Julia: Back On Alexa Chung


Looking forward to being on MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung again (@ItsOnAlexa), this Friday!14 minutes ago from web

Hooray! More opportunity for ridicule!

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48 Responses to Julia: Back On Alexa Chung

  1. PhillyHoya says:

    If it went so badly the first time, why are they asking her back. Ugh. Thank goodness I don’t watch MTV anymore except for making fun of “16 and Pregnant” and “True Life”.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      Another absolute boggler. Her last appearance was a straight up disaster. Why would they ever ever ask her back?

      I imagine her crying in some executive’s office: “I know it was terrible, I see that the teens didn’t relate to me, I get that I acted like a mistrustful, manhating bitch. PLEASE give me another change or my mommy is going to make me go back home. PLEASE!”

      That’s got to be it, right??

  2. for serious??? says:

    can anyone point the fine folks at MTV to the comments on Sony’s site?

    jabs is toxic!

    • panty thief says:

      We could always twitter bomb @itsonalexa – keep comments related to what a terrible fit she is for MTV, not in the demographic, gives terrible dating advice, etc. etc.

    • FuckYouMoney says:

      I don’t think that’s really Sony’s site where everyone is commenting. It looks like some sort of insider/gossip/fanboy site without any formal connection to Sony.

    • totaljing says:

      No…NO one should be carpet bombing anything. This is a snark site. What is going on with RBNS???

  3. She’ll probably have her segment cut due to an interview with Spencer Pratt or Vanessa Hudgens going longer than expected.

  4. NewToLife! says:

    I am not sure I can follow Julia anymore. As much as I love this site. She is just so lame, and I can’t stand to see her validated in any way. I know it’s really lame to say that, but I just can’t even describe the frustration. And she is a stranger, I should not be this annoyed by a stranger.

    I really think the commentors at RBNS are the best. But I think I will be taking a break from this for a while. sad 🙁

    • OrangeArchesofDoom says:

      Maybe they’ll do a side-by-side segment of the dating advice she gave to the tweens and her twitters/blogging about THE ONE!!

    • Julia's Fat Ass says:

      I know how you feel. It’s incredibly disheartening to see someone so undeserving get the fame and attention she so desperately craves. She’s everything that is wrong with this country in so many ways, and I’m not even being dramatic. She fucking sucks so hardcore. Sometimes this site kills my soul a little too. It’s like, I’d rather just remain blissfully ignorant.

      But I come for commiseration as well as laughs.

    • Jacy says:

      Just remember one thing: She blows every opportunity she gets. Maybe not right away. But eventually, she screws it up. She gets cocky, she believes she doesn’t need to be on time, to show up for meetings, to listen to advice. So with every opportunity, handed to her by a hard-working agent who talks a good game, she’s sure to fail and humiliate herself even further.

      I honestly don’t get pissed about this stuff now. She’s never failed to fail spectacularly. Her ego and sense of entitlement and lack of self-awarness ensure she will continue to fail spectacularly.


    • WTH? says:

      NTL, I can relate. Even if she does eventually screw up her opportunities the point is that she somehow gets them over and over again. That she gets those chances does in a way validate someone whose behavior and qualities I don’t think should be rewarded. It can be hard to follow her because her own output is so unlikable and the news about the opportunities she gets are a sad commentary on what our society values and promotes.

      • zandra says:

        it is sad, especially considering all the talented, hard working people who don’t get such opportunities for one reason or another..

  5. PhillyHoya says:

    Julia’s mom is even slamming her for her lack of research now: http://julia.nonsociety.com/lifecast/165999020–

  6. Julia's Fat Ass says:

    Seriously, who are these fucking tipsters who said she failed so hardcore that she lost some reality show gig? Are they just making shit up???

    But again, I come back to my friend who does tv appearances. Think about how many talking heads there are on tv, 24/7. The fact that she gets maybe two appearances a month if she’s lucky…that’s saying A LOT. She would be on tv constantly if anyone in the industry really liked her. Big fucking deal, she gets on this show I’ve honestly never heard of.

  7. LOLJULES says:

    I am bummed about the Sony shill, and that is no lie,
    So my Bravia, we must part, please try not to cry,
    Yet, do take solace in this fact about the one must brattish,
    The commercial was shot when she was her fattest.

    I am not a poet, you see, this much is true,
    But I can quote Yeats and Keats until I am blue,
    However, a rhyme is the best I can do,
    For the thick one with the eternally T-strapped shoe.

  8. Jacy says:

    I hope she wears the Easter outfit, complete with white headband, on Alexa Chung.

    • Ineffable says:

      Naw she’s totally edgy now. She wears a black motorcycle jacket and has red hair!! She should live in Williamsburg!

  9. diluted brain says:

    Guys seriously I almost pissed myself over this:

    How many calories are your VEGGIE BURGER *bitch*?

  10. sherlock says:

    Let’s make a compilation of all the pics we can find of Julia with her Mac, at Apple, etc.

    Remember, she said she would get in ‘big trouble’ if that Mac laptop touched her knees during the TMI Livefeed…

  11. What Julia REALLY thinks says:

    Anyone want to have a drinking game based on Julia’s Friday appearance?

    I’ll start …
    +1 if Julia has her picture in the MTV green room before the show … and captions it as “At the MTV Green Room before ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung”
    +1 if it’s a deliberately posed photo to show how Julia is ‘preparing’ for the show
    +3 if Jordache Jeans makes a magical appearance (makes sense, seeing as her recent reappearace on twitter)
    +1 if Julia wears that stupid blazer, in an blatant attempt to appeal to a younger demographic
    +10 if Julia manages to mention how she broke “all her rules” with her new “boy” who she facebook talked for three years and went out on one date.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      Oh! I will be laid up on Friday (having my wisdom teeth out on Thursday) … do any of you guys want to get a chat room and play the drinking game live together?

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        I’m game! I won’t have a TV to watch but will chat just the same.

      • melissa sue says:

        apparently, we’re sad and lame for wanting to chat. 🙁

        personally, i just hate to drink alone. too much hilarious stuff goes unsaid (or unheard).

      • partypants says:

        Yeah, the former troll who hates us and can’t comment here anymore is now posting my phone number all over that sonyinsider article. HI TROLL! Plz in the future be sure to add links to my blog, twitter, and home security cameras so everyone can get the full impact of my lameocity. xoxoxox

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        Who IS the troll? One of Julia Allison’s troll army or an old RBNS commenter?

  12. LOLJULES says:

    I think this is the place to comment regarding Sony, as Sony Style is an official site.


  13. Julia's Exiled Jiminy Cricket says:

    There is no Alexa Chung Show on Fridays, the show is on the Mon-Thur schedule that TRL was on, there is no listing for a Friday show on TV Guide or the MTV site. They could be pre-taping a show for all I know but I would love for this to be a big joke on Julia, you know that she would be the type to not know when a show actually airs.

    • that is teh awesome.

    • Dr. Gary says:

      Maybe it’s just a repeat?

      • Julia's Exiled Jiminy Cricket says:

        Not unless that repeat is called ‘Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew’ because that’s what is scheduled for 12:00 PM on Friday.

    • totaljing says:

      They pretape. All shows do that!

      • Julia's Exiled Jiminy Cricket says:

        I have little doubt that it’s a pre-taped appearance although Alexa Chung is usually taped and aired on the same day. They are probably pre-taping so they have next week off as it’s a big get out of Manhattan week. The question is ‘does Julia know that’ since her actual knowledge of television is laughable for someone who has made as many appearances as she has.

      • On-Air Hunchback says:

        Alexa Chung’s show airs live. And it is Mon-Thurs.

      • totaljing says:

        Um, they pretape on fridays. THEY DO. Alexa can’t be live every day…things come up.

      • Getoverit says:

        Just wondering – why the fuck do you think you know EVERYTHING? You can’t and don’t.

  14. Anna says:

    Damn, I thought her career was taking a nosedive—and all of a sudden, there’s a reversal. This sucks.

  15. Faux Firecrotch says:

    Gosh, you’ve got to wonder what Alexa and Julia have to say to each other on the subject of significant others.

    Alexa is dating an Arctic Monkey and Julia is dating an Invisible Man.

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