TMI Weekly LIVE! (Eventually)


So our fantastically awesome trio is going live with the TMI Weekly shoot. Of course, they’re late cause Jankles is probably having trouble putting her pelts in.

There’s a chatroom!!!!

That’s all I’m going to say.

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228 Responses to TMI Weekly LIVE! (Eventually)

  1. partypants says:

    I don’t see a chatroom.

  2. Jackass says:

    They’re live right now.

  3. Jackass says:

    Jackass is wearing the WHITE DRESS. And they’re cutting in with the stupid TM Ass episodes.

  4. partypants says:

    Yeah, I got nothin. Apparently doesn’t work in firefox.

  5. juliaspublicist says:

    They went away. PP, I’m watching it in Firefox and everything works fine.

  6. Jackass says:

    They announced they’re starting when Mary arrives.

  7. partypants says:

    I guess it’s blocked here at work or something. I don’t see anything.

  8. Web20Morons says:

    I’m having a bit of fun right in the chat with Foolia.

  9. Sideshow Bob says:

    Someone screenshot it! I’m blocked too.

  10. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Does Jules not have the power to block users over there? I’m being as obnoxious as my need to multitask will allow and I’m still able to post.

  11. Orange Arches of Doom says:

    Ya, this is what aunts and their 10-year old nieces want to see when they are trapped in a taxi in the Holland Tunnel, Meghan talking about wet bathing suit bottoms “looking like you took a dump” and “nippling out”.

    Hi NBC NY local public access PR people! You might want to exercise some better judgement in your positioning of these low-budget couch chats with product shillers.

  12. Jackass says:

    IT’S LIVE.

  13. Sausage Snappers says:

    This is just way too good. They’re providing us with content out the wazoo!

  14. Orange Arches of Doom says:

    HAHA! They keep looking at the comments and then silently IGNORING THEM!
    27 views and maybe a dozen of haterz online in chat. Impressive!
    Bring on the sponsors!

  15. Sausage Snappers says:

    Really though, they have no fear. I do give props for that, seriously.

    • Orange Arches of Doom says:

      It’s more delusion than bravery, I think. They really do think they have fans who will flock to see this, mark it on their calendars, etc. Apparently not so much.

  16. Orange Arches of Doom says:

    They are, however, OBSESSED with the comments. They can’t even focus on actually producing the show. Pathetic. Sorry.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      Right? Julia could NOT stop looking at the screen to see what we were saying. They’re so sad.

  17. Anony says:

    The Internet equivalent of putting a ‘kick me’ sign on your own back.

  18. flatface says:

    We all got banned by the moderator after a little while.
    I was Mitch.
    It was fun.
    Which one of you also likes black metal?

  19. Ehehehe says:

    Well this is entertaining. Watching Mary smirk at some of the comments. MITCH!! Mary banned you, lol!

  20. juliaspublicist says:

    Seriously, this is the best time killer ever. I’m Consuela, by the way.

  21. Ehehehe says:

    Hilarious comments by some of you guys. Srsly.

  22. flatface says:

    Ham-mer fight!

  23. Sausage Snappers says:

    This is WAY too much fun.

  24. Erin says:

    I am/was Eboo. They actually asked my question about beauty tips you wish you’d never heard of/started (hair extensions, anyone?) No one actually answered the question.

    I wonder why on earth they think letting us ask questions is a good idea if they’re not going to actually answer the questions. Although the look on Mary’s face is priceless: you KNOW she wants to ask Julia all the snarky ones coming in.

  25. Jackass says:

    Guess who’s getting FREE Blueprint juices on set? JUICE FOR EVERYONE.

  26. shamoolia says:

    Sorry, I am about as tech savvy as Meghan… I can see the chat and all the comments popping up but the screen on the left is just static. Does that mean they’re not filming at the moment?

  27. flatface says:

    I know mary laughed when she got my message asking her to put julia in a head lock for charity.

  28. partypants says:


    It doesn’t work for me

  29. Orange Arches of Doom says:

    I guess I’m banned now. It’s all gone dark. Sad. : (

  30. Ehehehe says:

    Onset dramarama. Lovin this livestream.

    • Ehehehe says:

      Andddddd I just got banned.

      • flatface says:

        welcome to the club. It’s a badge of honor. We should make t-shirts. I got banned after I asked Mary who she thought would win in a hammer fight: estee lauder or paul mitchell.

  31. partypants says:

    Oh well. I reg’d partypants anyway. Stupid websence.

  32. Like, My Favorite Thing To Do says:

    I got banned!!!! I haven’t been so disappointed since my ex refused to give me a Macbook Air.

  33. juliaspublicist says:

    I haven’t gotten banned yet. Am I doing something wrong?

  34. flatface says:

    A commenter named marshmellow is keeping the faith: just asked mary to put ja in a headlock for charity!

  35. flatface says:

    consuela got back in… I can’t. They really don’t like mitch

  36. Web20Morons says:

    I was noway, Web 20 and now I’m Texas Hair.!

  37. flatface says:

    they seem to have blcoked my ip address. How’d you re-sign in web2.0?

  38. Web20Morons says:

    surprisingly i haven’t been blocked …yet.

  39. shamoolia says:

    In related news, Julia still doesn’t know the difference between a forward slash and a back slash:

    “In a cab heading to the studio for the all day @TMIweekly shoot – we’ll be livestreaming on\tmiweekly 😉
    about 3 hours ago from TwitterFon”

    This is getting ridiculous. It’s like laughing at a retarded person, while stealing their candy and pantsing them at the same time.

  40. Jackass says:

    I haven’t been blocked either.

  41. Wide-set Vagina says:

    Just saw Bojankles get the banhammer (among MANY others). This is FUCKING FUNNY, ya’ll. Get in here!!!

    Also, from the number of 4chan memes being spouted, I gotta wonder who invited the /b/tards.

  42. Jackass says:

    Oh, I will.

    Their memoir: From Freshman 15 to Botox: Our Story.

  43. Wide-set Vagina says:

    Well, I’m out. I think it was the sake bombs.

    • Wide-set Vagina says:

      I asked Mary if Julia’s dress was stinky from wearing it all last week. I also asked Jackles if she photoshopped herself into a pic with Ciara. I saw Mary’s face as she obviously read them — priceless.

  44. flatface says:

    You know what’s also funny? They have no sponors for that and at tops they had 120 viewers. And some of those – wink, wink – were doubles of the same people. Back up for when they were inevitably banned.

    120 people. Why even bother? A sponor would be better off slapping a sign on a bus.

    And I’m at work. Getting paid.

    So WE got paid for crashing their party. And they got hosed and didn’t get paid. Funny.

    • shamoolia says:

      And almost every single one of their viewers was a detractor. I didn’t see a single real “fan” or supporter in there. Do they even realize that they really have NO fans or do they just deny deny deny?

  45. partypants says:

    Crashing tmi live = the new habbo hotel raid

  46. Wide-set Vagina says:

    I wish we could get a transcript of the live chat, because I missed so many comments while I was typing. They were flying by so fast!

    Julia was claiming that her dress was size 0, so I told her that it didn’t fit in the only place it was fitted; hence, the flattened boobs. Then I told her I also wear a size 0 bedsheet.

  47. Sausage Snappers says:

    I have to admit I’m the shameless fan/troll Team Mary. Really, this is the most entertaining and awesome thing these girls have done. Loved the body lifting.

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      And I love chescaleigh. <3

    • Web20Morons says:

      I kept asking Airhead Mary to bench press and leg lift her. When Mary did that it showed how FUCKING HUGE Julia’s ass is. The cottage cheese was so evident through the dress.

      • flatface says:

        that was classic.
        I totally expect JA or Mary will be referencing that to show they have a sense of humor. (it’s also a little pathetic. I mean we were asking them to do that stuff as a joke. Making fun. Dance moneky. And they’re so in thrall to becoming *Famous* they do it. They don’t get the joke.)

        Too bad we couldn’t get them to fight with hammers to “prove” who’s better looking like I asked. Sigh. Next time.

  48. ElGuapo says:

    theya are back on the air, reading the chat!!

  49. partypants says:

    It’s just not a party without my pants. I just say.

  50. Ehehehe says:

    I got blocked so I can only read and watch BUT why does Julia insist on keeping the laptop off? I mean Meg & Mary are like face_plain

    & she says the questions won’t be any good anyway. Just another way of her to ignore the audience instead of engaging? I don’t know.

    • flatface says:

      this is her mortified. She gets testy. She’s pissed that this got hi- jacked (and it has gone from witty to juvenile fast over there, huh? Now just outright calling them fat and making rapey comments. That’s not really funny)

      • Ehehehe says:

        I agree with you completely. At first I was entertained but now it’s just a clusterfuck of steady rolling comments. I’m bored with it.

        The commentary over here is so much better…

      • Squirrelbait says:

        I saw some handles referencing ebaumsworld and Something Awful, so evidently a call went out for /b/lackup and the teenaged boys have responded to the call.

        They are either part of Partypants’ personal army, or they’re just trolling the whole Livestream website looking for lulz. TMI will have to institute a registration system, or a pay-per-view system (hahahahahaha).

    • Sausage Snappers says:

      Julia has a sponsorship with Dell is our theory. Why, no one knows.

    • fuck camping! says:

      everything is rolling by way too fast over there. well intentioned (or not), but the discourse is far superior over here at RBNS, not to mention more controlled.

  51. sad :( says:

    This is one of those grueling, tough, marathon work days Julia tweets about?
    Piece of cake.

    • Squirrelbait says:

      That’s what I was thinking. Slap on some makeup and a bedsheet, then just have a completely off-the-cuff conversation (bull session) loosely based around whatever the topic is supposed to be. Completely lazy, shoddy, lackadaisical, boring, dull, emptiness.

  52. totaljing says:

    I simply cannot believe the end-all-be-all marriage bullshit. Seriously, Mary Fucking Rambin is the Gloria Steinam compared to Julio.

  53. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Serious question: Is this how they film all of the episodes? The producer should be ashamed. How could a professional expect to salvage anything decent from this cluster fuck, “hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey, monkey, underpants” baloney?

    • flatface says:

      it even LOOKS like three children playing tv show dress-up (the off-kilter camera anagle. The weirdo wandering around in the background. The cheap basement living room couch that’s too small. the fidgeting with their hair and their clothes). It’s like they’re not trying.

    • shamoolia says:

      Also, it’s clear their producers and editors HATE them. The editing is terrible. They always pick the ugliest, most unflattering screen cap to use at the top of the episode and the text banners are always all over the screen (not in the bottom corner like every other show). It’s hilarious.

  54. Sausage Snappers says:

    PP, did you tell me to duct tape my mouth? >:-( I thought what we had was speshul.

  55. Jacy says:

    Oh my God, that was funny. I love whoever Consuela was, pretending to be a Julia Fangirl in the beginning and then totally turning on her by the end.

    And whoever said: “Mary, are you ever going to do a triathalon? If so, will you use Julia’s hair pelts as streamers on your bike?” — I almost vomited, I laughed so hard.

  56. for serious??? says:

    Was that our TOTAL JING asking why marriage is so important?

    because both Julia and Meghan were snotty defensive bitches about that question.

    Also, I have been banned by the moderator. 🙁

    • shamoolia says:

      I can’t see the livestream (only getting that pixelated gray fuzz) so I can only guess what they are talking about from the hateful comments. Geez… three long time single girls spouting off on marriage like they know everything there is to know… are they really THAT STUPID to think they are experts on ANYTHING or that anyone should take their advice or listen to their opinions? OH MY GOD THEY ARE IDIOTS.

    • totaljing says:

      That was me. She answered a ton of my stuff. Julia was addicted to it all…the other two couldn’t stand it!

  57. JABa the Butt says:

    Holy crap, Meghan’s skirt is almost nonexistent! Good thing she’s got that laptop as a cover-up.

    Also, what’s up with Julia flashing the camera at the end of every episode? First she hikes the white dress way up for no discernible reason. Then, in the yellow dress, she leans way back and throws her legs open. wtf?

  58. Ehehehe says:

    She just said Harvard Harley is in British Columbia for 2 weeks and they’re going out when he gets back.


  59. Madison Woodward says:

    Damn I can’t believe I missed this. Who said she was a size 0? It better not be Foolia because I am a size 0 and I don’t want her sullying the good name of the underweight.

  60. totaljing says:

    Julia answered two of my Qs…one about Harvard Harley who is in British Columbia and lives in DC???

  61. for serious??? says:

    mary and Julia are going on about how no one knows how hard they

    work and

    • shamoolia says:

      Taping this show is their “work.” And they do it one day a month. And the finished product sucks. I am not sure they know what the word work means.

  62. for serious??? says:

    Julia said, “at least we’re doing what we love”

    Oh. Good for you, Jabs.

  63. AnonDude says:

    Whew, that was really fun until I got banned by the moderator for posting the link the RBNS.
    Amazing (!) that they would be so stupid/deluded as to think that live blogging was a good idea.

  64. flatface says:

    At this point they’re sitting on that awful couch straightening their skirts and fiddling witht their hair while MAry wolfs down a, what, a veggie burger? And then drops the wrappe ron the floor. Lots of long drawn-out silences as they scroll through the comments hoping for something half-way positive.

    Julia at one point does a hair flip and honks: “What rumors about tension (between she and Mary)? How did those starts (snort!)?”
    And Mary doesn’t ven look at her. Of course, she’s eating. On camera.

  65. Cupcankles says:

    Julia read my comment “legs face AWAY from the camera” and I think I hit her pretty hard where it hurts. Now I feel a teeny bit bad.

    • flatface says:

      how many costume changes have they done?

      Do you women do that when I’m not around? Hang around your dad’s basement rec room on a pleather couch and change clothes every twenty minutes?

  66. totaljing says:

    Meghan just bitched out Mary and Julia….Silently but she did it. She gets really huffy about her topics etc.

  67. JiveTalkin says:

    Oh man. That was CATHARTIC!! I got banned for posting the RBNS url. Took one for the team, I guess. Man, what a hoot!!!

  68. partypants says:

    I hate that I cannot be a part of this. This is worse than the time cracky chan got a higher score on hot or not than me.

  69. Jacy says:

    12:46 Consuela : At least these girls are working hard today, what are you doing? Hanging out in a chatroom.
    12:46 chia : and for her sake, she really didnt think she would cease to be interesting in 5 yrs
    12:46 mitch : And you Connie?
    12:46 expired : how do the women here feel about getting the botox-stuff injected in their faces like julia does?
    12:47 marielizabeth : so you’re watching something you don’t enjoy?
    12:47 mitch : Yes! It makes me feel… bigger! Better than!
    12:47 expired : what’s it called, reversa-tox?
    12:47 marielizabeth : I personally dont like the idea of botox, but i believe it’s a personal choice
    12:47 chia : same
    12:48 Consuela : My name is not connie it is consuela, please respect my latina heritage
    12:48 mitch : Me so sorry, mamasan
    12:49 marielizabeth : grow up mitch
    12:49 Consuela : whatever, i’m just gonna keep holding my head held high just like Mary
    12:49 expired : yah, it’s really just a personal choice for julia to inject that stuff in her face
    12:49 Amy : this show is so unprofessional – “I’m wearing my sparkly shoes.”
    12:50 TMIWeekly : We’re still setting up and testing IVE in a few minutes
    12:50 mitch : They should do a show on home recipes for botox… at discount prices!
    12:50 marielizabeth : they’re just getting set up, they need someone to talk to make sure that the audio levels are right
    12:50 mitch : Awesome! Only 20 minutes late!
    12:50 chia : you really work at next new networks mitch?
    12:51 mitch : No not really.. And I have to go
    12:51 Andrea : I want to know what she thinks should happen to women after they are passed their “expiration dates.” Sent to a home somewhere?
    12:51 expired : IZEA has a ranch for old women
    12:51 diz : It’s ruffle day at TMI! Whee!
    12:52 marielizabeth : I was going to say, I don’t see you on their personell page mitch, you must be very important
    12:52 expired : next new networks laid off about 20 people a few weeks ago
    12:53 expired : expect them to totally expire in 3 to 6 months
    12:53 marielizabeth : i’m so tired of this economy, isnt it supposed to be getting better?
    12:54 expired : it’s hard to make money from a show like TMI. it’s their lowest viewed show too
    12:54 marielizabeth : what other shows do they put on?
    12:55 expired : exactly
    12:55 heythere : indy mogul
    12:55 heythere : and others
    12:55 x : threadbanger
    12:56 Consuela : that soup looks soooo good. My tacos don’t look so tasty right now.
    12:56 Eboo : what the hell are we watching right now?
    12:56 Julia Allison : Hi guys! It’s julia 🙂 We’ll be live as soon as Mary gets here!
    12:56 x : I’m just here for the Only in a Woman’s World
    12:56 Amy : this is making me miss mary’s bbq
    12:56 expired : julia what is mary’s “expiration date?”
    12:56 Consuela : New couch!
    12:57 Julia Allison : New studio!
    12:57 scobie : why does that stupid dog have to go everywhere?
    12:57 expired : what is the name of that injections stuff? reversal-tox?
    12:57 expired : does it really work on wrinkles?
    12:57 Consuela : I love white backgrounds, Julia! Meghan and Mary are sooo awesome.
    12:58 Julia Allison : Well, Meghan was taking care of her while I was in LA, and she brought her to the studio so I could take her home.
    12:58 Julia Allison : Besides, it’s fun to have her around
    12:59 scobie : yeah, but consider that it’s fun for you, but not perhaps interesting to others
    12:59 expired : it’s a health issue – dogs are not allowed in all the places you bring them
    12:59 expired : do you think it’s ok to bring dogs in to resturants and grocery stores?
    12:59 Consuela : Where did y’all go?
    12:59 Julia Allison : I think it’s fine, yes.
    13:00 noway : Does Meghan do anything other than nod furiously and pretend to listen to Julia? Your readers want to know!
    13:00 Julia Allison : Meghan: “Are they seriously saying that ***?”
    13:00 expired : that’s strange, the health department does not agree that dogs can go in resturants julia
    13:00 Julia Allison : Yeah, well, I don’t agree with the health department! hahah
    13:01 Amy : some people have allergies
    13:01 Julia Allison : Actually, I don’t bring Lilly to restaurants unless they’re outdoors and it’s allowed.
    13:01 scobie : wow, that’s pretty rude. It means there’s one set of rules for you, and another for everyone else.
    13:01 expired : julia, there are pictures of your dog and you in resturants
    13:02 expired : why lie?
    13:02 scobie : not to mention taking dumps in offices
    13:02 noway : When is Mary going to bolt from the sinking ship? Your readers want to know!
    13:02 Eboo : /popcorn
    13:02 heythere : wtf you guys?
    13:02 Julia Allison : I can’t off the top of my head think of any time I’ve taken her into a dining establishment lately, where it hasn’t been allowed. Anyway, this is sort of borin
    13:03 x : yeah, so borin
    13:03 Julia Allison : No one’s bolting anywhere.
    13:03 Consuela : You guys are mean you should respect your hosts
    13:03 heythere : well said
    13:03 marielizabeth : yeah, julia i think it’s awesome that you spend so much time with your dog
    13:03 scobie : wow, so “borin” she couldn’t finish typing the wor
    13:03 marielizabeth : many people are gone all day and the dog just sits at home lonely
    13:03 noway changed their nickname to noway.
    13:03 Amy : Julia, aren’t you at work? Don’t you have work to do?
    13:03 expired : are you still mad at adrien for causing problems with you and mary?
    13:04 Julia Allison : Well, Mary just got here and we’re picking out the outfits for the first ep
    13:04 expired : don’t forget to tell mary what you think her expiration date is
    13:04 marielizabeth : Julia, I’m super impressed with how well you deal with all the nay-sayers out there
    13:04 heythere : super poise
    13:05 noway : We haven’t seen many fake reader emails, how come? You don’t seem that busy these days.
    13:05 Julia Allison : I’ve never written a fake reader email.
    13:06 Julia Allison : I don’t have that much time on my hands!!
    13:06 Amy : maybe the show would better if you spent less time on outfits and more time on topics.
    13:06 expired : there are no naysayers – people just repeat back what julia says
    13:06 marielizabeth : but if you did that, everyone would make fun of what you were wearing
    13:06 mitch : And switched the hosts with three other people
    13:06 noway : Amy, bravo, work on the quality of the content, and not the label of the borrowed clothes!
    13:07 mitch : I’d like the show better if it were more narrow-minded. And judgmental!
    13:07 marielizabeth : I just don’t understand why people tune in, if they’re just going to be so negative.
    13:07 x : I agree, mitch
    13:07 TMI_Annie changed their nickname to TMIweekly.
    13:07 marielizabeth : I happen to like the show, and the clothes and the topics
    13:07 scobie : Don’t use the word “bravo,” it reminds them of the failed pilot.
    13:07 noway : scobie…zing!
    13:08 noway : Don’t use the word ‘Failed’, it reminds them of this entire venture
    13:08 expired : “As a woman, I know I have an expiration date” – Julia Allison
    13:08 scobie : high-five
    13:08 mitch : I like it cuz it’s just like an issue of Ms. from 1993… but with the added value of being read by dolts. Mmmm., dolts
    13:08 Julia Allison : Thank you, Marie Elizabeth
    13:08 marielizabeth : Hey Julia, just out of curiousity, who won the AX exchange gift card?
    13:08 Consuela : You people are mean you must not have Jesus in your heart
    13:08 mitch : Connie. I love me some JC
    13:08 noway : I have Jesus on Facebook, does that count?
    13:09 marielizabeth : you’re welcome, i think you do a great job, I always feel like i’m hanging out with friends when I watch your show
    13:09 Julia Allison : Thank you! That’s the goal.
    13:09 scobie : Jesus built my hotrod. No, wait; that’s a song.
    13:09 Julia Allison : Okay, I’m getting yelled at to go sit on the couch!!
    13:09 noway : marielelizabeth…get new friends.
    13:09 mitch : I do too! It’s just a little different. It’s like hanging with friends I don’t like. It happens
    13:09 heythere : have fun out there, Julia
    13:09 bunny : haha
    13:09 Consuela : Julia have you acccepted Jesus in your heart
    13:09 T Diddy : Wait is ot over? is it on now?
    13:09 bunny : you guys are KILLING it
    13:09 Worrisome Pelts : Blueprint Cleanse corroded my soul, consuela. Sad : (
    13:09 Eboo : Honestly, girls? I would love to see a show with you guys talking about mistakes you think you’ve made thus far in your careers.
    13:10 Eboo : And God lives inside my left pinky toe.
    13:10 marielizabeth : that would make for an interesting show
    13:10 mitch : Or a show about boys and clothes. What’s it “really” like out there?
    13:10 Consuela : How come we can’t see Julia get yelled at. I thought this was supposed to be live
    13:11 noway : Connie, that will never happen, someone would get “donkey-punched”
    13:11 expired : all scientists and nutrionists agree “juice cleansing” is not healthy – same with colon cleansing
    13:11 expired : it’s right up there with astrology
    13:11 heythere : actually that is correct. it’s not recommended as a long-term nutritional choice
    13:11 Consuela : You should come to mexico sometime and watch a donkey show
    13:11 T Diddy : eww armpits
    13:11 Julia Allison : Okay! So don’t cleanse then! I like it 🙂
    13:12 Consuela : Does it give you the ***?
    13:12 heythere : it’s great once a month, though
    13:12 expired : how much does blue print pay you in $ or free juice?
    13:12 marielizabeth : i was going to say, cleansing is supposed to be a short term thing, right?
    13:12 mitch : Does staying up all night make you more prepared for meetings the next day? Or less prepared?
    13:13 noway : Julia, can you do a show for us girls about brayding your hair? Your readers would love it!
    13:13 mitch : How come you never do shows about how best to eat your feelings?
    13:13 Consuela : Julia are you liking equinox?
    13:13 heythere : Julia, kudos to your everlasting smile… this must be so unbearably stressful…
    13:13 expired : julia, ask any scientist, doctor or nutritionist – they all agree “cleansing” is usually a sign of eating disorders
    13:13 Worrisome Pelts : It’s DRINK your feelings, Mitch. Keep up!
    13:14 Julia Allison : Hi Consuela – I haven’t really gone much 🙁
    13:14 mitch : heythere, I know! right! Getting yelled at ona chatroom with an audience approaching two dozen? Like playing the Garden!
    13:14 Consuela : You should go so you can be as pretty as mary!
    13:14 expired : i’d like to see a TMI with a real medical professional talking about the dangers of colon and juice cleansing
    13:15 heythere : she’s already pretty
    13:15 Worrisome Pelts : Oh look! They’re showing the white bathing suit Julia wore to steal the thunder from Randi Z. at RZ’s bachloette party! Memories!
    13:15 mitch : When I need to drop a few quick pounds I odn’t cleanse. I just go on an all meth-and-ex-lax diet for like a week. You get sooo cleaned out.
    13:16 expired : randi violated the facebooks terms of service when she added “fans” to julia’s page, there were a lot of harsh articles about that
    13:16 noway : Can someone from TMI explain what the acronym NPD represents?
    13:16 Consuela : but not as pretty as mary, mary is soooo beautiful and sooo fit
    13:16 T Diddy : What’s the best size *** to have?
    13:17 T Diddy : pen15
    13:17 mitch : How come you couldn’t start on time? For real. My probabtion officer isn’t going to wait all day…
    13:18 Worrisome Pelts : T Diddy, you’ll have to get to date 11.5 before it matters.
    13:18 heythere : i think Julia’s more curvacious figure is sexier than Mary’s. Mary is cute and a pretty little thing, but Julia is a woman.
    13:18 mitch : I think they should fight with hammers to “prove” whose cuter!
    13:18 Consuela : yes julia does remind me of my 55 year old mom
    13:18 heythere : ha!
    13:18 noway : Mary, when do you think your blog will surpass NonSociety? I mean you seem to have a great content set, update often, and never use the words
    13:18 mitch : Ham-mer Fight! Ham-mer Fight!
    13:18 heythere : no mud fight?
    13:19 expired : mary, do you think all women have expiration dates?
    13:19 mitch : Mud Hammer-Fight! Mud Hammer-Fight!
    13:19 scobie : the first rule of mud hammer fight club is…
    13:19 heythere : well, Julia’s already an insomniac
    13:19 heythere : so fight club it is
    13:19 noway : Mary, you’re pretty fit. Will you ever do a Triathlon, and if so, would you consider using Julia’s extensions as streamers on your bike?
    13:20 mitch : ha!
    13:20 expired : if i were a sponsor of any of this, i would not be happy with my investment
    13:20 expired : it’s totally out of control
    13:20 expired : how is this helpful to sea world?
    13:20 scobie : yeah, exactly; this SO does not make me want to eat those chips
    13:21 heythere : 20 mins is fine, but one hour – not so much
    13:21 mitch : You know who’s gonna jump on board as a sponsor? Roderick, America’s number one manufacturer of MudHammers
    13:21 noway : Meghan, why is it that you cannot seem to keep your purchased technology working regularly? Something is always broken..your readers want to know!
    13:21 Amy : well those chips probably don’t contain any life force, like blueprint cleanse
    13:22 expired : megan did not state she purchased any of her gear – so it’s unclear how she gets all these gadgets
    13:22 scobie : Hey, Julia; bring back that Easter outfit…on Halloween maybe?
    13:22 mitch : This is like the first time I saw metallica. And theyt made us wait and wait. Like that. Only gayer
    13:22 noway : her “investments” keep her in a nice lifestyle
    13:22 expired : As a woman, I know I have an expiration date, – Julia Allison – maybe gadgets do too?
    13:22 Consuela : julia that is awesome wedding dress, is that the same one you wore five times last week?
    13:22 scobie : Milk, too, I think.
    13:22 heythere : on that date…
    13:23 mitch : Where is the intern with the mud hammers?
    13:23 mitch : I’ll pledge one hundred dollars to the charity of Meg’s choice if they make the intern girl get up and dance. Like a monket.
    13:23 mitch : Monkey! Monkey dance
    13:24 marielizabeth : congrats amber
    13:24 Eboo : I will match that, mitch. We’re at 200 bucks
    13:24 noway : TMI Weekly, would it upset you much if most of these viewers are from your reblogging site?
    13:24 heythere : senior beauty editor!!! YESS!!!
    13:24 expired : what is the name of the anti-wrinkle face injection stuff? i cannot find the video about it
    13:24 mitch : Why are they broadcasting out of my dad’s half-renovated garage?
    13:24 marielizabeth : sounds like an awesome job
    13:24 heythere : shut itttt
    13:24 good times : this is the worst show ever
    13:24 Worrisome Pelts : I’m happy for Amber, but seriously, this is NOT good exposure.
    13:24 mitch : Meg: what’s your favorite botox flavor?
    13:25 T Diddy changed their nickname to wedding dress.
    13:25 marielizabeth : what advice would you give a senior in college majoring in communications?
    13:25 Team Mary : Mary, love your dress!
    13:25 mitch : who’s the creepy dude walking around in the background?
    13:25 heythere : amber, i adore your shoes
    13:25 noway changed their nickname to Web 20.
    13:25 Team Mary : Michael Jackson’s ghost
    13:25 Worrisome Pelts : It’s Restylane, expired. You can see how well it works!
    13:25 mitch : Ham-mer fight! Ham-mer Fight!
    13:26 expired : restylane – that was it! thanks!
    13:26 wedding dress : oh please don’t sing
    13:26 Team Mary : lol
    13:26 Eboo : How about no singing?
    13:26 Team Mary : lol
    13:26 Worrisome Pelts : Oh good lord. That’s what the world needs. Shut it, Jules.
    13:26 expired : who is the sponsor for this?
    13:26 good times : julia…will you blow me a kiss?
    13:27 mitch : Mary, can you bench press meg? Prove it
    13:27 wedding dress : The revolution will be live twittered.
    13:27 Eboo : ooo, how about “Part of MY World?”
    13:27 Web 20 : Mary, you’re pretty strong, could you powerlift Julia on a bet?
    13:27 bunny : can julia be a little quieter, please? this is a serious request. please. i’d really appreciate it
    13:27 expired : actually, they will not be responding to any of these comments or questions
    13:27 Amy : julia is so manic!
    13:27 Web 20 : Is that the door to the bathroom on the upper right hand corner?
    13:27 wedding dress : What is she holding? it looks like a tube of irish spring shower gel
    13:28 mitch : Ham-mer fight! Ham-mer fight!
    13:28 Team Mary : Sounds like lunch
    13:28 Worrisome Pelts : I missed the opening of this ****show, mitch. What’s with the hammers thing?
    13:28 Web 20 : Team Mary, I don’t hear any liquids being blended…what lunch?
    13:28 scobie : This is so odd; it looks like public access TV. Or a bad, female version of an old Wayne’s World sketch.
    13:28 expired : everyone should ask good questions, like the expiration date comment – why promote unhealthy things like juice and colon cleansing…
    13:28 Consuela : are sulphates anything like dopamine?
    13:28 mitch : Mon-key dance! Mon-key dance! Everybody!
    13:29 Consuela : how do you feel about science?
    13:29 OrangeArches of Doom : Julia gets one-third of the couch and the three of you have to squeeze into the rest?
    13:29 Team Mary 2 : ow! my ears!
    13:29 Team Mary : god you guys are killing me
    13:29 Team Mary : lol
    13:29 Eboo : Dance monkey, DANCE!
    13:29 mitch : Does botox allow you to see in the dark? Or is it just me?
    13:29 x : products for free?
    13:29 carol : this is pointless. and the girl in the white dress has bad hair
    13:29 x : whaaaaaaaa?
    13:30 wedding dress : she’s getting married, ok?
    13:30 OrangeArches of Doom : When they sound adjust for the wedding gown, you can’t hear anyone else.
    13:30 Consuela : did julia disclose that she was sponsored by smart car and the bike pople?
    13:30 scobie : I’d just like to know if Julia considers herself a journalist, or is willing to admit that her life is now officially performance art.
    13:30 mitch : They should get a band for the show. A really loud one. That never stops playing.
    13:30 Worrisome Pelts : It’s not just bad hair, carol – it’s also a bad clip-in wig.
    13:30 Team Mary : This is actually far more enjoyable to watch than the show itself
    13:30 scobie : Dethklok, maybe? Metalla-something?
    13:31 mitch : Is julia marrying the puerto rican one? Or the weight lifter lady?
    13:31 Consuela : because eating is HORRIBLE
    13:31 Web 20 : The dresses are horrible, Mary is wearing a curtain and Julia is wearing a bedspread
    13:31 x : Is that a wedding dress?
    13:31 Consuela : mary looks beautiful, shut up
    13:31 Team Mary : Awww, I love Mary’s dress. TEAM MARY!
    13:31 Eboo : Is there a beauty tip that any of your girls use/used that you wish you never started? (extensions, anyone?)
    13:31 mitch : That’s a dress worth waiting an hour for!
    13:31 heythere : haha
    13:31 wedding dress : I bet these girls go crazy for a guy wearing AXE deoderant
    13:31 Eboo : You know, I kind of love mary’s dress
    13:31 Consuela : where can you get hair extensions on a budget
    13:32 OrangeArches of Doom : Favorite product on a budget? The bray-for-pay budget you mean? I.e., FREE!!
    13:32 mitch : Closing sequence: cue the hammer fight!
    13:32 mitch : Ham-mer fight!
    13:32 Web 20 : Connie, go into Central Park and snip some tail hair from the carriage horses
    13:32 scobie : Talking about lotion is like dancing about architecture.
    13:32 y : yo
    13:32 Ineffable Hair Pelt : Why the laptop?
    13:32 heythere : hey, julia said mudhammer live on pseudo-tv. be proud
    13:32 Ineffable Hair Pelt : So unprofessional.
    13:32 wedding dress : finland doesn’t make anything good
    13:33 Team Mary : it’s their “professional” prop, whatchotalkingbout
    13:33 wedding dress : except for vikings
    13:33 cbling : cause they’re “techie” and sooo web 2.0
    13:33 Consuela : Is there anything cheap that I can buy to make my face stop looking poofy after botched expensive restalyne injections?
    13:33 Ineffable Hair Pelt : And why the white dress again. She wore that 3+ times while in LA.
    13:33 mitch : wedding – finland gave us some of the best black metal eva!
    13:33 Worrisome Pelts : IHP: they have to have the laptop so they can intereact with their fan. That isn’t a typo.
    13:33 scobie : Who turned out the lights?
    13:33 Web 20 : Meghan, there is a great course for learning about Technology
    13:33 mitch : They should film this at an I-Hop
    13:33 Web 20 : would you like me to Email it to you?
    13:33 Consuela : julia how come you aren’t wearing green with your red hair, just because you’re hair is orange doesn’t mean you have to give up color
    13:33 wedding dress : mitch – i prefer swedish black metal
    13:34 Team Mary : Julia turned into a werewolf and they had to cut to black
    13:34 mitch : Watain!
    13:34 scobie : Burzum
    13:34 Ineffable Hair Pelt : Oh lord.
    13:34 mitch : Marduk!
    13:34 mitch : at the gates!
    13:34 finnish : gg
    13:34 mitch : Gotchya
    13:34 mitch : burzum is norwegian, btw
    13:34 Web 20 : Would anyone from TMI Weakly, like a hamburger?
    13:34 scobie : Impaled Nazarene?
    13:35 Consuela : getting rid of julia’s makeup requires a jackhammer
    13:35 Team Mary : we’ll blend it up first, of course
    13:35 finnish : This guest looks the best on the panel. I guess that’s because she doesn’t inject garbage into her face.
    13:35 Consuela : how much doe those cost
    13:35 expired : honest question – how much does each woman there spend on makeup per month?
    13:35 Worrisome Pelts : This reminds me of the good old days on the NS QotD page. Is Charlsie in here?
    13:35 Ineffable Hair Pelt changed their nickname to Ineffable Julia.
    13:35 scobie : Belphegor!
    13:35 finnish : they get makeup for free, remember?
    13:35 mitch : Dissection!
    13:35 Consuela : did meghan just wink at me?
    13:35 scobie : I’ve got it: Darkthrone!
    13:35 mitch : We’re blending my two favorite things: TMI and black metal!
    13:35 heythere : so where are they getting their questions from if they shut us out?
    13:36 mitch : Darkthrone is from norway!
    13:36 y : meghan is a ***
    13:36 expired : can each woman state how much they spend on makeup per month?
    13:36 scobie : A new genre? Or would JA be more annoying than Cookie Monster vocals?
    13:36 Web 20 : Meghan, when is your family going to pull the plug on the funding for htis?
    13:36 mitch : Can each woman state whether tey think Watain is better than Immortal?
    13:36 heythere : well, you buy the makeup one month and it’ll last for about 3
    13:36 Ineffable Julia : Wow…
    13:36 expired : the dog just peed next to the couch, OMG
    13:36 Consuela : that was a great tip to get rid of your wonk eye julia
    13:36 wedding dress : i hope that dog pees on somebody
    13:36 bunny : can JULIA be a little quieter, please? this is a serious request. please. i’d really appreciate it
    13:36 Ineffable Julia : These comments are so worrisome. They should include us.
    13:36 Worrisome Pelts : They don’t spend anything, expired. They shill for shellac.
    13:36 Eboo : I still want to hear about makeup/beauty trends the girs wish they never started following (ie extensions)
    13:36 expired : the dog did! you can see it!
    13:36 mitch : group *** feel there? weird
    13:37 Eboo : YES
    13:37 Consuela : hahahaha
    13:37 marielizabeth : what advice would you give a senior in college majoring in communications?
    13:37 Web 20 : The dog just urinated in the background
    13:37 Web 20 : fantastic
    13:37 Ineffable Julia : Lol!
    13:37 mitch : marie leizabeth: be born rich.
    13:37 expired : As a woman, I know I have an expiration date – Julia Allison
    13:37 Team Mary : enjoy your last year
    13:37 Team Mary : don’t sweat what’s to come
    13:37 Web 20 : Do it for love Mariel, you won’t be doing it for money
    13:38 Team Mary : oh and *something witty*
    13:38 mitch : Question for Meg: would you ever go on a shooting spree?
    13:38 Team Mary : BWAHAHAHA
    13:38 Worrisome Pelts : marielizabeth – she’d tell you to massage the truth. Any real journalist can tell you that’s a terrible idea.
    13:38 cbling : no, do seriously sweat what’s to come. go to your college career services and learn to write a good resume and get interviewing skills
    13:38 x : Mary goes to the ‘ghetto’ for cheap products
    13:38 Eboo : lol! ok girls, way to not answer my question. thanks, meg, for trying
    13:38 mitch : Question: Mary whose your favorite black metal band?
    13:38 finnish : Mary, please don’t compare yourself to your guest. She’s developed a brand & a following.
    13:39 finnish : You’re a shill. Big difference.
    13:39 CuriousFriend : who is the guest?
    13:39 Consuela : the guest is pretty
    13:39 TMIweekly : the guest is Amber Katz, she writes at
    13:39 Ineffable Julia : When are they gonna upgrade their set?
    13:39 marielizabeth : what’s the best consealer for dark under eye circles?
    13:39 mitch : Question for guest: would you ever referee a hammer fight?
    13:39 expired : how much does each woman spend on makeup per month on average? that’s a fair question since this is called “beauty on a budget” right?
    13:39 Consuela : did they get a bigger couch to make room for julia’s expanding ***?
    13:39 Worrisome Pelts : The guest is a girl with actual talent who should no better than to appear with these clowns.
    13:39 mitch : Julia: which do you like better: staying up all night? Or texting about how busy you are?
    13:39 heythere : preparation H for wrinkles – many 30-somethings swear by that
    13:39 Ineffable Julia changed their nickname to SmartCarGotTowed.
    13:39 scobie : Time spent crying to sleep verss actual sleep?
    13:40 Eboo : so, your whole head of hair, julia?
    13:40 wedding dress : QUESTION: vaseline works great as… nevermind.
    13:40 heythere : grow up
    13:40 Marshmellow : where are th e dogs?
    13:40 y : does meghan masturbate before each show?
    13:40 mitch : Question for Meg: are you in a gang?
    13:40 finnish : This guest has more integrity and originality then these clowns.
    13:40 heythere : kinda
    13:40 Marshmellow : never mind
    13:40 Consuela : when are you gonna take the red out of your hair?
    13:40 Web 20 : Oh no, Meghan is doing the point!
    13:40 Team Mary : Lily dog would actually be a fun addition to this show
    13:41 Web 20 : Show us that Jack-O-Lantern smile Megs!!
    13:41 Team Mary : she’s teh coolest one in the bunch
    13:41 tom page : is Julia late for a wedding?
    13:41 SmartCarGotTowed : I agree.
    13:41 wedding dress : If you were a tree what tree would you be?
    13:41 marielizabeth : thanks guys!
    13:41 ara : Mary: do you think foundation is nessecary on an every day basis?
    13:41 Marshmellow : Lilly the dog woudl actually be CONTENT
    13:41 finnish : no, her breasts are late for the wedding.
    13:41 chia : also for concealer, check your skin tone– i have olive skin and she said to check for a peachy concealer
    13:41 chia : for under my eyes
    13:41 Consuela : julia are you going out with the jewish writer again?
    13:41 Worrisome Pelts : consuela – Soon, if she’s smart. When an agent tells you you look like crap you must really be terrifying in person.
    13:41 Team Mary : THERE SHE IS
    13:41 Team Mary : go, lily!
    13:41 mitch : Way to go producer! I know you were an hour late and the staionary shot is mis-centered and the chat is out of control. But you are talented!
    13:41 heythere : i know, she should really listen to her agent
    13:41 SmartCarGotTowed : Hahahaha…
    13:41 SmartCarGotTowed : Poor Lilly………
    13:42 heythere : you guys are dissing so much but you seem to follow her blog assiduously
    13:42 Marshmellow : did Lilly get towed?
    13:42 wedding dress : we follow her blog ineffably
    13:42 mitch : Question for any of them: who are you talking to right now? Us?
    13:42 mitch : Or some imaginary live audience?
    13:42 finnish : assiduously is a big word. Practicing for the SATs?
    13:42 scobie : It’s ALL fake.
    13:42 tom page : Mary is the talent of the goup. She should sit in middle and minimze other two’s input
    13:42 Team Mary : We love Julia, truth be told. She provides us with many smiles!
    13:43 SmartCarGotTowed : Mary & Julia can’t sit next to eachother!!
    13:43 heythere : why not?
    13:43 Web 20 : Mary, we love you here since you got rid of your Texas sized come Julia doesn’t listen to you regrading her coiffe?
    13:43 mitch : Hammer fight. Long story
    13:43 SmartCarGotTowed : The obvious disdain for one another..
    13:43 finnish : Lummox is a better word.
    13:43 wedding dress : QUESTION: is html 5 going to take over the world? If so, when?
    13:43 OrangeArches of Doom : No, don’t go to the drugstore and spend a few bucks. Omg. Go to Sephora and ask for samples. Sheesh. This is not rocket science.
    13:43 Marshmellow : guess how many times each got theri car towed
    13:43 bunny : it’s forward slash.
    13:43 mitch : Thanks guys!
    13:43 good times : julia….will you blow me a kiss??!!!
    13:44 wedding dress : yeah forward slash
    13:44 heythere : i know, they always say backslash!
    13:44 heythere : wtf
    13:44 Team Mary : or they could just say “slash” like most ppl
    13:44 heythere : right
    13:44 Marshmellow : is nto Megahn a backslash anyway?
    13:44 Web 20 : forward slash has too many letters
    13:44 Eboo : i will *** myself the day they actually say “forward slash” or just slash
    13:44 NYGirl : hi
    13:44 ara : a simple “slash” will do.
    13:44 marielizabeth : what’s the best face lotion to put on pre makeup?
    13:44 Marshmellow : Meghan Backslash Asha
    13:44 OrangeArches of Doom : No foundation in summer but 5 lb hair pelts? Ya that makes sense.
    13:44 Team Mary : that’s a good question actually, marie
    13:44 Consuela : julia quit interrupting its rude
    13:44 wedding dress : watch the cleavage mary
    13:44 NYGirl : seriously julia
    13:45 NYGirl : wtf
    13:45 expired : julia, can you talk about your indiana semester?
    13:45 NYGirl : is it just about her
    13:45 SmartCarGotTowed : lolol
    13:45 mitch : You guys are great. But I have a question. Which one of you is the bestest!
    13:45 morganlefaye : hey..
    13:45 NYGirl : meghan is the only one wit hany sense
    13:45 Consuela : keep looking in the mirror julia nothing will help that puffy face
    13:45 SmartCarGotTowed : Mitch – Julia, duh. She is SO BLESSED.
    13:45 Team Mary : more like the one witht eh least sense
    13:45 heythere : car being towed
    13:45 good times : julia…blow me a kiss!!
    13:45 mitch : Meg has common sense old school puerto rican street smarts
    13:45 Consuela : mary and meghan you are awesome
    13:45 finnish : The guest should be the only one on the show.
    13:45 Web 20 : Julia, for your makeup application, try a trowel
    13:45 Team Mary : what’s the best lotion to put on before makeup
    13:45 expired : julia, can you talk about your indiana semester?
    13:46 Team Mary : one that’s the least greasy, etc.
    13:46 NYGirl : Meghan and Mary you look beautiful
    13:46 marielizabeth : no sound guys
    13:46 wonkeye : has julia washed that dress>
    13:46 wedding dress : did they turn the sound off
    13:46 marielizabeth : we can’t hear anything 🙁
    13:46 morganlefaye : its ok no sound is fine
    13:46 mitch : Mary: Burzum or Darkthrone? Who wins in a fight?
    13:46 morganlefaye : silence does them justice
    13:46 chia : ugh whats the point of coming here and commenting if you are only going to be assholes?
    13:46 Web 20 : Is Julia wearing a full body Spanx? The gut isn’t as large
    13:46 marielizabeth : thanks julia!
    13:46 SmartCarGotTowed : Lol keep the laptop away from Julia..
    13:46 mitch : Trick question! Burzum is a one man band…
    13:46 marielizabeth : sound is back on
    13:46 y : the sounds is back
    13:46 Consuela : we can hear the donkey bray now
    13:46 NYGirl : Love your lipstick meghan
    13:46 Marshmellow : ye sno osund
    13:46 wedding dress : ROFL
    13:46 bunny : please i’m serious
    13:46 morganlefaye : because its fun to make funof people you dont like
    13:46 expired : plagiarism scandal
    13:46 Marshmellow : yes no osund
    13:47 Marshmellow : yes no sound
    13:47 tom page : hi mary
    13:47 y : the sound is back. its ok
    13:47 Team Mary : the feed keeps stopping and i keep having to hit refresh, just FYI yous guyz
    13:47 wonkeye : the dog peed by the couch
    13:47 heythere : amber, i love your shoes
    13:47 Consuela : what was the pilot you shot mary
    13:47 marielizabeth : off topic, but what advice would you give a senior in college majoring in communications?
    13:47 mitch : Mary, pick Julia up and shake her. Like a pillow. Do it
    13:47 ara : Mary, is foundation nessecary on a daily basis?
    13:47 Marshmellow : they do nto know that
    13:47 finnish : yes, seriously. you earn respect. you don’t ask for it.
    13:47 wedding dress : why is julia wearing a wedding dress tho really
    13:47 Eboo : Mary, what’s the dress you’re wearing?
    13:47 Worrisome Pelts : Yeah, what was the pilot, Mary?
    13:47 mitch : meg, what’s the puerto rican word for glamour?
    13:47 Marshmellow : no sound Julia
    13:47 finnish : TEAM AMBER.
    13:47 good times : julia….will you pop your top?
    13:47 y : how come “beauty” editors are UGLY?
    13:47 heythere : team amber!!
    13:47 NYGirl : can somone please help these girls
    13:47 wonkeye : do julias hair clips smell
    13:47 wedding dress : SHES WEARING A VINTAGE NIGHTGOWN
    13:47 Team Mary : You guys, the beauty guest is lovely!
    13:47 wedding dress : WTF
    13:47 heythere : amber, you are cute and eloquent .
    13:47 SmartCarGotTowed : Mary is the best one….

  70. Sponsored Scrapbooks says:

    Nice stupid likes, Julia. First you tell us you have a date Saturday night with HarHar. Now you say you have a date with the Jewish writer…Saturday night. It’s all so confusing! For you!

  71. partypants says:

    *sigh* oh well. Someone tell Julia A CHALLENGER APPEARS for me. I have to go get drunk now.

  72. shamoolia says:

    I can’t see the livestream on the livestream page but I can see it on the embed on Mary’s page. The most interesting part is that if you hover over the screen with your mouse a little bubble pops up that says “juliasbipolar” heeeelarious.

  73. narcissistheadband says:

    they are back, ladies!!!

  74. tam says:

    From their perspective, this was a horrible idea. They are basically enabling and encouraging the haters. Their was one really depressing part where Julia was sitting alone on the couch, reading the harsh comments, and she said “124 views, that’s neat.” She seemed thrilled! I think her nipples were getting hard from all the attention.

    • shamoolia says:

      If they would learn to just embrace the haters it would be so much better… but it’s clear they are waaaay to insecure to do that, as evidenced by commenters getting banned left and right on the live chat.

    • Romper Chic says:

      124 haters that is… Even I went in and had some fun!

  75. partypants says:

    IM IN CHAT!!!! IM IN!!!!

  76. Sausage Snappers says:

    I’m bored now. Meh.

    • shamoolia says:

      I’m bored too. I got banned after five seconds and now there’s just gray fuzz. It’s no fun when you can’t taunt the monkey or even see the monkey dance.

  77. flatface says:

    party pants made it in!

  78. Sausage Snappers says:

    Well if PP is in, it can’t be dull!

  79. partypants says:

    snore. bye guys!

  80. Sausage Snappers says:

    Dude. She slutted around at Indiana and had to move away. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that before.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      I had to get out of there before my head exploded. What did she say about IU?

      • fuck camping! says:

        she had a bad experience there… didn’t want to talk about it, got all silent. mary had no idea she had even gone to IU. or who paul carr was.

      • Worrisome Pelts says:

        Thanks. I love that ‘teh haterz’ made her admit something, even if it was just that she went to IU.

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        Yup. Total sign that she was cast out. Her personality lends itself to having slutted it up once she left home, hence her [rude shtick now. (And you know she hooked up with at least 2-3 guys while in L.A.)

  81. jULIO says:

    Well that was fun!

  82. narcissistheadband says:

    OMG that was just weird and surreal

  83. narcissistheadband says:

    i love how so-called “besties” did not have a fucking clue that julia did not do 4 years at georgetown

  84. fuck camping! says:

    i’m surprised they read two of my comments… did anyone get a look at meg’s face when the implants questions came up? she was just ignoring the whole thing…

    • jULIO says:

      They read a couple of mine and I couldn’t believe it. I noticed that Mary was picking out some of the meaner questions directed at Julia. Thanks, Mare.

  85. Jacy says:

    6:41 Worrisome Pelts : The ring does suck.
    16:41 narcissist headband : lol, the trials of the trust0fund ***
    16:41 Sausage : because that *is* TMI
    16:41 Po : would a stickshift interrupt the hand job for the ethnic hitchhiker
    16:41 NowDeaf : Stinking Pelts = BC more effective than any pill
    16:41 Nella : girls, buy or lease?
    16:41 LOL : Why is this show not syndicated!?
    16:41 partypants : LOL PO
    16:41 LOL : Why!?
    16:41 blergh : The Guardian says the cool cyberkids are abandoning Facebook because the old folks (over 25) moved in.
    16:41 Schmoolia : get a sugar Grandma like Julia
    16:41 blergh : Julia killed Facebook!!!
    16:41 NowDeaf : And she’s killing Twitter too
    16:41 LOL : This show should be shown to 13-15 pre-pubscent boys
    16:41 Leroy Jenkins : julia ghoulia
    16:41 partypants : i cannot believe im staying late at work
    16:41 LOL : it would be epic
    16:41 partypants : for this crap
    16:42 gigi : Does Mary even know what infinity is?
    16:42 Worrisome Pelts : Julia killed pelts. No, really, she shot the racoons herself.
    16:42 Schmoolia : it’s a car, it drives
    16:42 fuck camping : with kate gosselin
    16:42 Pogo the Clown : hit her in the shltter no kids that way for sure
    16:42 Nella : how about the BMW series 1?
    16:42 blergh : Julia, why don’t you buy nicer hair accessories than just bobby pins?
    16:42 NowDeaf : Melissa Sue!!
    16:42 Sausage : why not
    16:42 Leroy Jenkins : julia pwn’d automative class in highschool
    16:42 totaljing : HI PP!!
    16:42 Sausage : ugggh
    16:42 snooze changed their nickname to snooze.
    16:42 LOL : People in LA drive?
    16:42 Melissa_Sue : she is such a moron
    16:42 Sausage : yes, ONE of them
    16:42 LOL : Lol wut?
    16:42 Sausage : not hte sole
    16:42 narcissist headband : of course, julia
    16:42 partypants : everything external defines me! im buying a lime green gremlin!
    16:42 SL : I love my car. I have a volvo xc90
    16:42 Melissa_Sue : a dress is not a car!
    16:42 fuck camping : eff camping says: these comments are inance
    16:42 Sausage : dresses don’t need to protect your *** in traffic
    16:42 blergh : There’s no such entity as “everyone in LA”. People are not props to your life.
    16:43 Melissa_Sue : a car gets your *** around. a dress covers it!
    16:43 partypants : omg a dress is just like a car!
    16:43 partypants : unless you are jaba, and then its more like a broom is like a car
    16:43 LOL : Dress is an english archetype for a car, bro.
    16:43 Worrisome Pelts : it is if daddy buys you either one.
    16:43 narcissist headband : swet christ, are their parents the only adults they know!?!?!?
    16:43 aj : financial advice from three trust fund dopes.
    16:43 gigi : Can Julia stop interrupting?
    16:43 Amy : prius, lexus, bmw. they are such snobs.
    16:43 blergh : You don’t own a car. Shut up.
    16:43 LOL : It’s an allusion
    16:43 SL : Would you buy a used car? Kind of like a dress from Illus.
    16:43 ally : It must be KILLING Julia to be sitting on the side closest to the camera. She looks huge.
    16:43 blergh : You amortize shoes.
    16:43 partypants : OMG BIG WORD YAY
    16:43 Melissa_Sue : Oh snap. A used car is just like borrowing dresses!
    16:43 fuck camping : duh, my dumb parents who keep their cars forever,
    16:44 Sally changed their nickname to muffintop.
    16:44 Schmoolia : hey camera, show the girls from the left why don’t you
    16:44 LOL : Pwned?
    16:44 fuck camping : pwned!!!!! jaba
    16:44 Schmoolia : you don’t know what PWNED means?
    16:44 Sausage : pwned = owned
    16:44 partypants : PWNED
    16:44 LOL : Pwned= means you chicks are hot
    16:44 Amy : such geeks!
    16:44 LOL : contunie pwnage
    16:44 partypants : lol
    16:44 Sausage : leroy jenkins is an internet meme, you self-called geeks
    16:44 blergh : Why is the camera angled so that Julia is closer to it than anybody? The forced perspective is not her friend.
    16:44 Schmoolia : and you call yourselves tech savvy?
    16:44 NowDeaf : PULL THE PELTS OUT!!
    16:44 LOL : pl0x
    16:44 partypants : srsly
    16:44 ally : How do people “making their living” on the internet not know “pwned”?
    16:44 fuck camping : leeeeeeeeeeeroy!
    16:44 Leroy Jenkins : LEROYYYYYYY JENKINS!!!
    16:44 Sausage : FOR REAL
    16:44 Schmoolia : they suxxors
    16:44 Melissa_Sue : pull the pelts out for charity!
    16:44 LOL : Leeeerrroooyyy jJJJEEENNNKIKKIINNS
    16:44 bettedavisface : it’s not working for me anymore
    16:44 Sausage : geeks, yeah right
    16:44 partypants : jesus have they never been in #bantown
    16:44 totaljing : Those payless shoes are craptastic
    16:44 Sausage : “At least I have chicken”
    16:44 aj : why are they still talking about this
    16:44 LOL : Racis’
    16:44 fuck camping : Leroy recommends the Chevy Nova, or the Geo Metro
    16:44 ally : JULIA: where do you buy your hideous hair pelts? Inquiring minds want to know!
    16:44 LOL : Get dat green
    16:44 NowDeaf : Pull the pelts out for the children!
    16:44 Melissa_Sue : who cares if you look cool
    16:45 fuck camping : nobu !!!!!!!!
    16:45 Melissa_Sue : i am enraged by this
    16:45 fuck camping : namedrop!!!!!
    16:45 smartass car : yeah right!
    16:45 LOL : No u!
    16:45 Worrisome Pelts : Maybe Karp needs to come to their filming sessions to translate.
    16:45 INEFFABLE : subject change!
    16:45 partypants : ROFLCOPTER
    16:45 gigi : Who thinks you’re a celebrity? HAAAAAAA
    16:45 aj : this is like watching paint dry. only less exciting.
    16:45 RandiZuckerberg : yah
    16:45 partypants : im a celebretee
    16:45 ally : Mary looks cute.
    16:45 fuck camping : i met ciara!
    16:45 RandiZuckerberg changed their nickname to David Karp.
    16:45 Melissa_Sue : she needs to wear more orange
    16:45 Leroy Jenkins : Julia’s first car was a semi retarded car
    16:45 Schmoolia : that is why she got it towed
    16:45 LOL : A faggotree?
    16:45 blergh : Meghan, props to you for that fascinating , in-depth post of the new LG chocolate. “Pretty exciting!” Did you have help writing that?
    16:45 narcissist headband : lol, blergh!!!
    16:45 smartass car : haha
    16:45 David Karp : julia, please stop hanging around our offices
    16:45 fuck camping : the YSLSSSSSSSSS!
    16:45 toomuchinfo : Dildo time
    16:45 Sausage : black would go great with that dress
    16:45 LOL : Who the hell is David Kap?
    16:45 gigi : Listen to her run!
    16:45 bettedavisface : is it a static screen right now?? it is for me
    16:45 LOL : *** name, my boi
    16:45 partypants : jesus
    16:45 Sausage : where did you get it? what store?
    16:45 narcissist headband : did she just clomp off to get the YSLs
    16:45 Sausage : oh
    16:45 Worrisome Pelts : Tumblr founder, LOL
    16:45 Amy : clunk clunk clunk
    16:45 partypants : is she a minotaur with that run
    16:45 David Karp : and 2. we will not buy you a macbook air
    16:45 jULIO : yay! the shoes!!!
    16:46 ally : A lady doesn’t spread her legs when getting off the couch, JULIA. Jesus, have you no manners?
    16:46 LOL : They are reading the chat wwwwaaayyy up there.
    16:46 Po : Mary, no shoes, bunions?
    16:46 smartass car : she’s gonna jump out the window to avoid the question
    16:46 Schmoolia : and yet you wear them nonstop
    16:46 gigi : She sounds like a herd of buffalo!
    16:46 Sausage : whoa that heel
    16:46 Melissa_Sue : oh god. she got them for free and is now complaining that they hurt?!
    16:46 Sausage : dudes we totes called those
    16:46 NowDeaf : WHO BOUGHT THEM FOR YOU?
    16:46 Melissa_Sue : that is almost as bad as saying the smart car is ***
    16:46 Pogo the Clown : how about a huyndai 200k nlggers can`t be wrong
    16:46 partypants : they hurt you because they hate you.
    16:46 NowDeaf : BECAUSE THEY’RE FAKE!!!!!!
    16:46 Nella : love the shoes! where did you get them?
    16:46 narcissist headband : you clomp too hard
    16:46 fuck camping : not real ysls
    16:46 Sausage : bc they are knockoffs
    16:46 partypants : pogo, i have a hyundai, thx
    16:46 NowDeaf : THEY ARE FAKE!!!!
    16:46 ally : Julia looks HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE
    16:46 David Karp : shoes, colon/juice cleansing, indiana state, nose jobs, face injections
    16:46 LOL : Noooo
    16:46 x : a refund? You didn’t buy them
    16:46 Melissa_Sue : hahaha they’re fake and Mary just called her on it
    16:46 Sausage : those are cute shoes though
    16:46 fuck camping : nooooooooooooooooo
    16:46 LOL : You beautifuls come back
    16:46 narcissist headband : no wait i want more
    16:46 NowDeaf : YOU SUCK!
    16:46 LOL : Don’t leave.
    16:46 toomuchinfo : ***!
    16:46 muffintop : julia, less with the porky legs
    16:46 partypants : no thank YOU!
    16:47 Schmoolia : end TMI forever now
    16:47 narcissist headband : partypants just got here
    16:47 Schmoolia : no one will care
    16:47 jazzhands : Don’t let the haters get you down!
    16:47 NowDeaf : WHO BOUGHT THEM FOR YOU?
    16:47 SL : Julia when are you going to color your hair back? I say go Black next!
    16:47 smartass car : why is mary so great!
    16:47 muffintop : they are the only thing not fake about Julia
    16:47 fuck camping : you care btch
    16:47 totaljing : who bought the ysls?
    16:47 Amy : this was the worst! i hated every minute!
    16:47 David Karp : stop TXTing jacob lodwick
    16:47 partypants : julia, go to black hair!
    16:47 snooze : Is there a website for your clothes
    16:47 jULIO : WHICH FAN?
    16:47 lmanford : hi mar mar! love u!
    16:47 Nella : great show, congratulations
    16:47 muffintop : fake hair
    16:47 NowDeaf : DETAILS!
    16:47 partypants : youd look so much better!
    16:47 Sausage : for what in return 😉
    16:47 muffintop : fake nose
    16:47 NowDeaf : What fan?
    16:47 narcissist headband : julia, stop dating men who put you on pedestals
    16:47 Melissa_Sue : how sleazy is that?!
    16:47 muffintop : fake fake fake
    16:47 SL : Awesome!
    16:47 Worrisome Pelts : If it doesn’t matter then why did you make a point of telling us someone bought them for you?
    16:47 gigi : Julia farts
    16:47 snooze changed their nickname to Brand.
    16:47 SL : Rock the red, girl!
    16:47 ally : This is the biggest trainwreck in the history of the interwebs.
    16:47 lmanford : HIIIII
    16:47 blergh : Mary, loving you in blue. What dress were you wearing in the bike riding video? It was white and brown. I want it!
    16:47 partypants : yaaaaaaaaay
    16:47 LOL : Unwarranted self importance.
    16:47 lmanford : hi girlies
    16:47 muffintop : fake dates
    16:47 narcissist headband : look for a guy who is down to earth
    16:47 SL : Yay!
    16:47 partypants : go to black hair.
    16:47 ally : JULIA LOOKS FAT AS HELL
    16:47 kjf : cute
    16:47 lmanford : mmmmmaaaw!
    16:47 Sausage : hay mary, shoutout from Texas!
    16:47 muffintop : julia why are you so fake?
    16:47 formerintern : how’s charlsie?
    16:47 David Karp : julia why don’t you apologize for the “expired date” comment
    16:47 TMIweekly : blergh: it was a vintage Pucci dress
    16:47 toomuchinfo : 4 Minutes of BLISS!
    16:47 NowDeaf : JULIA, WHY DO YOU LIE SO MUCH?
    16:48 Nella : meghan did you fix your iphone?
    16:48 gigi : Julia, is obese
    16:48 Melissa_Sue : how is charlsie
    16:48 totaljing : You don’t look fat
    16:48 partypants : ROFL
    16:48 Sausage : okay we’ll work on it
    16:48 Po : ok
    16:48 fuck camping : mary, are you your sister’s chauffeur now?
    16:48 totaljing : size 6?
    16:48 INEFFABLE : when is your expriation datee?
    16:48 ally : JULIA IS REALLY FAT AS HELL
    16:48 smartass car : it rings true!
    16:48 lmanford : i don’t know how to make kissy sounds on the comp
    16:48 SL : Heading to Maine soon. Mary, any suggestions for the styles there?
    16:48 LOL : You’re beautiful Julia, envy mah lady envy
    16:48 gigi : Julia, why does your hair smell?
    16:48 Sausage : i wanna see meg get bench pressed
    16:48 Amy : Julia, why are you so obsessed with yourself?
    16:48 fuck camping : WIN!
    16:48 muffintop : Julia, how did you feel about looking SO TERRIBLE in that LA video?
    16:48 Beach2thebikes : Julia we love your shoes, where are they from?
    16:48 blergh : Pucci, love it, thanks!
    16:48 jazzhands : My husband thinks julia looks fine.
    16:48 Sausage : JULIA SAID THAT
    16:48 gigi : Meghan, do you do anything?
    16:48 Nella : Julia, do you play soccer? you have very strong calves!
    16:48 smartass car : can you do this again without julia -it’s counterproductive
    16:48 Worrisome Pelts : The Hair is aging you.
    16:48 narcissist headband : yes juila please answer the expiration date thing
    16:48 Schmoolia : and it’s long past
    16:48 partypants : Julia, I think you should get drunk and facebook friend me.
    16:48 Sausage : no
    16:48 Melissa_Sue : just earlier. she said she didn’t know about he HBO thing
    16:48 totaljing : HAHAH
    16:48 partypants : return the favor ok
    16:48 David Karp : no – you said ALL WOMEN HAD AN EXPIRATION DATE
    16:48 Sausage : “women have an expiration date”
    16:48 totaljing : hehehe
    16:48 ally : “strong calves” = “fat calves”
    16:48 toomuchinfo : 0_0
    16:48 LOL : Lol wut?
    16:48 Pogo the Clown : fake redhead is hottest
    16:48 Sausage : direct quote
    16:48 Brand changed their nickname to snooze.
    16:48 Sausage : DIRECT QUOTE ^^
    16:48 sassy : MARY, are you and Sarah Payton producing a cooking show?
    16:48 fuck camping : you meant your looks julia,
    16:48 David Karp : no – you said ALL WOMEN HAD AN EXPIRATION DATE
    16:48 snooze : You know what you said
    16:48 narcissist headband : how did you reconcile saying that when meeting steimen?
    16:48 LOL : Meghan is hot
    16:48 Schmoolia : and you’ve expired
    16:48 smartass car : “what hbo movie?”
    16:48 NowDeaf : YES YOU DID!!!
    16:48 totaljing : All women know they have an expiration IS what you said
    16:48 Melissa_Sue : YOU SO DID
    16:48 Schmoolia : yes you did
    16:48 gigi : Your expiration date is passed
    16:48 jULIO : LIAR!
    16:48 David Karp : no – you said ALL WOMEN HAD AN EXPIRATION DATE
    16:48 lmanford : why are some in color?
    16:48 Sausage : “I know women have an expiration date”
    16:48 fuck camping : MEGHAN, did you get implants?
    16:48 LOL : She needs to smile more
    16:48 muffintop : AND THAT DATE HAS PASSED
    16:48 toomuchinfo : RECORDED!
    16:48 narcissist headband : gloria?
    16:48 David Karp : there is video, you’re lying
    16:49 Schmoolia : so did we
    16:49 Melissa_Sue : SO DID WE
    16:49 Leroy Jenkins : expired like yogurt
    16:49 NowDeaf : YES YOU DID
    16:49 Sausage : i’ll link to the trailer
    16:49 LOL : And not look so pisssed off
    16:49 Sausage : it’s in there
    16:49 smartass car : it’s on tape ***!
    16:49 Schmoolia : YOU SAID IT
    16:49 Leroy Jenkins : yoplait
    16:49 ally : Julia you said ALL WOMEN have an expiration date.
    16:49 Amy : Do you see a shrink currently?
    16:49 partypants : I know that I as a woman have an expiration date
    16:49 Sausage : it was awful 🙁
    16:49 muffintop : Julia lies again
    16:49 Beach2thebikes : Julia we love your shoes, where are they from?
    16:49 gigi : Julia, why does your hair smell
    16:49 blergh : Julia, a math teacher from Florida asked you out on Twitter. His blogger profile shows that you are one of his interests. Did you respond?
    16:49 David Karp : you did
    16:49 Sausage : we’re all beautiful at all ages
    16:49 SL : Good grief.
    16:49 totaljing : women look beautiful at all ages
    16:49 ally : Look at the freaking video, LIAR
    16:49 Leroy Jenkins : yoplait’d out
    16:49 David Karp : women care
    16:49 sassy : Mary, are you and Sarah Payton producing a Cooking Show??
    16:49 narcissist headband : my 60-year-old aunt is beautiful
    16:49 LOL : Say you trollin’
    16:49 muffintop : fake hair, fake nose, liar
    16:49 formerintern : how’s charlsie?
    16:49 Sausage : we care bceause you LIE about it
    16:49 LOL : Say it
    16:49 Sausage : that’s why
    16:49 smartass car : you do since u lied
    16:49 fuck camping : did smart pay for the car towing?
    16:49 snooze : Mary what is your pilot about?
    16:49 gigi : Leave Jakob alone
    16:49 muffintop : Julia we love your beefy legs
    16:49 Amy : Why do you have such horrible taste in men?
    16:49 LOL : Say trollin’ that describes half the people in here
    16:49 NowDeaf : Who care? It’s a sexist thing to say, you dolt.
    16:49 fuck camping : when are you going to san francisco to shack up with paul carr?
    16:49 David Karp : julia, why dont you talk about indiana state?
    16:49 LOL : You trollin’
    16:49 ally : If no one cares, then why do you lie about it?
    16:49 gigi : Julia, what happened to going to Business school?
    16:49 Sausage : grats mary on the pilot 🙂
    16:49 Sausage : LOL PAUL CARR
    16:49 partypants : ok, peace out guys
    16:49 David Karp : julia, why dont you talk about indiana state?
    16:49 totaljing : Why is Paul Carr such a dick?
    16:49 LOL : I thought boxxy was hot she needs to meet you ladies.
    16:49 Sausage : Mr. Potato Head himself
    16:50 narcissist headband : ugh, paul carr is odious
    16:50 Amy : Julia are you writing a book?
    16:50 toomuchinfo : My girlfriend is called mary I spend every day with her!
    16:50 Schmoolia : TMZ says John Hughes died. So sad.
    16:50 partypants : paultato head
    16:50 LOL : You trollin’
    16:50 muffintop : Julia do you weigh less than Mary & Megan combined?
    16:50 bettedavisface : are you going to talk about cash-to-clunkers gov program?
    16:50 blergh : Mary, saw the page for Open Kitchen. Is there a tape of it somewhere?
    16:50 gigi : Business school, Julia?
    16:50 David Karp : hah!
    16:50 Po : GO LIVE
    16:50 David Karp : julia, why dont you talk about indiana state? ever?
    16:50 Sausage : He’s a jerk to people who don’t use their real names on the internet
    16:50 Melissa_Sue : oh nice way to skip over the indiana state question
    16:50 gigi : Did you blow Paul Carr?
    16:50 partypants : Mr. Paultato Head Carr
    16:50 Schmoolia : yeah, what happened to Harvard Business school julia???
    16:50 Sausage : says we’re child molesters
    16:50 smartass car : reply the indiana question!
    16:50 muffintop : he’s a wimp
    16:50 fuck camping : unlike meghan
    16:50 partypants : Julia, he has a potato head kthx
    16:50 SL : Megan – what have you been doing lately?
    16:50 muffintop : you guys love dudes who are wimps
    16:50 gigi : Business school, Julia?
    16:50 Sausage : what was your experience like there
    16:50 Sausage : what happened> 🙁
    16:50 Schmoolia : She admitted it!!!
    16:50 NowDeaf : Because it’s not Ivy League??
    16:50 Worrisome Pelts : Team Mary!
    16:50 fuck camping : hahahaha
    16:50 narcissist headband : lol!!!
    16:50 sassy : Julia, why do you take the time to respond to all your Gawker haters?? It’s kind of embarassing!!!!
    16:50 NowDeaf : What a laugh!
    16:50 Schmoolia : because you couldn’t get into GU first time around?
    16:50 smartass car : I love Mary!
    16:50 muffintop : haha
    16:50 fuck camping : go mary for bringing up indiana
    16:50 gigi : Business school, Julia?
    16:50 Texas Hair : Julia won’t make it to Harvard, but Katherine Gibbs won’t say no to her.
    16:50 LOL : Professors don’t give a’s for secks
    16:50 narcissist headband : yeah, the bad experience was not being at an IVY
    16:51 toomuchinfo : MARY number 1 !!
    16:51 Melissa_Sue : We have to find out what happened at Indiana
    16:51 Leroy Jenkins : julia saw something nasty in the woodshed in indiana
    16:51 snooze : What happened to Harvard Harley
    16:51 LOL : Lol meghan is all on her phone like forget it
    16:51 bettedavisface : john hughes died 🙁
    16:51 blergh : I’m from Indiana! Did you ever have Pizza King pizza?
    16:51 gigi : Julia, why do you lie incessantly?
    16:51 Nella : can you explain the tattoo julia?
    16:51 INEFFABLE : not ivy league enough for you?
    16:51 smartass car : haha meghan loling
    16:51 narcissist headband : aww, sad about hughes
    16:51 LOL : She smiles more at the phone 🙁 then the camera
    16:51 LOL : that’s kinda sad
    16:51 Bray for Pay : Mary! Mary! Mary!
    16:51 fuck camping : your business school expiration date arrived!
    16:51 Melissa_Sue : Mary, we love you
    16:51 Leroy Jenkins : wait a minute….you mean to go to business school at Harvard you would have to leave nyc????
    16:51 Sausage : that’s cool megs is above her viewers
    16:51 Beach2thebikes : Dude my wife went to Indiana freshman year and lived in McNutt and hated it and left and went to Iowa
    16:51 David Karp : getting face injections, more important stuff to do…
    16:51 gigi : Julia gets more boring daily
    16:51 Bray for Pay : after IU?
    16:51 Texas Hair : Yes, Julia you are an old now…..I got my MBA in thirties
    16:51 NowDeaf : so then why did you announce with great fanfare that YOU WERE GOING TO HBS????
    16:51 partypants : Bye ladies. Mary, let your *** come out!
    16:51 meem : is this live?
    16:51 muffintop : two years off what?
    16:51 smartass car : Mary do your own show please!
    16:51 toomuchinfo : MORE MARY FOR THE WORLD!!!
    16:51 LOL : You trollin’
    16:51 Amy : have you hung out with jordan lately?
    16:51 muffintop : you’re not doing ANYTHING
    16:51 SL : Julia when will you start blogging more?
    16:51 gigi : You lie
    16:51 partypants : meghan, start using the frickin intarwebz
    16:52 LOL : Blonde hair= beautiful.
    16:52 fuck camping : more leg meghan!
    16:52 sassy : ulia, why do you take the time to respond to all your Gawker haters?? It’s kind of embarassing!!!! Why bother ???
    16:52 partypants : julia…yeah whatever.
    16:52 gigi : Julia why do you hate Mary?
    16:52 INEFFABLE : Megan did you get breast implants?
    16:52 Sausage : this was fun
    16:52 SL : When will Julia start blogging more?
    16:52 David Karp : stop TXTing jacob!
    16:52 jazzhands : Hope you get that Lexus Mary
    16:52 narcissist headband : girls, please find topics that are more current and original
    16:52 bettedavisface : talk about john hughes
    16:52 NowDeaf : I LOVE YOU MARY!
    16:52 toomuchinfo : MARY!
    16:52 muffintop : less of Julia’s beef next time plz
    16:52 gigi : You suck
    16:52 Schmoolia : go away forever Julia
    16:52 Texas Hair : Meghan, when will you blog about the newest social media AOL?
    16:52 Sausage : loved the bench pressing
    16:52 LOL : Dude in the background is fat lol
    16:52 Texas Hair : hahahahaha
    16:52 Schmoolia : look at that count plummet
    16:52 fuck camping : teh awesome
    16:52 Texas Hair : complete losers
    16:52 Bray for Pay : Julia – why did you say that you needs several states between you and mary?
    16:52 narcissist headband : see y’all over at RBNS?!?
    16:52 Schmoolia : RBNS awaits
    16:52 fuck camping : woohoo rbns 4evah
    16:52 Texas Hair : sure!
    16:52 smartass car : *** you julia
    16:52 Leroy Jenkins : leroooooyyyyyy jenkins!
    16:52 blergh : Damn, I wanted to hear how her date with the math teacher from Florida turned out! I think he bought the YSLs.
    16:53 toomuchinfo : THERES MORE !!!
    16:53 jazzhands : I’m buying some caress right now
    16:53 Melissa_Sue : math teacher? what?
    16:53 toomuchinfo : HEAVEN!
    16:53 Bray for Pay : I’m boycotting Caress now
    16:53 LOL : Oh shi
    16:53 LOL : When does this come on?
    16:53 blergh : Check her Twitter. He tweeted a creepy invitation. He may be a serial killer. Or just the most horribly inappropriate teacher in the world.
    16:53 Schmoolia : this is never getting aired
    16:54 TMIweekly : LOL: TMI Weekly is every week at
    16:54 TMIweekly : *
    16:54 TMIweekly : edited down to episodes
    16:54 Melissa_Sue : OH! I remmber that now. So much to keep track of
    16:54 Schmoolia : how many cabs have crashed from having to hear this blaring in them?
    16:54 LOL : Yeah but I want live feeeeeddd, when is that good sir/ma’am?
    16:54 Melissa_Sue : yea when is the next live feed?
    16:54 Schmoolia : probably never
    16:54 Melissa_Sue : oooo so much fun!
    16:55 LOL : This was the most fun i’ve had in recent months..lawl
    16:55 b : these c unts are annoying
    16:55 LOL : Oh shi-
    16:55 David Karp : TMIweekly – do other shows have such “passionate” fans?

  86. PhillyHoya says:

    I was Schmoolia. So glad she finally admitted to IU.

    • shamoolia says:

      Good work, PhillyHoya. I won’t even make you buy me a Macbook Air for cribbing my user name. Now what I want to know is WHY she left. It’s obvious that she had some terrible experiences at Georgetown – plagiarism, restraining orders, fist fights, etc. – what could be worse than that? I think it had something to do with the sorority… maybe our little princess didn’t take to kindly to hazing?

      • PhillyHoya says:

        I was doing an homage to your greatness 🙂

        I think the hazing is probably leaning in the right direction. Or a pack of mean girls.

      • Sausage Snappers says:

        She was a slut and was shamed for it. I am firmly convinced this happened based on her body language and reaction on the question.

      • shamoolia says:

        Thanks 🙂 There’s so much to work with: Shamu, Moo, Sham. It’s the username that keeps on giving.

        I think she left IU because no one (students and professors) at a huge state university could give a flying fuck about your background, money, or pretty princess special snowflakeness. She was probably a social outcast and completely ignored, which if you’re Julia, is just about the most terrible experience you could have.

      • shamoolia says:

        She sluts it up now and obviously slutted it up in high school too (having sex at your boyfriend’s house with his parents home? so gross) so I don’t get what happened at IU that was SO BAD it would make her transfer. I’d LOVE to know what it was… it’s like the ONE thing in her life that she’s embarrassed about.

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        I agree, shamoo. We must find out.

      • shamoolia says:

        I’d love for a Jack the Bulldog type reader to show up here and clue everyone in to the mysterious IU years. I bet her bitchy, dumb friend Rachel Billow knows a thing or two!

      • Foxhole says:

        Didn’t she say in an article that she was date raped?

      • fuck camping! says:

        in the mediabistro piece. “First of all, I had a stalker at Georgetown. It was bad and I had gotten date-raped in August right before I was going into my senior year. I just wish I had protected [Julia Baugher] from that from the start. ‘Julia Allison’ I can put her out there.”

        couldn’t find any mention of rape elsewhere, except in RBNS comments.

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        According to the Bulldog, she said she was raped several times at Georgetown, usually to get out of handing something in on time or some other such nonsense.

        I’ve always sort of wondered if she was actually raped at some point in her life. Those I know who’ve been sexually assaulted, it’s not something they ever joke about or use as a “get out of jail free” card. But she’s obviously not your average person, so who knows.

  87. shamoolia says:

    Hey, someone over there stole my username! It’s Shamoolia, not Schmoolia! How dare you get my real name wrong. Yep, Paul Carr, my name really is Shamoolia and therefore I have a right to sharing my opinion on the internet.

  88. Ineffable says:

    I love how this was one big fail on their part. Great for us though.

    At the end she was called out on her freshman year at Indiana and her “women have expiration dates” comment.

    • shamoolia says:

      The end of the livestream said “see you again in September!” You know… for when they tape again on their one day per month that they “work.” Doubt that will happen again.

      • Squirrelbait says:

        I’m loving that the TMIWeekly chatter said LOL after that tsunami of hate:

        16:53 Schmoolia : this is never getting aired
        16:54 TMIweekly : LOL: TMI Weekly is every week at
        16:54 TMIweekly : *

        PP, I fell out when you told Julia her shoes hurt because they hate her. There was so much Mary love, Julia hate, and Meghan indifference. Julia is now forever branded as troll bait.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      did you all see the photo Mega posted of the live streaming? it is from last few minutes where people are asking about Charlsie right and left while others are going crazy with the JA is fat stuff … kind of hilarious!! did she not read what the screen says?!

  89. fuck camping! says:

    the second pic here is one for the hall of fame:

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Magical! And what’s with the ring on her left hand? (Unless this is photobooth and not her mom-tographer.)

    • lolly says:

      look at the third photo. i forgot how pretty she used to be…less than a year ago.

    • Reality Stripe says:

      These brownie-eating pics are a prime example why Julia is treading water, getting tired, and close to going under completely. She never figured out how to target and cater to a specific audience.

      If you want to do The View thing, you can’t post a gazillion “look at me licking my fudge-fingers with my sexy pouty mouth” pics. She was greedy and she wanted EVERYBODY to love her. Now nobody does.

  90. JABa the Butt says:

    Someone needs to submit Julia to!

    Someone other than me, because I am too busy with “work” to collect the photographic evidence. But I’d love to see her dissected in a post over there. Whoever can get it done, I’ll thank you the proper way.

  91. tam says:

    The people who work behind the scenes of TMI Weekly have a huge job ahead of them. I know that no one has high expectations, but it must be difficult to edit that shitshow into something that is more than hee-haw hee-haw.

  92. Anon says:

    If you missed it, the archives are up on the page.

  93. Sherry Klein D.D.S. (aka Dr. Gary) says:

    Damn. Damn. Damn. DAMN. IT!!!!! Had no computer or internet access all day today and I missed this!

  94. idiotbox says:

    so i know we’re supposed to be haterz and all, but i freaking LOVE you guys!

    • Sherry Klein D.D.S. (aka Dr. Gary) says:

      I will second that, idiotbox: I freaking love you guys, too!

      And don’t forget, Dr. Gary’s hot tub is always fired up, and the Franzia is always chilled, 24/7, for all RBNS’ers!

    • chescaleigh says:


      i was only there for a little bit, but you guys had me cracking up. i can’t wait to do it again!

  95. Grimace says:

    I am pretty sure JA had the live stream link on her blog today but now it’s gone. Do you think she’s finally feeling embarrasment over the beating they took?

    • Grimace says:

      SO parseworthy. That needs its own post.

    • BunnyBingo says:

      What kind of “interview” is this? She provides her own vanity head shot and it sounds like it was conducted by email because Julia’s answers are really lengthy and constructed, included quotes and links. Just PR really.
      Her explanation of how Tom Wolfe became a successful writer is bizarre.

      • Jacy says:

        Bingo, BunnyBingo! Thanks for tipping me off to it, lovers. It was obviously an e-mail interview. I HATE e-mail interviews, especially when they don’t divulge it and there’s no reason for it.

      • WTH? says:

        She always tell that same Tom Wolfe story to explain her career trajectory and choices.

  96. for serious??? says:

    She says that people who want to make it in television have to be a little “delusional” and later calls herself “a delusional optimist”.

    There you have it, people!


  97. High School Debate Partner says:

    Today was so much fun, you all almost got me fired because I couldn’t tear myself away from the shenanigans. It reminded me of the infamous time JA liveblogged the Gawker comments, but with less blood (of outside parties, at least). By the way I was Sake Bomb! Sake to me!

  98. Jacy says:

    I am seriously weeping again because I just went back and read the two transcripts I posted. HOLY SHIT that is funny.

    I love whoever just kept saying: “How’s Charlsie?”

    And Partypants: “The shoes hurt because they hate you.”

    Gigi, whoever that was, was priceless as well.

    It was seriously the funniest RBNS moment EVER, and we did it together. I was NowDeaf, by the way.


    • partypants says:

      Why does everyone love my “Your shoes hate you” so much? I thought telling her that her face was enough birth control was my shining moment!

    • She's just stupid says:

      NowDeaf was hilarious. The repeated requests for Julia to be more quiet were killing me. I read this thread on a train from CT to NYC and never has a trip gone faster.

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