Julia: :(

@McCainBlogette – OMFG, that is AMAZING!!! What a perfect, perfect choice they’ve made. CONGRATULATIONS Megs!!!

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45 Responses to Julia: :(

  1. Does she not see how inappropriately intimate these messages are? And how obvious it is that she’s sending them publicly in order to foster the false impression that Ms. McCain is her friend?

    Sad, indeed.

  2. Ginger Sans Pelts says:

    The desperation, it reeks.

  3. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Julia, please crawl out of Meghan’s tail pipe. On the other hand, it’s kind of refreshing to see you up someone’s ass other than your own. Confused. : /

  4. Sausage Snappers says:

    “Megs?” >___________>

    • Ginger Sans Pelts says:

      She’s so awkward. It hurts.

    • Jacy says:

      That’s what got me.

      Megs! BFF!!! Love you!!

    • BunnyBingo says:

      Megs? Is this even a nickname that Megan McCain uses? Coz people tend to be quite particular about how their names are shortened, especially by loopy Cupcake-crazy non-friends on the Internet. False intimacy indeed.

    • Dr. Gary says:


      Once again, I am suffering from a severe case of Cankleshausen Syndrome by Proxy:

      Extreme embarrassment experienced by proxy due to Jankle’s highly inappropriate and/or embarrassing actions, tweets, IMs, blog posts, interviews, lipdubs, TMI segments, TV appearances (e.g. Alexa Chung), Gawker comments, etc.

      • Sake Bombadier says:

        That’s also known as the RTs: Retarded Tingles. I get them from Wholia all (snap) the (snap) time (SNAP).

      • Good Thoughts says:

        It also seems kind of insensitive to Jaba’s other “Megs.” (‘course she’s so dim she probably won’t notice.) Well, BFF’s are interchangeable to the Jabs, I guess, so they might as well have the same name.

      • Pelts to the No says:

        LOL, Sake Bombardier!!!

  5. Once again showing she is neither liberal nor conservative, merely a fangirl of whoever is hip/popular at the moment, and whoever she can glom onto and feel good by association.

    The only politic belief of Jankles is the self-promotion of Jankles.

  6. Dirty Lake Michigan says:

    Here I sit, with my 5 year old having a temper tantrum. I’m holding him to help him calm down and I decide to check RBNS while he works it out. He takes one look at the banner pic and BUSTS out laughing.

    Wants me to make that face.

    See? You guys are awesome for all age groups.

  7. FupaJaba says:

    Meghan McCain is a big a useless attention-whore as the FupaJaba is, only she’s lucky enough to have a father who’s a US Senator who ran for President (in the worst campaign in history) instead of a lawyer daddy who sues blogs because of critical commentary.

    • panty thief says:

      Is FupaJaba sort of like Chupacabra?

      And yes, the familiar “Megs” is embarrassing. Sort of like when she tweeted Ryan Seacrest and called him “R.” So. SO. Lame.

    • Triumphant Return of the Shoes says:

      She is a cheese puppet (and she also happens to have better taste in music than me- boo).

      But Meghan McCain is like the Julia Allison of Senate children… fame-whoring and riding on the coattails of more accomplished parents. Using the internet to garner a following. Blogging her dad’s campaign instead of taking a real job. Saying stupid shiot on television programs (e.g., “I am very pro-sex” on The Daily Show when speaking about her pro-safe sex ed stance; going on about how she has “so many gay friends” etc. when she has like 2). And now The View to replace that other blonde one. She even brings up her questionable internships and former “jobs” regularly on her twitter justify her current position of “influence” as a media personality/pundit/tastemaker. The only difference between the two ladies is that JA is trashier. And like that classic country song says, “I like my women just a little on the trashy side.” RBNS 4 lifez!

  8. melissa0sue00rbns says:

    Jackles loses an opportunity I’ve sure she coveted (or would have if she was A-List enough to even know the job was available). Then embarrasses herself on twitter.

    Meanwhile, Mega’s tech news today is about the 12 Types of Facebook Personalities.


    • panty thief says:

      Wow, that “12 types” story was forwarded around my office email today by a 40 year old co-worker … Meghan the Geekette has really got her finger on pulse on all things TECH! (if you happen to be 40 and think the Roomba is the greatest “new” invention on the planet)

  9. panty thief says:

    Oh my lord, this is even more embarrassing and cringe inducing when you read what it was in reply to. Meghan tweeted earlier–

    “Yes, the rumors are true, I will be guest hosting The View while Elisabeth is on maternity leave. I couldn’t be more honored or excited!!!!!”

    How many times have we heard Jankles describe that festering pile of shit TMI Weekly as “a younger version of The View” and now her latest creepy lesbocrush basically gets Julia’s DREAM JOB??? Hilarious. The karmic gods are up there having a good laugh indeed.

  10. Ehehehe says:

    I’m embarrassed for her.

  11. Worrisome Pelts says:


    “A Broadway dilemma: Just got invited to see HAIR or The Heights for Sunday night: which should I choose???”about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

    Of course she’s going to see HAIR so she can use it as yet another jumping off point to bray about The Hair.

    • panty thief says:

      Funny how she’s seeing a Broadway play after everyone ragged on her here for loooving DANCE!! and THEATRE!! yet never seeming to go see any shows.


      • wheeee says:

        Kind of like how she has a picture up right now of her and Lilly in Central Park today after it was mentioned here that she should take the dog there…

      • panty thief says:

        Heh. Hey Julia, while you’re reading, can you actually provide photographic evidence that you’ve gotten out of bed before 11 a.m. in the past week? Or that you’ve worked out this month … or ever? Kthxbai

      • Triumphant Return of the Shoes says:

        Sometimes I really wonder if everything she blogs/tweets is just for RBNS’s entertainment. She’s such a weirdo.

      • Ginger Sans Pelts says:

        wheeee, I noticed that too… pathetic.

      • Pelts to the No says:

        yeah, but once again she’s been “invited.” we were ragging on her for being so into broadway but never buying a fucking ticket for anything. she waits until someone else pays her way. what a true broadway fan.

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        TRotS: I’m with you 100% on that theory.

  12. Tom says:

    juliaallison!! What’s the worst “digital dating experience” you’ve had – email me julia@nonsociety.com tonight & I’ll tell your story on MTV tomorrow!


    Here’s an idea. why don’t I just go on alexa chung tomorrow, and do the whole fucking bit for you and you just tell people it was you. I’ll wear a red wig and everyhing. And probably get you a fan.

  13. Bray.com says:

    I just finished reading through today’s posts and comments and now I’m a wreck – pelts shaking, Visine and blush melting off my cheeks, that’s how hard you’ve all made me laugh.

    A special shoutout to PartyPants, Esq. for laying down the LOL!

    On topic, JA humiliates herself again with this tweet. Reminds me of girls in junior high and high school who are desperate to be in the popular clique. They know everything about the popular girls and revel in their successes even though deep down they’re jealous.

    JA: OMFG, you were awesome at poms today! Megs, you’re the best!
    MMc: [crickets]

  14. Pearl Freshwater says:


    *wipes away the tears*

    • Pearl Freshwater says:

      The specific tears and laughter in this case were meant for “Partypants fought the LOL and the LOL won.” Wrong reply button, I guess.

      I will never hear the song again without thinking of these immortal words. And the ineffable Partypants.

  15. I’m kind of disappointed that everyone got lols but NO ONE @’d me to call me Ali and say they were soooooooooo proud.

  16. Ginger Sans Pelts says:


    Speaking of which, i just started following you on twitter, just in case you thought i’m some random creep. Well, I *am* some random creep, technically…

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