Julia Allison: Charitable

And by “charitable,” I mean stealing things she loves from people who hate breast cancer.


Rachel’s visiting from Chicago tonight, and she’s telling me all about her 3-day Walk for Breast Cancer.

In the midst of her photos, I came across this one.  Oh. My. God.

I clearly need a pink tent.

Me: OMFG. This actually makes me want to go camping.
Rachel: If that’s what it takes …
Me: Oh, that’s what it takes alright.
[pauses, thinks about how wonderful it would be to own a pink tent.]
Me: Wait … do you get to keep them?
Rachel: No.
Me: Ugh. Then I’ll just steal one.
Rachel: Then you’ll go to hell because you stole from Susan G. Komen.

Because of this, I will do the three day walk next year.

Remember when Julia socilited donations on behalf of Rachel Billow and practically no one donated? Well it seems that Julia Allison has been inspired by the Billow, inspired to accessorize (and shill!).


I noticed Rachel’s mom rocked these pink New Balance kicks for the 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk, and I’ve decided I must have them.

I’ve also decided I’ll be doing the walk next year, and I’m going to try to get my mom and Meghan & Megan to do it with me. (Probably in Chicago)

In fact, I think it would be really fun to get a group of us together! Anyone else want to join me??

Julia, if you actually cared about other people and charity, why not go out right now and do something charitable instead of planning to do something a year from now? We all know how something never pans out when you announce you are going to do it on your blahg.

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67 Responses to Julia Allison: Charitable

  1. fuck camping! says:

    FUUUUUUUUUCK camping! i hope the bears eat you and your stolen pink tent alive, julia!

  2. Sponsored Scrapbooks says:

    Pink tent. Pink sneakers. “I must have.” Cancer as a fashion opportunity. Fuck you.

    • First Date Wedding Dress says:

      Exactly. Cancer! Such an opportunity to accessorize!

      My dad died of kidney cancer – 2 months after diagnosis at age 50, he was gone. I started researching these charities and seeing if there was a way to help and get involved.

      The overhead on putting huge events like this on means the actual amount of money that goes towards USEFUL RESEARCH slows to a trickle. It also attracts people who don’t donate for the long haul – they do a little Cancer Walk and think they’ve saved the day.

      You need security. Permits. Party planners. Catering. Hotel rooms. And, I guess, you need pink tents. There’s a huge debate on this in the “charity business” (and yes, it IS a business, like everything else.)

      Many will disagree, just my take on it…

      • em says:

        in 2009 72% of $110 million the komen foundation 3-day walk went to breast cancer research–3% admin, 25% fundraising. i know this because i completed the boston walk at the end of july in celebration of two friends that reached their 5 year anniversary this year.

        people that complete the “little walk” — 60 miles in three days–don’t think they’ve saved the day, they are recognizing what a struggle cancer is and want to do something.

        julia may be an idiot but with comments like that, so are you.

    • Dirty Lake Michigan says:

      Yes. It is!!
      Just ask Cancer Dan and the necklace she swore she would not take off.

  3. J.C. says:

    really, people. is there anything left to say at this point other than she’s too stupid to live?

  4. partypants says:

    1. I thought she was off the pink with her edgy new red hair? 2. She’s aware she can just go buy a pink tent right?

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Damn! You beat me to it.

    • Wide-set Vagina says:

      I was at the hardware store* and they had the most adorable pink-handled tools. Who wants to chip in for a set of pink hammers and help me pound in Jackles’ tent pegs** next year???

      *they’re not paying me, so I won’t mention the name
      **those crooked things holding her tent dresses open at the bottom

      P.S. Where you been all day, PP?

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        Is “pound[ing] in Jackles’ tent pegs” a euphemism for sex? Because she doesn’t do that…except when she does.

      • Wide-set Vagina says:

        Hah!! I was thinking more along the lines of beating those bowlegs back into a straight line, but your version is much kinkier.

      • totaljing says:

        I have a pink kitchenaid. God, julia would cum in her panties.

  5. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Julia, The Tent would clash with The Hair. (And with the other tent. You know, the one you wore on MTV.)

  6. First Date Wedding Dress says:

    I like the Susan G. Komen foundation but why did they hang dead babies outside of their tents? Is it to ward off braying Orange Wilabeasts from attacking in the middle of the night?

  7. diluted brain says:

    honestly, why couldn’t she just register for THIS year’s walk? I think it said it was 3 days. But no… let’s just play up fondness for pink rather than the well deserving foundation and reason for the walk.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      she couldn’t participate this year because she didn’t know about the tents beforehand.

    • Romper Chic says:

      And like everything else, it will never happen.

    • totaljing says:

      In a year from now (god help us!!), we can see if this marks yet another occasion of lack of follow through. That, along with all the New Year’s resolutions that she so proudly made and all the TONY articles that were promoted and never published and so on…

  8. Mind Cancer says:

    Hey Julia, I know how you can really use your breasts for a good cause, and get to shroud yourself in all your precious pink at the same time: GET BREAST CANCER.

    Just think! Now all those slobbering posts about Cancer Dan can be about YOU! Think of all that sympathy! All that attention! All those opportunities to talk about yourself! All that weight loss! All that pink! You might even get to be in a documentary or reality show! Win win!


  9. Anon says:

    So, so wrong — but SO so true.

  10. Web20Morons says:

    She’s going to convince everyone to travel to effing Chicago next year for the walk.

    Translation: I’m out of NYC, come to ME ME ME FUCKING ME!!

    Good riddance.

  11. fuck camping! says:

    dumbasses. both meghan and julia tweeted about visiting Alison Brod PR, and both got the twitter handle wrong:

    @meghan: @ABPR looking at the new fall beauty products. The office is a Pink Pucci-clad Palace!

    @juliaallison: Spent the morning at Alison Brod PR (@APBR) checking out their new fall beauty products along w/ Lilly Pulitzer, Alice + Olivia & VS Pink.

    meghan’s message went to a Abniel Machinje, while julia’s went to Ana Ramos in Portugal. the correct twitter handle is @AlisonBrodPR


    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      You can see how they’d be confused. Who knew that Alison Brod PR, a company dedicated to branding, would have a Twitter handle that’s the exact name of the company (or, you know, the BRAND)?

    • fuck camping! says:

      ugh, kill me for knowing and looking up these stupid things. blerg.

    • shamoolia says:

      Wow. They are too stupid to even shill correctly. What a bunch of retards.

      And I am not sure Julia would really like to be around all of those icky icky poo women with breast cancer. They don’t even have breasts that they can smoosh into push up bras and condom fairy costumes and low cut dresses to woo the menz with. In fact, some don’t even have any hair to dye red and clip plastic hair to and change their attitude! BUMMER.

      Julia: seriously. Fuck off. You are offensive to the extreme.

    • totaljing says:

      Julia also called the Alison Brod event a “meeting” (on the shitcast, not twitter),. Um, my fashion biz friends were invited, and it was a marketing event for bloggers, journalists, writers to PIMP and USE the product. There was no meeting. And goodie bags were given out.

  12. Wholia? says:

    Julia Allison is a malignant tumor in the breast of society.

  13. Ehehehe says:

    I like pink.
    Wait… I used to like pink.

    Is it wrong that she made me hate pink?

  14. Sherry Klein D.D.S. (aka Dr. Gary) says:

    Jankles: you lazy, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human being.

    Why don’t you find out where you can BUY the pink tent and pink New Balance sneakers, since, ya know, the money will go to breast cancer research.

    Here, I’ll even help get you started:


    Now, pull out your Amex and place your order. It’s (snap)! Just (snap)! That (snap)! Easy (snap)!

  15. for serious??? says:

    She is so loathsome.

    Why doesn’t MSNBC or MTV take a cursory glance at her stupid, juvenile, horizontal tumblr before asking her to appear on their programs? Why don’t her agents give her one warning after a particularly lame or stupid post and then DUMP HER ASS when she suggests stealing from a charity (or anyone for that mater)?

    There is not one thing likable about Julia Allison Baugher.

    NOT ONE.

    • narcissistheadband says:

      You KNOW that “I’ll just steal one” line was NOT a joke. It just popped right out of her mouth. Because what she wants, she gets. By any means possible. And the rules don’t apply to her. Fuck everyone else.

  16. shamoolia says:

    I’d love for Julia to go to that walk and tell one of those breast cancer survivors how a dye job changed her whole outlook and attitude about life and it was the best decision she’d made all year.

  17. CR says:

    When I read this, I was just absolutely appalled. So, she’s saying that she only wants to participate in this wonderful charity event so that she can wear pink shoes and sleep in a pink tent? Does she not understand the bigger message behind this walk? She never mentions it, not once. If pink tents weren’t involved, would she have even noticed and/or wanted to partake? Doubtful. She is a disgusting, self-absorbed human-being and I pity her.

  18. Jacy says:

    Remember the TMI shitshow when she said if you can’t afford flowers, just steal them from your neighbors? She has a history of shoplifting when she was at G-town. Jesus, this bitch really does believe she is simply entitled to own things, whether she shells out for them or not.

    And isn’t it cute, to suggest stealing from a charity. Asshole. She is actually monstrous in her shallowness. I hope she never, ever reproduces.

    • NewToLife! says:

      That’s the thing. She would tell us to “not take it so serious” because she’s “only joking”, which she tried to make clear with the line ‘Then you’ll go to hell because you stole from Susan G. Komen.” (which I doubt RBILLLLOWWW even said). But the part where she fails is that it’s not a funny joke, nor is it a funny thing to laugh about or even suggest laughing about. Maybe the guys on South Park can get away with “haha we stole from cancer” but that’s because they set out to be assholes and will do anything to accomplish that goal (and they are funny and everyone knows they are joking). She is just such a tool.

    • totaljing says:

      Yeah and she would have Charlsie try to RETURN her freebies (from shwag bags etc.) to department stores where the product is ALSO sold. That’s called stealing. It’s punishable by law. It’s no different from grabbing a product on a shelf and walking out the door.

  19. panty thief says:

    What a depraved human being.

    Julia Allison is such a shallow, self absorbed and dehumanized individual that she has to view everything through a consumerist lens of how she can use something to be her personal “accessory” to better stroke her inflated ego. Think about it:

    Cancer – the heart necklace she swore she’d wear until Dan recovered, the pink shoes, the pink tent. Do any of these things actually do any good? NO

    Exercise – pink bike, pink shoes, expensive trendy workout wear, expensive gym membership, expensive juice diets. Have any of these things actually helped her lose weight? NO

    Even her dog is an accessory. She is a disgusting pig.

    • NewToLife! says:

      agreed. but it’s so simple and clear when you realize these are all textbook NPD behaviors. There is no value in anything if it does not involve her.

  20. panty thief says:

    And Julia! I know of something charitable you can donate to the breast cancer cause – your prized pair of tits that you like to keep on full display and show off to the world to advance your lowly station in life. Or how about shaving off your OMFG HAIR!!! that you can’t seem to STFU about? I am sure those women who have lost their hair and their breasts would appreciate your generous act of solidarity SO MUCH.

  21. Emma says:

    She really doesn’t get charity. She once walked by a homeless man and when he asked her for money she said she didn’t have any, since she just spent $80 on her mani/pedi. So shitty.

    • Mark Zito Is A Guido says:

      I don’t give to panhandlers either, but I don’t act like an asshole about it.

  22. Grimace says:

    I am seriously not sure how much longer I can continue to read about this inhuman waste of space. It depresses me to know that people with such black, shriveled souls exist.

    Julia Baugher is an abomination.

    • for serious??? says:

      I have never known such a horrible person as Julia. She is so horrid.

      The reason that she feels it is so important to tell us (as we are her only audience) that she gives (re)gifts to people is because she thinks that is SO NICE. Because she bought an overpriced Pottery Barn Kids teddy bear for her business partner, we are supposed to forgive all the ridiculously dense/shallow/ageist/racist/lame/uninformed things she says?

      Also, she is so generous with her ineffable-rambunctious-gorgeous-ridiculously talented descriptions of everyone she knows. Is that, too, supposed to be proof that she is so nice?

      The exchange above seems altogether too too Julia. Sick, selfish, self absorbed, stealing.

      I cannot stand her.

  23. melissa0sue00rbns says:


    someone should really send this to julia. she needs to read it on SO MANY levels.

    • Reality Stripe says:

      Dopamine reference!!!

      Also, I do believe it explains why we all keep watching and commenting on the Julia Baugher trainwreck. Good to know that it’s completely natural and normal, eh?

  24. GeeksOnTheWhat? says:

    It is, unfortunately, “lifecast” posts like these which will be archived for the ages, causing Julia to be forever-known as a borderline-NPD stuck-up princess. At this point in her life, she is essentially unemployable for any sort of “regular” career; as someone who makes hiring decisions and spends the slightest amount of time on Google, there is simply no way that she’d make it past even the first ten minutes of review.

    I won’t pretend to know what’s going on in her head, but she needs to take a serious look at the whole “oversharing” thing and see what it has gotten her in the past year. Lesser people have mental breakdowns over what must be a constant pressure to “maintain her audience” and somehow provide relevant, pop-soc, light-magazine-reading information while simultaneously seeing attempt after attempt at climbing up the ladder get so abruptly knocked down. I don’t wonder if, someday, she’ll go on a serious rant against all of her “haters” and totally lose it.

    Here’s how she could be successful. Pay attention, because while this seems like fairly obvious advice, the more it gets repeated, the more likely it will be followed.

    1. Delete the twitter account and let the comments naturally fall out of Google’s index. Take up SMS again for messages to friends. Any monetary loss in the short term will be more than made up for on overall image repair.

    2. Get rid of NonSociety. This probably should have happened when Mary jumped ship. The graphic that says “It’s Just the Two of Us…But Not For Long!” was last modified on May 14th. The previous graphic about it being “Just the Three of Us” was even older. Nonsociety is a nonstarter. There’s no brand there, Meghan clearly doesn’t want to do it anymore, Mary is doing TMI probably just for contractual issues and to get some spending cash, Nonsociety just isn’t an entity. Ditch the domain completely and let all the posts fall out of Google’s index. Again, any monetary loss in the short term will be taken care of by long-term image repair.

    3. Turn xojulia.com into one page; bio, with headshots, and the marketing angle. If Julia wants to go the tech route, fine– she may not be able to recite all of the HTTP response codes, but she can read a teleprompter and hold up an iPhone with a smile on her face. Maybe add a section with press mentions, to keep up the vibe that she’s “media-savvy” and is able to be the “internet chick” on whichever outlet will have her.

    4. Work with her agent to book small, short, easy appearances on whichever outlet will have her. Don’t go for the reality shows, or the pilots, or whatever. Stay in a niche that works for now, and work that niche until producers and casting is willing to give bigger and better slots. Do this with a minimum of drama; no more being late, no more rushing around demanding random junk, just take the assignments and kick ass on them.

    5. Last but not least, create (and maintain) a sleep schedule, at least 8 hours a night starting no later than 11pm. Eat a decent breakfast of fruit and grains, a moderate lunch with some protein, and a smaller dinner at least 4 hours prior to going to bed. Combine that with walking around Manhattan to get from place to place and there will be a huge improvement wrt bags under the eyes, sluggishness, hyperactivity, and overall brain-speech-filtering. It really is amazing what a good night’s rest will do for you– the number of “dumb questions on a conference call” will go down greatly.

    A serious detachment from the Internet (eg being a consumer rather than a provider of info) combined with a healthier lifestyle and some decent work and things will get much better.

    • juliaspublicist says:

      This is perhaps the best advice anyone has ever given her. Hopefully she takes it to heart.

    • Anony Mouse says:

      This a bit OT, and not just directed at GeeksOnTheWhat?, but I think it needs to be said:

      Comments about Julia Allison being mentally ill, psychotic, or needing to be admitted (a few threads back) are boring. They’re also a fucking slap in the face to millions of people struggling with real, debilitating mental illness.

      NEWSFLASH: mental illness isn’t amusing, and it’s not appropriate as an insult.

      • for serious??? says:

        While Julia’s mental illness my not be debilitating – Let’s call her a functioning sociopath, shall we? – it IS the root of all of her problems.

        She has NPD which can be diagnosed using the DSM.

        Also, bulimia and food issues bordering on the dangerous, body dysmorphia, mania, delusion and whatever the hell the name of the mental is where you’re a pathological liar.

        Is this your first time reading here?

      • NewToLife! says:

        I truly believe she has some mental illness, likely a personality disorder which is hard to diagnose and hard to treat. I’m not trying to slap anyone in this face with this information, I believe it to be true. She has narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies and I don’t think that is amusing I think it’s sad, especially when combined with the likelihood that she will ever seek help. Sorry if this offends you. I deal with a narcissist in my life and spent many years being codependent with them, and it’s clear to me that Julia fits this bill (and is, in fact, even more severe than the one in my life). If you read up on NPD, you will see many striking similarities between her behavior and the symptoms of the disorder. Obviously, an anonymous internet armchair psychologist like me is just speculating but I stand by my belief.

      • GeeksOnTheWhat? says:

        Perhaps you misunderstood my post– that’s okay, happens all the time. I don’t think Julia is mentally ill, psychotic, or needing to be “admitted”. I think she has made some incredibly poor choices and can’t, or won’t, admit to herself that those choices were, in fact, the wrong things to do. I think she is lacking the filter that “growing up” tends to add to someone’s brain, and she Overcompensates with a capital O in what appears to be every aspect of her life.

        The comment wasn’t meant to be an insult; far from it. If I wanted to insult, everyone would know it.

      • NewToLife! says:

        I was going to ask as well, have you just started following her? Someone who twitters that a celebrity next door is having a private argument with their lover, and takes pictures of strangers on buses and refers to them as “wenches” (with no regard to history considering that the stranger was a black woman, and female slaves were commonly referred to as “wenches”) and sees nothing wrong with this type of behavior is mentally ill. She stands by her behavior, even when called out on essentially being racist. She thinks stealing from a cancer fundraiser is cute.

        Oh and PS. she publicly outted her ex-bf’s bipolar disorder because he wouldn’t by her a Mac Book Air. Sociopath. Case closed.

      • tam says:

        I don’t think anyone makes fun of Julia Allison for having a mental illness (alleged or otherwise). I think she habitually acts like a total asshole, and the mentions of mental illness on RBNS are just attempts at explaining her behavior. It’s a generalization, but I think mental illness causes irrational behavior, and sometimes that behavior is very hurtful to other people. RBNS is simply examining that behavior, which is not equivalent to finding mental illness amusing.

      • Ginger Sans Pelts says:

        Not every mental illness or personality disorder is “debilitating”. As with everything, there are degrees of severity. I was diagnosed with mild bipolar disorder, and though it is a genuine illness, it’s far from “debilitating” – in fact, it’s completely manageable with a good schedule, plenty of exercise and a healthy lifestyle overall.

        I understand you take issue with trivializing mental illness by saying healthy people are “crazy” when they act odd, but honestly, I think your indignation is misplaced.

        Not sure how much time you spent on this site or on JA’s many outlets, but allow me to recap. To me – and to many others –

      • Ginger Sans Pelts says:

        … ah hell clicked “Comment” too early.

        – anyway:

        Not sure how much time you spent on this site or on JA’s many outlets, but allow me to recap. To me – and to many others – it is blatantly obvious that her mental/emotional health is not what it should be. The disordered eating, the evident sleep issues, the hyper-narcissistic outbursts, the needy, clingy way of dealing with men and dating, the apparent inability to form meaningful relationships, and the desperate need for affirmation coupled with an utter lack of self awareness… sorry, to you it might be a “fucking slap in the face”, but to some of us, it’s pretty damn obvious she needs therapy. Or meds. Preferably both.

      • partypants says:

        I don’t think she’s mentally ill. I think she’s just a good old fashioned ASSHOLE.

      • Ginger Sans Pelts says:

        Well, I’m not an expert, but I can’t shake the hunch that there is a pathological element to her assholery.

  25. Emma says:

    Geeks on the What, will you please fix my life?

    • GeeksOnTheWhat? says:

      This isn’t about “fixing” her life, it’s about getting her to acquire some semblance of self-awareness. For example, the lalawag thing. Anyone with any sense would have seen that interview for what it was and immediately declined, but because Julia had an hour to burn and figured it was free press, she jumped on it. Seriously, lalawag? An attempt to be like the valleywag for the “tech scene of LA” while simultaneously ignoring almost everything that the tech scene of LA is actually producing? Lalawag is like the chronicles of a few friends and their limited worldview, not a serious attempt at journalism (hmm. where have I heard that before.) and anyone who _really_ cared about their online image would have known that no good was going to come out of that “interview”.

      Julia’s the only one who can “fix” anything; the rest of us can only give suggestions on which direction she needs to go.

      • Emma says:

        I hear you, I just thought you offered very good advice specific to her life and would love some of that good orderly direction in mine.

  26. Reality Stripe says:

    For sale: cancer shoes, never worn.

    Julia, you really pissed off a lot of people with your pink bullshit today. Just so ya know.

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