UPDATED: The Shoes

Are they this hideous pair??


Or this hideous pair?


They practically reek just looking at them, don’t they? Have they even once been removed from her feet in the several months that Zappo’s gave them to her for free in yet another bray-for-pay deal? They must stink so badly they can probably walk Lilly by themselves.

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  1. Emma says:

    Those don’t look like the shoes. Lord forgive me for knowing this, but the stinky pair aren’t closed in the back like that.

  2. Emma says:

    I think the shoes are this pair:


    Okay. Time to go out and have a life now.

  3. BunnyBingo says:

    Can’t take the costume off for a minute or someone might think that, gasp, she’s just some moderately pretty NYC chick in jeans and sneakers, tooling round town. Always gotta be *on*!!!! Makeup, hair, nails, stinking high heels, party dress, toy dog, attitude of entitlement – let’s go!!!!!

  4. Those heels just scream “trashy B&T girl” to me. Once again, I must reiterate: Jankles is so fucking tacky.

  5. Pelham123 says:

    i saw someone dressed like her walk into starbux and i was frightened

  6. WorrisomePelts says:

    Reposted from previous thread:

    The only thing I like about those hideous heels is the sound I imagine her beefy ass will make when it smacks the ground after those things disintegrate mid-step from overuse.

  7. Jacy says:

    They are most definitely the first pair when you look at those braying Zappo’s shots. My God, I don’t think she’s removed them from her feet since that day.

  8. Pained says:

    She says in that Zappos video that she’s 5’4. She says in the jeans video she’s a size 8. I’m 5’4, and I’m three sizes smaller. Yes, I do have an ass. I’m not model-thin by any stretch of the imagination.

    Granted, my boobs are smaller, but I also work out six days a week and eat healthy food. She’d better reign in the weight gain NOW, it will get much worse in her 30s, as her metabolism slows down.

  9. Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

    Unrelated to stinkfoot, but Kathleen Grace, producer for TMI Weekly, just got hired as Next New Network’s head of programming (Tim Shey’s old job):


  10. Happiness is a Troll-Free Zone says:

    Countdown to Tweet: “Congratulations to the ridiculously talented Kathleen Grace! I am so proud of you, girlfriend!! “

  11. Dyspeptic2 says:

    She might also be hysterical and rambunctious. Kathleen, that is.
    The adjectives and adverbs are warming up as a breathless populace awaits.

  12. TheStrangeTrain says:


    Does anyone find it ironic that a woman who is obsessed with Carrie Bradshaw would have such horrible taste in shoes?

    • totaljing says:

      She sure does love those platform sling backs. Those horrific white shoes, and the identical gold pair, are of a similar style. Girl needs to watch her complete collection of SATC dvds again and take shoe notes.

      She wears tramp shoes.

      I recommend the book, “The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe” for julia. I had to read this book for a cult studies class years ago and I can’t help thinking that parts of the analysis fit jules to a T.

  13. narcissistheadband says:

    I don’t care which pair it is, please can she just stop teetering around in them. She doesn’t have the body, the legs, the poise, the grace nor the height to pull these off. Julia: put on a cute pair of flip-flops. It’s July in NYC. Century 21 has a GREAT selection of them right now.

    • totaljing says:

      or even some embellished flats.

      Heels can be grand and they do create a “long line” from waist to toe.” However, wearing heels meant to be paired with a little black dress with one’s summer rompers is just tacky. She wears the heels because she obviously thinks it helps her tree trunks look more slender. In fact, the heels simply make her look trashy and contorted. Bow legs and platforms are not a good look.

  14. Betsy says:

    Off topic I know, had to share, Jankles tried in vain to get tickets to Jimmy Fallon’s show yesterday and even fb’d John Mulaney for a favor. FAIL. What happened to all her connections?
    Have a great day!!! XO

  15. sarahpalinkickedassonthedebate says:

    If I were offered a free pair of shoes from Zappos, I’d choose something I wouldn’t normally get myself, i.e. NOT cheap steve maddens that I can buy any old time on sale.

    • partypants says:

      Didn’t her reader supposedly vote on which ones she would get? Of course she makes up her readers she probably just ordered what she wanted.

    • totaljing says:

      I’m sure that Julia would too but she was given a maximum price of $100. All of the web personalities that participated in the SXSW box opening were sent $100 gift certificate. Still, there were much better options within that price range, for sure.

  16. sarahpalinkickedassonthedebate says:

    I think her life coach assigned these little “apologize to people you have hurt” (to which she adds, even if you aren’t in the wrong), “bring more culture into your life”, “find your spirituality” assignments.

    • totaljing says:

      I still can’t get over her insertion of “even if you didn’t do anything wrong.” If you hurt someone, you did something wrong. She does not know the difference between “intentions” and “effect.” In some things, the effect is all that matters.

  17. Julia's Bow Legs says:

    Her latest Daniel Radcliffe tweet makes me want to punch her even more than usual. I also can’t believe she’s going on air to talk about HP. She probably, as usual, knows nothing about either the films or the books. And she seems to see it as some sort of stunt, like “look-at-me-i’m-so-adorable because i’m asking a 19 YR OLD out on air!!! daniel will totes call because it’s so cute when fat 30yrold hags perv on him! aren’t I cute???”

    • partypants says:

      Ok that was one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

      • narcissistheadband says:

        Yeah, WTF is up with booking her to talk about Harry Potter? Why don’t they book my friend, who is a children’s librarian? These fucking cable news idiotfests deserve what they get. “Let’s book a fired dating columnist to talk about children’s literature/cinema.” Whatever.

    • totaljing says:

      HA!! Julia Allison discussing a “nerd”/children’s book or movie?? Ridonkulous but I blamed whoever booked her. One look at her blog, or twitter stream, and it’s obvious this area is not her niche. It’s just so random. Girl is desperate.

    • Comparably Incomparably Ineffable...Adorable! says:

      I’m so confused, didn’t she JUST denounce “celebrity news” and go on and on about how morally vapid it is?

      • totaljing says:

        YES. Less than 48 hours ago, after meeting with her life coach (i believe), we learned she really shouldn’t be going on tv to talk about celebrities.

        guess she needed a new pair of shoes. heh.

    • Modulate that Voice says:

      on air? FOX again? or is MSNBC trying to cross-promote
      the Taxi-Cab channel once more?
      Giant hair- check
      Huge Chiclet Teeth- check
      Plastic face fillers – check
      Cleavage- yea
      But don’t forget to Modulate that Braying Voice…slow down…..

      • Julia IS a Democrat says:

        MSNBC of course. She hasn’t been on Fox in at least a couple of years.

        Going by the logic (?) here, since she’s going on MSNBC, she MUST be a Democrat. Which she is anyway.

  18. Jacy says:

    But the silver lining is that she will make an ass of herself, just braying out catchphrases that she thinks are clever and that she stole from the British tabs. It will be another Tourette’s-esque appearance in which she cracks some brutally corny and unfunny joke which will be met with dead silence or else totally ignored by the host. If its the same woman it usually is, you can tell she despises her.

    • partypants says:

      Julia’s going to be awesome smart and funny!

      “It’s been great to watch Dan Rad grow up though! From Harry Potter to HARRY HOTTER! Amirite! High five!”

      • Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

        Do you think she knows about Equus? ’cause I’d love to hear her drop some jokes about horse dicks.

      • partypants says:

        She probably knows about the horsie play, which will surely lead to some hilariously screwed up Lone Ranger jokes.

    • Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

      Exactly! More fuel for the snark machine.

  19. sherlock says:

    Is it me, or is it really sad to be interviewed on the radio on a Saturday night? Even if it’s satellite.

  20. Julia'sButtSweat says:

    WHO gets her these cable gigs? More importantly, WHY does she continue to get them?? She’s simply awful onscreen and obviously doesn’t know shit about the subjects she discusses. Let’s get real here-has she ever even read or seen one of the HP books/movies? Can she name any of the actors in these films beyond just Daniel Radcliffe?

    I just can’t fathom how she continually gets to bray on television despite the fact that she adds nothing remotely interesting or insightful to any discussions she gets paid to take part in…you’d think her onscreen reputation would’ve been forever ruined after getting canned from Star.

    And who does she represent now? Are they actually going to list Nonsociety/TMI Weekly as legtimate companies?? What exactly makes her an expert to discuss this shit??? Because that’s a fucking joke.
    I know three times as much about pop culture than she does and have 1000 times the onscreen presence, so yes, I am both jealous of and appalled by the television opportunities this lazy twat still somehow manages to get. WHY???!!!

    • Comparably Incomparably Ineffable...Adorable! says:

      Well lets keep in mind she’s appearing on MSNBC, on a Sunday, before 10am, in July. No one is watching then, and the guest bookers are probably desperate to get anyone because their normal cache of commentators are all off in the Hamptons enjoying a summer Sunday.

      I also HIGHLY doubt she’s getting paid. News organizations have pretty strict policies about only paying the people that are on air frequently and have titles like “analyst” or “contributor.” If they paid every moron they book to talk about mindless topics they’d all be broke.

      I suspect Julia thinks it’s “good for the brand” to be on TV whenever asked, even if it means talking about things she doesn’t understand, have any knowledge of, or even care about.

  21. Happiness is a Troll-Free Zone says:

    I doubt she gets paid.

    • totaljing says:

      Julia will not, and does not, EVER work for free. She’s said it numerous times and, given her personality, I’d tend to buy this is the case.

      • Happiness is a Troll-Free Zone says:

        I work in TV news. MSNBC wouldn’t be paying for something like that. CNN doesn’t. If she was on a panel for a longer segment, maybe, and that’s a big maybe. In this sort of appearance, they’re doing HER a favor. She’s doing these as some sort of obligation to NBC, or she got NBC to set it up for her, since they are running her crappy taxicab shitshows. I think she’s trying to position herself to get back into TV and that’s why she’s doing them.

      • Modulate that Voice says:

        Agreed, also this isn’t about the money.
        This is about Her Platform…… taxicab show, online
        shit-show, Facebook fanclub, Twattering, former columnist…..all kinda there, but not really, and
        very low quality.
        This Platform mentality is why she thinks she’s destined for Oprah-ism.
        And also how she will sell her book. You know she’s going to do a book about how all the Internet Meanies made fun of her.

      • Pelham123 says:

        Appearing as a TV commentator is free, just like on here. The audience is the reward.

  22. sarahpalinkickedassonthedebate says:

    Are people really supposed to get acupuncture that often?

  23. Gary Klein D.D.S. says:

    It almost seems like she wears The Shoes every day now just to fuck with us.

  24. totaljing says:

    “How many people attend church or talk about God?” under a picture of a church poster.

    Yesterday the MOMA and now GOD!

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Christ almighty!

    • NewToLife! says:

      I really think she’s in some sort of self-help 12-step-type program. Maybe I should email her to ask. brb

  25. BunnyBingo says:

    Discovered this Canadian “Julia On The Couch” column, hehe;

    “Oh hello again, Jules.

    What’s that, you say? You’re feeling a bit manic lately? Desperate for a boyfriend? Rushing out for late-night booty calls? Twittering veiled references to the same? Santa pole-dancing? Makeup applied with a trowel? Obsessing over a blind date? Yes, Dr. Bombay’s noticed, Jules.

    When Mary and Megs left town recently, you did indeed appear to explode into a manic surge of activity and self-obsession that was stunning even by your standards. It seems the two Ms really help keep you grounded, perhaps even talk you down in the midst of your more deranged episodes such as showing up at Harvard Business School in a schoolgirl slutbag uniform and toting a video camera. And in return, what do you provide the two of them? Oh … of course … 24/7 yammering about yourself, your career aspirations, your heartbreak and your Blair Waldorf obsession. Fun times, as Dr. Bombay is well aware. How much time do we have left on the clock? Really? That long?”

  26. Betsy says:

    Bet she even paid for the blind dates for tonight, 7/18 was THE day for romance according to the psychic she interviewed a couple months ago.

  27. She's just stupid says:

    Look…this woman belongs in LA with the other “faking smartish but workin’ it” folk. There’s a place for an actually intelligent and young “East Coast” personality to hit the ground running there–there always has been. The problem with this scenario is that she actually isn’t attractive or interesting enough (that email from the gay ethnic dude detailing why she doesn’t attract was awesome) to make it in LA. You have to have one of the two. The only reason anyone paid attention to this moron in nyc is Denton. He has something to answer for.

  28. Goober says:

    P, and might I say, U.

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