Did Julia Allison Mention She Went To New Trier? Cause She Went To New Trier.

Let it go bitch! Let the past go!

Julia Allison, president of a permanent prom committee, visited her wildly prestigious High School and in her honour they haven’t changed a thing!

Lillydog and I took a late afternoon stroll over to my alma mater, New Trier Township High School.

It looks exactly the same.

Aww, memories.

I don’t know if I’d call them memories if you haven’t put them in the past yet, but whatever. What I do know is I’ve never heard of New Trier school, and yet somehow I manage to sound more intelligent than Cankles Crunch – so I’m not sure why she feels the need to remind us on every trip home that she went to New Trier.

Just part of the Julia In Chicago Package – Downtown Condo, I went to New Trier, Attend Church With Gran, Remind Us Offhand How Cultured And Affluent Her Parents Are With Silly Anecdotes About What They Are Reading/Listening To/Watching, Hey Look It’s Britt.

Apparently it’s harvest season at the yawnfarm of nonsociety.

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39 Responses to Did Julia Allison Mention She Went To New Trier? Cause She Went To New Trier.

  1. Jules of Denial says:

    She went to PUBLIC school? Ewww!

  2. empire says:

    She definitely just likes the dog because it contrasts all things large. She’s always posing it in front of large structures, like it’s clever or something. Yes, I get the juxtaposition of small and large objects. Ironic. Not.

    Played. Out.

  3. juliaspublicist says:

    I’m gonna say it. Lily dog is totes cute!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad she’s suicidal.

  4. shamoolia says:

    Julia just totes that dog everywhere so she has something cute and cuddly to balance out the insufferable and annoying.

  5. totaljing says:

    Meghan’s limitless passion is released! It’s a shillcast for Cannon, she’s NOW a fashion fauxtographer inspired by Anna Wintour. LIVE DIFFERENTLY! SHILLCAST!

    • Julia'sButtSweat says:

      Yeah, that was by far the shortest and lamest TMI yet. Wasn’t it pretty much one long Cannon commercial? Whatever. She reached far and long to somehow tie-in her sudden love of fashion faux-tography/Anna Wintour with her sudden need to shill for Cannon.
      Oh and btw, I certainly don’t call cameras that retail from $600-$800 very “recession-friendly.” But then again, I’m not a West Coast heiress either.

      • empire says:

        btw, did anyone notice the comments on the hair episode? there has been a comment up there for weeks:

        F U C K . T H A T A N D F U C K . Y O U

        Of course it will be deleted now. I just thought it was funny because I made a comment about how cutting hair doesn’t change you, self-awareness does, and it mysteriously never got posted. But the moderator dropped the ball on this one. Love that it’s been up for 2 weeks.

      • empire says:

        Nice typo in the TMI weekly description. These chicks are barely literate. I hate TYPOS!!!!!

      • zandra says:

        [endless exclamation points]

  6. jane says:

    Not to defend her ridunkulous pictures, but it usually is one of the top-rated public schools in Illinois.

    (please don’t flog me)

    But no, outside of Chicago metro, you wouldn’t hear of it.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      That’s fine and all, but SHE GRADUATED TEN YEARS AGO! Her insistence on holding on to high school and college is probably the most glaring sign of her stunted maturation.

      • Miss Cast says:

        Aren’t normal 20-somethings trying to leave their high school aura behind as quickly as possible?
        Or was that just me and my angst-y H.S. experience.

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        Yeah, there is no desire in me to ever visit mine. Even college is the same for me. It’s done, my life is now.

      • jane says:

        Oh I completely agree. It is weird. It’s even weirder to take a picture of your dog in front of it.

    • empire says:

      Kate’s trying to climb in the window because she’s grounded and she’s sneaking in? She doesn’t look a day over 25.

    • Anon says:

      Who gives a shit? It’s not something to be that proud of if you only got there because Mommy and Daddy have money. Its’ not like she’s a child prodigy. Her parents are wealthy and well-educated and wanted the same for her. And she got into where exactly? Indiana Univ or something? No offense to anyone who went there but, it’s not exactly Princeton. You know she wanted to go somewhere better. But she wasn’t smart enough to get in.

      Nothing about her impresses me because everything about her is privilege and boredom.

    • Yip says:

      Lots of schools in IL are considered great schools. Julia wasn’t raised rich, people.

  7. wikipedia: “Scenes from Home Alone, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Uncle Buck were shot at the high school’s freshman (West) campus in Northfield, and scenes from Sixteen Candles were shot outside the high school’s upperclassman (East) campus in Winnetka.”

    • partypants says:

      So basically she graduated from a glorified movie set. I’m still failing to see how I’m supposed to be bowled over by what high school she went to.

      To be honest it could be God’s Own Academy of Greatness and I still wouldn’t be impressed because for FUCK’S SAKE SHIT WAS A DECADE AGO. By the time you are about 30 the grades you made in fucking high school, no matter WHAT school you went to, should not matter anymore. You should have done something else with your life so that a book report grade you received 10 years ago isn’t still your top achievment or determiner of your future.

      I know everyone likes to brag about their schmancy schools and the superior education they provide; but frankly no matter what high school you went to if you are still being defined by your performance or attendance there then you are a sad useless human.

      *breath* Ok, I’m going for some Midol and I’ll be right back.

      • Anon says:

        True dat. Seriously. The more I hear about her trappings of privilege the more I seethe, because she so obviously didn’t deserve any of them.

        We all know JA is no genius. I actually worked my ass off to get into a prestigious college and I know for a fact women like her that have no place there and just lucked out at birth are a dime and dozen.

        Her brother stole all the brains. Jesus, he’s at MIT and look at this fucking hag.

  8. That Voice...ugh says:

    I’ll admit it… I went to New Trier too! But, many years before this stunt.
    I think her obsession with youth and pretending she’s a H.S. or college hip gal are related to her “demographic.” She’s building something—that’s what F(l)ounders do! I think it’s supposed to be some kind-of Teen-Vogue, Glamour, Allure type ‘Venture.’ Isn’t that about right? pulling them in from MTV and that shit show TMI? does not seem compelling at all….kids are too smart for that shit.
    Cut the Apron Strings already.

    • shamoolia says:

      Do the kiddies really want to look up to and emulate a rapidly aging porkchop in a Bozo the Clown fright wig? She’s in the wrong demographic. She should be appealing to 50 year old divorcees who frequent the Palatka, FL Wal Mart, because that’s sort of the look she’s got going on these days.

  9. Anna says:

    And look where the prestigious New Trier got her! … all the way to Indiana University.

    (No disrespect intended to IU at all—she’s just so obsessed with the IVY LEAGUE.)

    • Anon says:

      Exactly. Half the class of that high school goes to a prestigious college. She’s a giant fucking fail. She doesn’t even admit to going to that college first, that’s how embarrassed she is of it. She’s a gigantic disappointment to her family and she knows it.

  10. FupaJaba says:

    Is anyone else giggling over one of the auto-generated Possibly Related Posts being “Unwanted Web Celebrity”?

  11. Yip says:

    LOL. That school is not prestigious. It’s suburbia with families that do alright but are hardly rich. And yeah, if Julia was so super loaded, she would have gone to private, which she didn’t because she’s upper middle class. Momsy and daddy couldn’t afford. Lake Forest is far bigger of a deal.

    • Anon says:

      Um, her father is a partner at a prestigious law firm, how much money do you think those people make? Is he the CEO of some big corporation? No. But are they wealthy? Yes. I don’t know what your definition of “rich” is but most people I grew up with didn’t have attorney fathers at major law firms.

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