the little ladies need to answer to Poppa Parikh about where all of the money has gone…


  17. ethel-egg says:

    All I can say is, thank fuck I’m not Julia Allison. God.

    • ethel-egg says:

      Me and my friends spent an excellent afternoon relaxing next to a lake (it’s summertime in NZ – haha! you Mericansnowfuckers!) We had wine and beers and kayaks and shit. And I haven’t heard from my friend in Chile, but that is every person in the world, so we all live in hope.

      Julia – you’re the donk who needs to get a life.

      ps. drunk. To our friends in Chile – hope+love!

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