Julia: Now Selling Out Her Twitter

Twitter - Julia Allison- Hi there ... you may have ..._1252096870902

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16 Responses to Julia: Now Selling Out Her Twitter

  1. totaljing says:

    Is if this the way to rent $4,000/month apartment?

  2. flatface says:

    oh my god.
    moneyshot sold her background too.
    her twitter page is now an ad for the dvd release of “Anal Intruders 3”.

  3. pelt tip snarker says:


  4. Fauxga Party! says:

    Is if the Twitter is female?

  5. sharemefg says:

    damn I program for Android phones please make the JA shilling STOP!

  6. watwatwat says:

    I have a hunch that PR people are just idiots that don’t know how to do their jobs.

  7. Burning Mangina says:

    This is the kind of thing that makes her think she is a special snowflake, but the thing is, this costs T-Mobile nothing. I even have friends who are moderately known around town that have gotten phones/plans like this just to get the phone out there ~to tha kidz~. They give her a phone that probably costs them $12 to give away and then they give her service for a month. She has 14,000 twitter followers, which is like NOTHING in the twitterverse when people like Jessica Simpson even have well over a million. But yet, it’s something else for her to brag about. It’s like getting a free Grand Slam on your birthday and then saying you are sponsored by Denny’s.

  8. Ginger Sans Pelts says:

    “I’m really anti hormone based birth control, but do IUDs have the same problems w that as the Pill? Isn’t there a non-condom non-hormone BC?”

    how about getting your tubes tied? you know, doing something good for the gene pool.

    • burning mangina says:

      This is a problem her doctor can answer, not fucking Twitter. Shit, google that shit.

      This is why she’s annoying. She doesn’t want the answer to the question, she wants people to know she’s going on birth control. Is she 17? What 30-ish woman is still all ZOMG about birth control? Very strange.

  9. blah, who wants to parse the most recent tweets of inanity? birth control methods, again. “abstinence isn’t desirable”, coming from the woman who is afraid of sex. i don’t want to know about julia’s birth control choice that she’s going to use with code name TK.

    (i almost wrote code name money shot)

    • burning mangina says:

      And I’m sure what T-mobile really wants her first tweets after announcing she’s shilling them to be about anti-abstinance, anti-republican, anti-religious values, touting planned parenthood (which many people find controversial) and basically overtweeting about slutting it up. Way2go Baugher. You really have what it takes to reach the masses. I mean I agree w her sentiment, but wtf. So clueless.

    • Code Name Money Shot says:

      I am so taking that name!

  10. zandra says:

    you can tell she didnt even write the tweet.. copied and pasted that shit from a template they gave her


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