Julia: Dumb Ass In A Smart Car, Part Two

[vimeo 5971281]

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55 Responses to Julia: Dumb Ass In A Smart Car, Part Two

  1. partypants says:

    She’s an outrageous bitch. Entitled, narcissistic, self-involved, selfish, cuntbubble bitch.

  2. JiveTalkin says:

    Compelling content!

  3. shamoolia says:

    Yes, it’s all LA’s fault that you were too stupid to pay attention to parking signs. Is she retarded? No really… does she have limited mental capabilities for reasoning and logical thought?? Or does she just actually think that everything bad is not her fault? GROW THE FUCK UP. Your car got towed. Pay the fine and move on. It’s not a cinematic moment worthy of filming. Fucktard.

    PS – I guess the bobby pinned mullet is back? As well as the white dress that was worn literally every day she was out there? The stench of her BO must be overwhelming.

    • Jacy says:

      “I parked in a legal spot.” No you didn’t, dumbass. If it becomes a towing zone during the period that you planned to stay parked there, then you parked in an illegal spot.

      • awkward.com says:

        So…….. there’s this street? By my house? And there’s a sign? And it says “No Parking Tuesdays April 1 – Oct 1 Street Cleaning Tow Zone”? But it was a LEGAL SPOT when I parked there on Monday night? So why oh why oh why did it get towed on Tuesday? It was a legal spot when I parked there!!!!!

        I hate you, Jankles. So, so much.

    • totaljing says:

      The bobby pin mullet must go. immediately.

      • Wide-set Vagina says:

        I mentioned the bobby pin mullet to her on the live show. Hope she got the message.

  4. The Manta says:


  5. Colors_Insulting_to_Nature says:

    Who is filming this? WHO??? is filming this?? Did she make some innocent bystander do this? Ick, she is at her most unlikable here. I feared a video of the tow drama was forthcoming, considering the disgusting fighting a parking ticket in cheerleader footage. I still do not understand her repulsiveness…especially because her family seems so awesome. What sort of genetic freak of nature is she?

    • Jacy says:

      She seems to be filming herself, just holding the camera in her right hand as far away from her busted mug as possible so as not to repeat the horrific closeup nightmares of her Lalawag interview.

  6. These Ah Mah Chinz says:

    sweet jesus, does she have horse teeth! those fake chompers are so upsetting.

  7. 2 degrees from JA says:

    Now she’s killed Twitter, too.

  8. narcissistheadband says:

    honestly, she seems to be owning the fact that she fucked up. i will only become enraged if i hear that she got out of the fine somehow, or got Smartcar to pay for it, etc. etc.
    Loads more maturity than the parking ticket fucking video.
    But still, no reason to film it, and make it seem like this super-dramatic event.

    • partypants says:

      I don’t see how you get that when she says “I wasn’t parked illegally” and then pops off with “Thanks LA, enjoy my 200 dollars”. She’s clearly of the impression that the city of Torrance is in the wrong here.

  9. Reality Stripe says:

    What is wrong with her mouth? Why does it look so unnatural when she talks? It’s like her lips are in slow motion or something, or she’s doing some exaggerated stretching exercises while speaking. I never noticed this before the lalawag horror show, and now it’s all I can see.

    It’s freaking me out, aaaaggghhhhh!!!

  10. for serious??? says:

    What is that hairstyle? Who does that? It’s beyond hideous….

    • flatface says:

      I think it’s funny where she stops herselg: “I think I would feel worse if…”

      And she was going to say – if “I paid for the car”. A ringing endorsement! Great car! But, I mean, I would never “pay” for one.

      Maybe it’s the California sunshine, but that video struck me as really creepy. She is standing alone, by the side of the road, arm outstretched videotaping herself. Talking. To. Herself.

      She has an invisible audienc einside her head. She is supremely fucked up.

      • shamoolia says:

        “I think I would feel worse if…”

        “I had to pay for it myself with money that I earned and grandma didn’t send me.”

        “I knew I wasn’t going to bitch and moan to the dealership and get them to comp me.”

        “I wasn’t going to write this of as a business expense to my failing business. Hope I don’t get audited!”

  11. totaljing says:

    In other entitlement news,

    Meghan is having a twitter meltdown because he Iphone isn’t working properly.

    # meghanWhy purchase a 3GS??? It’s buggy and you must wait a week in NYC to get any help from Apple. FAIL!!!about 1 hour ago from txt

    meghanApple’s Genius Bar in Soho is unhelpful and inconsiderate!about 1 hour ago from txt

    • shamoolia says:

      I have always found Apple employees to be supremely helpful and considerate. I think it’s part of their brand and something they pride themselves on. They’re probably being rude to Meghan because she’s acting like an entitled brat!

      And really, if this is the greatest inconvenience / drama of your day (much like the damn parking ticket) then you really need to be slapped across the face. Repeatedly.

      • totaljing says:

        Exactly. Like fuck her. Join the fucking real world. Get a grip. Your fucking Iphone isn’t working? Well, you’ve got 1,000 other FREE PHONES from bray for pay and conference swag bags. No biggie. Not like she’s going to have to get a temporary Cricket, J H CHRIST!

      • partypants says:

        Hey Megabrains, they sell go phones in every store on the damn planet. I mean, sheesh.

      • NewToLife! says:

        really? I always think they are snobby assholes.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      In this case “unhelpful and inconsiderate” translates as “didn’t immediately offer her a free relacement or bump her to the head of the line to have her freaking phone fixed.” You just know she tried to play the ‘tech blogger’ card.

  12. diluted brain says:

    What is this? It’s blocked at work… I always miss the good stuff

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      It’s a self-shot video of her whining about how she parked in a legal spot … that was actually illegal because it was only legal to park there before 4. Then she incorrectly states that they put her car on a flatbed because it was “too small” to be towed. Then she whines about how it sucks, but she can’t be mad about anyone but herself and tells us that she learned a lesson: Read the sign. Then she tells LA that she hopes they enjoy her money. (Money which is now theirs because she can’t read.)

      Her hair actually doesn’t look terrible in the light, but her lips are truly scary. They tweak me out a bit. And she keeps her eye bags and wonk safely hidden behind those ginormous glasses, so we’re spared that.

      • partypants says:

        She hasn’t learned any lesson. That statement is her passive aggro way of saying “Well ‘dont you know who I am’ didn’t work on this asshole and he kept towing my car, so, like, what-ev-errrr. everyone feel sorry for me now that I finally had to pay for my own stupidity and entitlement complex. pfffffff.”

  13. shamoolia says:

    I am not sure sucking down 500-calorie milkshakes disguised as coffee drinks is a part of the Bloat Print Cleanse program. I also thought Little Miss I Don’t Taint My Pure Body With Alcohol, Caffeine, or As Much As Half a Midol didn’t let something like coffee pass her lips…

  14. juliaspublicist says:

    God she finally posts something after so many days and it’s all my car got towed and I need to get my phone fixed. How is this living differently now?

  15. partypants says:

    Personally I think they should let jaba park in the handicapable spots.

    I mean, LOOK AT HER.

  16. justadude says:

    She’s complaing about her free car being towed while she was getting a free bike which she will never ride. Gimme gimme gimme. BTW, LA thanks you for your $200 and your leaving. Stay away.

    • shamoolia says:

      Her mentality really is that of a grabby toddler isn’t it? It’s like she’s almost doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand actions and consequences.

    • Squirrelbait says:

      Hah! I feel so much better knowing that she ended up paying for the free Smart Car. Even if she gets reimbursed later, the inconvenience and interruption to her busy schedule is enough for me.

  17. Jackass says:

    The jackasses are live on 12:30:

  18. Jacy says:

    There is a Julia fangirl in there named Consuela — cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo.

    • Erin says:

      I think Consuela is just pretending to be a fangirl…she’s starting to say some pretty funny things: “You should go so you can be as pretty as Mary!”

      I’m dying.

  19. Jacy says:

    And people named Mitch and Andrea who are going at them.

  20. flatface says:

    is this supposed to be live?

  21. NewToLife! says:

    People who do not move for the 4-7 No Stopping rule are the worst. They basically create massive traffic and deserve to be towed. Julia is an idiot. LA thanks you for your $200 and now promptly requests that you stay the fuck out.

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