This Exists

Over here. At the bottom. I haven’t watched it yet.

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  1. Jacy says:

    Jesus, she grates.

    “The problem with having so many people who want things from you, like advice … yada yada yada”


    Who wants ADVICE from Julia Allison? Anyone? Unless it’s guidance on what not to wear, how not to act, what kind of friend not to be, what kind of life not to lead, what kind of hours not to keep, what kind of diarrhea juice not to drink, etc.


    • Mini Driver says:

      This commenter asked Julia for advice. So did this one. I think they’re both idiots, and said as much two months ago. But apparently some misguided souls do take Julia Allison seriously as some kind of qualified expert.

      • Impressionable Youngster says:

        How can you say I am an idiot for emailing a supposed dating expert about dating? I heard of her through a New York Times article that described her as a modern day Carrie Bradshaw. Was the New York Times wrong? Yes. Were my efforts misguided? Yes. I acknowledge all of those things now, but I do not think I am idiot for being naive at the age of 18 or 19.

      • reformed says:

        I’m with the Impressionable Youngster. I’m 19 and have been watching JA since I was 18. I’ve emailed her several times. From the surface, she really does appear to be a real life/modern day Carrie Bradshaw (and whoever said that was a good thing? the show has never acknowledged how Carrie paid for the roof over her head and in all reality, I bet Carrie Bradshaw [were she real] would look pretty fuckin’ similar to Julia Allison). She does have an audience. It’s small, but it’s there.

      • Mini Driver says:

        The phrase “modern day Carrie Bradshaw” is an idiotic one, even if we discount the missing hyphen. Carrie Bradshaw is not a historical figure. Actually, the whole concept of asking someone for dating advice because she’s billed as being akin to Carrie Bradshaw is pretty idiotic, because things never really worked out for Carrie on the romantic front, did they?

      • partypants says:

        Very well. I am the modern day Tristram Shandy, or perhaps the modern day Faberge Egg!

        We are all so very very modern, and being modern day somethings that were formerly modern, which we are exactly copying which makes us wannabe outdated character actors, but FUCK IT we are MODERN DAY SOMETHINGS!!!

  2. "THE Julia Allison" says:

    She just really needs to look at the women on the Internet who have haters and do what they do: get tough, come up with withering comebacks, shrug it off, do good work in spite of the critics. Julia just lets it eat at her, which is even more despicable.

    • Jacy says:

      Or stop being such a GIANT TOOL.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        Ha! I like it when you get mad.

      • Jacy says:

        When I type in ALL CAPS YOU KNOW IT’S SERIOUS

      • zandra says:

        chill out, kanye!!

      • fuck camping! says:


        (rant courtesy of kanye west)

      • You are asking too much of her highness.

  3. Lars Von New Trier says:

    Wow, after talking about how Donald Trump doesn’t care if he’s not liked, she gets right to the edge of saying, “I want to be liked,” but stops herself after, “I want to…” unable to complete the thought. She also seems to imply, at the very end, that people are mad at her because she has “let them down,” rather than just finding her unpleasant in general.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      I love how she mentioned Donald Trump because she was on some business-y show and Donald Trump is business-y. She is so dumb.

      • Julia's Fat Ass says:

        WEAR YOUR FUCKING SIZE. You are no longer a “small” when the buttons are popping off. TONE DOWN THE GODDANG MAKEUP. Holy Christ. She looks like a clown. No joke whatsoever. A whore-ish lady-clown. WHY ON GOD”S GREEN EARTH DOES SHE WEAR SO MUCH MAKEUP? Who told her that looks good?

        It’s bordering on grotesque at this point, the way she looks and acts.

      • Julia's Fat Ass says:

        I didn’t’ mean to respond to you. Sorry. I can’t think straight around her.

        Carry on.

        But seriously she’s got like two button-tit-missiles in that sweater.

      • Pot calls kettle a dick says:

        She did eventually finish that thought with “I don’t want to be a dick.” Meaning that’s what Donald Trump is. I’m not arguing, mind you. I just enjoy the fact that she not only burns her bridges, but she goes out of her way to prevent them from being built in the first place. Good on ya, Julesy.

    • NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

      Didn’t she say awhile ago that she couldn’t stand Ivanka Trump? Granted, her liecast is filled with gushing “OMG so pretty wedding dress tears” and “OMG went to Georgetown the same time I did we so used to be best friends because once I saw her on campus”, but it wouldn’t be the first thing she has deleted. Maybe it was a tweet.

      • "THE Julia Allison" says:

        Julia had big crush on Jared Kushner when he was still single. Of course she hates Ivanka.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        I think that Ivanka decided not to go to Georgetown or transferred after a year because she was focused and more interested in business. My sister was working in the fnacypants/big donor office at Georgetown at the time when she was a grad student at SFS and I remember her talking about it.
        anyways, Donkey is brilliant at burning bridges with her big mouth, liecasts, and tweets.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        PS Its unlikely that Ivanka gives a fuck/knows who Donkey is.

      • NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

        +1, JotP. If only Donkey realized that.

      • PhillyHoya says:

        Ivanka spent two years at Georgetown but wanted a stricter business program and transferred to Penn. Her younger brother Eric graduated in my class.

      • dd says:

        A few years back, I worked for a very well known real estate firm in Brooklyn. Ivanka interned there for a while and was the most down to earth person I ever met. Seriously, she is a very sweet person. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Julia does not like her. These two people could not be more different.

  4. PhillyHoya says:

    If it has affected you so much, WHY DO YOU NEVER CHANGE?

  5. Jack the Bulldog says:

    She looks like hell–that’s about all I noticed. The rest is just the yada yada yada that’s she’s been braying for the last few years. Repellent, yes. Interesting, never.

    • shamoolia says:

      I also can’t get over how busted up her face looks:

      What a glowing testimonial for the benefits of an all juice diet! Where do I sign up?! My hair is looking just a little TOO thick and shiny, my face just a little too thin, and I DECLARE, I’ve just been sleeping so WELL lately! Nothing a little starvation juice won’t remedy!

      • PhillyHoya says:

        She’s continuing the Halloween nightmares. I can’t look away from her eyes between the huge fake lashes and way too much makeup.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        Thank you for that screengrab!

      • shamoolia says:

        There are two other videos and she makes about a gazillion screen grab worthy scrunchy faces. It’s like you can literally see the hamster running on the rusty wheel inside her head and she forms her SO SERIOUS “deep thoughts” and “commentary.” Hilare.

      • fuck camping! says:

        “hamster running inside her head” is a very apt description. that’s probably how the idea for NS was born: the hamster took a little break, produced some fragrant droppings, and then kept running. and thus, the world had NonSociety.

      • reformed says:

        she looks really OLD

      • shekillsme says:

        She is more claymation than woman now. It looks like if you pressed hard on her face it would leave a divot. HOTT.

  6. shamoolia says:

    I love how she takes herself SO SERIOUSLY in this “interview.” Fucking hysterical.

  7. Ba Donka DONK says:

    Love her saying she’s “too sensitive” for this racket. Sensitive, caring, empathetic people don’t lick their “bffs'” birthday cakes or constantly “or better offer” friends, as she calls it.

    She’s only sensitive to negative press. She doesn’t want to quit this b/c of a fear of letting anyone (who?) down. She wants to quit this (liecasting, I suppose) b/c she can’t stand to hear anything negative about herself. It’s not sensitivity, it’s pure narcissism – which is what got her into it in the first place.

    Who else on earth has had the delusion that they could “make a living” doing nothing except putting their (un)remarkable life online?

    Apparently you can tell I’m pissed when I overuse parentheses. Oops.

    • Jacy says:

      That’s all it is. She doesn’t want to quit, she just doesn’t want to be criticized. Only positive reactions, people!!!!

    • idiotbox says:

      ah! sensitive! i was wondering wtf is thenthitive!

      • Ba Donka DONK says:

        Makers of retainers across the world, we’ve found your muse! (I promised myself I wouldn’t appearance snark, but DAMN chipmunk.)

  8. J.C. says:

    i ask again, what is with the fucking rapid-fire blinking? is it a nervous tick?

    • Julia's Fat Ass says:

      I’m not totally sure but it has something to do with the fact that she is the most self-conscious person I have ever encountered in my life. She tries desperately hard to be natural and it’s painfully obvious every tiny movement is contrived. She’s like a fembot of some sort. There no human there.

      • crazytrain says:

        She’s also dumb and self-centered and has no idea how one actually listens to or understands another human being. So whenever anyone else is talking she tries to do her best listening act, except she’s a bad actor.

      • Jack the Bulldog says:

        Excellent point! There is NOTHING natural or real about Julia. One always gets the impression that she is performing, constantly “on,” striving for authenticity but failing because she’s such a self-conscious, terrible actress.

    • Clumpity says:

      The weight of her false eyelashes keeps forcing her eyes to close, so she has to keep snapping her eyelids back open.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      Ha! I love this!

      “But what exactly is she trying to be? Julia insists she is a journalist despite the fact that most journalists don’t go around directly soliciting money from would-be advertisers. That kind of dirty work is left to the ad sales department. When we pointed out that Bob Woodward probably never asked companies for money in exchange for endorsing them, Allison wasn’t having it. “If Bob Woodward were making fifty bucks a column,” she said, “You know what, he would do what it took.”

      Actually, probably not. When Woodward graduated from college in 1965 he went right into the Navy for five years. Then, like Allison, he moved to D.C. where he tried to talk his way into a job at The Washington Post. He failed and instead took a job at the Montgomery Sentinel, a weekly paper. And after a year toiling in the suburbs he managed to land a job at The Post. I doubt he was making much at either gig, that is until he managed to help break the story that led to the resignation of the President of the United States. But really, that’s neither here nor there. If Allison wants to call herself a journalist, fine. But there are plenty of journalists who are making horrible money who would disagree.”

      • shamoolia says:

        Watch the other two videos. They’re even more cringe inducing and embarrassing than the Gawker one. She basically admits that the Sony commercial was the high point of her “career.” She sounds like a flaming idiot.

      • bitchface says:

        because real journalists actually produce content of value, which other people wnat to read, which pulls in advertisers!

        They don’t go begging for free stuff in exchange for a slot on their lame site.

        As usual, she gots it all backwords….

      • Ugh she is a disgrace to her profession. Except anyone with half a brain can see that she is no journalist.

        I’m curious, as a 22 year old, what exactly did Jabba do right after graduation? What were her first few jobs? A poli sci “degree” does not necessarily tie into what she’s doing now. Why did she major in that in the first place?

        Also, side note. I’m reminded of this after reading about career paths and trying to live in NYC. I used this site and its brilliant commentators to distract myself from the depression of unemployment. After five months of looking, I finally found a job! In New York! I’m a little worried about being able to afford it on my small salary, and the job is only tangentially related to my ultimate career goals, but I’m happy and willing to work hard. Thanks fellow commenters for kind words of support and witty remarks.

      • shamoolia says:

        “Any newspaper or magazine I worked for … wasn’t going to ensure that I had an income I could live on”


      • juliaspublicist says:

        I know I loved that. She is supposed to ensure those things, not her employer. What an entitled twat.

      • Julia's Fat Ass says:

        She’s just so phony. I’m sure that’s what she thought “What can I do to positively influence the world and spread my unique brand of talent and wit to the masses? Oh yes, JOURNALISM. I’m sure to HELP PEOPLE there.”

        Does she think we are all fucking stupid? You’re Journalist Barbie. You’re Nicole Kidman’s character in “To Die For.” Go marry rich and get the fuck off my computer. Journalist my ass, what has she published lately?

      • shamoolia says:

        JP – like the part where she says a newspaper or magazine couldn’t even ensure an audience?


        Sorry… I’m getting all Jacy-like with my all caps rage. She is just so embarrassingly DUMB. And what makes it so much worse is that you can tell she takes herself SO seriously and thinks she’s spouting off some deep, provocative thoughts. These videos are this year’s Fuck You Money videos. Almost comedic if it wasn’t like laughing at a retarded person.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        Also that part about Fox Business News, it never crossed her mind that she might have come across like she didn’t know what she was talking about. It’s just that the commenters were haters and Fox listened to them. This interview is very revealing about her innate narcissism.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        At $4/word, she was writing 12.5 word columns?

        What a fucking liar. But then we knew that.

      • MacBookAIRHEAD says:

        I’m in NYC and I’m Julia’s age and I’m a journalist and I’m poor and I’ve been busting my ass for six years as a freelancer and an assistant. I’ve waitressed, bartended, catered, tutored, and cleaned to help make ends meet along the way–as I’m sure most of you have, too.

        On Friday I finally, FINALLY got put on a contract to write X number of features for Y consumer magazine and this year I will make more than enough money to pay my bills and eat sushi and buy a pedicure once in a while. I will make more than my father ever earned in the three best years of his life, combined.

        Julia acts as though her NonSociety shitshow was forced on the world because NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES REFUSED TO PAY HER HEAPS OF MONEY TO DO NOTHING. This makes me so angry.

        I may not ever have the kind of “fuck you” money she aspires to collect, but I will have more than enough to live a rich life filled with great friends and experiences in a fantastic city she is always trying to escape. And every time I collect a modest paycheck that is more than enough to meet my needs as a 28-year-old woman living in this city it will be my little fuck you to her.

      • flatface says:

        Yeah, she says she tried the traditional route and sent pitches to MSM outlets. “And,” she says. ” Nothing was happening”.
        Wow. Really?
        I guess the system’s truly broke, then! I guess magazines and newspapers just aren’t interested in anything good!

        That must be it. It couldn’t be that you don’t have an original idea in your empty little head, could it? It couldn’t be that you were just a m,ediocre writer who needed to work on her craft, could it?

        Thi sbothers me, her attitude. Many of us here freelance magaizne work. And it’s hard. Every college grad who can lift a pen has a NYC fanatsy of living the lucrative freelabncelife. Taking an assignment from the New Yorker, here, filing a story for ESP there. Squeezing in a few interview pieces for New York magazine every onc ein a while. Oh, the phone’s for me? Who is it? The assignment editor at Spin? Hold on…

        Sigh. It’s hard. And a lo of us have learned that you need to really grind it out in the minor leagues a few years. Work at the Waterbury onn. paper. Intern at the State Island Advance, or whatever.

        But Julia thought she should be able to stroll right in, and be embraced. So much so that when it didn’t happene immediately, she quit. She wanted to “cut out that middleman”. And be applauded for it.

        Look, some of those middle men are editors she could have learned from. Some are hot-shit reporters who could have shown her some tricks for ferreting out information or finding sources. That might have helped her avoid all those anonymous but “real” sources in her juvenile dating columns.

        But she has contempt for the tde she claims she’s a master of. Journalism.

        Oh, and sorry we got you canned by Fox.

      • Julia's Fat Ass says:

        Flatface: Seriously, what did she work for all of fucking five minutes? Careers take YEARS you dickhead.

        That whole story is LYING. She never meant to be a journalist, and she’s not one now. It’s all spin and whatever saves the day and sounds good in a sound bite. Her life is a continual bad interview for a job. SPIN SPIN SPIN!

      • RAAAAGE says:

        I have never felt as much rage as I feel for her right now. I work in media (as a real, paid reporter!) and you know what? I’ve fucking built my career up, and found a company where, yes, they DO protect and take care of me. It’s not that difficult; you just have to work hard, and, oh, I don’t know, not be an entitled, spoiled brat who thinks that the world owes her everything and that she herself is God’s gift to the masses.

        Seriously. The telling bit is where she says that no newspaper or magazine would give her an “audience.” You know what, Julia? Truly great writers – the Bob Woodwards or whoever else – get an audience through HARD WORK. They don’t do it by being some fucking Journalist Barbie (kudos to whoever said that) who’s a walking cliche.

        And they certainly don’t fucking do it by shilling. Is she so damn dense that she doesn’t understand that journalism is a low-paying job? Every single respected journalist had to start somewhere, and make $50 per column (or possibly less! or maybe write FOR FREE) before becoming respected.

        She is everything that is wrong with people who call themselves “journalists.”

      • Dadser Plays Possum says:

        @shamoolia She never will get it. You only get out of a job what you put into it. No one is guaranteed a salary from any job. You have to work to get paid.

        It’s also really never occurred to her that she wasn’t successful in traditional media because she’s not a very good writer. Interesting.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      “A potentially rewarding position as a FOX Business Channel contributor fell through, because producers saw how negatively her appearance was received by certain online commenters.”

      • Good Thoughts says:

        So all of our hard work was not for naught?

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        To quote my shrink: “There is justice in the world. Enjoy it.”

        I think I will!

      • Lars Von New Trier says:

        To quote Morrissey, “There’s too many people planning your downfall.”

      • The Manta says:

        Jim Cramer has about 1000 more hate sites devoted to him than JA does and CNBC ain’t throwing him off the air over it despite being a genuine douchebag.

      • shamoolia says:

        So true about Jim Cramer. See also – Spencer Pratt, the kids from Jersey Shore, Omarosa, Kelly Cutrone, Perez Hilton, etc. etc. etc.

        Everyone loves a villain. Too bad Julia is too stupid / insecure to embrace her haters and capitalize on it. It’s like she’s still nursing wounds from being an ugly outsider in high school or something.

      • Mini Driver says:

        I’m sure that the fact that she knows nothing about business had nothing to do with her failure to land the job. No, it seems much more likely that hiring managers at FOX are taking quite seriously the criticisms of a blog with article titles such as “Hey! Kristen Stewart! Cheer The Fuck Up! You Are Fucking a Hot Man and I Have To Settle For Prom King!” Makes perfect sense. Occam’s Razor, my friends.

      • bitchface says:

        hmmm when Faux News is rejecting you for having too much hate (cough sarahpalin and glennbeck) then you know you suck

      • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

        jim cramer, despite being a d-bag, is very intelligent, has a strong (if controversial) point of view, and tons of FUCK YOU MONEY. these are all reasons people watch him. julia is borderline retarded, is replaying schticks from 10 yrs ago, and lives off her parents and lies about it. boring boring boring.

      • Feria says:

        Just because she thought she was qualified for the job, does not mean she was. I’ve had several jobs that I’ve applied for that I knew I could do, but was not hired for. Sometimes, one must prove themselves before given a chance. She had a chance, it did not work out. She should maybe blame herself, see how she can get more experience and grow. There are no shortcuts, believe me, sometimes I wish there were.

      • shamoolia says:

        “[the Sony commercial] was pretty much the goal of what I’ve been doing for the past few years.”

      • Julia's Fat Ass says:


      • melissa sue says:

        SAD that Sony is the end goal. A commercial is what you’ve been working for all this time? Really??

      • fuck camping! says:

        that just says it all. her GOAL IS TO SHILL TO HELP HERSELF. not to “share experiences” or be “a trusted friend”. it’s just to stuff her own pockets. and wow, if your goal in life and greatest achievement was playing whack-a-mole in a commercial with timbersnake, well, how fuck! doesn’t even begin to cover it.

      • idiotbox says:

        perhaps i misunderstand what she’s saying, but the way i understood it is that the end goal is to have one of those tiny sony vios (spelling? who cares)…

      • Comparably Incomparably Ineffable...Adorable! says:

        She is so absolutely disgusting. No self respecting “journalist” aspires to be featured in an ad campaign for shitty products they don’t even use. They aspire to tell stories, break news, inform, and educate. All she cares about is being on TV (for whatever reason they’ll have her) and having money to buy tacky clothing.

        Also her face looks like it’s melting and her hair looks like an off kilter wig. Basically she looks like an old drag queen who’s done too much meth and been rode hard and put away wet far too often.

    • dd says:

      I can’t publications are still writing these lame articles about her. Waaaaah – AMNY didn’t pay her more than 50 dollars for her column. They paid her 49.50 more than she deserved. That column was basically her bragging about how her boyfriend left his wife and gave up his summer house for HER. She sucks,

    • fuck camping! says:

      the screengrab they have of her and the author isn’t much more flattering than the one you posted, shamoolia.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      wait, this is the result of that visit to The offices the other day? when she was wearing that horrible outfit?

    • AnnaPelt Is Happy at 138 says:

      haha, David Seamen. He’s a nobody. He had to be fired as a Jezebel incident for his stunt-pulling.

  9. Ehehehe says:


  10. Crapatarian says:

    I watched about 30 seconds. Her face — just looks weird. It looks different all the time. The sheer amount of makeup…mon dieu! Then her “aw shucks” looks, just slay me.

  11. melissa sue says:

    POSTURE!!! Girl needs to sit up straight if she wants to be taken any kind of seriously.

    Honestly, the way Julia treat people is not the way someone who wants people to like her behaves. Ask Charlsie. Ask Mary. Ask me. Ask anyone who’s met her in the past 15 years. Julia Allison might not want to be a dick, but she is. She needs to quit whining about wanting people to like her and stop being such a vile bitch. That’d go a long way.

  12. Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

    The points Richard brought up in his email were, while nothing new to any of us who follow fameballs’ exploits / careers, at least somewhat interesting. By turning the discussion back onto herself and her own feelings, Julia highlighted perfectly why she’ll always have haters: It’s not about you, Julia. I mean, not really. You symbolize a lot of Bad Things to a lot of people and you refuse to recognize how calculated and utterly off-putting the persona you “created” happens to be to your would-be fanbase of educated media-savvy urban 20 and 30-somethings. Also: STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Discuss facts and the matters at hand, not how such and such “gets to you.” You are a grown woman ostensibly representing a business, not a small child at a sleepover.

  13. MacBookAIRHEAD says:

    The works she’s had done to her face.

    Is just.

    How fuck.

    • zandra says:

      her face is scary, man. and it scares me even more that she’s only 28.

      also, that lip stick is a fucking hideous colour. not doing anyone any favours, least of all my godamned retinas.

  14. Good Thoughts says:

    Don’t worry, Donkey; we don’t think you’re a dick. We just think you have one.

  15. Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

    Also: How is it that she keeps landing interviews? I realize that most people don’t realize who she is (big as she is in Germany, ahem), but even as a special interest story for media types, isn’t she old news?

    I guess what it comes down to is this: Is there really anything new to say about Julia Allison?

    • shamoolia says:

      The author of that “story” admits that he knew her and honestly? He looks like an intern with his first multimedia story/video assignment. It’s a throwaway piece.

      • juliaspublicist says:

        You know what, though? It was a remarkable well-balanced article, yes it praised her, but it criticized her as well.

      • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

        It is well done, but did any of us learn anything new? Also, if we didn’t know Julia, did we take away anything of interest? Personally, I don’t know why she keeps getting breaks. She’s certainly not the first or only attractive young woman in media. Like, why do I keep seeing Julia pop up, but not iJustine or Shira Lazar? Admittedly I don’t read “Reblogging iJustine,” but, damn. Girl didn’t get a Sony deal.

      • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

        a couple of yrs ago, julia would’ve never sat down with someone like this unless she KNEW it was going to be spun positively. and she would’ve come across better bc her dreams had not yet been shattered. now, they’re in tatters and she can’t muster up much of a fight to convince us otherwise. now i have the sadz… feel so so so bad for her!

    • NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

      She’s big in Finland.

      • qwerty says:

        You rang?

        Just because sitting in a scalding hot sauna and whipping yourself with birch branches before jumping into a hole in an icy lake is a national pastime doesn’t mean the nation is THAT masochistic.

        That vid made me want to gauge my eyes out with a herring. The comments here made me lol and nod in agreement. In other words, dear catladies and catgentlemen, RBNS wins with Finns.*

        *Horrible puns: another Finnish favourite

      • where did the Finnish jokes come from? Clearly I have not been following this blog as carefully as I once was.

      • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

        I was thinking she’s a little bigger in Lapland.

      • Dyspeptic2 says:

        qwerty. I don’t believe you can gouge your eye out with a herring. I’m half Swedish, so I should know. I think you mean, “gouge my eyes out with a pine bough,” don’t you?

      • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

        Here in Tierra del Fuego, roughnecks and ranchers check her blog four, five times a day. Truth.

  16. juliaspublicist says:

    Also awesome? This:

    “Not everyone thinks her 24/7 lifecasting business model has a future, however. Mary Rambin, a former business partner and NonSociety ex-contributor, left Allison’s venture to form her own publication, which launched Monday. We asked why she left NonSociety. She explained, “We built a great platform on NonSociety, one I believe in. Julia has chosen to maintain the lifecasting course, which I hope people eventually see the value in and realize how challenging it is. I left because Julia and I were not in agreement on how to build the NonSociety brand. That’s the bottom line.”

    Alrighty then! Reading between the lines here, but sounds like there’s some drama there. Now let’s all gossip about it, and write anonymous comments about Julia Allison on Gawker and everywhere else she appears. Keep it friendly, though — a booking producer at The View may be reading.”

    • shamoolia says:

      I don’t like Mary, but she has this awesome ability to appear to be keeping it classy while sneaking in some cutting jabs.

    • The Manta says:

      Translation: Julia wasn’t producing content besides posting pictures and 4 word captions, Meghan wouldn’t know tech if it slapped her in broad daylight, pageviews were going into the toilet and I wasn’t prepared to have to produce all the content for a 1/3 share.

    • NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

      I checked out Mary’s new site yesterday, and I liked it. I hope the content will be A+ and that she’s happy in her new ventures. and to think, she was my least favorite when JuliaSociety launched.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      not interested in mary’s site at all, but at least she figured out julia. that’s more than we can say for jordable at this point. meghan’s parents will pay for everything, so she can remain ignorant forever.

  17. bitchface says:

    is the male interviewer bored, a little dumb, trying for irony, or a mix of all 3? (he #fails too)

    • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

      Right? For me, he came across as mostly the last two. His comments about himself in the written interview make him seem like something of a self-aggrandizing narcissist too. I guess this is how people think think they need to act to get ahead in media OR this industry happens to attract this type of people. Which makes me all the more happy I’m no longer a blogger. MEMEMEMEMEMEME.

  18. zandra says:

    is she on drugs? that segment was completely incoherent. she can’t form a friggin’ sentence when she talks!

  19. bitchface says:

    PS you’re all haterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. shamoolia says:

    The weird, nervous blinking and facial tics… the pleas for people to like her… I think these videos and the interview only highlight her RAGING INSECURITIES. She so obviously hates herself and everything that she’s become. It would really be quite sad, but she just continues to do the same stupid shit that caused all of her “problems” in the first place, so she has no one to blame but herself. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and all that…

    • Lars Von New Trier says:

      Yeah, her look of fright when the guy is reading the Richard Lawson email is pretty significant; one should live their life in order to NOT be that afraid.

      • partypants says:

        I don’t understand why she gives two fucks what Lawson thinks. Since when did Richard become the One Whose Words Can Wound? Why does she fucking care SO MUCH what a bunch of people online say about her? If we are all a bunch of jealous anonymous haterz then she should just dismiss our opinions as irrelevant and move the fuck on.

        I’m so sick of her pouty, wounded bullshit act. It’s the god damned internet, Julia. Grow a spine.

    • Ms. Malaprop says:

      I think the blinking is Morse code: “Intervention. Please. Now.”

  21. "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

    Total Botox forehead. Another Dr. Bobby FAIL.

  22. Fred Grott says:

    when did they get MJ out of the casket?

  23. RachelD says:

    Though it was the opposite of funny and dragged on way longer than it needed to, an SNL sketch from this past weekend epitomizes EXACTLY why I dislike Julia Allison’s persona.

    Kristen Wiig played a woman at a party who insisted upon getting up to sing along with the piano player, played by Jon Hamm (swoon). She kept saying, “No, really, I couldn’t! All right, if you force me. I have no choice! They’re making me sing!”

    Of course, the joke was that not one person at the party asked her to sing, and when she actually tried to, she kept missing her intro and accusing the piano player of sabotage. When she finally let out a few notes, she sounded terrible.

    Of course, in the sketch, the exasperated friends very clearly argued that they never asked her to sing and told her to sit the hell down. If only one of Julia Allison’s “friends” would do her a similar favor.

  24. idiotbox says:

    “After she graduated from Georgetown in 2004, Allison started working on Capitol Hill because she was interested in politics and wanted to make a difference. She soon became disillusioned by the political process and decided the best way she could have an impact on people’s lives was to become a journalist. So she moved to New York and managed to land herself a gig writing a dating column for free subway newspaper AM New York”

    ummm….didn’t she live in LA with her fiance, whose heart she broke, before moving to nyc?

    • The Manta says:

      JA gives Stalin a run for his money when it comes to airbrushing the past out of existence. And is that correct? Didn’t she work on Capitol Hill between [DELETED] State and Georgetown while Dad worked the phones trying to get her in?

      • Mini Driver says:

        Yup, she was a “legislative correspondent” on the Hill from 12/00 to 12/01, according to her Facebook profile. I believe her degree is in journalism, too. And yet! Twasn’t until 2004, after she graduated, that she became disillusioned with politics and decided to become a journalist. Isn’t that unusual?

      • bitchface says:

        this made me lol

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      This could be one of her lies or plain old sloppiness on his part.

      • shamoolia says:

        Considering Julia Baugher’s past attempts at erasing all proof of INDIANA UNIVERSITY from her life, I’d guess the former.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        I would normally assume that, but someone who didn’t know her story (and was too lazy to fact check) could easily think that a stint as an LC on the Hill would be post-college. Unless she’s now airbrushing out the broken engagement/LA phase, as well. On a personal note, one of my prized possessions is a newspaper profile that contains not one correct statement about me other than my name. Even “professional” journalists aren’t necessarily good at their jobs.

      • idiotbox says:

        i think it’s both. that dude couldn’t come off less appealing if he tried. also, fact-check much?

    • Pink Ruffled Cheese says:

      I really hope the article’s writer was aiming for humor there, because this excerpt is hilarious. “I can’t help people by working in politics so… I’ll become a dating columnist.” Oh Julia. God bless your tiny, plastic heart.

    • fuck camping! says:

      good thing we have RBNS here to keep the fact straight. keep getting your julia allison fact checkin’ on!

      she worked on the hill after dropping out of IU after her first semester. then she went to georgetown. after graduation she moved to newport beach with her fiance, then she dumped him and moved to nyc.

  25. PinkDenofIniquity says:

    Baby Jane Baby Jane Baby Jane!!!!!!!!!!! My god if there were ever a reason to not inject crap into your face it’s the fucking transformation this woman has made in like 2 years. The video medium really captures it in all its glory. How heinously fuck.

    Also, that interviewer clearly hates her.

  26. pink bunny wabbit says:

    these videos are hilarious but i with she puth her thpecial lithp on that she thumtimes doesth. And talked about how she needth a lot of different outfiths being a high falutin’ media perthonality.

  27. idiotbox says:

    Also….so she doesn’t want to be a businesswoman anymore? I’m guessing it’s biology.

  28. HaHaHa says:

    I don’t think anyone really hates Julia. They don’t know her but just like to make fun of her.

    I hope she keeps on blogging with her site even if it doesn’t make money.

    • Clumpity says:

      Think again, n00b.

    • melissa sue says:

      What planet are you from and what rock did you just slink out from under?? There are plenty of commenters here who know her and dislike her for very real reasons.

    • dutchpeltedcow says:

      This would be the commenter formerly known as “Jimbo” who used to talk about wanting to bang Julia and eventually started being ignored – hence the name change, I suppose. Take that as you will.

  29. Lonnie says:

    My contribution to the discussion:

  30. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    The Fox Business News thing was two years ago. Let’s watch Journalist Julia at work!

    Who wants to bet there’s a little more to losing the Fox gig than she’s willing to talk about?

    • Jordache and the Pelts says:

      heh, “Sluttoween”….

    • dd says:

      It may have something to do with not showing up on time. Or Fox may have talked to STAR Magazine and they told them how unprofessional she was/is. Or maybe Fox talked to AMNY’s EIC and he told them how she slammed him on her blog. Or maybe they googled and found out about her little scandal of stealing someone else’s words at Georgetown.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        at any rate, it was long before RBNS, so she can’t imply that it was comments from the haterz on this site flocking to the Fox site that screwed up that opportunity for her.
        She’s so fucking revisionist, which is insane because her entire “career” is documented in alarming detail online. Scratch “revisionist” – she lies all the damn time.

      • bitchface says:

        sweet justice…. i’m willing to bet most of the commenters on here are not closet fox news lovers

      • Peltface says:

        I have never watched Fox News Business or whatever the fuck in my life. She needs to ask herself: WHY do I come across as so detestable? Could it be me, and not the audience?

    • Clumpity says:

      I thought it was because she wiped fingernail polish on someone’s tie (Bill O’Reilly’s?) Plus, there was that she’s-a-massive-tool thing.

    • idiotbox says:

      back then barely anyone heard of her and some (including me) liked her (sure she was narcissistic but sorta fun). So perhaps the comments weren’t left merely by haters hell bent on destroying her carrer, but maybe she is way too loud, screams over everyone, and monopolizes the conversations.

      • Jordache and the Pelts says:

        All the personalities on that Fox line-up were pretty godawful and shrill. donkey must have been really bad.
        BTW, was that a morning show? At a bar?

    • Dr. Gary says:

      When you watch that Fox Business News clip from 2+ years ago, you can see that the Donkey used to be pretty.

      Now? She looks just awful. I guess it’s a combination of injections/fillers, lack of sleep/exercise, horrible diet and her ugly personality slowly seeping out and transforming her face.!

      • fuck camping! says:

        her whole vimeo stream, from three years ago to today, is like a slow descent into being friendless (no more comments on her vids), sad (more late night confessions vids), very different looking (used to be fresh-faced, skinnier, face not bloated). she even used to do normal stuff, like give lilly baths and ride the bus.

      • Mini Driver says:

        By forty, everyone has the face she deserves.

      • juliafoolia says:

        MD she’s received hers WAY too early due to bad habits and “preventative” (read: corrective, as even prevention requires some disciplined upkeep afterwards) measures to preserve herself. She mentions being depressed in one of the vids (very weird), yet that interview took place maybe a week or so ago? Also presumably right before she was dressing as a lady of the night and all smiles in fauxtos, followed by checking into a sleep institute for insomnia (sorry, “sleep apnea) cures? Yikes. It’s no surprise that someone who counted on their appearance and shamelessness tossing them out of the stratosphere of normalcy is now “tearing up” more often and having to book herself into a sleep institute for insomnia solutions. She’s about to expire. You know, go bad like milk. insert eyeroll here

    • coochi says:

      notice this comment:

      Ricky Van Veen 2 years ago
      you don’t drink at all? how come i’ve seen you drunk before? or is this a new thing because of jake (which was because of reggie)?

  31. NuttyGrannyMoneybags says:

    Those lips. Let me just say, genetics have no part in those. Unless we’re somehow related to Steven Tyler, which if we are, is news to me. It’s alwasy possible- I’m old, I sometimes pee myself and forget my name for a few hours.

  32. monster says:

    Hey guys, forget Julia – the tech diva’s got some suggestions about what the best shaving cream lotion warmer is! imma gonna go get myself a clock radio and a shaving cream warmer. thanks megs.

    • fuck camping! says:

      it’s mind-boggling! earbuds and coffee makers? and a one sentence mention of social media week… i’m guess julia and meghan are not participating this year. jordache is on the women in social media panel…

  33. Dr. Gary says:

    Is she wearing the thigh-high Pretty Woman hooker tranny boots???!!! With the TOO TIGHT tucked in yellow sweater??? And little black school girl skirt?

    Bidnezz Ladee Interview Outfit FAIL.

    • fuck camping! says:

      but but! freshwater pearls!

      at least now we know her “serious business woman outfit” for the “big meeting” was not for this interview.

  34. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    Oops, looks like this interview pushed someone on tumblr over the edge:

    • Princess WideStance says:

      Hahahaha. I’m so glad you posted that.

      There seems to be this unspoken thing in certain blogging circles that you don’t bring her up, it isn’t the cool thing to do anymore. The Awl, for one, refuses to write about her. Hell, she can’t even inspire many comments on Gawker anymore.

      But this is great: “fuck it, i’m going to give this bitch some attention.”

  35. juliafoolia says:

    This thread has already reached epic levels, I share many of the sentiments, and I want to keep track of new comments coming in. So I just say this, after reading the article and viewing the vids… JA = “media” and life wastrel and what. is. up. with. that. face?!

  36. friendlyhag says:

    I like how thinly veiled the interviewer’s distaste for her bullshit is.

  37. Kyle says:

    Hmm… Entertaining, but perhaps for all the wrong reasons. I wish Seaman (LOL) had been more informed. The POINT (to me) is that she doesn’t share it “all, like a real-life version of The Truman Show.” It seems her plan was to do the opposite: share as little real, true stuff as possible in order to create this persona that was old-school endorsement worthy. It’s advertorial work, and it’s a sham, and THE POINT (sorry, still getting there) is that you can’t be fake online, 24/7. The real stuff always comes through, and THAT is one of the coolest social attributes of the Internet. It’s the same thing we experience anywhere online, from friends’ whiny Facebook status updates to their look-at-me Tweets. JA just embodies it all on a more extreme level. And refuses to round the curve and learn from her mistakes, still, it seems.

    • juliafoolia says:

      YES. I have come to learn more than I’d like to from random facebook “friends” (typically from college/random FB adds bc. for me, my account is so irrelevant and rarely used so I didn’t care) and it helped me realize not only how ridiculous they are, but that I’d never voluntarily associate with them in reality (in the event that I hadn’t already met them, still changes if their updates reveal too much, though). FB is funny that way.

      • for serious?? says:

        FB started giving me the sads when I saw how many of my friends in the same city were using it in lieu of getting together. Also, pictures of food? Really?
        I don’t care if you cleaned your house or went to the dentist or what funny thing your kid just said or what song you’re listening to. It’s BORING!

        And, for those of you showing off? It shows. Again, sads.

        Which made me look at my own FB updates. Yes, I did once go OFF about a particularly awesome bottle of rose i had last summer. Servicey or pretentious? Tough call.

        More sads.

        FB blows.

      • juliafoolia says:

        I agree. I never do (or have ever) used the site for anything more than posting randomness on statuses. I can’t even imagine posting emotional states, random obnoxious opinions or life happenings there. It’s just so… invasive to me. Then again, I’m a pretty private person. Some people might feel more comfortable airing out their every thought and feeling to the world – I just don’t get it.

      • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

        Eh. I like knowing little things about people who aren’t trying to be online reality show stars. When people take themselves too seriously, it’s a huge turn-off.

      • Kyle says:

        Absolutely. To me, it just shows how we’ve learned that the early Web 2.0 “be your own brand” schtick is just wrong. Real brands have teams and teams of handlers and gatekeepers, with strict guidelines; multiple, multiple discussions are held about even the simplest of decisions. When people try to do this on their own online, they just look dumb; it’s impossible to separate yourself out, and to be that self-conscious about yourself 24/7. (And the inability to do that is a good thing, I think. Extreme self-consciousness and happiness don’t mix well together, do they?)

      • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

        @ Kyle – You’d have to constantly edit yourself to pull it off. Even the most mature, easy going person would struggle with this. I agree, it’s probably healthy not to try.

  38. get meghan out of my hood says:

    I was flirting with the idea of getting fillers for my smile lines (I am 35) and my derm said no way did I need them or botox. That is a reputable doctor not the quack she sees.

  39. Normal Healthy Julia That I Am Today says:

    Ugh, just her face. Her faaaaaaacccce. Julia, good f-ing god, woman, what have you done to your face?!

    The only people I have ever seen age this rapidly are first-year presidents.

  40. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    What’s weird about this interview is that it’s all so two or three years ago. She hasn’t been covered regularly on Gawker in a long time. Her Star gig ended two years ago, and the Fox Business thing is nearly as old. She lost her column at TONY, what, a year ago? She had the Sony gig, and good for her, but so what?

    Why is she newsworthy? She doesn’t have a book, or TV show, or even a Web TV show, her shilldebeast model is broken, and there are many successful bloggers this guy could have interviewed instead.

    • Eight Dollar Grapefruit says:

      those bloggers are… blogging. writing. trying to be service-y. julia has the time and the shamelessness to pursue meaningless interviews like this to prolong her 15 min. there’s your answer.

  41. That'll do donkey says:

    It strikes me that there are a lot of media people who read here – whether freelancers, part-timers, full-timers, print, TV, radio, web, whatever. These are the people who, in the next five to 10 years, will be employing and commissioning others to work for and with them.

    So, essentially, this is a community that will always remember the name Julia Allison and will have no qualms preventing her from working for/with them in various media outlets.

    I wonder if Julia realizes how much the reputation she is currently building for herself is going to completely and utterly bite her in the ass (no donkey pun intended) down the line. It won’t stop. It will just keep going and going and going.

    She’s going to need to move into a completely different professional sphere or marry rich. Wait … that’s her gameplan from the very start. Forget what I just wrote, it’s all redundant now.

  42. MacBookAIRHEAD says:

    A few years back our editor-in-chief met her at some media party and had no idea who she was but he was intrigued. (Probably by the tits). I know this because as he was walking to the bathroom one day he asked a group of my colleagues if they’d heard of her. There was a collective groan. I think someone ended up sending him the JA field guide and that was the end of that.

    And the thing is, I don’t even think any of my co-workers read here. These people who shot her down aren’t haterzzz: they’re just normal NYC media members who read Gawker, know she’s an asshole, and didn’t want any part of her coming to work/associating with them. And if it happened in my office it’s certainly been happening all over town.

    She needs to move and she knows it.

    • That'll do donkey says:

      Aha! I guessed as much. Does Julia not realise that media circles are tight and they talk? Even if she was employable – her writing and TV work tells me she’s not – her reputation will always precede her and prevent many oppurtunities from becoming realities.

      That, right there, is bad business acumen. Good luck getting into bidnezz school Julia!

    • "Pilot" is the new "keynote" says:

      I like to ask my friends in NY media (I work in a related field) if they know JAB. Only two answers ever come: “Who? Random tryhard from Gawker? That doesn’t narrow it down” and “Ugh, that busted face!” I have yet to meet one person who has a nice thing to say about her, except for the frenemies she parades on her blerg — the best they can say is “She’s not as bad as she used to be” said in that apologetic “we both know I’m lying” tone.

    • shamoolia says:

      If Julia does finally give up on NY and pursue her biz school dreams (HA!) won’t this bad reputation follow her to business school as well? Since her blog is her “business” won’t that be a part of her application process? I don’t think the admissions panel will be very impressed.

  43. qwerty says:

    OT: # I have reservations at Momofuku ko, this Friday night. Whoa. about 5 hours ago from web

    # Just finished a ridiculously decadent dinner (focaccia white truffled pizza, scallops, grilled sea bass, linguini w calamari) @ Gemma. Whoa. about 3 hours ago from Echofon

    One: Is Whoa the new HA?

    Two: A restaurant with hard benches that doesn’t allow photography / accommodate vegetarians?

    Will it just be a photoshoot outside the place, or blurry portion photos followed by a cute shrugging pose outside after being thrown out?

    • TackyCow says:

      Momofuku ko? She will eat absolutely nothing there. Their food is too good for Julia. She is probably just going there to see who she can annoy for a job while they are eating. Celebs and media types love that place for business dinners and I feel bad for every last one of them for having
      Donk interrupt their dinners.

    • Peltface says:

      Following up a five-day Diarrhea Juice cleanse with a series of rich restaurant meals. Smart.

  44. Therapist Jane Says... says:

    I think she really does want to be liked, but has no idea that her insecurities make her so unlikeable. She is far too self aware to be a “good person” because she is in a state of constant self reflection which prevents her from thinking about anyone but herself. Anyone she is momentarily interested in, only interests her based on what they can offer at that given time. Sure, she has a lot of “friends” but so do many other people in NY – it seems to me that the only time she calls on any of them is when she needs something from them, and I don’t think she realizes that she even does this; It’s a patten we can see through her dating cycles as well. I think she is making a valid effort to turn herself around, but sadly, the effort is being made only after she realized how detrimental she has been to herself & like any good marketer knows, it’s far easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one – most out there are buying into the “Julia Allison” she created and won’t likely buy into the new personality she’s trying to create. She needs to get into therapy for Internet Addiction, get a real job, and move on with her life…

  45. Memory Lane Bryant says:

    Remember when Julia looked almost TOO thin, even when standing next to Mary? Yeah, I didn’t either, but it was just two years ago:

    The sausage pelts must have been new back then, because they’re extra spring-tastic.

  46. LOL'z a Lot says:

    I miss Mary 🙁

  47. LOL'z a Lot says:

    Yeah, and didn’t she once post that she wanted Jakob to break up with her because he made her skinny when they broke up?

  48. Donkey Lewis And The News says:

    I found a cake topper for Donkey’s wedding to Prom King…

    And it can be custom ordered, sans horn.

  49. Clumpity says:

    Is anybody else watching Bravo’s “Kell on Earth”? The episode I’m watching is a giant stress-fest about RSVPs for seats at the Chado Ralph Rucci show at New York Fashion Week. They mentioned reserving places in the front row for Martha Stewart and a guest. That reminded me of this gem:

    Seeing how complicated the whole seating chart process is, and how people’s jobs absolutely depend on getting it right, how in the fucking fuck did Mary snag the empty seat next to Martha??? I keep expecting (well, praying for, actually) a scene where everyone behind the scenes is freaking out and calling security on Jackles and crew. Surely the Nonsociety bints have been blacklisted for their asshole antics by now.

    • The Manta says:

      There’s a video of JA at some fashion show trying to get backstage but is rebuffed by security. She then hangs outside pretending to call someone on her phone to come vouch for her and when security dude is distracted dealing with someone else she literally runs past him.

    • Ineffable says:

      Yeah when I saw that I was thinking what a shame it was that Julia Allison and Mary Rambin were the ones who ended up in the front row.

  50. The Clinic's Answering Machine says:

    Machine? Oh, hi, it’s Julia. That’s Julia Allison, A-L-L-I-S-O-N. The one with the cute PJ’s. Listen, I’m thinking maybe the results are wrong because I never, you know, actually fell asleep. I was just faking so you guys, well, hahaha every girl fakes haha, that bed is the worst believe me it’s like a bag of bricks. And those wires, I mean, people, come on, nobody can sleep while wearing that crap and you know nobody ever sleeps in a hospital. So it IS sleep apnea, right? I mean everybody in my family for ten generations has had it. Now I’ll just tear up that referral you gave me to that OTHER doctor, and that pill thing, well no way, I’d rather eat meat and I do not eat meat. I’m a pescatarian, that means I only eat fish, pescatar is the Latin word for fish, like guitar, on it swims in water! Sorry, I just crack myself up sometimes. So. Sleep apnea it is. I’m so relieved. Thanks for the diagnosis! You guys are the best! Kisses!

  51. stupid foreign lawyer says:

    The link on theThe link on the Julia Allison interview led me to check out Mary Rambin’s new website, I always thought Mary was cold and shallow, but at least intelligent enough to say “enough!” early on, ending her association with the Fameball That Never Was. However, I just wasn’t interested in her and her coverage in RBNS has been rather limited lately, so I wasn’t even aware that she was launching a new “business.” Mary’s new website to host her ramblings should put Julia to shame. Mary Rambin seems to have delivered what Julia All is On could never execute. Compared to NS, MTM has better design, interesting articles, hotter photos and snippets of a life actually lived. Even the website name says it all: it is more than Mary “Me-Me-Me and my brother’s wedding and my relationships, which never progress beyond relations and poofy pictures via my fabulous iPhone and screenshots of my said fabulous iPhone and generic quotes and eating disorders.” . Thank you Julia Allison Baugher for giving us an opportunity to appreciate Mary Rambin, who is reported here (and used to come across) as an ungrateful above-y’all from Houston, Texas.

  52. so many problems here OMG. says:

    I just watched these videos. She is a phony, vain, insipid moron. No one is buying your eye batting false modesty bit you trollop.

    And her face looks beyond beat, broke, what have you.

    I am no fan of her personal aesthetic whatsoever, but two years ago, she wasn’t a nightmare to look at. Now she is. This is why TV isn’t happening, honey.

    And you don’t know anything beyond the most miniscule bit of pop cul, give it up. You *are* only qualified to talk about Paris Hilton (another has been).

    Lastly, yellow is not your colour. Gross.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      I watched them again last night and it is quite amazing how she is completely willing to rewrite history. If I had the drive, I’d do a timeline and fact-correcting post.

  53. Mandy says:

    Let’s talk about her chin. Then let’s talk about her other chin.

  54. partypants says:

    Her goal in life was to shill?? WHAT THE HONK? “Omg when I grow up I’m going to be Billy Mays with boobs!!!”

    And bitch please: “Any newspaper or magazine I worked for … wasn’t going to ensure that I had an income I could live on in the lifestyle to which I was spoiled into by my ignorant parents who would rather pay my bills so I will shut up and stay in NYC where I can’t embarrass them at the University Club shopping for a Illfuckyou Formoney husband, and for no reason whatsoever feel I am entitled to because don’t they know why my parents are?”

    Fixed that for ya.

  55. Julia's Fat Ass says:

    It’s also beyond stupid to admit, on tv no less, that you are overly sensitive and don’t have a thick skin. You know who is going to want to employ you in the future/accept you into their prestigious b-schools schools? NO ONE. Because you just admitted you are a weak-willed emotionally immature pussy. I’m a lawyer, if any future employer saw a video of me saying “I hate when people call me bad names! I want EVERYONE to like me!” I would never be employed again. GROW THE FUCK UP.

    • Julia's Fat Ass says:

      Also funny how she mentions MEN are the first ones to say “Who the hell cares?” about any criticism about her. She’s talking about her desperate loserish hangers-on, fat rich fuglies like Prop Thing or all her male “fans.” This bitch is floundering without a boyfriend to fulfill her every whim and support her ass. That’s why she can’t sleep at night. She knows she’s “expiring” and her window of opportunity to land a meal ticket is closing. And no one is WORSHIPPING her right now dammit!!! She’s so vile.

  56. Dadser Plays Possum says:

    I have a question of truly momentous import: isn’t a finance website? Why are they even talking to her?

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