1. juanvaldezGod, I *wish* I had a trust fund! Or maybe I don’t. I’ve known people who do, and there are always strings
  2. To those who asked: No, I don’t have a trust from my parents. No, my parents don’t give me any money. Yes, they paid for my education.
  3. Why is it, no matter how much you realize you shouldn’t care, when men you once dated are giant dickbags, you’re still deeply disappointed?
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  1. GarthAndWayne says:

    Next Dr.Phil: Name That Diagnosis

  2. partypants says:

    Shut up, Julia.

  3. sherlock says:

    She really gets off on being cryptic. She probably even speaks to herself in legalese. She is so protected from the truth — she is worse than all the defensive “dickbags” I ever dated! Maybe, Julesbaby, it’s you?! You’re the constant douche and they are the variables!

  4. Web20Morons says:

    I will be the farm she has a trust fund. Daddy is a lawyer after all, and to minimize taxes upon death, the living trust is one of the better options.

    What she is probably saying is that she doesn’t have access to that trust.

    How strange!

    • sad :( says:

      Agreed. And if mumsy & papa are like any of the wealthy clients I used to have, it wouldn’t be “strange” at all for them to gift a certain amount each year, or have a certain portion of the Trust (10% or less) set up to deposit dividends into a monthly checking account. Given the assets she will one day inherit, I’m sure mom & pop wouldn’t see it as any big deal to siphon a couple thousand a month off to Julie.

      But it’s not a handout if it’s automated! Right?

      I had clients who were still giving monetary gifts to kids in their 30’s who were MD’s! The rich are different, dahling. My favorite: One dad requested Power of Attorney over his married daughter’s checking account.

      Strings attached, indeed. She’ll be kissing Baugher ass for the rest of her life.

      • sad :( says:

        At any rate, we can take her @ her word for now. I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be unusual at all. Most wealthy parents (i.e. when you have a 2nd residence worth 1M don’t even blink @ the thought.). BUT JULiA”S PARENTS DON’T OK????? NOT ONE PENNY!!!!!!1!1!!!!

    • Dahling says:

      I agree. I know a guy who is only moderately rich and has a trust. It doesn’t need to be a huge wad of millions — just enough for tax purposes.

    • narcissistheadband says:

      I also know a lot of adult children who are either receiving funds from their parents or counting on a huge inheritance. I always find that these adult children are never really able to break away from their parents, because moms and dads will always have this power over them. They are never independent thinkers, and they are never able to really say anything bad about their parents. They are like perpetual 5th-graders, worshipping their parents.
      Julia strikes me as one of these types. She is constantly gushing about her parents and trying to emulate their lifestyle. Regular people, who don’t rely on their parents for any kind of financial support, are able to detach from them and see them as the fallible, flawed humans that they are. We still love them, but from a healthy, adult place, rather than a bizarro stuck-in-childhood world.

  5. Paul Truckk says:

    “Dad & I just drove home from city to ‘burbs. We discussed God – namely: does everyone have a purpose in this world? I say yes, he says no.”

    Looks like dad is an empiricist.

    • partypants says:

      Is she that dense that she can’t see how her dad has been baiting her for the last two weeks with his offhand backslap responses? Wake up, Julia.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        Dadser is almost 10,000x smarter than daughterster. It’s almost cruel to watch…

      • partypants says:

        Britt and Julia remind me of that movie “Twins” where the doctor tells Danny Devito that Julius is a god, and he is just the “crap that was left over”.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        I can almost picture Dadser effortlessly gliding his black Mercedes through rush hour traffic while thinking about some complex aspect of contract law. In the passagner seat sits a fidgeting, braying Julia trying, with all her might, to engage Dadser in a philosophical debate, blissfully unaware that her own existence allows her dad to casually demolish her arguments without a second thought.

  6. shamoolia says:

    Who the FUCK was asking Julia? Certainly no one on Twitter – I searched. Doesn’t come up. Seems STRANGE to answer your phantom inquiries on Twitter. Just grow the fuck up and admit you read here! Join the conversation! I thought you were a CONVERSATIONALIST, right????

    Also, nice truth massaging there. “Parents” don’t give you trust fund… no mention of grandma… or other secret means of income. Um… if you constantly brag VERY PUBLICLY about designer clothes (while actually wearing Forever 21), nights on the town, photo shoots, extensive travel, pricey gadgets (did you buy that new iPhone 3GS yourself?) and your $2,800 a month apartment, while having no visible income or job… guess what? People are going to start to wonder where the money comes from!!!

    Of course, what would be really interesting is if you fessed up to being some kind of escort. It would connect a lot of dots between the shady matchmaking service “dates”, the no visible job and the no trust fund line. I’m not really buying the old money life of leisure sham any more.

    • sPELT Cupcake says:

      I wonder if she can write off the clothes, meals, iPhone, etc. as expenses.

      • Actually I’ve wondered what her tax return looks like because she most certainly has to count all the freebies she gets as income.

      • sad :( says:

        I’m sure 90% is a write off. If NS is her business, wouldn’t anything involved in the vomcast be considered business? I think it does.

      • sad :( says:

        Sorry, I can’t write. In English today. Too much Meghan…….

      • melissa0sue00rbns says:

        but even if you write everything off, you still have to somehow manage to pay for it to begin with, no?

    • partypants says:

      I’m convinced she has several sockpuppet twitter accounts she uses to ask herself what she’s wearing, and to feign indignation at her treatment.

      • shamoolia says:

        It was brought up here a while ago, but someone listed DOZENS of twitter accounts where they only followed @juliaallison and they had not posted any updates. ALL fake sockpuppet accounts.

      • narcissistheadband says:

        LOL!!! you’re probably right, Ms. Partypants.

      • Dyspeptic2 says:

        Sockpuppet Twitter accounts to further the “conversation” would be so very Julia Allison. Kinda like those “reader” emails to NonSociety that are just a leeeetle too perfectly composed and similar in tone.

    • G says:

      Did anyone here e-mail her these questions? I know awhile back someone here admitted to sending her emails that asked these types of questions.

      • shamoolia says:

        Someone asked her months ago about her financial situation (I think it came up in the comments section of an old TMI) but the tweet from last night bringing it up AGAIN makes it very obvious she reads here. No one was asking her about it via Twitter. STRANGE that Little Miss Ignore The Haters would need to randomly bring it up. Worrisome, almost.

    • Erik says:

      Yeah, there is no way getting an iPhone while in Chicago was an accident. If she could have, she would have done some retarded stunt on release day or the week of the release.

      Julia loves to parse words when she thinks it will suit her. Oh, maybe they don’t give her money directly, but they do buy a lot of shit for her and get her things indirectly.

  7. Web20Morons says:

    The one thing I’ve seen with the IRS is that they prefer to go after the easy targets. She’s deinitely one of those if she never disclosed her free swag as income.

  8. julesiscraycrayinabadway says:

    Why is it that one poses faux “introspective” questions – publicly – whilst failing to note that it is CLEAR to anyone with a brain that the true intent is to voice one’s dissatisfaction with someone else and make damn sure they’re aware of it? Never mind.

    Also, please do not seriously tell me the same person who gauchely, nouveauly name-drops any little thing that might hint at status (CONDO! MERCEDES! RICH FRIENDS! LILLY PULITZER! FRESHWATER PEARLS! IPHONE!) responded to a tweet about “tasteless” questions. Darling Toolia, you could write the BOOK on tastelessness. That is, if you could write anymore. :/

    Props to everyone who called out the constant “my parents don’t, my parents don’t…”. Right. As if their gifts must have been limited to transferring money to her bank account or slapping checks/wads of cash in her hand (perhaps that’s what Grandma’s for, she certainly never breathes a WORD of her involvement while loudly yelling her parents do not help). They have shelled out plenty just to turn her into “Julia Allison”. The extensions (well, clip-ins when she stopped being able to afford that upkeep), the nose job, the veneers, the lasering etc. etc. Was that maybe where the 10K college gift went? Who knows, but these are the questions that start popping up when you are a public figure, and particularly one as unlikeable as she is. People will always try to dig out your skeletons even if you’re a nice person, that would be the result of envy. But when you’re presenting yourself as perfect unless when under extreme stress/pressure? People will constantly be searching for those cracks in your veneer.

    Suddenly Miss “mommy and daddy’s money, old money, money.. money.. money.. RICH! Money!” turns into “I’m independent and have worked and paid for all of this without help”. Please. Her faux business (which has been brought up again as having been a front for material for the Bravo show, I said as much months ago) is enough indication that she is hardly willing to work hard for anything that won’t come easily. She was overpaid 6 figures with Star, then given a dating column that served a little more than opportunities to glean free stuff for the sake of “articles” and set up vain photo shoots. She still managed to disparage both employers (who gave her the boot with words that weren’t particularly kind, making sure to voice their dissatisfaction publicly – like her passive-aggro tweets) shortly afterwards. I’m sure I’m going to believe the words of a pathological liar who has not only been caught multiple times and shown her true colors on maaaany different occasions but actually give a “keynote” to students telling them to “massage and stretch the truth”. She’s just doing that here, yet again. Nothing new.

  9. shamoolia says:

    I thought about this for a minute and I don’t know why Julia inspires such loathing for me. I think it’s the abject laziness and pathological lying. And Julia? If you’re reading… and we know you are… please do not confuse our loathing with jealousy or a creepy devotion to you. It takes only a couple of minutes to scan your blog, see your true (ugly) character and bang out a comment.

    You’re not inspiring envy in anyone. In fact, it’s sort of like watching the sad characters on Jerry Springer – I am so very glad I am NOT you. How lonely and empty it must be. You live off of the successes and accomplishments of others – your parents, your boyfriends, your friends, your empty name dropping. You have accomplished nothing on your own. Look at your life – are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you where you want to be? What is your life purpose that you speak of? To be a Grade A mooch who spends her days doing… what exactly?

    You’re almost 30 years old. The way you waste time, resources, friendships, money and opportunities is shameful. When are you going to wake up and realize that?

  10. Spin. says:

    Why is it, no matter how much you realize you shouldn’t care, when men you once dated are giant dickbags, you’re still deeply disappointed?

    REPLY from Ex No. 1: Why is it, no matter how briefly we dated, you still stalk me and feel a need to make nasty comments directed at me?

    REPLY from Ex No. 2: Why is it, no matter how long ago we broke up, you still expect me to jump when you wave your little diva finger and get all pissed when I don’t respond?

    REPLY from Ex No. 3: Why is it, not matter how many people warned me, I dated you in the first place?

  11. Spin. says:

    REPLY from “I’m not your ex you stupid cow now stop stalking me and my friends!”: Why is it that you refer to men as your ex boyfriends when you’ve known them only briefly and have never had sex with them?

  12. Julia'sButtSweat says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but since when do you refer to someone you casually hung out/flirted with and had maybe 3.5 dates with as an “ex”? Holy fuck, she is scary; clingy/gossipy single chicks like that give other single chicks a bad name.

    • shamoolia says:

      And if it’s not Har Har, since when do you still PUBLICLY talk about and trash people you dated YEARS ago. She is soooo fucking creepy!!

      Hey Alex Forrest – here’s a tip – they might stop being giant dickbags to you if you weren’t such a freakish scary stalker.

      • Julia'sButtSweat says:

        She still has videos of her ex’es up at her Vimeo account, for chrissakes. There’s Jakob, there’s Charles, there’s Alex and even their old apartment together.
        I just find it extra creepy that she keeps those videos up. I’m sure they do too.

      • shamoolia says:

        WHOA. Spreadsheets… keeping old videos… posting tons of blog posts, pictures and convos with exes??? She is seriously SCARY when it comes to men. And she’s made her career as some sort of dating columnist and expert? Um… errr… ooops? What a mentally unhinged loon.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        I wonder if Julia has ever read “The Collector.” Girl has some serious problems.

    • ironic slanket says:

      I wonder if she has a dickbag column in her spreadsheet of exes.

  13. Spin. says:

    Oh, my mistake: She didn’t say “exes” but “men you once dated.”
    That makes ALL the difference.
    Oh wait.
    You mean guys are on the hook for life with this bitch even if they only “once dated” her?

    • What Julia REALLY thinks says:

      I’d bet “yes, definitely.” After all, just a few days ago, she spent her “sunday evening during her holiday weekend”, emailing for three hours Julia’sBadPress, Nick Denton, and Ryan Tate, all so she could argue that she wasn’t racist.

  14. Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

    If she’s really taking up swimming as exercise, we should see some interesting results given the fact that chlorine does not play well with dyed hair.

    • Julia'sButtSweat says:

      Wait, is she swimming in the pool at HER PARENTS’ DOWNTOWN CHICAGO CONDO? I can’t remember if she mentioned that.

      • shamoolia says:

        “Swimming’s the only excercise I can do with my back out (not like I’m crying so much at not being able to go to the gym) … Going to do laps in the pool in my parents’ building now.”

        I was about to say that. That picture was not to show her swimming, exercising or doing anything else but enjoying the indoor swimming pool AT HER PARENT’S DOWNTOWN CONDO. I guess she got tired of taking pictures from the living room window?

        Keyword: PARENTS. None of that nice stuff – the condo, the cars – is yours, Julia. Why not try to actually accomplish something – you know, like your brother? – and earn those rewards of hard work on your own? Oh right. I forgot. You can’t because you’re a lazy slob.

      • partypants says:

        With her “back out”??? Her back is ok enough for her to go out and jump around with the Brooklyn Bounce or whothefuckever. Her back is ok enough for her to go out partying at Hub51. Her back is ok enough for her to carry 927 shopping bags around in her 5 inch hooker heels.

        back out my ass. Just another excuse for mums and papa as to why she can’t go out and get a damn job.

      • What Julia REALLY thinks says:

        PP – I totally agree. Nevermind the fact that if she had actually GONE to that Equinox personal training session, she could have mentioned her back pain, and what exercises she could to do help it.

        Side note: I wonder if she goes swimming with the pelts in place.

      • bettedavis says:

        Theory. I think the back excuse is just her cover to miss appointments at her new gym. Fitness centers probably fill her with a certain kind of anxiety, what with all the gorgeous hard bodies and expectation that one should break a sweat. Not sure what suddenly motivated her to get a gym membership in NYC — impulse! — but I bet she purposefully skipped her meeting with a trainer due to stress and is using her back problems as the reason she hasn’t been back. Her obvious social anxiety is really starting to cripple her.

  15. Worrisome Pelts says:

    Jacy, I will never tire of that picture.

    • Spin. says:

      The wig-bangs and moustache (Julia’s, not Charles’) really are a winning combination.

  16. women like julia just have no idea what fools they are, and how they set their whole gender back. she is a fucked-up product of women’s lib and entitlement… and on top of that is still sadly tethered to her parents, as many commenters have noted. elle est vraiment folle.

    • Paul Truckk says:

      There is a whole coven of these classist, vaguely racist, pseudo-Democratic, faux-feminist, nymphomaniacal, and intellectually vacuous inidividuals running around the East Coast:

      Julia Allison
      Meghan Asha
      Lena Chen
      Jessica Wakeman

      It’s very, very worrisome.

      • says:

        I’m pretty sure to be nymphomaniacal, one must actually engage in (a lot of) sex. Julia Allison does not have sex. She’s a fake nymphomaniac, which is just sad, sad, sad. All the being judged for being a ho, none of the fun.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        I was going to write “guy-obsessed” but changed it. In retrospect, that was probably a mistake. Most of the ladies on that list are obsessed with guys and sex but aren’t really getting any. Kind of like the clergy.

      • bettedavis says:

        Leave Lena alone please. Julia, though, deserves to be called all of the above.

    • she needs to embrace the ho. that is the one ticket answer to her emotional and physical problems. either that or she needs to stfu about dating and men, which ain’t gonna happen. she’s already taken a step with the red hair and swf wardrobe. since you read here julia: go forth and ho!

      • ps. it will keep your expiration date at bay, give you something to write about (i know, crazy idea there!), and, as said above, at least you’ll be having fun while people judge you, which they’ll be doing anyway.

  17. No Cultural Intell... says:

    Uh, hello! from Manhattan where the country’s finest all flock.
    Not really working, fabulous apartments, going out a lot…
    they are a dime a dozen here. LOTS of tough competition here
    in the Marriage Industrial Complex.
    That’s why NYer’s who comment here say she isn’t that rich….Yes,
    the family has some money….but there are LOTS of big-time heiresses
    here—some of them quite nice and normal! gasp!
    She ain’t going to find a husband hanging around Wilmette—the money
    boys are elsewhere.

    • TheStrangeTrain says:

      Rich men don’t marry women like Julia. They just sleep with them.

    • Spin. says:

      Ya, in the big pool of super babes and the wealthy that is Manhattan, Miss Baugher is but a mere minnow wannabe.

      Is it any wonder she set her sites on the techgeek demographic? Massive male to female ratio exacerbated by the fact that the legitimate women in tech don’t tend to prance around in hooker with daddy issues outfits.

      The nerd boys newly emerging from social ostrasization and/or their parents’ basements after crafting a new app to market were an easy target. Until they caught on, that is, and they ain’t stupid. And while many of them come from backgrounds just as or even more priveledged that Baugher-zilla’s, these guys actually enjoy working and are able to collaborate with both men and women in the field, etc. She has nothing in common with them and nothing to offer.

  18. Colors_Insulting_to_Nature says:

    Being back in Chicago reminds me of my all time favorite moment–the hooker in church ensemble from Easter Sunday!

  19. Jackles, Shut Yer Cornhole says:

    Considering the fact that only dickbags (is that what she thinks d-bag stands for?) would date this loon, the only mystery is why it takes her so long to see their true nature.

    • shamoolia says:

      Or why it takes THEM so long to see HER true nature? I think she attracts scummy guys because she is scummy. And the ones that aren’t dump her and want nothing to do with her, which in probably her twisted mind is why she thinks they’re dickbags – because they flee from her. It’s a lose-lose. She’s never get a good guy because SHE is not a good person herself. Doomed to be alone and miserable forever.

  20. Julia's SAT Words says:

    She’s been quiet all day. There’s so much she could do in Chicago and ‘write’ about, it’s a shame she seems to stay inside all day. Strange.

    • shamoolia says:

      Give Julia a break. It’s only lunchtime and tt takes a lot of time and planning to scope out what to photograph next in the PARENT’S DOWNTOWN CONDO. Maybe to doorman? The fancy elevator? The loo? The gym? The parking garage? SO MANY possibilities!

    • for serious??? says:

      Well, she did recently show her father how to read her twitter. Maybe that cryptic trust fund info she divulged was a last straw for him. Please please please let her parents give her an ultimatum and a smack down

    • Julia's Too Small Tutu says:

      There’s a chance that she’s watching the Michael Jackson tribute and will come back all “I want to heal the world! I am so inspired!” but it’s far more likely that she’s still sleeping.

  21. partypants says:

    She’s probably in the condo floating in an oxy haze, face pressed on the window, drawing bunnies in her breath.

    • flatface says:

      .. whispering to herself breathily “I’m a star, I’m a star. Baaaaby, I’m a staaaaar…”

      • partypants says:

        I imagined more warbling in a toddler voice “and put it in yer poooocket..nev let fade wayyyyy”

      • flatface says:

        But I think we can both agree she’s defintiely wearing a long little girl’s nightie and has a pair of scissors swaying lazily back and forth, back and forth, clinking against the window glass on the upswing…

  22. Go Julia Go! says:

    Don’t any of you losers have jobs? Within minutes of a new Julia tweet or post one of you have a complete article dissecting it. Plus fifty responses from weirdos with no lives and jealousy issues.

    The Julia train is running full steam ahead and I am back on board for the long haul.

    Seriously, you people are sad. Stupid.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      It’s worrisome that you take this so seriously. This blog is not really anything special. Go get yourself some nice pelts or a thrice-worn polyester dress to cheer yourself up.

    • flatface says:

      .. your forgot “fat”, “ugly”, “jobless” and “stalker-y”.

    • Julia's SAT Words says:

      Momsers? Is that you?

    • shamoolia says:

      Don’t [JULIA] have a job? Within minutes of a new [RBNS] post [SHE HAS A] a [TWEET RESPONDING TO] it. Plus fifty [TWEETS OF AFFIRMATION] from weirdos with no lives and jealousy issues.

      The Julia train is running full steam ahead and [SHE IS] back on board for the long haul.

      Seriously, [JULIA IS] sad. Stupid.

    • Paul Truckk says:

      Good afternoon Julia!

      “The Julia train is running full steam ahead and I am back on board for the long haul.”

      Next stop: CrazyTown. W00t! W00t!

    • Paul Truckk says:

      Oh, and for the record, I make $90K per year as a Julia Allison analyst at a bulge-bracket firm. How much do you make?

    • Does Julia have a job? She’s hanging out in her parent’s DOWNTOWN CONDO while I’ve been at work since 6 a.m.

    • Dyspeptic2 says:

      Don’t over-analyze it, Go Julia Go! It’s really nothing special.

    • LettuceEntertainU says:

      Running off the rails

      Running off the cliff

      Running out of time

      Running out of steam

      Running …

    • Sacred Scrapbooks says:

      “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!”

  23. Go Julia Go! says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger boys. I call them like I see them. Straight shooter all the way.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Boys? That’s sexist. Everyone knows all the meanies on the internetz are womens who couldn’t start businesses of their own like Julesykins.

    • LickedRandi'sCake says:

      Then you should actually love it here. That’s all RBNS is about. Spreading the message….

      Your hard luck if you don’t like the message.

    • flatface says:

      You know what? GJG has inspired me. Plus, it’s like 4 p.m. I’m gonna roll off the couch here, throw on some jeans and spalsh some cold water on my face. Then I’m gonna head down to the bus station and tell all the panhandlers what a bunch of lazy fucks they are.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        Give ’em hell, flatface!

      • flatface says:

        I’m not one of those people who instantly assumes every Julia defender on this site is Julia herself.

        But it is weird: look at the time stamp on GJG’s first post and look at the first post today on nonsociety.

        A more conspiracy-minde dman than I might think someone just woke up, fired up the internet and checked RBNS.

      • Paul Truckk says:

        Oh, it’s totes Julia. Silence from midnight to 4:00pm and then bam! Advanced statistical analysis confirms this as it is widely known that Momsers doesn’t give a fuck.

    • TheStrangeTrain says:

      You do realize that “don’t shoot the messenger” and “I call them like I see them” are two completely opposite phrases, right? Who would have thought that a former Nixon speechwriter would resort to just repeating random cliches and globbing them together is one hell of a weak comeback.

    • shamoolia says:

      I think with Go Julia Go! we just have a hyperbolic jokester among us. Another “gal about town” suit – o defender. Ha ha …. now let’s move along.

      • Secret Agent Man says:

        1.) July 7, 2009 at 3:43 pm (EST) – 1st @juliaallison twit
        2.) July 7, 2009 at 3:46 pm (EST) – GJG
        3.) July 7, 2009 at 4:08 pm (EST) – 1st post @ NS

        If only 1 & 2 were reversed, we would have proof. Also, this doesn’t factor in clock drift so there is still a possibility…

    • lily'sspleen says:

      Don’t take it all so seriously! We don’t! xoxo!

  24. BunnyBingo says:

    Isn’t it about time for another State of The Julia Nation teary midnight video rant? The Chicago skyline in Your Parent’s Condo would make a nice backdrop Julia. You can rail on your haterz and show off your new hairz.

    • shamoolia says:

      True, but we’re now getting the next best thing… made up reader emails! This time they’re about being friendly. Hmm… you would *almost* think they’re some sort of thinly veiled message. Like maybe *someone* was recently unkind to Julia or maybe she finds the midwest SO much friendlier. Almost friendly enough to leave NYC and move there. Maybe??

      Interesting that there was no mention of this trip home until the day before departure and there has been no mention of returning to New York. Have her parents finally given her the “get a job because we’re not paying your rent anymore” talk? (You know, after giving her a new iPhone to soften the blow. Baby needs her candy)

  25. Sausage Snappers says:

    Ugh, just look at this. Mocking her current-at-the-time boyfriend (the second video of this type), and then turns the conversation completely onto her.

    “He seems like a douchebag.”
    “Well, do *I* seem like a douchebag? How about in person? What do ya think? Give me some advice!”

    Not joking. It’s pure, pure Julia Allison.

    And she’s at a party for Glen Beck. Where’s our token Republican commenter to dismiss our claims that she’s a Republican in Democrat clothing?

    • No Cultural Intell... says:

      I know, where is that overly sensitive douche?

      “You’re mean!!” “I don’t mean to sound like a ….blah,blah”

      But, Glen Beck? Ewwww….just gross.

    • Let'sDance says:

      I know! I know! She’s not a republican and u r haterz

      Am i rite?

    • Julia IS a Democrat says:

      If you really believe that her showing up at an industry event is somehow proof that she’s a crypto-Republican, then you are a bigger hick rube than Julia is.

      What you didn’t notice in the video you posted is that it was two years ago, when Beck was still with CNN (not exactly a GOP stronghold) and Julia was a professional media whore for Star mag. It was her JOB to be on as many TV shows as possible, and not to discuss politics, but celebrity bullshit.

      Meghanaise was also at the Beck party, so that must mean that she’s also a Secret Hush-Hush Republican, despite her having been active in some Young Indians for Obama organization last year. Those Secret Republicans sure are a tricky bunch! She even got identified on some TV show as a “Democratic Political Consultant.” Now THAT is fucking sneaky!

      Give it up already. The way SOME of you insist on stupid shit (like Julia is a Republican cokehead living off a huge trust fund) only serves to enable her to keep pretending that her critics are all jealous, insane haterz and that people can’t believe ANY of the criticism about her because it all comes from people who spew this stupid shit. So, the next time she gets some freebie or endorsement deal, you can just blame yourselves for making her look like an innocent victim.

      • Jackles, Shut Yer Cornhole says:

        You seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that people actually give a flying fuck about her ‘true’ political affiliation. Most of the commenters here are tossing rotten fruit into the monkey cage to see what makes her bite. I would bet a million pelts that she doesn’t even vote.

      • Julia IS a Democrat says:

        Nope. Just sick and tired of nuts who hate Julia and hate Republicans, and have hissy fits while insisting that because they hate both, she must be a Republican.

        As for whether she votes, last fall she posted a photo of her absentee ballot from Illinois (voter fraud, given that she lives in New York?), which showed that she apparently voted for the Big O.

      • Let'sDance says:

        Right on time

      • squirrelbait says:

        It’s so sweet that you think anything people say to or about Jackles will make one goddamn bit of difference in the way she conducts her life. She finds plenty of justification for her every retarded move in her own misfiring brain. She will believe herself to be an innocent victim until she draws her last breath, regardless of how much “stupid shit” a few anonymous internet commenters “spew.”

        I do sympathize with your frustration, because I’ve felt it, too. However, once you give up trying to change her and just enjoy the show, you’ll have a lot more fun. It doesn’t matter how many business or show biz breaks she manages to snag, she will always fail in a spectacularly entertaining way.

      • Jackles, Shut Yer Cornhole says:

        I don’t see all this Republican hate you’re talking about. Is calling her a Republican automatically “hate” in your eyes? Maybe you could quote some of those hateful comments, because I honestly haven’t picked up on them.

      • Jackles, Shut Yer Cornhole says:

        If she posted that absentee ballot in as timely a manner as she did her daddy’s Father’s Day gift, I doubt it counted.

      • Noncomplimentary Grapefruit says:

        I thought we were calling her out as a republican just to piss her off because she claimed to be a democrat, and not because there’s anything wrong with being a republican. Did I miss a hate meeting?

      • Julia IS a Democrat says:

        The “hate” is when someone accuses her of being a racist, and then makes a crack about her somehow being a Republican, and shit like that. Sorry, but some of us have worked too hard and too long for the GOP to let it be tarnished by bullshit like that (not just Julia, but accusations of racism).

        The loons who keep stomping their feet and insisting that she’s a secret Republican do so because there are things they hate about Republicans and want to tie her to them, no matter how irrational. And all of the nonsense (the drug speculation, the digging into her parents’ finances) makes this whole site look nutty, instead of being a place where all of her lies are debunked.

        By engaging in and obsessing over fantasies, you’re letting her continue to get away with her lies about her accomplishments and importance, because she can easily dismiss RBNS as being off the rails.

      • Let'sDance says:

        well that’s your problem right there:

        Sorry, but some of us have worked too hard and too long for the GOP to let it be tarnished by bullshit like that (not just Julia, but accusations of racism).

        There’s acism in the GOP? Is this news 2u?

      • Anon says:

        Yeah, the GOP is tarnishing itself as racist. Not any of us. Pushing racist policies will get you that reputation.

      • Anon says:

        Not to mention that you seem to have way more invested in labeling her a Democrat (uh, see your name) as anyone else does labeling her otherwise.

    • Worrisome Pelts says:

      Actually, it was worse than an absentee ballot. She was home in Illinois at the time and posted a photo she took in a voting booth of her marked ballot (may have been a computer screen, I can’t recall). I sent an e-mail to the State to find out how I could make a complaint of voter fraud against her, but I never got a response.

      And, yes, the ballot was marked for BHO.

  26. Jackles, Shut Yer Cornhole says:

    Just for fun, and because another commenter mentioned that J-Simp and Jankles recently wore identical dresses:

    “…Jessica Simpson and her huge jugs wore the worlds most unflattering dress…”

    • shamoolia says:

      While that dress is fug, Jessica Simpson still looks 100X better in it than Julia did. Unlike Julia, she wears her curves well and looks womanly. Julia just looks like a lumpy, bloated sack of cupcakes.

      And while I don’t think Go Julia Go is actually Julia, it is awfully innneresting that he/she/it showed up here at the same time Julia first began tweeting and blogging for her morning/afternoon.

  27. Such A Smart Lady says:

    As a first time poster I would like to comment that Julia really opens up and shares her life with us. The good, the bad and the ugly. She should be applauded for doing so and not picked apart. You are all animals.

  28. She's just stupid says:

    I’m sure she just told her parents she’s all “worn out” and she’s probably upset she got the Heisman from Har Har so they told her to come home and relax and rest up because she’s their poor, poor misunderstood, maligned baby.

    • for serious??? says:

      usually when Jabs is home with her family, she reblogs her “girls” adventures wherever they are and goes on about how much she misses them. Not so this trip.

      Her business partner (parody partner?) is off in London with her old friend Sarah Lacey and there has not been word one about that.

      Looks like Jordan spent the weekend at the shore and there is no tweeting going on between those two BFF.

      For that Julia cheerleader who thinks she’s such a smart lady or super trooper choo choo train, she’s looking sad, lonely and pathetic all around.

  29. Drive-By says:

    Have the Life on Blast anti-Julia videos been featured here? They’re new to me and super-sharp.

    “Nocturnal Emissions with Julia Allison” (a parody of Julia’s insomniac confessional from a few months back):

    “YMI (on) Weekly?” (a parody of the “Head to Toe” feature on TMI)

    And finally, Life on Blast responds to a commenter (or two) with a Chicago IP address who accused LoB of having Botox: “Commenter Drama-Rama”:

    The first video above pops up on the first Vimeo search-result page for the query “julia allison.” That’s unfortunate (for Julia.)

    • FuckYouMoney says:

      All three brilliant. Can’t believe I had missed those before. Thanks for the re-pointer.

  30. panty thief says:

    “Most of the commenters here are tossing rotten fruit into the monkey cage to see what makes her bite.”

    JSYC – I love you. You have summed up RBNS perfectly. Julia, the sad organ monkey.

  31. Julia's Future Psychiatrist says:

    Julia is what happens when a girl who didn’t get enough attention in high school/from Daddy gets some plastic surgery, goes to college and hears two complements. Every effing post is an attempt to receive validation of some sort and it’s like watching a train wreck. She is a certifiable narcissist. I alternate between pitying her for the headcase that she is and loathing her existence. Jools – self-awareness is what separates you from likeable people. You learn 3 new big words a month and then use them to try to prove your Gtown degree means something… stop that. Pick up a newspaper. Spreading your skirt does not make you look like a 1950’s housewife, and therefore appealing to men, it just makes you look fat…and crazy. Stop taking photos of yourself. Amid the national and international crises, you, my dear, are somehow still fascinated with your relatively new schnoz (from the right side). You have nothing profound to say and you likely never will, in tweet or blog format… make your peace with that. Maybe you banged a politician, maybe you didn’t, but how tasteless do you have to be use that circumstance as evidence that you’re open-minded and not a racist? Just own it, honey, your issues are as evident as Meghan’s painfully low brain function. I pray you will take your money, quietly marry (perhaps a deaf man?), and spend the rest of your days regaling the PTA with stories of cheerleading and journalistic integrity. I can dream, right? Really though, if most of the world finds you insufferable, you’re probably doing something wrong, right? Please try and take my advice because reading your blog is starting to feel like laughing at a retarded kid.

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