Contest Excitement

We have our first RBNS Jackles Photoshopping Contest winner! With 48 per cent of the vote, or 191 ballots cast, Jackles, frolicking with Hitler and other Nazis, hand jauntily on hip and fake cheesy smile expertly in place, is the winning entry!

Congratulations, anonymous person who entered the entry! You have formidable Jackles photoshopping skills. She should hire — errr, I mean enslave you — as an intern; you’d surely do a better job than some of her attempts to Paula Abdul-elongate and de-wonk herself.

And now onto our next contest, The First Annual Most Unintentionally Hilarious Jackles Misadventure Contest. There were so many entries in this contest that it was all but impossible to offer only three candidates. After careful consideration, we narrowed it down to these SEVEN:

1. The grand, two-day long Harvard Business School braying, followed by subsequent dead silence.

2. Faux-ga posing (in the famous Extended Camel Toe pose, one commenter noted) after Tweeting about having an “inappropriate crush” on the married gazillionaire yoga enthusiast who flew her and Meghan back to the U.S. from Davos, and subsequent frantic deleting of Tweets, photos from inside his private jet, etc.

3. An old classic: publicly outing [REDACTED]’s mental health issues, then demanding he make good on a promise delivered while dating to buy her a Mac Book Air. And then calling him a baby when he pointed out the lunacy of making the request. BONUS POINTS: This one drove her off the Internet for weeks. Thanks, Baugher!

4. Posting fake photos of herself addressing her “fans” from beside a lectern inside a lecture hall at MIT. Hand jauntily on hip and fake cheesy smile expertly in place!

5. Facebook fan-raping.

6. The Bi-Coastal Birthday Bash with OMG OMG OMG Randi Zuckerberg in which, horrified that her name was not on the birthday cake, she performed oral sex on the sugary confection and then posted a photo of it on her blog with Randi’s name cut out and only “Happy Birthday” visible.

7. The slutty Easter Church costume.

Head on up to the top right corner of the blog and vote away, people!

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