Julia: Shifting Paradigms Once More


Brace yourself, art lovers. These Tweets are particularly hard to take:

Walking home west on 53rd, I remembered MOMA has free Fridays from 4-8 pm … So I’m now happily wandering about the exhibits.

Art is only important in so much as it moves you, startles you, shakes you, surprises you, makes you think or shifts your paradigm …

Or maybe art exists only to provide us with visual or sensory pleasure.

Or maybe – maybe! – art is simply an outlet for our boundless human creativity, of value not for the end product so much as for the process.

That Jackles. As evidenced by the above photo, she’s so classy and arty!!!

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84 Responses to Julia: Shifting Paradigms Once More

  1. Don Juan says:

    That’s quite insightful Julia, for sure. Inspired.

    Here’s another quick six word bio to accompany the above photo:

    That’s no beluga. That’s my ass.

  2. sad :( says:

    Gawd, she is so deep.
    Def angling for a twitter book deal.
    So thought-provoking!!
    I always read it as “par-a-digg-em” when she writes it.

  3. Gwyneth's Inner Aspect says:

    Ok, but I have to say I was actually startled that she posted photos of art WITHOUT HER IN FRONT OF IT.

    It damn near shifted my paradigm.

  4. Sacred Scrapbooks says:

    Let’s fix these tweets for her:

    Julia is only important in so much as she moves you, startles you, shakes you, surprises you, makes you think or shifts your paradigm …

    Or maybe Julia exists only to provide us with visual or sensory pleasure.

    Or maybe – maybe! – Julia is simply an outlet for our boundless human creativity, of value not for the end product so much as for the process.

  5. Miss Cast says:

    Didn’t know bustles were back in.

    • melissa0sue00rbns says:

      oh snapple! miss cast for the win!

      ((she completely looks like a chubby hooker in that photo. not a good look.))

  6. BunnyBingo says:

    Her mediocrity is just painful. Julia Darling, you write content for advertisers. Your blog is as deep as Reader’s Digest. Keep enlightening us with your insights into Art.

  7. squirrelbait says:

    It’s free on Fridays, well isn’t that a goddamn blessing for someone SO LOW ON CASH as Julia Allison Baugher. And no, honey, you’re not “happily wandering”–you’re parked somewhere tweeting up a storm, you cheap, selfish asshole. I hope you dropped at least a ten in the donation box, twatface.

    • NewToLife! says:

      10 billion trillion million dollars says she didn’t donate shit. She’s probably mad she can’t return her free experience at MOMA for a credit in the gift shop, like she does with free headbands.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:


  8. Jordache and the Pelts says:

    Julia is one of he most soul-less and artless creatures. Ever.
    And what exactly was the context for her inclusion of the Obama NAACP speech? Its amazing how daily she sets new levels of appalling and tops herself. She is absolutely loathsome.

    • Wide-set Vagina says:

      You know when you go to one of those dollar store places and they have the triple pack of scissors imported from China? They look like decent scissors and the price is right, so you buy ’em. Then you try to cut something with them and they are absolutely useless — won’t even cut a single sheet of paper. It’s like someone designed them based on just looking at a picture of a pair of scissors, without any awareness of their function.

      When Julia talks about art, politics, fashion and music, she reminds me of those cheap Chinese scissors. She does an okay impression of a human person, but doesn’t know how to actually function as one.

  9. Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

    Why is she trying to tell us the purpose of art? Does she really think there is ONE answer and, if so, the she figured it out in an afternoon?

    Jankles: Just pick a painting or a sculpture and describe what it looks like and how it makes you feel. That’s more than enough for a beginner like you. No need to act all Professor Pinkenstuffy, Art Historian.

  10. the last tweet is the work of a mind that has never considered art before, much less created it.

    • Anon says:

      Absolutely agreed. It’s blatant she has almost never thought about art before. Her taste in art is pictures of herself on her wall.

  11. totaljing says:

    Tell me if I’m off base

    But does it seem to anyone else that Julia is trying to reinvent herself as some kind of mainstream media personality (once again)? She seems to be putting A LOT OF EFFORT (albeit misguided) in trying to prove that she “in touch” and “on the pulse” lately.

    • she seems all over the place to me. one minute it’s empowerment and personal growth, the next it’s wanna-be journalism, then it’s “i could have been an obama speechwriter”… and back to the start.

      • totaljing says:

        She seems to have an agent all the sudden for everything. All that agent talk happened after her secret vacation (intervention from parents) a while back…

        I’m beginning to feel like a conspiracy theorist.

      • she has had those agents listed on juliaallison.com since before nonsociety started. but i hear you on the reinvention front. if only there was a book coming out chronicling lip dubs throughout the ages…

      • totaljing says:

        I should have said meetings with those agents. And more communication. Yes, you’re correct, they’ve been on her page forever.

    • What Julia REALLY thinks says:

      Nope, I think you’re right – she’s reinventing herself. Or attempting to, as the case may be.

      The problem wasn’t necessarily with her initial brand – she wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw 2.0. Had a couple of dating columns, made a decent go at it, saw that the tech world was devoid of females and got her name out there. The problem was that she, through the very medium that made her famous, lost control over her image. When you just have a column in a paper, you (along with your editors) have oversight over what your “image” is. On the internet, totally different story with a memory extending forever.

      So no matter how much she rebrands and reinvents, the damage has been done. At this point, Julia is better off embracing wholeheartedly her bitch side and her crazy side.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      eek. do not see that happening at all. do I have cynical blinders on?

  12. pink bunny wabbit says:

    wow just wow shes carrie samantha miranda and charlotte all wrapped up in one delightful package. Renaissance Barbie.
    I would like her so much more if she gave us an insight on what its like to have to hustle for her meagre gigs -eg interviewing the atheletes -clearly unprepared -what was the story behind that . Tell us how she must have drowning in flop sweat -and no doubt got wasted afterwards. All this prissy priss about not drinking and 11.5 dates etc. Whats really going on.

  13. NewToLife! says:

    art is hard. it’s for like……….smart people n stuff. I’ll go back to watching Larry the Cable Guy now. he can shift my paradigm anytime!

  14. Jordache and the Pelts says:

    A while there were a series of comments wondering why Julia doesn’t have any gay friends – or black friends – I’ve tried to wrap my head around that for a while – as a gay male of diverse ethnicity, and one that has his feet in the media, fashion, and art worlds. She has absolutely no appeal to me at all. I am loathe to use or conform to stereotypes – and am reluctant to use generalizations about gay people, black people, or Carrie Bradshaw wannabees.
    It hit me tonight that its not a matter of Julia’s appeal – or lack thereof – to gay people or the gay community or whatever.
    Julia is simply not appealing. Not likable. Not altruistic or interesting or fun or displaying any of the qualities which one would like have in friend. Gay or straight.
    Julia’s self-involvement is noxious and not qualified in any way. And I suspect she no longer has any “real” friends. And she’s been blessed with a supportive family and access and opportunities.
    And as a sensitive sort I decidedly have no sympathy for her.

    • Jacy says:

      That’s the thing. She’s so boring. And yet she believes herself to be fascinating. I have always been enthralled by the deranged narcissism — that, I guess, is interesting.

      Also — she’s not intelligent, she’s not funny … but she’s pretending to be. And she is so dishonest about every facet of her life. Tonight I was looking for another scary Michael stalker post and saw her swearing more than a year ago, all in BOLDFACE, that she would never, ever blog a single thing about who she’s dating and her romantic life ever again. And then what? One fucking date with Harvard “Ended Up Being Really Fucking Wise For a Harvard Douche” Harley and she was Tweeting it up like mad!

      And then she brushes off the insane level of lying by saying: “I didn’t remember saying/doing that. I don’t remember anything.”

      The lying is why she’s so despised. She can’t even do camp.

  15. Sacred Scrapbooks says:


    Still photography for personal use is permitted in collection galleries only. No flash or tripods allowed. Videotaping is permitted in the lobby only. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission from the Museum.

  16. Jacy says:

    Also? She honestly believes the photo above is a really hot one of her. It’s in her collection of favorite photos, but someone tipped me off to it and said she loves this shot.


    What a TOOL.

    • sherlock says:

      Weird — she doesn’t look ‘pretty’ at all?! What the hell could she possibly like about it?? Scrolling up to look at it again — nope. She has on an insane amount of make-up, her legs are just so block-ish, and her facial expression is manly.

      She is a tool. A cog in mediocrity.

    • Good Thoughts says:

      I would guess she likes that photo because she thinks her legs look GREAT in it (even though they look like stubby, gnarled, mannish tree trunks). She is delusional about so many things, but her misguided insistence on showcasing these particularly unfortunate attributes always cracks me up.

    • sad :( says:

      Jacy, one look at this photo and I remembered why I don’t feel bad taking her down. Her meagre self deprication is just a front to make her more like the little people, her fans, of whom she’s so proud. That smug look on her mug just kills me…w/fits of laughter. Toolicus Maximus.

  17. melissa0sue00rbns says:

    anyone notice how she focused on a signature by Julia in the “Measuring the Universe” piece? Next to the name, the date says “7/16/09.” Does that mean she took these photos (and this trip to the MOMA) yesterday? If so, that makes her BS story about remembering that it’s a “free day” a total lie. Which seems totally plausible, given that she’s previously stated that it takes her literally hours to put together a string of posts and she seems to be throwing these up just a couple of hours after she tweeted that she was in the MOMA.

    Maybe i am getting sucked up into conspiracy theories, too. there’s also a “julia” up there from july 11. so maybe both julias are just a coincidence. but she seems to have focused in on the 7/16 julia, who is a little shorter than average, just like our jankles. unless they let her be measured while she was wearing those awful free heels.

    • WorrisomePelts says:

      The only thing I like about those hideous heels is the sound I imagine her beefy ass will make when it smacks the ground after those things disintegrate mid-step from overuse.

    • NewToLife! says:

      I loathe myself right now, because I actually looked at the summary info on the photo file itself and it’s dated today 7/17 at 5:08. Doesn’t look like we have another Heart on the Sandy Beach scandal here. I am as shocked as Julia might be, to learn that there are other Julia’s out there!

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        you is a genius in snarky clothing.

      • Omnesion says:

        Did she color her hair BACK? If so then kudos…I think it’s just an older photo and was resaved on the 17th…more likely than Julia Allison doppleganger’s I think…I THINK! LMAO! 🙂

      • NewToLife! says:

        I have no idea what you’re talking about with the hair, but the date stamp is not the save time, it’s the date picture taken time, which becomes part of the file.

      • Omnesion says:

        Mmmm…no, if you know how you can change the date stamp on anything…I’m pretty sure someone that has schlepped her way up like JA can do it or know’s someone who can. I’m talking about the fact that her hair is NOT RED in this pic!

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        Omn, we weren’t talking about the photo above (which i believe is over a year old); we were talking about the date stamp on the photos she posted from the MOMA, which is why your comment about her hair seemed out of place.

      • Omnesion says:

        Okay Melissa, that makes more sense then…my bad! Thanks for the correction. 🙂

  18. Bray.com says:

    So MOMA is now an Izea client?

    It’s worrisome!

  19. Her calves look wack in this photo.

  20. Pelham123 says:

    one more time, who is taking these pix?

  21. Dyspeptic2 says:

    It is to vomit.

    Thanks, Julia Allison, for your insights on art.

  22. Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

    “Walking home west on 53rd, I remembered MOMA has free Fridays from 4-8 pm…”

    As a dog owner, I have to keep track of how much time I’m away from home (not just for pee/poo concerns, but also the loneliness factor). When she tweets so casually about taking a museum detour on the way home from whatever other errand she was running, all I can think is: what about your poor doggie?

    I bet her apartment positively REEKS of dog urine. Small wonder she can’t tell that her clothes and shoes stink to high heaven.

    • What Julia REALLY thinks says:

      She once posted about how Lilly has “amazing bladder control”. Yeah, it’s a wonderful thing for your 8 pound dog to sit there and hold it whilie you disappear for hours at a time.

  23. Omnesion says:

    She really does have nice calves though! I mean REALLY nice one’s! Too bad she’s always wearing that red Davy Crockett wig thingy now…she used to be so hot. It’ saddening really…that and the snarky art inspirational’s. LOL! Julia, how did you get your calve muscles to to pop like that? I wanna know her workout regimen (TOTALLY LMAO NOW!). Tis better to have broken wind and had you booty poppin to the camera then to never have broken wind at all…hmmmm. -Big Smile- 😀

  24. Omnesion says:

    My first thought when I saw this post was…she actually KNOW’S what paradigm means? Then I thought…oh ya…she’s got nice calves…I’m KIND OF easily distracted though…so don’t go by me…not that you would. You could BUY me of course! I’m so Julia like that ya knowwwwwwww! 🙂

  25. Johnny Optional says:


    • Omnesion says:

      Oh cmmon…her ass is NOT fat! In all fairness to ALL women…she’s got a nice body. I don’t think THAT is the problem you have with her! 😛

      • Happiness is a Troll-Free Zone says:

        I have always thought she had a nice body, even after putting on some weight, but those calves, I’m sorry, are hideous. Her legs are the one very serious flaw of her figure. She should cover up those monstrosities — it ruins the entire image.

      • Omnesion says:

        We must agree to disagree then…she does have nice calves. Took too many anatomy courses and I also studied art, and I am a graphic artist too, soooo…from an aesthetic POV…she has great calves. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 😉

      • partypants says:

        Dude SHUT UP. You are a loser on myspace posting pics of yourself shirtless and smoking and you spend all your worthless time stalking Julia Allison on twitter. Please fuck off and die now, ok?

        ps: you’re a fucking idiot and your comments make no gd sense.

      • Omnesion says:

        I ALSO have a job and I’m not fat…so I’m allowed to post pic’s of me shirtless…which you could have only seen if you went FROM my blog…TO my MySpace profile…and THEN clicked on my photo’s! So YOU shutup fatass! Please don’t post any pic’s of YOU shirtless…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSSSSSSE!!! 😛

      • partypants says:

        Actually someone sent me a link to the pic and said it was from your myspace. But whatever. You’re an idiot.

      • Omnesion says:

        I find it ironic that YOU call Julia Allison Jaba when YOU actually DO look like Jaba the Hut! So…whatever. You’re an idiot! Our dislike for each is self-evident and it’s mutual. See, this is GOOD that we can have a productive conversation online like this Jaba…I mean Poopypants. Also, I’m an animal lover…so please don’t step on your cat. 🙂

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        pp, i think you’re adorable!

  26. flatface says:

    And of course, it’s MOMA. Not any of the special exhibits travelling through town, or any of the smaller galleries and museums within walking distance of the pink palace (and many of which are free, all the time). But MOMA. The Gap of the NYC art world. Of course.

    I guess when you pull your head out of your ass, you have to start somewhere, though. It’s just, she’s not a newbie, supposedly. She’s been here 6 years.

    Next up: a trip to the Statue of Liberty!

    • What Julia REALLY thinks says:

      Yeah, I find it hilarious that she makes such a big deal about the free Fridays at MOMA, when the Met is pay what you want, everyday … not to mention all the amazing art galleries within spitting distance of her stomping grounds.

      My guess for the next stop of the “Julia’s reinvention as a serious, thoughtful, in the know, New Yorker” … “The Little Mermaid” on Broadway.

  27. narcissistheadband says:

    And of course, when she sees an opera, it has to be at the MET, peoples!!! No City Opera, nor one of the many small but wonderful opera companies operating around the city for Julia.

  28. Scooby Don't says:

    How horrible is it that when I look at that picture, I keep thinking “heel through the grate”? She must have hobbled into that pose so carefully in those shoesto avoid pitching over the side.

  29. partypants says:

    That’s the same pose my cat makes when she’s in heat.

  30. Professor Pinkenstuffy, Art Historian says:

    (thanks grapefruit for the name. it is fantastic. and i really am an art history professor! first time commenting)

    my big thing here is that it is great julia, go to moma, do something actually smart and promote the arts. but stop with the lame comments and generic stuff about “art.” i don’t put up with that crap from my 18 year-old undergrads. why not at least post the names of all the stuff you photo. and maybe say why you actually wanted to take a picture of that specific work. and yeah, you totally wouldn’t be able to take a picture of the big artwork in the lobby as she does – but the fact she took it from above would have meant she would have had to seek out the info down below – something i bet she had no interest in doing. so she just went with the classic “MOMA” (and of course, its traditionally done as MoMA).

    that’s what is most frustrating for me. sometimes what i think she is doing can be interesting or at least fun or informative, and then she goes and mucks it up.

    • Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

      I am SO PROUD of you, Pinky. Please know that I’ll be taking 99.9% of the credit for all your future successful comments here on RBNS.

      You’ve expressed something I haven’t been quite able to put my finger on, and that’s the fact that, no matter how goofy I think her blog is, she DOES have an audience. I wish she would use her influence to advance some sort of positive agenda, instead of wasting it on vain trivialities.

      • Omnesion says:

        Tellin ya! Been saying this and trying to point the it out to people on here for some time! She has an AUDIENCE…PERIOD! The fact that this blog has so many people talking about her, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, means that she has accomplished her goal of being a “cult figure”. I agree with you though…I think if she were a bit less shallow, she WOULD use her notoriety/audience to promote some positivity in the world. That’s so un-Julia though! LOL! Oh well…at least Poopypants doesn’t just hate JA now…she hate’s ME TOO! LMAO! And so the journey begins….hope I don’t meet her in a dark alley…PP vs Brock Lesnor! Now THAT would be a SERIOUS UFC 😛

      • Omnesion says:

        Mmmm ya…nix the the in the previous comment…that was OBVIOUSLY a typo! Grammar nazi’s!!! -Big Smile!- 🙂

      • partypants says:

        Please leave me out of your messed up alley fantasies.

      • Omnesion says:

        The way you put that…alley fantasies…makes me queasy. BTW, fan is short for fanatic…so whether you like it or not, you’re all fan’s of Julia Allison, even if you hate her! If you weren’t, you wouldn’t spend this much time hating on her…I’m not excluding myself from this group either…I am, by definition, a JA fan as well. I just admit it. Also, regarding stalking…if I were going to stalk someone it would be Jolene Blalock, NOT Julia Allison! Julia’s hot, but Jolene is WAYYY hotter! 😛

      • LibrariansWhoHateJulia says:

        Well actually Omnesion, if we are critical of Julia then we are not fanatics, since to be a fanatic is to be uncritically enthusiastic about the subject. Look it up.

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